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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dandude776

    Version: 0.25 | Updated: 02/23/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               WARIOWARE: TOUCHED
                                     F A Q
    Last updated 2/22/05                                     By Dandude776
     I. INTRO
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction
    3. Layout
     II. GAMES
    4. Wario (Touch Training)
    5. Mona (Cute Cuts)
    6. Jimmy T. (Dance Club Rub)..........*UNFINISHED*
    7. Jamie T. (Jamie's Mix).............*UNFINISHED*
    8. Kat & Ana (Ninja Scribble).........*UNFINISHED*
    9. Ashley (Total Drag)................*UNFINISHED*
    10. Dr. Crygor (Slightly Unscrewed)...*UNFINISHED*
    11. James T. (James's Mix)............*UNFINISHED*
    12. Mike (Mic Rocking)................*UNFINISHED*
    13. 9-Volt (Retro Action).............*UNFINISHED*
    14. Wario Man (Super Zero)............*UNFINISHED*
    15. Mixes.............................*UNFINISHED*
    16. Album
    17. Toy Room
     17.1 Minigames
     17.2 Toys
     IV. OUTRO
    18. Contributor Info
    19. Contributor Recognition
    20. Thanks
    21. Legal Stuff
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     Version 0.25 - 2/22/05
    Only two characters down, but I want this guide to be extremely 
    Now you may ask: What the heck is this bizarre WarioWare thing that I 
    wasted my money on? Let me tell you: It's probably the most bizarre 
    collection of insane, 3-second (Or less!) microgames, ever made. Not 
    that it has much competition. For those who played WarioWare on GBA, 
    you know to expect some craziness. However, you might not know that 
    this game uses exclusively the DS stylus, meaning you NEVER need to 
    bother with the cumbersome D-Pad or buttons. How many games can claim 
    that fame? Along with a ton of new games using the stylus, dual-screen, 
    and microphone (!), WarioWare: Touched also features dozens of bizarre 
    "games" like a calculator, parrot, and advice-spewing gramdma. So, 
    ready to rumble? Didn't think so!
    ALSO: Yeah I know it's hard to write an FAQ for a game like this, but 
    I'm trying to be really thorough and also putting Easter egg style 
    stuff for every microgame.
    3. LAYOUT
    Once you start up the game, you might notice it's setup: Along the 
    bottom of the lower screen you have 5 folders: Games, Album, Toy Room, 
    Options, and Arrange. Games is where you'll find your "story mode" 
    chapters: A group of the characters you've unlocked wandering around 
    aimlessly. Press Arrange to line them back up, with the lower 
    characters being the first tier of characters (The "easy ones?) and 
    moving up in skill. You also have the Orbulon (The alien) spaceship 
    (The weird pink flying pig) hovering around. After clearing certain 
    character chapters, beating certain high scores, or other random 
    things, the ship will be hit by a flying object and start blinking. Tap 
    it to make it drop its cargo, another icon. These bonuses range from 
    actual minigames to bizarre "toys", and may either be kept clogging up 
    the Games room (They're not lined up with Arrange), or moved to your 
    Toy Room by clicking them and pressing move. I prefer to move my toys 
    to the Toy Room, but it's up to you. The Album tab allows you to select 
    a character chapter and then pick from all their minigames. See the 
    Album chapter for more. Finally, Options allows you to rewatch 
    character epilogue movies, change your hand (Lefty or Righty), erase 
    your data, or return to the title screen.
      _____          __  __ ______  _____ 
     / ____|   /\   |  \/  |  ____|/ ____|
    | |  __   /  \  | \  / | |__  | (___  
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    | |__| |/ ____ \| |  | | |____ ____) |
     \_____/_/    \_\_|  |_|______|_____/ 
    And now the meat of this FAQ: The games of Warioware! First, an 
    overview of how the general game structure works:
    1. Select a character chapter
    2. Clear a set number of microgames without losing your 4 lives
    3. Win the Boss microgame
    4. Beat other characters in tier to unlock next tier
    5. Repeat
    Once a character's Boss game has been beaten, you can replay that 
    character, but this time after beating the boss you'll get to continue 
    on, with leveled-up more difficult minigames. Score over 30 on any 
    character to unlock a Toy!
    Characters play out like this: You have 4 lives, and basically need to 
    clear as many microgames as you can. Lose a game (Either by failing or 
    running out of time), and you lose a life. If you lose all your lives, 
    you're done. Each game is different, with a single command as your only 
    instruction and about 3 seconds to figure out your goal and complete it 
    successfully. Sometimes it will take numerous tries to figure out a 
    certain game. Other times you'll get it immediately. Anyway, every 
    couple of games the chain speeds up, with less time to complete each 
    successive game. Eventually, if you survive, you'll face the Boss game, 
    a game with a much longer time limit that is usually more difficult. 
    After beating the boss you'll get to take a quick break with a little 
    clip, gain a bonus life, and then continue on with each game at an 
    increased level (Every game has 3 levels, each more difficult than the 
    last). If you fail the boss stage you'll still move on, but lose a life 
    and not gain a bonus one (If you're clearing a character for the first 
    time, you'll keep going until the boss is cleared or you run out of 
    lives). And so, here are the characters and their games!
    4. WARIO
    -Game Type: Touch Training
    -Stats Screen: Wario riding his motorcycle. On the top screen your 
    Speedometers are your lives, and the giant mustache displays your 
    current stage
    -Speed Ups: 5th game
    -Boss Stage: Stage 8
    -Break Screen: Wario with a toothbrush wondering why someone hasn't 
    invented garlic-flavored toothpaste. What the heck?!
    -Total games: 21
    -Opening game: Poke the plaque on Wario's teeth to send them spiraling 
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Balloons are lame. Pop 'em!
    OBJECT: In this game, which usually happens to be the first game you 
    play, you must use the stylus to tap the balloons covering up something 
    in the middle of the screen!
    LEVEL 1: 6 balloons to pop. No biggie. Just pop in a clockwise or 
    counterclockwise manner.
    LEVEL 2: 9 balloons to pop. Just pop from top to bottom or bottom to 
    LEVEL 3: 12 balloons! Just start from one corner and move in towards 
    the other.
    RANDOM STUFF: The things being covered include a jack-o-lantern, a cow, 
    a clarinet, a cat tied to a balloon, an octopus balloon (Which explodes 
    after being uncovered), a tiny man tied to a tiny balloon, an eraser 
    tied to a balloon, and a koala. For the objects tied to balloons, or 
    the octopus, be wary of thinking that the balloon is something that 
    needs to be popped.
    Score to beat: 20
    Game Tip: Poke a kitty...before we're all DOOMED!
