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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BacterX

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/28/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      -_________        .__  .__            _____  ________          __          
       \_   ___ \_____  |  | |  |     _____/ ____\ \______ \  __ ___/  |_ ___.__.
       /    \  \/\__  \ |  | |  |    /  _ \   __\   |    |  \|  |  \   __<   |  |
       \     \____/ __ \|  |_|  |__ (  <_> )  |     |    `   \  |  /|  |  \___  |  
        \______  (____  /____/____/  \____/|__|    /_______  /____/ |__|  / ____|  
               \/     \/                                   \/             \/     
             __________.__                 __     ________                
             \______   \  | _____    ____ |  | __ \_____  \ ______  ______
              |    |  _/  | \__  \ _/ ___\|  |/ /  /   |   \\____ \/  ___/
              |    |   \  |__/ __ \\  \___|    <  /    |    \  |_> >___ \ 
              |______  /____(____  /\___  >__|_ \ \_______  /   __/____  >
                     \/          \/     \/     \/         \/|__|       \/ 
    			Walkthrough by: Bacterx
    			Contact: Bacterx@gmail.com
    			      Version: 1.00
                          Last Updated: 11/28/10
    Note: items in [brackets] are put there for easier searching. If you want to 
    skip right to Breaking Free, for instance, search for [BRF]. 
    [TOC]                        TABLE OF CONTENTS
    [TOC] Table of Contents
    [VZN] Version Notes
    [INT] Introduction
    [NOT] Opening Notes
    [STR] Getting Started
    [MNU] Menu
    [CTL] Controls
    [HUD] The HUD explained
    [SGL] Single Player
       [CMP] Campaign
          [RCJ] - Mission 1: The Recovery Job
          [BRF] - Mission 2: Breaking Free
          [OTR] - Mission 3: On the run
          [CSR] - Mission 4: Coastal Run
          [TTR] - Mission 5: To the Rescue
          [WTJ] - Mission 6: Welcome to the Jungle
          [HOD] - Mission 7: Hung Out to Dry
          [BEL] - Mission 8: Behind Enemy Lines
          [NEA] - Mission 9: New Alliance
          [LIU] - Mission 10: Light it up!
          [RIR] - Mission 11: River Raiders
          [LHO] - Mission 12: Last Heli Out
          [STW] - Mission 13: Stolen Wings
          [TTM] - Mission 14: To the Motherland
          [TPB] - Mission 15: The Payback
          [COF] - Mission 16: Cold Feet
          [EPL] - Epilogue/Plot Synopsis
       [QPL] Quick Play
       [TRN] Training
       [CHL] Challenge Mode
       [ZMB] Zombie Mode
       [ARC] Arcade Mode
       [KHS] Killhouse
    [CLC] Collectibles
    [AWD] Awards
    [WPN] Weapons
    [PKS] Perks
    [MPL] Multiplayer
    [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
    [RKS] Closing Remarks/Credit
    [CPW] Copywight Information
    [VZN]                           Version Notes
    So this is the version 1.00 edition of the CoD: Black Ops for the DS game! 
    This version presents a complete walkthrough of the game in 1 player mode, which
    was beat in Hardened mode using the stylus control system. Everything presented
    here worked for me under those circumstances.
    I also included a weapons list, locations of all the collectibles (they are also
    in the walkthrough, so if you follow this guide you'll get all of them!), and
    description of all the major areas in the game.
    In future versions, I'd like to flesh out any areas people have special trouble
    with. I decided not to burden the 1.00 walkthrough with unnecessary details in
    every area, so I tried to keep it light. Let me know where you're having trouble
    and I'll add more stuff!
    Also, I am looking for a partner to help fill in the multiplayer section. I
    don't play much of it, and I'd like somebody who really knows what's what to
    provide a detailed section.
    Anybody who wants to email me suggestions is welcome to do so, and will be
    credited in the next release.
    That's all for now; enjoy folks!
    [INT]                               Introduction
    Alright well shucks and welcome to the walkthrough for Call of Duty: Black
    Ops for the Nintendo DS! This is a fast-paced shooter, and a really fun title
    for the DS. This game will seriously challenge your resolve as you survive
    hails of gunfire, but stick with me, your humble guide, and you'll make it
    through in one piece!
    [NOT]                                  Notes
    Last stand is a mode where you can only use your sidearm and look from side to
    side. You can't shoot or move, and you are basically a one-hit-point turret.
    You still can score kills!
    The auto-aim on the button control is really useful for stationary targets, but
    if they're moving forget it! It doesn't lead at ALL.
    If you are with a squad, let them go a little ahead of you. The target-finding
    on some enemies can be broken, and they will keep attacking your allies as you
    move into flanking position.
    Never forget: INFINITE THROWING KNIVES. If ammo is running low, these are a
    huge asset.
    [STR]                             Getting Started
    The first time you load up the game, you'll be prompted to choose from the
    stylus control (default) or the button control.
    STYLUS control: this control scheme lets you aim using the stylus and fire
    with the triggers while moving with either the D-pad or buttons. This is the
    default control style for a reason, and works well with either right or
    left handed control schemes. This is the control scheme I'll be using while
    walking you through.
    BUTTON control: This mode has you moving with the D-pad, aiming with the
    buttons, and touching the screen to perform actions. The left bumper
    activates ADS, which uses the site of the gun for aiming, and the right one
    fires. If you're uncomfortable with the stylus this mode is fine, and there
    shouldn't be any major differences between this and the stylus control. I found
    it a little harder to juggle moving and aiming with this mode, but it might 
    work great for you. Also, if you choose this mode you can activate auto-lock
    in ADS mode, which is alright (you can't choose this if you are on hardened
    **NOTE** Keep in mind that weapon swaps, weapon selection, and action space
    is done by using the stylus REGARDLESS of mode!
    You can change this by going to Options -> Controls at any time
    After you pick this, you get the main screen, and you're ready to jump in!
    [MNU]                                 Menus
    Single Player: This starts a Campaign, Quick Play, Training, Challenge Mode,
                   Zombie Mode, Arcade Mode, or Killhouse game. There are sections
                   for each of these elsewhere in the walkthrough that cover them
                   in more depth.
    Multiplayer: I would definitely recommend trying the multi-player at some point
                 in time! You can play Co-Op and help your friends through the
                 missions, or multiplayer deathmatch and blow each other up!
    Statistics: Lets you view the Leaderboards (for multiplayer), and stats for 
                multiplayer, single player, arcade mode, and zombie mode. 
    Options: There are a variety of choices here:
                  Controls: Lets you switch between stylus and button control
                  Invert Y Axis: Valuable for the button control, if you are used
                  to aiming with an inverted Y axis
                  Sight Mode: You can choose to enter ADS mode either by touching
                  the ADS icon, or by touching the icon OR double-tapping the 
                  Stylus Control Sensitivity: Adjusts how quickly the stylus moves
                  your line of sight in stylus control
                  Horizontal/Vertical/ADS Turn Speed: Adjusts how quickly the
                  buttons move your line of sight in button control.
                  ADS Auto Lock: Allows auto-lock for ADS in button control. Not
                  usable in Hardened difficulty
                  Horizon Align/Sensitivity: In button control scheme, makes your
                  view return to a default parallel to the horizon (very useful
                  for getting back to normal), and adjusts how quickly and 
                  strongly it does that.
                  MP Hit Marker: Turns on or off the white X hit marker in 
                  multiplayer. It might be cluttered, but I'd recommend having it.
    Data Management: Lets you erase or copy your savegame data.
    Credits: Previews the fine people who were involved in this game. Give them a
             round of applause!
    [CTL]                           Controls
    There are two major control schemes, as touched on briefly before:
    Stylus Control:
           This control scheme has you looking and aiming with the stylus, firing
           with L or R, and moving with either D-pad or the XYAB buttons.
    Button Control:
           This control scheme lets you enter ADS with L, shoot with R, move with
           the D-pad, and aim with the XYAB buttons.
    There are some additional controls to be aware of during the game
    * Reload by pressing the primary weapon icon in the middle-left of the screen
    * Change weapons by touching the secondary weapon icon in the bottom-right of
      the screen.
    * Use a grenade by touching the grenade icon above the secondary weapon icon to
      switch to grenades, then firing your weapon. You can "cook" the grenade by
      holding the fire button, then releasing it when you want to throw.
    * Change between ADS and shooting from the hip by touching the ADS icon, a
      trigger, which is right above the grenade icon.
    * Sprint by double-tapping and pressing control pad (up) in stylus control, or
      by pressing the X button twice in button control
    * Double-tap the control pad down to switch between standing and crouching
    * The Action Area will highlight on the screen when there is something to do,
      like picking something up, buying weapons, use things, throw back grenades,
      etc. The action area tells you what you can do by tapping it. 
    * Enter into ADS mode with the knife to throw it.
    * When using a vehicle, right and left trigger fires, view moves the target,
      and move will move the vehicle.
    Note that the game is saved automatically, using a checkpoint save system.
    [HUD]                          HUD
    During the game, your HUD will look like this
              |                                                      |
              |                                                      |
              |                                                      |
              |                                                      |
              |                                """""""               |
              |                                |""""""               |
              |                  _________     O   C""               |
              |                 //-------\\   /_     \               |
              | L______________||O-----------------\   |_____________|
              | -----------------||||| =========== /\ ____\          |
              |                  OOOO-L______________                |
              |                    --____||||___\<                   |
              |                          ||||    (|-- |              |
              |                            ----   (|--/---___________|
              |                                                      |
              |                                                      |
              |                                                      |
              |       Main Screen: Shooting Happens                  |
              |                  Up Here!                            |
              |                    :D                                |
              |                                                      |
              |                                                      |
              |                                                      |
              |  Mission Status/important news          |            |
              |-----------------------------------------|    ADS     |
              |  Ammo |      Timer     |     Timer      |    Mode    |
              |           |                        |                 |
              |           |          Radar         |    Grenade      |
              |  Primary  |     Red is enemies     |                 |
              |    Gun    |    Blue is friendly    |_________________|
              |           | Gold Star is Objective |                 |
              |___________|                        |  Secondary      |
              |           |________________________|    Gun          |
              |           |    Equipped Weapon     |                 |
              |   Knife   |________________________|                 |
              |           |      Action Area       |                 |
    [SGL]                         Single Player
    The single player campaign is the bones of this game, and has a large number
    of modes you can choose from. Every mode will require that you choose a 
    difficulty: recruit, regular, or hardened, in order of increasing difficulty.
    This will govern how much damage your enemies can do to you, how much damage
    they can take before falling, and can affect gameplay (there is no auto-aim
    for the button control in Hardened)
    [CMP]                         Campaign
    In the campaign you basically travel all around the world being awesome and
    putting holes in suckers. Let's ROCK.
    You're first asked if you want to train. If so, see the training section for
    [RCJ]    Mission 1- The Recovery Job
    March 14, 1968
    1800 Hrs
    After action mission debrief- Sgt. Michael Shaw
    Something went wrong during the extraction, and you have to explain yourself. 
    You said it seemed like they were expecting you. Hm...
    November 10, 1967
    1700 Hrs
    An extraction team is sent into Cuba to retrieve two missing intelligence
    operatives, Capt. Alex Mason and Sgt. Michael Shaw.
