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    Pokemon Comparison FAQ by Magicxgame

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction
      1. Ranking Guidelines
    2. In-Game Tier List
    3. In-Game 101: A Refresher
      1. Don't Use a Full Team
      2. Diverse Movesets are Grossly Overrated In-Game
      3. Using Legendary Pokémon isn't a Sin
      4. "Good" and "Bad" Attacks In-Game
      5. Seriously, Use Items
      6. Set Up on Leads and Sweep
    4. Abbreviations
    5. Pokémon Reviews
      1. #000 Victini
      2. #001-003 Snivy Family
      3. #004-006 Tepig Family
      4. #007-009 Oshawott Family
      5. #010-011 Patrat Family
      6. #012-013 Purrloin Family
      7. #014-016 Pidove Family
      8. #017-019 Sewaddle Family
      9. #020-021 Sunkern Family
      10. #022-024 Lillipup Family
      11. #025-027 Mareep Family
      12. #028-029 Psyduck Family
      13. #030-032 Azurill Family
      14. #033-034 Riolu Family
      15. #035 Dunsparce
      16. #036 Audino
      17. #037-038 Pansage Family
      18. #039-040 Pansear Family
      19. #041-042 Panpour Family
      20. #043-045 Venipede Family
      21. #046-047 Koffing Family
      22. #048-050 Magnemite Family
      23. #051-101: Growlithe-Krookodile
      24. #051-052 Growlithe Family
      25. #053-055 Magby Family
      26. #056-058 Elekid Family
      27. #059-060 Rattata Family
      28. #061-063 Zubat Family
      29. #064-065 Grimer Family
      30. #066-067 Woobat Family
      31. #068-070 Roggenrola Family
      32. #071-072 Onix Family
      33. #073-075 Timburr Family
      34. #076-077 Drilbur Family
      35. #078-079 Skitty Family
      36. #080-081 Buneary Family
      37. #082-083 Cottonee Family
      38. #084-085 Petilil Family
      39. #086-087 Munna Family
      40. #088-090 Cleffa Family
      41. #091-098 Eevee Family
      42. #099-101 Sandile Family
      43. #102-150: Darumaka-Floatzel
      44. #102-103 Darumaka Family
      45. #104 Basculin
      46. #105-106 Trubbish Family
      47. #107-108 Minccino Family
      48. #109-110 Rufflet Family
      49. #110 Braviary (Route 4)
      50. #111-112 Vullaby Family
      51. #112 Mandibuzz (Route 4)
      52. #113-114 Sandshrew Family
      53. #115-116 Dwebble Family
      54. #117-118 Scraggy Family
      55. #119 Maractus
      56. #120 Sigilyph
      57. #121-123 Trapinch Family
      58. #124-125 Yamask Family
      59. #126-129 Tirtouga-Archeops
      60. #130-132 Klink Family
      61. #133-135 Budew Family
      62. #136-138 Gothita Family
      63. #139-141 Solosis Family
      64. #142-143 Combee Family
      65. #144 Emolga
      66. #145 Heracross
      67. #146 Pinsir
      68. #147-148 Blitzle Family
      69. #149-150 Buizel Family
      70. #151-200: Zorua-Landorus
      71. #151-152 Zorua Family
      72. #153-154 Ducklett Family
      73. #155-156 Karrablast Family
      74. #157-158 Shelmet Family
      75. #159-160 Deerling Family
      76. #161-162 Foongus Family
      77. #163 Castform
      78. #164-165 Nosepass Family
      79. #166-168 Aron Family
      80. #169-170 Baltoy Family
      81. #172 Volcarona (Relic Castle)
      82. #173-174 Joltik Family
      83. #175-176 Ferroseed Family
      84. #177-179 Tynamo Family
      85. #180-181 Frillish Family
      86. #182 Alomomola
      87. #183-185 Axew Family
      88. #186 Zangoose
      89. #187 Seviper
      90. #188-189 Elgyem Family
      91. #190-192 Litwick Family
      92. #193-194 Heatmor-Durant
      93. #195-196 Cubchoo Family
      94. #197-200 Cryogonal-Landorus
      95. #201-249: Skorupi-Ninetales
      96. #201-202 Skorupi Family
      97. #203 Skarmory
      98. #204-205 Numel Family
      99. #206-207 Spoink Family
      100. #208-209 Drifloon Family
      101. #210-211 Shuppet Family
      102. #212-213 Pelipper Family
      103. #214 Lunatone
      104. #215 Solrock
      105. #216 Absol
      106. #217-218 Tangela Family
      107. #219-220 Mienfoo Family
      108. #221-222 Gligar Family
      109. #223-224 Pawniard Family
      110. #225 Cobalion
      111. #226 Virizion
      112. #227 Terrakion
      113. #228-231 Tympole-Stunfisk
      114. #232 Shuckle
      115. #233-234 Mantyke Family
      116. #235-236 Remoraid Family
      117. #237 Corsola
      118. #238-239 Staryu Family
      119. #240-241 Wailmer Family
      120. #242 Lapras
      121. #243-245 Spheal Family
      122. #246-247 Swablu Family
      123. #248-249 Vulpix Family
      124. #250-300: Bronzor-Genesect
      125. #250-251 Bronzor Family
      126. #252-253 Sneasel Family
      127. #254 Delibird
      128. #255-257 Vanillite Family
      129. #258-260 Swinub Family
      130. #261 Ditto
      131. #262-264 Beldum Family
      132. #265-266 Seel Family
      133. #267 Throh
      134. #268 Sawk
      135. #269 Bouffalant
      136. #270 Druddigon
      137. #271-272 Golett Family
      138. #273-275 Deino Family
      139. #276-297 Kyurem
      140. #298 Keldeo
      141. 299 Meloetta
      142. #300 Genesect
    6. Notable Item Locations
      1. Quick Flowchart
      2. Held/Evolutionary Item Locations
      3. TM Locations
      4. Battle Subway/Pokémon World Tournament Items
      5. Rare Candy Locations
      6. Heart Scale Locations
    7. Move Tutors
      1. PWT tutors
      2. Opelucid Tutor
      3. Driftveil Tutor
      4. Lentimas Tutor
      5. Humilau Tutor
    8. Helpful Links
    9. Credits
    10. To-Do List
    11. Contact Info
    12. Legal Information
    13. Version History

