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    FAQ by Crazyreyn

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                        W A R I O  W A R E  T O U C H E D !  D E M O
                                      Nintendo DS
                                 Demo FAQ, Version 1.1
                               Last Updated - 26/03/2005
                        By Crazyreyn (crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com)
                 Copyright (c)2005 Matthew Reynolds. All rights reserved. 
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                                     Thank You.
    Hello and welcome to the Wario Ware Touched! Demo FAQ. This guide will give
    you tips on the minigames on offer as well as the boss battles. The demo was
    only available in Europe, with DS's bought as part of the limited edition VIP
    pack from the website. The demo is also the same in stores across the country
    (and probably the world) so if you manage to get your hands on one of these,
    then this guide should help you out with it.
    This demo is really good fun, and gives a good showcase of what the full game
    will turn out like. Enjoy the taster and the guide!
    - Reyn
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1. Version History
    2. Demo Overview
      2.01. How to play
      2.02. Controls
    3. Minigames
    4. Bosses
    5. Secrets / Unlockables
    6. FAQ's
    7. Conclusion and Special Thanks
    Searching -
    Simply copy and paste the section you want to go to into the Find box (to open
    it, press CTRL+F). Now press enter twice and you will be taken to your selected
                                  1. VERSION HISTORY
    | Version 1.1 - 26/03/2005 |
    Update: Added various information to certain minigames and the FAQs section.
    | Version 1.0 - 16/02/2005 |
    The first version of the FAQ, everything is complete (unless there are more
    bosses to come by).
                                  2. DEMO OVERVIEW
     2.01. How to play
    The WarioWare Touched! Demo is a trial of fast paced minigames one after
    another. If you fail the minigame then you lose a life, if you succeed then
    you march on. Every so often you will come across a boss battle, and if you
    win you will gain a life and the difficulty of the minigames will increase.
    If you lose then you lose one life and you the difficulty of the minigames will
    increase regardless. You start with four lives and if you lose them, it's
    game over. You cannot get more than four lives at one time.
    You can fail the minigame through several ways, which are explained in the
    minigame section later, however each one has a time limit (except the boss
    battles). You can check what the time limit is by the bomb and fuse line at
    the bottom of the screen. Of course the shorter the fuse, the less time
    remains. Usually you will receive audio conformation when you succeed of fail
    a mini game.
    Although you will be mostly focusing on the bottom touch screen, it is some
    times wise to look at the top screen on certain games. For example the action
    may take place there such a falling objects or when you move an object upward.
    Most of the time though it's not used apart from to show a logo and the title /
    objective of the minigame.
    Between each mini game are short couple of second intermissions. On the bottom
    screen has Wario riding a motorcycle, while the top screen shows the number
    mini game you are on and the live count (represented as speed dials).
    In the demo of Wario Ware Touched! you can play 30 of the minigames that
    feature in the final version, and only one boss (but with several different
    difficulties once every 16 levels). The mini games will come at a random order,
    and they get harder the further you get where there are more obstacles and
    worst of all, less time. Level Up means the minigames get harder, and Speed
    Up turns up the speed. Nasty. The demo doesn't end; it will keep speeding up
    and up until you fail.
    Boss Battles -
    Boss 1 - Stage 16  ->  Level Up
    Boss 2 - Stage 32  ->  Level Up
    Boss 3 - Stage 48  ->  Speed Up
    Boss 4 - Stage 64  ->  Speed Up
    Boss 5 - Stage 80  ->  Speed Up etc.
    At the start of the demo you will be asked which hand you will play with. Of
    course choose the one you will play with as this will change some things.
    The bomb and fuse location will differ (so it goes on the opposite side your
    hand will be so you can see it). Some minigames will change too, such as
    Rotate! where the rotating wheel will be on the opposite side.
     2.02. Controls
    START button / UP on D-Pad   -  Pause Game
    Touch Screen                 -  Interact with minigames
    L/R Buttons                  -  Speed up text scroll on Main Menu
    As the above shows, you mainly use the touch screen to play. I would advise
    you use the provided stylus to play the demo with. If you need to pause press
    either Up or START and it will pause the game exactly where you are, and at 
    any time.
                                      3. MINIGAMES
    This section contains a handy catalogue of all the different minigames you
    will expect the find during the demo. Each minigame is classed by it's help
    text (such as Pop! or Slice!) however I don't know if the name matches those in
    the full version. I will give you details on what to do, tips on how to do it,
    variations, methods of losing and other notes about the minigame. The list is
    in alphabetical order. If you are looking for the boss strategies, then consult
    the section afterward. If you are looking for a particular minigame then press
    CTRL+F and search for it.