    "A couple of our operatives have run into trouble in Cuba. The Cubans have 
    announced the event to the Public as part of an on-going propaganda campaign, 
    but have not released the status of the men. Until we hear further, we can only
    hope for the best. Officially the US is denying any knowledge, but
    unofficially it's a different story. Latest intelligence has the men being held
    captive in a converted mission on the coast. You are to infiltrate the mission,
    locate the agents, and then get the hell out of Dodge."
    The assets are under tight pressure, he said. I assume that means your pants
    are far too tight...
    Cut to you and your buddies landing in Cuba. 
    Sg. Thomas Hayes
    1700 Hrs
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Head to the church
    Take a moment to say hi to Sgt. Ruiz and Capt. Peterson there, before they 
    book it towards the church. Follow them, dashing. When you get close to the
    truck, duck to stay out of sight.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Shoot the left guard
    Ok so if we're gonna get any further into this compound, you got to take out
    the guards patrolling the walls. Start with the guy to your left. I'd enter 
    ADS mode just to make sure you make the kill. Pop him one from behind cover,
    and your allies will rush up to secure the gate.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Reach the church
    Before you much too much further in, note the collectible on top of the left-
    hand gate. Shoot it and run foward. The position you want is just right inside
    the gate. If you're still crouching while doing this, that's a good move.
    Look at the left gate, and shoot your very first collectible!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Engage patrol
    As you move past the two trucks here, you'll encounter three patrolmen. A good
    tactic is to crouch and move up behind the tank closest to the waypoint. The
    first chump will walk out of the doorway, right into firing range!
    Once you deal with him, expect six more enemies to come from inside the 
    compound, in waves of two. Make sure you deal with the one on the leftmost 
    balcony who appears in wave one, and the one on the right-back balcony who 
    appears in wave three. Other than that, your men will take positions and fire 
    on the soldiers who are charging you from the compound. If you can get inside
    the hole in the wall where the first soldier came from, there is a doorway in 
    there that makes for a great sniping location. I'd recommend using the rifle 
    for this entire exchange. On the harder difficulty levels you might be running 
    out of ammo by the end, so feel free to grab one of the soldier's guns.
    Once you take out these waves stop and you get a moment of peace, take time to 
    reload. I left crouching position here, as running and gunning is important. 
    Head back and to your right, further into the compound. Entering an alleyway, 
    you'll find two more guards. You should be able to surprise the first one and 
    take him out before he gets a shot off if you enter the alley in sniping mode,
    and then take the other one out as he runs across the alley to get into 
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Get to the church
    Your commander will yell at you to cut through the buildings, so let's start 
    doing that. Head down the alley and take a right (or let him go first, he is 
    certainly eager), and he'll kick in the door. There will be a soldier directly 
    inside, so take position on the right side of the door and take him out as 
    soon as the door is open.
    Run and immediately take position behind barrels in the middle of the room 
    (facing the stairs, which are to your left). There will be two guards running 
    down the staris, so be ready to snipe them as soon as they come down. One of 
    them is carrying a shotgun, if you want that for the relatively close-quarters 
    fights ahead.
    Head up the stairs, but be prepared because there's a guy waiting behind the 
    upturned table at the top of them. Take him out and take position behind the 
    table, because another guard will run in front of you. With good position, you 
    should be able to take him out right as he rounds the corner to try to get 
    cover. Round the corner yourself, and if you're fast enough you'll catch a 
    guard in the back as he runs away from you.
    Don't follow him! Turn to your left and enter the doorway. There'll be a guard 
    running left across the room. If you're fast you can shoot him as he runs, 
    otherwise move to the right of the room to get him behind the desk. Another 
    guard will be entering soon, so make sure you have a good bead on the doorway 
    to take him out. 
    Move quickly into the room where that guard came from, and turn to your right. 
    There will be a doorway. It can be hard to make out because the room is so 
    dark, but if you can get through it and into position quickly, you can take out
    the guard in here before he has a chance to get into position. When he's 
    wasted, another one will appear behind him, so stay in sniper mode. Round the 
    corner and immediately there will be a door on your left. It leads to some 
    stairs heading down.
    Take position at the right side of the door, and you or your over-zealous 
    friends will take out the guy at the bottom of the stairs. Run halfway down the
    stairs on the right side before firing at the guy at the back of the room, and 
    then make it all the way down the stairs, taking cover against the barricade, 
    before a third guy runs in. Once he's down, head out the door.
    Objective Added: Find an entrance
    You can see the mission from here! You'll need to find an entrance. Head to 
    your right, and be prepared to quickly snipe two guards. Head down the alley,
    while more guards run at you. Be prepared, because as soon as the alley widens 
    there is one to your left who will be taking potshots at you. Keep running 
    around the perimeter, running and gunning guards who come in waves of two more 
    or less constantly. Always be on the lookout for cover while you're in this 
    When you reach the end of this section, there will be a wall sort of sticking 
    out into the walkway you need to manuover around. If you dash through this 
    part, you'll have a chance to gun down the fleeing guard before he rounds the 
    corner, yells for his buddies, and begins returning fire.
    Turn to your right when you enter the courtyard, facing the graves. At this 
    point chumps will stream out in ones and twos to try to set up and take shots 
    at you. If you can, make your way into the graveyard, taking refuge behind one 
    of the stones. This will make a really handy shooting point. Once all the 
    guards are down (take them down quickly before they can get too close to you), 
    head towards where they came from, after looking behind a gravestone in the
    back for the second collectible.
    In this covered walkway, you will face another huge batch of guards. Take the 
    one on the right out first, hiding behind the first pillar to your left. There 
    will be a steady stream of guards coming from down the walkway, but only one 
    more from the right, so make sure he's eliminated quickly, as he's in flanking 
    position. Once the rest of the guards are sniped, head down the corridor and 
    take a left, past the cannon, to stand on the basement entrance.
    Objective Added: Regroup
    There is a short cutscene where your buddies talk in a worried voice (he's 
    such a pansy. You're the PC! What could HAPPEN?), break open the cellar door, 
    and jump in. You follow.
    Objective Added: Find the operative
    Head on upstairs. You don't hear anything, but you can't honestly expect that 
    to last, can you?
    Objective Added: Engage the patrol
    As it turns out, no you cannot. Wait until the guard's back is turned, then 
    snipe him down. Two more will come running out the door, so try to gun them 
    down as soon as they pop into view.
    Obective Added: Find the operative
    Try to run up to the next counter and take position to get a cleaner shot on 
    the next two guys to run in. After they're down, run by the door so you can 
    take out the final guard.
    Quickly move into the next room and take a left, then look to your left down 
    the hallway. Moving quickly here prevents the two new guards from getting into 
    position before you blow them away.
    Again, run down the hallway, take a right and look in the room. Dashing through
    this part lets you get the jump on the next guard as well, and you want to get
    a good position in this room early, so it's worth it.
    Try to crouch near a barricade where you can see most of the room: an 
    overturned table near the entrance works well. Guards will flood this area, 
    and you and your teammates will be doing a lot of shooting. They come from 
    other side of the room than you came in, from two directions, but if you stay 
    near the door they won't overrun you. Don't let them get too close, and don't 
    be afraid to huck a grenade or two in this section.
    After clearing the guards, push forward until you come to a staircase and 
    you're told to "check your corners", which means just run forward right through
    everybody else.
    Run up the stairs, and take a left into the room. Beware, for there are two 
    guards pretty far away and already in position. Carefully snipe them, moving 
    diagonally across the room to the opposite corner, and taking note of the 
    M14-SC on a crate in here if (like me) you are almost out of ammo.
    Now run to the edge of the ledge, taking cover behind it. Soldiers will start 
    to fire at you from across the walkway, so you'll want to be as close to them 
    while still being protected as you can be. Line up your shots well, and 
    remember that unless you're on hardened diff. (where my teammates were 
    essentially useless), your squad can do some of the work for you.
    Once the walkway is clear, head to the back corner, opposite from where you 
    came in. Make sure you shoot the collectible across the walkway first, though! 
    It can be hard to see, but it's over there.
    There will be some more stairs up, so head there and take the ladder (basic 
    training pays off!)
    Once you get to the top, be prepared to do some quick shooting! There will be 
    a guy holding a hostage. You don't recognize either of the two men, but heck, 
    just go ahead and shoot the one holding the other one hostage. And do it QUICK!
    You'll want to be in sniper mode for ssure.
    Obective Added: Extract to the Catacombs
    With your disappointing cargo, get ready to extract. They are shelling the 
    mission(?), so you'll have to get out through the catacombs.
    Before that, you'll want to circle around behind the bell, and pick up the 
    collectible behind there. ALso note the M10 and M14 on the crates behind the 
    Head back down the ladder, and be prepared for a 3-man greeting party shooting 
    at you from across the walkway. The strategy is the same as before: find the 
    closest cover you can. I threw a grenade here and it worked great, but I sort 
    of felt like I wasted it. If you have the sniper zoom rifle from before, just 
    use that.
    Head down the stairs again, and creep cautiously into the room where the big 
    firefight happened before; there are three guards there in position and ready 
    to fire. Take them out one at a time by edging into the room.
    Running back to the level beginning, you are accosted by three mooks in an 
    indoor courtyard, but don't fear! The huge bell from earlier drops on them! 
    Also one of your teammates goes "look out!" a full second before it happened, 
    which, you know, HOW DID HE KNOW. Anyway. Run past the bell after shooting the 
    one mook it didn't take out, and stand around while you guys break into the 
    catacombs entrance.
    Leaving your squad in a high-drama situation, let's go see how Sgt. Mike is 
    [BRF]                     Mission 2- Breaking Free
    November 10, 1967
    1800 Hrs.
    "Captured by enemy forces, Sgt. Michael Shaw regains consciousness and finds 
    himself bound to a chair inside a makeshift Cuban Prison."
    We start out with a guy threatening you by saying if you don't give out 
    information, you'll have no life. I guess they'll sign you up for World of 
    Warcraft and get you real addicted.
    Objective Added: Escape your restraints
    Well anyway, when he threatens you with death by pointing a gun at you, tap 
    the action button quickly to break out and down the guy. VERY satisfying.
    Objective Added: Find info about your location
    Ok so exit your cell and the other prisoner will give you some pretty basic 
    stealth-type information "don't make a lot of noise! You know, so that the 
    guards won't shoot you!" Thanks pal.
    Anyway, get your knife out for this part. Sneak up on the guard when he turns 
    to deal with the loud prisoner, and either knife him or throw the knife. 
    That'll take care of him nice and quiet.
    Head to the end of the room, get the ammo crate, and head up the stairs.
    At the top of the stairs you'll see a guard opening the door. Run back halfway 
    down the stairs and hide in a darkened corner there until the guard passes, 
    then knife him in the back.
    For this next section, your radar will be really important. You want to run 
    behind and knife the guards in the back, and avoid being seen at all costs. 
    Being seen will draw all the guards, and they all have AK-47s. You can 
    PROBABLY take them, but it's not the point of the level.  
    Fortunately, their peripheral vision is awful. Just don't stand directly in 
    front of them and you should be ok. Make your way through the complex, waiting 
    until the guards backs are turned to knife them. Basically follow the red dots
    on your radar and you'll head in the right direction. Note that the guards are 
    pretty dumb, and won't notice the bodies of their comrades, so you don't have 
    to worry about that.
    Note the collectable in the room with the fan!
