Where do I find the 3 Ghosts to go to the Spirit World?

  1. One is in security, secondo on satelite, and third?

    User Info: William288

    William288 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To make it easier on an line by line basis, here is where they are:

    1 - Head to Fountain Plaza and talk to Bruno. He'll say the ghost is in the computer.
    2 - Head to the Stadium and talk to Lazar in the room after the enterance to the Stadium. The ghost is in the computer next to him.
    3 - Head to Satellite and go to the place where you got the fake parts for Toru. Talk to the guy there and then get the ghost in that computer.

    This should unlock the locked door in Fountain Plaza. That puzzle should be like clockwork and should allow you to go to the spirit world anytime you want.

    User Info: viperver1

    viperver1 (Expert) - 6 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. OK, the first Ghost is the computer in Yusei's garage just talk to Bruno and then talk to the computer and say investigate. The second ghost is the computer in the fake duel runner shop in satellite where you went near the beginning of the game to get Toru's duel runner parts. talk to the man there who sold you then fake parts, then talk to the computer in the shop and choose investigate. The final ghost is in the WRGP stadium,enter the area and go straight ahead past the save block, card shop and duel runner shop into the main building. Right as you walk in the main building there are three rooms one to your right, one to your left and then one down a hallway straight ahead leading to the pit area, go into the one on the right (at least im pritey sure its the right but it may be the left) and you should see a person named Lazar talk to him and then talk to the computer in the room and say investigate. For all three you will have to dule a few people so be ready. After you beat all three computers go to the fountin plaza where yusei's house is. DO NOT go into his house but instead you should see another door near the top of the map, the door should be unlocked onle once you beat all the computers. go into the door, complete the minigame and then you will be able to go to the spirit world
    I hope i helped

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