    Pokémon Reviews (Continued)

    Name: Deino -> Zweilous -> Hydreigon

    Type: Dark/Dragon

    Ability: Hustle for Deino and Zweilous; Levitate for Hydreigon

    Evolution: Evolves at level 50; evolves at level 64

    Base Stats:


    First Encountered: You can encounter Zweilous in Victory Road.

    Rating: Bottom (see below if you really want to use a Hydreigon)

    Finally! This is the last review of the FAQ. Unfortunately, we end on a whimper rather a bang. The Deino line is similar to Fire Emblem's "Est" archetype: a character that comes very late and underleveled, but has great potential. While inexperienced Fire Emblem players hype Ests like crazy due to the potential, more experienced players consider Ests to be terrible characters since they just drag your current team down and siphon valuable experience. That describes the Deino line perfectly.

    Hydreigon's stats are amazing; it has excellent Special Attack and great Speed, and no stat dips below 90. However, you probably won't even have a Hydreigon during the storyline, as Zweilous evolves all the way at level 64. You can comfortably clear the Pokémon League with Pokémon in the high 50s, so you have to overlevel to get a Hydreigon in the first place. It's worth noting that Zweilous has the most powerful physical attacks of any Dragon-type due to Hustle, even outdamaging "uber" Pokémon such as Rayquaza and Zekrom. However, its Speed and defenses are low, and its attacks are inaccurate to Hustle. An item can only take care of one of these problems, so Zweilous is stuck with crap defenses or crap accuracy. To make matters worse, Zweilous arrives at level 49-50 and arrives at the end of Victory Road, so you have to baby it by 14-15 levels if you want a Hydreigon!

    To be fair, I should note that you don't have to baby a Zweilous for 14-15 levels. If you have a stash of Rare Candies, you can seriously cut down on the training process. For instance, I had eight Rare Candies at the end of my first Black 2 playthrough, so I would only have to raise my Zweilous by six to seven levels. Now, some may cry, "Favoritism!" However, the game doesn't care: if you want to use an overleveled Hydreigon during the storyline, go right ahead. That being said, you should just dump the Rare Candies on the trusty team you've been using and not waste your time with the dragon that's late to the party.

    Zweilous starts with Dragon Pulse, which will be useful when you finally get a Hyderigon. Dragon Rush is a powerful physical Dragon attack, but its 60% accuracy under Hustle is appalling. You can reteach Zweilous Crunch. There are no other notable attacks for the line.

    If you get a Hydreigon, teach it Dark Pulse immediately. Draco Meteor is an obscenely powerful special Dragon attack, though it lowers Hydreigon's Special Attack by two stages. Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Surf, Earth Power, and even Aqua Tail and Superpower are other options.

    Sadly, Hydreigon isn't suited for the in-game environment at all. Granted, it's more reasonable to get a Hydreigon during the storyline than in Black/White. If you really want to spend the time raising a Zweilous, Hydreigon will burninate everything it comes across. However, you have to seriously baby and overlevel Zweilous in order for it to turn into a competent Pokémon, and there's little point in wasting all of that time when you could simply stomp the Pokémon League with your current team.

    #276-297 Kyurem

    The Slakoth, Corphish, Igglybuff, Lickitung, Yanma, Tropius, Carnivine, Croagunk, Larvitar, Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem lines are unavailable during the storyline. Yes, all of them.

