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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    Super Mario 64 DS
    Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
    E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
    Most Recent Update: February 26, 2006
    Originally Created: November 28, 2004
    Version: 1.0
    -------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
    Section 1*
    Walkthrough Content*
    Section 2*
    Bob-omb Battlefield*
    Whomp's Fortress
    Jolly Roger Bay*
    Cool, Cool Mountain*
    Bowser in the Dark World*
    Big Boo's Haunt*
    Hazy Maze Cave*
    Lethal Lava Land*
    Shifting Sand Land*
    Dire, Dire Docks*
    Bowser in the Fire Sea*
    Snowman's Land*
    Wet-Dry World*
    Tall, Tall Mountain*
    Tiny-Huge Island*
    Tick Tock Clock*
    Rainbow Ride*
    Bowser in the Sky*
    Section 3*
    150 Stars*
    VS Mode*
    Enemy List*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
      /                                                                          \
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    ||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ..........  What?  Oh, a reader!  Welcome to my walkthrough!  I'll stop using
    all those exclamations, by the way.  Well, I was so excited that this game is
    coming out.  Not only did it come out, but also it came out on the new Nintendo
    DS.  The DS was hyped up to be awesome - a god among insects in the videogame
    world.  Well, the DS does not disappoint.  And, one of my all-time favorite
    games was Super Mario 64 for the N64.  It was the best game out as soon as it
    was released.  It was spellbinding and addictive.  Plus, just about 46 % of all
    subsequent videogames featured the collect-the-items theme that Super Mario 64
    sported.  Also, 35 % of statistics are made up on the spot.  All in all, Super
    Mario 64 was unprecedented for a while, all ending when the N64 died out.
    The sequel to the game was Super Mario Sunshine on the Game Cube.  It wasn't
    really a sequel, so to speak, but it definitely felt like it.  It had almost the
    same goal (collect all the Shine Sprites) and had a similar missions-in-the-
    various-levels setup.  And then, for a long time, no Mario games of this nature
    were released.  Sure, Mario and company were basking in the limelight, but they
    weren't collecting Shine Sprites or Power Stars.  And so, a remake of the
    original genre-defining game was released today in North America on November 21,
    2004.  It probably isn't the same "today" I'm talking about while you're reading
    this, but you understand.
    I chose this game to be my next walkthrough about a month ago.  I heard news of
    the DS and I was mildly impressed (they hadn't shown all the features).  About a
    week after that I found out that Super Mario 64 DS was being remade.  So, I
    planned my walkthroughs so that this would be my fifteenth.  You probably don't
    care, but 15 is my lucky number, and it was important that this was it.  Now
    that I've sung the praises of this terrific game let's get to the actual review
    for SM64DS.
    First, since it is a brand-new console, I'll review the DS.  The DS graphics are
    like those of the N64, but a lot better.  They don't rise to the standard Game
    Cube set, but I wouldn't expect it.  The only bad part, I'd say, is the camera
    system.  It would be so much easier if you could turn it without using the Touch
    Screen, like with C Buttons on the N64.  The DS itself is very nice.  It has
    loads of special features and it looks pretty cool to boot.  The controls are
    the only problem.  It's not hard to learn how to use it, but for all our lives
    we've been using control sticks and pads, this was an eye-opener.  You get used
    to it eventually, and most games do have buttons and touch control, letting you
    play in a way most comfortable to you.
    As for Super Mario 64 DS, it couldn't be better.  At first you can control only
    Yoshi, but eventually you branch out to Mario, Luigi, and even Wario.  Each has
    their own special abilities and moves.  There are 150 Power Stars, not 120 like
    in the original, and new courses to go along with them.  Even pre-existing ones
    have been changed around.  There's other new stuff, too, such as a different
    castle layout and addictive mini-games.  So, if you have the DS, I recommend
    getting this game.  If you’ve never played the N64 version of this game, what
    are you waiting for?  Buy this game!
    By the way, if you see any website using this guide other than GameFaqs.com,
    please notify me.  It is illegal, as this guide is copyrighted.  It is the same
    as stealing and actually is plagiarizing.  Please contact me if you see a site
    using this other than GameFaqs so I can stop it.  With your help, I can stop my
    work from being stolen.  A thousand thanks.
    Just a little tip for navigating through this giant document.  On your keyboard,
    press CTRL and F at the same time.  If you have a Mac, press Apple and F at the
    same time.  In the screen that pops up, type in the name of the section you
    That's why I put all the asterisks (*) after section titles, although they are
    pretty festive.
    Very few Mario games have spectacular plots.  Like any Mario game, the goal is
    to save the princess and beat the bad guy, who is Bowser most of the time.  This
    game occurs after the first Super Mario 64.  Here's what happened.
                                   |    The Plot    |
    Princess Peach, called Toadstool in the earlier games, has baked a cake for
    Mario and invited him over via a letter.  Mario is eager to accept, so he
    dresses his best and goes off to eat cake and spend time with his girlfriend
    Peach.  Luigi and Wario come along for whatever reason (the instruction manual
    says they are party crashers).  They enter the castle, but they never come out.
    From the first Super Mario 64, Yoshi has been waiting on the roof for Mario.  A
    Toad told him that if he waited long enough, he'd see Mario enter the castle.
    Yoshi did, but when they didn't come out for a while, he got curious and dropped
    in for a visit.  Upon entering, Yoshi discovers that the castle is deserted,
    save a few Toads scattered around.  Yoshi talks to one and he finds out that
    Bowser has imprisoned Peach and the castle's Power Star (which protect peace in
    the castle) in the castle's walls and paintings.  Determined to rescue Peach,
    and maybe Mario, Luigi, and Wario along the way, Yoshi enters a painting.
    There you go.  Peach should've learned her lesson about inviting Mario over for
    cake in the first Super Mario 64.  Before we go to save that cake, let me give
    you the low-down on the characters in the game.
                                  |    Characters    |
    Mario: Mario is the main character of the game, obviously, and is a well-rounded
    hero.  He's saved three damsels in distress in his heroic career, but Peach is
    his tried and true, and quite possibly his girlfriend (which was never actually
    confirmed).  Mario and his younger brother Luigi are plumbers, actually, which
    gives them the ability to use pipes as transportation.  Mario got his name from
    the landlord of the Nintendo of America building (named Mario Segali) because
    they bore a resemblance to each other.  Mario was made famous long ago in
    arcades around the world for his high jump.  He later developed an enemy in
    Bowser and they've been at it ever since.
    Luigi: Called the eternal understudy, Luigi is constantly shadowed by his older
    brother Mario.  Physically taller and slimmer than Mario, Luigi is also quite
    skilled at the jump.  There's rarely a game Mario's in that Luigi's not, though.
    Luigi finally got his chance to shine in Luigi's Mansion, in which Luigi
    actually saved Mario.  Although Luigi isn't a superstar like his famous brother,
    he's still won the hearts of millions with trademark quirks.
    Wario: Wario was designed to be the "dark Mario," if you will.  He is Mario's
    opposite - burly, much chunkier, greedy, and evil.  Wario used to be Mario's
    villain, but they've gone their separate ways since, only meeting occasionally
    while golfing or playing tennis.  Wario was developed as a sort of filler bad
    guy, but he's become very popular and has his own series of games that have
    nothing to do with Mario at all.  Wario even has a brother - who completely fit
    the bill for a filler character - named Waluigi, who is Luigi's nemesis.
    Although Wario and his lanky brother don't menace Mario anymore, even acting as
    "friends," Wario is just as money-hungry as ever.
    Yoshi: Yoshi is one of my personal favorites.  Mr. Miyamoto, the heart and soul
    of Nintendo (he designed Mario, Donkey Kong, Link, and others), said that he
    wanted Mario to have a trusty steed in the first Super Mario Bros. game, but he
    couldn't for technical reasons.  Yoshi appeared as Mario and Luigi's dinosaur
    friend in Super Mario World, and has been immensely popular ever since.  Yoshis,
    the species that Yoshi belongs to, come in a variety of colors that each differ
    from their counterparts with special effects.  Of course, the Yoshi we all know
    and love is green, but they come in all the colors of the rainbow and a few
    He's had his own videogames as of late, but they are all Mario-related, making
    Wario the only one of the four to have a totally non Mario-related series of
    Princess Peach: In the early days of Mario, the damsel in distress was named
    Pauline.  Things didn't work out with her and Mario, though, and so he moved on
    to Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom.  Although Mario strayed away from
    her once to rescue her Sarasaland counterpart, Princess Daisy, Mario has been
    true to Peach since what seems like the dawn of time.  Toadstool eventually
    became friendlier with Mario and signed Peach rather than her boring last name.
    It seems that trouble always arises when she sends Mario a letter or tries to go
    on vacation.  What a bother it must be, getting kidnapped 24/7.
    Bowser: The King of the Koopa, Bowser is a monstrous titan that is always either
    dogging Mario or abducting Peach.  The reasoning behind this was simple at
    In the premiere Bowser game, Peach had the ability to stop the curse that Bowser
    had cast over the land (turning the people of Mushroom Kingdom into blocks and
    coins).  Bowser has abandoned his magic, though.  More often he uses brute force
    or special items to achieve his goal - kidnap Peach.  Although he claims to want
    to rule the world, he has a long way to go if a lone plumber sometimes
    accompanied by his brother can stop him.  He has eight children (I think that he
    can lay eggs asexually, because it would be really weird if he had a wife),
    seven of whom died, I guess.  Only one of them, Bowser Jr., Baby Bowser, Koopa
    Kid, whatever, has gone on to future games.  Bowser's fiendish plot in this game
    was to steal the Power Stars of the castle and use them to lock Peach and her
    saviors in the castle walls and paintings.  Over time, the painting worlds will
    overflow with monsters, and Bowser will have an army that can conquer the world.
    Mario must stop Bowser by taking back the Power Stars.  The only problem is that
    the fate of Mario rests in Yoshi's hands, this time around.
    Toad: Toads are the loyal subjects of Princess Peach.  They are very timid and
    cowardly, jumping at the drop of a pen, but who doesn't?  The few Toads that
    remain in the castle have valuable insight into Bowser's plans and provide hints
    as to how to get Power Stars.  A few of them have even found Power Stars, and so
    it always pays off to talk to Toads.  Toad was originally known as “Mushroom
    Retainer,” but Toad eventually became the name for all residents of the Mushroom
    Kingdom in Super Mario Bros. 3.  Toad, the unique one, was playable first in
    Super Mario Bros. 2 as a strong character with low jumps, but he starred in his
    own game when Wario’s Woods rolled around in 1994.  Since Wario’s Woods was the
    last game on the NES to be released, Toad has the honor of being the last
    playable character on an NES game.
    Bob-omb Buddy: Bob-ombs are bomb enemies that go way back with Mario (to the
    American version of Super Mario Bros. 2).  Bob-ombs are black and they like to
    explode in your face (jerks), but that’s not who we’re concerned with.  Bob-omb
    Buddies, on the other hand, are pink.  In this game, they allow Mario and
    friends to use their cannons to reach special parts of courses.  They don't want
    Bowser to succeed, either (the painting world was much better before Bowser
    tainted it by hiding the Power Stars within).  Viva la renaissance!
    MIPS: A cohort of Bowser, this little bunny was entrusted with a Power Star in
    Super Mario 64 (twice, actually).  Mario caught it and it forked over the stars.
    In this game, MIPS appears in several colors, varying with the character you
    and holds keys this time.  Although MIPS and family carry keys, they aren’t easy
    to catch.  One key opens the castle door, but what do the others do?  MIPS is an
    acronym for “Million of Instructions per Second,” a chip in the Nintendo 64.
    The rabbit shares this name with the chip.
    There are other characters that are exclusive to the painting worlds, but these
    are the main characters involved with the plot and progression of the game.  I
    suppose this section wasn't all that vital, but it was fun to read.
    Don't get me started!  Mario has even more moves than in Super Mario 64, and he
    has three friends with their variations of the moves.  Since there are so many
    and you may need any one of them at any given time, I'll list how to perform
    them here.  Universal moves can be performed by every character.  Character-
    specific moves can only be performed by that character.  In the stats at the
    beginning of each character section, three stars is the best rating and zero is
    the worst.  Power Flower moves are techniques only usable when that character
    has a Power Flower.
                             |    Universal Techniques    |
    Standard Mode: This style of game play involves using the D Pad to move instead
    of the touch screen.  It is the best way to play.
    Touch Mode: The alternate playing method is to use the thumbs (or fingers) on
    the touch screen (lower one).  This is harder to do because it takes away from
    the other buttons and it is hard to control the velocity at which the character
    Dual-Hand Mode: If you choose this style of play, you use the pen on the touch
    screen like you would your thumbs in Touch Mode.  Again, this isn't very useful.
    The Nintendo DS caters to both left and right-handed players with the pen.  If
    you are left-handed, hold the pen with your left hand and use the buttons like
    the control pad.  If you're right, you can use the control pad normally.
    Walk: This is the easiest move and you have to master using it.  Depending on
    how you choose to play the game, you can use the D Pad (the +), the touch
    or you can use the special pen included with the DS to move around.  It is
    easiest to use the D Pad because most people learned to play games that way.
    However, the pen and the touch screen are useful at certain points in the game.
    Dash: While walking, press Y.  You'll run faster.  This will probably be used
    more often than walking alone.
    Jump: Press B to do a standard jump move.  Landing on most enemies or sometimes
    hitting enemies while in air will damage them.  It is also convenient for
    ascending steps and ledges.
    Continuous Jump: I call this the Double Jump in the guide because that's what it
    was called in Super Mario 64.  Just jump twice, pressing B to jump as you land
    from the first.
    Triple Jump: Do two continuous jumps in a row while moving.  This covers a great
    vertical distance.
    Ground-Pound: Also called "pound the ground," press R while in air.  The
    selected character will drop down, bottom first, and smash the ground.  Use this
    to flatten certain enemies or objects.
    Backward Somersault: Press R to crouch and then press B to do a backwards
    somersault.  You won't use it too often, but it comes in to play a fair amount
    of times.
    Side Somersault: At first you'll hardly ever use this, but it is a very useful
    jump.  While running in a certain direction, make a sharp turn opposite the way
    you were headed.  The character you're controlling with stop himself with his
    feet and turn around.  As he does, press B (or Y, depending on direction).
    Again, this move is a lifesaver.  If you don't understand the explanation, think
    about it as a U-turn.  Press B/Y as you get to the turning point in the U.
    Long Jump: Another useful move is the long jump.  While running crouch by
    pressing R and then press B to jump.  The faster you're moving, the farther
    you'll go.
    Punch: Mario, Wario, and Luigi can use punch.  Press A to simply punch the air.
    Pick Up Object: I often refer to this as "grabbing."  Simply approach an object
    and press A to pick it up.  Most objects cannot be picked up.
    Throw: After grabbing an object or enemy, press A again to throw it.  Yoshi
    cannot perform this move, nor can he pick up objects.
    Crouch: Press R and you will crouch.  While moving, press it to slide.  Press it
    on a slope and your character will start sliding whether you move or not.  This
    move is heavily used because it lets you use other moves from the crouch
    Swim: If you hold B, your character will "swim steadily."  This was called a
    Flutter Kick in the original Super Mario 64.  Press B repeatedly to "gain
    speed."  That was called a Breast Stroke in SM64.
    Kick: Yoshi cannot perform this move.  Punch three times in a row as
    or Luigi and you'll kick the third time.
    Jump Kick: Yoshi can't do this, either.  While jumping, press A to do a midair
    Slide Kick: This is a pretty risky move in the later levels.  While dashing,
    press R to crouch and then press A.  You will slide extended foot-first forward.
    Sweep Kick: While crouching (a stationary crouch), press A to do a sweep kick,
    which is sometimes helpful when multiple enemies are approaching you (it covers
    more ground than a regular kick).
    Slide Attack: Press A while dashing to do a slide attack, which is very similar
    to a slide kick.
    Side Step: When standing next to a wall (while facing it), you're character will
    "hug the wall."  Move along the wall from there and you can cross very narrow
    paths safely.
    Crawl: While crouching, move around to crawl.  This is slow, but effective when
    getting into a small space or sneaking up on enemies.
    Climb Poles: You can climb on trees and poles (and a few other thin cylindrical
    objects).  Press B to jump off of them in the direction opposite the one your
    character is facing.
    Handstand: Climb to the top of a pole or tree and you will do a handstand.
    Jumping from that position results in a very stylish bound.
    Climb: When facing the edge of a flat object, press B to jump on and tilt the
    control pad in the direction of the edge to climb up slowly.  Press B
    alternately to go faster.
    Climb Quickly: I will refer to this as "climb" as well.  When facing the edge of
    a flat object that you could hang onto, press B to jump on and pull yourself up
    with B to go faster.  To drop from that position, press R or down on the control
    Wire Nets: Certain grids of wires can be used to hang on.  Press B to jump on
    and hold it to hang there.  Move along the wire net with the control pad.
                                 |    Mario Moves    |
                                  |    Power: **     |
                                  |    Speed: **     |
                                  |    Jump:  **     |
    Wall Kick: One of the more useful techniques, when you jump to a wall, press B
    when Mario hits it to jump off from it.
    Wings: When Mario finds the item "Wings" (based on the Wing Cap), he can fly.
    Pressing up on the control pad causes Mario to descend, down to ascend, and the
    other directions turn him.  You must ascend and descend well to gain height and
    speed.  Do a triple jump when you have Wings to start flying.  You stop when you
    hit ground or a solid object.
                                 |    Yoshi Moves    |
                                  |    Power:        |
                                  |    Speed: **     |
                                  |    Jump:  ***    |
    Swallow: This is the Yoshi equivalent of a punch.  Press A to stick Yoshi's
    tongue out.  Certain enemies and objects can be swallowed, which gives you two
    Egg: After swallowing an enemy, press R to lay an egg.  You can also press A to
    spit out a swallowed object.
    Flutter Kick: Press and hold B to sort of glide through the air for a short
    period of time.  I was unaware that Yoshis could do this, but one does in Paper
    Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, too, so they all must be able to.
                                 |    Luigi Moves    |
                                  |    Power: *      |
                                  |    Speed: **     |
                                  |    Jump:  ***    |
    Backward Somersault: Press R to crouch and then press B to do this.  It is just
    Luigi's version of the regular backward somersault.
    Scuttle: Hold B to slowly progress forward.  This can be done in air, too.
    Water Run: Dash up to water and press Y as you step onto it.  For a short time,
    Luigi can walk on water.
                                 |    Wario Moves    |
                                  |    Power: ***    |
                                  |    Speed: *      |
                                  |    Jump:  *      |
    Wario Whack: As you can see, Wario's your man for power.  Press A to do his
    version of the punch, which can break blocks that other character's can't.
    Swing and Fling: This can only be done is VS Mode.  Press A to grab an enemy and
    then rotate the control pad rapidly to swing them around.  Press A again to
    launch them in whatever direction you happen to be facing.
                              |    Power Flower Moves    |
    Floating Power: When Mario is exposed to a Power Flower, he starts floating
    upwards as if he had the old item P-Bag from Super Mario World.
    Fire Power: When Yoshi gets his hands on a Power Flower, he can breathe fire
    with A.
    Invisibility Power: Luigi turns invisible, as if he had a Vanish Cap from Super
    Mario 64.  He is unaffected by quite a few obstacles and enemies altogether.
    Metal Power: The new Metal Cap from Super Mario 64, this turns Wario to Metal
    Wario when he gets a Power Flower.  He doesn't flinch in the face of fire or
    enemy attacks, and he sinks to the bottom of water.
    Those are all the moves - every one.  Phew, I'm exhausted.
    There are only a few items in the game, but they have a wide range of effects.
    Mario's Cap: When your character finds this in a course, he "turns into" that
    character, or at least he can mimic their moves.  Taking damage causes you to
    drop the cap, and it will appear on the second screen.  It eventually
    Mario's Cap turns your character into the Mario.
    Luigi's Cap: This turns your character into Luigi.
    Wario's Cap: This turns your character into Wario.
    ? Switch: The traditional switches in Mario games, these materialize blocks that
    let you get Power Flowers or Wings for your character.
    ? Block: Hitting this after finding the "?" Switch lets you attain the Power
    Flower/Wings for varied effects depending on character.
    Power Flower: These useful items appear from ? Blocks or are occasionally found
    out in the open.  They have different effects on different characters, but they
    are often needed to get a Power Star.
    Wings: The equivalent of the Wing Cap from SM64, these let Mario take to the
    Do a triple jump with these on to start flying, allowing you to reach new
    heights and hidden places.
    Block: Blocks can be broken by certain characters, depending on what kind of
    block it is.
    Yellow Coin: Collecting one of these restores one sliver of your Power Meter.
    If you lose all your power, you lose a life.  When you finish the course with
    fifty coins, you gain a life.  100 gives you a Power Star.
    Red Coin: These are worth two Yellow Coins.  Find all eight in a course and
    you'll get a Power Star.
    Blue Coin: These are worth five Yellow Coins.  Blue Coin Blocks are scattered
    around the courses, and their main function is to help you get 100 coins.
    Spinning Heart: Run through this to recover health.  The faster you run through,
    the more health is recovered.
    Koopa Shell: Sometimes in "!" Blocks, always from hitting Koopas, this lets you
    shell-surf over water, lava, and land.  It disappears when you run into a wall.
    1-UP Mushroom: This gives you an extra life.
    Mushroom: Eating this makes your character bigger.  As a bigger self, you're
    much stronger.  In fact, most enemies can be beaten in this form just by
    touching them.
    "!" Block: These contain other items that are released when you hit them.
    Cannon: Talking to the Bob-omb Buddy in the course lets you use the cannon.  Use
    the cursor to aim and shoot with A.
    And let the walkthrough begin after this short walkthrough content guide.
    ==============================Walkthrough Content*==============================
    This is just a list of where I put the guides (in what sections).  They're not
    all in the same section because of lack of needed characters, items, etc.
    ------------------------------Bob-omb Battlefield-------------------------------
    Bob-omb Battlefield: 1-4
    --------------------------------Whomp's Fortress--------------------------------
    Whomp's Fortress: 1-6, 8
    --------------------------------Jolly Roger Bay---------------------------------
    Mario as Character
    The Princess's Secret Slide: 1-2
    Sunshine Isles: 1
    Goomboss Battle: 1
    ? Switch: 1
    Bob-omb Battlefield: 5-8
    Whomp's Fortress: 7
    Rec. Room Key
    The Secret Aquarium: 1
    Jolly Roger Bay: 1-5
    ------------------------------Cool, Cool Mountain-------------------------------
    Cool, Cool Mountain: 1-6
    ----------------------------Bowser in the Dark World----------------------------
    Bowser in the Dark World: 1-2
    --------------------------------Big Boo's Haunt---------------------------------
    Castle Courtyard: 1
    The Secret of Battle Fort: 1
    Luigi as Character
    Big Boo's Haunt: 1-6
    Jolly Roger Bay: 6
    ---------------------------------Hazy Maze Cave---------------------------------
    Rec. Room Key x 4
    Toad: 1
    Hazy Maze Cave: 1-8
    --------------------------------Lethal Lava Land--------------------------------
    Lethal Lava Land: 1-8
    -------------------------------Shifting Sand Land-------------------------------
    Shifting Sand Land: 1-4
    --------------------------------Dire, Dire Docks--------------------------------
    Dire, Dire Docks: 1-2
    -----------------------------Bowser in the Fire Sea-----------------------------
    Bowser in the Fire Sea: 1-2
    ---------------------------------Snowman's Land---------------------------------
    Rec. Room Key x 2
    Castle: 1
    Wario as Character
    Chief Chilly Challenge: 1-2
    Behind the Waterfall: 1-2
    The Secret Under the Moat: 1
    Goomboss Battle: 2
    Big Boo's Haunt: 7-8
    Big Boo Battle: 1
    Jolly Roger Bay: 7-8
    Cool, Cool Mountain: 7-8
    Shifting Sand Land: 5-8
    Toad: 1
    Snowman's Land: 1-8
    ---------------------------------Wet-Dry World----------------------------------
    Dire, Dire Docks: 3-8
    Rec. Room Key
    Wet-Dry World: 1-8
    ------------------------------Tall, Tall Mountain-------------------------------
    Tall, Tall Mountain: 1-8
    --------------------------------Tiny-Huge Island--------------------------------
    Tiny-Huge Island: 1-8
    --------------------------------Tick Tock Clock---------------------------------
    Toad: 1
    Over the Rainbows: 1-2
    The Secret Under the Moat: 2
    Tick Tock Clock: 1-8
    ----------------------------------Rainbow Ride----------------------------------
    Rainbow Ride: 1-8
    -------------------------------Bowser in the Sky--------------------------------
    Big Boo Battle: 2
    Rec. Room Key x 16
    Glowing Rabbits: 1
    Bowser in the Sky: 1-2
    I got a ton of e-mail between my first and second update (the original version
    1.0 was completed on the 26 of November, by the way).  I decided that, for your
    convenience, I'd make a list of all the secret Power Stars in the castle.  You
    can find them in the above sections.  If you print this page off, you'll have a
                                  Castle's Secret Stars
    ? Switch: 1
    Behind the Waterfall: 1-2
    Big Boo Battle: 1-2
    Bowser in the Dark World: 1-2
    Bowser in the Fire Sea: 1-2
    Bowser in the Sky: 1-2
    Castle Courtyard Red Coins: 1
    Chief Chilly Challenge: 1-2
    Glowing Rabbit Star: 1
    Goomboss Battle: 1-2
    Over the Rainbow: 1-2
    Secret Room in the Castle (see Snowman's Land): 1
    Secret Aquarium: 1
    Sunshine Isles: 1
    The Princess's Secret Slide: 1-2
    The Secret of Battle Fort: 1
    The Secret Under the Moat: 1-2
    Toad: 1-3
    That's everything in the walkthrough.  You can use it to more easily locate the
    star you need.  Don't e-mail me saying that I didn't cover something because I
    cover every star - all 150.