    OBJECT: A bunch of kitties are hanging suspended in small alcoves. 
    Suddenly one or more pop out and screech at you! Simply poke a single 
    kitty to win.
    LEVEL 1: White kitties come out and stay out for a short while, giving 
    you ample time to poke one.
    LEVEL 2: Brown kitties sometimes poke out half-way, so poke quickly.
    LEVEL 3: Brown and white kitties poke out half-way for a short time, so 
    poke quickly and with good aim.
    RANDOM STUFF: Poking a kitty produces hearts. Then all the kitties 
    suddenly leap out in a wave-like fashion to wave their paws at you. 
    Hey, it makes sense if you don't think about it. There's also a pink 
    kitty logo in the upper right corner, for no reason at all.
    Score to beat: 20
    Game Tip: Tap the end of the mechanical pencil! WASTE, WASTE, WASTE!
    OBJECT: Tap the button at the end of the mechanical pencil repeatedly 
    until the lead falls out. A convenient red arrow points at the blinking 
    LEVEL 1: The lead is already about half-way out, so only a few taps are 
    needed. Approximately 8 taps.
    LEVEL 2: Just more taps required. No problem. Approximately 12 taps.
    LEVEL 3: Every once in a while, this pencil doesn't use lead... It uses 
    toothpaste! Click the button and watch the toothpaste ooze out. This 
    stage is very easy, I think the toothpaste is just so distracting that 
    it becomes tough. Approximately 16 taps.
    RANDOM STUFF: Confetti rains from nowhere to celebrate your lead-
    wasting victory. Congratulations!! Besides the oddness of the 
    toothpaste-spewing pencil that sometimes appears in level 3 (Sometimes 
    you'll get a boring lead one), there's not much to say.
    4. BIG BANG
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Tap the fireworks to set 'em off! KABOOM!
    OBJECT: Tap fireworks as they blast from the bottom of the screen in 
    order to please stick figures in the crowd. You win when all the 
    spectators have been impressed! You also always get about 4 or 5 
    fireworks maximum.
    LEVEL 1: Only one spectator, which means only one firework to hit. One 
    quick tap and it's done! 
    LEVEL 2: Two specs this time! That means two fireworks!
    LEVEL 3: You guessed it! Three spectators and three firework targets! 
    The fireworks also seem to vary in speed, so watch out.
    RANDOM STUFF: The fireworks explode in heart, kitty, and circle shapes 
    when you hit them. Note also the giant OK! that appears in the sky upon 
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Nobody likes leakage. Patch it!
    OBJECT: Simply tap the leaks in the pipe on the bottom screen to patch 
    them up with tape.
    LEVEL 1: Only one leak, so just click it and be done with it!
    LEVEL 2: Two leaks. That's it.
    LEVEL 3: Four leaks this time! They also seem to be placed near the 
    intersection and at corners so it's harder to tell the source.
    RANDOM STUFF: Check out the top screen where a bizarre naked purple man 
    stares dumbfounded at his shower head, and becomes overcome with love 
    when you fix the leaks and he is socked with water.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Bang on something loud! They didn't want to sleep, anyway.
    OBJECT: Tap a loud object somewhere in the room to wake up the sleeping 
    person in the center.
    LEVEL 1: Your object of banging is a steel barrel. After a couple of 
    strikes the girl will wake up. Just look for the barrel (Come on, it's 
    huge) and tap madly.
    LEVEL 2: Now you get to use a bongo drum, which takes a few more 
    whacks. It's a little smaller than the barrel, and the man sleeps lower 
    in the screen, so just look for it and hit.
    LEVEL 3: Now you get to use a bell on a swaying pendulum, which takes 
    about 7 hits. You have to hit the bell, not the string, so try and move 
    with the bell. When it's at either extreme of it's sway, just tap like 
    a madman.
    RANDOM STUFF: In level 1 your target sleepy head is a young girl, who 
    when woken up shrieks in anger, then smiles and winks at you. In level 
    2 it's a surprised man whose hair stands up on his head when he wakes. 
    He also sweats like his head is leaking. In level 3 you get to deal 
    with a crazy bald body-builder looking guy, who reveals his fangs and 
    bloodshot eyes when he wakes up.
    Score to Beat: 15
    Game Tip: Some people will tell you that grabbing is rude. Ignore 'em! 
    In fact, touch this falling stick to grab it!
    OBJECT: Basically like the stick grabbing game in WarioWare for GBA, 
    but now you get to aim instead of just timing a button press. The 
    dropping-arm is on the top and screen, and randomly to the left or 
    right. As he drops the stick you just click it on the bottom screen to 
    grab it.
    LEVEL 1: A nice long grabbing stick. Easy.
    LEVEL 2: Now the stick is either shorter, or bent. Again, just take a 
    LEVEL 3: The dropper hand now moves across the screen, and the stick is 
    cut off. Just follow it along the bottom screen and time your grab 
    RANDOM STUFF: Your player's hand seems to vary between righty and lefty 
    8. TUNE OUT
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Pay attention and play the same notes the teacher plays or 
    she'll go ballistic!
    OBJECT: It's a simple memory game. Press the right keys as the teacher 
    demonstrates to get some applause.
    LEVEL 1: Only two keys to play. Piece of cake.
    LEVEL 2: Three keys now. You should be able to handle it.
    LEVEL 3: If you can't remember 4 keys, you need some help. ^__^ Sorry, 
    okay it's still pretty easy, especially if the keys are packed 
    together. If they reach back and forth across the piano it can be 
    RANDOM STUFF: Try pressing the wrong key to watch the teacher beat her 
    hands on the table and blow angry smoke out of her nose. Also, you 
    cannot press the black keys.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Watch whatever falls from the top screen and choose the thing 
    that changed.
    OBJECT: The game tip actually explains it pretty well. A group of 
    objects sit on the top screen, and after a second fall through to the 
    bottom screen. One of them will change into something else (At first 
    completely different objects, but eventually things like color) which 
    is what you need to tap.
    LEVEL 1: Three fruits are lined up. These are pretty obvious, usually 
    things like going from a watermelon slice to a whole watermelon.
    LEVEL 2: As obvious as level 1, but now with 4 objects.
    LEVEL 3: Now it gets tricky. It's 4 "people" with boy, cat, bunny, or 
    dog heads. These changes are subtle, like the head changing, or the 
    color changing, so keep an open eye. Instead of trying to remember all 
    4, pick 3 and remember them. If those 3 all end up the same, the 4th one 
    must have changed.
    RANDOM STUFF: Yeah seeing a boy's body with a tiny dog head is weird. 
    Plus the animal children dance from side to side.
    10. BUG EYED
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: A starving, carnivorous bug is hiding over there on that tree 
    trunk. Go ahead and poke it! It probably won't bite.
