Whats the similarites and differences between Black2 and White2, and Black2 and Black?

  1. Im asking this because of the switching of the legendary. Assuming that there switch has nothing to do with the game though. Im thinking of getting this game because I had originally gotten Black, but im not really favoring Zekrom but I still want to get Black2 because im so used to Black. Id get white but im not accustomed to White.I want to know the similarities and differences between Black2 and White2 and Black2 and Black

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  1. -Some Pokemon are only in Black 2 and other are only in White 2.
    -Black City in Black 2 and White Forest in White 2 (changeable)
    -Appearance of Opelucid City (In Black 2: Modern City. In White 2: Historical City)
    -Appearance of Rebirth Mountain (Water Mountain in Black 2. Magma Mountain in White 2)
    -Status Bar in Battle (Black in Black 2. White in White 2)
    -Unova Link (For example: Challange Mode are only in Black 2, Assist Mode are only in White 2)
    -Fes Missions
    -Appearance of Route 4
    -Plot (In a small extent. Zekrom/Reshiram.)
    -Many other small changes.

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  1. It is almost the same, but these are the key differences(if I remember right):
    Black2 has zekrom and white2 has reshiram (yup, they swapped); so if you got keyrum, you could change him to the guy on the cover, but if you also transfer reshiram from black, you could also get the guy in the other cover.

    Another thing is version exclusives, like magby in black2 and elekid in white2.

    Returning is black city and white forest respectively, but you could change them if you had 2 DS by trading keys.

    That's all I remember, hope it helps.

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  2. Black 2 and White 2 thake place 2 years after Black and White so there is a lot of changes including the places, people, gyms, areas, pokemon and the person you play as, so you can choses which ever you or get both. If you need more information look it up because there is a lot just like black and white.

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