How do i pass go on a ghost hunt in big boo's hunt ?

  1. I dont know what to do?

    User Info: nyccutie36

    nyccutie36 - 7 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    What do you mean by passing go? Are you specifically talking about the part where you have to get Luigi's key?

    User Info: schmuckesleaze

    schmuckesleaze - 7 years ago

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  1. Go through all the doors on the BOTTOM FLOOR ONLY. Kill all of the ghosts in every room. Then, go back to the main part of the mansion and there will be Big Boo. Jump up, butt stomp him 3 times, and collect your star.

    User Info: mrbananaman9

    mrbananaman9 - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. Im not sure what you mean....

    User Info: koolmonkey345

    koolmonkey345 - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. Punch the ghosts in the mansion and there'll be one in the entrance. Hit it 3 times and you'll get a star and to go to the second floor.

    User Info: lugia08

    lugia08 - 7 years ago 2 0
  3. You need to go through the first floor and ground pound all the ghost then go to the main part of the mansion and ground pound big boo three times.

    User Info: koltonpedigo

    koltonpedigo - 7 years ago 0 1
  4. First you need to kill ALL of the boos on the bottom floor. Then go to the main room and you will see Big Boo. Defeat him and the stairs will rise and you can claim your star! Yay!

    User Info: BeebBeeb

    BeebBeeb - 7 years ago 1 0
  5. Once you get into Big Boo's Haunt, run forward into the mansion. Once you're in, you'll see 6 doors. Turn to the left, and enter the door closest to you. In this room there is a big piano, a chair, and a red coin. Slowly walk over to the piano, but not too close. It will start chomping at you. Once it does, exit the room with the door you did NOT come through. In this room you'll have to kill 2 boos by ground pounding their heads. To get the boos to come, face away from the boo painting and they will come out. After you kill them, exit the room. You will be back in the lobby of the mansion. Now, go to the back side of the room, and into the door on the left. In this room, there is an eye, and a boo. If you stand still too long, and the blue part of the eye is looking at you, it'll shoot blue stuff at you. Avoid that. Anyways, face away from the boo, and ground pound it when it comes close to you. After you do so, exit the room. Back in the lobby, on the backside, there is a right door too. Enter the room. This room might be a little tricky to get past at first. What you do is,walk around a little bit and you'll see a rather mysterious-looking bridge. It's a collapsing bridge. The view of the camera is what makes this part hard. Quickly run on it and onto solid ground. If you fall off of the bridge you won't die, you'll be in the basement. Back to the star, after you make it past the bridge, there is a boo. Ground pound it, and go through the door. The next room is the final room, and it isn't that hard. Walk up until you see a very thin ledge. Get right up next to it, and walk into the wall. Press up and right on your + control pad at the same time, and you'll hug the wall. After you're off of the thin ledge, you'll be greeted with a red coin and a boo. Ground pound him. After that, you'll receive a message that says," Boooooo-m! Here comes the Master of Mischeif, the Titan of Terror, The Big Boo! Ha ha ha ha..." After you get that message, cross another thin ledge, and go through the door. You'll be back in the lobby, faced with the Big Boo. Attacking him is simple. first go to the left side of the room and stand there until you see Big Boo. Face away from him, and he'll come towards you. When he's close, ground pound him and he'll spin. Do the same thing 2 more times, until you kill him. A star will fly out of him, and to a spot that is completely out of reach. Walk to the little grey rug in the middle of the floor, and it will form stairs. Climb on top of them, and claim your shiny prize.

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