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    Dreamcast FAQ by Space Ace

    Version: 7.2 | Updated: 12/10/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sega Dreamcast System FAQ
    V.M.S (import) FAQ
    Dreamcast (Import) Internet Hookup FAQ
    Dream Passport (import) FAQ
    By Space Ace version 7.2 December 10
    EMAIL- frankblack@mn.mediaone.net
    Hello my name is Mike Schwan
    Welcome to my Sega Dreamcast System FAQ
    This follows my Sega Dream Passport (Import) FAQ
             And my NFL2K Glitch FAQ
             And my PlayStation 2 (Import) System FAQ
    Update Guide
            1998- Dreamcast Launches in Japan
            1999- Dreamcast Launches in America
         March 3- First Edition
         March 8- Added System Spec Showdown.
            2000- Dreamcast Year 3
      February 5- Minor updates.
      February 7- Expanded System Spec Showdown.
        April 10- Major update- Reformat and added new modem info.
                  This Faq is now covering both Japanese and American
                  Dreamcast information.
        April 12- Added Email and News Q and A Section.
        April 13- Added method to download saves from a Japanese games
                  Homepage with the American browser.(In News and Email)
          May 22- It's been a bit but, I'm Back! I've been playing
                  tons of kick ass games lately so I havent been updating
                  as much. I've got a stack of E3 info to add but note
                  that it could take several updates to make sense of it
    September 14- Updated several areas.
    September 22- I've been playing mostly Dreamcast games lately.
                  This system is starting to smoke.
      October 10- Updated
     December 10- Shenmue Rocks!
    1.   Getting started with the Import System.
    2.   Changing systems settings to English.
    3.   Main menu screen info.
    4.   Dreamcast screen saver.
    5.   V.M.S FAQ.
    6.   How to get connected to the Internet with the import system.
         Note- The Phone Number Has Been Changed And I Don't Know The New
         Number- SORRY. The best way to connect using an import system is
         to get an American mod chip and use an American browser.
    7.   Dream Passport FAQ
    8.   Dream Passport Controls
    9.   Email and News Q and A.
    10.  Anything else.
    11.  System specifications and comparisons to the Next-Gen systems.
    12.  My favorite games list.
    13.  Credits.
    1.   Getting started.
    The first time the system is turned on you will be asked to set the date
     and time: left\right changes selection up\down changes numbers when
    finished choose select and press A.  The system has an internal battery
    that should be charged for 2 hours on start up, after that the battery
    will charge when the system is turned on or when playing games.
    2.   Changing system settings to English.
    On the main menu screen choose the clock option. Press A on the first
    selection you can now choose between six languages including English.
    3.   Main menu screen info.
    Here's some interesting info about the main menu screens. When you
    choose the music option and put in a Dreamcast CD you will find that
    many have a special design on the play screen. When you turn auto start
    to off at the settings screen and put a game CD in it will not instantly
    load up the game you will have to choose play from the menu screen, it
    will however still load the game up instantly when you power the system
    4.   Dreamcast screen saver.
    When on the menu screen or when playing a music CD a screen saver will
    kick in after 10 minutes reducing the brightness, and after 20 minutes
    a funky strobe light show kicks in.
    5.   V.M.S FAQ.
    When you power the VMS for the first time you will need to imput the
    date and time as you did with the deamcast remember its in military
    time i.e. 22:00 is 10:00 PM. When you want to turn the VMS off and on
    press sleep. On the main screen( the one that says virtual memory)
    pressing mode switches between 3 categories: file, game and clock.
    There's also an exclamation point at the far right which appears
    when you are saving game data.
      A.  Selecting File allows you to view your saved game data, Press A
    once to see the amount of memory space remaining.  Press right again to
    see the first save, the save number, and the name of the save and the
    date when it was saved. Press right again to see the amount of memory
    the save uses ,and press right again to see 4 options they are:
                                                    A: Yes
                                                    B: No
      B. Selecting allows you to play various mini-games from games you
         have saved.
      C. Selecting clock allows you to change the day and date.
    6.   How to get connected to the Internet.
      Americans can hook up to the Internet using the following technique:
    First you must have an existing Internet service provider (I.S.P) and
    you need to know your settings for Mail server address, login name,
    and password. The next thing you need before you can start is a
    telephone hooked up to the same line as your line for the Internet as
    you have to trick the Dreamcast into thinking you registering from
    Japan. The final piece of the puzzle is that you have to be willing to
    call Japan one time for a total of about 15 seconds, once your
    registered you will be able to dial through your local I.S.P. O.K
    here's the technique: (note this was done using the blue
    Dream Passport Disk, as the orange disk doesn't seem to allow you to
    connect this way.)
    A.  Pop in your Dream Passport CD and select the top option:
        (From the beginning). The bottom option says: (When in trouble).
    B.  On next screen (with system and screwdriver) press A button
    C.  On next screen (with 4 options) the options are:
           Dialing Method: Tone/Pulse
           Outside Phone Line Prefix: For this field type in 01181 as
           this buys you more time when registering.
           City Discount Number: not to worry
           Difficult Settings: not to worry
    D.  On next screen (with lots of Japanese writing) press A
    E.  On next screen (with 2 newspapers) select the one to the right.
        Than press A again
    F.  On next screen (with contract being signed and contract with an
        X through it) select contract sign. Than press A again
    G.  On next screen there are 7 fields to enter: note you must enter
        info in all fields to continue.