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ==============================Bob-omb Battlefield*==============================
                              |    Key to the Castle    |
    You see and hear the letter as read by Peach.  Mario is invited to Peach's
    castle in Mushroom Kingdom for cake.  Lakitu, the cameraman, zooms in, seeing
    Yoshi sleeping, and sees Mario, followed by Luigi and Wario, come out and run
    into the castle.  Lakitu awakens Yoshi after a black screen.  You need a key to
    enter Mushroom Castle.  As you look around in frustration, Lakitu comes down and
    talks to you.  He tells that a rabbit in the area took a key.  Use the Touch
    Screen to see where the rabbit is (a star with an E by it).  Run to it and use A
    to swallow it.  Let him out by continuing talking to it and he'll give you the
    key for sparing him.
    Run northeast to the entrance of the castle and open it.  Yoshi enters the
    castle and you hear Bowser telling you to vamoose.  Inside, look left to see a
    Toad.  He tells you that the trio of heroes went into the room to the left.
    Open the door up the mini-stairs and open the door.  Jump into the painting.
                          |    Big Bob-omb on the Summit    |
    Touch Yoshi to begin the level.  From the start, you're asked to talk to the
    Bob-omb Buddy.  Talk to it to find out that Mario went to the Big Bob-omb on the
    mountain and he never returned.  Let's go to the mountain!  From the start, run
    up the bridge ahead and you'll see three new enemies, Goombas.  Jump on them or
    swallow them for a coin.  Continue up the path to the left and you'll see a
    large enemy called a Chain Chomp.  Run past it and you'll see a lever bridge.
    Quickly walk across the bridge and go up the stairs to the right.  Further to
    the right is a gate with an opening.  Walk through the opening and look right.
    Run into the pit and avoid the black boulders.  Run past them and go up the
    dodging boulders as you go.  Stop when you see a hollow part of the mountain,
    where the boulders come from.  Walk into it and stand there.  You'll warp near
    to the top of the mountain.  Step out of the alcove you're in and go right.
    Continue along the path to see the big baddie - Big Bob-omb.  He commends Yoshi,
    for he made it this far, even without a mustache.  In this battle, unlike in
    Super Mario 64, you can't grab him and throw him down.  You're Yoshi, remember.
    Big Bob-omb also has a new strategy, throwing Bob-ombs at you.  When he does,
    swallow them with A and shoot them out with A again.  Aim at Big Bob-omb.  When
    he gets hit by the explosion he bounces around.  Avoid him and he'll eventually
    start over.  Do this three times and you'll victor.  Since you beat him (how
    embarrassing), he gives you your first Power Star!  One down, one hundred forty-
    nine to go!
                        |    Footrace with Koopa the Quick    |
    So far, all the missions are the same.  From the start, go up a bit and you'll
    see Koopa the Quick, dying for a rematch with Mario.  He asks you to bring Mario
    to him so he can race him again.  KTQ, you see, lost to Mario in a race for a
    Power Star twice in Super Mario 64.  But you need to find Mario, and you don't
    know where he is.  That's only a minor setback, though.  From Koopa the Quick,
    run up the bridge and go straight over the fence.  On the Touch Screen, you're
    looking for Mario's red cap.  You'll find a Goomba wearing it near a large gray
    stone.  Swallow the Goomba impersonator and dawn Mario's cap.  Suddenly, you
    transform into him.  You have all his abilities, too!  Get to know Mario's
    abilities and return to the Koopa the Quick, straight down.  On the Touch
    he's the big star.
    Talk to him and first, he'll insult your weight, and second, he'll challenge you
    to a race.  Select "Go," and it will begin.  Run straight up the bridge and go
    left past the Chain Chomp to the lever bridge.  Run across and you'll have
    noticed that Koopa the Quick is going a different route.  He's going a way you
    can't go, so don't bother looking for him.  Head up the stairs to the right and
    continue right to the opening in the gate.  Run past the boulders like last time
    to the cave in the mountain.  Step in and warp to the top.  Make sure you don't
    get hit by a boulder or you'll lose your cap.  Try to retrieve it if you do.  At
    the top, run around to the summit and to the flagpole.  Wait for Koopa the Quick
    to arrive and take the Power Star.
                               |    5 Silver Stars!    |
    This is a new mission not in the original.  At the start, approach the Bob-omb
    Buddy on the rock and talk to him.  He'll open the hatch to the cannon for you.
    We're not using it now, but it will be handy in time.  Right ahead of them is a
    Star Sphere.  By collecting all the Silver Stars in the level, the Power Star
    appears.  Let's track them down (good thing that important things in this game
    are on the Touch Screen).  For the first one, walk over near the bridge.  Climb
    the tree below it (along the path to it) and jump out from the top to get it.
    Now run up the bridge and past the gate to the north.
    In here, a Chain Chomp is running around with a Silver Star tied to it.  Run to
    it from behind and take it for yourself.  Now go right, past the other Chain
    Chomp, and over the lever bridge.  Jump up the stairs and you'll be in the pre-
    mountain area.  Look in the corner for the third Silver Star is a patch of
    flowers surrounded by coins.  Now run through the opening in the gate to the
    mountain.  You see the slope directly ahead?  Instead of going right, dash up
    the slope.  You'll find two Goombas near the top.  Defeat one for the fourth
    Silver Star.
    Remember that if you take damage, your stars will pop out and you must recollect
    them.  Now slide down the slope you came up on and go through the gate again.
    Run straight forward in the direction of the fifth Silver Star on the Touch
    Screen.  You'll enter a gated area with Goombas around it.  One of the Goombas
    has a Silver Star in its possession.  Defeat it, taking the spoils, and a Power
    Star appears inside the Star Sphere.  Jump over the gate and run northeast to
    the star.
                            |    Big Bob-omb's Revenge    |
    Once again, a brand new mission.  Like the last mission and the missions before,
    run up the bridge at the start and go left past the Chain Chomp.  Take the lever
    bridge across and go up the stairs and through the opening in the gate to the
    right.  If you noticed, there are lots of blocks around the place.  Go right on
    the mountain past the boulders straight to the cave.  Warp there like in the
    first mission to the top.  Run around the path to the summit, where you must
    defuse Big Bob-omb.  He has a new star from Bowser, so it is worth your while.
    However, Big Bob-omb doesn't fight like last time.  You need to pick him up and
    throw him, like in that first epic bout between him and Mario in SM 64.
    Run off the summit to the cave, for you can't beat him as you are.  At the cave,
    go left of the door and run down to a wooden plank.  Cross it to see a Goomba
    sporting Mario's Cap.  Take it off his hands with a swallow and then return to
    the summit.  This time around, you can take Big Bob-omb on.  He's actually much
    easier as Mario.  Dash behind him and press A to grab him.  Throw him with A as
    well and he'll take damage.  Do this twice more and you'll win.  Take the star
    that appears when he finally explodes.  What a sad ending for the baron of
    blasting matter.
    Those are all the missions we can do for now, and so we'll return to this course
    later with the proper equipment.
    ===============================Whomp's Fortress*================================
                            |    Chip off Whomp's Block    |
    To get to the second course, go to the castle lobby.  To the right of the sun
    painting on the floor is a door with a 1 on it (ground level).  Approach the
    door and Yoshi will open it using the Power Stars.  Open the door and jump in
    the painting.
    Once inside, jump onto the ledge directly ahead.  Slowly walk forward, for parts
    of the wall extend out, trying to push you.  They've changed the way a number of
    things look in this level, including the Thwomps.  To reach the Thwomp, go ahead
    past the stones and over the gaps (run or jump across when the gap is filled by
    a platform).  The Thwomp here looks like the traditional kind as opposed to the
    large blue kind.  When it rises, run under it and up the ramp.  Hop up the
    stairs, avoiding the next Thwomp as well.  At the top of the stairs you'll see a
    Piranha Plant to the right.  You want to walk slowly, or may be even crawl past
    it (press R and start moving to crawl).  If it awakens, you'll be sorry.  To the
    left of it is a bridge.
    Run across it as it collapses and stop at the end, taking Mario's Cap.  Take the
    plank across the gap and take the other rotating plank across the gap.  You'll
    be knocked off if you don't stand in the center (so move to the center before it
    turns).  On the other side is a Whomp, an enemy introduced to the Mario series
    in SM64.  Despite its rocky physique and menacing, rather-stupid stare, it is a
    total pushover.  Run up to it and it will smash it's body into you.  If you're
    standing right in front of it, it will completely miss you.  Then ground pound
    its back (jump and press R in air).  Round the corner to see another one.
    Defeat it and take the lift nearby up to the top of the fortress.
    At the top is the Whomp King.  That's not its official name, but I call it that.
    He is quite disgruntled because, he says, you "walk all over him and his
    people."  Yes, the Mushroom Castle is made of Whomp stones (that's creepy).
    Regardless of his bragging and the fact that you are a sixth of his height
    (approximately), he is just like his minions - pathetic.  Since three is his
    lucky number, he takes three hits.  Stand between its legs and when it jumps up,
    about to fall on you, run forward between them.  When he falls, he'll lie prone
    for a while.  Rush in and give him a good ground pound.  Don't stay on his back
    for too long or when he rises you'll slide off the arena.  Like in Super Mario
    64, he says that he's a mere steppingstone and that he won't gravel, err grovel
    (he made a funny!).  Take the Power Star.
                          |    To the top of the Fortress    |
    It is time that you learned a shortcut.  By the starting point is a tree, right?
    Jump in and have Yoshi's back face the ledge above you.  Press B to jump off and
    when you land, head up the ramp to the right.  At the top, head left past the
    Piranha Plant and left again, over the collapsing bridge.  At the other side
    take Mario's Cap and use the wooden beam to cross the gap.  Wait for the
    platform to shift in your direction and run to the center of it before it turns.
    When it changes again, cross it.  At the other side is the familiar Whomp.
    Skip/fight it and continue to the next Whomp around the bend.  Either skip over
    it or stay to fight.  Take the lift up ahead of the second Whomp to where the
    Whomp King once reigned.
    In place of our good friend, the admirable king, is a tower like the one in the
    painting of the level.  There's a Bullet Bill Blaster, too.  Run past the Bullet
    Bill Blaster to the left and jump to the first platform.  When the platforms to
    the right extend, jump to them, and do this to work your way up to the top
    platform.  It acts as an elevator, taking you to the top of the tower where
    you'll find a Power Star.
                           |    Shoot Into the Wild Blue    |
    I remember this mission.  From the start, jump in the tree.  Jump backwards to
    the ledge above.  An owl comes out, but we don't need it for this mission.  Go
    left to the Bob-omb Buddy of the course.  Talk to it to lower the cannon hatch.
    Again, we don't use it right now, so continue along the path down a slope ahead.
    Defeat the Goombas in the area and ground the switch, called a Blue Coin Block.
    To the left four Blue Coins, each worth five, appear.  Collect them and return
    to the cannon hatch.
    Hop in and let me explain how it works.  The cursor shows where you're aiming,
    although you never actually go to that point (gravity prevents you).  To get to
    where the star is, position the lowest arrow so that the bottom line touches the
    top of the far pillar in the distance.  Now position the lowest triangle so that
    its left tip touches the side of the pillar.  Lower the cursor very slightly and
    shoot.  If all goes well, you'll be blasted right onto a pole.  Slide down and
    take the Power Star.
                        |    Red Coins on the Floating Isle    |
    Yes, in every level there are eight Red Coins.  Collecting them all makes a
    Power Star appear.  Talk to the Bob-omb Buddy to the left of the starting point
    and he'll display all eight of the Red Coin locations on the map.  Not like you
    need it, since you have a guide.  From the start, go up the ramp with the stones
    ejecting from it.  Use the central pillar as a stepping stone to get the first
    Red Coin above it.  Continue forward over the gaps to the Thwomp.  When the
    timing is good, run under it and onto the stairs.  Run to the top step and use
    it to jump to the Thwomp nearby.  Ride it up to the second Red Coin.
    Now jump off to the top of the stairs.  Crawl near the Piranha Plant and right
    behind you'll take the third Red Coin.  Now side step around the corner and take
    the fourth Red Coin.  To side step, approach the wall and walk along it.  Slowly
    walk past the Piranha Plant to the left and use the rotating platform to get
    into the center of the gap.  When it shifts position, get on the edge of the
    platform so that when it spins you get the fifth Red Coin.  Now return to the
    beginning of the course, where the tree is.  Jump in and an owl comes out.
    Jump to the owl where his shadow is and hold B to hang on.  Direct it with the
    control pad over near the tower.  Do you see the floating islands in the sky
    near it?  Drop to one of those (release B) and take the Red Coin on it.  Jump
    across the platform to the seventh Red Coin on the stone platform.  Wasn't that
    owl music good?  I thought so.  From where you got the seventh Red Coin, look
    down.  Drop down and run into the cluster of Piranha Plants ahead for the eighth
    Red Coin.  Return to the beginning and take the Power Star.
                          |    Fall Onto the Caged Island    |
    This is a nice level, short and sweet.  Jump intot he tree and an owl will pop
    out.  Jump to it and hold B to remain flying.  You'll automatically start toward
    the tower.  To the right is a caged platform with a star on it.  Fall down
    (ground pound to stop yourself on it) and take the Power Star.
                             |    Blast Away the Wall    |
    Another easy one.  My favorite.  At the start, jump into the tree and back-jump
    to the ledge.  Ignore the owl and head left to the cannon.  Get it and shoot
    Yoshi into the corner of the wall to the far right.  When you do, you'll take
    some damage, but you'll destroy that part of the wall.  Get back in the cannon
    and put the cursor a little above the Power Star that appeared.  You'll take and
    drop down, doing the signature "Yoshi!"
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    You get one start from getting 100 Coins.  First head right and go up to the
    flower patch.  Defeat the Goombas around it and take the coins around it for a
    total of 10 coins.  Ground pound both the stakes near them three times for 20
    coins in all.  Now get the coin on top of the owl-tree for 21 and jump onto the
    ledge behind.  Get the five coins on the ramp for 26 and drop down into the
    water.  Get the coins here and go left to the cannon, getting those five, for 39
    coins in all.  Go down the slope north of the cannon and defeat three Goombas
    along the way for 42 coins.  Ground pound the Blue Coin Block to have 62.  Run
    up the slope and go right to the slope.  Take it up to a Piranha Plant.  Defeat
    it for five coins.  To defeat a Piranha Plant, slowly walk up to it (so it
    doesn't wake up) and jump onto its head.  It can be done.
    Take the Red Coin behind it, too, for 67 coins.  Side step around the corner and
    take the Red Coin for 69.  Don't risk it beating the adjacent Piranha Plant (too
    close of quarters).  Get on the rotating platform and use it to get the coins
    there for a total of 77 coins.  Cross over the gap and you'll see a Whomp.
    Before beating it, jump on its back five times and each time a coin comes out.
    Then beat it for 87 coins.  Repeat this with the Whomp around the corner for 97
    coins total.  Return to the start of the level and collect the fives coins on
    the lower ramp near the start to have 102, qualifying you for the star.
    ================================Jolly Roger Bay*================================
                                |    Rescuing Mario    |
    Yes, we can finally add Mario to our arsenal.  I was getting a bit tired of
    Yoshi, anyways.  Go to the Rec. Room.  To get there, go up the stairs and open
    the 1 Star Door to the right.  Inside, go through the only door you can, the
    central one.  The other doors are locked, containing Mario, Luigi, and Wario.
    Through the central door is the Recreation Room, where you can unlock
    There's also an 8 Star Door in here.  Flaunt those stars to open it and you'll
    see a picture of Mario.
                                 |    Mario's Key    |
    Jump in the painting.  Welcome to this short level deep in some creepy woods.
    The music here is a bit different from the music in World 1-2 of the original
    Super Mario Bros.  From the start, slide down the wood and follow the trail to
    the right.  Notice the Goombas.  I see a theme, here.  Continue right until you
    see some moving platforms in the water (which hurts you).  Take these platforms
    across until there are no more.  Go left to a Piranha Plant.  Avoid it and jump
    onto the log platform behind it.  To defeat the Lakitu attacking you easily,
    swallow one of the Spinies it throws and press R to make them into an egg.
    Press A again to cast the egg at him (like a homing egg).  Climb up the pole
    here and at the top jump off.  You'll get a 1UP for doing it.  Go right over the
    bridge, which is infested with annoying Goombas, to an opening in a platform.
    Drop in and you'll see Goomboss, the grand pooh-bah of Goombas.  Fed up with
    Mario stomping on his cohorts, Goomboss locked him away (incidentally, Goomboss
    is almost identical to Goomba King, a “boss” that Mario faced in Paper Mario on
    the Nintendo 64).  At first, Goomboss has three Goomba followers.  Dash around
    the arena to get behind him and swallow one of his Goombas.  Press R to make it
    into an egg and press A to fire it at Goomboss.  He gets bigger and get three
    more minions.  Repeat and this time he'll have nine.  Do it again and he'll
    He explodes and leaves behind Mario's Key.
                         |    The Princess's Secret Slide    |
    Go two rooms back and open the door with an M on it.  Yoshi will stay behind and
    Mario will jump out.  Now that you have Mario, we'll be using somebody else much
    more often.  Now, as Mario, jump into the stained glass of Peach to the right.
    It's a secret level.  Slide down to the bottom this time - getting there is all
    that's important.  At the end there will be an "!" Block with a Power Star
    inside.  Take it and you'll reappear in the castle's lobby.  Reenter the slide
    course for the second star you can get in it.  Slide down in less than 21
    seconds, that's 20 seconds and 99 milliseconds or less, and you'll get another
    one.  That's a good deal.  Getting it in Super Mario 64 DS is way easier than I
    remember it in Super Mario 64 was.  To do it, always press up on the control pad
    to go faster.  Avoid walls, although I hit one and made it.  Try to stay in the
    middle of the slide.  It should be pretty easy to do if you concentrate.
                                |    Sunshine Isles    |
    Another secret course already?  Yes.  There is.  Go one room north of where you
    unlocked Mario and you'll be in the Recreation Room.  Jump into the tropical
    picture in here and you'll enter Sunshine Isles, which is obviously a course
    meant to reflect Super Mario Sunshine.  From the start, look for the buzzard
    flying around.  Jump at its talons and knock out the first Silver Star.  Go to
    the leftmost island and you'll find a Silver Star lying on it in plain site.
    The third one is at the top of the central island, highest tier.  Drop down
    behind it and you'll see an opening in the back of the island containing the
    fourth Silver Star.  Go to the island above that one and climb the tree for the
    fifth.  With all of those in hand, return to the first island and take the Power
                               |    Goomboss Battle    |
    We're going back to get the Power Stars in there and then you can leave for
    Slide down at the start and take the first gray platform to the right.  Take the
    narrow path to the right and take the ramp up behind you to a Piranha Plant.
    Defeat/avoid it and take the gray platforms across the gap to a road.  On it,
    press the Star Switch to make a star appear.  Run left (I'm assuming you're
    still Mario) and wall kick your way up to the star.  You won't exit the level,
    though, so drop down with the fifteenth Power Star and go to the gray platforms.
    Take them back to the winding maze reeking of Goomba.  Go right to the platform
    with the stake on it.  Take the path below it to the Bob-omb Buddy.  Talk to him
    and he shows you where the Red Coins are.  For now, you cannot get them all, so
    exit the course.
                                   |    ? Switch    |
    Thanks to that pit stop at Goomboss Battle, we can now press a new switch that
    will make a few old levels possible to complete.  Since you have 15 Power Stars
    from using the guide, the lobby is lit up.  Particularly, light is shining to
    the sun symbol.  Stand on the sun and look up at the ceiling.  You'll be taken
    to ? Switch, a level that used to be called Tower of the Wing Cap.  For the
    first time you're there, fly straight to the central tower.  Press the switch
    there and all the red blocks in the courses will materialize.  We're going to be
    making a lot of stops at old levels, let me tell you.  Reenter the course once
    you've hit the switch to get the Power Star lurking in the course.  At the
    fly straight forward and get the two Red Coins grouped together.  Fly right from
    there, getting those two Red Coins, and go left now, getting those two Red
    Turn to the last cardinal direction and take the Red Coins there.  This way,
    you're constantly descending to get the Red Coins, which makes it much easier.
    Fly to the tower in the center to get the Power Star.
                            |    Mario Wings to the Sky    |
    Go back to Bob-omb Battlefield so that we can get the remaining stars there now
    that Mario has his block.  Go as Mario, my favorite of the four (after all, he
    is the classic).  This mission's title was actually the name of a secret course
    in Super Mario 64.  At the start, go to the bridge and hit the Wing Block right
    of it.  Take the Wings and run up the bridge to the large, gray stone.  Inside
    is a cannon.  Use it to shoot to the island in the sky.  Try to overshoot.  If
    you do, you'll take control of Mario after a bit and start flying in the air.
    Direct Mario to the island in the sky.  Renew Mario's Wings and do a triple jump
    to start flying through the rings of coins.  Your objective is to get all five
    of the coins inside the rings.  Fly through, getting the first four by regular
    means.  Use the cannon on the island to give yourself altitude, and then fly to
    the fifth coin.  The Power Star appears right below where the fifth and highest
    coin is.
                             |    Find the 8 Red Coins    |
    You stoked?  I've come to dislike certain missions like this.  The later levels
    are great, though, because the Red Coins are practically back-to-back.  The
    first Red Coin is left of the bridge.  Take the lift up and get it at the top.
    Then go right to an open area under the island overhead.  The second Red Coin is
    in the area, on one of the rocks.  Go back to the path and to the Chain Chomp.
    The third Red Coin is on the stake holding it down.  Nab it and run.  Go across
    the lever bridge and go right.  Go to the opening in the gate and fall into the
    ditch to the left of it.  Enter the tunnel and take the fourth Red Coin and the
    1UP shortly after.  Press the "!" Switch if you want to.  Now go back up and
    through the opening in the gate.
    Run up the slope to the fifth Red Coin as you do.  Keep dashing up the slope
    until you reach a block.  Mario can break this type of block, called a brick.
