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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chaet_legend

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 04/11/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ()  () U    U        GGGGG IIII    OOOO  H   H !-!
     ()()  U    U       G       II    O    O H   H ! !
      ()   U    U  --   G   GG  II -- O    O HHHHH ! !
      ()   U    U  --   G    G  II -- O    O H   H ! !
      ()   UUUUUU        GGGGG IIII    OOOO  H   H  o
    NNN      N  ()  ()()() H     TTTTTTT MM       MM                   RRR
    N  N     N  II  ()  () H       T T   M M     M M                      R
    N   N    N  II  ()()() H       T T   M  M   M  M          RRRRR  EEEE  R
    N    N   N  II      () HHHHH   T T   M   M M   M          R      E  E  R
    N     N  N  II  () ()  H   H   T T   M    M    M AAA      R      EEEE  R
    N      N N  II () ()   H   H   T T   M         M A  AAA   R      E     R
    N       NN  II  ()     H   H   T_T   M         M AAAA     R       EEE   R
    TTTTTTT RRRRR    OOO          U   U B            DD       OOOOO RRRRR     RRR
      T T   R   R   O   O         U   U B            D D      O   O R    R      R
      T T   R  R    O   O         U   U B            D  D     00000 R   R      R
      T T   RRR      O O   RRRRR  U   U BBBB    A    D  D U  U      RRRR      R
      T T   R  R      O    R      U   U B   B  AAA   D D  U  U      R  R     R
    Hi and Welcome to the guide!  This is my secnd FAQ.  My first one is on GX.
    well, now that you've seen that art, lets get started!
    [ SECTION 1:           ]
    Yu-gi-oh!  NIghtmare Troubadour is the next sequel of Yu-Gi-Oh Games.  So far,
    it ms the only one for the DS, but there are rumours of more coming.  So,
    Nihgtmare troubadour is based on the TV series of Yu-gi-Oh and the TGC.  It
    features all the hit TV characters from all the sereies.  No new ones, however.
    H H     TTT   P P
    HHH ow   T o  PP lay!
    H H      T    P
    The rules of Yu-Gi-Oh! Are listed Below:
    1)  There are Monsters Magic and Traps.
    2)  You can summon Monsters and Set/Activate Magic and traps.
    3)  Only one monster may be summoned per turn.
    4)  Traps have to be set befor activating.
    5)  You may summon a monster in attack mode OR put it in face-down Defence mode.
        You may not place it in Face Up DEF or face down attack, however, you are
        allowed to change the position of a monster, as long as at least a turn has
        past by.
    6)  There is another type of summon called special summon.  You are allowed
        to special summon as many of those as you like.
    I will do a description of a duel now.
    Oh and akso, there are Phases to a turn, but I will explain those as I go
    We shall start.  POTH PLAYERS DRAW FIVE CARDS.
    In the draw phase, you draw one card from your deck.  This is also the time
    to activate cards that can be activated in the draw phase.
    This is when all standby phase cards may be activated.  Also any cards that say
    ' Pay ...... amount of lifepoints in the standby phase... '  Or discard a/more
    thank one card from your hand, MUST BE PAID NOW!  Except if it is stated
    otherwise, the cost is optional.  If not paid, then the card is destroyed.
    Main phase one is when you may NORMAL SUMMON, SET or SPECAIL SUMMON.(Unless
    stated otherwise).  You may normal summon OR set once a turn.  Normal summon,
    means that you place it face up attack mode.  After a turn, you may place it in
    defence position.  If you choose to set, then you place it in facedown DEF
    position.  During your next turn, you may flip them up into attack position,
    then, a turn after that, you may turn  it into a face-up defence position
    A MONSTER IN ATTACK MODE!  You may also set spell's and trap's now.
    The battle phase is when all face up attack position monsters are able to
    attack.  This is an optional phase.  Anyway, I will do a diagram below:
     ______  ______   _______
    [      ][      ] [       ]
    [      ][      ] [       ]
    [ ATK  ][ ATK  ] [ ATK   ]
    [ 3000 ][ 1000 ] [ 1500  ]
    [______][______] [_______]
    Your opponent has one face down mnster on the field.  It has ? defence.  You
    attack it with the 1000 atk monster.  It turns out to have 1100 def. You lose
    LP = to the difference in points.  So 1100-1000 = 100.  You then destroy it
    with the 1500 ATK monster.  Now there are no monsters on the opponents side of
    the field, you may attack them directly!  In other words, your monster takes
    away the the amoint of attack points it has from your opponents LP.  So 3000 -
    (calln it 8000 in this case.) 8000 = 5000.  Get it?