    Type: Water/Fighting

    Ability: Justified

    Base Stats:


    First Encountered: Nowhere; you have to trade it from Black/White.

    Rating: Top

    Although Keldeo cannot be obtained during the storyline, it gets a special review since there are Keldeo distributions around the world to promote BW2's release. Obviously, some people will want to use it during the storyline. Since you have to trade Keldeo to BW2, I won't make any assumptions about its starting level or moveset. You can trade it to BW2 as soon as you get your first Gym Badge and receive the C-Gear, so if you trade Keldeo in ASAP, it will be phenomenal even if it's at its starting level of 15. Since Keldeo is a traded Pokémon, it will gain boosted experience, which makes up for its slow growth. Keldeo has an amazing stat spread; Attack is the only stat that dips below the 90 mark, and even its Attack will be strong in the early game.

    Keldeo starts off with three STAB attacks. BubbleBeam is a strong attack early on, especially coming off of Keldeo's amazing Special Attack, and will tide it over until you get the Surf HM. Double Kick is a respectable attack; it's too bad that you can only obtain Keldeo after defeating Cheren, though. Aqua Jet is mostly filler, since BubbleBeam will suffice. Aqua Tail (level 37) is okay, but Keldeo should already know Surf, and its Attack should start to falter around this time. Sacred Sword (level 43) is an excellent Fighting attack despite Keldeo's lacking Attack stat. Swords Dance (level 49) boosts Keldeo's Attack to respectable levels, allowing it to pull off Aqua Tail and Sacred Sword successfully.

    Surf is a staple for Keldeo. Unfortunately, it cannot learn Ice Beam, but Icy Wind can be an okay replacement. Work Up allows Keldeo to pull off a mixed set.

    Before trading Keldeo to BW2, I recommend teaching it Secret Sword in Black/White's Moor of Icirrus. (It can also be learned in the Pledge Grove near Floccesy Town in BW2.) Secret Sword is an 85 power special Fighting attack that targets the foe's Defense, and changes Keldeo to its Resolution Forme in BW2 (which is simply an aesthetic change). Slap on Calm Mind while you're at it.

    Keldeo's major matchups actually aren't notable. It will steamroll Roxie due to its absurd stats and does very well against Clay, but Burgh's Swadloon line, Elesa, and Skyla will give it trouble. It does well against Grimsley and half of the Champion's team, though. Still, with its excellent base stats, that's not a big drawback.

    Needless to say, Keldeo is an amazing Pokémon. Despite its shallow in-game movepool, it will level up quickly due to its boosted experience, and its base stats are disgustingly overpowered if you trade it into your game ASAP. However, you didn't need me to tell you that, right?

    299 Meloetta

    Meloetta cannot be caught in BW2.

    Type: Bug/Steel

    Ability: Download

    Base Stats:


    First Encountered: Nowhere; it can be downloaded in certain countries from the games' release until November 12, 2012.

    Rating: Top

    Genesect is the second Pokémon to receive a special review. Unlike Keldeo, Genesect can be downloaded directly onto BW2. It comes at level 15, so it will obey as soon as you get the Basic Badge. If you receive Genesect as soon as possible, you will flat out destroy the game (assuming it obeys). The Bolt Badge allows Pokémon up to level 50 to obey, while the subsequent three Badges will increase the obedience levels by increments of 10, so you can go nuts with Genesect without any reprecussions as soon as you beat Elesa. Keep in mind that Genesect will also receive boosted experience since it's considered an outsider Pokémon.

    All of Genesect's stats apart from HP are excellent, and its great defenses and typing make up for its subpar HP. While Bug/Steel isn't the best offensive typing, Genesect's excellent attacking stats make up for it, and Download only increases its massive damage output.

    Genesect doesn't have the greatest starting movepool in the world. Techno Blast is Genesect's answer to Arceus' Judgment: it's an 85 power special Normal attack that changes type depending on the Drive that Genesect is holding. Burn Drive changes Techno Blast to a Fire-type move, Douse Drive changes the attack to a Water-type move, Chill Drive changes the attack to an Ice-type move, and Shock Drive changes the attack to an Electric-type move. Unfortunately, Techno Blast is a poor man's Judgment; not only is the attack weaker and more limited, three of the moves are inferior to Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and Flamethrower. These moves are obtained late in the storyline, but the Drives aren't obtained in the storyline period. You can always trade the Drives in from Black/White, though, so Techno Blast may have some use. Magnet Bomb is strong early on, but its power wanes as the gaame progresses. SolarBeam is a pretty crappy attack unless you're using a gimmicky sun-based Genesect. Signal Beam is the best move of the lot, as it will tide Genesect over until it receives more powerful Bug attacks.

    Genesect only learns two notable moves naturally: X-Scissor (level 51) and the far superior Bug Buzz (level 55), which is more powerful and has an additional side effect. You can reteach Screech and Metal Sound to Genesect, but it should already have enough firepower.