    Hit it for a Mushroom.  Now that Mario is gargantuan, he's super-tough.  Have
    your fun as a giant and hike up the mountain, across a wooden plank, to a
    Use it to shoot to the floating island (aim for the Red Coin in tree).  Now take
    the Wings and fly down to where the star from the previous mission appeared, a
    gated area directly ahead of the floating island.  Gather the two Red Coins
    around the stakes and the Power Star appears right next to you.
                          |    Behind Chain-Chomp's Gate    |
    This was a really obvious one that I remember quite clearly from SM64.  Go up
    the bridge and left.  Presto!  It's Chain Chomp.  Wait at a good distance for it
    to lunge at you.  Immediately swoop in and ground pound the stake it's chained
    to once or twice.  Run out quickly to avoid damage and repeat the process for
    the third ground pound.  Upon doing this, Chain Chomp will be free.  He rushes
    about frantically, getting used to his freedom, and destroys the gate near him
    in the process.  Take the Power Star that was behind the gate.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    The very last mission in Bob-omb Battlefield is to get 100 coins.  From the
    start, run up to the block ahead and hit it for 3 coins.  Defeat the Goombas on
    the path to and on the bridge for 6.  Get the five coins beneath the bridge for
    11.  Defeat the other enemies on the ground to the left in this starting area
    for 16 coins.  Now take the bridge up and jump into the little region of Bob-omb
    Battlefield with the island overhead.  Defeat the Goombas here if you want, but
    the Koopa is the major haul.  Find the turtle-looking creature and stomp it.
    Take its shell, the item called a Koopa Shell, and surf into the de-shelled
    Koopa for five coins, giving you 21.  Surf around for a while, enjoy yourself,
    and when you lose it go get the Wings by the bridge at the start.
    Go back to where you ran over the Koopa and jump into the cannon in the large
    gray rock.  Shoot up toward the island and fly around it, landing on the island.
    Take the Red Coin atop the tree for 23 and then get new Wings.  Use Mario at
    first and then the cannon to collect the coins in the rings (from the mission
    "Mario Wings to the Sky") in the air.  When you have 60 or more, stop, and fly
    to the mountain, where there are five coins set up by a cannon hatch.  Collect
    those, go over the wooden beam, and get the other five coins to have 70.  Now go
    to the area where you got the stars for the eight coins/Mario Wings to the Sky
    missions.  In here, collect the two Red Coins and defeat the Goombas to have 76
    coins.  Now stomp down all four of the stakes, each for five coins, to have 96.
    Go up the stairs and hit the block you see for three coins.  Defeat any of the
    Bob-ombs over here for the last coin.  Take the star and finish whatever mission
    you were on.
                         |    Switch Star of the Fortress    |
    This is the last star we're getting in Whomp's Fortress.  From the start, go
    right and up, jumping over a gate and a gap to do so.  See the brick?  Mario can
    break it, whereas Yoshi could not.  Break the brick here to uncover a Star
    Switch.  Press it and instantly turn left.  Go down to the start, using the tree
    as a ledge to get to the watery region.  Run left to the cannon and down the
    slope.  Hop over the gate to the platform with the Power Star in it.  With this
    route (alternate to what you were supposed to do), you'll be there with time to
    spare.  I rhymed!  And now, finally moving on.
                                |    Mini-Game Key    |
    We're going to the next level, yes, but there's a secret level to do real quick,
    first.  Jolly Roger Bay is on the other side of a door in the lobby.  Find the 3
    Star Door on the right side of the lobby and open it.  Reacting to the Star
    Power, the door slowly opens.  Inside you'll find not only a new level (they
    changed the painting picture for Jolly Roger Bay), but a rabbit.  Catch it by
    luck almost, grabbing it as it runs, and it will give you a key.  If you take it
    to Princess Peach's Rec. Room, you can now play new mini-games.  Now to enter
    the secret course.
                             |    The Secret Aquarium    |
    In the room where you got the key, to the left on the wall is an opening.
    Double jump to reach it and climb into the hole.  You'll be in an underwater
    level where you can practice swimming and collect the eight Red Coins.  Four are
    in rings of coins above the floor, and the other four are on the floor.  Coins
    refill air, so get coins often to avoid suffocation.  Now we can finally get to
    the next course.
                          |    Plunder in the Sunken Ship    |
    For the first mission jump into the water and swim out to the open area.  That
    is, swim until you, when you look down, there's a huge underwater crevice below.
    Now, let me explain something.  You need air bubbles or coins to breathe
    underwater or else you'll run out of oxygen.  For some reason, they made the
    game so that if you take damage on your Power Meter, dive in water, and swim to
    the top, all your health is restored.  If you take damage in the water below,
    surface.  Swim onto the sunken ship and swim to the side of the eel in the
    window.  Stay completely still and it will miss you.
    Plus, it leaves its position.  Swim through the now unguarded window and you'll
    be inside the ship.  Swim to the top for air real quick and then submerge again.
    Near the entrance you'll find a treasure chest.  I remember in Super Mario 64,
    there were three.  Regardless, touching the lock on the chest makes it open and
    the water drain.  Jump from platform to platform until you reach the Power Star
    in "!" Block at the top.
                        |    Can the eel Come out to Play?    |
    Cure the eel!  Swim to where the ship was (now floating) and look up.  You'll
    see a cave with the evil eel inside.  Like last time, swim to the side of the
    eel and he will completely miss you in his attempted bite.  Swim towards its
    tail when it is completely out of the cave and touch the Power Star on it.  The
    Power Star moves back to the cave.  Swim over and take what's yours.
                          |    Treasure in the Ocean Cave    |
    Swim down to where the ship had sank.  From this point on, the eel is a full-
    time enemy; watch yourself.  Look for a tunnel lower than the cave the eel
    presided over.  It has a circle of rings in front of it.  When you find it, swim
    through the tunnel and you'll be in the cave Cap'n hid his treasure.  Run to the
    left all the way.  As you go you only need worry about Goombas and the
    collapsing pillars.  Be careful.  When you reach four treasure chests set up
    like a compass, stop.  Touch the chest closest to the cave wall first.  Then the
    chest left of it.  Touch the right chest next, and then the one furthest from
    the wall.  Take the Power Star that comes out.  All right!
                          |    Blast to the Stone Pillar    |
    From the origin swim to the right.  You'll find two gray stones with a wooden
    platform between them.  Jump on the platform and use it to reach the lower gray
    stone, which has the Bob-omb Buddy on it.  Talk to him and he'll ready the
    cannon for you.  Jump into the cannon near the start and position the cursor as
    I say.  First, be in line with the leftmost stone spire.  Now position the upper
    corner of the left arrow so that it touches the stone wall that acts as the
    boundary of the course.  Shoot from there and you'll land on the stone pillar.
    Climb to the top and jump off (remember, you jump backwards) to the Power Star.
                         |    Red Coins on the Ship Afloat    |
    From the start, swim down to a clam in the water.  Slowly approach it from the
    front and its mouth opens.  Grab the Red Coin inside and get out of there.  Swim
    past the clam to the right of that one to find another which has a Red Coin in
    its mouth.  From there, swim up to the surface while moving toward the starting
    point.  You'll see a clam to the left as you do so.  It has the third Red Coin
    in its mouth.  For the fourth Red Coin, swim onto the wooden platform and jump
    to the Bob-omb Buddy.  Hop onto the stone pole and take it up to a Red Coin.
    Jump to get it, back onto the stone with the Bob-omb Buddy.  Return to the
    wooden platform and go to the other stone ledge.  Use it to dive into the water
    where the ship was.
    Near where the ship was is a clam.  Inside is the fifth Red Coin.  Now return to
    the gray stony ledge opposite the Bob-omb Buddy.  Press the "!" Switch to make
    blocks appear where the gaps ahead were.  Use the blocks to cross safely to the
    ship (jump onto it).  On the bow is the sixth Red Coin.  Now triple jump your
    way to the back of the ship, where you'll get the seventh and eighth Red Coin.
    The Power Star appears directly ahead of them.
    We can't get anymore stars here, and so we're moving on.
    ==============================Cool, Cool Mountain*==============================
                              |    Slip Slidin' Away    |
    The door is where Whomp's Fortress would be, but on the opposite side.  That is,
    it is a 3 Star Door right of Bob-omb Battlefield.  Open it and jump into the
    At the starting point jump down the chimney of the cottage.  Welcome to the
    slide that makes this course famous.  Start sliding down.  Remember, this is not
    a race.  Don't feel pressured to go quickly, because it might result in losing a
    life.  Brake if you feel like you're going off the edge and don't press forward
    if you can't handle it.  It's a really good idea to zoom out with X so you see
    more of the upcoming track.  Also, stay in the center of the track, especially
    at the end.  The slide finishes with a narrow, icy bridge across the gap.  Exit
    the house at the end and a Power Star pops out.  Take it, duh.
                              |    Li'l Penguin Lost    |
    Above the chimney you'll see a little baby penguin wandering around.  Get to it
    and grab him (A).  Now to find the mother.  Drop down to the starting point and
    notice the slope to the left.  Slide down with little penguin, avoiding the
    walls (they'll make you drop the bundle of joy).  At the end you'll slide down
    to a disembodied snowman.  Take the bridge to the right across (when the snowman
    jump toward you, run under them) and when it starts to incline, jump off the
    bridge to some snow.  You'll be stuck in the snow for a few seconds, and the
    penguin will wander around.  Pick it up and show it to its mommy, who is right
    in the area.  Mario, unite-r of penguin families everywhere!
                               |    Big Penguin Race    |
    Jump into the chimney at the start.  Big Penguin, the star slider of Cool, Cool
    Mountain, wants a worthy opponent.  Choose to race it and let the good times
    begin.  Really, though, this isn't too hard.  Always press forward on the
    control pad and stay in the center of the course (blocking Big Penguin's
    progression).  At the end, Big Penguin will give you a gold medal!  Err, star.
                         |    Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins    |
    You actually need to be Yoshi for this mission.  Go switch from Mario to Yoshi.
    Above the chimney is a block of ice that only Yoshi can break.  To the left of
    the block is some fire.  Swallow it (A) and go back to the ice.  Press A again
    to breathe fire, melting the ice.  Now take the slope down until you reach the
    narrow bridge with coins down the center.  Jump off the edge of it and ground
    pound to land on an icy platform below.  Melt the ice here for the second Red
    Coin in the same way you did the first.
    Now go to the upper edge of the platform and drop down to a bridge with the
    third Red Coin on it.  Now drop down the hole in the bridge and take that ramp
    down to the mommy penguin.  Go right of her (do not pass go) to see a bridge.
    Step out, take the Red Coin, and go back to the main area.  The Goomba here is
    wearing Mario's Cap, but we don't need it.  Go right to the very edge where
    you'll find the fifth Red Coin.  Now go left to a tree with the sixth Red Coin
    in it.
    Continue left to a lift.  Step on the wooden platform and take it to a platform
    with a Bob-omb Buddy on it.  As long as we're here, talk to him.  Wait for the
    lift to come back and take it up to the top, where you'll gain the seventh Red
    Coin.  Now go up all the way until you see a Red Coin against the Snow Mountain
    wall.  Now that you have it, we need to get the star.  Run down the bridge with
    the snowmen on it.  At the end, ground pound your way to the bottom where the
    penguin is.  Run to the bridge near here where the fourth Red Coin was.  Stand
    on the edge of the bridge and you'll be warped to the start of the level.  Slide
    down the slope until you see your by the Power Star on the Touch Screen.  There
    should be a low wall you can jump over.  Do so and you'll find the star.
                           |    Snowman's Lost his Head    |
    I totally remember this one.  From the start, get on the ledge where the little
    penguin is and drop to the left twice to see a snowball on a pedestal.  He needs
    a good (get this) head on its shoulders.  As soon as you're done talking to it,
    slide down the slopes.  You need to slide right into the pedestal that the
    snowman's head is one (right into the side).  Then run around to the front of
    the head, talk to it, and get on the other side of the head.  If you beat the
    snowball to the snowman, it will follow your trail and crash into the snowman
    for a more perfect union.  Take the Power Star that results.
                           |    Mario's Super Wall Kick    |
    Switch out Yoshi for Mario.  At the start, roll down the slopes to the assembled
    snowman.  Cross the bridge and take the ramp down to the cannon.  Inside, aim
    the cursor at the part of the wall above the tree that kind of sticks out.  I
    can't really explain it, but you want to shoot Mario with the cursor in line
    with the tree, but far above it.  When you shoot, you'll hang onto the tree.  Go
    around the corner, past some enemies (no need to side step, by the way) and
    round the corner again to see a trail of rings in the shape of an arrow.  Long
    jump across the gap (run, press R and then B, really fast) and go right of the
    Spinning Heart you find.  Wall kick off the wall to the right to get onto the
    path above.  Now start a triple jump to the left.  At the peak of the jump wall
    kick off the left wall to a path above.  Walk across the icy road to the Power
    The remaining stars will be gotten later when we are better prepared.
    ===========================Bowser in the Dark World*============================
                                  |    To Bowser    |
    Yes, we're finally going to face Bowser.  Go up the stairs and to the star door
    to the left.  Open it and enter.  Walk towards the Peach painting.  As you go,
    the floor swallows you.  Go as Mario, by the way.
                           |    Bowser in the Dark World    |
    There are two Power Stars here, so we'll get them along the way.  From the
    go forward, over the gap, and press the switch when the fire is gone.  Return to
    the starting point.  A Red Coin has blocks leading to it.  Get the Red Coin and
    go back to the fire shooter.  When the fire is down, press the switch.  Wait for
    the fire to return and leave again, and then get the Red Coin the fire
    continually sears.  You have two so far.  Go right over the rotating platforms.
    Continue right until you see a ramp, which you should take up to the left.  Use
    the platforms to go left, where you'll find three Goombas.  Now go up the bridge
    and go left, getting a Red Coin by one of the crystals as you go.  Obviously,
    avoid the electric enemies or you will be electrocuted.
    At the end, go right (use the yellow block that extends and retracts).  On the
    other side of the platform is the fourth Red Coin.  Get it and go right again to
    the revolving platforms.  On the first pair, get the fifth Red Coin as it goes
    around.  Now take the first pair to the second pair to the platform with the
    Goomba.  For the sixth Red Coin, go left or right, depending on which way you're
    facing, on a narrow path to a platform with a spike on it.  The sixth is behind
    the spike.  Return to the platform with the Goomba and go right.  On the lever
    platform, stand on the left side to raise the right.  Get onto the next and
    raise the left side.  Jump onto the overhanging ledge and to the one left of it
    for the seventh Red Coin.
    Use the lever platforms to go right to a Goomba.  If you use X, you can see that
    there's a Red Coin to the upper-left.  Side step to the ledge and walk left to
    get it.  Now go back to the Goomba platform and use the platforms to reach an
    "!" Switch.  Press it and go up the stairs.  Behind the warp pipe is the Power
    Star from the coins.  Also there is the Star Switch.  Press it and slide down
    the slope (that was a staircase).  Fall onto the ramp and stand on the right
    side to raise the left.  Make a jump for the platform above and go one more left
    to get the star.  Now return to the warp pipe and take it down.
                                 |    Boss: Bowser    |
    Bowser looks a lot better than he did from Super Mario 64, but not really great.
    He's easy this time.  Run behind him and grab his tail.  Swing him around with
    the control pad and use the Touch Screen to show where Mario is facing.  When
    the arrow is lined up with one of the spiky things (bombs), release A and let
    Bowser soar.  If done correctly, Bowser will go straight into a bomb and all his
    health will be depleted.  Walk up to his squirming body and he'll take off
    unscathed, but leaving behind the basement key.
    ================================Big Boo's Haunt*================================
                             |    The Castle Courtyard    |
    We're going to a new course!  From the lobby, take either door next to the doors
    for Cool, Cool Mountain or Whomp's Fortress.  You could open the basement now,
    or you could follow the ghost.  Follow it down the hall and through the door to
    the castle courtyard.  There's a secret level in our midst.  But before that,
    we're getting one of the various secret stars here.  In the courtyard you can
    find a plethora of Boos, enemies from Mario's past.  Ground pound them to beat
    them.  They disappear when you look at them directly (very shy).  Eight of the
    Boos here have Red Coins inside.  Ground pound those eight for yet another one
    of the castle's secret stars.  Now to get to the other star.  Where to look.  I
    know!  As Mario, punch the blocks
    to reveal a hole.  Fall in.
                          |    The Secret of Battle Fort    |
    Like Sunshine Isles, this is a secret course with Silver Stars littered around
    it.  For the first, run right to the corner and break the block for it.  Follow
    the path north to another corner.  To the left is a Goomba with the second
    Silver Star inside it.  Go north again to a third corner.  Fall into the pit
    diagonally below it and break the brick for the third Silver Star.  For the last
    two, go to the center of the level and beat down the Goomba by the pole.  That's
    one Silver Star.  Climb the pole and jump to the fifth Silver Star.  Follow the
    wire path right into the Power Star.
                              |    Go on a Ghost Hunt    |
    In the courtyard there is a particularly large Boo in the northwestern region.
    Ground pound it to reveal a cage.  Jump in and you'll enter the fifth course,
    Big Boo's Haunt.
    From the start, run up to the mansion door and open it.  First, go to the second
    door to the left.  Face away from the Boo painting and let a Boo come out.
    Ground pound it and the other.  Now go to the door right of it.  In here are two
    enemies, a Boo and an eye monster.  Run around the eye monster to make it dizzy
    and it will die.  Ground pound the Boo.  Now exit this room and go one right.
    Follow the path to a collapsing bridge.  Ground pound the Boo and take the door.
    Side step to the next Boo and defeat it.  The master of terror has come.  Enter
    the main room in the mansion and Big Boo is there to fight.  He is exceedingly
    easy.  Ground pound him thrice (three times) and he will be beat.  Each time he
    gets smaller.  On the third time he disappears and a Power Star forms.  Step on
    the mat and stairs pop up.  Take them to the star.
                        |    Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round    |
    From the start, go left to an abandoned building.  Inside, step on the wire
    elevator to take it down.  Walk through the door.  Go through the hallway, too.
    Go left, up, and through the door.  In here, step onto the large rotating arena.
    Defeat all the Boos in here with ground pounds and Big Boo emerges.  Defeat him
    like last time with three ground pounds and you'll victor quite easily.  Take
    the Power Star that forms.
                         |    Secret of the Haunted Books    |
    Enter the mansion at the start and take the stairs up, which are still there.
    Take the second door to the left.  Inside is a vast library, filled to the brim
    with haunted books.  Run down the first aisle and make a turn.  Three books are
    sticking out on their shelves and you must correct that.  First, jump to hit the
    highest book.  Hit the lowest next, and the middle last.  The bookcase slides
    away to reveal a door.  Enter it and take the Power Star.
                             |    Seek the 8 Red Coins    |
    This isn't too tough.  Enter the mansion and take the first door to the left.
    Inside is a harmless piano, or is it?  Take the Red Coin behind it.  Down,
    Now go through the door to the left.  In here are two Red Coins (two and three)
    and a Boo wearing Luigi's Cap.  Intriguing...  Take the cap and you'll become
    Luigi.  Hooray!  Exit to the main room of the mansion.  Enter the lower door
    right of the stairs.  In here, side step to the left to take the fourth Red
    Now head up the stairs.  First enter the far-right door.  Run around the
    bookcase and you'll see some open space.  Hug the wall (the floor is a trap) and
    take the Red Coin.  Go through the door you came by.  Go left a door to see an
    eye beast.  Run around it in the direction the pupil is moving and it will die
    Go through the archway in the room to see some coffins.  Walk up to the lowest
    one to the right and take the Red Coin under it (six) before it collapses.  Now
    exit and go left one more door.  In here, navigate the wire floor to the seventh
    Red Coin.  Now go back to the rightmost room.  Run around the bookcase and go
    through the other door.  You need to have lost Luigi's Cap by now.  As Mario,
    hit the Red Block and take the Power Flower to start floating.  Float to the
    eighth Red Coin in the air and then to the star to the left.
                              |    Big Boo's Balcony    |
    You ready to take Big Boo again?  Enter the mansion and take the rightmost door
    at the top of the stairs.  Do you see the elevated wooden platform.  You could
    either wall kick, or take the alternative (which is easier at the time being).
    That is, hit the Red Block and float up to the secret ledge above.  Notice the
    painting of Luigi.  We'll come back for him.  For the time being, go through the
    double doors to the right.  It's Big Boo!  Ground pound him three times to get
    the Power Star.  Man, they made this game easier!  Use the Red Block (which is a
    new addition) to float up to the Power Star.
                                |    Finding Luigi    |
    Get it?  Luigi is trapped in a ghost-infested place, like in Luigi's Mansion,
    where Luigi wins a mansion in a contest he didn't enter, which turns out to be
    King Boo's plot to capture him (he already had Mario).  Luigi is afraid of
    ghosts, so naturally Bowser would do this.  Enter the mansion and take the
    rightmost door on the second story.  Either float or wall kick to the secret
    area and open the door.  Now jump into the Luigi painting.
                                |    Big Boo Battle    |
    Ah!  That laugh is creepy.  Turn down the volume, folks.  At the start, take the
    north door, the Red Coin included.  You'll return to where you were.  This seems
    to be a maze.  Take the right door and you'll be in a new room, at least.  Run
    across the collapsing bridge and take the Red Coin.  Follow the collapsing
    bridge to the right for the third Red Coin.  Don't go through the door, though.
    The obvious exit to this room is the one with the least incentive, the left
    You'll enter another room.  I like this place a lot better than Goomboss Battle.
    Jump across the pit to the Red Block.  Take the Power Flower inside to float to
    the fourth Red Coin in the corner.
    Drop down to the fifth Red Coin on the ground.  This time, take the right door.
    You see, they made us think that the path that led to nothing was the one to
    take - but they were tricking us so you take the Red Coin path.  In here, take
    moving platforms to the sixth and seventh Red Coins.  This time, take the north
    door (on the Touch Screen).  The Bob-omb Buddy tipped me off to this.
    Unfortunately, you cannot get the eighth Red Coin, so just run across the bridge
    to the painting.  At the end take the platforms up to a hole in the floor.  Fall
    You're in a room with mirrors in it.  Notice Lakitu, the cameraman, in the
    mirror.  Walk up to it and Mario's reflection becomes that of Luigi.  Talk about
    insulting!  Big Boo appears, wearing a crown (which leads me to believe that Big
    Boo is also King Boo).  He locked away the wimpy green mustache man, and he will
    do the same to you.  Big Boo sticks inside the mirror, rarely coming out.
    Ground pound his shadow, which can attack you, on the non-mirror side.  When Big
    Boo fails after three hits, he takes off.  Take Luigi's Key.
                              |    The Green Machine    |
    Go to the Switch Room of the castle where you freed Mario and this time free
    Luigi.  Now we must simply rescue Wario and whoever is behind the other door.
    Now that we have Luigi, there's quite a bit to do.  Let's start by finishing the
    Big Boo's Haunt levels that we can.
                        |    Eye to Eye in the Secret Room    |
    Enter the mansion as Luigi and take the stairs up.  Enter the rightmost door and
    use a backward somersault (R + B) to reach the secret alcove.  Once up there,
    take the door.  Take the double doors to the right to Big Boo's Balcony.  No,
    we're not fighting him again.  Take the Power Flower from the Red Block, which
    makes Luigi invisible, and run back into the mansion.  Go left and through the
    painting of the shy Boo (as invisible Luigi, you can).  In this secret room, run
    around the eye monster to defeat it.  Although this is a particularly large one,
    it should pose no threat.  When you win, take the Power Star.
                            |    Switch Star of the Bay    |
    Return to Jolly Roger Bay to get the star there.  Swim down to where the ship
    was and take the tunnel.  Surface and go forward to a Red Block.  Take the Power
    Flower to become invisible.  Run along the wall to see the Star Switch.  Run
    over it and run into the cage, taking the Power Star that appears.