    You do EXACTLY what you do in Main phase one.  If you already have summoned
    a monster, then you may NOT summon another one.  However, you may set as many
    spells and traps as you like.
    All cards that required to be paid / are used in the end phase, are activated
    now.  Then, its your opponents turn
    [ SECTION 2:           ]
    Tables of contents:
    Section 1:  Introduction / rules of Yu-gi-oh!
    Section 2:  Table Of Contents
    Section 3:  Legal Stuff
    Section 4:  Version History
    Section 5:  Walthrough
    Section 6:  Forbidden/Limited list
    Section 7:  COntact me
    Section 8:  Thanks To...
    Section 9:  Combo's
    [ SECTION 3:           ]
    [ LEGAL STUFF!         ]
    This guide is copyright 2006 by Chaet_legend.  Below are the rules:
    @  This may not be reprouduced without my permission.
    @  You may not put this on your site without my permission.
    @  You may not steal it and claim it as your own.
    @  If I do give you permission, which happens sometimes, you MUST give me
    full credit.
    @ Below are the sites eligibal to host this FAQ without my permission:
    @  Bla bla bla *FALLS ASLEEP*
    And thats it with all the negitave stuff!
    [ SECTION 4:           ]
    [ VERSION HISTORY!     ]
    Version 1.0 = Tuesday the 21 of March 2006 / I have finished typing sections
    One To Sixteen.  Lots of stuff included!
    Version 1.1 = Friday 31 of Mach 2006 / Finished Walkthrough. Yay!
    Version 1.2 = Saturady 1 of April 2006 / Added a Combo and I FINALLY managed
    to dig out the code for Magicians Cross/Unite.  In a WCT 2006 FAQ.
    Version 1.3 = Friday 7 of April 2006 / Added a Combo and fixed a spelling mistake.
    Version 1.4 = Wednesday 10 of April 2007 / For the most WTF reason, GameFAQs
    decided to take this guide down (I know, its WTFable).  Maybe becuase I use
    excessive amounts of "Bloody", or I dont update enough.  I'll get the reason
    why if this doesnt re-submitt, or it COULD just be a database error.  It hasnt
    gone down before and I was still getting emails concerning the game yesterday,
    so I guess it happened earlier...
    [ SECTION 5 :          ]
    [ WALKTHROUGH!         ]
    This is the walthrough for the game.  I tells you what happend and when.  This
    takes you through the evnts in the game.
    Part One:  This is the first event in the game.  It may take some time.
    Yami Yugi will appear in either the night or at sunset.  He tells you to stay
    at home, and not to wander around at night.  You say yes.  Finish the day and
    go to sleep.
    Part Two:  You wake up to find your computer saying that you got an email from
    Kaiba Corp.  It tells you the exact same message.
    *NOTE*  From now on, you will start to have random shadow duels at night.
    *NOTE TWO*  For the next event, you must beat Serenity and Dox once each.
    Part Three:  Dox will kidnap Serenity, at night.  Beat him to free her.  He uses
    the same deck that he always uses.  After the LOOOOOOOONG dialog with Yugi and
    Joey, Serenity thanks you, and you return outdoors.
    Part Four:  After this, Para will challenge you to a shadow game at night.  He
    uses an upgraded version of Doxes deck.  He is pretty hard.
    *NOTE*  For the next event, you need to be Level Eight or more!
    Part Five:  Mokuba will wake you up the next morning and invite you to the
    Beginner's Cup Finals.  He says he is beeing nice, because your Level is low.
    Part Six:  The next day, Roland will take you to the beginners cup finals.
    <>Part Seven: BEGINNERS CUP FINALS! <>
    This takes place in a Kaiba Corp. building.  There is a shop, selling all
    thepacks that you have unlocked and also in there is a save book.  USE IT!
    For practice, you are allowed to duel Tea, Serenity and Mai.
    There is a locker room wich they are in and the others are in the
    corridor.  When you are ready, talk to Roland.  You then get taken to
    the duel-arena.  You face a match duel against Joey.  He uses the
    same deck as before (Dice / Warriors).
    He is fairly hard.
    Beat him 2 out of three to then go back to where you were before.  You can do
    the previous things, but whatever you do S-A-V-E!!!!  Talk to Roland again.
