How do i get the red wing cap?

  1. I am stuck please help!!

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  1. Once you've got... I think 10 stars. You need a certain number before it'll happen, and I think you need to be playing as Mario, but once it does, you'll notice it.

    When you get a certain number of stars, a skylight will appear in the center of the castle's first floor lobby, shining down onto the sun pattern in the center of the floor. Use the camera button to look up at the source of the light and you'll be transported to the Wing Cap area. There's a Castle Secret Star that can be obtained here by collecting all 8 of the red coins, but if you just want the red blocks activated, fly down to the tower in the center of the map and hit the switch. All the red blocks in the game will become active.

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  1. If you do not see the bright light, you can still access the tower of the wing cap level as Mario. Simply stand on the star pattern on the floor and look up towards the ceiling. You will be warped to a level and find that you're flying. fly down and stomp to land on the tower in the middle. Press the red switch to make all the red blocks activated and solid. Go to a course as Mario and get the wings out of a red box. Now you can fly!

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