Any "ultimate equipment"?

  1. Is there anything that could be considered "ultimate equipment" in this game? If so, where could I find, buy, and/or steal it? In particular, I'm interested in accessories, but any help is appreciated.

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Accepted Answer

  1. Ah heck, I'm just going to write it out here. These are the best equips with most highest amount of ATK/MAG, DEF/MDF disregarding other bonuses. (some of these might not be as good in comparison to other equips not listed here in that regard, so not so ultimate... I guess)


    **some spoilers ahead**


    True Historica - ATK+70, MAG+34, SPD+5, Stocke only
    \Sidequest: "The Final Trial"
    Entropy - ATK+60, HP-30
    \Drop: Assassin [Common: Imperial Ruins(AH: Final)]
    Mythril Edge - ATK+32, MAG+55, SPD-2
    \Buy: Sand Fortress(AH: Final)

    Ogre Spear - ATK+72, SPD-2
    \Drop: Noble Flame [Common: Royal Hall(SH: Final)]
    La Tormenta - ATK+30, MAG+60, LUK+8
    \Steal: Heavy Thautomaton [Boss: Royal Hall(AH: Ch.6)]

    Beast Claw - ATK+80, HP-50
    \Steal: Sapphire(AH: Ch.6) [Boss: Granorg]

    Curse Dagger - ATK+42, MAG+23, SPD-1
    \Drop: Granorg Blitzer\Red Granorg Archer [Common: Granorg(SH: Ch.6)]
    Glaux Dagger - ATK+31, MAG+85, HP-30
    \Steal: Alistel Officer(Sword) [Common: Granorg(AH: Ch.6)]

    Death Shell - ATK+40, MAG+10
    \Buy: Alistel(AH: Ch.6)
    Freikugel Mercy - ATK+25, MAG+90, DEF-15
    \Chest: Imperial Ruins(AH: Final)


    Orichalum Mail - DEF+65, MDF+30, SPD-3
    \Drop: Alistel Officer(Spear) [Common: Underground Lab(AH: Ch.6)]
    Mythril Mail - DEF+38, MDF+64, SPD-2
    \Chest: Underground Lab(AH: Ch.6)

    Moirae Manteau - DEF+48, MDF+41, Stocke only
    \Sidequest: "The Road to Victory" (SH: Ch.4)
    Giant Cape - DEF+45, MDF+33, SPD-3
    \Chest: Forgia(AH: Ch.4)
    Mana Cape - DEF+21, MDF+68, SPD-3
    \Chest: Underground Lab(AH: Ch.6)

    Champ Guard - DEF+45
    \Drop: Brynhildr* [Common: Underground Waterway(AH: Ch.6)]
    Nirvana Plate - DEF+22, MDF+45, SPD-4
    \Chest: Imperial Ruins(AH: Final)
    *Chaotic Leech summons this monster

    Deformed Dress - DEF+35, MDF+40, SPD-2
    \Drop: Death Wasp [Common: Underground Waterway(AH: Ch.6)]
    Luminous Dress - DEF+21, MDF+70, SPD-2
    \Chest: Royal Hall(SH: Final)


    All charms can be bought in stores

    King Stud - DEF+20, MDF+20
    \Steal: Heiss [Boss: Imperial Ruins(AH: Final)]
    Thaumatech Orb - MAG+5, MDF+5
    \Sidequest: "Flower of promise" (AH: Ch.1-3)
    Sky Armlet - SPD+10
    \Chest: Royal Hall(SH: Final)
    Vesper Ring - HP+30, MP+60
    \Steal: Field Marshall Viola [Boss: Granorg Palace(AH: Ch.6)]
    Venus Ring - HP+70, MP+50
    \Steal: General Hugo [Boss: Underground Lab(AH: Ch.6)]
    Noah Amulet - Poison/Sleep/Paralysis Res+4, all other jewels can be bought
    \Sidequest: "A Letter to Tomorrow"(AH: Ch.1-2)

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