    OBJECT: Surprisingly tricky. You've got bugs camouflaged on a tree 
    trunk, and you just need to poke them to send them buzzing away.
    LEVEL 1: Just one bug to poke. Look for weird patches in the trunk 
    where the line pattern stops.
    LEVEL 2: Two bugs now. One usually hides on the side of the tree, so 
    look for something jutting out.
    LEVEL 3: Yay, three bugs! Check for one hidden in the shadows to the 
    RANDOM STUFF: Nothing really to say. I don't know what kind of bugs 
    those are. They look like cicadas I guess. Anyway, the upper tree trunk 
    on the top screen really has no point, besides showing the bugs flying 
    Score to Beat: 10
    Game Tip: Chisel the marble block! Not everyone can have a chiseled 
    body like Wario.
    OBJECT: Tap a marble block until it is chiseled into a statue. You 
    can't just tab the center though; You've got to tap each individual 
    piece until it falls apart.
    LEVEL 1: About 5 taps are needed to chisel away the marble into a 
    statue of a man in a thong.
    LEVEL 2: Around 7 taps needed to chisel out an Easter Island statue. 
    Try and just tap out from top to bottom and not just random pieces.
    LEVEL 3: Around 9 taps needed, as there are still a couple pieces but 
    each piece now needs multiple taps to destroy. In the end you'll have a 
    statue of a toilet. Just start at the top and just tap each piece 
    multiple times while going from left to right, left to right, left to 
    RANDOM STUFF: The thong-man in level 1 flexes if you finish really 
    quickly. The Easter Island statue is holding his hands... down there... 
    and if you finish quickly he'll suddenly get makeup put on and smile at 
    you. The toilet opens, releasing an explosion of flowers, if you win 
    12. WRAP SHEET
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Squish, pop, snap! This is almost as much fun as sitting on 
    birthday cakes!
    OBJECT: Tap unpopped bubbles on bubble sheet to pop them.
    LEVEL 1: Two bubbles. Seriously, this is easy. Usually the pair is 
    actually grouped together which makes your job easier.
    LEVEL 2: Four bubbles! Just spot them quickly and get tapping.
    LEVEL 3: Seven bubbles. Quite easy. The bubbles actually tend to be 
    lined up in a row, so just tap along in a circle.
    RANDOM STUFF: None, other than the fact that the music really annoys 
    me. = )
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Poke 'em in the eyes before they go for your head!
    OBJECT: Tap the eyes of a series of swamp creatures to send them back 
    into their shells.
    LEVEL 1: Only one snail to deal with, which means 2 eyes. Just quickly 
    locate the snail and make a quick pair of taps.
    LEVEL 2: Two snails, which means 4 eyes. Still not bad.
    LEVEL 3: Now you have two snails and one turtle, but the turtle only 
    needs to be poked in his head. So that's 5 taps. Not really hard, as 
    the turtle doesn't add much difficulty.
    RANDOM STUFF: The two snails in levels 2 and 3 are different colors.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Tap 'em in order!
    OBJECT: You're given three objects, each representing a numerical value 
    from 1 to 3, and they must be tapped in order.
    LEVEL 1: Three easy things, like numbered balls, cards in a deck, or 
    hands holding up fingers. It won't take you long to figure out what to 
    LEVEL 2: Three unusual, but linked things, like different colored 
    octopi with different numbers of tentacles. IT might take you a second 
    to figure out what the numbers are, but it shouldn't take long once you 
    know what you're doing.
    LEVEL 3: Three numbered objects of different sets, like an Ace, an 
    octopus with two tentacles, and a die with 3 dots on it. I actually 
    find this easier than some of the level 2 stages like the octopi, since 
    you should be able to notice the numbers first.
    RANDOM STUFF: Don't be distracted by color! The Ace is colored 
    differently from the die with a 1, which is colored different from the 
    one tentacled octopus, which is colored differently than the finger 
    hands. So don't look at color! In other random news, this is one of 
    those stages where you lose without running out of time: In this case, 
    tapping the wrong object makes you lose instantly, it doesn't give you 
    another chance.
    The different numbered objects: Balls, flags with roman numerals, 
    octopi with tentacles, dice, cards (With unusual, non-red-and-black 
    colors), and hands holding up fingers.
    Score to Beat: 15
    Gamer Tip: Study the cards; when they flip over, find a match!
    OBJECT: You're given a group of face-up cards, in pairs. After a 
    second, they all flip over except one, and you have to find the match 
    for the upturned card!
    LEVEL 1: Only 4 cards, which means 2 pairs. Very easy. If you're having 
    trouble for whatever reason, pick one card and remember where its pair 
    is located. If either of those are the upturned card, you'll know the 
    pair. If neither are the upturned, just flip over the other card you 
    didn't memorize.
    LEVEL 2: 6 cards, so 3 pairs. Follow the above idea, but remember two 
    pairs of cards.
    LEVEL 3: 6 cards again, but the 3 pairs are all very similar. Contrary 
    to levels 1 and 2 where it was just random, unrelated objects, now 
    you'll have things like 3 pairs of balls (Baseballs, soccer balls, and 
    golf balls) or 3 pairs of dark blue geometric shapes. Follow the same 
    idea, but be more careful.
    RANDOM STUFF: The following are all the cards I've ever seen: 
    strawberries, apples, cherries, apple trees, trees without apples, 
    shrubs, stars, snakes, tiger face-painted men, pink men, normal men, 
    spheres, pyramids, golf balls, soccer balls, base balls.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Search the house for an item that matches the example!
    OBJECT: On the top screen a picture of a certain object will appear, 
    and you need to find and tap it on the lower screen, a picture of a 
    LEVEL 1: There are about 6 objects on the lower screen, not including 
    the goose flying around distracting you. Your target should be pretty 
    easy to find.
    LEVEL 2: About 10 objects in the room, along with a cat jumping around 
    or the goose flying. Now it's a little trickier, such as finding a mug 
    with a certain pattern on it, in a group of mugs with different 
    LEVEL 3: Around 14 objects all over, plus the crazy cat or goose. Like 
    level 2 your target is more specific, plus there are things like the 
    direction the mug handle is facing. Think carefully before clicking, as 
    one screw-up ends the game.
    RANDOM STUFF: Tap the goose or cat to make him freak out. If you're 
    having more trouble, try remembering the location of objects: The hats 
    are usually located around the right side of the screen, bottles are 
    usually in corners... etc.
    17. PROFILER
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Check out the spinning silhouette on the top screen, and then 
    tap its match on the Touch Screen!
    OBJECT: A silhouette of an object will appear on the top screen and 
    either spin or flip a couple of times, as you try to pick out what it 
    is on the lower screen.
