What is Marios super wall kick in cool cool mountain course 4?

  1. I dont get in i need help.

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  1. I am going to answer your question in as much detail as possible.

    Go to Cool Cool Mountain and fall off to the Mama Penguin at the very bottom (directly north from where you start off). Once there, there will be a lift that you can take you go higher in the map. Halfway up the lift is a bom-omb next to a star switch. Speak to the bom-omb and we will open the cannon for you. Jump towards the cannon and the wind will lift you up to let you fly there. Use the cannon to shoot yourself directly ONTO the tree (angle it slightly higher due to distance).
    Slide down the tree and edge your way along the ledge to your right to get to the other side. Kill the flower creatures along the way. Long jump across the gap to find a floor above you. To wall kick (saying the wall is on your right), jump onto the wall, then hold right to start sliding down the wall. Jump again to wall kick higher up to another ledge, or wall or go higher in general. In this star, use it to go to a high ledge, and then again to get to an even higher ledge. Then walk across the icy bridge to grab your star.

    Hope it helps.

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  1. Go to the bottom of the map, next to the giant penguin sitting in a pool of water outside the exit to the indoor slide. Look over to the left of the exit, facing the exit, and you should see a ledge way over in the distance, a cannon slightly to the left, and a ski lift going up and down. Ride the ski lift up and jump off onto the small platform halfway up to find a pink bob-omb. Speak to it to open the cannon, then go down into the cannon and aim at the ledge below the top of the ski lift you saw earlier. There's a tree on the ledge, so aim for that you that you can grab onto it and stop yourself. Once you're on the ledge, follow the path to the other end to find an area where you'll have to do various wall jumps in order to reach the star.

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  2. First go to Cool, cool Mountain as Mario. Once you're there, turn around and walk onto a broken bridge. Stand at the far end of it, and you'll get warped to the bottom on the Mountain where the big penguin is. A lot of people use the cannon for this, but I didn't. Anyway, run past the 3 goombas (unless you need a Mario cap) and the mother penguin. Keep running until you see a cannon or cannon cover next to a gondola. Hop onto the gondola. It will slowly make its way up the mountain. As soon as you get on the gondola, look to your right until you see a floating platform with a pink bomb-omb-buddy, a tree, and a star switch. Carefully hop onto the platform.

    When you're on the platform, face the tree, get a short running start, and do a long jump. You'll take a little damage, which is no big deal. After you've (hopefully) landed, walk forward onto a thin ledge. Kill the flower enemies, as they might push you off the ledge, or make you lose your Mario cap if you're wearing one. After you're off the thin ledge, you'll see a reading post, an arrow of coins, and a rather wide gap. If you read the sign, it will remind you how to do a long jump, which is what you need to do to get over the gap. After you've jumped over the ledge, you will see a spinning heart (to your right I think) and 2 walls. Hit the heart, then turn left. Go all the way until you walk into a wall. Then, turn to face the right wall. Get a running start, and wall jump off of the right wall. If you did it right, you'll land on a platform. After landing, walk a little bit, and when you're in the middle of the platform, jump 3 times to do a triple jump towards the left wall. After triple jumping, hit the wall, and do a wall kick onto a much higher platform. Walk to the right over an icy bridge, where your precious power star is patiently waiting.

    If this doesn't help, please read a FAQ (In the General column) by Deathborn 668. :)

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