    ================================Hazy Maze Cave*=================================
                                |    Rabbit Season    |
    Let's start getting to the next stage by entering the basement, finally using
    the key we got from Bowser.  Go to the room with the hallway that leads to Big
    Boo's Haunt and open the locked door.  Welcome to the basement!  Take the door
    to the right.  In here, go right and you'll see not one, but two rabbits.  You
    must be Mario for them to be there.  Catch one of them for a Mini-Game Key.  The
    other also has one in its grasp.  Awesome.  Now you can play more mini-games.
                                 |    More Rabbits    |
    In the basement where the rabbits are, look at the painting of the fireball.  Go
    right of it to a door.  That door leads to Hazy Maze Cave, but we're not going
    there yet.  Below it is another door.  Take it and jump into the water.  Swim
    through the tunnel and surface.  Ground pound both the pillars in the water and
    it will drain.  It also drains the water in the moat.  Take the rusted door that
    the water had once covered out into the castle moat.  In it is another rabbit.
    Chase it down for another Rec. Room Key.  You'll find another one on the path
    above the moat near the waterfall.  Both give Mini-Game Keys, so share in the
                                     |    Toad    |
    We're going to the next course, yes, but there's an extremely brief Power Star
    to get first.  Hazy Maze Cave is in the area of the basement with the two
    rabbits.  Find a star door with no number on it that is elevated above the other
    courses.  That's the entrance.  Take it and you'll see a whirlpool of color.
    Look around the corners for a Toad.  When you find him, talk to him.  He'll give
    you a Power Star he managed to attain.  Now enter the whirlpool.
                         |    Swimming Beast in the Cavern    |
    From the start, go left.  Use the long jump to bridge the gap.  Go through the
    door.  In here, called the Black Hole region, go right over the wire path and to
    another one after a stony part.  There wasn't this second wire path in Super
    Mario 64, I'll tell you that.  Back in my day, you had to jump.  Anyways, cross
    the path to the slope the boulders are rolling down.  Run all the way up and go
    right through a metal door.  Now collect the coins and the 1UP to the right and
    then take the elevator down.  Go down the path at the bottom into the water.  On
    the DS, the sea monster doesn't look as threatening.  It's even wearing Wario's
    Cap (how adorable).  Of course, it has a diving mask on, too, which isn't too
    menacing.  Ground pound its back to tame the beast and then step onto its head.
    You'll turn into Wario, yes.  Direct the sea dragon toward the central island.
    As Wario you can break the boulder on it.  Take the Power Star that pops out.
                           |    Elevate for 8 Red Coins    |
    From the beginning, go right past the hazards to a door.  On the other side,
    slide down the pole.  Go left to see some stairs.  Climb them up and talk to the
    helpful Bob-omb Buddy.  You want to be Mario for this mission.  First, hop onto
    the moving platform to the right.  Use it to reach the blocks, in which two of
    the Red Coins are hidden, and the upper-left corner on a ledge, where the third
    is hidden.  Drop off the elevator and return to the stairs.  The elevator's
    position is now reset.  Move forward to a flat surface and jump on.  Take the
    purple pole up and jump backwards onto the ledge behind it.  Step on the moving
    platform.  As it follows the set path you'll reach a brick.  Punch it with Mario
    and get the fourth Red Coin inside.  Continue to find the fifth in the air.
    Further along is the sixth (jump over the grassy ledge so you don't fall off).
    Near the end is a platform with the seventh and eighth Red Coins on them.  When
    you've collected all eight, drop down to the Power Star in the center of the
                          |    Metal-Head Wario can Move    |
    Even though this is the name of the mission, it is a whole lot easier to do when
    playing the first mission.  Choose to play the first mission.  Go left, long
    jumping over the pit.  Open the door and follow the path to the boulder slope.
    Run up, past the boulders, and right through the door.  Get the coins and 1UP if
    you wish, and then take the elevator down.  Take Wario's Cap from the swimming
    dragon of the Underground Lake and go back to the elevator (not taking it up).
    Hit the block to get a Power Flower.  It turns Wario to metal, letting him walk
    on the bottom of the lake, among other things.  Rush down the path (jumping is
    faster) and go underwater.  Continue following the underwater path to an "!"
    Switch in the water.  Press it with Wario's great metal girth and the gate ahead
    opens.  Go through the door that is now accessible.  In here, get hit by the
    spider that jumps out of the pit to be back to Mario.  Long jump across the gaps
    to the Power Star.
                          |    Navigating the Toxic Maze    |
    What, you exclaim.  A mission with Wario when we have him not yet, you say to
    yourself with a mixture of curiosity and confusion.  This probably didn't happen
    to you, actually, but that would be cool.  From the start, go right.  Notice the
    Goomba with Wario's Cap on its head?  Take the cap and become Wario.  Now go to
    the door further to the right.  Enter the construction site by sliding down the
    pole.  Go right past a location sign and left into a hallway with a wooden door
    at the end.  Open it and you'll be on the threshold of the toxic maze below.
    Drop into the hole (you need to be Wario when you do) and immediately run
    forward out of the gas.  Hit the Red Block for a Power Flower.  This turns Wario
    metal, not having to breathe in the gas.  Go right to the first opening and take
    it.  Go around until you see some green stuff - maybe moss - hanging down from a
    ledge.  Triple jump onto the ledge it dangles from and use the door.  In this
    room, head forward to an elevator that leads to a Power Star.
                          |    A-maze-ing Emergency Exit    |
    From the start, head right.  Defeat the Goomba wearing Wario's Cap to become
    Wario.  Continue right through the door and down the pole.  Go up past the sign
    and hang a left through another door.  In here, drop down the hole.  The toxic
    gas hurts you and racks up a lot of damage, so run to elevated land ahead as
    soon as you land.  Avoid the Snifit to keep Mario as Wario.  Run forward and
    take the Power Flower to become Metal Wario.  You no longer need to breathe in
    the toxic gas.  Head right to the first opening and go through.  A little to the
    left is a Mole.  From where it is (don't worry about taking damage - you cannot
    when metal from enemies), triple jump to the metal door on the ledge to the
    When you open it, go down the hall to an elevator.  Take it up and open the door
    at the top.  You'll find yourself right over the Black Hole region.  Since Wario
    has such weak jumping abilities, you'll have to triple jump to reach the wire
    net.  Hold B to actually hang on.  Go slowly, tilting the camera to suit your
    needs as you go.  Follow the narrow wire path to the trail of coins and then
    right to the Power Star.
                           |    Watch for Rolling Rocks    |
    Start as Mario and go right.  There is a way to bypass the long jump needed to
    enter the Black Hole region.  Take Wario's Cap from the Goomba along the way,
    first off.  Then enter the construction site.  When you slide down the pole, you
    land near a tunnel.  Enter it and go to the elevator at the end.  Take it up and
    go through the door.  You're in the Black Hole region.  Go around the path to
    where the boulders roll down.  Using the Touch Screen, look for when a Power
    Star is moving down the slope.  When that's happening, have Wario smash that
    boulder.  Take the Power Star that comes out.
                           |    Underground Switch Star    |
    From the start, head right.  Take Wario's Cap from the Goomba (boy, this sure
    would be easier if we actually had Wario) and go right to the construction site.
    Slide down the pole and go to the corner, where you'll find one of the abundant
    black blocks that have been frustrating us lately.  Wario, however, can break
    them.  Give it a good punch and you'll reveal a Switch Star.  Press it and then
    run over to the right up the stairs.  Take the stairs up and then the elevator
    across the gap to the Power Star.  Being Mario would make it faster.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Yes, we're actually going to get every star in this level on our first try - no
    leaving.  Play on any mission but the first.  From the start, defeat the spider
    enemy for 3 coins.  Go right, defeating the Goombas to become Wario.  Defeat the
    spider to have 6 coins and collect the trail of coins to have 11.  Now go right
    through the door.  Take the pole down into the construction site.  Defeat the
    enemies on the ground to have 19 coins.  Collect the eight Red Coins in here to
    have 35.  Break the block that has 3 coins on it in the air for 38 and defeat
    the eye monster (walk around it) to have 43.  Now, making sure that you are
    indeed Wario (you may have to return to the first room using the poles), destroy
    the black block for 46 coins.  Now enter the Toxic Maze pre-area.  Collect the
    five coins for 51 and then drop into the maze.
    Quickly become metal, first off.  Defeat the Snifit nearby for 53 coins and then
    go right to a Blue Coin Block.  Hit it and run left.  Assuming you collect 15
    (because it is a low number and it may be true), you'll have 68.  Return to
    where the Blue Coin Block was and go north.  Redeem your Power Flower and defeat
    the bats for 72 coins.  Now find your way back to the construction site.  Take
    the elevator up to the Black Hole region.
    Run to the slope and collect the five coins on them for 77 coins.  Now go right
    and you'll see an "!" Block by some coins.  Collect the coins to have 85.  Now
    take the elevator down and defeat the three Goombas here to have 88 coins.  Swim
    over to the central island and take the coins around it to have 96.  Now go back
    to the Black Hole.  Defeat the spider and bat there (very carefully) for 99.
    Return to the starting point and break the crate for the last coin, getting you
    the star.
    ===============================Lethal Lava Land*================================
                              |    Boil the Big Bully    |
    The painting is of a large fireball in the main basement area, left of the
    entrance to Hazy Maze Cave.  You can't miss it.
    I love this course for one reason - the major shortcut within.  Look behind you
    at the start and you'll see an island with a Red Block on it.  Long jump there
    (you must be Mario) and take the Wings inside to start flying.  You're headed
    northeast, past a volcano.  On the touch screen, it's the brown square platform
    left of one at the end of the somewhat M-shaped winding path.  On it you will
    see Big Bully.  Don't worry though, because he's a pushover (ah, I'm so punny).
    Big Bully cannot physically hurt you.  He can only knock you into the lava,
    which hurts you.  Lure Big Bully to the edge.  Dodge left or right, depending on
    where you are.  Now Big Bully will be running at you from either left or right.
    Ground pound him when he comes and you'll have him in the lava.  Use the stairs
    that appear to reach the Power Star.
                              |    Bully the Bullies    |
    Yeah!  Give them a taste of their own medicine.  From the start, long jump to
    the island behind you.  Take the Wings (again, must be Mario) and fly to the
    platform that is east of where you fought Big Bully.  Like last time, ground
    pound is your friend.  However, you don't have to lure them to the edges;
    repeated ground pounds work.  After beating the three little bullies, Big Bully
    comes to take his revenge.  This time, stand near an edge and he'll charge you.
    Dodge out of the way to get behind him and punch him in.  Take the Power Star
    that appears.
                         |    8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces    |
    This is so easy it's frightening.  Long jump to the island behind you and take
    the Wings.  Start flying dead ahead to the north to see one of those sliding
    puzzles, only with Bowser on it.  Land and collect all eight Red Coins right
    there, no catch.  The Power Star appears in the upper-right corner.
                             |    Red-Hot Log Rolling    |
    Yes, we're supposed to use a log for this course, but we've found it much easier
    just to fly.  Take Mario into the lava land and long jump backwards to the Wings
    on the island.  Fly in the direction of the starting point until you see a large
    caged wall.  Fly left of it onto a brown platform with two bullies on it.  Do a
    triple jump from there to fly into the cage.  Go over the log and fly right to
    the Power Star in the upper-left hand corner.
                         |    Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano    |
    Take the Wings on the island behind you and fly into the volcano to the
    northeast.  Inside, start by jumping forward onto the long platform.  Now head
    up the path.  As you do you'll pass a fire shooter and you'll reach a Bob-omb
    Bully.  Ignore the latter and continue up the trail.  Watch out for the huge
    weight that falls from the wall.  As you continue up you'll need to hop across
    some floating platforms and pass more fire shooters to reach another Bob-omb
    Bully.  If it knocks you off, you'll be really angry, so just avoid it.  Cross
    the narrow path and you'll reach some poles, the most dangerous part of all.
    Actually, it's very easy.  In Super Mario 64 there were more poles and it was
    tricky.  In this remake, jump to the pole and backwards jump to the pole behind
    it.  Climb up as much as you can without performing a handstand and jump
    backwards.  Take the Power Star.  You earned it.
                              |    Inside the Volcano    |
    Been there, done that.  But really, we must venture into the unknown yet again.
    From the start long jump to the island behind you and take the Wings.  Fly into
    the volcano (sound familiar?).  When you land, look behind you.  Where's more to
    the volcano than the regular path.  Take the smaller platforms behind you to
    Luigi's Cap.  Being Luigi has its perks in here, so take it.  Jump to the last
    platform and take the lift.  Jump to the second lift when you can and take it to
    the pole.  Climb it and jump onto the next pole (you may want to stop for the
    1UP).  Take it to a chain of three small islands.  With tremendous caution
    (because they are so tiny) jump across to the Power Star.
                             |    Flaming Silver Stars    |
    Ooh, my favorite type of mission.  not.  I'm glad to say that every single easy
    mission from Lethal Lava Land made it into the remake.  From the start, long
    jump behind you to the island with the Red Block.  Take the Wings and long jump
    again to the crescent-shaped platform ahead for the first Silver Star.  Jump
    onto the long, gray platform to the right.  Take it to the sliding Bowser
    From there, go north until you can long jump to another island in the lava to
    the right with the second Silver Star on it.  Long jump back to the path
    connecting the sliding puzzle to the rotating fiery island.  Get on that
    rotating island and long jump to the third Silver Star.
    You could've used the Wings already, but if not, let's start flying.  Fly to the
    "hill" right of where you fought the three Bob-omb Bullies in the second mission
    and take the fourth Silver Star.  Now long jump to the platform south of that,
    which has an eye monster on it and the fifth Silver Star.  From there, long jump
    to the nearby Red Block.  Don't take it; it's just a regular Power Flower.  Take
    the path down to some gray panels in the lava.  Jump from them to gray platforms
    to one further left/south with a bully on it and an eye monster at the far end.
    Return to the starting point from here and long jump to the Power Star.
    Note: If you hit the block with the Koopa Shell in it, you can surf across the
    lava to collect the Silver Stars very easily.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Just like in Hazy Maze Cave, we aren't leaving until we get all the stars.  Good
    thing we didn't need Wario once in this entire course.  Pick any mission and
    start by long jumping back to the Red Block.  First fly to the long gray
    platform before the sliding puzzle.  Take the coins there and those on the
    puzzle (remember that yellow coins appear after you've gotten the red) for about
    30 coins.  We'll assume 30, since you probably didn't get all the yellow coins.
    Go north twice to be on the spinning platform with the flame chain.  Collect the
    coins there to have 36.  Jump to the platform to the right and again to the
    right (onto a long platform that lava seeps in on).  Get the coins here to have
    41.  Jump onto Big Bully's platform.  Don't fight Big Bully, because violence
    isn't the answer, but instead get the coins to have 45 total.
    Use the wire platform to the right to traverse the lava and end up on the
    platform with the three Bob-omb Bullies.  Take the coins here and you'll have
    Now jump south and get the four coins on the platforms in the lava to have 57.
    Long jump to the platform with the eye beast to the right.  Defeat the eye
    monster and take the coins.  The grand total will be 70.  Long jump to the
    winding, slightly M-shaped, platform to the left and collect the three coins
    along it as you go south (73).  Go left again, collecting the coins along the
    gray platform in order to have 78.  Collect the coin on the gray platform to the
    right and on the platform circling the volcano to have 85.
    Jump south, to platforms with more coins (88) and then jump to where the bully
    is, further to the south.  Go to the eye monster on the other side of the bridge
    and beat it to have 93 coins.  Stand in the indentation beneath where the eye
    sat and you'll warp to the island with the Red Block.  Use the Wings to fly in
    the direction of the starting point, a bit more to the left though, to a
    platform with two Bob-omb Bullies.  Take the coins here and you'll get the Power
    ==============================Shifting Sand Land*===============================
                        |    In the Talons of the Big Bird    |
    This cleverly hidden course is left of the painting of Lethal Lava Land.  As you
    go, you'll see a dead-end.  Jump into the wall here and you'll enter the eighth
    Although I despise this course, it is made much easier by the presence of a Red
    Block near the start, much like Lethal Lava Land.  Go right from the start to
    see a pavilion.  The large, cactus-looking creature is called a Pokey.
    Nonetheless, go in front of the pavilion and use a backward somersault to get on
    top.  Triple jumps and side somersaults also work.  Once on top, hit the Red
    Block and fly toward the huge buzzard with a star in its talons, which should be
    directly ahead near a reddish pillar.  Simply touch the star and the buzzard
    will drop it.  Take the star on the ground.
                           |    Shining Atop the Pyramid    |
    Another laborious task made easy thanks to Wings.  Head right and backward
    somersault onto the pavilion.  Take the Wings from the Red Block and fly
    directly at the pyramid.  The Power Star is right there, in a little indentation
    into it.
                          |    Inside the Ancient Pyramid    |
    Let it be known to all that I absolutely hate this mission and one other much
    like it.  Head right and hop onto the pavilion.  Take the Wings from the Red
    Block and fly onto the pyramid (there's a flat ledge with an "!" Block on it to
    land on).  Enter the pyramid if you dare.  Inside, head right.  Pass the Goombas
    and continue along that path until you reach a huge Thwomp.  This is a special
    breed that has been mummified.  As it rises, wall kick off of it.  You'll be by
    two Goombas and a pole.  Take the pole up and go right upon landing.  Use the
    wire net to cross over the slope and continue right over some steps.
    As you go right here, you'll see another special Thwomp that rolls.  When it is
    rolling away, run towards it until you see a nook you can slip into.  Stay there
    until it rolls by and go right again.  Take the rising platforms up and go right
    again.  What'd you expect, going left?  Dodge the electric enemies and side step
    right at the end to reach a pole.  Take it up and jump off.  Look left to see a
    Thwomp.  Run under it as it jumps and go to the other side.  Go right up the
    slope and jump to reach the Power Star.
                        |    Stand Tall on the Four Pillars    |
    If you've been using this guide throughout the playing process, you have exactly
    64 Stars right now, the ideal number for Super Mario 64 DS.  This is an
    interesting mission to say the least.  At the start run right and get the Wings
    atop the pavilion.  Fly to each of the pillars around the pyramid (four in all)
    and stand on them, getting the coin you find.  You can run up the pillars
    without the Wings.  By one of them you need to talk to the Bob-omb Buddy (we'll
    use the cannon later).  Keep in mind that there's a tornado near one of the
    pillars and one of them is completely surrounded by quick sand.  When you step
    on all four, the point of the pyramid explodes, revealing a hole.  Fly in if you
    still have the Wings.  If not, long jump onto the flat part of the pyramid.
    There's a Red Block there.  Either way, fly into the pyramid via that special
    Inside a cage, you descend into the center of the pyramid.  When you stop, get
    on the rail and enter the hole in the red block.  To assure that you're not
    Yoshi, who cannot complete this mission normally, you must punch a brick in your
    way.  Follow the path down to the heart of the pyramid where the "ancient ones"
    have slept forever.  Step on the brick altar before you and two hands form.  Now
    you must battle them (hand-to-hand).  While one hand tries to push you off the
    edge, the other stands there acting as the eye.  Run up to the second hand and
    punch its eye.  They have a few new attacks since Super Mario 64, such as
    crushing you and a move in which both hands attack at once.  After three hits to
    one, it dies.  The other tries to shove you right out of the arena.  Punch its
    eye before it can and you've won.  Take the Power Star.
    And that's the last star we can get.  We will return, though, with that
    powerhouse Wario.
    ===============================Dire, Dire Docks*================================
                              |    Board Bowser's Sub    |
    We're finally opening the star door!  When you do (it's in the first room of the
    basement), you won't see Bowser's level, but a new course.  Jump in and you'll
    When you fall in, dive down.  Note that the sharks and orange fish, called Cheep
    Cheeps, can hurt you.  Swim through the tunnel, which is right after a ring of
    coins.  Follow the arrows through the tunnel and you'll enter Bowser's personal
    dock.  In the dead center is a huge submarine branded with the face of Bowser.
    Swim around it and you'll find land.  Hit the "!" Switch to make bricks appear.
    Take them onto Bowser's submarine where you'll find the Power Star.
                            |    Chests in the Current    |
    You could face Bowser right now, but there's still a star to get in the docks.
    The remaining six will be available after defeating Bowser for the second time.
    Dive down and locate the chests.  You must open them in a particular order.  The
    first chest's lock faces the vortex and is by a clam.  Open it and take the air
    bubble.  Follow the trail to the second one, which is by some sea plants.  The
    third chest is right by the vortex.  Swim to it and open it.  An air bubble and
    a Power Star come out.  Take the Power star and be prepared to take Bowser down.
    ============================Bowser in the Fire Sea*=============================
                            |    Bowser in the Fire Sea    |
    Drop into the hole on the other side of the Star Door and you're in the second
    Bowser level.  From the start head right onto a wire platform.  Jump over the
    block and onto the gray platforms as the cage is dunked in lava.  At the end,
    take the 1UP (in Bowser levels they bend over backwards to give us 1UP's), and
    use the panels ahead to cross the gap.  Take the wire ramp up to a Red Coin.
    Take it back down and go right past a Spinning Heart.  Take the pole and use it
    to jump onto the lever platform to the left.  On it you'll get the second Red
    Coin.  Continue left to a pole.  Take it up and jump off to the northeast to get
    the third Red Coin.  Now run onto the elevator to the left and then quickly run
    off.  Drop down from where the elevator was and take the fourth Red Coin it was
    Now go right, up the pole, left, and back up the pole to be in the cage where
    you were.  Take the elevator up.  At the top go left.  Use the platform to cross
    the lava (avoid the fire, obviously).  Run up the ramp to the flat part and go
    across the wood beam to another ramp.  Avoid the bully here and take the fifth
    Red Coin.  Drop down onto the wire net.  Head left, past some Bob-omb Bullies
    and moving platforms, to a rising path.  Follow it up to the third blue platform
    and wait.  As the path rises you'll be able to reach the sixth Red Coin.  Now
    continue up the path to reach a classic Bowser's Castle road.  Take it up until
    you see a Star Sphere.  A Star Switch is nearby.  Go right very slowly to avoid
    damage and you'll get the seventh Red Coin along the way.  Use the pole to the
    right to get in through the stone slot.  Wall kick your way on top of the
    platform and you'll see the Star Switch.  Drop down to the right once more and
    on the pole you'll get the eighth Red Coin.  Use the pole to go left again and
    use that pole to go up.  Wall kick to the Power Star.
    Now to get the other star in here with the Star Switch.  Jump to the right and
    step on it.  Instantly jump to the left and straight down into the panels in the
    lava.  You should have full health from the Power Star, so don't worry about the
    lava.  Just go right and take the Power Star (you only have to watch out for
    being burnt after being burnt twice).  If you time it right, the panels will be
    clear of lava and you'll have no trouble at all.  With the second Power Star in
    hand, go right.  Cross the panels, heal at the Spinning Heart, and use the pole
    to go through the slots in the stone.  Wall kick to the Star Switch and jump
    right onto another ledge.  Go right over the collapsing bridge and down the
                                 |    Boss: Bowser    |
    My, you've grown, Bowser.  Bowser's arena is designed to give him the advantage,
    and it does tenfold.  He'll start the fight off by jumping, which causes the
    arena to shake.  If you don't make it, you'll slide into Bowser, or off the
    arena on the rebound.  He also has a new type of fire breath that sends multiple
    flames out.  His most annoying new trick, though, is his ability to warp around
    the arena.  Get close to his tail and he warps like a maniac.  But he also
    charges you, which is his greatest weakness.  Stand on the opposite end of the
    arena as him and he'll start running to you in a vain attempt to tackle you.
    Run around him (he won't be able to stop) and grab his tail as he tries to stay
    on the arena.  Swing him around and so long, Bowser!  Throw him right at the
    bomb.  You beat Bowser again, even with his careening arena of doom and his dumb
    teleportation trick.  Talk to him and he'll excuse himself, leaving the key to
    the second floor behind.
