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"Touching" the Surface of Japan's Creativity12/05/04Ashley Winchester
Touching gamers in ways they never imagined possible02/17/05Blueboo48
Touching Wario has never been this much fun06/06/05CrazyGamer343
If I don't convince you then you're missing out02/13/06cream147
A review without a "Touched" joke in the title!02/22/05Dandude776
DS = Dull Sequel?02/22/05doktorsquidd
Touching is above average.07/18/05Fastkilr
Touching is better than we ever expected04/04/05flamingbeast
He's been Twisted...now he's...Touched!...Ahem...05/29/07horror_spooky
Is WarioWare-ing Out?04/02/07Jurnco
Gamespot.com does not seem to think it is any more than mediocre, but I do.02/18/05kidneyboy
A fun game that can and should be enjoyed by anyone10/10/05knick_ch
A lot of random fun07/11/05Link165
A small touch of greatness.05/05/16Malorkus
WarioWare for the DS: Does it hold up?01/19/10MisterMarioMan
180 Different ways to touch a screen, it's not much more than that04/03/06nvanhae
This Should Have Come With The DS As A Tech Demo04/10/07OutOfRange
Hey Wario! This game of yours isn't as funny as it used to!08/31/10Retroreviewer Productions
The Good, The Bad, The Mediocre.10/20/05RPGs R Awesome
A very bizarre game, but surprisingly addicting...04/01/05TekeeTakShak
Excellent, fast paced game. Addicting as crack, too.03/29/05TheSaladCaper
Touching the heart of your Ds02/17/05ThreeHeadedMonkey
I'm not going to resort to a sex joke here. Just use your imagination for now.11/29/06Unleashed Vortex

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