    Another thing; the more you play this game, the better you get. Shocker, I
    know, but it's true. Keep playing and you'll get further, but it's so damn fun
    you will play it loads anyway.
    Objective: Capture the creature in the cage by cutting the rope.
    Strategy: When the create is underneath the cage, cut the rope to drop the
              cage. Aim to cut when the creature is above halfway under. Later
              the creatures will go different distances and speeds; wait until
              they are slower for a higher success rate.
    Variations: Different creatures having different distance and speed.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: The different creatures include ducks, lions, and a tiny creature.
    Cash in!
    Objective: Put the coins into the purse.
    Strategy: Just move the coins into the purse. One thing that happens a lot is
              that you stop just before the purse, so make sure you get it in the
              purse before moving on. Just grab the coin and slide it down through
              the purse to ensure it goes in. You need to be fast and accurate
              later when you have more coins and less of a time limit.
    Variations: More coins, Purse gets smaller.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: The coins will be of different colour (silver, gold) and slightly
                 different size.
    Catch! (hoops)
    Objective: Catch as the falling hoops with the hand.
    Strategy: Controlling the hand, look at the falling hoops that are coming
              from the top screen and catch them on the index finger. Try and
              get as many as you can as soon as possible as time seems rather
              short on this one. How many you need to catch is in the name (for
              example, Catch 2!). Later you need to catch more to pass and there
              will be additional falling objects to get in your way.
    Variations: Catch 2, 3 and 4. Also, falling objects will come into play.
    Obstacles: Falling objects will hinder your progress, and they all do the same
               despite their aesthetic differences. See below for how they differ.
    Other notes: Some of the falling objects include rugby balls, footballs etc.
    Catch! (stickmen)
    Objective: Catch the object that is dropped from the top screen.
    Strategy: Controlling the man with the net with your stylus, move him under -
              neath the falling object to catch it. It will fall from the top and
              only bounce twice before the game ends. After the first bounce
              follow it's location on the top screen so you get a better idea of
              where it lands next. Note that there will be different objects that
              bounce differently (see below).
    Variations: Different objects will be dropped. These include a round ball
                (normal bounce), grapefruit (irregular bounce), banana (irregular
                bounce)and a strange alien creature (wobbles when it falls making
                it hard to catch).
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: Different objects will be dropped (see variations).
    Objective: Chisel away the slab to reveal an image.
    Strategy: Simply tap the slab until it's all gone. Tap the top middle and
              bottom areas of the slab first, then clear away smaller parts. Later
              the slab becomes more defined and more taps are required to make it
              all disappear.
    Variations: More defined slabs.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: There are a few different images to uncover, including a near
                 naked man, an Easter Island-esque statue with makeup and a toilet.
    Circle Answers!
    Objective: Circle the answers on the screen.
    Strategy: For a start this isn't a test of your maths skills! Just circle the
              answer of each sum, and it will be correct. Mostly the quality of the
              circle is irrelevant, just make sure it fits around the number. And
              no, drawing a HUGE circle for all of them doesn't work. ;D
    Variations: Two Sums; Four Sums; Six Sums.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: Although you are meant to circle the answers, you can draw squares
                 or triangles or pretty much most other closed off shape and it
                 will count. Also afterward you can scribble on the page willy
    Objective: Erase the chalk off the blackboard.
    Strategy: Wipe away the chalk drawings from the board quickly. Don't sweep the
              board to get several drawings, go for them one at a time. Later on
              chalk will draw a line as you go; for it last.
    Variations: More to clear off the board; chalk draws extra lines.
    Obstacles: Chalk?
    Other notes: Drawings on the board include a dog, crocodile and Mario.
    Objective: Extinguish the flames by moving the statue having a wee.
    Strategy: Move the statue with the stylus so the water is on the flame to
              extinguish it - hold it in place until it goes out. Aim for the
              bottom center of the flame, as it the flame will shrink in size.
              Later the flames will get slightly bigger and you will get a couple
              to deal with.
    Variations: Larger flames; more flames.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: It's mint.
    Lead Him Home!
