Review by SatoshiMutou

Reviewed: 02/28/11

Would be a great improvement if it wasn't for a major flaw

This time of the year is the release of the Yugioh World Championship game. Similar to Madden, NCAA, NBA, etc etc. this is Yugioh's newest software update to it's popular franchise. Since 2004 there has been an annual World Championship tournament involving this game. WC 2011 is very similar to the last few titles except it has some nice new features, yet some really major drawbacks.

Graphics (5/10)

To be fair, the graphics have not been improved in the Yugioh DS games in the last 3 years. This years graphics are the same ones from 2008. The world is still a bunch of fuzzy polygons, the cards are really small, bad pixels, etc etc. Now I know this is a DS game and it has it's limitations, but there has not been much improvement.

However, there has been a change in some of the graphics and not for too much better. Cards now do not have their name on the virtual cards nor card text of any sort. It was removed since there appears a box with all of the information that has just been duplicated in the past. In duels the cards have less spacing between each other and same with the deck editing screen. In a sense, it is somewhat of an improvement since it looks easier to navigate with but only for long time players is it easier. For any new players it's very difficult since they will have to go through all the cards to figure out what they are actually looking for instead of names being all over the place and being easier to recognize.

Storyline (8/10)

Similar to the anime. Not too bad. Better than the GX series. You start in a mid-western region and then go to Neo Domino city and interact with Yusei, Jack, Crow, etc. It's nothing great nor anything special since it's just taken from the TV show and put into the video game but it's defiantly not bad.

Game play (3/10)

The game play gets such a low score because the game suffers from a HUGE lag. I mean HUGE. Duels take very long and sometimes you can get up, go to the bathroom, grab a drink, come back to your DS to discover that your opponent has not finished their turn yet. Sometimes all they do is think for a very long time, attack with one monster, think some more, maybe set a card (or maybe not), and end their turn and sometimes this can take a good 5 minutes.

And the worst part is that the AI is not much different than previous games. The AI still makes pretty easy mistakes and is easy to manipulate. I understand there is no perfect AI, but lagging in OFFLINE game play makes it so difficult to play the game. Even the towns you move around in take a very time to navigate through.

And as usual, the game does not start you with Dark Revelation 3 and 4. nor does it have these sets in the game The game wastes space on Soul of the Duelist - Shadow of Infinity Sets which it does not need to. Dark Revelation 3 and 4 is a combination of all these sets and the fact that you waste so much time in the beginning with these sets makes game play very boring. These sets have really old cards from over 5 years ago in them and the important cards in these sets are either in structure decks, duel terminal, or not even needed in general.

I feel this is a huge problem because it's not much different than putting the individual sets of Legend of Blue Eyes - Ancient Sanctuary in the game. We all buy the newest Yugioh software because we want to play with the newest and more exciting cards. I know that it should take a while to get some of the newer cards, but it's gotten so redundant over the years playing with the same 80% of cards that have been out for years and then finally beating the game and still not even having all the newest cards. Konami can really simplify this in the future just by replacing 8 packs that not only make up the start, middle, and ending of the game with 2 packs that you can start with instead. Yugioh has over 40 sets and it's just makes the game way too slow when your only on the 23rd set when your near the end of the game.

Besides that, the storyline mode is very short as usual and does not last very long. The game does add some good new features however. You can sleeve your cards (lol sleeving virtual cards). There is a mini-game after you win a non storyline duel where you can win cards and duel points. You can change the music in world championship duels, there is a deck analysis that explains the strategy of your deck and it's strengths and weaknesses. There is a new mini-game where you shoot buttons to see who goes first in the mid-western duels. We now have new structure decks that konami made in the game that you can duel with. There is good in this game which I was shocked to see since in the last 3 years there has not been too many changes.

Music (10/10)

The music I found to be the best new feature. I really liked the new tracks. A very good upgrade from the last game. They finally cut the world WC music which is a great thing.

Overall (5/10)

The lag really kills the game. No Dark Revelation 3 and 4 makes the game really boring for a majority of the time. Like any new Yugioh WC game, there are new cards as usual. The game is missing some key cards such as Tech Genus Librarian, some older cards, and the obvious American only cards such as Infernity Barrier, XX-Saber Darksoul, XX-Saber Boggart Knight, etc. which is given, but it is a disappointment knowing the cards that should have been in the game like the Librarian and some of the older cards were left out. Archfiends were finally added which is a plus.

I can say that I do not understand how Konami came to the conclusion that a slower game would be a better game. Imagine playing NBA 2K11 or NCAA 11 that moves 2x slower than the previous titles. Much slower I must say. This is a considerable difference and makes game play very uncomfortable.

I am sure most Yugioh fans will want this game for promos or just to have the latest software for the franchise, but this game almost made a break in the series. Konami puts out another let down and all we can really say is "There is always next year."

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus (JP, 02/24/11)

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