    Genesct learns a slew of attacks. Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Flamethrower, Energy Ball, and Giga Drain are all notable special attacks, while Iron Head is a solid physical STAB. If you're willing to give your Genesect Black/White moves, I recommend teaching it Flash Cannon, which is unavailable during the storyline.

    Needless to say, Genesect will dominate due to its starting level and fantastic stats. The Virbank Gym, Caitlin, and Marshal in particular will crumple.

    It doesn't require a Pokémon PhD to realize that Genesect is a godly Pokémon. It will absolutely ravage the storyline, especially if you trade it to Black/White and deck it out beforehand. If you want to eliminate what little challenge BW2 has, go ahead and let Genesect anhiliate everything in its path.

    Notable Item Locations

    This is not a comprehensive item list. Only TMs and notable items that can be obtained during the storyline are listed. Most of this data was taken from www.serebii.net.

    Basic Badge Items

    • Floccesy Ranch: TM21 (Frustration)
    • Aspertia Gym: TM83 (Work Up)

    Toxic Badge Items

    • Aspertia City: TM27 (Return)
    • Virbank Complex: TM46 (Thief), TM94 (Rock Smash), Silk Scarf
    • Virbank Gym: TM09 (Venoshock)

    =Insect Badge Items

    • Virbank City: HM01 (Cut)
    • Castelia Sewers: TM41 (Torment), HM04 (Strength), Black Sludge, Leftovers, TwistedSpoon
    • Castelia City: TM44 (Rest), TM45 (Attract), TM70 (Flash), one of Miracle Seed/Charcoal/Mystic Water, Amulet Coin, Charcoal, Eviolite, Exp. Share, Miracle Seed, Quick Claw, Scope Lens
    • Relic Path: Hard Stone
    • Castelia Gym: TM76 (Struggle Bug)

    Bolt Badge Items

    • Route 4: TM28 (Dig), Mystic Water, Wide Lens
    • Desert Resort: Fire Stone, Soft Sand
    • Relic Castle: TM39 (Rock Tomb)
    • Nimbasa City: TM16 (Light Screen), TM33 (Reflect), TM49 (Echoed Voice), TM73 (Thunder Wave), TM74 (Gyro Ball), Soothe Bell, Sun Stone
    • Route 16: TM66 (Payback)
    • Lostlorn Forest: TM95 (Snarl), Leaf Stone
    • Nimbasa Gym: TM72 (Volt Switch)

    Quake Badge Items

    • Route 5: HM02 (Fly)
    • Driftveil City: TM63 (Embargo), Expert Belt, Shell Bell
    • Driftveil Gym: TM78 (Bulldoze)

    Jet Badge Items

    • Clay Road: Metal Coat
    • Relic Path: Rocky Helmet
    • Relic Castle: Sun Stone
    • Route 6: HM03 (Surf), TM56 (Fling), Moon Stone, Shiny Stone
    • Mistralton Cave: TM80 (Rock Slide)
    • Route 19 (Surf): Expert Belt
    • Aspertia City (Surf): TM53 (Energy Ball)
    • Chargestone Cave: Magnet, ThunderStone
    • Mistralton City: TM07 (Hail), TM11 (Sunny Day), TM18 (Rain Dance), TM37 (Sandstorm), TM58 (Sky Drop), Master Ball
    • Route 7: TM81 (X-Scissor), Leaf Stone
    • Celestial Tower: TM61 (Will-o-Wisp), TM65 (Shadow Claw), Lucky Egg
    • Mistralton Gym: TM62 (Acrobatics)

    Legend Badge Items

    • Mistralton City: TM40 (Aerial Ace)
    • Lentimas Town: TM57 (Charge Beam), Fire Stone
    • Reversal Mountain: TM30 (Shadow Ball), TM54 (False Swipe), TM69 (Rock Polish), Toxic Orb (Black 2)/Flame Orb (White 2)
    • Abyssal Ruins: All elemental plates (requires Dive)
    • Lacunosa Town: TM14 (Blizzard), TM25 (Thunder), TM38 (Fire Blast)
    • Route 13: TM29 (Psychic)
    • Route 9 Dept. Store: TM15 (Hyper Beam), TM68 (Giga Impact)
    • Opelucid Gym: TM82 (Dragon Tail)

    Wave Badge Items

    • Marine Tube: TM42 (Facade)
    • Seigaiha Gym: TM55 (Scald)

    Giant Chasm

    • Route 23: TM05 (Roar), TM12 (Taunt), TM35 (Flamethrower)
    • Seaside Cave: TM06 (Toxic)
    • Plasma Frigate: TM67 (Retaliate), Magmarizer (Black 2)/Electirizer (White 2)
    • Giant Chasm: TM03 (Psyshock), TM13 (Ice Beam), Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Razor Claw


    • Abundant Shrine: TM92 (Trick Room)
    • Victory Road: TM01 (Hone Claws), TM24 (Thunderbolt), TM93 (Wild Charge), HM05 (Waterfall)
    • Pokémon League: Dusk Stone

    Held/Evolutionary Item Locations

    You cannot find the NeverMeltIce during the storyline, so do not contact me about this.