    ================================Snowman's Land*=================================
                                 |    Green Rabbit    |
    Time to enter the second floor of the castle.  Go to the top of the stairs in
    the lobby and use that key.  Take the stairs up and you'll find a rabbit.  Catch
    it and you'll get another Mini-Game Key.  Oh happy day!
                               |    The Great Beyond    |
    You have to be Luigi to do this next part.  We are going to FINALLY add Wario to
    our team.  Look around on the second floor for a door with an arch over it.
    Enter it, as Luigi, and you'll be in the room that begins Snowman's Land.
    There's a huge mirror in here, too.  Take a Power Flower from the pedestal so
    that Luigi becomes invisible.  Run through the mirror and go down to the door.
    Open it and you'll be in a white void with a Power Star in it.  Take the star
    and go back through the door.  See the picture of Wario to the right?  Jump in.
                            |    Chief Chilly Challenge    |
    I don't see what icy people have got against Wario, but I don't care!  We're
    going to get Wario, who seems to be needed for just about every course in some
    mission.  Very rarely does a level come along that only one character - Luigi -
    may enter.  Take the slide down and you'll land in a huge, windy crevice.  It
    blows you to a platform with two Bob-omb Bullies on it.  When you've dealt with
    them hop onto the gray platforms and take them across to another icy ledge.  Use
    the wire platform to cross the gap, taking the first Red Coin as you go.  On the
    other side, go right.  Use the winds to get the second Red Coin in the sheet of
    coins and go forward into an icy pond.  Take the third Red Coin in it and get
    out; the water hurts you.  Jump over the fence to the arena of bullies.
    In it, take the fourth Red Coin and quickly jump over the fence to the arrow
    sign (to avoid being pummeled by the Bob-omb Bully army).  Use the moving
    platforms ahead to bridge the gap.  The second platform should be used to get
    the fifth Red Coin and the fourth platform the sixth Red Coin.   Cross over and
    then use the platforms to reach the next tier, which has a Red Block on it.  Hit
    it to become invisible.  Drop down to the first tier and pass through the bars
    to take the seventh Red Coin.  Renew your Power Flower and run around the tiers
    to get Mario's Cap.  Go back to the Red Block and take the Power Flower.  Use it
    to float to the huge icy island in the air ahead.  On it is the eighth Red Coin
    and a Red Block for you to use to return to where you were.  Do so and take the
    Power Star.  Now take the platforms up to a hole in the ice.  Fall in.
    Chief Chilly is undoubtedly the stupidest of the captors.  He captured Wario
    because his mustache was better than his.  Well, the arena is the hardest part
    of the battle.  He's basically just like Big Bully, but he is much smarter.  He
    doesn't fall for all the tricks.  Just about the only way to beat him is with
    relentless ground pounds.  Try to knock him off the arena.  Remember that he
    cannot directly damage you, so as long as you don't fall off the arena, you're
    invincible.  When you knock him off the first time he pops back up and remodels
    the arena.  Repeat the process and the arena becomes even smaller.  What Chief
    Chilly doesn't realize, though, is that he makes the battle easier each time.
    The arena falls into a frigid lake.  Knock him in one more time and you'll have
    won!!!!!!  Take the key.  We've got a whole lot of catching up to do.
                             |    Luigi to the Rescue    |
    Go now and rescue Wario, that muscle-bound titan.  He is the key to a whole lot
    of Power Stars, my friend.  Although he is jump-challenged, he is really strong
    and we can at last break those pesky black blocks.  First we will return to
    Chief Chilly Challenge to get the last star there.  That's only the beginning.
                       |    Return to Chief Chilly Challenge    |
    Go back to the room where you entered Chief Chilly Challenge as Luigi.  Turn
    invisible and go through the mirror to the painting.  Now that we have Wario,
    his cap can be found on the course.  Slide down the slopes and use the gusts of
    wind to cross the gorge.  Use the gray blocks to cross another gap.  Defeat the
    Bob-omb Bully here and take the cap to become Wario.  Cross the pit with the
    cage and go left.  Hit the Red Block to become metal.  Walk over the windy path
    further to the left to a black brick.  Hit it and a Power Star comes out.
                              |    To a Secret Course    |
    Go become Wario, please.  We're going to a secret course located in Hazy Maze
    Cave.  Once inside Hazy Maze Cave take a right.  Jump over the fiery pit to a
    door.  Open it and you're in the construction site.  Slide down the pole and go
    through the first hallway to an elevator.  Ride it up to a door.  You're in the
    Black Hole region.  Follow the path up the slope and through the door to the
    right.  Take the elevator down and you'll find yourself in the Underground Lake.
    Climb on top of the sea dragon and direct it at the metal double doors.  Drop
    onto the wire platform before it and go through the doors.  Go down the hall to
    a whirlpool, which you should drop into.
                             |    Behind the Waterfall    |
    Go forward past some Snifits and you'll reach a Red Block as the hallway opens
    to another.  Take it to become metal and drop into the water.  Go to the
    platform with Luigi's Cap on it (don't take it) and jump to the platform to the
    left.  Use the bridge to cross the water and then jump from platform to platform
    to the one with two Red Coins on it and a Red Block.  Take Mario's Cap, also on
    the platform, and hit the Red Block.  Float up above the Red Block to a Power
    Return to Behind the Waterfall for the second star.  Run out of the tunnel to
    the other one and hit the Red Block to become metal.  Walk through the water to
    the platform with Luigi's Cap on it and jump to the one to the left.  Cross the
    bridge to enter an alcove with two Red Coins in it.  Now exit the alcove and go
    north to the Red Block platform.  Take the two Red Coins around it and then the
    Power Flower.  As a metal man drop into the water and collect the fifth, sixth,
    seventh, and (you guessed it) eighth Red Coin.  The Power Star appears right
    there in the water, so take it.  Good-bye, Hazy Maze Cave, forever!
                          |    The Secret Under the Moat    |
    Go to the castle moat as Wario.  Since you drained it there's been an ugly black
    brick in the way and I hate it.  Punch it for me, would you?  Whoa, a secret
    course was just "accidentally" revealed.  Drop in.
    This used to be where Mario got the Vanish Cap in Super Mario 64.  Behind the
    Waterfall was where he got the Metal Cap.  From where you start, roll down the
    slope and ground pound to stop yourself at the first Red Coin.  Jump to the
    right and slide down to the second Red Coin.  From here, roll directly down to a
    Red Block.  Become metal and slide directly down again to the third Red Coin.
    Jump to the right and take the fourth Red Coin, too.  Now slide all the way
    Go right and up to a wooden platform.  Go up to the next ledge, dodging the
    electric enemy, and become Mario, a better jumper.  Go up again and jump onto
    one of those extremely sluggish platforms to the right.  In Super Mario 64 they
    were much faster.  Take them right to a lever platform and collect the fifth and
    sixth Red Coins.  Continue right across platforms to the seventh.  At the end,
    take Luigi's Cap and hit the Red Block to become invisible.  Pass through the
    eighth Red Coin and take the Power Star.  Life is good, getting better.
                      |    Eight Red Coins of Goomboss Battle    |
    Time to go back to Goomboss Battle.  I know that it is a terrible place to be,
    but we have to in order to get all 150 Power Stars.  If you forgot where it was,
    go north two rooms from the Switch Room.  You want to go as Wario, of course.
    At the start slide down and take the gray platform to the right to a narrow
    Take it to a larger one and go right on it.  Go to the log with the stake on it
    and pound it down in one hit.  Go north to a Goomba wearing Mario's Cap.  Take
    it and jump on the gray platform in the middle for the first Red Coin.  Jump to
    the gray platforms to the right to a Red Block.  Take the Power Flower inside
    and float onto the large log to the right.  On it is the second Red Coin.  Drop
    down in front (use the Touch Screen to drop safely) and takes Luigi's Cap.  Run
    back to where the Red Block was and become invisible.  Run back to where you got
    Luigi's Cap quickly and triple jump to a cage in the tree.  Get the third Red
    Coin within and use the Red Block there to get out.  This may take a few tries.
    Go back to where you got Mario's Cap and the first Red Coin.  Jump forward to
    the shadowy star on the log.  Take the rising logs right to a Piranha Plant at
    the end.  Crawl past the Piranha Plant, take the fourth Red Coin, and inch away.
    Go to where the shadowy star was to the left and jump forward onto the narrow
    path infested with Goombas.  Take the path to a rising log, where you'll find
    the fifth Red Coin.  Now work your way over to the wire net to the upper left.
    Cross it halfway and take the Red Coin.  Then go back to where you entered.  You
    need to have lost Luigi's Cap by now, as in be Wario.  Near the wire net are
    moving platforms that trek over the edge of the arena.  As Wario, take them
    across to a log in the blackness.  Hit the black brick on the log for the
    seventh Red Coin.  Now return to the mainland.  Go left, past a Piranha Plant
    and a Lakitu, to a pole.  Climb up and take the Red Coin you find there.  With
    all eight in hand, take the pole down and jump over the Piranha Plant.  Go left
    to the log with the Power Star on it.
                         |    Switch Star in the Basement    |
    Go to Big Boo's Haunt.  We'll finish it and go to the last secret level on our
    list that we need to clear with Wario.  From the start, go left into the brown
    building.  Upon entering use the wire platform as an elevator to go down.  Open
    the door and go through the hallway.  Go down to the black brick.  Smash it to
    reveal the Star Switch.  Don't touch it yet, though.  Go down the path to some
    water.  In it you can find Mario's Cap.  Mario is a much faster character than
    Wario, so dawn his cap in favor of speed.  Go over to the Star Switch and press
    it.  Run around the basement, avoiding the water, and take the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    This is hardly a challenge at all, really.  Select any mission but the first.
    Start out by going left.  On one side of the brown building are two black
    Hit them for 6 coins total.  Now go to the back of the mansion.  Hit the "!"
    Block to have 16 coins.  Defeat the spiders here for 22.  Now enter the mansion
    through the back door.  In here defeat the two Boos and become Luigi with his
    cap for 32 coins.  Now go around and enter the mansion by the front entryway.
    Go to the second room to the left first.  Collect both Red Coins in here and
    you'll have 36.  Walk up to the bookcase and a book comes out.  Jump at it and
    you'll get five coins (41).  Leave this room and go to the next one to the
    Clear out the enemies in here and you'll have yourself 51 coins.
    Now go to the first room right of the stairs.  Follow the path past a collapsing
    bridge to a Boo.  Defeat it for 56.  Go through the door and side step for a Red
    Coin (58) and defeat the Boo for a Blue Coin (63).  Now return to the main room
    of the mansion.  On the second story take the first door to the right.  Defeat
    the eye monster in here (68) and get the Red Coin in the other room to have 70
    total.  Now exit the mansion.  Enter the brown building to the right.  Defeat
    the eye monster inside for 75 coins.  Take the elevator down and go through the
    next two doors.  Enter the merry-go-round and defeat five Boos there to have 100
    coins.  Take your Power Star and take down Big Boo to end the mission.
                             |    Big Boo Battle Star    |
    The reason we went to Big Boo's Haunt before Jolly Roger Bay or Cool, Cool
    Mountain was because it has a secret inside.  Enter the mansion and go through
    the rightmost door on the second floor.  Step on the wooden platform in the
    corner of this room and Wario can just barely triple jump to the secret ledge
    above.  Go through the door and jump into the painting of Luigi where you found
    the key to his door.
    In the first room go north, getting the first Red Coin.  Now go through the
    right door, taking Mario's Cap before you do.  Cross over the collapsing bridge,
    taking the second Red Coin, and then over the right bridge, taking the third Red
    Coin.  Now that you have those three, exit through the left door.  Now jump to
    the Red Block and float to the Red Coin in the corner of the room.  Now get the
    fifth Red Coin on the ground.  Go through the door by that Red Coin.  Use the
    platforms in here to collect two more Red Coins.  Exit through the north door on
    the Touch Screen.  Now, in the last room, hit the black brick as Wario.  Take
    the eighth Red Coin and get the Power Star.  Now you can finish Big Boo off to
    exit the course.  Boy, Big Boo sure is rude to Wario.
    Note: There are actually two Power Stars in Big Boo Battle.  Because I did not
    discover it until much later in the game, it is covered much later in the
    “Bowser in the Sky” section.  Please see it for the other Power Star we’re
    missing here if you’d like it.
                            |    Through the Jet Stream    |
    This is such a long section.  We haven't even gotten to the actually course in
    the title yet.  We’re making a pit stop at Jolly Roger Bay to finish it off,
    As Wario, of course, swim to the right.  Get on top of the far gray ledge
    (backward somersault).  Hit the Red Block to become metal and then long jump
    into the water where the ship was once sunk.  The Power Star is right in the
    center where a jet is.  As metal Wario, though, you are way too dense to float
    up.  Take the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Now it is time to finish Jolly Roger Bay once and for all by getting 100 coins
    in it.  On the starting shore defeat the Goombas and break the blocks for five
    coins.  Get the Power Flower in the block and walk into the water.  Get the Red
    Coins in the clams and the coins around the spike on the sea floor for 19 coins.
    Get on the first gray platform from the wooden one and climb the rock spire for
    the Red Coin (21).  Go to the other gray platform and use a backward somersault
    to get on top.  That's 26 coins right there.  Now press the "!" Switch and go
    over the wooden planks, collecting the coins as you do, and jump onto the
    Collect all three of the Red Coins on the ship and you'll have 47 coins.  Now
    hop into the water.  Swim to the spire in the water (on the surface) and collect
    the coins around it for 55.
    Now dive down to where the ship was and get the Red Coin in the clam's mouth to
    have 57.  Collect the coins on the ground and you'll have 66.  Collect the coins
    before the tunnel to have 74.  Take Luigi's Cap from the sea bottom and return
    to the starting shore.  Practice Water Run, Luigi's move for walking on water.
    As soon as you hit water, press B.  Ground pound the Blue Coin Block and Water
    Run to get as many as you can.  Assuming you didn't get very many of the coins,
    you have 89.  Now swim down to where the ship was and go through the tunnel.
    Defeat the five Goombas in here to have 94 coins.  Now go right of the chests
    and take whatever coins you're lacking.
                      |    Switch Star of Cool, Cool Mountain    |
    Go back to Cool, Cool Mountain so that we can finish it off, too.  From the
    start go right and stand on the broken bridge to warp.  You warp to another
    broken bridge of the course.  Go left to the penguin.  As Wario, ground pound
    the ice by the penguin.  Now go to the lift further to the left.  Stand on it
    and jump off at the Bob-omb Buddy halfway.  When the lift is coming down, press
    the Switch Star.  Take the lift down and rush over to the penguin.  Drop into
    the pit Wario made and take the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    That's what I call easy!  Select to play the first mission so that you don't
    feel pressured.  Get the five coins on the chimney and then fall into it.  Slide
    down slowly so you can get every coin you can.  There are so many coins here
    that it makes this the most elementary mission ever as far as 100 coins are
    concerned.  You can more, but we'll assume you got at least 70 from the slide.
    Go through the door at the end and go left of the house at the end right to the
    broken bridge.  Take the Red Coin to have 72 and warp on the bridge to the
    starting point.  Go down the slope to the left, getting up to 87 coins as you
    Jump over the gray ledge at the end and ground pound the Blue Coin Block.  Take
    the Blue Coins to have 97.  Drop down to the broken bridge and take the Red Coin
    to have 99.  Drop down from the crack in the bridge and defeat the first enemy
    ahead.  Take a coin and you're done already.
                             |    Tox Box Switch Star    |
    Yes, this one's coming to you from Shifting Sand Land.  Go to the pavilion to
    the right and then to the maze ahead.  Follow the block until the path ends, at
    which point you should go as far to the right as you can.  Long jump to the
    platform in the middle of the quick sand and long jump again to the path ahead.
    Now I hope that you spoke to the Bob-omb Buddy earlier.  If you didn't, it's by
    the lake to the north.  Step on the Switch Star beneath the black brick and run
    to the cannon.  If you're a skilled cannon-operator, use the cannon.  If not,
    run along the path to the Power Star to the north.  The second is actually
    easier to do.  Long jump over unnecessary gaps and time it so that you can avoid
    the blocks and it's cake.
                                |    Pyramid Puzzle    |
    Be Mario for the next missions in Shifting Sand Land; we don't need Wario for
    that level anymore.  Now, to make the mission a whole lot easier, we're actually
    going to play "Stand Tall on the Four Pillars."  If you do that you can save a
    ton of time.
    At the start, go right to the pavilion.  Backward somersault onto it and take
    the Wings.  Fly around to each pillar and stand on it.  The top of the pyramid
    explodes and reveals a hole to the top.  Fly into the pyramid via that entrance
    and you'll be in a cage going down.  This is where a major shortcut comes into
    play.  Stand on the rail and jump to one of the platforms on the side.  This
    we got to the top level with a lot less effort than normal.
    Go to where you got the third Power Star.  Near it is a Silver Star (the first).
    You know, back in my day (Super Mario 64), we had no Silver Stars.  We had to go
    around guessing where the secret was.  Of course, it's not SM64 anymore, now is
    it?  From where you got the first silver star hang in the opening in the little
    rail and drop down to the second.  Make a short jump to the other side of the
    sand waterfall and take the third Silver Star on the platform you land on.  Now
    fall down the sand waterfall to a conveyor belt of sorts.  Follow it down to the
    last two Silver Stars.  Make sure to jump while in this sand as it is quick
    Take the sand to the very end where the Power Star forms.
                         |    Free Flying for 8 Red Coins    |
    Let's go as my main man Mario.  Yes, Wario got us past the fifth mission, but
    Mario gets us the rest.  At the start, go left all the way to get the first Red
    Coin.  Be careful, though, because the edge of this course is quick sand.  Now
    go to the pavilion to the right.  Hit the brick in it and you'll uncover the
    second Red Coin.  Now jump onto the pavilion and take the Wings.  First, fly
    into the maze.  Fly near the corner where you'll find the third Red Coin.  Now
    fly back to the pavilion and renew your Wings.  This time, fly past the pyramid
    to the lake.  Take the fourth Red Coin in it and fly back to the pyramid to
    renew your Wings.  Fly around to every single pillar and take the Red Coin near
    it.  Each time you get one or two of the coins you'll want to go back to the
    pavilion to get new Wings.  When you all eight, return to the pavilion and take
    the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Yes, we're almost through with the basement levels.  I'll save Dire, Dire Docks
    for later, or else you might flame me in various e-mails.  To start with, head
    right.  Defeat the Bob-ombs and the Shy Guy to have 4 coins.  Go right to a
    Pokey, the cactus-creature.  Punch out the layers of its body and take the five
    coins that result for 9.  Hit the brick in the pavilion for 12, the crate
    against the pillar for 15, the Goombas for 17, and the other brick for 19.
    Defeat the Pokey on the hill for 24 coins in all.  Get on top of the pavilion
    and take the Wings.
    Fly to the lake and take the Red Coin in there.  Take the coins on top of the
    two pillars and the five coins between them for a grand total of 33 coins.
    Break the crate by one of the pillars for 36.  Defeat the Pokey left of the left
    pillar and the Pokey right of the right pillar to have 46 coins.  Now long jump
    to the flat part of the pyramid.  Defeat the Goomba wearing Wario's Cap for 47
    coins.  Go to the end of the flat part of the pyramid and jump up twice to
    different flat parts.  On the third part you'll see five coins.  Take them to
    have 52.  Now enter the pyramid.
    Inside, look to the left as you go up.  When you see the Blue Coin Block, hit it
    and run forward.  Take all four of the Blue Coins to have 72.  Already it's
    paying off.  Go right to see three Goombas.  Defeat them for 75 coins.  Now go
    left to a Thwomp.  Jump on top of it and continue left.  Defeat the Goomba (76)
    and go left to the wire net.  Hang on it and go around, getting the coins to
    have 84 total.  Go right now, over the Thwomp, and defeat the Goombas (86).
    Go up the pole and use the wire net to the right to collect coins.  You'll have
    91 coins when you reach the end.  Go up the steps to have 94.  Now continue
    right past the rolling Thwomp and to some rising platforms.  Collect the coins
    here to have 98.  Now go right to the pole and climb it up.  Pass the Thwomp and
    you'll have all the coins you need right here.  You can finish quickly with the
    newly acquired Power Star by getting the star from the third mission.
                            |    Toad Recovery Mission    |
    On the way to Snomwan's Land, talk to the Toads in the castle's lobby.  One of
    them will not only give you two useful tips, but he'll give you a Power Star.
    Nice talking to you, Toad.
                                |    Rec. Room Key    |
    Rabbits only seem to appear for Mario.  Go to the area with the entrance to
    Snowman's Land, which is where you found Wario's Key.  Catch that pesky rabbit
    (why do rabbits suddenly appear every time Mario is near?) and take the key.  In
    your face, rabbit!  Now jump into the wall, for that is where the next course is
                              |    Snowman's Big Head    |
    Our first mission.  If I was as cruel as you think I am (yeah, I read minds; you
    can't hide your thoughts from me) you'd be doing Dire, Dire Docks missions.
    go right all the way until you reach the corner of the course.  Stand under the
    tree nearby and you'll warp to a different region of the course.  Hop to the
    island in the water to the right.  Snow is shooting out down the aisles.  Jump
    over the waves of snow and double jump to the ledge at the end.  Take the wooden
    path up to another one.  Follow it to an icy road.  Step onto the icy road and
    the snowman will talk to you, snow flea.  Hop on the penguin's head to bypass
    the wind.  At the end, jump off and get onto the platform above for the Power
                             |    Chill With the Bully    |
    This one's real quick.  From the start go right all the way and then go up.
    You'll see a path leading to a frosty arena over a lake (the water is treated as
    lava, so don't touch it).  Get on the arena and you'll face Big Bully's frozen
    counterpart.  He may be a bit faster or harder, but that doesn't go very far.
    Lure it to an edge and ground pound to knock it off the arena.  The ground
    pound/punch combo is pretty effective, too.  After all, Chief Chilly was a hard
    act to follow in the world of bullying.  Now take the Power Star.
                            |    Yoshi's Ice Sculpture    |
    You actually have to be Yoshi for this one.  Yes, the green dinosaur has
    functions.  He's the only one who can destroy ice blocks.  Start with just
    no cap.  Go to the very right and you'll see some fire.  Swallow it, not any of
    the Goombas, and return to the start.  To the left is some ice.  Use the flutter
    kick (hold A when you jump) to get up the ice blocks.  Release the fire on the
    third block from the bottom from the two-block tall platform.  Return to the
    fire, swallow it, and go back to the ice.  This time around, burn the ice block
    the star is in.  Now jump to the Power Star.
                         |    Whirl From the Freezing Pond    |
    You can be anybody for this one, but Mario, Luigi, or Yoshi does the best.
    We're taking a shortcut.  Go right all the way to a tree.  Warp to another tree
    further along in the course.  Jump into the tree and jump backwards to the
    Yoshi's flutter kick is ideal for the situation, but if you jump as you land you
    can do it as Mario or Luigi.  From the top, go left until you reach two "!"
    Blocks.  Hit the left one and take the Power Star.
                            |    Snowman's Silver Star    |
    This one's laid out for us quite nicely.  Go right all the way and go north just
    a bit.  There's a Silver Star hovering by the fence.  Continue north past the
    bully and you'll see the second Silver Star by a flower-snowman enemy.  Go left
    to the first tree and get on.  Jump backwards onto the slope behind you (not
    from a handstand).  Yoshi can make it in one jump, making him the best choice
    for this level.  When you land there, go right to the third Silver Star.  Go
    right for the fourth Silver Star.  Now notice the "!" Blocks.  Hit the right one
    for a Koopa Shell.  Whether you're familiar with these or not, there's only one
    thing you need to know, and that's not to run into walls or other solid objects.
    Surf forward, over the slope.  Surf over the water and past the sign to the
    bully's arena.  Under it is the fifth Silver Star.  The Power Star appears right
    near the starting point.
