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"The First Pokemon Sequel Is A Success"

Pokemon Black Version 2(Same with White Version 2) is a sequel to Pokemon Black, and is the first Pokemon game to be a same-generation sequel. Normally there is a third version, but the developers decided to go a different route and gave consumers a second pair... does it work well for Pokemon? Sure, why not.

As one might expect, it's mostly the same as the original Black & White gameplay-wise, but the story takes place a couple years later, and you're playing as a new protagonist with a new rival, and at least 3 new Gym Leaders with two of those gyms being different types (Poison instead of Fire/Water/Grass and Water instead of Ice). Unlike Black & White, you can encounter Pokemon from previous generations such as Psyduck, Mareep, Trapinch, and Riolu, in addition to the 150 new Pokemon introduced in Black & White for a total of 300 Pokemon able to be captured/seen during the main story, with more possible to be captured post-game. The biggest addition is the Pokemon World Tournament (PWT for short), which allows players to challenge gym leaders and champions from the previous games, though the difficulty isn't exactly casual-friendly since they're EV-trained among other things. Still, it makes for the best post-game feature of any Pokemon game to this date, and it adds plenty of incentive to train your Pokemon. As a result of the new gym leaders, the average level caps are higher than in Black & White, which leads to a higher difficulty if you don't train your Pokemon well enough.

Also new to Black & White 2 is PokeStar Studios, which lets you make your own movies using Pokemon actors... it's as entertaining as it sounds, I assure you; It's harmless, but nothing more than a time-waster. Besides the PWT, there are other quests that the player can take on post-game, including capturing old legendary Pokemon such as Lati@s and the Sinnoh Elves, Black City/White Forest, and "Memory Link" exclusive quests like being able to battle your rivals from Black & White, Bianca & Cheren. You can also catch some of N's old Pokemon that he used against you in Black & White, though it's mostly a novelty save for a few exceptions.

Overall, Black & White 2 are direct sequels in name and function, but in many ways they exceed the original games; What more could you ask for in a sequel?

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/15/12

Game Release: Pokemon Black Version 2 (US, 10/07/12)

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