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    Dream Passport FAQ by Gogeta

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/27/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dream Passport FAQ Version 1.1 3/27/1999 by Gogeta gogeta@goplay.com
    This FAQ may be distributed freely for FREE as long as proper credit 
    is given.
    This is a collection of all the data I've collected on connecting & 
    using the Dream Passport for the Dreamcast.
    All that's been added to this version is the notes saying that the 
    number doesn't work anymore. Sorry. :(
    NOTE!!!: I've read that the number that this FAQ no longer works, I'll 
    update this FAQ with the new number when I find out what it is. I HOPE, 
    there's a new number, the original Dreampassport might not be able to 
    register anymore. :(
    NOTE: You must have an ISP that supports PPP connections. Any ISP that 
    works with the NetLink should work. Though Concentric seems to kick me 
    off now & then for no reason.
    1st I'll quote the original instructions from Ken Comeforo and 
    Console Domain:
    "'I used a phone line that has two jacks in my house. One jack hooked 
    to my Dreamcast while the other went to a regular phone. After 
    telling the Dreamcast to attempt to connect to the server in Japan, I 
    immediately picked up my other phone. When the Dreamcast stopped 
    dialling, I pulled the phone line out of the back of it. Surprisingly, 
    it does not detect this has happened and sits there waiting! Then I 
    simply dialled the number with the correct country codes, etc, for the 
    US to Tokyo: 011-81-3-5953-3012 and plugged back in the Dreamcast. 
    Then I hung up the regular phone. Voila, the Dreamcast negotiates and 
    'There are a bunch of Japanese menus at this point. I didn't take the 
    time to write everything down, because I wasn't sure if I was still 
    connected to Japan or not, and I didn't want to rack up a big phone 
    'Basically, I just kept hitting A. If you start seeing some of the 
    same screens over again, look to see if there is another option to 
    select and then hit A on that. Eventually you get to some big English 
    words that say "Dricas" or "User ISP". Choose "User ISP" and you'll 
    enter the following three configuration screens:' 
    1st screen:
    Phone number 1
    Phone number 2
    Phone number 3
    2nd screen:
    Logon ID
    Logon Password
    Email address
    Email account ID
    Email account password
    3rd screen:
    DNS 1
    DNS 2
    SMTP email server
    POP3 email server
    Proxy server (may be left blank)
    'When you're done with entering those three screens worth of data, 
    there are three choices at the bottom of the screen. I chose the 
    leftmost one, but I don't really know what any of them stand for. I 
    was able to get online, so I guess it was an OK choice!' 
    There you have it! Follow the above instructions and you can register 
    your Dreamcast's on-line capabilities with a local ISP. 
    Some other tips: 
    There are 3 screens to go through before you even get to dial: 
    1) Dialing info: probably want to leave everything blank, but the 
    fields are:
    # for outside line
    I think # for long distance
    Extra AT commands
    2) Personal info. You must fill in all fields, but I put in a lot of 
    garbage and had no problems. 
    3) Hmm, I am drawing a complete blank here. I'm pretty sure there were 
    3 screens, though.... 
    Once you get into the web software itself, the icons are fairly 
    obvious. From here, use the L and R buttons to get menus. The left 
    menu contains options from the main menu, an option to hang up, and 
    some other stuff.
    The right menu is: 
    Zoom in"
    If you intend to copy the contents of the above article, please credit 
    Ken Comeforo and Console Domain.
    NOTE: You must have an ISP that supports PPP connections. Any ISP that 
    works with the NetLink should work. Though Concentric seems to kick me 
    off now & then for no reason.
    Now I'll put it in my format & add info that I found, people told me, 
    or read on other pages. Credits will be at the bottom.
    Note: After registering, it doesn't go through the registration 
    proccess anymore so I can't see it again. But hopefully my memory of 
    it is still good.
    When you first run the Dream Passport & press start on the title 
    screen, you will get 2 options:
    The 1st option means "from the beginning"
    I'm not sure what the 2nd option is, maybe "help"? I think it makes it 
    dial a # in Japan.
    After picking the top one a screen with dialing options will appear. I 
    think they are:
    1: Phone line type: Tone/Pulse (Tone is what most people use) (Ken's 
    instructions has them as Pulse/Tone, I checked my options & it's 
    2: # for outside line
    3: # for long distance (I tried adding the needed #s to call Japan here, 
    but it didn't work)
    4: AT commands (Add "ATX" (without the quotes) to make it "blind dial" 
    (dial even if there's no dial tone), this helps A LOT, this way when 
    it dials the phone line doesn't need to be in the system & it gives 
    you more time to dial the correct #)
    In the bottom right is the button to advance to the next page.
    The next page should have 2 buttons with a picture of a contract on 
    each, the left one makes it dial somewhere, the one on the right goes 
    to another page. Pick the one on the right.
    I think there's a page of text & a button press A to move on.
    After picking the one on the right there should be another page with 2 
    buttons with contracts, but with a pen on each & an X over the one on 
    the right. "Cowie" told me that the one on the left is accepting the 
    terms & the one on the right is rejecting them. Pick the one on the 
    left to move on.