     1.  Furigana for your name: unless you know Japanese just select any.
     2.  Your name: Left box last name. Right box first name. You can access
         English characters by pressing Mode a couple of times.
     3.  Birth date:
     4.  Sex: left is male right is female. Note these icons are to the
         right of birthdate
     5.  7-digit postal code: since we don't live in Japan pick any numbers
         you want.
     6.  Same goes for the big box below it, type in any mumbo jumbo you
     7.  Phone number: any numbers will do. After you've entered info in all
         fields press down after phone number and press A.
    H.  The Next screen is E-mail name select: choose 3 names to be used for
        your Dricas account. Names must be from 6-8 characters long. When
        done press down you will see an arrow pointing left and O.K on the
        right, prepare to press O.K. Remember you need to have a phone line
        plugged into your Dreamcast and you also need to have a telephone on
        the same line that you can call out with. (An easy way to accomplish
        this is using a 2-way line splitter)
    I.  Here's the fun part before pressing O.K.  you must dial Sega of
        Japans server the phone number is unknown at this time and I have
        had no luck tracking down the number-SORRY-  if by some miracle
        you are able to find out the number please let me know! If you know
        the number and when you've finished dialing press O.K. and unplug
        the phone line from the Dreamcast now listen on the phone and plug
        the phone line back into the Dreamcast when you hear the servers
        modem sound if timed correctly your system will be registered.(its
        really not that hard )
    J.  Skim through the next screens as they are for Japanese use only
        (these screens can be adjusted later if needed) till you come to the
        screen that says Sega provider and User provider choose User.
    K.  On next screen type in the phone number you use to dial into the
        Internet in the first slot and any other phone numbers in to the
        two(if needed, I only put in one phone number)
    L.  On next screen there's 5 fields they are:
                        Login Name
                        Login Password
                        E-mail address
                        E-mail account name
                        E-mail account password
    M.  The final screen has 5 more fields:
                         D.N.S 1
                         D.N.S 2
                         S.M.P.T server address (On my computer I found
                         this setting under e-mail settings)
                         POP3 server address (Also E-mail)
                         Proxy server (I put nothing in this field)
    These settings can be found on your computer or your Internet Service
    Provider can give them to you. After you've entered this information
    you are now connected to the Internet using you local service provider!
    7.   Dream Passport FAQ
    When you start the Dream Passport now there be only one option on the
    main screen it brings you to the Home screen, on it there are 2
    indicators: on top is a time indication of how long you have been on
    the net, and on the button is a URL display showing the current web
    page you are on. There are also 8 selections:
    Dricas homepage: the official Dreamcast homepage(all Japanese!)
    Game: Sega Entertainment Universe website(all Japanese)
    User Information: selecting this allows you to examine and change your
    user info
    Bookmarks: (see A)
    Option: (see B)
    Charges:(not for us to worry about)
    A. Bookmarks
    Here you can create a favorite web sites page there are 8 selections
    Jump: (to the page you select)
    Save: (saves a U.R.L uses 2 V.M.S memory units)
    Add and Edit:
    Load: (from V.M.S)
    Stop: (closes window)
    B. Options
    There are 8 options:
    Audio: Mono/Stereo
    Auto Disconnect: Don't Use/Use(time to disconnect after)
    I.S.P Settings: Sega Provider/ User Provider (you can change providers
    or settings)
    Quick Function Keys: (here you can change shortcut commands on keyboard
    or controller)
    Screen Settings: selecting this brings up 4 options :
       Display Loading Status Onscreen: yes/no
       Screen Size: 3 sizes for your Internet browsing
       Scrolling Adjust: decide how much the screen scrolls with one press
       Font Size: large/small
    Modem Settings:
    Done: return to main screen
    8.   Dream Passport Controls
    Pressing L: (on main screen or when browsing)
    Home: the main page
    Bookmarks: your favorites page
    Jump: type in new URL
    Option: options screen
    Connect: or disconnect if you are connected
    Pressing R: (on main screen or when browsing)
    Go Back: Previous web page(when available)
    Forward: next web page (when available)
    Reload: restarts current web page
    Stop: stops download of current page
    Zoom: enlarges current page
    9. Email and News Q and A Section.
    Here are some Email highlights and some responses I have received since
    starting this FAQ in early 1999. I've added some excerpts of information
    Sega sent me also. Make special note of the awesome 2nd Email here, and
    the Spanish language one can anyone translate. Adios amigos!!
    From Travis B. Fahling to Me (8-12-1999)
    Did you read that Stolar has been replaced? And just a month before the
    I respond: He was fired just before the Sony PSX launch as well, maybe
    this is a good sign!
    From Shinryu77 to Me (8-16-1999)
    Can american games be played on the US system?
    I respond: Yes American games can be played on the American system!
    From Sega to Me (8-26-1999)
    Two and a half weeks... Can you stand the suspense? Yes folks, just two
    and a half weeks to the biggest launch ever in videogame history. Things
    are pretty crazy as you can well imagine, so I'll keep this one short
    and sweet...