    Eventually you'll follow the golden arrow to a room with documents. Grab those 
    to get info on your location.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: contact command
    This part is basically just like the one before. There will be a golden arrow 
    that you're following, and guards who can only see directly ahead of themselves
    moving in predictable patterns. And you've got a knife. One neat trick is that 
    you can throw your knife infinite times, and remember, nobody notices if their 
    buddy screams and falls over right next to them. If you peek out around a 
    bookcase just enough to see a guard's arm, then you can throw your knife, off 
    him, and move on.
    On your way to the radio (follow the gold star), you'll find a bathroom. Check
    the shower stall (back left corner) for a collectible.
    Make your way through the compound, and you'll come to a radio and a mini-game 
    as well! It couldn't be simpler. Just twist the knobs. When the one knob is 
    correct, the bar will turn yellow. Then twist the other knob until it turns 
    You'll learn that you got to make your way through the facility and meet your 
    extraction team at the coast. AND your stealth just got wrecked, as an alarm 
    starts going off. Stink.
    Grab an AK if you haven't had one already, and deal with the incoming guards, 
    there will be two. Head up the stairs, using the railing as cover. Make sure 
    to pick up the ammo crates and any guns the guards drop for spare ammo. Take a 
    left and head through the facility, dealing with the guards that are trying to 
    get into position. Take them quickly out.
    You'll pass several reception-desk looking areas, and behind the second one
    you see there will be a collectible.
    This next section is pretty much a straight-up run and gun. There won't be 
    ambushes, and the guards will come in predictable numers (1s and 2s) as you 
    run through the linear path. Be on the lookout for cover, and look behind 
    stacks of boxes when you see one. Behind one of them there is a collectible! 
    It's right before you reach the exit.
    Once you reach the doorway, pull up on the piece of wood barring the door, and 
    you're out!
    [OTR]                     Mission 3- On the Run
    November 10, 1967
    1800 Hrs
    Due to faulty information, the extraction team was unable to locate Shaw. They 
    escape the mission and continue forward toward the rendezvous point.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Move through the catacombs
    Note the Dragunov sniper rifle right by the box, you might want to pick that up
    for some sniping.
    Go back to thinking tactically in this section. Your first challenge will be a 
    huge room which (surprise surprise) is just flooded with guards. Your team will
    provide sniping support, leaving you to try to take a forward position (behind 
    the columns slightly to the left of the entrance works really well) and fight 
    off the enemy. Give priority targeting to the guys entering from the top right
    of the arena.
    Turn and face the entrance to find the first collectible.
    Once they're gone, make your way (returning heavy fire on the swarms of mooks 
    that come after you) and mantle your first obstacle(!) to get to the other 
    side of the room. Beware the tunnels on the other side, as there are guard 
    emplacements. Take corners slowly.
    There will be a gap in a wall on the righthand side of the tunnels in here, 
    where you'll find the next collectible
    In the next big room, watch out for a guard drawing a bead on you to your left,
    then deal with the one straight in front of you. Your buddy mentions that you 
    must be getting close, which is nice to hear.
    Make sure you take out the two baddies on the upper level BEFORE you climb the 
    ladder, and do an about-face as soon as you climb so you can fight the two more
    guards that rush in. Head to there the guards came from, and you're out! Run 
    up to the ledge and slide down all awesome and cool.
    Now it's time for a mini-game!
    You're given a square, and shown blue icons, which are friends, and yellow 
    icons, which are places they can move to. You want to move them to the 
    direction that the enemy is coming from, so that they can defend themselves. 
    The enemy comes from where the red arrows are. There's probably a lot of 
    different ways to do this, but it always worked for me to just put your allies 
    on the closest dots to where the enemy is invading from.
    Then you'll move back to first person. This is pretty simple: there are enemies
    approaching, and it's your and your comrades job to mow them down. Move 
    in-between your two allies, helping whichever one seems outnumbered. You'll 
    get a checkpoint part-way through, and the pportunity to re-align your allies. 
    For this section and the next one, I had my allies cover two enemy entry 
    positions, while I covered the third. It worked pretty well, but make sure you 
    understand the "about face" command, as it'll come in handy here.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Move towards the river
    Once that fun part's over with, you'll have to cover your team as they cut the 
    barbed wire. Be ready, there'll be three or four guys that come after you. 
    Look behind some sandbags to your right to find the next collectible.
    Advance following your comrades, and you'll come into contact with groups of 
    guards hiding behind fences. They are really annoyingly hard to hit with 
    firearms, so this is a perfect time to bring out those grenades. Keep in mind 
    that past the second fence there'll be a guard on a ridge to your right trying
    to snipe you, so take him out quick.
    Past this, you'll see that the Cubans were foolish to send a helicopter after 
    you. Looks like you've got a way out!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Steal that helicopter!
    So run as fast as you can to the edge of the rim, and try and pick off one or 
    two of the soldiers below. Then run RIGHT off the edge of the cliff. This is 
    very important becaue the helicopter is gonna be launching missiles at you. 
    Once you get down here, take cover behind the rightmost barrier immediately! 
    There will be soldiers swarming from all directions (except behind you), and 
    you'll want to make sure everybody in your squad is covering some angle. Don't
    advance until the soldiers stop coming. Once they're down look behind a hill to
    the right for the last collectible in this level. 
    Once that's done, head to the Helicopter. Time to learn to fly!
    [CSR]                       Mission 4- Coastal Run
    November 10, 1967
    1900 Hrs.
    Sgt. Shaw, free from his captors, pushes towards the coast to rendezvous with 
    the extraction team.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Make it outside the complex
    Right off the bat, try to gun some people down to your right. You are on a 
    ledge, you'll have to look down to get them. Then run forward and down the 
    stairs. Look behind the stairs you just ran down for the first collectible.
    There'll be a firefight in this room, then head to your right and 
    out the gate. This next section is a run-and-gun. Try to find good cover near 
    the entrance in any rooms you're in, and don't move, as the enemies will come 
    to you. This continues for a few rooms.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Mantle over the ledge
    Before you do this, run to your left and look in the field behind the wire for
    a collectible.
    Then uh... just go ahead and do that. You'll see a helicopter fly overhead. But
    is it friend or foe?!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Find a way out
    This part is another stealth part (or at least it should be). You won't want 
    to approach the guards directly, but chucking knives at them is a great way to
    kill them without making a scene from a distance. If you hug the left side of 
    the gorge, you can approach the guards without attracting too much suspicion 
    (for some reason, they always noticed me when I approached from the right 
    Watch the bridges you pass under, as cars will drive up and soldiers will get 
    out. If you get into position before they leave the car, you can knife the one 
    who is facing you, and take out the one facing away from you at your leisure. 
    Don't worry about the helicopters, they don't bother you.
    You'll reach a grating eventually. You're supposed to turn right here, but 
    grab the collectible in the grating first.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Create a diversion
    OK we need something to catch their attention. Move towards the gold star, and 
    you'll see a fuel tank. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you are thinking
    "plant an explosives all up in there", then yes, you are thinking EXACTLY what 
    I'm thinking. Head on up to it and press the action button.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Retreat to a safe distance
    This one should be pretty obvious. Just back away, dude. The blast will alert 
    all the guards who will come runnin' to check it out.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Stow away on a leaving truck
    Take advantage of the confusion. Turn around from the explosion, and head up 
    the embankment, and go near the truck with an open bed in the back. You may 
    need to throw a knife at one of the guards to take care of his prying eyes. 
    Once you get in, a cutscene starts. I guess there were more explosions that 
    happened later?
    OBECTIVE ADDED: Make it to the coast
    OK so we got away from the compound. Now it's time to make it to the coast. 
    You will probably notice that the area is swarming with guards, including two 
    who stop to talk to each other right in front of you. The guard AI is pretty 
    crappy, so you can actually just throw a knife and take them both out while 
    they're facing each other, but I like to wait until one of them turns away, 
    just for realism. Anyway, take out both of them and hop down. Look behind some
    barrels to your left for the collectible.
    Head to your right, and try to get in a good knife throwing position to take
    out the two remaining guards- I frequently got them to fire into the truck, 
    missing me, while I was able to hit them with the knife.
    You'll want to switch to a gun for this next part, as the two guards out past 
    the truck are already in position. Take out the far one first, then the one to 
    your right as he runs past you. The far guard might throw a grenade, so this 
    is a good time to get in the habit of picking them up and throwing them BACK.
    Take a right and head down the path, watching out for a soldier who will 
    approach you from the boulders and fire down onto you.
    This next section is essentially a long run and gun. You will encounter 
    soldiers in groups of one or two, but there is ample cover. Take it slowly, 
    picking off the soldier who runs closest to your first then moving into a 
    position to take out his friend. Eventually you will come to a beach.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Take the beach
    Ok brace yourself because this part is tough. There will be a chump firing 
    rockets at you from a rocket LAUNCHER, and you'll want to run up and shoot his
    liver out, but DON'T. 
    You need to snipe this guy from a distance, and then get into some kind of 
    defensible position, preferably near to your side of the becah. Soldiers are 
    going to be swarming in in 2s 3s and 4s from basically every direction except 
    the one you came from (and from the ocean). You'll get the crap flanked out of 
    you if you just charge in, so find a good rock, get your sniping fingers ready,
    and remember to throw back grenades. The checkpoint will be reached before all 
    the enemies are dead (??) but it's cool.
    [TTR]                       Mission 5- To the Rescue
    November 10, 1967
    1900 Hrs
    The extraction team has commandeered an enemy Mi-4 Helicopter to the rendezvous 
    location and made their escape.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Blow the crap out of stuff with your helicopter
    Ok so to control your helicopter, you'll use the control pad to move and the 
    ABXY buttons to aim, and the L and R buttons to fire junk.
    Basically, this section can be described using a simple logical flowchart
                                 Are there buildings in view?
                          ________|                     |_________
                         |                                        |
                        \/                                        \/
                        Yes                                       No
                         |                                        |
                        \/                                        \/
               SHOOT EVERYTHING  AT THEM!                    Enjoy the view!
             This shold blow up everything nearby.
                Aim for red barrels especially
    That should get you as far as the beach. Don't worry if you crash a few times; 
    it can be tough to learn the new controls!
    You should recognize that particular beach, it's the one where you just shot 
    up a bunch of suckers. And now you're pinned down! You've got to help... you!
    Objective Added: Destroy hostiles
    Shouldn't be too hard. You'll be circling around the beach. You can tell where 
    your guy is by the big green plume of smoke, so maybe don't fire missiles right
    AT him. Instead, fire missiles and machine guns AWAY from him, but still on 
    the beach. You'll take out most of the guys pretty quickly, and the only 
    challenge will be the enemy helicopter that flies in and tries to strafe your 
    guy on the beach. Concentrate fire on it, and it'll go down before long.
    Hooraaaaaay! You made it out of Cuuuuuuba!
    [WTJ]                     Mission 6- Welcome to the Jungle
    March 14, 1968
    1900 Hrs
    After action mission debrief- Sgt. Michael Shaw
    So apparently somewhere in that whole mess you met a Russian (was that the guy 
    in the tower?) who told you about a new Russian weapon. You headed "in 
    country", which means to Vietnam, to check it out.
    "A Russian defector is helping us track down this new Russian Weapon. Intel has
    Ivan and Charlie teaming up to test it in the jungle villages."
