I got all of Stocks pacts, what now?

  1. I got the living legend sidequest open and I decided to get all of Stocke's pacts, now I got them, how do I activate them for a kill or something? However I have not got Eruca's or Aht's pacts...
    Do I learn anything from these or it builds up to fight a boss or something? Thank you.

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    KaizaYamazki - 6 years ago

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  1. You weren't very clear in your question, so I'll answer what I think you were asking. The part where Sword (that's the guy in the well, not the guy who will teach you the skills) asks you to find the pacts he's hidden all around the continent, is the preliminary sidequest. After you successfully find those and deliver them back to him, he will introduce you to the Master, whose name is Vainqueur.
    The other pacts that belong to Stocke, Eruca, and Aht can be taken to Master Vainqueur and Stocke will learn three additional skills from them. These are hidden all over the continent, but you will not recieve any hints as to their whereabouts. You have to hunt them down on your own. I think the skills for Stocke are Dullahan Sword (push assault effect on a column), Will o' Wisp (X-shaped fire damage), and Wraith Blade (air assault effect on a column). You don't need to find Aht's and Eruca's other pacts in order to learn Stocke's skills, but if you gather theirs as well, they will also learn three more skills each. After you have all the pacts, the master offers you the chance to fight him. He's extremely tough (IMO way tougher than the final boss of the game, so be warned), but winning nets you Stocke's best weapon. I don't see what you would ever need it for now that you've beaten the hardest boss in the game, but the quest itself is required to fully complete the game. Note that it is NOT required to view the "true" ending to the game.

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  1. The NPC that gave you "the living legend" sidequest tells you about Sword's other disciples, and the passwords to give to them when you meet them. These disciples are located in towns and when given the correct password they will tell you where to find a specific pact. After gathering all the pacts from the disciples you return to the NPC in the well who gave you the "the living legend" sidequest and show him the pacts you gathered. This will complete the sidequest and he will allow you to meet with Sword. Every pact yields a skill and Sword will teach you these skills. Once you've gotten all pacts and have learned the skills for Stocke, Aht, and Eruca another sidequest will open up where you fight an optional boss

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