    • All Flutes: One random flute once per day from a Route 13 NPC
    • All Gems: Randomly in dust clouds
    • All Incenses: Driftveil City
    • All Plates: Abyssal Ruins (can be accessed early by using a Pokémon with Dive)
    • All Power items: Subway/PWT. A Power Lens can be received on Route 13 in Black 2, while a Power Band is received in White 2.
    • All Shards: Receive one random Shard after losing in PWT; randomly in dust clouds
    • Absorb Bulb: Subway/PWT
    • Air Balloon: Driftveil City; Subway/PWT
    • Amulet Coin: Castelia City
    • Big Root: Driftveil City
    • Binding Band: PWT
    • Black Belt: Throh (5%), Sawk (5%)
    • Black Sludge: Castelia Sewers; Grimer line (5%), Trubbish line (5%)
    • BlackGlasses: Castelia City
    • BrightPowder: Subway/PWT
    • Cell Battery: Subway/PWT
    • Charcoal: Castelia City NPC; Castelia City
    • Choice Band: Subway/PWT
    • Choice Scarf: Subway/PWT
    • Choice Specs: Subway/PWT
    • Destiny Knot: Castelia City
    • Dragon Fang: Victory Road; Druddigon (5%)
    • Dusk Stone: Strange House; Victory Road; randomly in dustclouds
    • Eject Button: Subway/PWT
    • Electirizer: Plasma Frigate (Black 2)
    • Elixir: Route 6; Route 7; Reversal Mountain; 1% chance from a level 61-80 Pokémon with Pickup
    • Ether: Castelia City; Virbank Complex; PWT (found normally, not bought)
    • Everstone: Driftveil City; Roggenrola line (50%)
    • Eviolite: Castelia City
    • Exp. Share: Castelia City
    • Expert Belt: Route 19 (Surf); Driftveil City; Throh (1%), Sawk (1%)
    • Fire Stone: Desert Resort; Lentimas Town; Subway/PWT
    • Flame Orb: Reversal Mountain (White 2); Subway/PWT
    • Float Stone: Opelucid City
    • Focus Band: Subway/PWT
    • Focus Sash: Subway/PWT
    • Grip Claw: Route 4; Sneasel line (50%)
    • Hard Stone: Relic Path; Corsola (5%), Nosepass line (5%), Aron line (5%), Roggenrola line (5%), Dwebble line (5%)
    • Iron Ball: Subway/PWT; 1% chance from a level 31-50 Pokémon with Pickup
    • King's Rock: 1% chance from a level 11-30 Pokémon with Pickup
    • Leaf Stone: Route 7; Lostlorn Forest; Subway/PWT; randomly in dustclouds
    • Leftovers: Castelia Sewers; 1% chance from level 81-100 Pokémon with Pickup
    • Life Orb: Subway/PWT
    • Light Clay: Golett and Golurk (5%)
    • Lucky Egg: Celestial Tower; 1% chance from a level 41-60 Pokémon with Pickup
    • Macho Brace: Route 16
    • Magmarizer: Plasma Frigate (Black 2)
    • Magnet: Chargestone Cave
    • Max Elixir: Plasma Frigate, two in Victory Road
    • Max Ether: Route 13, Desert Resort, Village Bridge
    • Max Revive: Abundant Shrine, Route 20 (requires Surf, autumn only), Plasma Frigate, two in Victory Road; 4% chance from a level 71-90 Pokémon with Pickup, 10% chance from a level 91-100 Pokémon with Pickup
    • Mental Herb: Sewaddle, Swadloon, and Leavanny (5%)
    • Metal Coat: Chargestone Cave; Magnemite line (5%), Metang line (5%), Bronzor line (5%)
    • Metal Powder: Ditto (5%)
    • Metronome: Lacunosa Town
    • Miracle Seed: Castelia City NPC; Castelia City; Maractus (5%)
    • Moon Stone: Route 6; two in Giant Chasm; Clefairy line (5%), Lunatone (5%); randomly in dustclouds; 4% chance from level 41-60 Pokémon with Pickup, 10% chance from level 61-100 Pokémon with Pickup
    • Muscle Band: Subway/PWT
    • Miracle Water: Castelia City NPC; Route 4; Castform (100%)
    • Poison Barb: Route 22; Roselia line (5%), Skorupi line (5%), Venipede line (5%), Vespiquen only (5%)
    • Quick Claw: Castelia City; Sandshrew line (5%), Zangoose (5%), Sneasel line (5%)
    • Quick Powder: Ditto (50%)
    • Razor Claw: Giant Chasm; Subway/PWT
    • Razor Fang: Subway/PWT
    • Red Card: Subway/PWT
    • Ring Target: Opelucid City
    • Rocky Helmet: Relic Path; PWT (found normally, not bought)
    • Scope Lens: Castelia City; Subway/PWT
    • Sharp Beak: Mistralton City
    • Shed Shell: Scraggy line (5%)
    • Shell Bell: Driftveil City
    • Shiny Stone: Route 6; Undella Town; Abandoned Shrine; randomly in dustclouds; 4% chance from level 31-60 Pokémon with Pickup, 10% chance from level 61-100 Pokémon with Pickup
    • Silk Scarf: Virbank Complex
    • SilverPowder: Volcarona (100%)
    • Smoke Ball: Opelucid City; Koffing line (5%)
    • Soft Sand: Desert Resort; Trapinch only (5%)
    • Soothe Bell: Nimbasa City
    • Spell Tag: Lentimas Town; Strange House; Banette line (5%), Yamask line (5%)
    • Sticky Barb: Route 20; Ferroseed line (5%)
    • Sun Stone: Relic Castle; Nimbasa Gym; Giant Chasm; Solrock (5%); randomly in dustclouds
    • ThunderStone: Nimbasa City; Chargestone Cave; Subway/PWT; randomly in dustclouds
    • Toxic Orb: Reversal Mountain (Black 2); Subway/PWT
    • TwistedSpoon: Castelia Sewers
    • Water Stone: Route 19 (Surf); Subway/PWT; randomly in dustclouds
    • White Herb: Subway/PWT
    • Wide Lens: Route 4; Subway/PWT
    • Wise Glasses: Subway/PWT
    • Zoom Lens: Subway/PWT

