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"Better than expected (Some Spoilers and some grammer mistakes I might have not caught)"

When Pokemon Black and White came out in 2011, I was excepting something in the form of Pokemon Grey but when I heard the new that Game freak was going to make Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, I was excited. I breed and ev Trained a team from the Pokemon World Tournament and E4 waiting for months and when it arrived I was not disappointed.

Gameplay 10/10
Pokemon has always been known for impressive battling system that allow you to pit your own Pokemon against other Pokemon in different battle format such as Single, Double and the new Triple and Rotation Battle. This game has improved it variety of battle by making Double Triple and Rotation battles more common than ever before making this Gamefreak attempt to prevent people from steamrolling the whole game with just one of two Pokemon. To be honest they have done a very good job at that. This actually help make the game even more challenging since you have to raise at least three Pokemon to pass certain points of the game as well as selecting on which Pokemon to be good HM slaves to do more than one Hm to save space for your batting Pokemon. The first part of the game does a great job of introducing new player to the world of Pokemon and there are some mini games that will keep the Pokemon battles fresh as such Join Avenue in which you get to create own selection of shop and grow them by recommending the right person to the right shop. Each Battle and trade you do wirelessly or online will add a person to your shop and Pokestar Studios allow to make movies. The Pokemon World Tournament allows you the battle Gym Leader from the past once after you have beaten the game. Hidden Grottos can also be found and they will reward you with Dream World Pokemon depending on the Grottos itself. (You can get Imposter Ditto in the Hidden Grotto in Giant Chasm but they are very rare to get.)

Story 8/10
This could have been the Pokemon game to be great follow up to Pokemon Black and White amazing story, which was actually better some RPG, and I excepted the same but this is the only flaw of the game. the game story is rather lacking to contrast not only to Black and White but to other Pokemon Games. It takes two year after Black and White in which Team Plasma decides to liberate people from Pokemon yet again and they inferred with your journey to get all of the 8 gym badges and to challenge the Elite Four, but some very important character aren't given the care they really need like Corless. He could have been a great character if he given more screen time but the story really is that bad but it's what Pokemon is not known for but it does make up for it by being engaging and that some of the roadblock are just there for humorous moments.

Graphics 9/10
Since this is a…*enters Pokemon battle and is amazed by the graphical improvement of the battle* step aside simple colored circle and blurry background for this game has improved a lot in this area. The battle field has been given a lot of care to the field you can actually see the background and the circle has detail depending on where the Pokemon battle takes place such as moving grass for battle in long grass. The over world has also been improved with the graphical change during the season being more noticeable as well. These changes are very rare to see in a main series Pokemon game will help make the game look better. However the doll styled spite for the character in the over world are start to shoe their age but they aren't that bad.

Music 10/10
The new music will actually convince you to turn on the volume for the first time in to Pokemon game they are composited very well and they dii fit the situations as well. The music in the Pokemon Gyms allows varies in different remixes that add personality to the Gym Leader and the brilliantly put together layout of the gyms themselves. Even the music reused from Pokemon Black of White is still good. The only black of the soundtrack is the music used for The Cave of being which is has one of the worst 4th gen music ever to the point it shoe it age but that is only one stain in a otherwise great collection of music and that is so much variety to the sound track that this game trumps many other RPG in this area.

Replay Value 10/10
Aside from collecting all 649 Pokemon and Battle Subway, there are truckloads of stuff to do such as the: Pokestar Studios, the Pokemon World Tournament, Black Tower (Or White Tree Hallow if you're play Pokemon White 2, Join Avenue (which can be fill easily by trading Magnemite for Magnemite to level up your shop with ease), new places to explore post game, and Hidden Grotto to get your favorite Dream World Pokemon and there are improved breeding mechanics to help breed completion worthy Pokemon for your team. These things will keep you busy for a long while.

Despite the story being a letdown, this game is worthy of being call a masterpiece with wonderful gameplay mechanics, great graphics, perfect soundtrack, and a replay value that will make it last. In the meanwhile there are some “been there, done that” situations that hinder the game but they don't really matter if you came here looking for a good RPG that is worth more than its cost. If you have an itch for a good RPG…GET THIS GAME ASAP for it is well worth the price but if you think Pokemon is stale or you hate Pokemon because of a belief or other reason, avoid it because you don't want it.

Rent or Buy
Just let your own heart decide if this game is worth it for you. I would recommend you buying this game but to rent or to buy this game is your choice to make, my mines.

Rating 9.4/10 (Rounded to 9/10)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/13/12

Game Release: Pokemon Black Version 2 (US, 10/07/12)

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