Review by ninja443

Reviewed: 04/07/05

Short, weird and fun

I bought this game because most of it’s reviews are positive. Everyone said the game was fun. So I gave in to the hype. Bought the game, popped it into the DS. Then an awesome intro came on. The intro had a interactive whack a mole game. The unfortunate part was that as soon as you hit a mole the intro ended. But the rest of the game was much, much better. I selected War io and began to say WTF more than often.

Game play 9/10

Let me tell you right now. If you don’t like short games, you may not like this one. It’s really short. And if you don’t like weird games then the same applies. It’s weird and short, do you have a problem with that? As the name suggests, the micro games are very short. But also, very fun. Some are hard, some are easy. Most of the touch screen micro games are fun. Although few of the microphone games are fun because all you have to do the whole time is blow. And you have to do it for the entire level. So you better have a high lung capacity. Cause your going to need it. The reward system royally sucks. Due to your only rewards being stupid mini games that are usually not fun or thoughtful. In one you tap on Jell-O. Wow, that’s really thoughtful. But some are cool like the parrot who uses voice sensor to record your voice. Then he repeats what you said. Although it’s usually not very accurate, and it can’t record much. There is a actually fun mini game where you play tennis with yourself. It’s like an anti-social game. A weakness in this game is that the clock gives you too much time in easy micro games, but it give you shorter time on hard micro games. Also, some of the hardest boss levels are not even near the end of the game. Though if you like a laugh, it’ll be fine.

Music/Sound 8/10

The music is very fun, though repetitive. Some songs are very catchy. While others just are annoying. Most sounds are realistic when they’re supposed to be. Some has to be unrealistic for humor. There's a haunted mansion that I expected to have scary music. But instead it had a hilarious song in the background. Sometimes without knowing it, you will just burst out laughing. It's that funny!

Graphics 7/10

This was expected, since it would be hard to move the game into 3d. There are some 3d micro games. Although most micro games and all cut-scenes are 2d. The cut-scenes animation was done well.

Story 2/10

There is only one cut-scene that has a story that relates to the game. And that cut-scene is the intro. Two cut-scenes were funny. The others were bland. If you don’t care about the story then you won’t have a problem. If your favorite part about a game is it’s story then I don’t recommend buying this game.

Control 9/10

It would have been a ten if it wasn't for the blowing micro games. The buttons have no affect in this game. It’s all touch screen control.

Replay Value 10/10

After you beat the game there will likely be some micro games that you have not played yet. For you only get to play 14 of each in the main game. The game has other good points like the mini games and epilogue movies. You can also to get the silver crowns for every character. Then after all that hard work, you can try to master every single micro game. Then guess what the prize is? All the characters get gold crowns. Wow! what a prize. They could at least give you a fun mini game or something instead of a mild color change.

Overall 8/10

This is a well rounded game with ups and downs. For the most part, it’s fun. If you like a laugh. Buy this game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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