    Ok so basically some guy named "Ivan" and "Charlie" (yes I know they mean 
    Russia and Vietnam, but for the rest of this walkthrough, we'll be assuming 
    that there are two supervillains names Ivan and Charlie intent on destroying 
    the world) are planning to test some new weapon in Vietnam. We got to get in 
    there and find out what it is!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Locate the village test site
    This is pretty much a straightforward run and gun sequence.  You'll have a good 
    gun, the support of your two squad members, and the enemy comes on level 
    ground in groups of two or three. Shouldn't be much trouble.
    Do you see the pit trap coming up ahead? With the leaves covering the ground? 
    Well your character sure doesn't.
    Right before you walk on it and fall down, though, turn around and hug the
    right side of the wall. Round the corner, heading back to the start, and 
    look up. The collectible will be up there
    Then: fall in that pit!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Locate the village test site
    For some unfathomable reason, they didn't line this pit with spikes, but 
    instead made it connect to their underground tunnel transport system. After 
    some more "subtle" hints that you'll be using your knife for this section, 
    you're sent onward.
    Now, you might be thinking that this is a stealth section! Not so! You just 
    can't use your gun or the tunnel will collapse. The peasants will come running 
    at you with THEIR knives drawn, and you've got to time your swings so you take 
    them out right as soon as they get into knife range. There are only a few, and 
    there's only one tunnel to take, so soon enough you'll be out into daylight 
    Make sure you take a right when you hit a fork in that first tunnel, so you can
    get the collectible.
    Also, right before you enter the second tunnel, look behind a fern to your left
    Then you're given a gun, and told to take point in the next tunnel, which, for 
    some reason, is gunfire-proof. Well I guess it IS reinforced. You'll blast 
    through here, backed by your invincible squad, until you come to the village.
    Well, crap...
    Make a right here and look up the cliff face before proceeding into the 
    [HOD]                     Mission 7- Hung Out to Dry
    November 21, 1963
    1000 hrs
    Yuri tells the tale of how he joined up with the Americans.
    "Several years ago we found ourselves in the foothills of Afganistan. It was 
    supposed to be  a time of peace. The target was dealing with both sides and 
    this was not to be tolerated.  We were sent in to deliver a message. The plan 
    was to get in and out without being seen  ... but there are plans, and then 
    there are plans."
    So flash back to a hotel room. Yuri and his two Soviet friends are hanging out,
    and they give him a fairly creepy speech about how he's going to be a lesson 
    about disloyalty. Sounds good!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Eliminate the official
    Ok head over to the window once you get a chance. They mention how you only get
    one shot. Before anything else, get the collectible on top of the telephone
    Two trucks will pull up, and two people will get out. Let them walk around for 
    awhile. The one you want is the guy who ends up on the left. He stands still 
    for long periods of time, so just line up the shot and take it. You get a 
    grenade thrown through your window RIGHT afterward, so retreat quickly.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Escape to the river
    Head into the hallway, and take position. You've still got your Dragunov, so 
    maybe have one of your allies handle the two guys that come into the hallway. 
    Grab their automatic, and get ready because once you're down the stairs there 
    are entrenched guys there ready to fire. Make sure the room is clear before 
    attemping to mantle the barrier (right side), because as soon as you start, 
    more guards will pour into the room.
    Once they're gone,your buddy will open the door. Run out, take a left, and 
    mantle over the barricade.
    Quick! Get behind the stacked crates to the right! A patrol will pass by in a 
    few minutes. Then move to the left and mantle over the remaining crates.  
    Right after the part where you mantle the obstacle and take cover, run
    to the end of the alley, and turn around facing the obstacle you just 
    climbed. Look on top of the largest stack of crates for the next collectible.
    After that, take a right and enter into a warehouse, where there'll be another 
    firefight. They will probably throw grenades, so be ready to throw some back. 
    An AK-47 is a fine choice for this part of the stage.
    Run between buildings and take out the few guards in the next room. The REAL 
    show comes outside this building. There are just TONS of guards, entering from 
    the right, left, and on the rooftops. Keep moving, get in sniper mode a lot, 
    and take them down as soon as you can. Keep an eye on the door you entered the 
    room from, sometimes guys enter the room from there. Eventually you'll be 
    knocked off your feet by an explosion.
    When you come to, your men are having trouble getting up from the blast. Click 
    the action button rapidly to clear the debris from him. Move out into the back 
    alley and take a right and down the stairs. You'll get the drop on these first 
    two guys, so take them out quick and switch guns if you need to. Now circle 
    back behind the stairs for a collectible.
    This next section is just a straight run-and-gun. Take a left and head up the 
    stairs, and be prepared for enemies in groups of two or three. Watch out for 
    one section where you will be greeted by a sniper on the rooftop; there are 
    entrenched enemies here, and more will come pouring in. 
    You'll eventually leave a building and take a right to continue. At this point,
    you'll see a spare tire against a building and a crate, and to the left of 
    those, a telephone pole. Look on the board nailed to the telephone pole partway
    up, one one of the transformers for the last collectible of this level.
    After that section, move into the building, and around the wrought-iron 
    gratings, and you'll have made it to the river!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Get in the boat
    Take out the guards to your right, mantle over the obstacle, take a left over 
    the bridge, and you're there! Now just get on the boat...
    Dang it. Betrayed! Oh, betrayed by mother Russia! It's vengeance time for SURE.
    You get a stupid speech about how your sacrifice will "strengthen mother 
    Russia" or whatever. Like that matters. VENGEANCE!
    [BEL]                Mission 8- Behind Enemy Lines
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Escape to the foothills
    OK so we got to find our OWN way out of here, you know?
    Head on up to the gate in front of you, and throwing knife the guard there to 
    death. You should find an RPG on the ground right in front of you (wooo!), and 
    see that this fort is crawling with guards. With patience you can take out
    most of the guards here without being seen. As for those that remain... that's 
    what the RPG is for! Notice the collectible on the telephone pole towards the
    Once you take out the guards, get an automatic and the RPG. The guard in the 
    tunnel at the back of the fortress will have an RPG, but if you run to one 
    side as he's aiming, he'll hit the cave wall and kill himself. Run forward,
    grab it, and start using your automatic to clear out the tunnels.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Fight through the tunnels
    This part is a particuarly tricky run-and-gun phase. Enemies know you're 
    coming, so knife throwing doesn't work, and they are already entrenched, so it 
    can be somewhat slow going. Good advice in this section is to take corners 
    slowly, as there are frequently guys behind them with guns at the ready.
    You'll come across a helicopter landing and guys getting out of it; either run 
    up quickly and take them out before they can get into position or slowly take 
    out one then hide in the caves until they stop firing before taking out the 
    next person.
    Any time you have multiple levels of guys to climb, where you have to mantle 
    over the first step, make sure the coast is clear before trying to climb it. 
    You'll be gunned down in a hurry otherwise.
    After the first multi-level, look for a collectible in the river to the right,
    and in the second multi-level, once you get to the top follow the cliff edge
    to the right to find the next collectible.
    Otherwise, this is a linear, run-and-gun style section. Eventually, you'll hear
    the sounds of battle, and approach a small village.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Defend this location
    There will be a big massive firefight in this village. Use the fact that your 
    have allies (to your right) to maximum advantage. Take out the missile shooter 
    on top of the building in front of you first, then try to pick off the people 
    guarding the building to the right of the village. After that, there will be 
    guards streaming into the center of the village. 
    Make sure to grab the last collectible that's by the right front truck tire.
    Persist, and they will all eventually fall.
    You'll get a clip of the American deciding your fate, and cooler heads prevail
    (instead of just blowing you away where you stand, which would be sort of a 
    lame end to the level PLUS a temporal paradox).
    [NEA]                    Mission 9- New Alliance
    So now you're best buds with the Americans, and have to make it out of dodge.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Defend your vehicle
    A car will drive past you, and it's gonna pull around, so get that gun facing 
    towards the back of the vehicle. Fire on the other car as it approaches, and 
    take out the three guys in it. Your truck will pull off the road. Next comes a 
    truck full of RPGs. The frontmost guy in that truck will have an automatic 
    weapon, and continuously deal damage, so try to take him out. The RPGs usually 
    miss, so you'll have more of an opportunity to take them out. Don't bother 
    firing if the truck is too far behind you.
    After that, aim your gun directly sideways out and take out the two 
    machine-gunners who approach quickly from the left. You'll next pass by a 
    village with armed guys shooting at you, so point your gun forward and try to 
    catch them before you reach them. After the village, another truck with two 
    guys on it will approach, so take them out quickly.
    You'll then enter a long tunnel, and be prompted to pick up an RPG. Do so, and 
    when you exit the tunnel you'll be set upon by a helicopter. When taking it on 
    with the RPG, remember that the rockets are relatively slow-moving, which seems
    ironic, so you'll have to lead the helicopter a lot with your shots. You won't
    be taking it down, just chasing it off.
    Press the action button if you run out of rounds, and press it again after the 
    heli is chased off to pick the machine gun back up. There will immediately be 
    a truck with four AK-47 guys in it, so get firing! After this you'll come 
    across another town with townspeople firing at you, then another four person 
    truck. Finally get out the RPG one more time, and this time you get to down 
    the heli.
    Mr. Antagonistic, the guy who wanted to shoot you, allows as you aren't 
    half-bad for a slimy communist, which is fine praise indeed!
    [LIU]                     Mission 10- Light it up!
    February 6, 1968
    1200 Hrs
    American air units continue ground support operations over Vietnam while the 
    ground team moves forward with Raslov.
    OK it is time for another helicopter section!
    OBECTIVE ADDED: Destroy the weapons cache
    This first section is just flying through a winding gulch. Not a whole lot 
    going on in it, besides some guys with machine guns and rocket launchers. All 
    in all you can probably just not do anything and survive, but since you've got 
    machine gun and rocket ammo to burn, why not just target them. You'll 
    eventually run into a river, and then do a 180 to attack a convy.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Destroy the fleeing convoy
    You aren't aiming for the boats, it's the trucks on the road past the boats. 
    Try to take the lead one out with a missile. You can take out the bridge too, 
    to make it easier.
    Heading down the river, I blew up all the boats, for no real reason except that
    I am a hateful person, and I don't like other people to be in intact buildings 
    or vehicles when I have a rocket launcher. Before long at all, you'll encounter
    a peaceful village, which naturally you think must be a "forward base". 
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Destroy the village
    The machine gun is great and all, but for this you'll want to really rely on 
    your rockets. Just go left to right, aiming at each house in turn. Use the 
    machine gun to take down any guys firing at you, fortunately they're usually 
    between buildings. Watch out especially for the two guard towers at the end of 
    the village, and also the boats coming under the bridge will be firing missiles
    at you. Remember to move back and forth to avoid the rockets.
    As you fly down the river, watch out for the righthand embankment right by the 
    next turn, as there are missile launchers there. Return fire and blow them up. 
    You'll then cross the jungle and arrive at the village.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Destroy the forward base
    This... uh... this looks a lot like a village. Well, anyway. Press that action 
    button. Drop that napalm. Go you.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Find the ground team
    The next section is just a brief fly-and-gun. You'll notice towards the end 
    there is another convoy, with some bridges, and a ship sailing underneath. Feel
    free to missile them all.
    [RIR]                    Mission 11- River Raiders
    February 6, 1968
    The ground team heads up river to scout out another suspected enemy weapon 
    testing location.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Reach the landing point
    You get some completely sweet guns for this mission! To start you'll see some 
    missiles flying overhead. You'll also see a bridge coming up with some trucks 
    on it. Blow up that bridge.
