When dose shoutmon digi-cross?

  1. What level will shoutmon know how to digi-cross because i have no idea.

    User Info: lotfi555

    lotfi555 - 6 years ago

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  1. Do you mean as a permanent form or just temporarily like in battle? To Digi-Xros in battle, you need the necessary Digimon your main party (not in last three slots). Then you choose the option which looks like two hands holding each other and activate a Digi-Xros depending on who you have. To Digi-Xros permanently, you need to get recipes of the Digimon you want to get. I think those recipes are only available after you beat the last boss.

    User Info: DragonNeos

    DragonNeos - 6 years ago 1 0


  1. Depending on your digimon on the main Party.. if there is all 6 main digimon(Spadamon,Dorulumon,Shoutmon,Starmon,Ballistamon,Sparrowmon)you can digi-Xros to one of these form, Shoutmon with Saw blade (+starmon),Shoutmon with Cannon(Dorulumon),Shoutmon with Glider(+sparrowmon),ShoutmonX2 (+Ballistamon),ShoutmonX3(+ballista and dorulumon),ShoutmonX4(+Ballista,Star and Dorulu),ShoutmonX4S(The combination of X4 with Spadamon) and Shoutmon X5(combination of all Xros digimon without Spadamon).There is another Xros called Shoutmon X5S.. but you need to finish the game first to get it.

    User Info: soracles123

    soracles123 - 6 years ago 0 0

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