    See, in Europe soccer is called football, so what's football called?
    Hmmmm... Well, it doesn't matter much to me because I've had the
    opportunity to check out NFL 2K coming 9/9/99 to a Dreamcast near you.
    Whatever you wanna call it - this game positively rocks the planet!!
    I respond: I hope the game isn't Glitchy!!!
    From Sega to Me (9-7-1999)
    As some rapper somewhere sometime rapped, "I think I'm losing my mind
    this time. This time I'm losing my mind." IT'S LAUNCH WEEK!!! The
    anticipation is almost intoxicating, so pardon my spelling and grammar
    and illogical ramblings. You can hardly blame me.
    I feel like we should all join hands and sing something to commemorate
    this momentous occasion. Instead, I will write the launch week
    newsletter. You probably want to hold on to this addition, as it
    will likely be a collectors item one day.
    People across this fine nation are, as we speak, planning some wild
    gatherings to commemorate 9/9/99 and entertain the eager beavers who
    plan to dig their teeth into Dreamcast a full 8 hours before everyone
    else. While all the stuffy people sleep, gamers will be lining up,
    for the clock to strike 12:01AM and ring in a new era of gaming. For
    at 12:01AM on 9/9/99, Sega Dreamcast arrives.
    Check with your local gaming emporium to see if there might be an
    event near you. Meanwhile, here are a few of the midnight launch
    parties where we're going to be hanging out:
    Atlanta - Join Mitzi Kapture from Baywatch as she takes part in the
    revelry at the KB Toys in Atlanta. Also on hand will be everyone's
    favorite blue hedgehog and a ton of goodies for giveaway. (Cumberland
    Mall, Highway 41&I-285.)
    Las Vegas - The Electronics Boutique is expecting a capacity crowd
    and gamers can expect a gaggle of gaming contests and goodies.
    (Electronics Boutique is in Galleries @ Sunset, 1300 West Sunset Rd.
    Henderson, NV.)
    Minneapolis - (I was there and it ruled!)
    The stars are coming out at the FuncoLand near Minneapolis. Join Rena
    Mero (formerly "Sable" of the WWF) who will be hanging out with Dwayne
    Rudd and Tony Williams of the Vikings. (FuncoLand is in Roseville
    Commons at 2480 Fairview Ave. Roseville, MN.)
    San Jose - They'll be bringing down the roof at the Electronics
    Boutique in San Jose. This event promises to the largest launch event
    in the country! Join Verne Troyer (Mini-me from Austin Powers: The Spy
    Who Shagged Me) and Donna D'Errico from Baywatch as they countdown to
    9/9/99. Lots of contests and additional goodies are sure to keep all
    in attendance entertained. (Electronics Boutique is next to the Barnes
    and Noble at 3600 Stevens Creek Blvd.)
    From Travis B. Fahling to me (9-24-1999)
    The Japanese keyboard has at least six keys more than an American one.
    I originally thought that they would just use the Japanese ones with
    different lables on the buttons. I was WRONG!!! They will have to make
    an all-new one. I smell my first FAQ.
    From Sega to me (9-29-1999)
    Yes, in a mere 15 days, more than a half a million gamers have already
    sunk their proverbial teeth into a steaming helping of Sega Dreamcast.
    I wonder how long it took the other guys to sell that many systems in
    1996? Well, I'm not one to gloat, but since you asked. Two months. And
    what about the software, you ask? Well, four of the top five games for
    the week ending September 11 were Sega Dreamcast titles, including
    Sega's "Sonic Adventure," Sega Sports' "NFL 2K," Namco's "Soul Calibur"
    and Midway's "Ready 2 Rumble Boxing."
    From Surfer917 to me (10-2-1999)
    Do you know if dreamcast works with aol??
    I Respond: Not yet.
    From Mugensxcd5 to Me (10-11-1999)
    wuts up i just wanna know if the dreamcast can play DVD movies?
    I respond: Not yet, but a  DVD player add-on is rumored.
    From Lance01 to Me (11-4-1999)
    hi, i don´t write in English very wll, i am reading in Spanish
    necesito saber como poder utilisar el modem del dreamcast.
    mi dreamcast es japones. tengo el software de dream passport "disk
    orange" y un modem americano que aparentemente es compatible y no se
    como darlo de alta treate de comunicarme a japon pero no enlaso al
    servidor ¿podrias desirme como hacerlo funcionar?
    ¿existe alguna compatibilidad entre los juegos americanos y los
    japoneses?es decir puedo jugar en la consola japonesa los juegos
    americanos y ¿que es eso de ntsc-j y ntsc-u?.gracias
    I Respond: ???? And to think I took Spanish in high school I should
    have paid more attention!
    From Xtank6069 to Me (12-16-1999)
    When Sega Saturn was made, it had its own memory so you can save on
    the hard drive.Can DreamCast do the same thing?
    I Respond: Yes every time you change your internet settings it saves
    to the internal memory.
    From SaiyaJinRageX to Me (1-1-2000)
    I have an Asian Dreamcast, and I would like to know if it's possible to
    get a modem and connect to the internet anymore with my dreamcast. Thank
    I Respond: if you can get your hands on a Japanese or American modem
    than get your system Modded to play American games, than just use the
    American browser to set up an account.
