All legendary pokemon and how to obtain them?

  1. Please list all the legendary pokemon and how to obtain them ...if need an item please tell me how to obtain it like dream stone or devil stone?

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  1. Each legend appears in a specific area and has a requirement to get the area open. Some are very simple and others are more difficult. Here is a listing

    -Arceus: Aurora-Have a least an 80% link with Eevee or any of its evolutions
    -Reshiram: Ignis- Downloadable Content ONLY
    Content Release Date-To Be Announced
    -Zekrom: Violight-Have Rank 2 Nobunaga, Ranmaru & Mitsuhide and Devil Stone
    Devil Stone-I personally don't know how to obtain it and Im still working on it, sorry...
    -Mewtwo: ILLusio-Clear Kenshin's post-game episode, all facilities in ILLusio at level 3
    -Groundon: Terra-Clear Shingen's post-game episode, all facilities at level 2 or up
    -Terrakion: Cragspur-Have Keiji at 70% link with Bastiodon (When you are notified of his appearence dont expect to see a new location, hes just in the cave!
    -Registeel: Valora-Have at least 15 warriors with their best link
    -Articuno: Nixtorm-Clear Mitsuhide's post-game episode, all facilities at level 3
    -Rayquaza: Dragnor-Have all other legendary pokemon, Have Nobunga at rank 2, only available in the Hero of Ransei 2 post game episode

    Thats all of them! Dont get discouraged at some of the requirements like I did. I thought it was gonna take forever to get all of them, but currently the only ones I dont have are Zekrom (because I dont know how to get the Devil Stone) and Rayquaza (because Im missing Zekrom). Good Luck!

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  1. Go to:
    serebii>>Pokemon Conquest>> Obtainable Pokemon

    scroll down to see the legends

    When the Reshiram event opens, it will appear during Hideyoshis episode

    You get the stones if you to the condition that is listed on serebii

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  2. There is a code for reshiram on cheats section already now too. But yes, seebii has all the info you need on that page. Is this question closed now?

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  3. What PokeGamer675 said is true.
    Devil Stone (Warrior Crystal in English version) is obtainable by having Rank 2 Nobunaga, Ranmaru, and Mitsuhide in Violight just like PokeGamer said. Then, you'll automatically obtain it.
    To obtain Zekrom, you must equip Nobunaga Warrior Crystal and wait to next turn. It'll automatically appear.

    For Registeel, you need to do the same thing to Ieyasu, Tadakatsu, and Ina in Valora. This time equip Conqueror Crystal to Tadakatsu and wait to the next turn.

    If the Crystal are swapped, let me know. I'm still working at it too.

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  4. Kinda a repeat of previous answers, but slight more detail:

    Arceus: Aurora- 80% Link with Eevee/ Evolutions (Hero)
    Reshiram: Ignis- During April of any year (Hidiyoshi)
    Zekrom: Violight- Have Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, Ranmaru, and Conquerors Crystal (See below) (Nobunaga)
    MewTwo: Illusio- Clear Kenshin's episode, All facilities maxed (Kinshin)
    Groudon: Terrera- Clear Shingen's episode, All facilities 2+ (Shingen)
    Terrakion: Cragspur- Keiji at 70% link with Bastiodon (Keiji)
    RegiSteel: Valora- Have 15+ unique warlords with best link pokemon, Tadakatsu in team, and Unifier Crystal (See Below) Try attempting during Ieyasu's mission (Ieyasu)
    Articuno: Nixtrom- Clear Mitsuhide's episode, All facilities maxed (Mitsuhide)
    Dialga: Dragnor- Have Ina and Tadakatsu rank 2, Upgrade all Facilities maxed, 50+ warriors, Have warriors Crystal. (Tadakatsu)
    Rayquaza: Dragnor- Have all other legendary pokemon, Nobunaga rank 2, final mission of game (hero episode)

    Devil stone/ Conquerors Crystal:
    Have Nobunaga, Mitsuhide and Ranmaru all rank 2 (Mitsuhide must first complete his episode). Go to Dragnor, upgrade all facilities, Have all 3 there, advance to next month. Event occurs. Equip to Nobunaga.

    Dream Stone/ Warriors Crystal:
    Have Tadakatsu, Ina, and Ieyasu all rank 2, Upgrade all facilities in Valora, advance month. Event occurs. Equip to Tadakatsu

    Unifiers Crystal:
    Have Ieyasu, and Tadakatsu (possibly Ina also) all rank 2, and in Valora. Upgrade all facilities maxed. Have 15+ Unique warlords with best link pokemon in your army. Advance month. Event occurs. Equip Unifiers Crystal to Ieyasu.

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