Switch Star in the Basement?

  1. Okay, I'm on the last level of Big Boo's castle, and it's called Switch Star in the Basement... I went into that little shed thing outside the castle and went down the elevator, but there's no star on the map... Also, can't seem to get luigi. :P Found his pic, went through all four rooms, and end up in a room with elevotors in it and a picture of a big boo on it. :S Sorry for so many questions, but this is hard! xD

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    Zeldaqueen1 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I jumped into the chimeny thing, but all there is in it is a giant mirror. -__- I walked around for almost 5 mins, and didn't find anything else in there.

    User Info: Zeldaqueen1

    Zeldaqueen1 - 7 years ago

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  1. Yes this is a problem. For luigi, you are correct in the mirror room. Simply wonder around the mirror, about two steps from the mirror itself and facing right. Eventually, you will see luigi as your reflection.

    For the Switch Star in the Basement, this requires Wario. The switch is under the black box in the water. Either use his cap or unlock him in the Room of Mirrors as Luigi and then bash the block. Once the block is destroyed, get the Mario cap and hit the switch. Wario is too slow to get the star in time. Run around the entire merry-go-round, without going inside, and get the star.

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  1. I don't Know the first question,but I can help you find Luigi.
    First get to the room with the picture go hop on the elevator platforms to the
    the top and jump in the chimney! GOOD LUCK

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  2. To obtain this star, you need to be Wario. Start off by going in the shed, and down the elevator. Run through the water until you find a door, then enter it. Now you'll be in a room that has 3 things: water and 2 doors. Go through the door you didn't come through. Now you're in the basement. You know, the place that has the annoying carnival music. Anyways, wander around, until you see a big black brick block. This is what I like to call, a Wario block. Why is that, you ask? Because Wario is the only one who can break it. (I apologize for getting off track, this always happens.) Besides, break the block to reaveal a star switch. If you are the real Wario, not wearing his cap, then go find a Mario or Luigi cap. Wario is too slow to get to the star in time. If you are NOT the real Wario, go find a boo, run into it, and you'll lose your cap. This is going to be confusing at first, but I think you'll get it. Before you step on the switch, rotate the camera so there is grey ground on your right side, while the switch is in front of you. Step on it, turn right, jump to the grey ground, and just... RUN LIKE HECK!!!! You won't have to do any swimming, just sprinting. If you don't get it on the first try, I don't blame you, I don't think I did either. But, you'll get it eventually.

    I'll help you with getting Luigi too. Start off as Mario, and work your way up to the 3rd floor, where his picture is. Jump inside. I don't want to explain every single thing though. When you are dropped onto something that might remind you of Big Boo's merry-go-round. It matters which door you go through, too. First, go through the right door, then the left door, then right, then left. After that, you have to run across a long collapsing bridge. Run across it, do a little bit of elevator jumping, and jump in the hole.

    You're now in King Boo's area. All it is is a big room, divided into 2 pieces by a mirror. Run up to the mirror, and nothing will happen. Back away from it, and walk up to it again. The camera view will change, and your reflection will change into Luigi! Next to you, will suddenly appear King Boo. He will introduce himself as Big Boo, but his crown clearly signifies that he's King Boo. Anyways, once he's done talking, you have to ground pound him 3 times. He'll start on the other side of the mirror. Walk around looking for his shadow. Once you've found it, face away from it, then when it's close, ground pound to make him spin. He'll now be on your side of the mirror. Pretty much do the same thing, look for him, face away, and ground pound. He will now go back to the other side of the mirror. He'll be moving fast when you face away, so be careful. Anyway, look for his shadow, face away, when he's close, ground pound.

    He will now talk to you again, he'll admit defeat, and kindly hand over Luigi's key.

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