Plants vs Zombies-zen garden?

  1. What different type of plants can you have in your zen garden?

    User Info: hindsol

    hindsol - 6 years ago

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  1. Only upgrades and imitater dont appear neither do the explode-nuts from the bowling games if u do get one of these email me at

    User Info: HatchetManKillz

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  1. I think just about everything except upgrade plants and the imitater will appear as Zen Garden plants. There's also several colors of Marigolds.

    User Info: SmokeRulz

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  2. Altogether 39 different kinds of plants are available to collect in the Zen Garden for all versions of PvZ that include Zen Garden (The iPhone one, doesn't have Zen Garden). Basically, that's all the plants you can get , therefore this EXCLUDES the upgrade plants purchasable from Crazy Dave's shop, and the flower pot "plant" (Do you really call this thing a plant? Yah, either way because it's not really a plant so it can't be grown in the Zen Garden)".

    38 of them are obtained through playing various modes of the game, the Marigold can only be obtained by a eh, simple way, which is to buy from Crazy Dave's shop. Three marigold sprouts are available daily, this resets at midnight. Most plants have only one standard colour, but the Marigold has 12. 13. 14 (Can't remember) colour variants.

    Hacking the game using AR is obviously a totally different matter and this depends on the codes available.

    User Info: light_rock_zz

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  3. You can get 39 different types of plants. Peashooter, sunflower, cherry bomb, wall-nut, potato mine, snow pea, chomper, repeater, puff-shroom, sun-shroom, fume-shroom, grave digger, hypno-shroom, scaredy-shroom, ice-shroom, doom-shroom, lily pad, squash, threepeater, tangle kelp, jalapeno, spikeweed, torchwood, tall-nut, sea-shroom, plantern, cactus, blover, split pea, starfruit, pumpkin, magnet-shroom, cabbage-pult, kernel-pult, coffee bean, garlic, umbrella leaf and melon pult are availible in adventure, mini-games, puzzle and survival. Marigold are bought for 2,500$. Upgrade plants, imitator and flower pot are not availible at all

    Hope it helped:)

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  4. There are 78 plants that you can get, which are all of the normal plants, and then the normal plants facing backwards. There are multiple colors of Marigold, but they count as one plant (two if you count the rotation)

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