                                |    Into the Igloo    |
    Be Luigi for this mission.  Now, I've found two ways to do this mission, and one
    of them is definitely easier than the other.  Guess what we're doing.  Go right
    all the way and warp under the tree to the other one.  Jump onto the tree you
    warped to.  Position Luigi to jump backwards onto the slope.  Before jumping,
    hold Y to run faster and make sure you hold B to scuttle before you land.  When
    you do land, run forward just a bit, jump again, and press A while in air to
    lunge forward.  That's how Luigi gets up the slope the easy way.  Now go left.
    See the "!" Blocks?  Good, you're not blind.  Hit the right one and start shell-
    surfing into the frozen pond.  Go around the T-shaped island in the pond and
    you'll see some coins leading up a slope.  Take them over a fence and into an
    Once inside, it's all Luigi.  The igloo is extremely different from how it was.
    For one, all eight of the Red Coins weren't in the igloo in Super Mario 64.
    it had icy walls and such.  The list could keep going, but let's start playing
    and stop analyzing.  Of course, the water is infested with enemies, so don't
    swim in it.  Go to the only platform that touches the starting point.  Jump to
    the one left of it and then above.  You'll be by a block with an "!" mark, which
    turns out to have a 1UP.  Now jump two platforms to the left to talk to the Bob-
    omb Buddy.  Now jump up one platform and hit the Red Block.  And so Luigi
    becomes invisible.  Run forward, jumping first to the Bob-omb Buddy and then to
    the platform below it.  Jump as far as you can into the water and swim out
    quickly.  Drop through the wires in the floor and take the Power Star.
                            |    Red Coins in the House    |
    Hmm, I wonder where they could be.  You can be anyone for this, but Yoshi and
    Luigi are the easiest to pull it off with.  Go right all the way and stand under
    the tree you find to warp to another one.  Climb the tree and jump backwards up
    the slope.  If you use Yoshi, his flutter kick can do it for you in one jump.
    When on the slope, go left.  Take the Koopa Shell in the right block and ride it
    into the frozen pond.  Ride up the steep path with coins on it from the pond and
    enter the igloo by crawling.
    Once inside look around.  There are five Red Coins in the air.  Jump to the
    platform with three coins hovering over it and do a backward somersault to get
    the first Red Coin.  Jump one platform left and do the same thing to get the
    second Red Coin.  Now go right one platform to an "!" Block with a 1UP in it.
    Go left again to take the third Red Coin.  Now jump left again into the corner.
    Punch the flower enemy before anything else.  Then backward somersault for the
    fourth Red Coin.
    Get out of the water and jump for the fifth Red Coin floating below that
    platform.  A long jump works perfectly.  Assuming you land by the shadowy star,
    jump left once and then do a backward somersault for the sixth Red Coin.  Now
    return to the starting point.  Jump to the platform with the "!" Block and jump
    one left to an L-shaped platform.  In the water near it is the seventh Red Coin.
    Jump north a platform and fall in the water, nabbing the eighth and final Red
    Coin.  Now take the Power Star.  Well-earned.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Be Yoshi for this mission.  Yoshi is very useful in ice levels.  Go left to a
    crate.  Break it for three coins and then go up some.  Defeat the enemies and
    take the coins here (including the fake coin) to have 19.  Now go right all the
    way and warp under the tree.  Climb up the tree you warped to and jump (using a
    flutter kick, too) to the slope behind you.  Go left, taking the Koopa Shell,
    and surf to the igloo.  Along the way you'll have accumulated 27 coins.  Enter
    the igloo by crawling.  Raid the place.  I mean I want you to defeat every
    snowman, take every coin in the water, and take every Red Coin.  To get coins
    more efficiently from snowmen enemies, swallow them, press R to make them eggs,
    and stand against the wall.
    Launch the egg into it and take the three coins almost automatically.  That way,
    you don't lose some coins in the process.  However, let's assume that you got
    only 90 coins from the igloo.  Exit it and drop down to the T-shaped island that
    extends from Snowman Mountain.  Defeat the flowery enemies in the area for 99
    coins.  Now go left.  You'll see an "!" Block and a boatload of enemies.  Even
    if you got less than 90 coins in the igloo, here's where you make up for it.
    The coin is fake, by the way.  Ground pound it before it can jump away and
    you'll have five coins from beating it.  Enough said.  The Power Star's all
    =================================Wet-Dry World*=================================
                              |    Wario's Influence    |
    Yes, the above section was one of the longest I've ever written in any
    Walkthrough (probably not, now that I think of it, actually).  That's because
    wegot Wario, and there were so many old courses that needed Wario, we had no
    choice but to go do them.  I did not include Dire, Dire Docks in Snowman's Land
    because then it would be too long.  So, let us now return to Dire, Dire Docks to
    get the remaining stars there.
                          |    Pole-Jumping for Red Coins    |
    Back in Dire, Dire Docks (be Mario), dive down at the start.  Go through the
    tunnel and you'll come out in the docks.  There's no submarine and there are
    poles all over the ceiling.  Swim over to where you see an "!" Switch on land.
    Press it and run backwards.  Two sets of bricks formed, and you want the far
    Take it up to the first Red Coin.  Now go up a bit.  Wait for the pole to come
    and take it across the gap, getting the second, third, and fourth Red Coins.
    Now take it back to the first platform.  Take the right pole over the water to
    the shadowy star platform.
    First, take the right pole.  Use it to jump to another pole at the stopping
    point.  Use the pole you jumped to for getting the fifth Red Coin.  Now take it
    to the platform adjoined to the wire nets.  Back in Super Mario 64, there was no
    platform.  Jump onto the pole and use it to get to the sixth and seventh Red
    Coins.  Now use the poles to return to the shadowy star.  Take the other pole
    this time.  Use it to reach a platform to reach a pole to reach the eighth Red
    Coin.  Take the Power Star.
                            |    Through the Jet Stream    |
    This was also the title of a mission in Jolly Roger Bay.  Go as Wario.  Dive
    down and go through the tunnel.  At the end, notice the water being pumped up
    makes little rings as it rises.  Swim through five of them and a Power Star
    appears.  Now here's where being Wario comes in handy.  Swim over to where you
    see the Red Block and jump on.  Take the Power Flower to become metal and jump
    into the water.  Sink right down to the Power Star.
                          |    Koopa Surfin' Switch Star    |
    You're going to want to be Wario for this mission.  Break the black bricks by
    the surface from where you start and you'll unveil a Star Switch.  Hit the "!"
    Block to form a Koopa Shell.  Surf over the switch and then go in the completely
    opposite direction to the Power Star across the water.
                               |    Inside the Cage    |
    Go as Luigi.  From the start, dive down and go through the tunnel.  At the end,
    swim to the Red Block and jump onto the ledge.  Take the Power Flower to become
    invisible and then swim down to the right to a cage.  Inside you'll find the
    Power Star (Luigi can slip through the wires when invisible).
                            |    The Manta Ray's Reward    |
    This is a good time to change to Wario because the next mission requires him.  I
    like this mission because you don't have to move much; it's in the first area.
    Dive down and look for the Manta Ray.  It leaves the rings of oxygen behind it,
    too.  Go through five in a row.  They have to be in a row.  Don't be a tail-
    swimmer or you'll miss a few; the Manta Ray turns a lot.  If you're running low
    on health, touch the rim of a ring.  When you get five the Power Star goes to
    the worst possible place - right over the vortex.  Swim up a bit and swim down
    to the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Play this mission as the one, the only, Wario.  Swim over to the black bricks
    and destroy them for 9 coins.  Now swim down into the water.  There are lots of
    coins here.  Take all of them except the five by the vortex to have 31.  Go
    through the tunnel, collecting those coins, to have 63 coins total.  Upon
    entering from the tunnel, go right and past some clams to a circle of coins
    Now surface and get on dry land.  Collect the coins there to have 76 in all.
    Hit the "!" Switch and run up to the first Red Coin (78).  Take the pole that
    leads to three Red Coins to have 84.  Take it back to the first platform and
    then go to the shadowy star platform to the right.  Take the north pole and drop
    down by a Blue Coin Block.  Hit it and collect as many as you can.  Even if you
    only get two, you can still get 100 coins by getting the rest of the Red Coins.
    There are also five coins in the water (it's a big risk to try to get them,
    though).  So, take the Power Star and kiss the basement good-bye!
                                 |    Super Mario    |
    As Mario, go to the second floor and you'll see a pink rabbit.  Catch it and it
    will give you a Mini-Game Key (or else Super Mario might stomp you, punk).
    Reputations, man, it's all about the reputation.  That rabbit probably could've
    taken Mario.
                            |    Shocking Arrow Lifts!    |
    This is the first mission of the eleventh course, Wet-Dry World.  It is the
    first painting on the second floor (of a large aquatic spider).
    This is the first of a series of special-entry paintings.  For now, be Mario and
    enter by a regular jump.  From where you start go to the wooden path to the
    Take it to an "!" Switch.  Press it and follow the platforms that materialize to
    a diamond.  Touch it and the water rises to that level.  Swim over to the
    floating piece of wood to the left.  When on it do a backward somersault onto
    the gray block above.  It will start moving in the direction the arrow points.
    Take the arrow lifts to a platform with a yellow block on it.  Hit it for the
    Power Star.
                               |    Top o' the Town    |
    When I read that mission's title, I always hear an Irish man saying "top o' the
    morning."  But that's beside the point.  Enter normally as Mario.  Swim over to
    the checkered path to the right and take it up.  At the top go forward to a
    stack of wooden planks.  Backward somersault off of them to the overhanging
    platform above.  Double jump to reach the ledge to the left.  Meet Big Bob-ombs
    robotic duplicate.  When it charges at you, grab its back and throw it down.
    When this is accomplished, jump onto the wooden plank and take it across to a
    black platform.  Jump to the tiny platform ahead of it and then to the Power
    Star.  Huzzah!
    NOTE: Alternately, Hopsuncle has this tip: “Set the water at its highest level
    [see “Go to Town for the Red Coins” below for details on doing this] and swim to
    the cannon area.  Open the cannon and aim slightly above the star.  Shoot and
    you should hit the star, grabbing it to finish the mission. It may take a few
                       |    5 Secrets in the Shallows & Sky    |
    Enter normally as Mr. Mario.  Swim to the gray, checkered path and take it up to
    the top.  At the top, go left to the other side of a cage.  Press the "!" Switch
    and take the blocks up that form.  Hit the "!" Block and a 1 appears.  Drop down
    and go to the tower with the "!" Block on it.  Hit it and bam, you've got a 2.
    Now venture into the water of the starting point.  When you find a diamond on
    the ground, pass through it and the water will drain.  Starting from the
    go down to the wall and follow it until you see a large metal box by a "!" Block
    in the sky.
    Push the metal box left for a 3.  Use the metal box to hit the "!" Block for the
    4 to show.  Now jump onto the gray ledge to the right and push the block in for
    the 5.  The Power Star would have us raise the water, so go to the upper right
    until you see a tiered gray structure.  Jump up the tiers, avoiding the electric
    enemies, and touch the diamond at the top.  Use the water to reach the Power
                         |    Express Elevator - Hurry Up!    |
    Mario's the man in this course.  Enter as him normally.  Look down to the right
    and swim right through the diamond.  The water lowers to its lowest point, which
    you need it to.  Now go left a bit to a gray ledge.  Jump on and advance
    Do you remember the secret level in the courtyard called "The Secret of Battle
    Fort?"  The enemies here are not only from there, but are essential to clearing
    the course.  Lure one toward you so that its "tray" is facing the opposite
    direction of the next ledge.  Jump into the tray and it will throw you backwards
    to the next layer of the structure.  Repeat the process to be in the desired
    region of the course.  Go right to the "!" Switch by the cage.  Press it and
    take the blocks up to the top of the cage.  Drop down onto the left part of the
    wooden plank extending from the cage.  As soon as you touch it and it starts to
    descend, drop down to the bottom, beating it there.  Go through the hole in the
    cage and wall kick onto that plank.  Ride it up to the Power Star.
    Note: For a much easier Power Star, we can use Luigi.  Enter with the water at
    its highest point (see the next mission for details), and swim over to the large
    caged-in elevator with the Power Star within.  Swim past it, jump onto the
    floating plank, and jump left to the ? Block here.  Hit it for a Power Flower to
    make you invisible Luigi.  Now quickly jump right to the middle floating plank
    of wood, face away from the caged-in Power Star, back-flip (R and B), and you’ll
    float through the cage and onto the wooden platform to take the Power Star.  It
    makes things considerably easier.
                         |    Go to Town for the Red Coins    |
    This is one of the missions that you need the water raised to its highest point
    to accomplish.  To do this, enter the painting from a high point.  This is
    easiest done with a backward somersault into it.  You know you did it right if
    the water is very high up.  Swim to the right and jump out of the water to the
    rim of the cage.  Drop down into the water and swim down through the cage to an
    underwater city.  Right below where you exit the tunnel to the city is a
    Touch it to drain the water.  Now let us begin the hunt.  You want to be Mario
    (the wall kick is a necessity).  First, go left to an "!" Switch.  Press it and
    a block appears (in SM64, there was no block).  Use it to reach the roof of the
    gray house, where you can punch a brick to reveal the first Red Coin.
    Now drop down to the left and get on the tree.  Do a handstand and jump to the
    top of the gray house ahead (remember that when in a handstand the jump is not
    backwards).  Hit the brick for the second Red Coin.  Now drop down in any
    direction.  In the center of town is a gray wall.  Jump on it and hit the bricks
    there for the third and fourth Red Coins.  Now look to the right.  Go between
    the two tall houses and wall kick onto the roof of either.  Hit the brick for
    the fifth Red Coin and jump to the other for the sixth.  Now go back to the town
    square area.  In the center, jump to the next ledge and hit the brick for the
    seventh Red Coin.  Jump to the top of the shrine-structure and take the eighth.
    The Power Star forms below.
                         |    Quick Race Through Downtown!    |
    No need to switch to Luigi, although it would be useful.  Like last time, enter
    from a high point.  From the starting point swim right and go down the cage-
    tunnel to the town.  Dive down from where the tunnel ends and hit the diamond to
    drain the water.  Head forward to see Luigi's Cap in the water (unless you're
    Luigi).  Take it and continue forward.  Hit the Red Block to become invisible
    and run over to the gray walls.  You can walk through these while invisible
    (which is a huge timesaver).  Go through to the other side, which is a cage.
    Walk through the wires and backward somersault your way up to the Power Star.
                             |    Soaked Silver Stars    |
    Enter as Mario.  This is practically his home-turf considering how well he
    performs here.  From the start go left over wood to a "!" Switch.  Press it and
    follow the platforms to the first Silver Star.  Now swim to the right, under the
    checkered path.  Get the second Silver Star there and take the path up.  Stand
    on the stack of planks and backward somersault onto the overhanging ledge.
    Double jump to the ledge to the right.  As long as you're there, talk to the
    Bob-omb Buddy.  Now go right to a diamond.  It raises the water some.  Swim
    around on the surface until you see the third Silver Star underwater.  Now go to
    the slanting platform in the corner and run up to the cannon.  Use it to shoot
    Mario to the fourth Silver Star.
    Now go to the starting point.  Swim to the diamond to the right and use it to
    drain the water.  Follow the wall to a brick and punch it for the fifth Silver
    Star.  Now go to the right and jump on the tiered tower to reach a diamond.
    Touch it to raise the water and then go up the gray path.  At the top stand on
    the stacked planks, backward jump to the overhanging ledge, double jump to the
    right, and go down to the diamond to raise the water.  Swim over to the wooden
    platform near the Power Star and triple jump to the star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Go as Mario to this all-Mario course.  Feels good to play with the classics,
    doesn't it?  Enter regularly and go left.  Hit the "!" Block for three coins.
    Continue left to the "!" Block.  Press it and follow the platforms to a tower
    with a diamond (don't hit).  Take the five coins here to have eight.  Now go up
    the checkered trail to the main area.  While there, go left and hit the "!"
    Switch to make blocks appear.  Take them up to an "!" Block, which contains
    enough coins to bring you up to 18.  Go right and push the metal box forward.
    Use it to hit the "!" Block (21).  Now go left and circle the tower for 29
    Jump on top and hit the block to have 39 coins.  Stand on the stacked planks and
    backward somersault to the overhanging ledge behind you.  Double jump to the
    ledge to the right and collect the coins to have 43.  Now go right to the robot.
    Defeat it to have 48 coins.
    Take the plank to the black platform, collecting those coins, and get the other
    coin on the small platform to have 53 in all.  Now drop down to the starting
    point and drain the water with the submerged diamond.  Now walk along the wall
    and hit the bricks to gain the coins inside (I was playing the silver star
    mission, so I have three coins less than you might).  You'll have 62 coins.  Go
    to the metal box along the wall and push it left.  Use it to hit the "!" Block
    (72).  Now jump onto the gray ledge.  Hit the Blue Coin Block to the right and
    collect the Blue Coins that form to have exactly 102.  Take the Power Star, of
    ==============================Tall, Tall Mountain*==============================
                              |    Scale the Mountain    |
    In the main room of the second floor is a small painting of a mountain by
    mushrooms.  That's the one.
    From the start, head right past some Goombas.  Long jump over the gaps and
    continue right past some mushrooms.  You'll reach a few Moles.  There's a
    shortcut here that we're taking.  Hop up the platforms here until you reach the
    top (you'll see a vine wire net).  Go right, up a ledge, and continue right.
    Long jump over a huge gap and run past a cloud.  Continue right to a gang of
    Goombas.  Right after that is a bridge, which is much wider since SM64.  At the
    top of the mountain is the Power Star.
                          |    Mystery of the Monkey Cage    |
    We need to scale the mountain again, so here's a brief summary of what we did
    above.  Go right past three Goombas and long jump over the gaps, which takes you
    to some mushrooms.  Continue past them to see Moles.  Near them are platforms;
    use them to reach the top (a shortcut).  Jump over the ledge to the right and
    continue on toward a gap.  Long jump over it and avoid the cloud or your cap
    will be blown off, which causes your character to take double damage until you
    recover it.  Continue right until you reach the top of the mountain.  You will
    find a monkey here, who acts much like a rabbit.  You've had good training
    catching bunnies, though, so it should be a piece of cake.  When you catch the
    monkey, it makes a deal with you - you let him go and he gives you something
    good.  Follow it and you'll see a cage plummet downward, breaking at the
    Ground pound to where it fell and take the Power Star.
                          |    Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins    |
    Go right a tad and long jump over the gaps.  You'll see mushrooms that we
    normally skip.  Jump to the first, take the Red Coin, and get back on safe
    ground.  Go around to the other side of the pit with the mushrooms and jump to
    the second Red Coin.  Near it is a small platform with the third (get it).  From
    that mushroom jump to the fourth Red Coin.  Now get back on safe land the same
    way you came off of it.  Go up a bit to the Moles.  Jump onto the middle
    platform and to the right for the fifth Red Coin.  Drop back down to the middle
    platform and jump to the sixth Red Coin to your left.  Jump to the ledge to the
    right and then to the platform with the seventh Red Coin on it.  Jump to the
    ledge to the right and backward somersault to the one above, where you'll find
    the eighth Red Coin.  Now drop down to where you first saw the Moles.  Jump to
    the nearby mushroom, which holds the Power Star.
                           |    Mysterious Mountainside    |
    It's really annoying to have to write the same thing three times in a row, so if
    you don't mind, I'll copy the instructions to reach a certain point of the
    mountain from an earlier mission.  Go right past three Goombas and long jump
    over the gaps, which takes you to some mushrooms.  Continue past them to see
    Moles.  Near them are platforms; use them to reach the top (a shortcut).  Jump
    over the ledge to the right and continue on toward a gap.  Long jump over it and
    avoid the cloud or your cap will be blown off, which causes your character to
    take double damage until you recover it.  Right here, past that cloud, you'll
    see five coins that seem to lead into the mountain.  Jump into the wall there as
    if it was a painting.  You'll find yourself in a slide setting.  This is the
    trickiest slide in the game, though.
    It's laden with traps - or two of them at least.  At first, everything is fine.
    But eventually you reach a fork in the slide.  Go right (follow the arrow) or
    else you'll slide right into oblivion.  The only other trap to worry about is
    coming up soon.  Eventually the track sort of twists; the regular trail is on
    the wall.  That signifies that a pit is coming up, so stay to the right to avoid
    it.  After that, just watch out for obvious pitfalls like sliding off the edge
    of the course at turns.  At the end you'll enter a hole with takes you to the
    Power Star.
                         |    Blast to the Lonely Mushroom    |
    First we must get the cannon working.  Go right (over the gaps, past the
    mushrooms and Moles) until you see three Bob-ombs.  Run past them to see a
    robotic one.  Run past it to a plank over the pit below.  Drop in on the Bob-omb
    Buddy to the lower left and talk to it.  He'll ready the cannon for blastoff.
    Fall down from here and you'll be in the water near the beginning.  Now go right
    to the Moles.  Jump onto the mushroom near them with the shadowy star perched on
    it and then look in the direction of the black brick.  There's a secondary path
    beneath the main one.  Long jump to it and side step your way to the cannon.
    You can't really see the star, so use the Touch Screen to make sure you're lined
    up with it.  Position the cursor so that the right triangle's left vertex
    touches the outline of the cloud, but the top triangle is just a bit above the
    outline.  The left triangle does not touch the cloud.  When everything is ready
    shoot and you'll land on the mushroom.  Take the Power Star.
    Note: I should mention that you can do this mission as Luigi without using the
    cannon at all.  Do a back flip off the side of the mountain and glide right to
    the star.
                          |    5 Secrets of the Mountain    |
    Ooh, my favorite mission ever.  Be Mario.  From the start go left and jump in
    the tree to reveal an owl.  Jump at it to grab its talons.  This is one of the
    better shortcuts in the game.  Take it to the top of the mountain, and I mean
    the summit.  There you will see a Red Block, inside of which are Wings.  Take
    the item and fly around the mountaintop.  There are five rings of coins, each
    with a central coin.  The first time, take two of the central coins and go back
    to the Red Block.  Renew your Wings and take the next two.  Finally, get new
    Wings and get the fifth.  The Power Star appears right by the Red Block, so it
    will be easy to find and take it.
                      |    Breathtaking View From the Bridge    |
    You have to be Wario to complete this mission.  Jump into the tree to the left
    to awaken the owl.  Use it to fly up to the summit.  Thanks Mr. Owl!  How many
    licks does it take to get to the chocolate center of a tootsie pop?  Oh, wrong
    owl.  Anyways, tootsie pop commercials aside, walk down the path to the natural
    bridge of stone.  Stand on the right edge and drop down to a wooden path in the
    air fixed on the mountainside.  That wasn't there in Super Mario 64 either.
    Take into the waterfall-cave and bust the black brick.  Now for 100 coins and
    we'll be one course closer to the fourth floor.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    Let's get down to business, shall we?  Go as Mario this time.  From the start go
    right and defeat the Goombas for 3 coins.  Now go right and drop in the pit.
    Take the eight coins to have 11.  Go back up and long jump over the gaps to the
    mushroom area.  Collect the four Red Coins near the Moles to have 25.  Use the
    wire net to get up to 24.  Now drop down and go right to the robotic enemy.
    Defeat it, taking its coins to have 29, over the plank to have 34, and go back
    to the Moles.  Take the shortcut like we usually do (get to the top right
    Go right and defeat the Goombas for 37 coins.  Go right, long jumping over the
    gorge, and running past the cloud.  Take the coins to have 44.  Defeat the
    Goombas to the right to have 48 coins.  Continue right, getting the coins on the
    bridge and the vertical ones to have 58.  Now this is a bit tedious, but if you
    want to easily get the remaining coins, climb to the top of the mountain and use
    the Wings to fly around and collect them.
    ===============================Tiny-Huge Island*================================
                           |    Pluck the Piranha Flower    |
    The thirteenth course is located through the other door on the second floor.  It
    has no arch around it.  This is another special-entry course.  Depending on
    which painting you enter, you'll either be big or small.
