Mario has a key. What do we do with it?

  1. Mario is inside the castle.

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    jorodrig - 7 years ago

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  1. Well, It depends on where you got the key. If you got it from a rabbit, it is for Princess Toadstool's Rec Room. You can play new mini-games with those keys.

    If it is from the first Bowser fight (Bowser in the Dark world) it goes to the basement. In the lobby, look for two doors on the bottom floor. They are just brown doors with nothing on them. Enter one of them. Now you'll see a boo. No matter which door you enter, go the opposite way of it, down a rather large staircase. There is a door with a look on it. Run up to it, and you'll unlock the door, giving you access to the basement.

    If it's from the 2nd Bowser fight (Bowser in the Firs Sea) it goes to the 2nd floor. From the lobby, head up the middle staircase (the biggest one in sight.) There is a door in front of the stairs. Walk up to it, and you'll open the door.

    The last option is, if it's a key from a boss fight, you use them to unlock characters. You'll notice if it's a character key when you beat the boss. For example: After you beat Goomboss, he'll explode, leaving behind a key with a Red Mario cap on it.

    I hope it helped!!!

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