    TM Locations

    78 out of the 95 TMs are available during the storyline. 60 TMs can be found normally, while 18 can be purchased at the Battle Subway or Pokémon World Tournament.

    TMName of TMLocation
    TM01Hone ClawsVictory Road
    TM03PsyshockGiant Chasm
    TM05RoarRoute 23
    TM06ToxicSeaside Cave
    TM07HailMistralton Poke Mart
    TM09VenoshockDefeat Roxie
    TM10Hidden PowerSubway/PWT
    TM11Sunny DayMistralton Poke Mart
    TM12TauntRoute 23
    TM13Ice BeamGiant Chasm
    TM14BlizzardLacunosa Poke Mart
    TM15Hyper BeamRoute 9 Dept. Store
    TM16Light ScreenNimbasa Poke Mart
    TM18Rain DanceMistralton Poke Mart
    TM21FrustrationFloccesy Ranch
    TM23Smack DownSubway/PWT
    TM24ThunderboltVictory Road
    TM25ThunderLacunosa Poke Mart
    TM27ReturnAspertia City
    TM28DigRoute 4
    TM29PsychicRoute 13
    TM30Shadow BallReversal Mountain
    TM31Brick BreakSubway/PWT
    TM32Double TeamSubway/PWT
    TM33ReflectMistralton Poke Mart
    TM34Sludge WaveSubway/PWT
    TM35FlamethrowerRoute 23
    TM37SandstormMistralton Poke Mart
    TM38Fire BlastLacunosa Poke Mart
    TM39Rock TombRelic Castle
    TM40Aerial AceMistralton City
    TM41TormentCastelia Sewers
    TM42FacadeMarine Tube
    TM44RestCastelia City
    TM45AttractCastelia City
    TM46ThiefVirbank Complex
    TM49Echoed VoiceNimbasa City
    TM51Ally SwitchSubway/PWT
    TM53Energy BallAspertia City (Surf)
    TM54False SwipeReversal Mountain
    TM55ScaldDefeat Marlon
    TM56FlingRoute 6
    TM57Charge BeamLentimas Town
    TM58Sky DropMistralton City
    TM61Will-o-WispCelestial Tower
    TM62AcrobaticsDefeat Skyla
    TM63EmbargoDriftveil City
    TM65Shadow ClawCelestial Tower
    TM66PaybackRoute 16
    TM67RetaliatePlasma Frigate
    TM68Giga ImpactRoute 9 Dept. Store
    TM69Rock PolishReversal Mountain
    TM70FlashCastelia City
    TM72Volt SwitchDefeat Elesa
    TM73Thunder WaveNimbasa Poke Mart
    TM74Gyro BallNimbasa Poke Mart
    TM75Swords DanceSubway/PWT
    TM76Struggle BugDefeat Burgh
    TM77Psych UpSubway/PWT
    TM78BulldozeDefeat Clay
    TM79Frost BreathSubway/PWT
    TM80Rock SlideMistralton Cave
    TM81X-ScissorRoute 7
    TM82Dragon TailDefeat Drayden
    TM83Work UpDefeat Cheren
    TM92Trick RooomAbundant Shrine
    TM93Wild ChargeVictory Road
    TM94Rock SmashVirbank Complex
    TM95SnarlLostlorn Forest