    Objective: Lead the man home by drawing a line between the start and end red
    Strategy: My favourite minigame on the demo, you have to draw the path for the
              man to walk across to his home. You have to start drawing from the
              left red circle to the right red circle. The coolest thing is that
              the man follows the exact route you draw, which is very cool. There
              are some obstacles you will face however; the spiked ceiling and
              bombs. Make sure you draw your route so it doesn't touch any of
              these and take into account how tall the man is when drawing so
              he doesn't hit either.
    Variations: No bombs; one bomb; three bombs.
    Obstacles: Spiked ceiling, bombs.
    Other notes: The man will follow the route you draw exactly, so you can make
                 some pretty crazy paths. Note that if that route is too long you
                 may run out of time. You can also gain 'Excellent!' pop ups by
                 drawing loop-de-loops which is rather mint (it sometimes doesn't
                 show up, but keep trying until it does). Also the bombs look like
                 the mines from the Minesweeper game (thanks Diere Borthogg for
                 pointing this out).
    Objective: Match up the pillar so all the segments are the same colour.
    Strategy: Look at the segments and identify the most common colour, and then
              change the remaining ones to that by rotating the segments round
              (moving them left / right). If all three are different colours then
              I would advise moving one until it matches another, then match the
              final one to those. You need to act rather quickly on this one folks.
              Later you will get more segments and less time.
    Variations: Three segments; four segments, less time.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: Different games will have different faces on the segments.
    Objective: Pluck the hair out of the skin.
    Strategy: Really easy, this. Just place the stylus at around the skin line of
              the hair and give a good quick jab upward to pull out the hair.
              If you do it too slow it won't come out. You will come across
              several hairs at once, but it's nothing too tough.
    Variations: One hair; two hairs; three hairs.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: The "guy" (the person you are pulling the hairs out of) will yelp
                 on the final hair you pull out.
    Objective: Poke a cat as it comes from one of the holes.
    Strategy: You can see the cat's heads from the holes, so as one comes forward
              tap it's head to pass. It will then celebrate by they all coming
              out. Later, the cats come out for shorter lengths of time and
              in shorter distances, but it's still very easy to pass.
    Variations: Shorter length and distance out of hole.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: This game may play on how mice come from holes in walls; sort of
                 a role reversal perhaps?
    Objective: Pop the balloons.
    Strategy: Really simple this, just tap the balloons to pop them. The balloons
              are all grouped together, they don't move and they are fairly big
              so this is easy enough. Afterward, an image is revealed.
    Variations: More balloons.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: There are several images that are revealed once the game is passed
                 including a Jack O' Lantern, flute, cake with balloon, squid like
                 creature, and a tiny man on a balloon.
    Objective: Rescue the animal by rotating it's cage around so the gap is facing
               south, allowing the animal to run free.
    Strategy: Just hold one of the edges and rotate so the gap is facing downward.
              Later on you will come across different shaped cages and different
              animals where the gap is shorter and animal bigger, so you'll have
              to wiggle around to get them free.
    Variations: Different cage shapes, different animals.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: Different animals include mice, pigs and cats. Also once the
                 animal is free you can continue to rotate the cage around.
    Objective: Move the man in the cart to the top of the top screen via a rotating
    Strategy: Rotate the wheel clockwise (located in the bottom right corner on
              Right Handed mode) to move the cart upward to the very top of the
              top screen. You can move it at different speeds and stop to avoid
              enemies such as archers from the towers and flying birds. With
              archers it's best to wait until they fire then moving on instead
              of risking going ahead. You should have more than enough time to
              wait for whatever enemies you face, so take your time. Also note that
              later the rotating wheel gets smaller, so it will take more turns
              to make the guy reach the top. Oh, and remember to look at the top
              screen when they cart moves upwards, which some people don't seem to
              notice. ;)
    Variations: One archer; one archer and bird; two archers and bird & smaller
                rotating circle
    Obstacles: Archer/s, Flying Bird.
    Other notes: At the top the man reaches a women (possibility a princess).
                 I think of this minigame like that fairytale with the woman who is
                 stuck in a tower who has long hair. Could it be based on that?
    Objective: Scratch the character's back.
    Strategy: Use the stylus to relieve the itch on the character's back. Scratch
              quickly on his back until he stops asking you too. Later you will
              come across two or three characters; concentrate on one at a time,
              as you need to be persistent. Much later you will have almost no
              time to do anything and it's stupidly hard to pass.
    Variations: One Character; Two Characters; Three Characters.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: The first character is Wario in his motorcycle clobber, the
                 second is Mario and the third is Toad.
