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"Please, someone tell me why this console wasn't sucsessful."

I don't understand it! This console was fabulous. It's probably the fault of the heavily over hyped Playstation 2. I never did like Sony Entertainment much. Why don't they just stick to making TVs and Boom Boxes? They're disturbing the balance of good game companies and bad companies. Oh, hell, they are a good company, I'm just pissed because I'm a Dreamcast owner and now I won't be able to experience what could have been had it not been for Sony's such nasty timing. Well, I hope they're happy. Anyway, enough complaints, let's move on to the review, shall we?

Most of the Sega Dreamcast's games an be sorted into the Good or Great categories. I can't say that I've found many fabulous ones with the exception of Rayman 2(UBI Soft) and Rogue Spear(Red Storm Entertainment). Don't get me wrong, though, there are lots of great games on the console. I haven't tried them all, so don't take my full word here. The ones I currently own are: Sonic Adventure, Rayman 2, Rogue Spear, Silent Scope and the ''Orange'' Dreamcast game sampler disc. Many of the highly popular Sega Arcade games were thrown into home versions and hung up on the shelf of available games. Some of them are: Confidential Mission(Sega), Silent Scope(Konami), Crazy Taxi(Sega) and House of the Dead(Sega) One and Two. The only game on this console so far that I've found I don't enjoy is probably Spec Ops: Omega Squad(Ripcord Entertainment). For a bit more information you can check out the reviews I've written for Dreamcast games.

WOW! This is the most beautiful selection of games I've ever seen in my life. The polygons in Dreamcast games are microscopic! Seriously, I'm not exaggerating. They are all very, very smooth and have lots of ''bounce'' in them. Sega Dreamast graphics pack a lot of life in them and should keep your eyes popping considering how gorgeous everything looks. Special effects are dazzling. The flash of a rifle muzzle gleaming against the front of an operative in Rogue Spear, the bouncing shadows cast by a burning orange energy ball from Rayman's gloved fist, the burning red sun shining against the back of your warrior in Sword of the Berserk. All of it truly dazzling.

Once again the Sega Dreamcast scores a Perfect 10! Booming sound effects and music blasts through every corner of a well-designed Dreamcast game. Many of the Dreamcast lot have lots and lots of voice action packed in. That's something you can feel free to expect in any Sega Dreamcast title. Because the Sega Dreamcast is a CD-using console, it sacrifices durability and gains sound power. And believe me-the sound is superb. Everything from the BANG of a sniper's gunshot in Silent Scope to the shouting of a fighter pilot in Air Force Delta(Konami) sounds wonderful.

Because this IS a CD console, one can't expect much but what you get is pretty good. Be careful with your games; don't scratch them and be sure to put them back in there cases, of course. The actual Hardware itself is pretty sturdy too, for the most part. The frame is made of a plastic that is quite durable and will survive medium-powered collisions, but avoid all other kinds of accidents as you would with any other system. As I did with this category in my Nintendo 64 review, I'll take game characters and test them on the system. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, here we have a Nintendo 64-clunky yet strong as an ox. And here we have our Sega Dreamcast-portable but a bit weak. Okay, let's take Homer Johnston, the top sniper from Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and he'll bring along his huge, 32.5-pound Barret 82A1 Sniper Rifle with him. Homer, if you please. ''BOOM!!!,'' goes his rifle. The Nintendo is hit by the .50 BMG bullet and cracks but does not fall to into tiny pieces. Now let's try it on the Sega. The effect of the mammoth bullet on the Sega smashes it into 5 large chunks of white plastic. Well, it broke and won't work but it didn't smash into ant-like pieces as with the Sony Playstation.

This is a pretty small little fellow, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting it around. It weighs about 2.5 pounds, maybe 3, and is about the size of small window. You easily fit it into a grocery store bag and carry it around with you. They also make bags reserved for the sole purpose of carrying it around so you can use one of those, too, if you have the money, unlike me. I'm a Democrat. I don't have a ton of money.

That's all, folks! If you have the urge to give me a critique of this review, ask a question, or just poke your head in and say ''hi'', e-mail me at Doak out.

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Originally Posted: 06/11/01, Updated 06/11/01

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