    Battle Subway/Pokémon World Tournament Items

    • 1 BP: Protein, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Carbos, HP Up
    • 3 BP: Fire Stone, Thunderstone, Water Stone, Leaf Stone
    • 6 BP: TM17 (Protect), TM20 (Safeguard), TM32 (Double Team), TM59 (Incinerate)
    • 8 BP: Scope Lens, Wide Lens, Muscle Band, Wise Glasses, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Binding Band
    • 12 BP: TM31 (Brick Break), TM79 (Frost Breath), TM89 (U-turn), Focus Band, Zoom Lens, Iron Ball, Air Balloon
    • 16 BP: Power Bracer, Power Belt, Power Lens, Power Band, Power Anklet, Power Weight, Toxic Orb, Flame Orb, White Herb, Power Herb, Absorb Bulb, Cell Battery, Red Card, Eject Button
    • 18 BP: TM10 (Hidden Power), TM23 (Smack Down), TM75 (Swords Dance), TM87 (Swagger), TM88 (Pluck)
    • 24 BP: TM34 (Sludge Wave), TM51 (Ally Switch), TM60 (Quash), TM64 (Explosion), TM77 (Psych Up), Choice Band, Choice Specs, Choice Scarf, Focus Sash, Life Orb, Rare Candy

    Rare Candy Locations

    1. Castelia City: Find all of the clowns; defeat seven trainers on the Royal Unova during Sunday (can be done repeatedly)
    2. Relic Path: Enter through the Pokémon World Tournament entrance and enter a small cave
    3. Route 20: Enter the island near a Pokémon Ranger with a Deerling and a Scolipede. This island can only be accessed with Surf during autumn.
    4. Virbank City: Located to the west of the Pokémon Center, requires Surf
    5. Strange House: On the second floor
    6. Route 12: Hidden near the tallest hill
    7. Village Bridge: In the northeast corner near the forested area
    8. Route 22: Fall off of the wooden bridge beside Terrakion
    9. Seaside Cave: Solve the boulder puzzle in the basement
    10. Route 23: Hidden across a bridge by the Ace Trainer with a Swanna and Galvantula
    11. Abundant Shrine: Located next to the Pokémon Breeder that gives you a Funfest Mission
    12. Victory Road: Across a pool in the second floor of the cave
    13. Victory Road: Near the Battle Girl with a Throh and Sawk

    A level 21-40 Pokémon with Pickup (Lillipup) has a 4% chance of finding a Rare Candy if Pickup activates, while a level 41-100 Pokémon with Pickup has a 10% chance. Keep in mind that Pickup only has a 10% chance of activating, so the actual chances of finding a Rare Candy are .4% and 1% respectively. Rare Candies can also be purchased at the Subway/PWT.

    Heart Scale Locations

    1. Castelia City: On the southern part of Prime Pier
    2. Castelia Sewers: By the Relic Path entrance
    3. Desert Resort: North of the Relic Castle
    4. Relic Castle: Fall into the sand, the Scale will be right underneath
    5. Route 6: East of the Pokémon Breeder with a Minccino and Deerling; requires Surf
    6. Undella Town: Hidden in the beach
    7. Undella Bay: Hidden on the northeast part of the shore
    8. Route 13: In the sand near an Ace Trainer with a Delcatty and Eelektrik
    9. Humilau City: In the north of town southeast of a Lady; hidden in the north of town south of a Lady and by a Swimmer
    10. Humilau City: Hidden in the north of town south of a Lady and by a Swimmer
    11. Seaside Cave: On the first floor on a small island
    12. Route 23: Outside of the house where an Ace Trainer heals your Pokémon

    A level 51-70 Pokémon with Pickup (Lillipup) has a 4% chance of finding a Heart Scale if Pickup activates, while a level 71-100 Pokémon with Pickup has a 10% chance. Keep in mind that Pickup only has a 10% chance of activating, so the actual chances of finding a Heart Scale are .4% and 1% respectively.

    PWT tutors

    All of these moves can be taught for free.

    Grass Pledge
    Fire Pledge
    Water Pledge
    Frenzy Plant
    Blast Burn
    Hydro Cannon

    Opelucid Tutor

    Draco MeteorA Dragon-type with high happiness

    Driftveil Tutor

    All of these moves cost Red Shards. You can receive ten Red Shards for free in the Nimbasa Pokémon Center.

    Bug Bite2
    Drill Run4
    Signal Beam4
    Iron Head4
    Super Fang6
    Seed Bomb6
    Dual Chop6
    Low Kick8
    Gunk Shot8
    Ice Punch10
    Fire Punch10

    Lentimas Tutor

    All of these moves cost Blue Shards.