    LEVEL 1: You have 3 choices, and they're very different, so it 
    shouldn't be that hard. Plus you can usually tell the object from its 
    top view; If it's large and round, it's probably the mushroom... etc.
    LEVEL 2: 3 choices again, but they're slightly more difficult. Plus 
    they usually have the same top view so you need to watch the spin. 
    Also, the object usually just wobbles, instead of spinning entirely.
    LEVEL 3: 4 choices now, and they're very similar, such as all being 
    letters or all being kinds of mushrooms, AND the top view is usually 
    the same. So watch that spin!
    RANDOM STUFF: Objects I've seen: Three different kinds of mushrooms, 
    garlic, turnips, mushrooms and turnips with faces on them, different 
    letters, and a carrot. Also notice how 3D the silhouette is! Wow!!
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Smack everything into the sunset!
    OBJECT: There's just a tower of objects, and you need to tap them to 
    send them careening off into the distance. Hitting lower objects causes 
    the higher ones they are supporting to fall to your level.
    LEVEL 1: 5 or 6 blue barrels stacked up in an almost pyramidal pattern. 
    Just start on one side of the screen and slide over tapping the lower 
    barrels, and then hitting the next tiers as they fall.
    LEVEL 2: A large brick wall that takes 8 strikes to destroy. This is 
    actually pretty easy since it's just a 2x4 rectangle, so just go left 
    to right, left to, left to right, hitting bricks as they fall.
    LEVEL 3: A stack of 8 body-building men standing on top of each other 
    in a long pattern. It's just like the bricks in level 2, except the men 
    run across the screen. So just follow them from the bottom screen and 
    let the men fall into your taps instead of moving up and trying to get 
    RANDOM STUFF: The top screen displays a constellation in the shape of 
    your target. Uh... Why? = )
    Score to Beat: 15
    Game Tip: Tap flying letters to spell the word. If you grab the wrong 
    letter, you have to start all over!
    OBJECT: A swarm of 3D letters fly at the screen, and you need to grab 
    certain letters to spell your target word!
    LEVEL 1: A 3-letter word with a repeating letter, like DAD or SOS. That 
    means you only have 2 letters flying at you, so it's not hard.
    LEVEL 2: A 3-letter word with different letters. Two of the letters 
    will have the same color, so be careful. Just spell quickly!
    LEVEL 3: A 3-letter word with different letters, but now you have lots 
    of unneeded letters flying at you too! Just watch sharply for your 
    target letters one at a time, and you should be able to do it.
    RANDOM STUFF: Not much!
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Calculate the equation! If you're a geek and already know the 
    answer, just punch it in and press the = button.
    OBJECT: You're given an equation on the top screen, which you need to 
    solve with the calculator on the bottom screen. If you're quick just 
    type the answer and press =, but if not you have time to type in the 
    full equation and get the answer.
    LEVEL 1: Single digit addition or subtraction. You should do these in 
    your head.
    LEVEL 2: Double digits now. You might be able to do some of these in 
    your head, but if not you have ample time to tap.
    LEVEL 3: Yay, triple digits! Just use the calculator and be done with 
    RANDOM STUFF: I wish I had a calculator that put on a lightshow 
    whenever I did something correctly...
    21. RUMP ROAST
    Score to Beat: 15
    Game Tip: Whip that rump and race to victory!
    OBJECT: As simple as it can get: Just tap the horse's behind on the 
    lower screen over and over until he wins the race on the top screen!
    LEVEL 1: The other horses are slow, but they really have no effect on 
    you. It's just a short race, so just tap and win.
    LEVEL 2: You'll usually end up in a heat with another horse, but again 
    you're only real enemy is time.
    LEVEL 3: Two horses neck and neck with you, but the track is just 
    longer. Tappa, tappa tappa...
    RANDOM STUFF: Try whipping the horse in the head. He doesn't speed up, 
    but he gives you a nasty look.
    Score to Beat: 7
    Game Tip: Flies are crawling all over your window! Swat the screen to 
    knock 'em off, but don't crack it too many times or you'll shatter the 
    OBJECT: Your first boss stage! Nice job! The first thing you'll notice 
    is that you have no official time limit (Though if you wait too long 
    the flies will break the screen), so don't go berserk. This stage takes 
    a keen, patient eye. Basically flies will buzz onto the screen one or 
    two at a time, and slowly wander around. Tap a fly to crush it and make 
    a break on the screen. If you keep making breaks on the same spot, the 
    screen will shatter, so let the flies move away from already broken 
    pieces. If the flies buff too long they'll break the screen under their 
    own weight. Once all the flies are gone, you win!
    LEVEL 1: About 5 flies, so it's not too tough. Just be patient and 
    don't swat flies that are sitting over cracks. Plus, if you miss a fly 
    the crack is tiny, so don't worry too much.
    LEVEL 2: Around 8 flies: 4 that come one at a time, followed by two 
    fast pairs. The singles are pretty easy, but the pairs move quickly and 
    fly towards the center. If you try and swat them all in the center 
    you'll shatter the screen, so slow down! Let them fly away a bit and 
    sometimes stop before you pound them.
    LEVEL 3: About 12 flies: 4 that come one at a time, followed by about 4 
    pairs! This one can be a challenge. The flies pack together meaning 
    that you can hit more than one at once, but when they're packed they'll 
    break the screen quickly, so try and get them quickly. If more and more 
    cracks start appearing though, don't freak out; If you make good shots 
    you can still win!
    RANDOM STUFF: The top screen does NOTHING in this game. Not even the 
    "SWAT!" command appears up there. Also, if you lose the flies will buzz 
    towards the screen and laugh at you!
    5. MONA
    -Game Type: Cute Cuts
    -Stats Screen: The control display of the jet aiming at the evil bird 
    plane bearing down on Mona. The soccer balls along the top display 
    represent your lives, while the Count screen shows your current level. 
    Mona's face is also on the dual D-Pad GBA on the lower screen.
    -Speed Ups: 6th game
    -Boss Stage: Stage 11
    -Break Screen: Mona asking what she should wear today. Tap her to make 
    her change her clothes.
    -Total games: 20
    -Opening game: Strum Mona's guitar and watch the gang rock out.
    Score to Beat: 25
    Game Tip: Go on a chopping rampage and slice anything that gets in your 
    OBJECT: As fruit, vegetables, and globes get flung across the screen, 
    you must make a slashing motion with the stylus to shred them!
    LEVEL 1: Only 2 cuts are needed, so just cut the first two things that 
    fly by. Easy.
    LEVEL 2: Three cuts needed now. Again, just make quick, strong slashes.