    Next threat is a boat coming up behind you to your right. Turn and open fire 
    before it gets alongside you. There should be three gunners at different 
    points in the boat.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Assist shore team
    Sounds like some of your guys on the shore are taking a beating. You'll drive 
    by them, with the VC on the right, and your boys on the left. Pelt them with 
    fire, and objective complete!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Reach landing point
    A boat will be rounding the corner ahead of you, so get ready to fire on it. 
    It'll turn around and come up on your left, and then another boat will come up 
    on your right. Try to have your guns in position by the time it starts 
    approaching, so you can shoot the VC before they have a chance to fire on you.
    Look to your right for an impressive sight of a village getting napalmed. But 
    don't look too long, because boats come up on either side of you! The one on 
    the left gets closer, so I'd take it out first, then turn to your right for the
    next one. Now face straight, and aim at the three trucks on the bridge. I just 
    go left -> right and it works for me.
    There will be two more boats, one coming on the left (first), then to the 
    right. Soon a boat will pass right in front of you, heading right to left. 
    Keep firing on it, and it'll catch on fire, and ram into a village which 
    EXPLODES! That must have been SOME boat!
    You'll see another village explode in front of you, and a boat takes off from
    left to right. Kill the gunners in it. You'll ram the boat then continue on.
    Heeeey you made it!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Reach the supply village
    After a nice rest, it's time to move out. Watch out for the VC running into 
    view right away. In fact it's a whole patrol of them. You're supposed to 
    secure the area. But wait, isn't... isn't this the American base? How did they 
    GET here? Oh well, they'll be coming from straight ahead when you look out the 
    door. Wipe them out, then turn around and get a collectible from the dock.
    A little ways up the path, take a right and look in a cave for the next
    Follow the path up and take a right. There is a tough firefight here which is 
    made a lot easier if you can take out two or three of the VC before they get 
    into position here. There will be an additional guard coming up from the right 
    hand side on the bridge, so get ready to snipe him as he's in great position to
    take you out.
    Advancing, take out the VC by the downed helicopter across the river before 
    turning right to deal with the ones behind the sandbags. Look behind the heli
    for a collectible.
    Move up and prepare for more entrenched VC. Use the crates as a hiding place 
    if possible.
    Guards will be streaming from the path ahead, but none of them are in position
    and they are all vulnerable. Advance slowly, being ready to pick off anybody 
    new as they come into view.
    You'll see the village head shortly. It's full of guards, so don't run into 
    the middle! Take out the ones you can see, and be prepared to take out the 
    ones in houses quickly. Grenades work great for the ones in houses.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Regroup with the team
    This one completes as soon as you step foot in the village center
    That period on the end of survive seems kind of ominous! Backup is on the way, 
    but you'll have to hold the village for awhile.
    It's time for another POSITION YOUR ALLIES MINI-GAME WOO!
    Just like before, look where the red arrows are coming from, and make sure 
    some of your allies are facing that direction. Keep your ammo up (there are 
    plenty of ammo crates in the village), and run back and forth between allies 
    filling in any holes and helping them.
    In these section, they tend to come out from the same doorways, so just make 
    sure you cover those, and you're ok. Also, at some point look in a hut to the
    right for the last collectible on this level.
    Eventually, they'll all fall.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Reach the chopper
    GET TO THE CHOPPA! (Sorry, had to). Um, it comes right to get you. Just stay 
    where you are.
    [LHO]                    Mission 12- Last Heli Out
    February 23, 1968
    1500 Hrs.
    The ground team, having spent weeks in the jungle, have come up empty. The 
    team must now get to the extraction point or be left behind.
    You know, I thought part of the perks of being a secret black ops super-soldier
    was they would hold the helicopter for you. I guess NOT.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Use the emplacement
    Ok so right off the bat, take out the VC running towards you, then DASH towards
    the emplacement. There will be some more VC who come from behind it on the 
    right and then the left, so be ready to gun them down. Head up the ramp on the 
    left side of the emplacement, and use the action button to mount the emplaced 
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Aid your allies
    Predictably, the Viet Cong will come swarming out of the jungle as soon as you 
    mount the emplacement. You get all the ammo you can choke on, so just keep the 
    bullets flying and the turret moving. Eventually, all hell breaks loose, and 
    you're struck by a huge explosion.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Reach the overlook point
    First turn around and look in a tree for the collectible.
    This is a run-and-gun style section. You won't be facing emplaced enemies, so 
    as long as you're moving quickly and willing to shoot from the hip you should 
    get them before they have a chance to get into position. When you have a 
    choice of paths, take the lower, lefthand one. It will let you get a better 
    drop on enemies. At one point, you'll be running up a log, Look for the place 
    to drop down to on the right for an ammo pickup.
    Once you get the pickup, turn around and walk forward, dropping down some, 
    then take a right. Other than that, this section is fairly linear. If you just
    follow your squad, you'll get through it easily.
    In the swampy part, move past the road out at the end, and take a right.
    The collectible will be under some roots back here
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Use binoculars
    First look to your left for a collectible, then...
    Press ye the actione buttone!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Call in the airstrike
    This part is pretty simple. Aim your cursor over the flashing building, and 
    when it turns green hit fire. You get a cutscene of a plane blowing up some 
    poor chump's hut. I hope ou're satisfied. I'm not going to lie. I have no idea
    why you just did that, but BOY you sure did.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Reach the landing point
    Ok it's time to get out of this armpit.
    Keep in mind that this section is timed! You'll want to be moving. I always 
    had plenty of time left at the end, but it's just a friendly warning.
    This next section is another run-and-gun. Nobody will really be in position, 
    so move quickly and gun quicker. They will be hard to see through the tall 
    grass and water, so if you are using button controls, make use of the auto-aim.
    Beware of a part where you are facing into a village with high water, three 
    guys will come out of the leftmost hut all at once, so be sure and aim towards 
    it. Assuming you made it in time, you get to the chopper.
    Before you enter, take a left and look behind some crates for the last
    One of your guys said he hoped something can come from the data you gathered. 
    What DATA. 
    I don't get this section at ALL, story-wise.
    [STW]                     Mission 13- Stolen Wings
    March 14, 1968
    2000 Hrs.
    After action mission debrief- Sgt. Michael Shaw
    Mike complains that all there was there were destroyed villages and flaming 
    corpses, but I'm pretty sure that's all HIS fault. Man who IS this angry
    military guy? Why's he gotta be so ANGRY all the time? Well, he settles in for
    "The Russians are working on a stealth aircraft. We believe that they will use 
    this craft as one of the weapon delivery systems. Your mission is to infiltrate
    this airbase and commandeer this aircraft. You will fly west and meet up with 
    Allied forces... provided of course the reds don't blow you out of the sky 
    Well, simple!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Secure the jet
    I uh.. guess we skipped the part about infiltration? You start out in a jet, 
    with the reds already mad at you. Well, time to give them what for! It's the 
    same controls as the heli, with missiles and rocket launcher.
    One wrinkle this time is when you hear a tone, press where the sniper mode 
    ribbon usually is to "evade", and escape their missiles. Whenever you're given 
    the chance, riddle the other jets with machine gun and missile launcher fire.
    Missiles blew up most of the enemy jets for me.
    Other than that, this section is mostly a "mash the button when you hear the 
    tone" game. It'll end before too long!
    [TTM]                      Mission 14- To the Motherland
    February 25, 1968
    1600 Hrs.
    Sgt. Shaw, continuing on information from the Russian defector Yuri, heads 
    into Russia in search of the bio-chemical plant.
    Russia is a pretty big place! I hope he knows where he's going!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Make it to the office building
    Follow your comrade there into the courtyard, but don't rush right in. I 
    started sniping suckers right away, and didn't even wait for the...
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Wait for his call and shoot
    Yeah snipe the three guns on the right of the courtyard, and two more in the 
    middle. Run into the middle and one will appear on the fire escape to your 
    right. Aim up and get him. Head down the street, taking out anybody who pokes 
    their head out. You'll want to handle the longer-distance kills any the snipers
    (your guys are pretty good about yelling sniper when there is one, so look up 
    when you hear that).
    There are several fire-escape stairs leading up to second-story platforms
    in the area with the first major gun battle. The collectible is behind the
    door on the one of those furthest back from your starting position.
    Run into the office building, and watch out for the three Russians that come 
    running out when you're almost to the star. When you're to the elevator, turn
    around and look to the right behind the caution strips for a collectible.
    Use the action button on the elevator button, and press 2 for second floor. 
    This is an incredibly crappy office building.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Locate the documents
    What DOCUMENTS. I thought we were looking for a bio-chemical plant? Bah. 
    The strategy for this part is generally to let your allies go ahead, and handle
    the close- range fighting, while you hang back and snipe to your little black 
    heart's content. The room with tons of cushion chairs in it will prove to be a 
    tough fight, so get ready. There will be Russians coming from both levels, 
    from the left bottom and from the top originally, then through the elevators 
    on the far side of the room, and more from the top.
    In this room, look in the second elevator that opens for a collectible.
    After the big hall brawl, head to the back and take a right. When you see many 
    windows in a curve, prepare for three guys to break through them and start 
    firing, and more to come around the corner from the left. Outside of the window
    that they crash through, near the top on the left part, there will be a 
    The straight hallway and long distances in the next hallway should give your 
    sniper rifle the distinct advantage. Mow down the guys here, and advance.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Plant a breaching charge
    Have your gun ready. Take a left and circle around. Press the action button to 
    plant the charge. You'll autmoatically get out of the way, and when the door
    blows, open fire immediately. Once you and your buddies take down the guards 
    in here, you'll get the documents you came for.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Recover the documents
    They're on a desk in the back. Press the action button to get them.
    After that I guess you skip right to the part where you're at the facility.
    [TPB]                   Mission 15- The Payback
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Breach the interior
    To start out with here head up the road, and then take a left when there is an 
    island in the middle. 
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Let the patrol pass
    Even though you routinely kill more people than this, they have decided that 
    this is simply too many for you to handle at once. And if they notice you, 
    they'll kill you instantly, too so don't go for it. Once they're past, continue
    running on the path.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Breach the interior
    Just keep walkin'. You'll see a guard up ahead.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Silently kill guard
    You can melee if you want to, but the safest way to pull this off is through a 
    throwing knife. Head forward, and you'll see the facility for the first time.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Provide sniper support
    You'll take the leftmost path up to an elevated position. Your guys will run 
    into the facility, and it's your job to snipe everybody you can. Especially 
    look on the ledges, as many guards will come from there and take up positions 
    where they can't be easily shot. Eventually, you'll clear them all out.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Breach the interior
    Once that's over with, head back down to where your allies are. They want you
    to take point on the catwalk for some bizarre reason (you're the sniper, 
    right?). But do so anyway. Look under the lefthand catwalk for the collectible.
    Get out your pistol or a machine gun. This next bit is a run and gun, but the 
    enemies are mostly entrenched, so sort of take it slow and set up shots. After
    you leave the narrow alley, turn around and look up on the lefthand building
    roof for the next collectible.
    Watch out, because these guys LOVE to throw grenades. This continues to be 
    linear.  Watch out for sharp corners, sometimes they have a three-person 
    welcoming party set up.