    Look familliar?  The finals is against (Suprise, Suprise) Yugi!  This is also
    a match duel.  He uses his standard deck aswell.  Beatn him to get 1000 DP and
    ... told that your other prize has been stolen!!
    (So you, Yugi and Joey decide to look for it.)
    Part Eight:  Find a few people, they will give you a breif description on what
    they look like.  After this, find Joey.  He says that the theif has blonde hair.
    Then he says IT'S NOT ME!  WHY WON'T anyone belive me?!  He then suggests Mai.
    You, and Joey meet up with Yugi and go the shopping destrict.  Then, there is a
    cut-scene, with Mai and Joey having an argument.  Mai then says she hates Joey,
    and runs off.  He then says that he was wrong and also runs off, looking for
    Part Nine:  Wait until night.  Then, find Yami.  You both hear a scream.  You
    run to an old run-down warehouse, to find that Joey lost a shadow duel.  You
    then challenge Bandit Keith to a duel.  He is fairly easy; you should have a
    stein storm in your deck.  Beat him to find out that he is not the theif, and he
    runs off.  Joey, comes back to life!  BOO!!(Sorry about that Joey fans... if
    there are any..................)  You then should go home and sleep.
    Part Ten:  The next morning, Kaiba and Mokuba discuss the theif.  Then, when
    YOU wake up Kaiba tells you (the lazy dog stuff first though...) that he will
    let the duelsits find the theif for him.  He gives you an upgrade to your duel
    disk, which tells you how many stars your opponent has.  Stars are how strong
    an opponent is rated to you.  However, they do change over time, depending on
    their win and loss ratio.
    Part Eleven:  Wait until night.  Then begin to search around for a *** duelist.
    It should be Keith.  But he is not the theif.  so who comes in and you duel him?
    Well... PEGASUS (WHOO HOO!:Q) ) decides to duel you.  he uses a (yep, same as
    ever...)  toon deck!  Beat him in a shadow game to get your 'stolen' prize.  It
    is a pack of rare cards.(Below are them and their passwords:  )
    Silent Magicain Level Four:          73665146.
    Spellcaster's Circle:                00050755.
    Graveyard In The Fourth Dimension:   88089103.
    Kaiba then invites you and Yugi to the expert cup finals.  Joey dose not get
    invited, but he taggs along anyway.
    Part Twelve:  The next morning, Kabia takes you with him on the train.  You can
    now access the second city via train!  Kaiba then explains that the victor will
    be crowned THE NEXT king of games.
    Part Thirteen:  Find Ishizu Ishtar in the second city.  She has around ***.
    Defeat her three times to unlock Yami Bakura as an opponent.  He has around
    ****.  HE IS BLOODY HARD!  But to pass this event you must beat him.  He uses
    a Destiny board/fiend/Necrofaer beatdown.
    *NOTE*  For the next bit, you must have beaten Y B once and be AT LEAST level
    Part Fourteen:  The next day you get an e-mail from Kaiba's Mansion about a
    Party.  Go to the mansion to find that is locked.  Wait Until tommorow's night.
    Then Roland will take you there.
    Part Fifteen:   OK this evnt is REALLY LONG!  Ok, you arrive at Kaiba's Mansion
    and the party lasts 3 seconds.  Then guess who shows up?  Mokuba!  But, whats
    this?  He's been brainwashed.  Noah enters... there is a LOOOOOOOOONG dialoug,
    but after that, you get released back into a 'Virtual' version of your city.
    The night dose not end until this event is completed.  The big five ALL have
    *****.  (Should really have *...).  I defeated them ALL first time with the
    begginers cup deck one.  Then, defeat the first four, and then you will be asked
    if you want to save.  Then, defeat the fith to be taken to an underwater
    millitary base (Nice place Noah!)  Then, you are confronted by Mokuba.  Defeat
    him.  He uses the same deck as he always did.  Then, you have to beat Noah.
    Again, he is quite easy.  And finally, a timed duel against Gozabouro.  In other
    words, beat him in 20 turns, and you live.  He uses an exodia necross deck.  I
    found, that he only played ONE monster in the whole duel and 0 Spell's / Traps'.
    It was a Sangan.  So bla bla bla... Noah says sorry for all that he has done and
    you get released back into the real world.  As you wake up in Kaiba's mansion,
    you get a little present.  A Shinato, King of a higher Plane and a Shinao's Ark!