    From AKIraVF3 to Me (4-12-2000)
    Just curious if you can answer this...
    If I use a modded DC with internet settings from the US
    browser, will I be able to use the Dream Passport without
    registering to Japan?
    Thank You
    I respond: The new American browser version 2.0 should allow access to
    all the features the latest Japanese browser does. I don't know if it
    will allow easier access to the Japanese sites though. As for the Vmu
    thing you should be able to download it. I've been able to download
    Japanese saves through the American browser.
    AKIraVF3 responds:
    However, some of the Japanese pages, specifically
    dricas.com, are formatted for use with the Japanese
    browser. I went there using my friend's DC, and wasn't able
    to access any VMU downloads. Also, will the import games'
    network settings be enabled?
    I respond: I thought about this a little more , and you are probably
    going to have some problems accessing some Japanese pages with the
    American browser, that may be why you were not able to download the saves.
    If you go to Booyaka.com you can download some good Japanese saves.
    Mike here, A special appearance by Hustle Kong(apharmd_s@yahoo.com) with
    an answer to a frequently asked question: Can you download saves from a
    Japanese games homepage with the American browser?
    I looked into it for you, with my newly-modded American DC. Here's the
    scoop: To download saves from most of the Japanese game homepages, you
    need to make sure you are using the internet browser included on the disc
    of the game that you want to download for. Using Virtual On for example
    I had to go into the internet mode, press the L trigger to bring up the L
    menu. Assuming you can read kana, go to the option sub-menu. from there
    go to the server option. Change it to "server". Then put in all of your ISP
    information. Then you can connect to the internet with the game, and
    download the file! Note: Your American DC must be registered.
    10. Anything else
    To reset the system with the controller press and hold
    A, B, X, Y and L, R then press START. Did you know you can take
    out the 33k Japanese modem and replace it with the 56k American one.
    11. The System Specs And comparison to all Next-gen Systems.
        Does the Dreamcast hold a candle to the Playstation 2?
    System:              3DO Multiplayer
    Japanese launch:     1994?
    U.S.A launch:        October 1993
    U.S.A launch Price:  $799.00
    Format:              32-Bit CD system
    CPU:                 ARM60 32-bit RISC
    Graphics processor:  2 25MHZ 32bit Custom Risc
    Clock speed:         25Mhz
    RAM:                 2 Megabyte
    Sound Processor:     16-Bit Stereo/44.1Khz
    CD-ROM speed:        2X
    Max game size:       650 Megabyte (per CD)
    Controller ports:    1!
    Save game type:      System
    Memory card slots:   None?
    Vibration type:      None
    Mascot:              Gex
    Best game:           Star Control 2!
    System:              Atari Jaguar
    Japanese launch:     Not Released?
    U.S.A launch:        December 1993
    U.S.A launch Price:  Atari Jaguar-$249.00/Jaguar CD-$149.99
    Format:              32/64-Bit Cartridge System/optional Jaguar CD
    CPU:                 32/16-bit Motorola 68000, 32/16-bit RISC DSP
                         64-bit OP and a 32-bit/64-bit GPU Risc
    Graphics processor:  32-bit/64-bit Risc GPU
    Clock speed:         26.6Mhz
    MIPS:                26.6
    Polygons per second: 10,000-yes ten thousand!
    RAM:                 2 Megabyte
    Sound processor:     16-Bit/44.1Khz
    CD-ROM speed:        2X
    Max game size:       6 Megabyte Per Cartridge (790Megabytes per CD)
    Controller ports:    2
    Save game type:      Cartridge
    Memory card slots:   None
    Vibration type:      None
    Mascot:              None
    Best game:           Alien vs. Predator
    System:              Sega Saturn
    Japanese launch:     11/22/1994
    U.S.A launch:        5/11/1995
    U.S.A launch Price:  $399.00
    Format:              32bit/CD-ROM with a Cartridge Expansion
    CPU:                 2 Hitachi 32bit RISC and Hitachi 32bit SHI
    Graphics processor:  32-Bit VDP1 and 32-Bit VDP2
    Clock speed:         28Mhz
    MIPS:                25
    Polygons per second: 200,000 with Textures/500,000 Flat Shaded
    RAM:                 4 Megabyte (2 Meg Main/1.54 Meg Video)
    Sound processor:     32 voice 16-Bit Stereo 113Mhz Yamaha68EC000
    CD-ROM speed:        2X
    Max game size:       650 Megabyte (per CD)
    Controller ports:    2
    Save game type:      Internal and Cartridge
    Memory card slots:   1
    Vibration type:      None
    Mascot:              Nights
    Best game:           Nights!
