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    Dream Passport FAQ by Space Ace

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 02/07/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Space Ace   version 2.0   2/07/2000                                     
    e-mail address  frankblack@prodigy.net
    1.     How to get connected to the Internet.
    2.     Dream Passport FAQ
    3.     Dream Passport Controls
    NOTE: The phone number to dial Sega of Japans server is unknown at this 
    time you need to dial it in order to register your system. if anyone 
    knows this number please let me know!
    How to get connected to the Internet.
      Americans can hook up to the Internet using the following technique:
    First you must have an existing Internet service provider (I.S.P) and 
    you need to know your settings for Mail server address, login name, and 
    password. The next thing you need before you can start is a telephone 
    hooked up to the same line as your line for the Internet as you have to 
    trick the Dreamcast into thinking you registering from Japan. The final 
    piece of the puzzle is that you have to be willing to call Japan one 
    time for a total of about 15 seconds, once your registered you will be 
    able to dial through your local I.S.P. O.K here's the technique:          
    (note this was done using the blue Dream Passport Disk, as the orange 
    disk doesn't seem to allow you to connect this way.)
    Pop in your dream passport CD and select the top option: (From the 
    beginning). The bottom option says: (When in trouble).
     On next screen (with system and screwdriver) press A button
    On next screen (with 4 options) the options are:
           Dialing Method: Tone/Pulse
           Outside Phone Line Prefix: (For this field type in 01181 as this    
                                      buys you more time when registering.)
           City Discount Number: not to worry
           Difficult Settings: not to worry
    On next screen (with lots of Japanese writing) press A
    On next screen (with 2 newspapers) select the one to the right. Than 
    press A again
    On next screen (with contract being signed and contract with an X 
    through it) select contract sign. Than press A again
    On next screen there are 7 fields to enter: note you must enter info in 
    all fields to continue.
     1.  Furigana for your name: unless you know Japanese just select any.
     2. Your name: Left box last name. Right box first name. You can access 
    English characters by pressing Mode a couple of times.
     3.  Birth date:
     4.  Sex: left is male right is female. Note these icons are to the 
    right of birthdate
    5.  7-digit postal code: since we don't live in Japan pick any numbers 
    you want. 
    6.  Same goes for the big box below it, type in any mumbo jumbo you 
    7.  Phone number: any numbers will do. After you've entered info in all 
    fields press down after phone number and press A. 
    The Next screen is E-mail name select: choose 3 names to be used for 
    your Dricas account. Names must be from 6-8 characters long. When done 
    press down you will see an arrow pointing left and O.K on the right, 
    prepare to press O.K. Remember you need to have a phone line plugged 
    into your dreamcast and you also need to have a telephone on the same 
    line that you can call out with. (An easy way to accomplish this is 
    using a 2-way line splitter)
    Here's the fun part before pressing O.K.  you must dial sega of japans 
    server the phone number is unknown, but if you know it please let me 
    know, if you have the number and when you've finished dialing press O.K. 
    and unplug the phone line from the dreamcast now listen on the phone and 
    plug the phone line back into the dreamcast when you hear the servers 
    modem sound if timed correctly your system will be registered.(its 
    really not that hard ) 
    Skim through the next screens as they are for Japanese use only (these 
    screens can be adjusted later if needed) till you come to the screen 
    that says Sega provider and User provider choose User. 
    On next screen type in the phone number you use to dial into the 
    Internet in the first slot and any other phone numbers in to the next 
    two(if needed, I only put in one phone number)
    On next screen there's 5 fields they are:
                        Login Name
                        Login Password
                        E-mail address
                        E-mail account name
                        E-mail account password
    The final screen has 5 more fields:
                         D.N.S 1
                         D.N.S 2
                         S.M.P.T server address (On my computer I found this 
    setting under e-mail settings)
                         POP3 server address (Also E-mail)
                         Proxy server (I put nothing in this field)
    These settings can be found on your computer or your Internet Service 
    Provider can give them to you. After you've entered this information you 
    are now connected to the Internet using you local service provider!
    Dream Passport FAQ
    When you start the Dream Passport now there be only one option on the 
    main screen it brings you to the Home screen, on it there are 2 
    indicators: on top is a time indication of how long you have been on the 
    net, and on the button is a URL display showing the current web page you 
    are on. There are also 8 selections: 
    Dricas homepage: the official Dreamcast homepage(all Japanese!)
    Game: Sega Entertainment Universe website(all Japanese)
    User Information: selecting this allows you to examine and change you 
    user info
    Bookmarks: (see A)
    Option: (see B)
    Charges:(not for us to worry about)
    Here you can create a favorite web sites page there are 8 selections 
    Jump: (to the page you select)
    Save: (saves a U.R.L uses 2 V.M.S memory units) 
    Add and Edit: 
    Load: (from V.M.S)
    Stop: (closes window)
    There are 8 options:
    Audio: Mono/Stereo
    Auto Disconnect: Don't Use/Use(time to disconnect after)
    I.S.P Settings: Sega Provider/ User Provider (you can change providers 
    or settings)
    Quick Function Keys: (here you can change shortcut commands on keyboard 
    or controller)
    Screen Settings: selecting this brings up 4 options :
      Display Loading Status Onscreen: yes/no
      Screen Size: 3 sizes for your Internet browsing
      Scrolling Adjust: decide how much the screen scrolls with one press
      Font Size: large/small
    Modem Settings:
    Done: return to main screen
    Dream Passport Controls
    Pressing L: (on main screen or when browsing)
    Home: the main page
    Bookmarks: your favorites page
    Jump: type in new URL
    Option: options screen
    Connect: or disconnect if you are connected
     Pressing R: (on main screen or when browsing) 
    Go Back: Previous web page(when available)
    Forward: next web page (when available)
    Reload: restarts current web page
    Stop: stops download of current page 
    Zoom: enlarges current page                  
    Dream Passport info gathered from  Ken Comefroro and Console Domain plus 
    I.G.N's how- to and refined by me and Travis. Extra special Dream 
    Passport thanks to Maktos Translations for translating the Dream 
    Passport manual their web address is www.cgnc.com/maktos/
    Magic Consultant: Tim
    Mike Schwan 2000
    This FAQ is Copyright c2000 Merle Brothers Productions 

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