    For the first course go through the left painting, the big side.  Your character
    starts out as a titanic giant towering over a Goomba that comes up to your shoe.
    Long jump twice to the left and take the pipe.  The pipes in this course act as
    portals between the big and small worlds.  When you come out you're a pipsqueak.
    Walk around and huge Piranha Plants appear.  Punch them and they whither away,
    though.  Defeat all of them and you get a Power Star.
                        |    The Tip Top of the Huge Island    |
    I don't remember this shortcut, or maybe I just didn't utilize it, but there is
    a newly found super-easy way to get through this course in a jiffy.  Enter the
    left painting to be big.  Long jump to the island to the left and climb up the
    tree.  Jump off of it to the ledge above.  And so we saved ourselves time in the
    most grand of fashions.  Enter the warp pipe to the left and you'll pop out as a
    junior.  Jump up the ledges until you see a robot.  It's even bigger than usual,
    so run away.  Go over the plank and dash up the grassy slope to a "!" Block.
    Hit it to take the Power Star for yourself.
                         |    Rematch with Koopa the Quick    |
    And to think, right now we have 120 stars, as many as there were in the previous
    game.  Yes, we could've stopped 40 stars ago, but then you wouldn't have them
    all!  Anyways, KTQ (Koopa the Quick) has found a way to travel between painting
    worlds.  He's native to the Huge Island and he's been training there ever since
    Yoshi disguised at Mario handed him a humiliating defeat.  Enter the left
    painting to be big.  Be Mario, by the way, as beating someone four times (if you
    count his defeats in SM64, which KTQ implied was earlier chronologically) is so
    poetic.  Long jump to the left and climb the tree.  Jump backwards to the ledge
    above and hop into the pipe.  Now as shrimp-Mario go right around a fence to see
    Koopa the Quick of foot.  Of course, KTQ has the home-track advantage.
    The goal is in Windswept Valley and it is much easier than you might think,
    considering that you haven't traveled around the course and seen what you can
    see.  Accept his challenge and sprint right.  Run down the path, dropping from
    the ledge to a lower one to a plank.  Take it across (don't worry about the
    winds) and go to the flagpole.  That was even easier than the first.  And to
    think, KTQ just blew his money on Supa Koopa Sprint sneakers (he had mach shoes
    in Super Mario 64).  Now take the Power Star.
                              |    Klepto the Condor    |
    Klepto, the condor you first saw in Shifting Sand Land, has followed you here.
    He steals your cap on occasion, that jerk.  Start big and long jump backwards.
    Climb the tree and jump backwards to the ledge above.  Still being big, go right
    to where you'd face KTQ.  You can see him now, running from you (you can even
    crush him under your colossal weight, no offense).  Jump to the tier above,
    which has a Goomba on it.  Wait for Klepto to stop by in that area.  He makes
    his rounds about the course, but you can use the ever-so-useful Touch Screen to
    see his whereabouts.  When he finally does come over (even when you're big, he's
    still not that small) and jump at the star in its talons.  The star goes off to
    a remote island in the air.  Fall back down to where you start and go over to
    the island (left) where you would fight the Piranha Plants were you small.  Look
    down to see a switch.  Press it and take the bricks across the gap to the Power
                             |    Wiggler's Red Coins    |
    One of the great things about Mario games (and most games, really) is that they
    incorporate elements from old games.  Wiggler was an enemy from the past, I
    think first introduced in Super Mario World.  Start big and long jump to the
    left.  Climb the tree and jump to the ledge behind you.  Although we need to be
    tiny, there's another thing to do.  Go right, dropping into some water.  Swim to
    the right until you find the Bob-omb Buddy.  Watch out for Klepto, who's back to
    snatching caps.  Remember, if you lose your cap you take double the damage.
    When the cannon is ready swim left to the shore and jump back up.  Take the pipe
    to become small.
    Now go right (to where KTQ was) and jump down into the water.  Watch out for the
    Cheep Cheep that lurks in the deep, as it will swallow you whole (which results
    in dying, obviously).  Swim right to where the Bob-omb Buddy was.  You'll find a
    cannon hatch.  Aim so that the distance from the cursor to the top of the
    mountain is equal to the length of the cursor.  When you shoot, you'll go
    straight into a Goomba.  Head left on the plank into a cave.
    Inside, follow the path to the first Red Coin.  Jump to the platforms to get the
    first four.  You may have to long jump to get across the gaps.  Now look down
    and you'll see the fifth Red Coin.  Jump to it and then jump up to the sixth Red
    Coin.  Jump to the next highest ledge and take the seventh.  Now do a backward
    somersault to hang onto the roof, which is a wire net.  Take it to the eighth
    Red Coin.  Then drop down to the Power Star.
                             |    Make Wiggler Squirm    |
    Be big Mario to start with.  Long jump to the left and climb the tree, jumping
    to the ledge above.  Jump up the ledges, which are more like steps, to the top
    of the mountain.  At the top, ground pound the pond to drain the water into the
    mountain.  Jump down to the warp pipe when you have done as I say.  Become
    little and jump up the tiers to the robot.  Run past it to the plank and cross
    to the grassy slope.  At the summit, drop into the hole.  Wiggler is none too
    happy that you flooded his house and made a hole in his roof.
    And now you've come to beat him up and steal his star.  Boy, you sure are rude.
    Drop down from the platform and stomp on his head.  Now he's really ticked off.
    Do it again and whew, is he steaming.  He's red and he's flashing his pearly
    whites.  Jump on him again and he gives in.  Take his Power Star.  Wiggler
    didn't need it anyways, and now he can see stars at night through his roof.  I
    bet he still hates you, though.
                          |    Switch Star on the Island    |
    Be Mario.  Start big and long jump to the tree to the left.  Jump to the ledge
    above and enter the pipe.  As small Mario, go right and around the fence.  Drop
    into the water and swim further to the right into the cannon.  Position the
    cursor so that the distance from the bottom triangle to the tip of the mountain
    is equal to the length of the cursor.  Shoot and you'll land by a Goomba.  Take
    the wooden beam to the left and enter the cave.  In here, jump to the Red Coin
    platforms until you reach the seventh, which is the highest one up and has a
    Star Switch on it.  Hit the Red Block so the Power Flower has already formed and
    then hit the Star Switch.  Take the flower and float into the wall toward the
    Power Star.  When floating, you'll go faster by touching the wall periodically.
    At the end, break the glass of the Star Sphere and take the star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    This is an easy one for 100 coins due to the special effect of Huge Island.
    Start out big, making this course a big-sweep.  Defeat the Goomba on the first
    platform for 1 coins.  Long jump left twice and defeat the Piranha Plant there
    to have 2.  Now take the pipe to become small.  Defeat the Piranha Plants to
    have 12 coins.  Pound down all the stakes to have 27 coins.  Now jump into the
    water, avoid the Cheep Cheep, and swim to the starting point.  Defeat the
    Goombas by ground pounding them and they'll give a Blue Coin apiece.  Then
    ground pound the stake and you'll have 47 coins in all.  Now go through the tiny
    doorway.  In the water, swim to the shore to the left and take the two coins in
    the corner and the 1UP to have 49.  Defeat the Koopa, Lakitu, and Shy Guy to
    have 61.
    Now swim further to the right.  Defeat the Shy Guy and the Goomba (ground pound
    style) to have 68 coins.  Now get in the cannon and shoot to the top of the
    mountain (remember, the distance from bottom of cursor to mountaintop is equal
    to the length of the cursor).  Take the coin of the Goomba and walk on the plank
    to have 78 coins.  Now drop down a tier and defeat the Goomba there to have 83.
    Now go back to the cannon.  Long jump to the island ahead (where the opening in
    the fence is) and then jump out into the pit above.  The wind will carry you, so
    go left to the ledge.  Go up the plank, getting 88 coins as you go.  You'll also
    find a Goomba on the other side, giving you 93.  Jump in the pipe to become big.
    Jump to the platform to the right and hit the block to have 94.  Jump back to
    the Bob-omb Buddy and go to the shore to the left.  Take the coins to have 96.
    Jump up and defeat the Koopa to have 101.  Take the Power Star and say good-bye
    to the second floor and below.
    ================================Tick Tock Clock*================================
                              |    On Bowser's Trail    |
    Take the stairs up to the Star Door as Mario and open it.  You have more than
    enough (you need 50).  Now you have access to the final frontier, the last two
    levels.  Bowser is nearby, so we'll pay him a visit after we recover the
    remaining Power Stars to be found on the third floor.
                                 |    Toad's Star    |
    Talk to the Toad on the third floor to get some helpful advice about the next
    course and a Power Star.  Can't beat that.
                              |    Over the Rainbows    |
    Yes, it's time for a secret.  Look to the left wall.  There's an opening.  Wall
    kick/triple jump through the opening and fall into the pit you find.  If a light
    isn't shining through, don't fall in.
    Inside, you'll fall down by a Red Coin and a tree on a cloud.  Take the Wings
    from the Red Block and use the Touch Screen to find a pink cloud with Wario's
    Cap on it.  Fly to it and talk to the Bob-omb Buddy there, also getting the Red
    Coin.  Every time you fly to a platform, get the Red Coin and get new Wings.
    There are two Red Coins that aren't on clouds like the other six.  One is on a
    pole on the underside of a cloud.  Two Red Coins are on the cloud with the poles
    over it.  If you fall, you won't lose a life but you'll land in the castle's
    pond.  When you have them all, take the Wings and fly to the starting cloud,
    where you'll find the Power Star.
    There is a second star in this secret level.  At the start, fly down to the
    platform with Wario's Cap.  Now drop into the cannon and aim the cursor so the
    left triangle's tip touches the top intersection of the two triangles.  The
    cannon starts out well-aimed, but you may have to fine tune it so that you'd
    land on the tree.  When you do, smash the black brick and take the star.
                          |    The Secret Under the Moat    |
    We know that each Bowser level has two coins, so I'm three stars short in the
    secret star department.  Frantically searching for the lost stars, I stumbled
    upon this secret.  As Wario, go to the castle moat and hit the black brick.
    we already got one of the stars here, but there are two.  Slide down the slope
    at the beginning and head right.  Go forward, using the wooden lever platform to
    reach the next tier, and take Mario's Cap.  Go back to the wooden platform and
    return to the Red Block to the left.  Hit the block and use the Power Flower to
    float below to a platform in the darkness.  Hit the Red Block to make a Power
    Flower appear (don't take it yet) and hit the Star Switch.  Take the flower and
    float upward until you see some path to the right.  Press R to stop floating on
    the path and run to another Red Block.  Use it to float up to the Power Star.
                              |    Luigi in the Cage    |
    This is the last special-entrance course.  Jump into the face of the clock when
    the big hand is not on the 12 so that the gears in the course will be frozen.
    Make sure they are, because it makes the course much easier.  Be Luigi.  Jump
    forward past the pendulum and go left.  Jump to the block and to the path ahead.
    Take it left to some blocks.  Take them up and go to another path to the left.
    Take it to a huge clock hand.  Go left to a frozen conveyor belt and jump to the
    gears.  Take them up to a path to the left.  You'll see the cage where the star
    is.  Go left over it to a pole.  Take it up and jump off.  Use the yellow
    platforms to the right (backward somersault at the end) to reach a wire
    Hit the Red Block and take the Power Flower to fall through the floor to the
                           |    The Pendulum Switch Star    |
    Be Mario, Luigi, or Yoshi, but not Wario.  Enter with the big hand on the 12 to
    stop time and then let us return to where we were.  That is, run forward past
    the pendulum and jump to the block.  Jump to the path ahead and go left to more
    blocks.  Take them up and continue left until you find a conveyor belt stopped
    dead in its tracks.  Jump from it to a neutral platform to some gears.  Take
    them up and continue left over the cage and down to a pole.  Take it up and to
    the left you'll see a Star Switch.  Press it and dash around the path to the
    left, over a frozen gear and past a motionless pendulum to the Power Star,
    making this one of the easier switch stars.
                                  |    Get a Hand    |
    This time around you do not want to stop time by getting the 12.  Jump forward
    past the pendulum and go left to a block.  Jump from it to the path against the
    clock wall.  Go left to three blocks.  Wait for the first to turn and jump onto
    it and then the second.  Wait for the third to turn and jump to it.  Go left,
    watching out for the bar that extends from the wall.  Now go left a bit more to
    see a large second-hand on the wire floor.  Ride it to the Power Star in the
                             |    Stomp on the Thwomp    |
    This mission seemed a tad misplaced to me in the world of gears and seemingly
    pointless mechanisms.  This is near the top of the clock.  Get a 12 to be in
    constant freeze-frame.  Also, make sure to be Luigi.  Go forward past the
    pendulum, jump to the block, jump to the path, go left, climb up the blocks, go
    left further to a conveyor belt, jump to the gears, go to the cage, go down the
    sloping path to a pole, climb it up, and jump off.  Upon doing so jump up the
    yellow platforms right of the pole.  Since they don't rise, use a backward
    somersault to get up to the top.  Run right and use the blocks to reach a wire
    platform.  Double jump to the platform to the left and continue left.  It might
    seem a risky proposition to side step past the ejected bars, but you can
    backward somersault over the wire wall.  Go left and use the conveyor belts as
    platforms to reach another striped path.  Take it to some levers.  Jump left
    over them and continue to the blocks.  Take them up and you'll reach a big hand.
    Stand as close to the pole as you can and use a backward somersault.  Now, if
    you listened to me and chose to be Luigi you'll whirl from the somersault
    straight to the conveyor belt ahead thanks to his variation of the jump.  When
    you do, jump onto the Thwomp when it crashes down, and ride it up to the Power
                          |    Timed Jumps on Moving Bars    |
    As long as we're using Luigi, make this Luigi's level to shine.  After all,
    Yoshi had the starting levels, Wario had tons of courses to return to, and Mario
    got all the others.  So, enter at a 12 as Luigi.  Run past the pendulum, go left
    to the block, jump to the path ahead, and go left to some moving blocks.  Take
    them up to a wire area and go left on it to a conveyor belt locked in place.
    Jump to the gears and take them up to the cage.  Head over it and go to the
    Jump onto the yellow platform to the right of the pole and jump to the second.
    Backward somersault to reach the path high above.  To the right are more blocks.
    Use them to reach a wire path.  Jump to the road to the left above you and run
    to Wario's Cap.  Take it and go right back to the wire path.  Drop off the path
    to a black brick.  Hit it and enter the cage to get the Power Star.
                           |    Stop Time for Red Coins    |
    This time it is nearly impossible to complete the mission without entering when
    the minute hand is on the 12.  Look behind you when you start and you'll see
    some stationary levers.  This isn't too challenging, so I won't go into detail,
    but you need to jump along them to reach the eight Red Coins.  Unlike in Super
    Mario 64, though, the Power Star appears right above the shadowy star (in the
    original it was much higher up).  If you should fall, use the Spinning Heart to
    heal up.  Take the star and you're done.
                            |    Tick Tock Silver Stars    |
    I don't blame them for doing a silver star mission.  After all, who could think
    of another good mission to include in such a place?  As you can see with the
    Touch Screen, the Silver Stars move.  Jump to the section of the starting area
    past the immobile pendulum and stand there for a while.  If you wait, you'll
    gain access to all five of the Silver Stars as they bounce around.  Look around
    in the starting area and you'll find them.  That's the best guide I can write
    considering that the stars move.  When you all five of the Silver Stars, go to
    where the pendulum is stopped and jump onto the platform there.  Go up to the
    block to the left and jump to the path ahead.  Take the blocks to the left ahead
    and jump up to the wire floor.  Go left to the gears and take them up to the
    cage.  On it, run left to the pole.  Take it up and jump off at the top.  Jump
    on the yellow platforms to the right (backward somersault on the second) and
    you'll reach a path.  Jump to the path to the left and use the bars to reach the
    Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    We've almost completed the first fourteen courses.  Go (hand on 12) left from
    the start and hit the "!" Block for 10 coins.  Now collect the eight Red Coins
    to have 26 coins.  Drop down to the starting point and run past the pendulum to
    a block.  Take the two coins there (28) and go to the path and left to the
    blocks.  Take them up to a wire floor and go left to an "!" Block.  Hit it to
    have 31 coins.  Go left to some gears.  Take them up to a cage and go left to
    some coins (36).  Go left to see a Blue Coin Block.  Hit it and jump left to a
    gear and then to the Blue Coins.  Take them all to have 81 (way more than in
    Super Mario 64, let me tell you).  Now go right a bit back to the "!" Blocks.
    Defeat the Goombas to have 83 and then hit the "!" Blocks to have 89.  Go right
    to the yellow blocks and take them up to a striped path (backward somersault to
    it).  Go right to some blocks and take them up to a wire path.  Hit the "!"
    Block to the right and take the coins inside to get 92.  Now go left and jump to
    the platform above.  Continue left and backward somersault to an "!" Block.  Hit
    it for ten coins, which is enough to get the last Power Star.
    =================================Rainbow Ride*==================================
                         |    Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow    |
    This course is to the right in a similar location that "Over the Rainbows" was.
    Wall kick your way to it, or triple jump with an alternate Mario character, to
    Here's your standard highest-altitude-in-the-course mission, comparable to
    missions like "Scale the Mountain."  From the start go right to a magic carpet.
    Take it across (avoid the fire) and jump to the spinning platforms to the right.
    Jump to the stony rectangular prism to the right and jump to the magic carpet.
    Jump over the obstacles as they come and ride the carpet to a fork in the
    rainbow.  Choose to the left carpet.  Repeat the dodging process to reach a
    platform before a flying ship.  Get Wario's Cap to the upper left.  Go right to
    a Red Block and hit it for a Power Flower to become metal.  Run left and take
    the Power Star.
                           |    The Big House in the Sky    |
    From the start go right and take the magic carpet to the end of the path.  Take
    the spinning platforms to the right to a magic carpet.  Ride it past the
    obstacles to the fork in the rainbow.  Choose the right carpet.  When you need
    to pass the transparent containers, wait for the carpet to be almost gone and
    then double jump over it.  When you go through the house for the first time, you
    don't really need to avoid the fire.  When you enter the second time, be wary of
    the flames, because they can ruin you.  But unlike in Super Mario 64, where if
    you fell you either had to sit there and do nothing or commit suicide to restart
    the course, in this one there's a Red Block.  Take the carpet to the top if you
    can manage, or use the Power Flower to float up to the top (if you're Mario).
    At the top, take the Power Star.
                           |    Coins Amassed in a Maze    |
    Be Mario for this one.  Go right to the carpet and take it to the spinning
    platforms.  Go to the north platform and jump to stones ahead.  Use the yellow
    one to enter the maze to the left.  Jump to the first ledge to the left and then
    to the right.  Use a backward somersault to get over the wall to the right and
    take the Red Coin.  Backward somersault back to the top of the wall and
    somersault again to the second Red Coin in the air.  When you land (on the ledge
    below the sloped object) go left a low step.  Jump to the left (the lower
    and run through to the third Red Coin.  To avoid the fire, run right and wall
    kick your way up to the fourth Red Coin to exit.  Double jump to the step to the
    right and take the fifth Red Coin.  Jump to the sixth Red Coin on the bar to the
    left and long jump to the seventh Red Coin in the corner.  Now drop down (walk
    Mario toward the screen).  When you drop down, go right a bit and wall kick your
    way to the eight Red Coin.  Drop right to the Power Star.
                            |    Swingin' in the Breeze    |
    From the start, look behind you and you'll see a pole.  Long jump to it and
    slide down.  Take the path down.  Stand on the left side of the lever platform
    and run to the right, jumping at the end.  Use the pendulum-platform to cross
    the gap to the right and you'll see a collapsing platform.  It's from Super
    Mario Bros. 3, I do believe.  Run across them to the right until you see another
    collapsing platform series above.  Take them to a stone block.  Run left to some
    platforms that lead left to one with a Goomba.  You have two options now, go up
    or forward.  Choose to go up (the slope with crates).  Use the flat surfaces of
    the crates to get to the top of the slope.  Use the pendulum-platform to the
    left to bridge the gap.  Avoid the fire and take the Power Star.
                              |    Tricky Triangles!    |
    This mission is basically taking the other option in the fork in the road.  From
    the start shift the camera view and long jump to the pole.  Slide down and go
    forward to a stony lever.  Use it to go right.  Take the platform across the gap
    and go right over some collapsing platform.  At the end of them get to the
    platform above and go left until you reach a platform with a Goomba.  Although
    it's fairly obvious and you should know by now, since you're in the fifteenth
    course, that fire hurts you, I say it.  Fire hurts you.  At the Goomba platform,
    go forward over a ramp and past some collapsing platforms and a fire to an "!"
    Switch.  This causes the tops of the triangles to become flat.  Jump across them
    to the Power Star.
                          |    Somewhere Over the Rainbow    |
    I'll ignore the obvious joke in this title.  Be Mario.  First we need the
    Go right to the carpet and take it to the spinning platforms.  Go to the north
    one and fall to the platform below the maze (there's a Blue Coin Block and
    Spinning Heart near the end).  Wall kick your way up the walls at the end and
    head right at the top to talk to the Bob-omb Buddy.  Now continue right to take
    an elevator down.  Jump right to the spinning platforms and take the north one
    (or right if you're coming from the starting point), which is a magic carpet.
    Jump over obstacles, obviously, so you don't fall off the carpet.  At the fork
    in the rainbow take the left carpet.  Avoid the simple platform obstacles and
    take it to the ship.  Follow the winds to the right (don't jump; you'll be blown
    much further) and get into the cannon.  Shoot yourself right through the center
    of the circular rainbow.  Hit the "!" Block and you'll be one Power Star closer
    to 150.
                           |    Switch Star of the Manor    |
    Manor?  That was a one-room house with a chimney that spewed fire.  Not exactly
    a manor.  Anyways, go right onto the carpet and take it to the spinning
    platforms.  Go onto the right one and take the carpet there past some obstacles.
    At the fork in the road choose the right carpet.  Take it through the house the
    first time and then abandon the carpet, jumping to the bridge in the air.  Press
    the Star Switch and jump to the balcony of the house to the right.  Hit the
    Power Flower (have to be Mario) and float up to the top of the house.  Hit R to
    be normal and run to the Power Star.
                                  |    100 Coins    |
    In my opinion, this is the hardest mission in the entire game.  I remember
    writing the walkthrough for it on the N64 - dying tons of times.  But it has
    become easier since.  From the start go right to the magic carpet and take it to
    the platform by the fire shooter.  Take the eight coins there and get back on
    the carpet.  Ride it to the spinning platforms.  Collect the coins on the
    platforms to have 24.  Defeat the Lakitu to have 29.  Go north to the maze.
    Drop onto the lower level and defeat both Bob-ombs to have 31.  Don't defeat the
    Goomba or you'll be Luigi, and you want Mario.  Hit the Blue Coin Block and wall
    kick your way up to the rest of the Blue Coins, having 61.  In my first guide, I
    assumed you only got one of the coins (which makes it much harder).
    Now go right to the elevator and enter the maze, getting all eight Red Coins, to
    have 77.  Return to the spinning platforms.  Take the one with the pole at the
    end and slide down the pole.  Defeat the Shy Guy and take the trail of coins to
    have 84.  Use the platform ahead to go right onto another block and take the
    coins on the pendulum-platform (89).  Go right on the collapsing platforms to
    some above and go left until you see a Goomba, which adds up to 90.  Now go up
    the crates and collect the five coins to have 95.  Go right over the ramp and
    you'll have exactly 100.  You deserved that star, my friend.
    ===============================Bowser in the Sky*===============================
                            |    Big Boo Battle Part II    |
    I missed the star in here the first time around, so we're returning to Big Boo
    Battle.  Make sure to be Luigi.  When there, go right and then left through the
    first two rooms.  You'll come to one with a Red Block.  Hit it and run right
    through the door.  Long jump to the platform to the left and go through the
    Run over the bridge and jump through the painting.  If you do it fast enough,
    you'll be able to.  Inside is the Power Star.