    System:              Sony Playstation
    Japanese launch:     12/3/1994
    U.S.A launch:        9/9/1995
    U.S.A launch Price:  $299.00
    Format:              32bit/CD-ROM
    CPU:                 32bit RISC R3000S
    Graphics processor:  32-Bit GPU
    Clock speed:         33.87MHz
    MIPS:                30 Main Processor or 66 with Geometry Engine
    Polygons per second: 360,000 Rendered in hardware/500,000 Textured
                         1.5 Million Flat Shaded
    RAM:                 3 Megabyte (2 Megabyte Main/1 Megabyte video)
    Sound processor:     16-Bit Stereo 24 Channel/44.1Khz
    CD-ROM speed:        2X
    Max game size:       650 Megabyte (per CD)
    Controller ports:    2
    Save game type:      Memory Card
    Memory card slots:   2
    Vibration type:      Dual Shock Controller
    Mascot:              Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, and Sweet Tooth
    Current best games:  Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and the Final Fantasy's
    System:              Nintendo 64
    Japanese launch:     6/23/1996
    U.S.A launch:        9/29/1996
    U.S.A launch Price:  $249.00
    Format:              Cartridge
    CPU:                 64bit R4300 RISC
    Clock speed:         93.75 MHz
    Graphics processor:  62.5Mhz 64-bit RISC "Reality Immersion"
    MIPS:                125 Mips
    FLOPS:               100 Million
    Polygons per second: 160,000 with all hardware features enabled
    RAM:                 4 Megabyte or 8 Megabyte with the Expansion Pak
    Sound processor:     16-Bit Stereo/44.1Khz
    CD-ROM speed:        No loading!!!!!
    Max game size:       256 megabit (so far)
    Controller ports:    4
    Save game type:      Cartridge or Controller pak
    Memory card slots:   4 (controller)
    Vibration type:      Rumble Pak
    Mascot:              Mario
    Current best game:   The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time
    System:              Sega Dreamcast
    Japanese launch:     11/20/1998
    U.S.A launch:        9/9/1999
    U.S.A launch Price:  $199.00
    Format:              GD-ROM/Windows CE
    CPU:                 128-Bit Hitachi SH4 RISC
    Clock speed:         200MHz
    Graphics processor:  NEC Power VR Second Generation
    MIPS:                360 Mips
    FLOPS:               1.4 Billion
    Polygons per second: 3 Million
    RAM:                 26 Megabyte (16MB main/8MB video/2 MB sound)
    Sound processor:     64 Voice-Yamaha Super Intelligent Sound Processor
    GD-ROM speed:        12X
    Max game size:       1 Gigabyte(per CD)
    Controller ports:    4
    Save game type:      Visual Memory System
    Memory card slots:   8 (controller)
    Vibration type:      Jump Pack
    Modem included:      Yes
    Broadband/Ethernet:  Coming Soon
    Mascot:              Sonic
    Current best games:  Shenmue, Resident Evil: Code Veronica
                         and Ecco The Dolphin
    System:              Sony Playstation 2
    Japanese launch:     3/4/2000
    U.S.A launch:        October 26 2000
    U.S.A launch Price:  $299.00
    Format:              CD-ROM(Playstation)and DVD-ROM(Playstation 2)
                         Is backwards compatible with Playstation 1!
    CPU:                 128-Bit "Emotion Engine"
    Graphics processor:  150Mhz GS
    Clock speed:         294.912 MHz
    Resolution:          1080x1224
    Full anti-aliasing:  No
    FLOPS:               6.2 Billion
    Polygons per second: 75 Million, 20 Million with effects
    RAM:                 32 Megabyte
    Sound processor:     48 Channel/48Khz
    DVD-ROM speed:       4X
    CD-ROM speed:        24X
    Max game size:       4.7 Gigabyte (per DVD)
    Controller ports:    2
    Save game type:      8MB Memory Card
    Memory card slots:   2
    Vibration type:      Dual Shock 2
    Modem included:      Not in the box, but supported
    Broadband/Ethernet:  Not yet, but supported
    HDTV support:        Yes
    Mascot:              Best game: SSX
    System:              Nintendo GameCube
    Japanese launch:     2001
    U.S.A launch:        2001
    U.S.A launch Price:  $199.00
    Format:              Custom DVD
    CPU:                 IBM Gekko Processor
    Graphics processor:  ArtX Custom GP
    Clock speed:         405MHz
    Polygons per second: 12 Million
    Full anti-aliasing:  Yes
    RAM:                 40 Megabyte
    Sound Processor:     64 Channel/48Khz
    Controller ports:    4
    Save game type:      Digicard
    Memory card slots:   2
    Modem included:      Yes
    Broadband/Ethernet:  Yes
    HDTV support:        Yes
    Mascot:              Mario
    System:              Microsoft X-Box
    Japanese launch:     Late 2001
    U.S.A launch:        Late 2001
    U.S.A launch Price:  $300.00?
    Format:              DVD/Windows 2000 Operating System
    CPU:                 Intel Pentium III
    Graphics processor:  Nvidia NV15 GPU
    Clock speed:         733MHz
    Resolution:          1920x1080
    Polygons per second: 300 Million, 100 Million with effects
    Full anti-aliasing:  Yes
    RAM:                 64 Megabyte
    Sound processor:     64 Voice BDL2 Processor
    DVD-ROM speed:       5X
    Max game size:       4.7 Gigabyte (per DVD)
    Controller ports:    4
    Save game type:      8GB Hard Drive
    Memory card slots:   8MB Memory Card
    Vibration type:      Unknown
    Modem included:      No
    Broadband/Ethernet:  Yes
    HDTV support:        Yes
    Mascot:              Bill Gates
    12. My favorite games list.
     I've noticed that when people buy a new system or look at a new system
    FAQ they are often reminded about the systems they used to think were
    awesome and how much better this new system is. I mean I can't believe
    that 20 years ago i used to consider the Atari 2600 an "awesome" system.