    LEVEL 3: Four slashes, which means you have little room for error.
    RANDOM STUFF: I like this game's graphical style for some reason. >_>
    2. CLOG IT
    Score to Beat: 15
    Game Tip: Use up the entire roll!
    OBJECT: You need to make vertical slashes to unroll a roll of toilet 
    LEVEL 1: Pretty easy. You can even just make short little up-and-down 
    motions to take it down.
    LEVEL 2: It's a longer roll now, so no more up motions; Roll down, then 
    lift, and repeat.
    LEVEL 3: One big roll! The trick is that instead of making a bunch of 
    rapid-fire short slashes, make numerous long ones all the way down to 
    the bottom of the screen.
    RANDOM STUFF: A "Save the trees!" message pops up upon victory.
    Score to Beat:  10
    Game Tip: Snip the drip! 
    OBJECT: The sniveling anime girl from WarioWare 1 returns with a 
    vengeance! Now instead of helping her suck up her snot, you need to 
    just make a horizontal slash to cut it off.
    LEVEL 1: The girl stands still and lets the snot hang down. Just make a 
    quick horizontal slash. I find that the cut tends to be more reliable 
    around the upper part of the snot.
    LEVEL 2: Now the snot gets sucked up and down. Just time your cut!
    LEVEL 3: The girl decides to make your job a little nastier by moving 
    across the screen! Still not that tough, just make the cut.
    RANDOM STUFF: Arguably the nastiest microgame. =P
    Score to Beat: 10
    Game Tip: Grab the animal and stretch it! Not recommended with venomous 
    OBJECT: You're given a silhouette of an animal, and it's your job to 
    just grab the correct piece of the darkness and pull. The hardest part 
    is figuring out what to grab.
    LEVEL 1: It's the shadow of an elephant, so grab the trunk and drag to 
    the left and down a bit.
    LEVEL 2: Giraffe! Yay! Grab the neck and tug left and up.
    LEVEL 3: It's a wiener dog! Just grab the behind and pull right.
    RANDOM STUFF: Try pulling and letting go in odd directions for some 
    disjointed animals.
    5. BLOWIN' UP
    Score to Beat: 10
    Game Tip: Pull the string and plug your ears! 
    OBJECT: Arguably one of the easiest microgames, here you are presented 
    with party poppers and must simply tug the strings downward.
    LEVEL 1: One popper.
    LEVEL 2: Two poppers.
    LEVEL 3: Three poppers. Just pull hard! 
    RANDOM STUFF: Level 1's victory screen is a girl and her parents eating 
    cake; Level 2 reveals a wedding; And level 3 shows off a bizarre 
    Halloween party.
    Score to Beat: 15
    Game Tip: Tag the target right in the bull's-eye!
    OBJECT: Pull back and then release to fire an arrow at the moving 
    target on the top screen. Despite the game tip, you do not need to 
    score a bull's-eye (Just hit the target), and you actually have 
    multiple arrows.
    LEVEL 1: One large, slow moving target. Just fire away and you're bound 
    to hit it.
    LEVEL 2: A smaller, swifter target. Be patient, and then fire.
    LEVEL 3: A tiny, quick target. If you miss, don't despair; Fire again! 
    You have more arrows!
    RANDOM STUFF: Try pulling the bow back half-way and watch the arrows 
    fly backwards!
    Score to Beat: 15
    Game Tip: Hold the sagging road up and get the car across the sinkhole!
    OBJECT: As a car attempts to drive over a gaping hole in the ground, 
    you must raise up platforms to help the car make it across. The 
    platforms sink when not being held, and the car cannot take a large 
    fall without crashing.
    LEVEL 1: There's only one platform to raise, so just hold it to the top 
    of the screen!
    LEVEL 2: Now you have two platforms. First, glance to see if the first 
    platform is higher or lower than the second. If higher, pull it up and 
    let the car get on, then just let it drop and get in position to grab 
    the second platform and raise it as soon as the car arrives. If it's 
    higher, you'll have to drag it down yourself.
    LEVEL 3: Same as level two, but now you have 3 platforms so you have to 
    repeat the drop twice.
    RANDOM STUFF: Watch the little "!" sign turn into a huge "GOOD!" when 
    you win.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Ninjas are cool, except when they try to steal your ice 
    cream! Hurl a star to show him what's up!
    OBJECT: A ninja stands on the top screen, with your ninja star poised 
    at the bottom. Time it right, and then make a quick vertical motion 
    from bottom to top to throw the ninja star and hopefully pin the ninja 
    against the wall! 
    LEVEL 1: The ninja stands still in his idiotic ninja pose. Just let 
    LEVEL 2: The ninja now teleports between three different spots. Wait 
    for him to get in the middle, and then throw! There's no real delay 
    between the throw and the hit, so don't try and shoot before he 
    LEVEL 3: Now there are 5 potential teleportation spots. Just wait for 
    him to get in the middle and go.
    RANDOM STUFF: I was rather saddened by Touched's lack of ninja games. 
    Original WarioWare had many more...
    9. FACE LIFT
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Make the face match the one on the top screen.
    OBJECT: Two faces will appear: One on top, one on bottom. You must use 
    the stylus to drag and open parts of the bottom face (Eye-brows, eyes, 
    nose, and mouth) until it matches the top face!
    LEVEL 1: Only one thing is different and it's highlighted in orange on 
    the top screen!
    LEVEL 2: Still only one different, but no highlight now, so figure it 
    out yourself. Sometimes you'll notice it right away, but other times it 
    might take some time.
    LEVEL 3: Three differences now. Watch the mouth; Usually there will be 
    something different since it's two parts.
    RANDOM STUFF: Hmmm... Nope.
    10. CAGE MATCH
    Score to Beat: 10
    Game Tip: Slice the rope to drop the cage and trap the animal!
    OBJECT: An animal will walk back and forth across the screen, with a 
    cage suspended overhead. Make a horizontal slash to cut the rope, and 
    drop the cage!
    LEVEL 1: A slow, dumb duck will walk back and forth on the cage panel. 
    I don't even know if it's possible to lose here, besides running out of 
    LEVEL 2: A faster, larger lion, this time. You'll have enough time to 
    try again since he walks to the end and back, but time your drop right 
    so he fits exactly.
    LEVEL 3: One of those tiny white duck-balls. He moves slowly, and then 
    sprints, so drop the cage right before he touches the panel.
    RANDOM STUFF: The duck-ball most memorably appeared in WarioWare 1 
    where you had to grab him with tweezers when he jumped up.
    Score to Beat: 15
    Game Tip: Spin the wheels to make 'em all match!
    OBJECT: You have a multi-piece totem pole, and get to spin the faces 
    until they all match. The faces must be still; You'll lose if you're 
    holding one in place with the stylus.