    Shoot! (arrow)
    Objective: Fire the arrow from the bow onto the target on the top screen.
    Strategy: Pull the bow back and release to fire the bow. This one pretty much
              is down to how good at timing you are, so practice helps here. You
              should get one or two attempts at hitting the target here, and
              hitting the target anywhere counts as a pass. Later the target gets
              smaller and slightly faster.
    Variations: Smaller targets; slightly faster speed.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: If you don't pull the arrow back enough, it will just fall off
                 the arrow.
    Shoot! (clay pigeon)
    Objective: Shoot the clay pigeons out of the sky.
    Strategy: Tap on the clay pigeons to shoot them. The further away they get
              the harder the smaller they become and so they harder it gets, so
              try and shoot them as soon as possible. You have a fair amount of
              shots so if you miss them first time go ahead and tap away to try
              and get them before you lose. Shoot them all to pass.
    Variations: Two clay pigeons; three clay pigeons; five clay pigeons.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: This is based on one of the game modes in the NES game Duck Hunt.
                 You will receive 1000 points per clay pigeon shot (which means
    Objective: Slice the objects that are thrown from the edges of the screen.
    Strategy: Slice the objects until the quota is filled. Placement doesn't
              matter, just make sure you get them and keep an eye out for other
              objects. You can slice more than one object at one time also.
    Variations: Different quotas are two, 
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: The objects include parsnips, oranges, meat, watermelon, logs, and
                 planet Earth (!).
    Objective: Make the nose sneeze using the object provided.
    Strategy: Move the object with stylus (it looks like a rolled up bit of
              tissue) up one of the nostrils until the nose sneezes. Waggle it
              around quickly to do it in time - you know when it's working as the
              nose becomes darker and bigger. Later a nostril is corked up; just
              ignore it and go for the free one.
    Variations: Free nostrils; corked up nostril.
    Obstacles: Cork (potentially).
    Other notes: If there is a cork up one of the nostrils the nose will sneeze
                 it out upon passing. Also there are times when I am on the verge
                 of passing the game and it allows it; in other games a near pass
                 is a fail. Nice.
    Objective: Solve the sliding puzzle it matches the image on the top screen.
    Strategy: Most of the time the image is really easy to see, and so it shouldn't
              be too tough to slide the slates around to create the proper one.
              If you get stuck then look at the top screen for the proper image.
              As the image and puzzle differs, I cannot offer a proper walkthrough
              for all the different possibilities.
    Variations: Different images (see other notes) and different puzzles.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: There are several different images you can come across, which is
                 pretty cool. What makes it even cooler is that once you complete
                 the puzzle you are treated to a limited animation of the image
                 which is often very random. Here is a list of different images
                 and their animals you can expect.
                 Bears -> Bears waving
                 Apple -> Pig inside apple
                 Joker Card -> Slightly different joker card
                 Brown Jug -> Thing hatching out base
    Objective: Spin the plates by touching the bottom of the poles they rest on.
    Strategy: Move the stylus from side to side at the bottom of the pole (where
              it's a little fatter and orange) to spin the plate. Keep spinning to
              ensure the plate is stable on the pole. The plate is shown on the
              top screen. Later several plates have to be spun, so quickly try
              and manage them all by looking at the ones that are most wobbley and
              catering for them first. Some people may find it easier to slide
              all the way across the screen to get all the poles, but going after
              individual plates is better.
    Variations: One plate, Two plates, Three plates.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: Sometimes instead of plates, you will be spinning jugs.
    Objective: Light the match by sliding it across the side of the match box.
    Strategy: Hold the match and slide it back forth until it lights. It should
              only take one or two slides to light and so is pretty easy. Later the
              side of the box gets thinner, but it's not much of a bother.
    Variations: Thinner box side.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: There are different match box designs, such as a crab, but some 
                 are somewhat illegible designs. And doesn't this show kids on to
                 light matches?
    Objective: Rotate the man around and launch the ball he is holding upward.
    Strategy: Hold the ball and follow the outline of the circle area he is
              located in. Rotate faster and faster until the bar on the left
              is maxed out. Now make a flick upward so the man throws it onto
              the top screen. Later the brown landing area will be thinner, so
              watch your accuracy.
    Variations: Thinner landing area.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: The bloke wears a pink shirt. Yep
    Objective: Trace the Japanese character.