    Now with games like Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Ecco The Dolphin:
    Defender Of The Future it might be easy to forget the past systems and
    games that were really cool. I am including this list for the people who
    still play games on these systems, and for nostalgia for everyone else.
    I got this idea when Gamefan ran some All Time lists from several of
    their reviewers, and in the old days I had kept a list myself, so here
    it is my video game history.
    My Favorite Video Games 1980-2000
    Mike Schwan 12-10-2000
    Sega Master System
    1.  Phantasy Star
    2.  Wonderboy In Monsterland
    3.  Miracle Warriors
    4.  Y's: The Vanished Omen
    5.  Golvellius: Valley Of Doom
    6.  Wonderboy III: The Dragons Trap
    7.  R-Type
    8.  Space Harrier 3-D
    9.  Shinobi
    10. Zillion II: The Tri-Formation
    Nintendo Entertainment System
    1.  Bionic Commando
    2.  The Legend Of Zelda
    3.  Metal Gear
    4.  Ghosts N' Goblins
    5.  Super Mario Brothers 3
    6.  Castlevania
    7.  Mega Man
    8.  Super Mario Brothers
    9.  Castlevania 3
    10. Metroid
    11. Super Mario 2
    12. Lifeforce
    13. Blaster Master
    14. Rygar
    15. Contra
    Sega Genesis/Sega CD/32X
    1.  Ghouls N' Ghosts
    2.  Strider
    3.  Phantasy Star II
    4.  Target: Earth
    5.  Revenge Of Shinobi
    6.  Sonic CD
    7.  Castle Of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse
    8.  Lunar: The Silver Star Story
    9.  Gaiares
    10. Castlevania: Bloodlines
    NEC Turbo-Grafx 16/Turbo Duo PC Engine Super CD/Super-Grafx
    1.  Dracula X
    2.  Y's Books I & II
    3.  Legendary Axe
    4.  Ghouls N' Ghosts
    5.  Might And Magic III: Isles Of Terra
    6.  Shadow Of The Beast
    7.  Y's Book IV: The Dawn Of Y's
    8.  Cosmic Fantasy Story 2
    9.  Valis II
    10. Aldynes
    Super Nintendo
    1.  Final Fantasy 5
    2.  Final Fantasy 6
    3.  Super Ghouls N' Ghosts
    4.  Super Mario World
    5.  The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
    6.  F-Zero
    7.  Street Fighter 2
    8.  Final Fantasy 4
    9.  Demon's Crest
    10. Super Mario Kart
    SNK Neo-Geo/Neo-Geo CD/Neo Geo MVS
    1.  Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
    2.  King Of Fighters 98
    3.  Samurai Shodown II
    4.  King Of Fighters 99
    5.  League Bowling
    6.  Samurai Shodown III
    7.  Last Blade 2
    8.  2020 Super Baseball
    9.  Magician Lord
    10. Samurai Shodown IV
    3DO Multiplayer
    1.  Star Control 2
    2.  Alone In The Dark
    3.  Super Street Fighter II Turbo
    4.  Myst
    5.  Dragon's Lair
    6.  Night Trap
    7.  Crash N' Burn
    8.  Gex
    9.  Escape From Monster Manor
    10. Slayer
    Atari Jaguar
    1.  Alien Vs. Predator
    2.  Tempest 2000
    3.  Cybermorph
    4.  Wolfensten 3D
    5.  Doom
    Sega Saturn
    1.  Nights Into Dreams...
    2.  Christmas Nights
    3.  Virtua Fighter 2
    4.  Panzer Dragoon Saga
    5.  Shining Force 3
    6.  Rayman
    7.  Street Fighter Alpha 3
    8.  Vampire Savior
    9.  Shining The Holy Ark
    10. Sega Rally Championship
    Sony Playstation
    1.  Final Fantasy 9
    2.  Final Fantasy 8
    3.  Metal Gear Solid
    4.  Final Fantasy 7
    5.  Wipeout 3
    6.  Silent Hill
    7.  Final Fantasy Tactics
    8.  Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night
    9.  Resident Evil 2
    10. Chrono Cross
    11. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    12. Wipeout XL
    13. Medievil
    14. Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
    15. Mega Man Legends
    Nintendo 64
    1.  The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time
    2.  Super Mario 64
    3.  Wave Race 64
    4.  Wipeout 64
    5.  The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    6.  Donkey Kong 64
    7.  Banjo-Kazooie
    8.  Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
    9.  Diddy Kong Racing
    10. Pilotwings 64
    Sega Dreamcast
    1.  Shenmue
    2.  Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future
    3.  Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle
    4.  Resident Evil Code: Veronica
    5.  Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
    6.  Rayman 2: The Great Escape
    7.  NFL2K1
    8.  King Of Fighters 99: Dream Match
    9.  SNK vs Capcom: Millennium Fight 2000
    10. Seaman
    Sony Playstation 2
    1. SSX
    2. Time Splitters
    3. Madden 2001
    4. Ridge Racer 5
    5. Summoner
    ALL TIME TOP 40 (1980-2000)
    1.  Nights Into Dreams... (SAT)
    2.  Shenmue (CAST)
    3.  Final Fantasy 9 (PSX)
    4.  Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)
