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    VGA FAQ by DSolomon

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    08/09/99 rev.1
    By The Axledental DJ
    The reason I'm doing this FAQ is because of the info out there now, had
    some things missing and that importing just a VGA DC cable is hard to
    get..But, if you already own the RGB Scart cable..you can convert it to
    VGA if you own a VGA monitor!
    1st of all you must know the pinouts of the following:
    PC D-Sub 15-Pin connecter:
    1 RED
    2 GREEN
    3 BLUE
    5 GROUND
    13 H-Sync
    14 V-Sync
    These should be the basic 15-Pin PC cable pinouts for the D-Sub type
    connectors. When you use a spare cable of this type to make the VGA cable
    to the DC, you'll have to connect the Ground wire to both the Shielding
    part of this D-Sub PC VGA cable and to pin 5(Ground). Its just that you
    need to connect two grounds to keep the R,G,B working right.
    A D-Sub VGA cable end should look like this if your looking directly at
         1 2 3 4 5
      6 7  8   9  10
     11 12 13 14 15
    Well, sorta...(:-)
    Ok, here's the DC A/V Port pinouts:
    (Looking at the back of the DC from Left to right gives you 1-16 pins)
    1 GROUND
    4 +12VOLTS
    5 +5VOLTS
    6 VGA(When connected to Ground and Pin 7, turns ON VGA MODE!)
    7 Analog RGB Mode(when connected to ground makes use for Scart RGB mode)
    8 V-SYNC(For VGA mode)
    9 H-SYNC(For VGA mode)
    10 COMPOSITE SYNC (for analog Scart RGB mode)
    11 Chromina/S-VIDEO
    12 Lumina/S-VIDEO
    14 BLUE (for RGB or VGA modes)
    15 GREEN (for RGB or VGA modes)
    16 RED (for RGB or VGA modes)
    Now, to make your own cable, you'll need the 15-pin D-sub type PC VGA
    cable, and a DC Scart cable that has a removable DC A/V cable end that
    should reveal a small PCB inside of it. This gives you access to
    soldering areas to connect any of the 16 pins of the A/V Port.
    If you try to connect directly to the DC A/V ports internal area, you
    won't be able to solder to the small area your conection wires..thus
    crossing some of the pins.. which is not good. Thats why I recomend you
    hack into a DC RGB Scart lead to make the new VGA cable...thats how I did
    Also, when making the Audio work, you'll have to ground each Audio Left &
    Right to get the proper sound without that annoying buz sound.

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