    Strategy: You have to aids to help you with; the character will appear on the
              top screen and it's faded outline on the bottom screen. Concentrate
              on tracing the outline as best as you can. You should have enough
              time to make a careful and good enough job of it. Any time remaining
              should be made to fill in any remaining faded sections. Note that
              the game ends when the fuse is halfway through to give time to award
    Variations: Different characters to trace.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: You will receive 1st Place for passing the minigame - note that
                 there are no other awards you can receive! There are a range of
                 different characters that you can be presented with - I don't know
                 which ones they are as I don't know Japanese! If anyone knows,
                 give us an email.
    Objective: Unroll the toilet roll by sliding down the screen.
    Strategy: Loosen your hand and allow it slide quickly down the screen to
              unroll the erm, roll. Pretty fun! Later you need to do it VERY
              quickly do pass, so don't be afraid to go a little mental.
    Variations: Larger toilet roll.
    Obstacles: None.
    Other notes: You will get the message 'SAVE THE TREES' for winning. Hehe.
                                       4. BOSSES
    Boss 1 - Stage 16
    To start with draw a line at the location shown. Once that's done the creature
    will fall and bounce off the line, back onto the top screen. Now keep drawing
    lines that the creature can bounce off until he reaches the moon at the end
    of the battle. You can angle the line so he goes left or right, but try not
    too. I would advise looking at the top screen to see where he going to drop
    down and draw the line early and as high up on the screen as possible, so if
    you make a mistake you can correct yourself if you are quick enough. It
    should only take around 7 bounces until the boss is complete. If you pass
    you gain a life; if you fail and let him fall then you lose a life.
    Boss 2 - Stage 32
    This boss is the same as the last, but with two differences. You now have
    a different background and there are clouds in the foreground to obstruct you.
    If the creature touches a cloud then it's ascent is slowed down, so it doesn't
    bounce up as far. Keep this in mind so you can draw lines earlier. You can
    dodge clouds by drawing the lines at angles so he bounces away, but on the
    whole they aren't that much of a hindrance. If you pass you gain a life; if
    you fail and let him fall then you lose a life.
    Boss 3 - Stage 48
    Same as last time, with one major difference; instead of the clouds slowing
    him down, he bounces off them! Much trickier! Just keep an eye out here and
    draw a line as high up as you can so you can correct yourself if needs be.
    Draw angles if you can to avoid clouds. If you pass you gain a life; if
    you fail and let him fall then you lose a life.
    Boss 4 - Stage 64
    Again it's the same as Boss 3; the creature bounces off the clouds BUT to make
    matters worse, it's faster! Pretty tough, just really focus and try and
    by pass as many clouds as you can. Good luck!
    The bosses will now be the same as Boss 4, but will be faster and faster. It
    will keep increasing in increments of 16; so Boss 5 is 80, Boss 6 is 96 and so
                                 5. SECRETS / UNLOCKABLES
    - If you leave the game on pause long enough, it will reset and return you
      back to the opening screen. If you plan to leave the system paused then put
      it on standby also (close the DS).
    - You can mess around on the Main Menu (where you click the START button).
      Click the purple creatures to make them move. There are other objects too,
      such as an onion like thing, green ball and star. You can move them around
      and fling them onto the top screen; the green ball and star leave a trace
      behind them. There is also an eraser which you can fling around to erase any
      mess you have caused (as well as erase the top screen logo!).
                                      6. FAQ'S
    Q. Where can I find this demo?
    A. The demo was in VIP paks of the Nintendo DS, which could be ordered from the
       official Nintendo Europe website. Only 3000 were made, so this demo is
       quite hard to get hold of. It's also the same as those in stores across
       the country in the demo pods, so if you really wanted the demo I guess you
       could barter with your local video game shop.
    Q. How many minigames are there?
    A. There are 30 minigames, along with several boss variations.
    Q. I passed a boss battle, yet I didn't receive a life! Why?
    A. You only receive a life if you have one, two or three lives remaining.
       If you still have all four, then none are added (somewhat harsh, but oh
    Q. How long does it last?
    A. I'm hearing it doesn't end. Several people have emailed me and said this,
       and basically you have to get as far as you can. It does get stupidly hard
       from level 70 onwards, so if you can make it to bosses 4, 5 or 6 then you're
       pretty darn good.
                            7. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS
    That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
    one form or another, and that it has been easy to use. If you could, please
    either ask me questions, suggestions, comments or contributions at 
    crazyreyn_faqs@hotmail.com. Also could you rate this FAQ so I could get some 
    feedback. Thank you for reading.
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