How much is this game like pokemon?

  1. How much is this game like Pokemon?
    Can you transfer creatures over from one game to the next?
    Is trading possible from two of the same game, or are they only transferable from the old version to the new version?
    Can you battle other real life people in this?
    Can the game connect to Wii?
    Can the creatures equip items?
    Does each creature have a moveset?

    Does each creature have a weakness/resistance?
    I ask, because I want to know if this game is worth it, but if this game is nothing like pokemon, I probably won't get it.

    User Info: SilverLugia

    SilverLugia - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. there are some aspects that are similar to pokemon. You can transfer creatures (in this game Vivisaurs) from game to game but since there is only to kinds of fossil fighters it isn't like you are trading vivisaurs that aren't available in the other game. All vivisaurs in the first one are available in the first Fossil Fighters, and all 100 from the first one are available in Fossil Fighters Champions. Champions has at least 61 new vivisaurs that can be revived. Some vivisaurs are more difficult to find the fossils of so that is where trading has come into the picture for me.

    Yes you can battle other people that have the same game you have, in other words two people with Fossil Fighters can battle with each other, and two people with Champions can battle each other but the original game can't battle with the second generation game.

    I don't believe that it conects with the Wii.

    Vivisaurs can't equip items.

    Each Vivisaur has their own unique move set.

    All Vivisaurs have elemental types. These fall into 5 categories. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Neutral. Neutral is the only type that has no particular strengths or weaknesses to the other four. The other four are strong in this fasion: fire against earth, earth against air, air against water, and water against fire.

    personally i like it better than Pokemon... but that might just be me.

    User Info: CentaurFan

    CentaurFan - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. People seem to connect anything that involves taming animals and fighting with them with pokemon, but in this case it's much different.

    Fossil fighters has nothing but dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, while pokemon has, well pretty much everything and anything.

    You have to find, dig out, and revive fossils to get dinosaurs, while pokemon involves you finding wild ones and obtaining them through capturing devices.

    The storyline is completely different. Nuff' said.

    The battle system is WAY different.

    Of course there are some similarities as well, but most people wuith reviews exaggerate how similar they are. Hey, i root for the underdog. Go flesh ripping extinct lizards go!

    User Info: OmnimonX9

    OmnimonX9 - 6 years ago 1 0

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