    5.  Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
    6.  Final Fantasy 7 (PSX)
    7.  SSX (PS2)
    8.  Wipeout 3 (PSX)
    9.  Star Control 2 (3DO)
    10. The Legend Of Zelda: The Ocarina Of Time (N64)
    11. Super Mario 64 (N64)
    12. Silent Hill (PSX)
    13. Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future (CAST)
    14. Ghouls N' Ghosts (GEN)& (SGX)& (SAT) &(PSX)
    15. Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX)
    16. Strider (GEN)
    17. Shadow Of The Beast (AMIGA)
    18. Resident Evil Code: Veronica (CAST)
    19. Final Fantasy 5 (SNES)
    20. Final Fantasy 6 (SNES)
    21. Dracula X (PCE)
    22. Y's Books I& II (DUO)
    23. Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night (PSX)
    24. Super Ghouls N' Ghosts (SNES)
    25. Wave Race (N64)
    26. Phantasy Star 2 (GEN)
    27. Bionic Commando (NES)
    28. Phantasy Star (SMS)
    29. Super Mario World (SNES)
    30. Alone In The Dark (3DO)
    31. Resident Evil 2 (PSX)
    32. Chrono Cross (PSX)
    33. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES)
    34. Final Fantasy 4 (SNES)
    35. Target Earth (GEN)
    36. F-Zero (SNES)
    37. Revenge Of Shinobi (GEN)
    38. Alien Vs. Predator (JAG)
    39. Legendary Axe (TG16)
    40. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PSX)
    Top 10 Fighters
    1. Virtua Fighter 3: Team Battle (CAST)
    2. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (CAST)
    3. Garou: Mark Of The Wolves (Geo)
    4. King Of Fighters Dream Match 99 (CAST)
    5. Samurai Showdown 2 (GEO)
    6. King Of Fighters 99: Evolution (Cast)
    7. Last Blade 2 (Geo)
    8. SNK vs Capcom: Millennium Fight 2000 (Cast)
    9. Vampire Saviour (SAT)
    10. Soul Calibur (CAST)
    System Codes:
    Sega Master System-SMS
    Nintendo Entertainment System-NES
    Sega Genesis-GEN
    Sega CD-SCD
    TurboGrafx 16-TG16
    Turbo Duo-DUO
    PC Engine-PCE
    Super Grafx-SGX
    Super Nintendo-SNES
    Neo Geo-Geo
    3DO Multiplayer-3DO
    Atari Jaguar-JAG
    Sega Saturn-SAT
    Sony Playstation-PSX
    Nintendo 64-N64
    Sega Dreamcast-CAST
    Sony Playstation 2-PS2
    Notes: I must personally beat the game to be
    included on the All-Time list, the only
    exception is the impossible to beat Shadow
    Of The Beast on the Amiga. I have beaten
    the Genesis and Turbo-Duo versions of the
    game though.
    My favorite other system games are:
    Atari 2600(This is old school!): Frogger
    Mattel Intellivision: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
    Colecovision: Montezuma's Revenge
    Commodore Amiga: Shadow Of The Beast
    PC: Blade Runner
    Nintendo Gameboy: Super Mario Land
    Atari Lynx: Electrocop
    Sega Game Gear: Castle Of Illusion
    NEC PC-FX: Team Innocent
    Arcade: Space Ace!
    Other Awards:
    Best Game of 70's: Pong -197X- (Arcade) I am
    only 29 but I remember playing it in a bowling
    alley and sitting down to do it at around the
    time of the first Star Wars film in 1977.
    I believe this was the only video game I played
    in the 70's.
    Best Game of 80's: Shadow Of The Beast -1989-
    (AMIGA)The first game to totally blow my mind in
    both music and graphics. This game ran at 50!
    frames per second and had 128 colors on screen
    with a ridiculous 13! layers of scrolling, plus
    it offered ultra insane challenge! And has the
    best original videogame soundtrack ever bar none!
    The home videogame console versions were never
    even close to being as good. The best console
    version was probably on the TurboDuo it had nice
    graphics and the music on this version is
    shockingly good, the Duo versions only problem was
    that it was just way to easy. The Atari Lynx
    version really kicked ass as the graphics were
    almost quite nice when compared to the Amiga
    version but only on a smaller screen although
    the music was very poor.
    80's runner up: Phantasy Star 2 -1989- I beat this
    game twice with all 8 characters, I loved it that
    much! This game was hard as hell even with the
    Walkthrough that came packaged with the game. Not
    much by todays standards but I remember when their
    was nothing better than this.
    Best Game of 90's: Nights Into Dreams... -1996- (SAT)
    This is the most played game by me ever and I have
    been unable to improve my scores for some time.
    This is one of those games that either you get it
    or you don't! You really have to think of this
    game as if it's a racing game, but you are also
    able to do stunts. The highlight of Sonic
    Adventure for me was the Nights Pinball game
    and the sequel to Nights on Dreamcastis my number
    one most wanted game.
