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Reviewed: 03/04/11

Personal Review

Graphics: 5/10
Reason Why:
It has not changed sense the last game released. I also must say it it is horrible to not see Card Text or the Card Name, what if a new player is to play this Yu-Gi-Oh game, he/she would have to spent allot of time to all names and effects his/her Deck has in it. It has pixels as usual but, when in Single Player mode in the story mode, some outfits will have spots of color where the color should not be. Summoning is also bad, instead of Reverse of Arcadia's Key Card Shadow, it just has a Rainbow. There are also no Field Monster graphics witch is sad due to all the new monsters added.

Gameplay: 6/10
Reason Why:
It can by Laggy and somewhat stalled at times but it can go faster than usual at times. What it loses in lag in some points of the game, some areas of Gameplay can be quite fast and easy to use. The story was short and lacked focus of an actual duel, it was mostly Turbo Dueling witch was quite annoying. It was annoying to see that this game and it's Turbo Dueling has almost override all of what Yu-Gi-Oh means in terms of Dueling.

Sounds: 9/10
Reason Why:
It has it's child friendly music as usual, but it lacks an amount of what you could say "SCARY" music that the actual Anime uses quite allot. When dueling, the sound of summoning or activation has been downgraded in terms of intensity. The "CHAIN" sound has become more child friendly and Summon Sequences of certain monsters appear to be more dramatic with what seems like Piano instead of Guitar and/or Vice Versa.

Cards: 3/10
Reason Why:
Although it did have some new cards, the Meklord monsters seemed quite underpowered and could even be destroyed by a Virus card.
It had allot of new cards with could make for some very good decks but, with the amount of new cards released wth packs this year, and the game coming out so early in the year, the amount of cards added was quite sad and could have been so much better but still, it adds new cards that are good and if used properly, you could win within 10 Turns!

Overall: 7/10
Reason Why:
It may be different that the previous game, but is better in some ways like: Speed, Locations, Music, Music Selection, More Cards, More People and the fact it was made in 2011.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus (JP, 02/24/11)

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