    LEVEL 1: A three-piecer with two pieces being the same. Just grab the 
    third one and turn.
    LEVEL 2: Another three-piece set, but now they're all different. Just 
    turn the first two you can.
    LEVEL 3: Four pieces now, but two are the same. Just turn the other 
    RANDOM STUFF: The blue blocks are dogs, the yellows are ">__<" faces, 
    the reds are angry, and the purples are sad.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Tear off the petals! Don't get your hopes up...
    OBJECT: NO LOVE FOR YOU!! NEXT!! Heh, sorry, couldn't resist. You have 
    a flower and must pluck it's petals from the stem outwards. Pluck them 
    all for the win (It doesn't matter whether you get a "Loves me" or 
    "Loves me not"
    LEVEL 1: A four-leaf clover. Just pull!
    LEVEL 2: A six-petal flower. Go clockwise or counterclockwise and be 
    done with it.
    LEVEL 3: Yup, 8 piece. Still pretty easy, just be careful.
    RANDOM STUFF: The pics I've seen are a nervous girl with an envelope, 
    an angry little bald guy with a girl hiding behind a tree, and a weird 
    angel girl.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Slide the panels to solve the puzzle! 
    OBJECT: You're given one of those old-fashioned sliding puzzles, and 
    must fix everything except the missing spot which is filled in after 
    you win. Tip: Let's say you label the squares 1 2 3
                                                  4 5 6
                                                  7 8 9
    If spot 3 is empty, you can actually slide piece 1 to the right and 
    push 2 along with it. It's a time saver on higher difficulties.
    LEVEL 1: Only one thing is in need of sliding. Just think about it and 
    do it.
    LEVEL 2: Two things to slide. Just figure out what to do, and do it.
    LEVEL 3: Three to six things to slide, and usually they must be slid 
    one after another. Try the trick listed above.
    RANDOM STUFF: Puzzles include the Joker card, bears, a pot, and an 
    Score to Beat: 10
    Game Tip: Don't be a hog; pass the ball!
    OBJECT: One or two of your teammates (The black stick figures in white 
    jerseys) will be on either side of the hope. Make a slash in their 
    direction to pass them the ball. You won't win from passing though, you 
    win once the ball has been through the basket.
    LEVEL 1: Just one teammate. Pass it to him, and watch him make a cool 
    LEVEL 2: Two teammates, but one enemy player guarding them. Just pass 
    to the guy not being guarded.
    LEVEL 3: Two teammates and two guards. Wait for an opening, but 
    remember that the win comes from scoring.
    RANDOM STUFF: Watch the crowd shuffle up and down when you win.
    15. TUFT IT OUT
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Life getting a little hairy? Get hold of the problem and 
    OBJECT: An arm appears along the bottom of the screen with numerous 
    hairs sticking it. Use the stylus to make quick, but strong, vertical 
    slashes to tug them out! 
    LEVEL 1: Only one hair. Just grab it and make a quick pull, making sure 
    to keep the stylus on the screen until the hair pulls out.
    LEVEL 2: Two hairs, but still not big a deal.
    LEVEL 3: Three hairs! Make sure to make your strokes strong, because if 
    you screw one up it's pretty much over.
    RANDOM STUFF: Give the guy some extra pain by pulling halfway.
    Score to Beat: 10
    Game Tip: Drop him like a sack of potatoes!
    OBJECT: Make a quick horizontal slash to trip your target! For whatever 
    reason I find this to be one of the easiest games, and you can easily 
    get well over 100 points just by moving the stylus left and right over 
    and over.
    LEVEL 1: A guy doing ballet. You can actually make the slash at his 
    head and still trip him!
    LEVEL 2: A guy doing karate. Again, you can actually slash high and 
    still drop him.
    LEVEL 3: A guy doing yoga and floating up down. Just slash his torso to 
    knock him over.
    RANDOM STUFF: Slashing peoples' faces and causing them to trip is 
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Tug on the udders to full your bucket with milk. Alternate 
    udders for maximum milking action!
    OBJECT: You get to pull a cow's udders (She has 3) with downward 
    slashes to fill a bottle with milk! The milk squirts in the direction 
    you tug, so aim well. Also, an udder is milked there is a short 
    cooldown, so alternate udders.
    LEVEL 1: The bucket is very wide, and only needs about 3 squirts to 
    LEVEL 2: The bucket is thinner, and around 4 squirts are needed.
    LEVEL 3: The bucket is very thin, with a bottle-neck, and you'll need 
    around 5 squirts.
    RANDOM STUFF: Watch the cow head appear in the upper left to moo upon 
    your victory.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Prove you've got the chops!
    OBJECT: A hand holds down a fruit on a table and you must make quick 
    vertical slashes on the right side of the hand to drop the slices onto 
    a plate. Make sure not to cut the hand!
    LEVEL 1: Not many cuts are needed.
    LEVEL 2: More cuts.
    LEVEL 3: Guess what? More cuts! 
    RANDOM STUFF: I've seen a cucumber, a melon, and a carrot.
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Don't ask; just CUT!
    OBJECT: Some kind of round object is suspended in front of you with 
    dotted red lines going across it. Slash across the lines to cut your 
    target up!
    LEVEL 1: One slash is needed.
    LEVEL 2: Two slashes needed.
    LEVEL 3: Three slashes needed.
    RANDOM STUFF: I have seen: A melon, the Earth, and a watermelon. Plus, 
    come on you get to see a 3D show of the object being sliced!!
    Score to Beat: 20
    Game Tip: Slash your stylus across the clown's belly blocks, but don't 
    let it topple over!
    OBJECT: You get a large clown tower made of multiple blocks stacked 
    upon one another. Like the tip says, make slashes to knock off pieces. 
    I'm still trying to get the exact mechanics of this game down (If 
    anyone knows exactly how it works, please e-mail me), but from what I 
    can tell if you make your cuts angled upwards you'll topple the tower, 
    and if it's really tall and you move the lowest block you'll topple it.
    LEVEL 1: Only two pieces, so just knock both lower ones off.
    LEVEL 2: Four pieces. Just slash left-right-left-right.
    LEVEL 3: Six piece tower. Be careful. I find that if you make your 
    strokes too hard you'll knock it, so be careful, but otherwise just go 
    RANDOM STUFF: Inside the clown head is a dancing stick figure.
    Score to Beat: 7
    Game Tip: Bowl like you've never bowled before!
    OBJECT: You're given three chances to knock down all the pins, set up 
    in different arrangements. There are gutters on both sides too.