    Last Resort2
    Iron Defense2
    Magnet Rise4
    Magic Coat4
    Hyper Voice6
    Icy Wind6
    Iron Tail6
    Aqua Tail8
    Earth Power8
    Zen Headbutt8
    Foul Play8
    Dragon Pulse10
    Dark Pulse10

    Humilau Tutor

    Heal Bell4
    Knock Off4
    Sky Attack8
    Role Play8
    Heat Wave10
    Giga Drain10
    Drain Punch10
    Pain Split

    Helpful Links

    Serebii (www.serebii.net) - If you need general Black/White 2 help, the main website is the place to go. Some helpful links include:

    • http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/gyms.shtml - Gym Leader rosters and movesets.
    • http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/elitefour.shtml - Elite Four rosters and movesets.
    • http://www.serebii.net/pokearth/unova/ - General trainers and Pokémon listings.
    • http://www.serebii.net/Pokédex-bw/ - Generation V Pokédex

    Bulbapedia (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/) - Bulbapedia also has plenty of information and a helpful Firefox search plug-in, although its Generation V info generally isn't up to snuff as the previous generations. It's better and more in-depth than Serebii for general Pokémon knowledge, though.

    Other walkthroughs - Marriland (http://Pokémon.marriland.com/black2_white2/walkthrough/basic-badge/opening) and RedisPoetic's (http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/661226-pokemon-black-version-2/faqs) GameFAQs walkthroughs are both great resources for getting through the game. Marriland has playthrough videos for visual aid and links to various Pokémon spread throughout his walkthrough, while RedisPoetic's walkthrough is just a couple of clicks away and fills in some holes in Marriland's walkthrough.


    • Smogon forums (www.smogon.com/forums): I'm pretty sure that Mekkah's in-game tier list threads started the whole Pokémon in-game tiering craze. There's currently a BW2 In-Game tier thread in the Orange Islands subforum (which I didn't consult while reading this guide; if I missed something important, sorry guys!).
    • Drayano (http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Drayano/) : His Pokémon Black/White FAQ was the first FAQ I read that gave detailed analyses and recommendations for in-game Pokémon. Plus, his excellent FAQ helped me out all through the game. If he ever makes a BW2 FAQ, I highly recommend it.
    • Marriland (http://pokemon.marriland.com/): I was stunned by his Black/White walkthrough. While the walkthrough itself is fine, it contained the best in-game analyses I've ever seen, bar none. I carefully followed his BW2 FAQ while playing and writing this guide, which helped me to make some decisions for my own reviews. Plus, he gave me the idea of using the Battle Subway during the storyline. (No information was lifted from his guide.)
    • Serebii (www.serebii.net) : For providing various info. The TM/HM location list and major trainer rosters were the biggest help.
    • Bulbapedia (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net): For providing various info. I mostly consulted the Unova Pokédex and base stat listings.
    • Game Freak, Nintendo, The Pokémon Company: For continuing to produce Pokémon games, which have kept me hooked for 12 years. Also, props to The Pokémon Company for finally cutting down the localization time.

    To-Do List

    • Clean up a couple of the shorter reviews.
    • Add Hidden Grotto and N's Pokémon. I doubt a lot of people use these, so they aren't high priority.
    • Make a general matchup section to avoid repetition.
    • tl;dr reviews for each Pokémon under the tier list

    Contact Info

    I can be contacted at magicfaqguide[at]gmail[dot]com. If this e-mail gets abused, I will remove my contact info. I can also be contacted under the same name at the Smogon forum.

    Please e-mail me about any typos, egregious errors, or general suggestions. Do NOT e-mail me to complain about a Pokémon that's just one tier too high or too low; just calm down.

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    v0.2 (9/2/12, 352 KB) - Typed up In-Game 101, added in preliminary item locations, updated tier list (which I really need to revise)

    v0.3 (9/15/12, 366 KB) - Added in more item locations, typed up "special" Keldeo and Genesect reviews.

    v0.4 (9/17/12, 374 KB) - Finished the storyline items

    v0.5 (9/22/12, 374 KB ) - Revised In-Game 101. Now I just have to clean up the analyses and tier list.

    v0.6 (10/9/12) - My laptop stopped working the week before BW2's release. Wonderful. Fortunately, I got the problem resolved, so hopefully I'll have it up by Sunday if I push through and manage my time wisely. Made the final tier list for the first release.

    v0.7 (10/22/12, 400 KB) - I finished the reviews and added the tutors. When GameFAQs comes back up, this will be the version I'll submit. It could use some more polish, but I want to get this review out while BW2 is still fairly recent.

    v1.0 (10/23/12) - Yay, it's published! Added in some links.

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    v1.02 (11/12/12) - Added indices for each Pokemon and mentioned Aqua Tail under Serperior's review.