Mina's Quest...and the Ciphers...Helppp ?

  1. Could someone tell me how to do Quest of Mina and how to crack the Ciphers...tks

    User Info: hoangleonhart

    hoangleonhart - 6 years ago
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    And the last one...do you know where it is

    User Info: hoangleonhart

    hoangleonhart - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Mina's Solution: (open after finding the Spirit World and finishing Misaki's Lion quest)
    - Bring Misaki with you.
    - Talk to Mina.
    - Go to Satellite to the Fake D-Wheel shop (the one that you battled one of the computers)
    - Get J-A-C-K-A from the man.
    - Return and talk to Misaki to complete the quest. (idk if she does say that you need to have her as an partner so that you can talk to Mina to finish the quest)

    Bolt's and Tanner's Ciphers:
    - For Bolt's, it's at Satisfaction Town. Look around for the sign saying "Ramon's Diner".
    - For Blister's, go to the Fountain Plaza and look for the cafe. There should be an table with only 1 chair.
    - Both Ciphers. This is at the Mines (Satisfaction Town area) and you need to go straight through until you see an overturned mine cart before the exit.

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Other Answers

  1. I only figured out Bolt's Cipher and thats at the cafe area in the fountain plaza. There's a table with only one chair. As for Blister's.....I'm still working on it.

    User Info: FlyingDragon09

    FlyingDragon09 - 6 years ago 0 0
  2. Talk to Mina with Misaki as your partner but after you find the Spirit world. As for Blister's cipher that's Ramon's Diner sign in Satisfaction town

    User Info: Fairy_chan

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