    Yay!  Then there is a cut-scene with Para, Dox and Pegasus saying where are they.
    Now, you get to duel them in non-shadow games!  Then, you get taken to the
    expert cup Finals!
    <>Part Sixteen: EXPERT CUP FINALS!  <>
    You get taken to a building similar to the one you enterd last time.  Once again
    there is a shop with a save book in it, that you can use.  There is a locker
    room in which a few opponets wait for you.  Also, you may have duels against
    Tea, Serentiy and Mai.  When you feel ready, talk to Roland.  This time, you
    to beat THREE opponents in matches (and their BLOODY HARD too!)  First, you duel
    Rebbeaca and TEDDY! (Yay!)  Her deck is a gravity bind deck with Fire Princess.
    So use Low-Level beatdowns, and you should be fine!  (Shame... no Bad Reaction
    To Simioci...)  Then, you are dragged screaming to watch Joey lose to Yami
    Bakura (No, not his soul!).  Then, its back to the Foyer.  Do what you want but
    save, save, S A V E !  Then, talk to Roland again.   You then have to duel Yami
    Bakura.  OMFG!  He is much harder than Rebecca and the next opponent COMBINED!
    He focuses on Dark Necrofear and Low-Level Feinds!  Then you are dragged
    screaming AGAIN... to watch Yami Yugi THRASH Kaiba.  Then, you go back to the
    waiting room.  SAVE!  Also, try buying some packs to STRENGHTEN your deck.  Then
    when you are ready, talk to Roland.  You then Duel (Surprise, surprise) Yami
    Yugi!  This is a duel where the pride of the king of games is on the line.  His
    dck focuses on Dark Magician.  He is fairly easy, infact, the EASIEST duelist of
    the EC.  Beat him to get 2000 DP and these cards:
    Level Up!:             25290459
    Silent Magiacian LV 8: 72443568
    Magicians Cross:       36045450
    You also get the ability to use ONE forbidden card in your deck (Not one of each
    but one CARD out of the set).  Of course, your opponents also get this ability.
    Part 17:  After this make sure to check the card shop.  There may be a nice
    surprise waiting for you... anyways, look out for Ishizu Ishtar IN THE FIRST
    CITYTHIS TIME! She has around ***.  Anyway, when you find her, she will ask
    you if  you prefer Unity or Power.  Nevertheless, you must face Kaiba
    in a duel. He is a Medium Duelist.  Beat him to get the following:
    |If you said:|     Reward:         |
    |Unity       |Slifer the sky Dragon|
    |Power       |Obelisk the Tormentor|
    Yami Yugi gets the one that you don't get.  Then Ishizu will tell you that the
    3rd Egyptian God Card (The Winged Dragon of Ra) as stolen from her.  Then you
    are asked to retreive it for her.
    *NOTE*  After recieving a God from Ishizu, the rare hunters will start to
    challenge you, at night, to shadow duels.
    Part 18:  In the day, look in the second city for a 0* duelist.  Chances
    are, it will be those RUDDY normal people.  But if you are lucky,
    you will find Namu.(SNEEEEEEZE!) He will tell you that you are a good duelist and
    refuse to duel you.  After a longCut-Scene, you will say, 'What A Weirdo', and
    so will your game!  (What a weirdo Chaet is.  He can't even spell
    his name right . . . OI!)
    Part 19:  This may thake a few WEEKS to do so be PATIENT AND IT WILL HAPPEN!
    At night, walk around A LOT untill you are ambushed by a 'Rare Hunter'
    (Seeker in DDS.)Beat his Exodia deck (No deck needed he is so CRAP...)
    to see him beeing controlled by Marik (Namu... HELP ME!)
    and you have to sit through Long-Cut scene # God knows!
    Yami Yugi then arrives and warns everyone about the rare hunters.
    Part 20:  Look for around a **** in the second city.  It wil be Joey.  Whether you
    have registerd him or not, you still won't see his picture.  Win to learn more about
    Marik's Plans.
    Part 21:  Find Yami Yugi in the day (***** in the second city.)  As you are talking
    to him, a mind controlled Téa appears.  Then, you go seeking for her.
    Look for her *. Defeat her NORMAL deck to free her.  Then Yami tells the group
    to look for strange  people.
    *NOTE*  After Part 22, in the American game, PEGASUS WILL NOT APPEAR!  However, the
    U.K. version seems fine.
