What is the best starter pokemon?

  1. Whats the best 'mon this time?

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  1. To quote my FAQ/Walkthrough on Starter evaluations:

    "~~ Snivy is of the Grass type, as are its evolutions Servine (Lv. 17) and
    Serperior (Lv. 36). These Pokemon are weak to Fire, Ice, Bug, Poison, and
    Flying, while being advantageous over Water, Rock, and Ground. Their
    Level-Up learnset is dominated mostly by Grass- and Normal-type moves,
    making unfavorable situations difficult. Snivy's original stats tend to
    favor the Defense and Speed stats over power, but not by much. Snivy is
    fairly well-rounded, numerically, but I'd recommend Snivy only to advanced

    ~~ Tepig is of the Fire type, and therefore weak to Rock, Ground, and Water.
    Its evolutions, Pignite (Lv. 17) and Emboar (Lv. 36), are Fire/Fighting and
    weak to Ground, Water, Psychic, and Flying. Both are advantageous over Ice,
    Steel, Grass, and Bug, with the latter two also adding in another Rock,
    another Steel, another Ice, and Normal. Tepig has a fairly varied moveset
    containing Normal, Fire, Rock, and Dark in its level-up set, and a few
    Fighting moves coming in later evolutions. Tepig's base stats are mostly
    oriented towards HP and Attack, with the remainder having about 2/3 the
    stat level. Overall, Tepig allows for a fair amount of challenge to the
    player without over-challenging newbies and under-challenging veterans.

    ~~ Oshawott is of the Water type, as are its evolutions Dewott (Lv. 17) and
    Samurott (Lv. 36). Such Pokemon are weak to Electric and Grass, while
    being advantageous over Fire, Rock, and Ground, and being one of only a few
    types that deal regular damage to Steel (which resists around 11 types). Its
    Level-Up moveset is predominantly Normal- and Water-typed moves, though
    there is more variation versus Snivy. Oshawott's base stats peak in Special
    Attack, which is good, being Water-typed; HP and Attack take the second-best
    stats of them. Overall, Oshawott is perhaps the best for newbies to the

    Gym-wise, Snivy is going to have it hard except in Gyms 5 and 8; Oshawott is good in Gym 5, and 8 if you learn an Ice move; Tepig is good for the second Gym. I personally would pick Oshawott in retrospect, as it has less disadvantages from the Gyms earlier on, unlike Snivy, who deals with Poison and Bug for the second and third Gyms; Oshawott waits until the fifth, then is mostly okay for a while.

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  1. It depends on what you like... there is no "that one is stronger then the rest". Just pick one you like and go for it.

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  2. Choose the best type that you like most for me i'll go with Oshawott.

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  3. The fire type pokemon has a type advantage over one gym leader, but has a disadvantage to three to four gym leaders.
    The water type pokemon has a type advantage over one gym leader, but has a disadvantage to one to two gym leaders.
    The grass type pokemon has a type advantage over three gym leaders, but a disadvantage to three to four gym leaders.
    The whole guessing on the type disadvantage is all because I am not to sure on what dragon is strong against. I hope this is what you were asking for.

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  4. Oshawatt is probably the best,since it has well rounded stats and just two weaknesses,and neither are that common,and only one of them has a gym. Tepig is also good,with high hp and attacking stats,and a second type also helps,but is weak against several gyms,and it has low speed and defences.Snivy is probably the worst of the starters,with low attacking stats and HP,but good defences and speed.It's weak to three gyms,and can barely damage another,and it will need lots of support to take down most pokemon that aren't weak to grass,since it has just grass and normal moves to attack with.

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