    LEVEL 1: A standard pattern. I find it best to start on either side and 
    make your shot angled to knock down the most pins. Then go from the 
    other direction with ball 2. If there are still pins up, ball 3 will 
    take care of them.
    LEVEL 2: Slightly weirder patterns like an "X" or an upside down 
    triangle. It's best to take down one side, then the other, and then the 
    stragglers, rather than risk getting a split and needed both extra 
    balls to win.
    LEVEL 3: Tougher shapes now, like a sideways L or happy face. For the 
    L, start on whichever side the vertical part is and make a straight 
    vertical shot to knock them down. For every other pattern, go side to 
    side again, instead of risking a split.
    RANDOM STUFF: Watch the little balls in the corner. The red line going 
    around represents how much time you have left.
     ________   _________ _____             _____ 
    |  ____\ \ / /__   __|  __ \     /\    / ____|
    | |__   \ V /   | |  | |__) |   /  \  | (___  
    |  __|   > <    | |  |  _  /   / /\ \  \___ \ 
    | |____ / . \   | |  | | \ \  / ____ \ ____) |
    |______/_/ \_\  |_|  |_|  \_\/_/    \_\_____/ 
    16. ALBUM
    So what exactly is this "Album" thing, huh? Well, it basically lets you 
    replay every microgame you've seen. You select your character the same 
    way, and then a library of their microgames appears on the right. 
    Characters with silver crowns on their heads have had all their 
    microgames played at least once. You'll notice that every microgame has 
    a "Score to Beat". By replaying a microgame (You'll go through each 
    level, and then repeat with speed ups between stages) until you've 
    broken the score and have not lost your 4 lives, you'll earn a medal (A 
    little flower on the icon of the microgame). Once a character has had 
    all of their microgames medaled, they'll have a golden crown! Nice! Get 
    crowns to unlock more toys, and play microgames in the album so you'll 
    know what you're doing in the real game.
    17. TOY ROOM
    The toy room is where all of your unlocked minigames and toys go. You 
    can select them and Move them into the normal Games room, but I prefer 
    to keep them where they belong. The Toy Room has two rooms, with the 
    toys divided evenly. Toys are unlocked in the following ways:
    -Scoring over 30 points on a character stage
    -Breaking the high score of a minigames toy
    -Getting all silver crowns (Playing every microgame)
    -Getting all golden crowns (Medaling every microgame)
    Toys come in a variety of fashions, but basically are divided into 
    either toys (Random little tools), or minigames (A toy with a high 
    score). Below is the list of toys *I* have unlocked (I think I am 
    missing either one or two, judging by the empty space in room 1. Please 
    e-mail me which ones!)
    ---ROOM ONE---
    1. Snow Man
    2. ???
    3. ???
    4. Calculator
    5. Juggle Boy (MINIGAME)
    6. Piano
    7. Orbit Ball (MINIGAME)
    8. Air Toss 2000
    9. Metronome
    10. Wario Paint
    11. Pong Ping (TWO PLAYERS)
    12. Kitchen Timer
    13. Pet Brine Buddies
    14. Wind Chime
    15. Reel-to-Reel
    16. Bubble Blaster
    ---ROOM TWO---
    17. Clacker
    18. They Hunger
    19. Spirometer
    20. Play By Ear
    21. Air Dude (MINIGAME)
    22. Party Tooter
    23. Turntable
    24. Yo-Yo
    25. Big Hurl (MINIGAME)
    26. Grandma Simulator
    27. Pet Parrot
    28. Light Show
    29. Snore Rope (MINIGAME)
    30. Game Credits
    31. Pet Chameleon
    32. Pyoro T (MINIGAME)
    33. Custard
    Also, I don't know if the toys are awarded randomly (Besides the 
    special ones like Pyoro T) or won in a certain order, but if anyone 
    knows exactly which games are awarded for which goals, please e-mail 
    17.1 MINIGAMES
    JUGGLE BOY: It's a juggling clown! Tap either hand to make him flip 
    whatever touches it. You'll start out with one baton, but more are 
    added later, and an orange is periodically thrown into the mix. Score 
    over 40 to unlock another toy.
    ORBIT BALL: My personal favorite toy/microgame, this is an expanded 
    version of Kat & Ana's boss game. You get to draw springs with your 
    stylus to keep the Orbit Ball flying upwards! My personal style is to 
    just draw one line and hold the stylus down so it's like you're 
    dragging a platform around. You might need to circle sometimes to 
    flatten out the platform, but I find that it works. In this non-boss 
    version you also have to contend with stars and planets that bump Orbit 
    around, but sometimes you might actually get lucky and have him be 
    saved by stars. Score over 1000 miles to unlock another toy.
    AIR DUDE: Possibly the most annoying minigames, here you get to use the 
    microphone to blow and keep Air Dude in the air! The trick is to only 
    blow when he's pointing down. If you blow when he starts lifting, 
    you're doomed. Just let him glide, instead of forcibly airing him. 
    Score over 100 yards for a reward.
    BIG HURL: The revenge of that minigames from WarioWare 1! Now you get 
    to spin repeatedly to build up your power meter and then let lose to 
    throw. I like to start my stylus where he's pointing, spin until the 
    power meter fills, and then just let go right when my stylus is at the 
    top of the screen. It takes practice, but you can do it. Just don't hit 
    the walls! My personal record (Redundancy! Yay!) is 170 meters. Score 
    over 80 meters to unlock a toy.
    SNORE ROPE: Basically it's jump rope, but you must blow into the mic to 
    keep a sleeping old man above the rope! Pretty easy actually, until you 
    run out of breath. Just blow a bit and then let him fall before blowing 
    again. Score over 15 loops for a reward.
    PYORO T: Yay another Pyoro! Here Pyoro must guard an island of 4 
    flowers from invading bugs. Use the lower screen to aim his attacks 
    (Pull in the opposite direction to pull his tail, then release and 
    he'll slam himself in the back launching his tongue out to nail 
    enemies. You can get bonus points by getting multiple insects, so let 
    the smaller flies bunch up if they're only attacking from one 
    direction. The big blue insects must be latched upon, and then you must 
    swing them around with the stylus to swallow them. They're slow, so 
    save them for last if multiple enemies attack. Hearts can be swallowed 
    to regrow flowers. Just remember to always get bugs heading towards 
    life flowers first, instead of bugs going to the dead ones. Red bomb 
    bugs will hit Pyoro to stun him, so get them when you have the chance. 
    Score over 3000 to unlock a new toy.
    17.2 TOYS
    SNOW MAN: Drag a snowball around until it becomes large and turns into 
    a snowman! Then tap it to blow it up, and start all over!
    CALCULATOR: A stupid calculator that can only add and subtract! Makes a 
    cameo appearance in the Wario microgame Accountant Assault.