    Part 22:  Look for *** in the second city.  Now you find the 'Marik' Person.
    He DOSE NOT stop you from moving.  Beat his Traps deck to find out who the REAL
    Marik is.  (Look at the duelist name when you go to duels the Fake.  He he he...).
    Marik then transforms into Yami Marik.  Then Ishizu will explain that his dark side
    has taken controll (So damn lond that cut-scene...)
    Part 23:  Look for **** in the second city.  It will be evil Joey.  He will refuse to
    duel you, as Marik Explains that a win might harm him.
    Part 24:  Look for Yami Yugi's ***** on the second city.  You tell him of his message.
    Yami then realises that a draw might work.  He then gives you a Ring of Destruction and
    Self-Destruct Button.  'What are these?'  BLOODY HELL!  He just gave you the rarest
    card in the last pack, and you want ot give it back?  GET REAL!
    Part 25:Find Joey's **** in the second city (Don't forget to put those in.)
    Personally, I just let himdamage me then I use S-D-B.  If you win or lose,
    it's GAME OVER!  Then Yami Marik comes to Mock you.
    Part 26:  You have as much time as you want to build a satisfactory deck (Preferaley
    Beat Down.)  Find a ***** duelist in the second city at night.  This will ALWAYS
    be Yami Marik.  And you MUST include your God card in your deck.  If you beat him
    normally, you get experience and DP, but then Yami will arrive to tell you to strike
    the final blow to his LP. with your God.  Then Yami turns back to normal.  Then, the
    Credits roll.  In this, you can play Pears instead!  YAY! YIPEE! YAHOO!  Anyways, don't
    forget to save, otherwise you go back to the last save point.
    Part 27:  Noah's Base will re-appear.  When you try and go to it though, it will be
    locked.  ALSO!  Don't forget to go to the card shop for a surprise...
    Part 28:  When you reach LV. 20, you may enter the duel base.  The challenges
    Course 1 pits you against the Kaiba family.  You must face all four
    of them in this order: Mokuba, Noah, Seto and Gozaburo.
    Completing the course earns you 400 DP and the Course 1 Clear
    Course 2 pits you against the Big 5 (In order.) (Use Begginers Cup Deck ONE for this.)
    They use the same decks as before.  Completing the course earns you 500 DP
    and the Course 2 Clear recipe.
    Course 3 includes most of the Rare Hunters.  They are: Rare Hunter,
    Arkana, Lumis, Umbra, Odion, and Yami Marik.  Completing this course
    earns you 600 DP and the Course 3 Clear recipe.
    Part 29:  (See table)
    |When you reach... |You get... |Pasword...|
    |   LV. 22         | Credits   | 57300000 |
    |   LV. 23         | Sound Test| 00000375 |
    They each cost 1000 DP BUT THEY WILL BE IMMEDIATLEY REFUNDED. (You have to KEEP
    entering them when you want to access them.)
    Part 30:  When you have unlocked all packs, got all cards, registerd all duelists and
    anything else, Congrats, you have now officialy mastered the game!
    [ SECTION 6:           ]
    [ FORBIDDEN LIST!      ]
    Forbidden Cards:
     Butterfly Dagger - Elma
     Change of Heart
     Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
     Dark Hole
     Fiber Jar
     Harpie's Feather Duster
     Imperial Order
     Magical Scientist
     Makyura the Destructor
     Mirage of Nightmare
     Monster Reborn
     Painful Choice
     Sixth Sense
     The Forceful Sentry
     Witch of the Black Forest
    Limited Cards:
     Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
     Breaker the Magical Warrior
     Call of the Haunted
     Card Destruction
     Crush Card
     Cyber Jar
     Dark Magician of Chaos
     D.D. Warrior Lady
     Deck Devastation Virus
     Delinquent Duo
     Exiled Force
     Exodia the Forbidden One
     Graceful Charity
     Heavy Storm
     Injection Fairy Lily
     Left Arm of the Forbidden One
     Left Leg of the Forbidden One
     Lightning Vortex
     Mage Power
     Magic Cylinder
     Mirror Force
     Morphing Jar
     Mystical Space Typhoon
     Pot of Greed
     Premature Burial
     Protector of the Sanctuary
     Reckless Greed
     Reflect Bounder
     Reversal of Graves
     Right Arm of the Forbidden One
     Right Leg of the Forbidden One
     Ring of Destruction
     Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
     Sinister Serpent
     Snatch Steal
     Swords of Revealing Light
     Torrential Tribute
     Tribe-Infecting Virus
     Twin-Headed Behemoth
     United We Stand
    Semi-Limited Cards:
     Abyss Soldier
     Creature Swap
     Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow
     Emergency Provisions
     Good Goblin Housekeeping
     Gravity Bind
     Last Turn
     Level Limit - Area B
     Manticore of Darkness
     Marauding Captain
     Night Assailant
     Nobleman of Crossout
     Reinforcement of the Army
     Upstart Goblin
     Vampire Lord
    [ SECTION 7:           ]
    [ CONTACT ME!          ]
    Right.  No Flames. No Viruses.  If I receive them, after a while I will take
    My email address off.  But then to contact me, you MUST give me your email
    Address On a message board.  THEN I WILL POST YOU A PRIVATE MAIL.  Ok here it
    No nothing.  You may ask me FAQ and I will be glad to reply to you and make a
    Section about it.  Thank you for your co-operation.  Make sure to put as a
    Subject OR I WILL NOT READ IT!:
    Yu-Gi-Oh NT FAQ Update:  Something that I missed.