    I think the next page is personal info. Ray Hopkins helped me confirm 
    what these are. The fields are:
    1st row: Last Name in Katakana & First Name in Katakana
    2nd row: Last Name & First Name the way you normally in Katakana, 
    Hiragana, Kanji, or English. (I'm not sure if Kanji is an option)
    3rd row: Birthdate & Sex (1st symbol is male & the 2nd is female)
    4th row & rectangle entry field: Address
    5th row: Phone #
    Select the button in the lower right to move on.
    The next page should have 3 entry fields with a 1 next the 1st, a 2 
    next the 2nd, & a 3 next to the 3rd. I think it's asking what 
    "dricas.com" E Mail address you want. I think the fields are:
    1st choice
    2nd choice
    3rd choice
    NOTE!!!: I've read that the number that this FAQ no longer works, I'll 
    update this FAQ with the new number when I find out what it is. I HOPE, 
    there's a new number, the original Dreampassport might not be able to 
    register anymore. :(
    The next step is the tricky part so read it carefully.
    Selecting button in the lower right of the E Mail address page will 
    make it dial Japan.
    The problem: The reason it doesn't work is because it dials a # that's 
    meant to be dialed from in Japan.
    The solution: Make it call the # with the # to dial Japan from where 
    you are. To do this you'll need a phone line with 2 connections to it 
    with a phone hooked up to it, that way you can dial in the # manually 
    on the phone & have the Dreamcast get the connection to Japan.
    To use the following instructions you must be in the US & put ATX in 
    the AT Commands in the dialing options.
    Have one phone cord plugged into a phone & the other near the 
    Dreamcast so you can plug it in quickly. Press the lower right button 
    so the Dreamcast will start dialing. On the phone, dial 
    011-81-3-5953-3012 (speed dial helps A LOT) (if you're not in the US, 
    replace 011-81 with the code to Japan from your area) after dialing, 
    plug the free phone cord into the Dreamcast. Hang up the phone AFTER 
    plugging the free cord into the Dreamcast.
    NOTE!!!: I've read that the number that this FAQ no longer works, I'll 
    update this FAQ with the new number when I find out what it is. I HOPE, 
    there's a new number, the original Dreampassport might not be able to 
    register anymore. :(
    The free phone cord must go into the Dreamcast about 7-9 seconds after 
    it starts dialing. Or the Dreamcast might add #s because it's still 
    dialing. But before the Dreamcast times out, but you should have a 
    while to dial the # & plug it in.
    Once that's been done, the Dreamcast should connect to the server. If 
    it gives you an error message, you may need to put better stuff into 
    the personal info page.
    My memory is kind of fuzzy now... (I was starting to panic) If you 
    have corrections please E Mail me at gogeta@goplay.com!
    Some where between these pages is a page with the info for your Dricas 
    E Mail address. It saves this info in your system so don't worry about 
    it & move on. E Mail me at gogeta@goplay.com if you can confirm where 
    this page is!
    If it connects properly it should give you a screen with 3 Japanese 
    phone #s & a button under them. Ray Hopkins said they're primary, 
    secondary, and tertiary phone numbers that are given to you after 
    successful registration. I left them alone & selected the button.
    The next screen should have 2 buttons. The one on the left says Dricas 
    & the onw on the right says User ISP. Pick User ISP.
    Next should be a page with 3 entry fields. These are where you enter 
    the connection # for your ISP. Enter the main one you use into the top 
    field. If you have any others in case the 1st doesn't work enter them 
    into the other 2 fields. Select the lower right button to move on.
    The next page should have a bunch of entry fields. The fields are:
    1: Logon ID (for your ISP connection)
    2: Logon Password (for your ISP connection)
    3: E Mail address
    4: E Mail account ID
    5: E Mail account password
    The next page's entry fields are:
    1: ISP's first DNS #
    2: ISP's second DNS #
    3: SMTP email server
    4: POP3 email server
    5: Proxy server (leave blank if your ISP doesn't need it)
    After this is done you'll get 3 option's. From "Ranma's There's no 
    place like HomePage": "Through experiment, I found out what they stood 
    for. The first button saves the data along with the passwords (account 
    & mail). The second button saves the data, but not the password. The 
    third one quits without saving."
    There! You should be registered!
    I'll add how to use the browser very soon. I thought it might be 
    better to help people get connected sooner.
    If you have any corrections or additions for this FAQ please E Mail 
    them to me at gogeta@goplay.com. Credit will be given.
    Ken Comeforo and Console Domain: Original instructions to register 
    from the US http://www.consoledomain.com/dreamcast/articles/How_to_use_the_Dreamcast_Modem.html
    Ray Hopkins: Answered questions I had & helped me confirm the menus
    Roderick (Ranma) Layug: Added info to Ken Comeforo and Console 
    Domain's instructions (Ranma's There's no place like HomePage's 
    Dream Passport page is at: 
    Edward Crouser: ATX blind dial tip
    ???????? & ????????? from the Japanese room on WBS: Translated the 
    error message that I was getting when I was trying to register my DC.
    And last & I hope not least, ME! "Gogeta": Wrote this FAQ, some 
    translation, & confirmed menus.
    I'm not a part of Sega or Access. 
    & I'm not responsible for any damages cause by this FAQ.
    This document is Copyright 1999 Gogeta

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