    Run ahead, and your guys start poking buttons on a console. Which makes poison 
    gas spread into the room. Do I detect GLaDOS? While he tries to fix it, you 
    pass out like a wuss.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Locate research area
    Well, anyway, now you're awake. Head through the open door, disposing of the 
    chumps that run out after you.
    In the first big room, there will be a HUGE firefight. Find good cover, keep 
    moving, and use your squad t max advantage. You'll get grenades thrown at you, 
    so make sure you throw back, and have a good automatic for this.
    When your squad yells about watching the catwalks, it's time to move forward 
    and mount those walks.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Push forward
    Push to the front of the room, if you aren't there already, and climb the 
    ladder. Easy.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Locate research area
    Just move forward through the tunnels here, it's dead ahead. When you find the 
    room, shoot the few guards that are in it, staying on the catwalk.
    Just head to the back of the room where your squad is chillin'
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Defend beacon
    Man, it sure does take him a long time to plant that dang 'ol beacon. The whole
    time he's getting it going, soldiers are going to be pouring in from every 
    direction. Keep a special eye on the catwalk right behind the beacon and the 
    ramp leading from the ground floor to the catwalk- these places get clogged and
    you want to eliminate soldiers there before they have a change to move into 
    better position.
    Once you get it set, the airstrike's a'comin!
    See what I don't get is, they knew the coordinate of the lab, but they needed 
    the bomb to be just EXTREMELY specifically over the research lab? Couldn't 
    they have just blown the whole place to smithereens?
    Anyway, you got to go now.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Evacuate!
    You'll want to be moving post HASTE for this part. Run, with your automatic 
    drawn. Shoot people as you run until the very last part, where you can see the 
    outside. There duck behind the wall and take out most of the guards, then run 
    while shooting out. You only have a very short time for this, so make the 
    seconds count! Shoot the collectible at the end of the field before running 
    out. You'll get a nice cinematic to end things!
    [COF]                       Mission 16- Cold Feet
    "Intel from the Russian mission points to a secret base in the Arctic. A mining
    company is the cover for one of their experimental sub bases. An increase in 
    naval activity in the area reinforces the intel. This base looks to be the 
    testing area for the sea-based portion  of the weapon delivery system. Due to 
    the nature of the operation, and the weather in the region, we can't send in a 
    full team to handle. You are to parachute in, destroy the sub, and then make
    your way to the surface for skyhook extraction."
    Sounds easy enough. Ok, last mission. One more slow dance with death, cats and
    Let's DO this.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Contact command
    If you're feeling like a cowboy, you can start blowing away suckers with your 
    handgun as you're parachuting in, otherwise they won't notice you until you 
    land and start hucking throwing knives or silenced bullets through the cracks
    in the crates. Take out the guards in the beginning area and move on.
    Follow the mini-map to the star to find a radio. Remember this lil' mini game? 
    Twist the dials again for further orders. Which are... just your same orders 
    from earlier.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Find the sub pen entrance
    There IS a new guard out in the main area so be ready. Enter the caves at the 
    back of the complex. This next part is the 'ol familiar run-n-gun. In the area
    with water and a path of snow through it, watch out for the sheet metal at the 
    end, before you take a left turn, as it opens, as some guards come out. They 
    can flank you if you aren't careful. Also be careful on the part with two 
    walkways seperated by a huge gap, as soldiers just love to appear on the other 
    side and take potshots at you. Reach the elevator and use the action button to 
    move the level down. Whatever that says.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Locate the Soviet submarine
    There's gonna be a ton of guards in this hallway, but they don't come in huge 
    groups and they aren't in position, so if you move quickly and shoot them down 
    in a hurry it shouldn't be an issue at all. This will continue for awhile until
    you see a glowing grate on the left of the hallway. Enter the grate on the
    opposite side first to get a collectible, then enter the glowing grate, then 
    use the action button to open the grate on the other end.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Extend the walkway
    Guards will naturally enough start pouring into the room, but you'll have to 
    take them out. Head to the walkway on the opposite side of the room from where 
    you entered, and use the action button to extend the bridge. Before you walk 
    over, enter the door right by the control panel and look at the inside top
    frame for a collectible.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Plant explosives
    There isn't any resistance, so just march across that bridge to the glowing 
    points on the sub (also highlighted by the stars on your radar), and use the 
    action button to plant the bombs. A TIMER starts, so that should put some pep 
    in your step!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Escape the sub pen
    OK we got to get out of here before everything just blows sky high. Head back 
    the way you came, but instead of going back up the stairs, go around them on 
    the lower level. Don't worry about shooting ALL the guards! Just take out the 
    ones directly in your way. The final run is pretty harrowing, as you are 
    running out of time, with guards swarming from everywhere! Run and shoot from 
    the hip a lot, hide only if you HAVE to, don't worry about ALL the guards, and 
    remember to get the collectible behind the red blast doors on the left
    side right before you make it out!
    Use your skyhook, and you're OUT. That is one nice looking asplosion.
    So that's that! "Enjoy" the "worthwhile" ending, and your new title! You can
    now play any level on quick play.
    [EPL]                  Epilogue/ Plot Summary
    Alright, so the plot in brief. I'm not going to lie, it is sort of tough to
    put together, and a little convoluted. BASICALLY!
    This Russian guy get betrayed by his friends and defects to the US. He tells
    them of some Russian secret weapon being tested in Vietnam. So they go to
    Vietnam, and despite finding only towns that were pre-burnt, or towns that
    they themselves burnt, got some "data" that showed that the Russians were in
    on it. 
    Whatever it was.
    So then they go to Russia to the office building which how did they know where
    it was, but anyway they found out where a bio-chemical weapons factory was
    located. I guess that was what they were testing in Vietnam. The bio-chem
    weapon has an airborne and sea-based delivery system. You stole their airborne
    delivery system (the fancy jet), and I guess... they can't make another one.
    Then you blow up their bio-chem factory, and finally you take out their 
    fanciest sub. Again, I guess they can't build another one.
    All that being done, though, the MAD GENIUS IS STILL OUT THERE! Tune in next
    [QPL]                         Quick Play
    This mode lets you replay single levels that you have already beaten in 
    campaign. This is great for getting achievements and finding collectibles. 
    It's basically a "replay single level" mode. Otherwise, it's identical to the
    main campaign, so for more info on the individuals see that section.
    [TRN]                        Training
    Ok! So It's training day, a welcome refresher to you before you head out into
    battle, and it's up to you to convince your superior officers that you are
    capable of operating quickly and efficiently. Well, to be honest, you'll
    probably spend some time flailing around like a moron, but that's neither
    here nor there. By virtue of the suicidal missions they send you on, it's
    a good bet that you'll be accepted no matter how badly you perform. Let's go!
    You start out getting a quick briefing by Sgt. Taylor, the chump in charge of
    training you (and your sorry hide). He briefly explains the nature of the
    training exercise, i.e. that it is in fact TRAINING, and then proceeds to tell
    you to walk. We're really starting out slow.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Follow the Drill Indstructor
    Yeah just... just follow him through the door there.
    Alright, now we're to the top of the course. He's going to tell you to get
    cracking, then turn around and enter into his office. You'll turn left and
    run down the hill, to the first of many challenges!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Mantle over the sandbags
    This will be your first time using the action button. It'll flash at the bottom
    of your screen when you get right next to the sandbags. Click it and you'll
    automatically leap over them! Run up to the logs
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Crouch under the logs
    Changing stance can actually be somewhat tricky, so don't get cocky after that
    last mantle. You'll need to tap down twice, and VERY quickly. If you do that,
    you should see your POV shift, and you can crawl under the logs.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Climb up the ladder
    This is just two action button sequences. Approach the boxes to mantle them,
    and then move right next to the ladder. Press the action button again, and 
    then press up on the D-pad to climb the ladder. Huraaaay! You made it past the
    obstacle part of the course. 
    Some military chumps are going to pass by, but you should only care about
    approaching Sgt. Taylor again, who says it's time for the firearms part of
    training. Whoo!
    Note the collectible on top of the boxes behind him, and head down into the
    gun training area.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Follow the Drill instructor
    Go ahead and do that.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Pick up the M16A1 from the table
    NOW we're talking! Move next to the M161A and press the action button to get
    that weapon, as the helicopter flies overhead!
    As soon as you've got this guy, feel free to head back and get the collectible
    from earlier, then return to the range. Remember, it's R to shoot!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Shoot the targets
    You'll be shooting from the hip to accompish this task, so simply turn and
    face the firing range, and squeeze out a couple shots. You can take your time
    and aim, or practice the quick shooting you'll need later.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Shoot the targets
    Now the game wants you to do this in ADS mode, though it doesn't force you to.
    Click the ADS button to enter ADS mode, and hit the three targets again.
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Pick the the grenades
    Oh GOODNESS yes. As if an M161A wasn't cool enough. Head back over to the
    table and grab the pineapples by moving close to them. 
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Throw a grenade at the target
    You'll see a yellow glow around a window to the very right of the firing
    range, and another one on a window to the left. Select grenades by clicking
    on them on your HUD, and throw them through either window. There are more on
    the table if you need the practice. Remember you can "cook" them by holding
    the fire button, but don't hold it for too long!
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Shoot the target
    Now a target shows up, protected by the plywood barrier on the right-hand side
    of the course. They want you to hit it with a grenade, and it's actually kind
    of tough. I've found what works great is hucking one at the target that you can
    see, about at head level. That should cause the grenade to land close enough to
    hit the target with splash damage. 
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Knife the Straw Man
    In case you ever end up in Oz, you'll know how to take out anybody without a
    brain. Head over to the straw man, touch the knife icon on your HUD to draw it
    and look like you are ready for some serious monkey kung-fu. Mosey on over to
    the incredibly disturbing looking straw man and whap him one in the head. 
    OBJECTIVE ADDED: Exit the training area
    I know it seems like a shame, like you JUST got here, but it's already time to
    bit a fond farewell to the training area. A door opens to your right, past the
    gun table. Take it out, and good luck, soldier!
    [CHL]                         Challenge Mode
    This mode is pretty fantic! In it, you'll be placed in the regular levels, with
    a very limited (2:00) timer. During that time, you'll have to complete the 
    challenges issued at the beginning of the mode. Keep in mind that kills made
    by your squad DO NOT COUNT towards your total, so if you've got squad members,
    you'll want to rush ahead of them more or less continuously. You start with
    most of the guns that you'll need to complete the challenges, but what guns
    you don't start out with can be quickly taken off the bodies of dead soldiers
    or found.
    Generally, if you are just going for large numbers of kills, try to shoot from
    the hip. You'll take out soldiers much more quickly than taking time to place
    shots, and you don't need to worry about ammo conservation, so just blast away.
    It's only when you have accuracy requirements that you really need to enter
    into sniper mode.
    Some of the toughest challenges for me were the kills with grenades. If you're
    going for a large number of grenade kills, it's important to cook the grenades
    before you throw them, otherwise enemies have ample time to run away or throw
    the grenades back.