    Yu-Gi-Oh NT FAQ :  For a question about the game
    Yu-Gi-Oh NT Walkthrough Guide : If something confused you
    Yu-Gi-Oh NT Legal:  If you want to know about  legal and ask permission.
    Yu-Gi-Oh talk : If you want to know something or talk to me about the Yu-Gi-oh!
    Trading card game.
    Hi : If you just want to say hi!
    Total Flame Count So Far: 6 after 25, my E-Mail goes off the list!
    [ SECTION 8:           ]
    [ Thanks to...         ]
    Me - For Typing This
    CJayC and Game FAQS - For hosting a great website
    [Insert Someones Name Here.] - [Insert Reason Here.]
    [ SECTION 9:           ]
    [ COMBO'S!             ]
    Combo's are cards that are chained together ton make it DEVASTATING for your
    opponent.  There arent alot at the moment, but here are a few!
    CARDS REQUIRED:  Fire Princess X3, X3 Numinous healer (2 in the graveyard) and
    any amount of Dark Room of Nightmare.
    Play Numinous healer.  You increase your LP two separate times.  Then the
    fire princess activates dealing a total of 2400 damage.  Meh.  You could try
    adding Stealth bird to this Combo to.
    Cards Required:  Abyss soldier and sinister serpent.
    Use Abyss soldiers effect, to discard SS and do as you wish!  Use this as many
    times as you like thanks to SS's effect.
    *PIKERU'S SELF-DESTRUCT* (thanks to yugi nightmare from Supercheats for this!)
    Cards Required: Self Destruct Button, A Pikerus Circle of Enchantment and
    7000 Less LP than your opponent
    *BAD REACTION TO SNATCH STEAL* (not in-game)
    Cards Required:  Snatch Steal and Bad Reaction To Simiochi.
    Play S S then Bad reaction.  Your opponent will LOSE LP instead of gaining them and
    you get a nice monster to boot!
    ()  () U    U        GGGGG IIII    OOOO  H   H !-!
     ()()  U    U       G       II    O    O H   H ! !
      ()   U    U  --   G   GG  II -- O    O HHHHH ! !
      ()   U    U  --   G    G  II -- O    O H   H ! !
      ()   UUUUUU        GGGGG IIII    OOOO  H   H  o
    NNN      N  ()  ()()() H     TTTTTTT MM       MM                   RRR
    N  N     N  II  ()  () H       T T   M M     M M                      R
    N   N    N  II  ()()() H       T T   M  M   M  M          RRRRR  EEEE  R
    N    N   N  II      () HHHHH   T T   M   M M   M          R      E  E  R
    N     N  N  II  () ()  H   H   T T   M    M    M AAA      R      EEEE  R
    N      N N  II () ()   H   H   T T   M         M A  AAA   R      E     R
    N       NN  II  ()     H   H   T_T   M         M AAAA     R       EEE   R
    TTTTTTT RRRRR    OOO          U   U B            DD       OOOOO RRRRR     RRR
      T T   R   R   O   O         U   U B            D D      O   O R    R      R
      T T   R  R    O   O         U   U B            D  D     00000 R   R      R
      T T   RRR      O O   RRRRR  U   U BBBB    A    D  D U  U      RRRR      R
      T T   R  R      O    R      U   U B   B  AAA   D D  U  U      R  R     R

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