    90's Runner up: Final Fantasy 8 -1999- (PSX)
    Best RPG ever, and easily the most underrated game
    of all time. No RPG has ever been this deep and
    this beautiful. At 4 Disks long casual gamers need
    not apply, I've noticed that the learning curve in
    this game is far longer than in Final Fantasy 7
    but the rewards are so much infinitely greater in
    FF8. The story is so epic that playing through
    this game really is a wonderful emotional
    experience. The music in this game also smashes
    all previous RPG's and is some ways is the best
    ever done for a videogame. People complained about
    the unlimited use of summons, ya know what the
    summons were useless, they do no damage and you
    can't speed em'up! Junction Junction what's my
    function, with some simple draw and junctioning
    to Attack you will never want to summon again
    well maybe 1 time each to see how amazing looking
    they are! My 2nd time through this game I used no
    summons and beat the game and the Mega-bastard
    Omega! Also this game has the best ending in the
    history of videogames ever, nothing else even
    comes close, and is easily the most amazing thing
    I have ever seen in a videogame!!! Easily Best RPG
    of the 90's and Ever... I Don't see how FF9 can top
    this although I am very happy that they are going
    back to the Crystal system used in Final Fantasy 5
    and Final Fantasy Tactics.
    Best Games of 00's: Shenmue, Final Fantasy 9, Ecco
    The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future(CAST), Resident
    Evil Code : Veronica (CAST) and SSX. It's early!
    The games I am really looking forward to in the
    new Millennium are Metal Gear, Solid 2, Silent Hill 2,
    Virtua Fighter X, Street Fighter 4, The Bouncer
    Final Fantasy 10-18, Zone Of Enders and any sequels
    to Ghosts n' Goblins, Resident Evil, Phantasy Star
    Zelda and Mario. Last but not least of course my
    most wanted: Nights 2.
    Best of the Best:
    Best Graphics -
    Shenmue (CAST)
    Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future (CAST)
    SSX (PS2)
    Resident Evil Code: Veronica (CAST)
    Rayman 2: The Great Escape (CAST)
    Madden 2001 (PS2)
    Best Music -
    Shadow Of The Beast (AMIGA)&(GEN)&(DUO)&(LYNX)
    Wipeout Series (PSX)&(SAT)&(N64)
    Ecco The Dolphin Series (SCD) & (CAST)
    Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)
    Best Sound FX-
    Resident Evil Code: Veronica (CAST)
    Resident Evil Series 1-3 (PSX)&(SAT)&(N64)&(CAST)
    Most Underrated -
    Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)
    Target: Earth (GEN)
    Alien vs. Predator (JAG)
    Most Challenging -
    Target:Earth (GEN)
    Shadow Of The Beast (AMIGA)&(GEN)
    Ecco The Dolphin: Defender Of The Future (CAST)
    Best Story -
    Final Fantasy 8 (PSX)
    Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
    Silent Hill (PSX)
    Star Control 2 (3DO)
    Alone In The Dark (3DO)
    Best Ending -
    Final Fantasy 8
    Metal Gear Solid
    Best Voice Acting -
    Metal Gear Solid
    Star Control 2
    Worst Voice Acting -
    House Of The Dead (CAST) Goldman...
    Resident Evil (PSX)
    "Maybe you the master of unlocking can use it"
    Worst Game -
    Strip Janken (3DO) My friend bought this bum
    in New York and set back gaming 15 years in the
    process. Anyone remember the Porky's Videogame
    for the Atari 2600? It was better! At least it was a
    game, I will say that the girls in Strip Janken were
    babes though. I believe this title was named Strip
    Janken I am not 100% sure, it was definitely a
    Japanese 3DO game though.
    13.   Credits
    Dream Passport info gathered from  Ken Comefroro and Console Domain plus
    I.G.N's how- to and refined by me and Travis. Extra special Dream
    Passport thanks to Maktos Translations for translating the Dream
    Passport manual their web address is www.cgnc.com/maktos/
    Thanks to the many people who E-mailed me about this FAQ I hope
    I've made all the corrections.
    Spec info gathered from Official Sony Playstation site, Nintendo Power
    Source, Sega Hard Stuff, Next Generation Magazine, Next Generation Online
    I.G.N, CNN, Daily Radar, The Magic Box and Gamers Republic. Atari Jaguar
    specs gleaned from above sources and: The Jaguar FAQ by Robert A. Jung
    and The Jaguar Underground Documentation.
    3DO specs gleaned from above mentioned sources and the 3D0 Today site.
    And thanks for people not yelling at me for liking Godzilla Generations
    for Dreamcast. What can I say I just love Gojira. Sometimes having
    Godzilla running around smashing stuff is my bag baby.
    Thanks to Vic for showing me the ways of Target:Earth
    Special thanks to Chance for translations, Tim for being Merle, Vic for
    instructing me in Target: Earth, and as always thanks to Travis for
    spiritual support.
    More Special thanks to Paul for recommending many of the import games
    on my Favorite games list, his excellent import video game shop is
    Raven Video Games  http://ravenvideogames.net/  so go check em out!
    Even more special thanks to GameFAQs for being the best website in the
    world. http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Ultimate and Final Special thanks to the old Inner Circle of gamers
    consisting of Chance, Travis, Jeff, and Myself. Without this group I
    would not have played many of the games on my Top Games list
                                                           Mike Schwan 2000
    This FAQ is Copyright c2000 A New Merlennium Production

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