    Challenge 01: 10 Kills
    Challenge 02: 5 Kills with knife (throwing)
    Challenge 03: 5 Kills with Mk 22 Mod 0
                  5 kills with PPSh-41
    Challenge 04: 5 Kills with knife (melee)
    Challenge 05: 10 Kills with AK-47
                  25% accuracy with AK-47
    Challenge 06: 5 kills with silenced Dragunov
                  10 kills with scoped AK-47
    Challenge 07: 5 kills with knife (throwing)
                  5 kills with AK-47
                  5 kills with RPD
    Challenge 08: 15 kills with XM22
                  50% accuracy with XM22
    Challenge 09: 5 headshots
                  75% accuracy with the MK 22 Mod 0
    Challenge 10: 15 kills
                  5 kills with silenced M40
    Challenge 11: 5 kills with silenced M40
                  5 kills with grenades
    Challenge 12: 5 headshots
                  2 kills with knife (throwing)
                  100% accuracy with knife (throwing)
    Challenge 13: 15 kills
                  75% accuracy
    Challenge 14: 10 kills with knife (throwing)
                  90% accuracy with knife (throwing)
                  5 kills with knife (melee)
    Challenge 15: 10 kills with M1891/59
                  10 headshots
    Challenge 16: 10 kills with PPSh-41
                  5 kills with AK-47
                  5 kills with grenades
    Challenge 17: 5 kills with grenades
                  10 kills with AK-47
                  5 kills with knife (throwing)
    Challenge 18: 15 kills
                  10 kills with SKS
                  75% accuracy
    Challenge 19: 15 kills
                  5 kills with knife (throwing)
                  5 kills with knife (melee)
    Challenge 20: 10 headshots
                  60% accuracy
    Challenge 21: 20 kills with F870
    Challenge 22: 5 headshots
                  5 kills with knife (melee)
                  5 kills with knife (throwing)
    Challenge 23: 20 kills
                  85% accuracy
    Challenge 24: 10 headshots
                  20 kills
                  50% accuracy
    [ZMB]                            Zombie Mode
    In Zombie mode, you'll be fighting off endless waves of zombies! Try to survive
    and rack up as many points as you can. Obviously, these being zombies, head-
    shots are the way to go. 
    There are a few extras to keep in mind in zombie mode. The first is that in 
    each of the areas, there are actually three seperate sub-areas, two of which
    you have to unlock (you start in the 3rd).
    They'll be barriers that block your movement. The first one will cost 5000 pts
    to unlock, the second 10000. 
    Also, there will be chalk outlines of guns on the wall. These are the "shops"
    of zombie survival mode. Walk up to one, and you'll get an opportunity to buy
    the gun that's outlined there. 
    Because the zombies will be getting more health as time progresses, this is an
    excellent idea, and you should do it at every opportunity. 
    Powerups- 2X score
              Repair all
              Max ammo
    Enemies: Lurcher- Just your standard zombie. Walks slowly after you.
             Sprinter- A standard zombie that took track & field. Runs after you.
             Fido- The most terrifying zombie: a dog that's hard to shoot and jumps
    You only have one hit point, so make the most of it!
    [ARC]                            Arcade Mode
    This is kind of a fun take on the main missions. You're given a set number of
    lives, a time limit, and otherwise the levels play just like normal. If you're
    reading the walkthrough, most of the places that I urge caution you should 
    disregard and run through, but otherwise this is exactly like the main mission.
    Pick up guns more often, because you'll be running through a LOT more ammo,
    and don't be shy about shooting from the hip if I advise sniper mode.
    [KHS]                            Killhouse
    This is essentially a timed, more intense obstacle course. You'll start out
    getting briefed about it, and then be able to move across the room, and right
    up the stairs to the course proper.
    Once you kill an enemy with every weapon in the game (see: weapons), a room
    to the left of where you start will open, and it'll have a huge selection of
    weapons you can choose from. 
    Now, this place is INTENSE. You want to be running as fast as you can, and 
    forget about sniper mode ever ever. 
    Since this is so crazy and all, we're gonna be handling this room by room
    Room 1
    Get a running start across the red and white line. You'll see a pole directly
    in front of you, and a target will jump out from either the left or right side,
    about 2/3 the way up. Shoot it from the hip and run 'round the corner.
    Targets will appear behind two of these sandbags, dialongally from each other.
    Walk forward shooting from the hip, and take them both out. Be ready to 
    insantly mantle the wall at the back left.
    Room 2
    There will be a target right in front of you. SHOOT THAT TARGET. Then start 
    running, to your right to get around the barrier then run into the large room.
    There will be two targets on either the left or the right wall, one target in
    one of the bottom windows, one in one of the top ones. Shoot them as quickly as
    you can, while walking towards the center of the room. When there, throw a 
    grenade through the glowing windows. As soon as the grenade leaves your hand,
    take off at a run to the next room.
    Room 3
    Shoot the target right in front of you, take a right, and crouch and run 
    through one of the tunnels. Crawl for as little time as possible. Shoot the
    target that jumps out at you at the last minute. As soon as you're out of the
    tunnel, stand up and shoot the target that appears behind the truck.Take a 
    right. You'll be in the final stretch. Shoot the target right in front of you
    while walking right. Once you're around the first barrier shoot the target on
    the ground then look up and shoot the one in the air, while walking left. 
    Be prepared to mantle the sandbags at the that juncture, then dash through
    to the finish line. Done!
    [CLC]                        Collectibles
    These are the "find me" macguffins of this game, and can be collected by 
    shooting them. They appear as stars, and completionists should "shoot for" the
    whole set!
    1: Found on a box right before the gun section of the training area. Grab the
    M161A, come back, and shoot it. 
    Mission 1 - The Recovery Job
    2: On top of the leftmost gate door in mission 1, by the hinge
    3: Behind a grave in the back right of the cemetery
    4: Right before the hostage, it's the star on the middle Cuban flag on the
       opposite walkway
    5: Behind the bell in the area where the hostage is
    Mission 2 - Breaking Free
    6: In a room with a ventilation fan, right below the fan
    7: In the shower stall in the bathroom (after you get the information)
    8: Behind the second desk you come to while running away after contacting HQ.
    9: Behind some crates right before the exit
    Mission 3 - On the Run
    10: Walk into the first big room, turn around, and face the entrance. The star 
        is on the right of the door, behind some crates
    11: Behind a gap in the the wall on the righthand side in the tunnels after the
        big room
    12: Right after the defend-the-area minigame, behind some sandbags to the right
    13: Behind a hill on the right side of the area where the helicopter lands.
    Mission 4 - Coastal Run
    14: When you go down the stairs into the first big room, hug the wall and head
        back up behind the stairs, the collectible will be in a hole back there.
    15: Right before you mantle the obstacle to slide down, head down the alley to
        the left, and look to the left in the courtyard.
    16: In the grating at the end of the drainage ditch section where you have to
        put explosives on the car
    17: Behind a group of barrels to the left of the truck you escape in, right
        after you leave it
    Mission 5 - To the Rescue
    No Collectibles- Vehicle Level
    Mission 6- Welcome to the Jungle
    18: Right before you fall down the pit, turn around and hug the right side of
        the wall. Round the corner, heading back to the start, and look up. The 
        collectible will be up there
    19: When you hit a fork in the first tunnel you fall into, take a right. The
        collectible will be in a nook to your right down that tunnel
    20: Right before you enter the second, larger tunnel, look behind a fern to
        your left. 
    21: When you reach the burning village, make a right immediately and look up
        the cliff face. It's in a cleft over there.
    Mission 7 - Hung Out to Dry
    22: On top of the telephone pole in the courtyard where you're doing the first
    23: Right after the part where you mantle the obstacle and take cover, run
        to the end of the alley, and turn around facing the obstacle you just 
        climbed. Look on top of the largest stack of crates
    24: Right after the explosion and the rescue, you'll head down some stairs.
        Once you're down them, head behind them and look at the gap behind them
    25: After the explosion and the rescue, you'll eventually leave a building and
        take a right to continue. At this point, you'll see a spare tire against a
        building and a crate, and to the left of those, a telephone pole. Look on
        the board nailed to the telephone pole partway up, it's on one of the
    Mission 8- Behind Enemy Lines
    26: In the first major courtyard, it's halfway up a telephone pole towards the
        back, where the caves are.
    27: In the underground river right after the first multi-level 
    28: The second area in which you have to mantle an obstacle, take a right
        before the cave you go in. Head back around, hugging the edge of the cliff.
        The collectible will be behind a little lip on the cliff
    29: In the village you have to protect at the end, by the wrecked car, front
        left (your right) wheel.
    Mission 9 - New Alliance
    No collectibles - vehicle level
    Mission 10 - Light it up!
    No collectibles- vehicle level
    Mission 11 - River Raiders
    30. On the docks behind the house where you start the on-foot part of the level
    31. Just a little down the road from the starting shack, there'll be a cave on
        the right hand side. On the left-hand back of the cave, there's one.
    32. Further down the road, look for a downed helicopter. The collectible is on
        the far side of it. You can see it from the right of the copter.
    33. In a hut in the village you have to set up people in a mini-game to defend,
        it's on the front-right side.
    Mission 12- Last Heli Out
    34. Right after the first area blows up, the item can be found by turning
        around and looking in a tree
    35. In the swampy part, move past the road out at the end, and take a right.
        The collectible will be under some roots back here
    36. When you're on the overlook with the village you have to blow up in sight,
        look to your left. The collectible will be on the lefthand ledge
    37. When you reach the final helicopter, take a left immediately after you exit
        the building, then look behind the crates
    Mission 13 - Stolen Wings
    No collectibles- vehicle level
    Mission 14: To the Motherland
    38. There are several fire-escape stairs leading up to second-story platforms
        in the area with the first major gun battle. The collectible is behind the
        door on the one of those furthest back from your starting position.
    39. Right when you get in the elevator up to the second level, before you hit
        the button, walk forward until you hit the yellow and black caution strips.
        Look to your right, the collectible will be back there.
    40. In the big room with the gunfight on the second floor, it's in the second
        elevator that opens in the back of the room
    41. Outside of the window that the three guys crash through, very near the
        window and towards the top, to the left of the middle.
    Mission 15 - The Payback
    42. In the area where you are supposed to be covering your team with sniper
        support, it is underneath the left walkway, hidden behind a wall there.
    43. Right after the area where you provide sniper coverage, move down the
        stairs and keep going until you're even with the path you came in on. Then
        look up, the collectible is on the roof of the lefthand building.
    44. In the treeline in the beginning
    45. It's at the end of the field at the very end. Shoot it before you run out
        into the field, or you'll miss it because of the cutscene.
    Mission 16 - Cold Feet
    46. In one of the building ceilings in the beginning
    47. At the part where you have to crawl in the vent to get to the submarine,
        crawl in the vent on the opposite wall, and follow the tunnel to this one
    48. In the room with the submarine, go through the open door on the opposite
        side of the catwalk as you entered from. The collectible will be hidden
        behind the upper doorframe
    49. Behind the door leading out of the cave in the final exit
    50. Right when you finish the course, in the exit doorway, turn around 
        and look up.
    [AWD]                             Awards
    Awards are like achievements- they are titles you get by completing certain
    tasks or meeting certain qualifications in single or multi-player play. All
    awards let you assign a title to yourself in multi-player, with some being
    obviously more prestigious than others. SOME even let you unlock certain perks
    in multi-player!