    PIANO: An 11-key piano, making a cameo in one of Wario's microgame. You 
    can't use the black keys though.
    AIR TOSS 2000: Blow into the mic to levitate a small ball. The ball 
    changes color when high enough.
    METRONOME: A metronome! What fun! Raise and lower the moustache to 
    change the BPMs, and pull the little orange knob to change the... 
    Umm... fraction. =P
    WARIO PAINT: Change the color on top, and pic on the bottom. You can 
    only do fills. = (
    PONG PING: Two player ping pong! Sadly, the only multiplayer Touched 
    minigames, compared to the GBA's 3. One player takes the top screen; 
    one takes the bottom, and you L and R respectively to whack the ball 
    around. Surprisingly fun as one-player, too. >_>
    KITCHEN TIMER: It's a timer! Change the settings, and let it... time!
    PET BRINE BUDDIES: Use the Magnifying Glass to check out bacteria (Some 
    of them look like peapods!). I don't know what the lightbulb does... 
    Anyone help?
    WIND CHIME: Blow into the mic! Yay!
    REEL-TO-REEL: Spin the reels and watch a short Indie flick about a 
    Chain-Chomp's mystical journey to adulthood, as it slams through some 
    walls in a cave.
    BUBBLE BLASTER: Use the mic to blow bubbles! Nice!
    CLACKER: I love these things. Pull back one of the clackers and let it 
    slide! They'll keep clacking until they slow down!
    THEY HUNGER: Put down the stylus (Food?) and watch the bacteria swarm 
    towards you!
    SPIROMETER: Blow into the mic and measure you're hot air. My record is 
    PLAY BY EAR: Blow into the mic to blow the harmonica! The only game 
    using normal buttons, you can use the D-Pad or A, B, X, or Y to adjust 
    your tone, and L and R for sharps and flats.
    TURNTABLE: Put on the Mario Paint Theme, Hogan's Alley song, or 
    Ashley's Theme, and then put your DJ abilities to work!!
    YO-YO: Pull up to fling your yo-yo (The screens are mirrored). To grab 
    it, tug down (up!).
    GRANDMA SIMULATOR: Granny would like to share some advice, if you humor 
    her by blowing her tea. Get some great stuff like "Mind your manatee" 
    and "Make loafers, not war". Thanks Grandma!
    PET PARROT: I sometimes have trouble getting this to work, but 
    apparently you can talk into the mic and the parrot can remember up to 
    three things you say. He'll then randomly repeat them. Polly wanna 
    LIGHT SHOW: Use a flashlight to make cool looking light effects! Draw 
    cool things, and watch them fade away seconds later!
    STAFF CREDITS: Credits. Duh. Symbols in the back include "W"s, 
    Triforces, gamecube logos, hearts, and stars. The symbols cycle through 
    various things including bursting wherever you touch, spinning around 
    when you rotate, raining from the sky, or shooting from the bottom of 
    the screen,
    PET CHAMELEON: He's critterific!! Drag down wall paper and watch him 
    camouflage himself!! Also, click in random spots to make him lash his 
    tongue out.
    CUSTARD: Aw yeah! Stretch the custard and watch it dance around like a 
    fat kid!!
      ____  _    _ _______ _____   ____  
     / __ \| |  | |__   __|  __ \ / __ \ 
    | |  | | |  | |  | |  | |__) | |  | |
    | |  | | |  | |  | |  |  _  /| |  | |
    | |__| | |__| |  | |  | | \ \| |__| |
     \____/ \____/   |_|  |_|  \_\\____/ 
    E-mail away! My e-mail address is:
    Be sure to make the topic something like "FAQ", "WarioWare", 
    "GameFAQs"... etc. Something that will let me know it has something to 
    do with this. I get a ton of spam, and if I don't know what your e-
    mail is, into the trash it goes. I have 4 other FAQs, and I have 
    gotten numerous good contributions, that I trashed just because the 
    sender didn't put a good subject! Anyway, no need to e-mail me for 
    microgames I haven't listed yet, I'm working on them. ; )
    But nearly everything else is fair game!
    ******VERY IMPORTANT*******
    Please do not Instant Message me via AOL. I really like getting e-
    mails about my FAQ, but IMs are just not good. If it's a contribution, 
    it's too easy for me to accidently close the IM box or delete your 
    good idea, or anything else. Also, from my Undead FAQ, Terminology 
    FAQ, Ratchet & Clank FAQ, and Enter the Matrix FAQ, a few people told 
    other people what my screen name was and they started harassing me. 
    Needless to say, I easily used my super powers to make their computers 
    explode, but just do not IM me or tell other people to harass me. I'm 
    not afraid to hurt you. : )
    Stuff to e-mail me:
    -If you know how some of the toys are unlocked (Specifically! Not just 
    "I got Pong Ping by getting over 30 for some guy!")
    -More tips and/or Easter Eggs for the microgames I've already put up 
    (Wario and Mona)
    -Any toys I missed and how to get them!
    -Random notes about the toys
    -Fan mail! I love that stuff!
    Stuff not to e-mail me:
    -Tips for microgames I have yet to put up. I have unlocked/played them 
    all, I just want to be very thorough
    -Spam. Honestly. Do I have to explain?
    -Flames. Do you think I really care that you hate my WarioWare FAQ so 
    much that you use it as toilet paper? If you have constructive 
    criticism, say something. If you have no reason, don't.
    *Crickets chirping*
    Yep. All empty right now. I don't need suggestions for the microgames 
    not listed yet, because I'm working on them, but tips and Easter eggs 
    for games I've already written about are good! See the above section! 
    Anyway, you'll see your name her if you help!
    20. THANKS
    Some people/stuff I'd like to thank:
    -Nintendo for making so many great games
    -Everyone who made WarioWare, because it's such a risk to make such a 
    bizarre game and release it
    -My laptop, for helping me type this. >_>
    -My grandma, for getting me a DS for my birthday
    -Me, I guess...
    -Any website that hosts this
    This FAQ is copyright, Daniel Markowitz, 2005. All rights reserved. It 
    may only be used on the following website(s):
    Just note that GameFAQs will always have the lasted version.
    Do not use any or all of it without my permission. All of the text is 
    owned and was written by Daniel Markowitz. You may print it out if you 
    want, but don't turn it into a strategy guide and sell it, unless you 
    send me the profits! That would be okay! If you are want to use my FAQ 
    on your website, you must ask my permission first, and you may not 
    alter or change the text in it anyway. All in all, if you really want 
    to use it for something (litter box for your pets... whatever.) 
    besides just a personal FAQ, ask me first.
    _,.-~=*'`"^THE END!!^"`'*=~-.,_

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