    Awards are set up like this:
    *Award name - Condition for award - Player Title/**Perk**
    Note: SP = Single Player
          MP = Multi-Player
    * The Recruit - Beat Campaign on recruit difficulty - The Recruit
    * The Commander- Beat Campaign on regular difficulty - The Commander
    * The Elite- Beat Campaign on hardened difficulty - The Elite
    * Record Breaker - Beat Record Time in Killhouse - The Swift
    * Fast Hands - Kill enemy in SP by returning grenade - The Postman
    * Slow Learner - Die 10 times in SP - The Blood-Soaked
    * Moving Target - Die 50 times - The Dreadful
    * Practicing - Complete 10 Quick Play levels - The Trainee
    * Battle Tested - Complete 50 Quick Play levels - The Battle-Tested
    * Hack-n-Slash - Complete an SP level using only knife - The Impaler
    * From the hip - Complete an SP ground mission without ADS - The Lucky
    * Detonated - Blow up an enemy grenade with another grenade SP - The detonator
    * Crackshot - Shoot a grenade out of the air in SP - The Crackshot
    * Nine lives - 9 near-death experiences - The cat
    * Challenger - Complete all Challenge Missions - The Challenge Master
    * Finish Him - Kill 250 enemies in SP in last stand - The Merciless
    * Boomerang - 25 SP kills by returning thrown grenades - The Boomerang
    * Tink-Tink-Tink - 100 SP kills from grenades - The Bomber
    * Cut up - 100 SP kills from melee - The Blade
    * Long Distance - 100 SP kills from sniper rifle - The Sniper
    * Head Hunter - 250 SP headshots - The Head-Hunter
    * Gunslinger - 250 SP kills from pistol - The Gunslinger
    * Cleaner - 1500 SP kills - The Cleaner
    * Collector - Find all collectibles - The collector
    * Toys! - Kill with every player gun in the game - **Weapons Room**
    * Survivor - 500 kills in zombie mode - The Sole Survivor
    * Powered up - Collect all zombie mode powerups - The enchanted
    * Medic - Revive 50 players in co-op zombie mode - The Medic
    * Team Player - 500 kills in co-op zombie mode - The Team Player
    * Silent Assassin - Win an MP match (10 kill min.) using knife- The Stalker
    * No Respect - Win an MP match (10 kill min.) without ADS - The Wild One
    * Domination - Win an MP match with a K/D of better than 3:1 (10 kill min.) -
      the Dominator
    * Dominated - End an MP match with a K/D of 1:10 or worse - The innocent
    * Perfection - Win an MP match without dying (10 kill min.) - The invincible
    * Borrowed Weapon - Get the winning kill of a team game using a weapon of the
      opposite faction - The scavenger
    * Rampage - Achieve a 15 kill streak - The streaker
    * Zero Sum - Kill 5 players in a match while holding a grenade
    * From the grave - Earn 25 MP kills after you have died - The Avenger
    * Camper - Kill 25 enemies in MP within 3 seconds of them spawning - The Camper
    * Last word - Kill 25 players while in last stand - The Vengeful
    * Knife Fighter - Stab 10 enemies wielding knives in MP - The Knife Fighter
    * Slice and Dice - Knife more than 1 person with a single swipe in MP - The
      Cutting Man
    * Unseen - Get 250 kills while camouflaged - The Unseen
    * Perky - Use each perk to win an MP match - The adept
    * Full Arsenal - Unlock all MP weapons - The Armed
    * Lone Wolf - Win an MP team game with 5 enemies - The Lone Wolf
    * Reaper - 10,000 MP kills - The Reaper
    * Bowling with Grenades - Take out 5 enemies with 1 grenade - The grenade master
    * Carpenter - Repair 100 barricades in Zombie Mode - The carpenter
    * Shopping Spree - Buy all weapons and use the mystery box during one zombie
      game - The Mad Shopper
    * Zombie Hunter - Survive to Rd 15 in Zombie Mode - The Banisher
    * 100K - Amass more than 100,000 pts in your score in either Zombie Mode - the
    * Private 2 - Achieve MP rank 2- **Protections**
    * Private First Class - Achieve MP rank 3 - The Rookie
    * Specialist - Achieve MP rank 4 - The Rat
    * Corporal - Achieve MP rank 5 - **Stealth**
    * Sergeant - Achieve MP rank 6 - The Snake
    * Staff Sergeant - Achieve MP rank 7 - **Martyrdom**
    * Sergeant First Class - Achieve MP rank 8 - **Last Stand**
    * Master Sergeant - Achieve MP rank 9 - **More Bang**
    * First Sergeant - Achieve MP rank 10 - The Ghost
    * Sergeant Major - Achieve MP rank 11 - **Extra Pockets**
    * Command Sergeant Major - Achieve MP rank 12 - **Sleight of Hand**
    * Sergeant Major of the Army - Achieve MP rank 13 - **Paper Walls**
    * Warrant Officer - Achieve MP rank 14 - **Extreme Conditioning** 
    * Chief Warrant Officer 2 - Achieve MP rank 15 - The Wanted
    * Chief Warrant Officer 3 -Achieve MP rank  16 - **Body Armor**
    * Chief Warrant Officer 4- Achieve MP rank 17 - The Renegade
    * Chief Warrant Officer 5- Achieve MP rank 18 - **Camouflage**
    * Second Lieutenant - Achieve MP rank 19 - **Fast Hands**
    * First Lieutenant - Achieve MP rank 20 - **Team Player**
    * Captain - Achieve MP rank 21 - The Fox
    * Major - Achieve MP rank 22- **Steady Aim**
    * Lieutenant Colonel - Achieve MP rank 23 - **Stopping Power**
    * Colonel - Achieve MP rank 24 - **Super Clip**
    * Brigadier General - Achieve MP rank 25 - The Shadow
    * Major General - Achieve MP rank 26 - The Snowman
    * Lieutenant General - Achieve MP rank 27 - **Bandolier**
    * General - Achieve MP rank 28 - The General
    * General of the Army - Achieve MP rank 29 - **Nerves of Steel**
    * M14-Scope - Get 150 kills with the M14 in MP - **M14 with Scope**
    * M16A1-SC - Get 150 kills with the M15A1 in MP - **M16A1-SC**
    * M10 - Get 150 kills with the MK 22 Mod 0 in MP - **M10**
    * M79 Grenade Launcher - Get 150 kills with the LAW in MP - **M79 Gren. Laun.**
    * M60 - Get 150 kills with the XM22 in MP - **Saco Defense M60 GPMG**
    * M40-Suppressor - Get 150 kills with the M40 in MP - **M40 with Suppressor**
    * M10-Suppressor - Get 300 kills with the M10 in MP - **M10 with Suppressor**
    * M14-Suppressor - Get 300 kills with the M14 in MP - **M14 with Suppressor**
    * M72 LAW - Get 150 kills with the Remington 870 in MP - **M72 LAW anti-tank**
    * M16A1-GL - Get 100 headshots with Allied weapons in MP - **M16A1-GL**
    * M1891/59-SC - Get 150 kills with the M1891/59 in MP - **M1891/59-SC**
    * AK-47-Scope - Get 150 kills with AK-47 in MP - **AK-47 with Scope**
    * MAT 49 - Get 150 kills with Makarov in MP - **Mat 49**
    * PPSh-41 - Get 150 kills with the RPD in MP - **PPSh-41**
    * SKS - Get 300 kills with M1891/59-SC in MP - **SKS**
    * PPS-43 - Get 300 kills with MAT in MP - **PPS-43**
    * Dragunov-Suppressor - Get 150 kills with Dragunov in MP - **Dragunov-Supp.**
    * PPSh-41-Suppressor- Get 150 kills with PPSh-41 in MP- **PPSh-41-Suppressor**
    * RPG-7 - Get 150 kills with Model 37 in MP - **RPG-7**
    * AK-47 Grenade Launcher - Get 100 headshots with enemy weapons in MP - 
      **AK-47 with Grenade Launcher**
    * Mastered - 100% Completion - The Master
    [WPN]                             Weapons
    A list of every weapon in the game- use this as a checklist for figuring out
    which weapons you have killed enemies with. Detailed stats on these can be
    found under the options menu:
    *AK-47 Scoped
    *AK-47 GL (1)
    *AK-47 GL (2)
    *M16A1 Scoped
    *M16A1 GL (1)
    *M16A1 GL (2)
    *M10 Suppressed
    *PPSh-41 Suppressed
    *M1891/59 Scoped
    *M14 Scoped
    *M14 Suppressed
    *Dragunov Suppressed
    *M40 Suppressed
    *M72 LAW
    *Fragmentation Grenades
    * MK 22 Mod 0
    * Makarov PM
    * Makarov PM Suppressed
    *Ithaca Model 37
    *Remington 870
    *Throwing Knife
    *Explosive Crossbow
    [PKS]                            Perks
    Perks are special abilities for multiplayer mode unlocked at various levels.
    They give your character an edge in battle. 
    Perks are organized like this:
    Name: effect - level required
    Protections: 5 seconds of invincibility after spawning - 2
    Stealth: Don't show on enemy radar - 5
    Martyrdom: Drop a live grenade after death - 7
    Last Stand: Player will go into last stand before dying - 8
    More Bang: Thrown grenades have a larger blast radius - 9
    Extra Pockets: Spawn with 2 extra grenades - 11
    Sleight of Hand: Decrease reload time - 12
    Paper Walls: The player can shoot through walls - 13
    Extreme Conditioning: Run for a longer time - 14
    Body Armor: Decrease damate (not headshots or explosions) - 16
    Camouflage: The player is semi-transparent when crouching or not moving- 18
    Fast Hands: Decrease time to aim and disarm bomb - 19
    Team Player: Appear as a friendly on enemy radar - 20
    Steady Aim: increase accuracy of weapons - 22
    Stopping Power: The players bullets do more damage - 23
    Super Clip: Doubles the magazine size for all weapons - 24
    Bandolier: Doubles the ammo for all weapons except grenades - 27
    Nerves of Steel: Decrease weapon recoil - 29
    [MPL]                           Multiplayer
    What some might call the real main attraction, CoD: Black Ops introduces more
    Co-op and PVP options than ever!
    In multiplayer, you can play Co-op in Zombie mode or in multiplayer against each
    Zombie mode features your and a friend defending against zombies. Pretty much
    like the SP version, but you're able to revive a downed ally if you can get to
    them in time.
    Multiplayer mode is much improved over previous  versions, with additions like
    perks, changing both primary and secondary weapons for each spawn, new maps,
    the ability to pick spawn points, radar settings, and voice chat on local 
    Multiplayer maps are:
        * Base 
        * Highrise
        * Lighthouse 
        * Parelium 
        * Stronghold 
        * Command 
        * Paddy 
        * Graveyard 
        * Crossfire 
        * Baslica 
        * Caves 
        * The Yard
    Leveling up is important in multiplayer. You level up by getting points. More
    point are awareded for headshots and kills with grenades than for knife kills
    and regular body or limbshots. 
    [FAQ]                    Frequently Asked Questions
    Yeah, anything you guys want to know! As this is a first edition walkthrough,
    I don't have anything here yet, but I'll revise it with answers to your 
    [RKS]                           Closing Remarks/Credit
    Well, it's been a fun review everybody! Please tell me what you want improved
    in the next iteration. I'm here for you!
    Extra special thanks to the CoD wiki for invaluable help with the perks. You
    do an awesome job!
    [CPW]                     Copywight Information 
    Because I find including copyrights on privately published online FAQS silly,
    at least until people start paying me to do this, I will simply say that the
    use of this document without crediting me will cause wights to haunt you. 
    Specifically, the copywights. They HATE people who steal stuff.
    As long as you give me credit, use away!

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