                                 |    Yoshi's Keys    |
    In the basement, the main room with the entrance to Lethal Lava Land and
    Shifting Sand Land, as Yoshi you can find a rabbit that gives you a key.  On the
    castle grounds there are a total of six rabbits Yoshi can catch.
                                 |    Luigi's Keys    |
    Luigi can find a key rabbit in Bob-omb Battlefield's painting room.  There's
    another rabbit in the castle's courtyard.  It's in an alcove against the wall
    that you'll have to handstand from a tree to reach.  Luigi has another one in
    the drained tunnel in the room with the pillars in the basement.  There's one in
    the hedge maze in the castle grounds.  Luigi also has one in the room that
    contains the entrance to Goomboss Battle.
                                 |    Wario's Keys    |
    Wario has a key in the room that contains the entrance to Whomp's Fortress.  He
    has another in the Tiny-Huge Island room.  There's another on the third floor
    main room.  Wario has another rabbit in the castle's courtyard.  There's another
    in the main room of the basement.
                         |    The Glowing Rabbit Brothers    |
    There are 8 rabbits to catch that glow an eerie glow.  Let's hunt them down.
    It’s rabbit season, don’t you know?
    NO!  I had a long list of where I found them, but apparently the glowing rabbits
    are random.  So, be Yoshi.  There are tons of rabbits outside the castle, so we
    can easily find the eight rabbits by constantly exiting and entering the castle
    to see if the rabbits are there.  When you have the eighth, he gives you a key.
                                  |    Last Room    |
    You've been in every room of the castle but two, and Bowser's is the last one.
    The second to last one is in the Switch Room.  Now that you have the key, open
    the rightmost door.  When you come out, you'll have the one hundred-forty eighth
    Power Star.  And the last two are in Bowser's level!
                            |    The Endless Stairs End    |
    If you have the nature of an explorer about 98 stars ago you may have seen the
    Endless Staircase when they truly were endless.  Now it's just a lame few steps.
    perfect.  Bowser is at the top, so head up those steps and open the Star Door
    automatically.  With the power of 80 Power Stars you can make the stairs stop.
    At the top, jump in the pit.  You have to be Mario or Bowser doesn't let you in.
                              |    Bowser in the Sky    |
    Exactly as I remember it, only the atmosphere is more vivid.  Let's get it on,
    Bowser.  Go right up the ledges to a metal box.  Push it left and use it to
    reach the first Red Coin.  Go right over the 3-shaped platforms and run up the
    slanted path.  Follow the road to a rotating platform and that to another road,
    in the corner of which is the second Red Coin.  Go to the wooden lever platform
    and drop down to the stone floor below.  Look on the side for the third Red Coin
    (hang to get it).  Now go back a bit on the floor to find a Star Switch.  Press
    it and run to the right, onto some platforms that lead to the wooden lever.
    From it jump to the road and return to the rotating platform where you'll find
    the first Power Star of the level.  Now go back to the lever platform.  Run to
    the revolving platforms ahead and take them to a path with a Whomp on it.
    Instead of fighting it, get back on the revolving platforms and backward
    somersault to the path above.  Go right to an "!" Switch.  Press it and go right
    up the stairs made of the slide.  At the top take the path to the right up
    (watch out for fire, and yes, Mario can walk on it).  At the turn in the path is
    the fourth Red Coin.  Now go down the path to a checkered path.
    Go left on it and jump on the arrow-platform.  While you are going make sure to
    get the fifth Red Coin.  At the end of the arrow's trek you'll stop by two Bob-
    ombs.  Go right to a rotating platform where the sixth Red Coin can be yours.
    Go right again to a pole.  Take it up and jump to the Goombas.  Run right to the
    seventh Red Coin on the pole.  Continue right to a platform with some Bob-ombs
    on it.  Take the path to the revolving platforms and jump on.  Take them left to
    a stone platform.  We're almost to Bowser, but we need the eighth Red Coin
    before we go.
    Run to the platform and take the 1UP behind the pillar.  If you die against
    Bowser, you'll have to restart from this point.  That way, you can get another
    1UP each time and have unlimited tries against him.  When you reach the stairs,
    take the Red Coin under it.  The Power Star (150!) appears left of the warp
    Take it and take the pipe
                                 |    Boss: Bowser    |
    Bowser's pretty confident in his abilities.  Even with all the stars you have,
    he takes three hits like any other boss.  First, his attacks.  For one, when he
    jumps shockwaves are released that zap you if you touch them.  His fire is more
    advanced than ever; his flames cover the entire arena.  Some flames, though,
    leave coins behind (if you need to heal).  Bowser also uses his charge attack,
    where he runs straight toward you, which is his biggest weakness.  Stand near a
    bomb and let him charge you.  Backward somersault over him and grab his tail as
    he struggles to remain on the arena.  Throw him into a bomb and you're done.  If
    you throw him off the arena without hitting a bomb, when he jumps back up he
    crushes part of the arena.  Deliver the second hit in the same way.  After that
    Bowser becomes desperate.  He chips away at the arena until it is in the shape
    of a star.  Now it is much harder to beat him.  When he tries to breathe fire
    grab his tail and swing.  Use the Touch Screen if you have good timing to make
    him hit the last bomb.  If you don't, close your eyes and swing randomly.  The
    latter usually works for me.  Soon you will have won.
    Defeated, Bowser leaves his star behind and leaves the painting world.  Mario
    flies to the castle grounds and is greeted by Yoshi, Luigi, and Wario.  Princess
    Peach is set free from the stained glass where she was being held captive.
    Yoshi is the first to run to her, and then the other do.  They even take off
    their caps.  After thanking you (Mario gets a kiss), they go to bake that cake
    for her heroes.  And so you beat the game.  The credits roll showing the
    residents of the now peaceful painting worlds.  If you look in the corner, the
    cake in the picture slowly has more of the heroes in it.  And as they show the
    heroes and Peach waving to Lakitu, he leaves and stops the camera.
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game!  But there's still more fun to be had with
    all 150 stars.  Stick around.
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ===================================150 Stars*===================================
    A couple things happen when you get all 150 stars.  The first and foremost is
    that the cannon in the castle grounds becomes accessible.  You can shoot to the
    top and find three 1UP's and a Red Block.  Luigi's final rabbit is also up
    You can also face Big Penguin again, too, in the Cool, Cool Mountain mission
    "Big Penguin Race."  This time, though, the penguin is huge and faster to boot.
    Have fun.
    On a side note, in the original Super Mario 64, you found Yoshi on the roof.  He
    filled your lives to 100 and gave you an improved triple jump.
    There is a multitude of mini-games in this game.  Once you have one star you can
    open the door right of the Star Door.  You'll be in the Switch Room.  Go to the
    next room and you'll find the Rec. Room, or Recreation Room.  There are rabbits
    scattered around the castle.  When a certain character catches one, they get a
    new mini-game.  Before I list the mini-games, I'll list where the rabbits are
    found.  Note that rabbits appear after you talk to Toad in the Rec. Room.  If
    you don't, the rabbits will never appear.  Also, some rabbits require a certain
    amount of stars or that you've done something special.
                                    |    Yoshi    |
    1) In the Castle Grounds.
    2) In the Castle Grounds.
    3) In the Castle Grounds.
    4) In the moat after you've drained it.
    5) In the hedges left of the starting point.
    6) Over the bridge right of the moat when entering the castle.
    7) In the main room of the basement (it has the painting for Lethal Lava Land in
                                    |    Mario    |
    1) On the path near the waterfall outside the castle.
    2) After you've drained the moat it'll be under the bridge.
    3) In the room that has the painting of Jolly Roger Bay in it.
    4) In the main room of the basement, by a picture of Lethal Lava Land.
    5) Right next to # 4.
    6) In the first room of the second floor.
    7) In the room that has the entrance to Snowman's Land in it.
                                    |    Luigi    |
    1) In the hedges left of where you start out.
    2) In the room that has the entrance to Bob-omb Battlefield in it.
    3) In the room that has the entrance to Goomboss Battle in it; two rooms north
    of the Switch Room.
    4) In the castle courtyard, get on the tree and do a handstand near the door.
    Jump to the alcove above the door.
    5) In the room with the columns you must pound to drain the water in the
    6) In the main room of the second floor.
    7) When you have 150 stars, use the cannon to shoot yourself onto the castle's
                                    |    Wario    |
    1) In the Castle Grounds, left of the bridge.
    2) In the room that has the entrance to Whomp's Fortress.
    3) In the castle courtyard by the fountain.
    4) In the main room of the basement to the left (by a Toad).
    5) In the room with the entrance to Tiny-Huge Island.
    6) In the main room of the third floor.
    7) In the alcove on the third floor that contains the entrance to "Over the
    As you can count, there are 28 keys in all.  In the original there was one
    rabbit who gave you a Power Star twice during the game for catching him.  Now
    here's a list of mini-games and a brief summary for each.
                                 |    Yoshi Games    |
    Wanted!: A poster is shown of a wanted character.  Touch that person in the
    crowd to get points.
    Loves me.?: Pluck the petals of a flower with the Touch Screen to try to get a
    "Loves me."
    Hide and Boo Seek: After showing a Boo somewhere in the mansion from Big Boo's
    Haunt (Luigi even has his vacuum from Luigi's Mansion) you must find the ghost
    in the darkness.
    Puzzle Panel: Touch one panel to flip over all the adjacent panels.  You want
    the puzzles to match.
    Boom Box: Open chests to hear sounds.  Open two chests with the same sound in a
    row to match them.
    Tox Box Shuffle: Pick the correct tox box Yoshi is trapped in to save him.
    Which Wiggler?: Pick the Wiggler that matches the one shown on the screen.
    Mix-a-Mug: Modeled after a mini-game from Super Mario Bros. 3, you must try to
    match the parts of faces to the correct other parts.
    Puzzle Panic: Obviously Yoshi would get puzzle levels (he once had a game called
    Tetris Attack).  It is a large-scale Puzzle Panel game.
                                 |    Mario Games    |
    Mario's Slides: Choose the correct path so that Mario slides down to the Power
    Star, not the Piranha Plant.
    Bounce and Pounce: Hit Mario to bounce him up and onto Fly Guys.
    Sort or 'Splode: Guide Bob-omb Buddies to their red carpets and Bob-ombs to
    black ones.
    Trampoline Time: Draw lines to act as trampolines to keep Mario in the air.
    Shuffle Shell: Use the bar to knock the Koopa shells as close to the bulls-eye
    as you can.
    Bounce and Trounce: Bounce Mario to hit the Fly Guys.
    Connect the Characters: Draw lines to the preexisting lines to make the heads
    fall to the correct bodies.
    Shell Smash: This is a fun mini-game.  Hit the Koopa shells into as many other
    as you can to earn points.
    Trampoline Terror: Draw lines to bounce Mario through the rings.
                                 |    Luigi Games    |
    Memory Match: Luigi likes to gamble.  Pick matching cards to make them
    Clear all the cards to win.
    Pair-a-Gone: Touch identical cards that are connected diagonally, horizontally,
    or vertically to clear them.  Try to clear them all.
    Picture Poker: If your hand is better than Luigi's, you win.  Bet more coins if
    you're sure.
    Mushroom Roulette: Guess where the ball will land on the roulette wheel.
    Mario Slot: Touch the slots to stop them and try to get three matching pictures.
    Superstars are wild cards.
    Lucky Stars: Out of two cards you must pick the one with more stars on it.
    Pair-a-Gone And On: A game of Pair-a-Gone that goes on forever.  Try to see how
    many you can get cleared.
    Memory Master: a harder version of Memory Match - it has more cards.
    Super Mario Slot: Mario Slot remade.  You feeling lucky?
                                 |    Wario Games    |
    Bob-omb Squad: Use the slingshot to blast Bob-ombs out of the sky to prevent
    them from destroying your Power Flowers.  Hit the Lakitu to defeat them all.
    Snowball Slalom: Roll the Touch Screen to get the snowball to the goal.
    Bingo Ball: Pull down the launcher to blast balls above.  Get them in the
    numbered slots and hope to get a tic-tac-toe.
    Coincentration: Watch the coins fall into blocks and hit the correct ones
    Psyche Out!: Guess what's on the card.  It's basically a matter of luck, unless
    you can see through the card (which you can).
    Slots Shot: Get the ball in the piranha plant's mouth to access the pipe.  Get
    the ball in to hit the switch to play the slots.  Hit the mushrooms to rack up
    points and get balls in the sink holes for bonuses.
    Lakitu Launch: Get as many Spinies into the hollow shells as you can in the time
    Intense Coincentration: Like in "Coincentration" you must select the blocks that
    captured the most coins to have the highest score.
    Giant Snowball Slalom: It is the larger version of "Snowball Slalom."  Watch out
    for that penguin.
    And there you have it - every mini-game.  I like a lot of them, particularly
    Yoshi and Luigi games.  They really pass the time on long car trips, etc.  Now
    for one of my favorite parts of the guide, the VS Mode.
    ====================================VS Mode*====================================
    VS Mode can be played by yourself or with others.  The goal is to get the most
    Power Stars from the Star Spheres that cover the courses.  You can play on the
    Castle Grounds, Sunshine Isles, Princess's Secret Slide, and in Battle Fort.
    The last one is my personal favorite.  You want to be fast, so Wario isn't an
    ideal character to be.  Mario and Luigi are good if Yoshi doesn't suit you.  I
    just like fighting other people in VS Mode, though, not racing for stars.
    Whatever floats your boat.  Thanks to the DS's wireless capabilities, you don't
    even have to be in the same room to play multiplayer.  You can play it almost
    anywhere (assuming other players are nearby).
    ==================================Enemy List*===================================
    Ooh, I love this part!  I will list the enemies alphabetically - "boss" enemies
    included.  Locations only include courses and Bowser levels (unless an enemy is
    exclusive to a special level).  Also, I can't enemies being defeated as being of
    normal status (not with a Mushroom, as it lets you destroy nearly all enemies
    Note: I am not taking e-mail for this any more.  If it has to do with names of
    the enemies then I do not care.  I filed a few enemies under the same name, yes,
    and I may've misnamed a few (I know I did for a few of them for sure).  For
    instance, Bat and Snifit are not called by their proper titles.  But I do list a
    name for everyone (read the text).  In short, don't e-mail me about names.  It's
    not important to understanding the game.
    Ancient Ones
    Location: Shifting Sand Land
    Notes: They drop their name in the battle.  These pyramid guardians have slept
    for eons, and you came in and woke them up.  Hit the eyes on their hands with a
    punch to hurt them.  Three hits a hand will defeat them.  In the end, they go
    back to sleep and give up "the star of power."
    Location: Hazy Maze Cave
    Notes: These are just bats that try to charge you.  Nothing special here.  You
    can beat them with punches quite easily.  These also are called Swoops or
    Swoopers (and sometimes even Swoopulas).
    Big Bob-omb
    Location: Bob-omb Battlefield
    Notes: B. B. is the king of all blasting matter (actually, king of ka-booms;
    he's the baron of blasting matter).  He sits atop his imperial mountain and
    wages war on the Bob-omb Buddies in the name of Bowser.  The first time you face
    him you'll be Yoshi.  Swallow the Bob-ombs he chucks at you and you can beat him
    in three hits.  The second time you'll be Mario, where you should grab him and
    throw him down to the ground.  He uses words like "methinks," which hints that
    doesn't get out much.  He also thinks that Mario would be the ideal servant.
    Big Boo
    Location: Big Boo's Haunt, Big Boo Battle
    Notes: Big Boo, the King of Boos, is a hardy opponent.  Of all the times you
    face him, he's the same nearly every time.  Ground pound him three times to win.
    Big Boo also was responsible for capturing Luigi.  Luigi is afraid of the dark
    and of ghosts, so it was the perfect fit.  Big Boo hardly ever talks, but when
    he does he has a mouthful to say.  He likes insulting people a lot.
    Big Bully
    Location: Lethal Lava Land, Snowman's Land
    Notes: This mindless enemy enjoys picking on others.  It is conceivably the
    leader of a gang of Bullies, its underlings, which it obviously doesn't value if
    it's willing to see them fry.  Big Bully is greatly remembered as a lava
    gangster, but he does have an icy counterpart.  That enemy is exactly the same,
    but the ice makes it faster (less friction).  Fight fire with fire, though.
    That is, try to push them off the edges just as they do you.  Chief Chilly is of
    the icy variety.
    Location: Various
    Notes: These are very common enemies.  They run up to you and explode in your
    face.  To avoid them either run away or grab and throw them.  They can be used
    to blow up other enemies, too.
    Location: Big Boo's Haunt
    Notes: These shy enemies have come a long way since they first appeared in Super
    Mario Bros. 3.  They turn invisible when you look at them, but when you look
    away they come at you.  Ground pound them for an easy win.  They usually leave a
    Blue Coin behind.
    Location: Bowser in the Dark World/Fire Sea/Sky
    Notes: Bowser, King of Koopas, was born to rule the world.  It is his great
    ambition, but there is already a bio for him in the Plot section of this guide.
    This covers his enemy nature.  He has many attacks.  Each time you fight him
    they differ, but in general he has the following attacks: fire breath, jump with
    shockwaves, teleportation, charge, claw attack, and he likes to chip away at the
    arena a lot.  To defeat him run around behind him and grab his tail.  Swing him
    around and throw him into the spiky bombs at the edges of the arena.  In the
    first two battles he takes one hit, but in the final bout he takes three.
    Bullet Bill
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: Bullet Bills are old enemies of Mario, and they are endless.  These
    seemingly shark-like missiles are launched by Bullet Bill Blasters and home
    right to Mario.  They can be avoided easily, though, and it is your best
    recourse.  Since it is such a rare enemy, you need not worry about it.
    Bullet Bill Blaster
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: Bullet Bill Blasters are invincible and they cannot directly attack any
    character.  They fire Bullet Bills, which is there only attack strength.
    Technically speaking, you can destroy them with a Mushroom, but that rarely
    Location: Lethal Lava Land, Bowser in the Fire Sea
    Notes: Bullies are minor enemies that try to push you into the lava of the
    course, or off the edges of paths in general.  To beat them you have to push
    back.  Sometimes defeating some of these results in a fight with Big Bully.
    Chain Chomp
    Location: Bob-omb Battlefield
    Notes: Chain Chomps are indestructible.  One is involved in a single mission,
    while a few others are involved in Silver Star missions in secret courses.  They
    act like leashed pit bulls.  Beware of Chain Chomp.
    Cheep Cheep
    Location: Dire, Dire Docks, Tiny-Huge Island
    Notes: Cheep Cheeps are very scarce.  They can jump in air and go without water
    for short periods of time, as was exampled in earlier Mario games.  In Tiny-Huge
    Island they can swallow Mario huge.  But in Dire, Dire Docks, they're so small
    that you probably didn't know they existed.  They're a small nuisance, really.
    Chief Chilly
    Location: Chief Chilly Challenge
    Notes: Chief Chilly is a very odd creature.  He inhabits an icy world where he
    rules supreme, but more important to him is his mustache.  Probably out of
    jealousy, he captured Wario.  You must knock him into the icy water in the arena
    with punches and kicks, and only Luigi can face him (he's the only one that can
    enter the level).  When you beat him, he claims that he will return with his
    mustache styled.
    Location: Jolly Roger Bay, Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: These enemies have treasure in their mouths, and open them readily.
    After a while, though, they close them and hope to crush you inside.  It's a
    safe gamble to try to get the treasure inside nonetheless.
    Location: Jolly Roger Bay
    Notes: This one-course only enemy is involved in a Power Star.  It is a huge
    underwater snake, if you will, and it hurts a lot when you touch it.  To lure it
    out of a cave, swim to the side to avoid its jaws.  Note that the actual name of
    this enemy is “Unagi,” the Japanese word for “eel,” as frequenters of Japanese
    restaurants would know.
    Fake Coin
    Location: Snowman's Land
    Notes: Let me just say that the name is unconfirmed.  These enemies look like
    yellow coins from a distance, but form into frogs and leap away when you get
    near.  They do yield lots of coins, though (5), if you beat them.  Simply ground
    pound them before they can bound away.
    Fly Guy
    Location: Various
    Notes: Fly Guys, which are Shy Guys with small helicopter-blades on their heads
    that they use to fly, are very annoying.  They can send fire down upon you and
    occasionally charge you.  To top it off, they are very defensive and hard to
    attack.  Jump or jump kick them.
    Location: Various
    Notes: As the tattle log from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door puts it,
    Goombas are the underlings of underlings.  They can be beaten in tons of ways
    with just about every technique.  The oldest method is to jump on them, however.
    They travel in groups most often and should be taken lightly.
    Location: Goomboss Battle
    Notes: Goomboss captured Mario.  Mario has been terrorizing Goombas for ages, so
    it makes sense.  Goomboss grows bigger as you attack him and he either can store
    or make Goombas, which are very loyal to him.  Goomboss can be defeated by
    swallowing and spitting Goombas at him.  Three hits and he will be beaten.  This
    grand pooh-bah of Goombas is almost identical to Goomba King, a minion of Bowser
    in Paper Mario (N64).
    Inanimate Object
    Location: Big Boo's Haunt
    Notes: This does not mean fire or boulders.  I'm talking about the many enemies
    in Big Boo's Haunt that seem to be harmless items that are really possessed
    demons.  This includes pianos, books of two kinds, chairs, and coffins.  Running
    is the best plan in these situations, although jumping on books can earn you
    nice coin rewards.
    Location: Shifting Sand Land, Tiny-Huge Island
    Notes: Klepto the condor is a bird that is notorious for stealing caps.  Without
    your cap you will take double damage, which is a clue to avoid them.  Two
    missions in the game involve Klepto, and they aren't very difficult.  Klepto is
    immortal, though, so don't try to defeat it.
    Koopa Troopa
    Location: Bob-omb Battlefield, Tiny-Huge Island
    Notes: Koopas are classic Mario enemies.  These turtle-like creatures leave
    behind the invaluable items Koopa Shells, which are fun to ride on.  Koopas have
    evolved over time into many different species.
    Location: Various
    Notes: Lakitu is actually your cameraman (the Lakitu Bros. filming agency).  But
    the enemies, which are a type of Koopa, ride special clouds and throw Spinies
    down to irritate you.  A jump kick will do them in, though.
    Manta Ray
    Location: Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: This aquatic enemy is actually useful to getting one of the Power Stars.
    It cannot hurt you, but it does stun you as you swim.
    Location: Hazy Maze Cave, Tall, Tall Mountain
    Notes: They are endless creatures that jump out of holes and stone you in
    Defeat eight of them in a row to get a 1UP.  Their official name is “Monty
    Location: Tall, Tall Mountain
    Notes: There are two on the mountain, and both run around like rabbits do in
    this game.  Catching one makes it steal your cap, while the other takes you to a
    Power Star.  Be careful when dealing with those primates.  Their official name
    is Ukiki.
    Mr. I
    Location: Various
    Notes: The name is confirmed in the update.  I asked a friend what he thought
    the name was and he said "Mr. I," as it reminded him of a mini-game from Mario
    Party that may've mentioned names.  Regardless, these are the eye beasts that
    you can defeat by running in circles around.  They are generally home to Big
    Boo's Haunt, but you can find them in a few other courses.
    Piranha Plant
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Tiny-Huge Island, Bowser in the Sky
    Notes: Piranha Plants, which are called Piranha Flowers in this game for some
    unknown reason, are timeless Mario enemies.  They usually inhabit pipes,
    although they've branched out since Super Mario Bros., growing in the open.  The
    best strategy is to avoid these by walking slowly.  Later in the game you'll be
    forced into combat with these.  When fighting the very large or very small kind,
    a punch does the trick.  The average-sized plant can be defeated with a jump on
    the head, which is tricky to pull off.
    Location: Shifting Sand Land
    Notes: Pokeys are desert-dwelling living cactuses.  There bodies are layered,
    the head being the chief layer, and they regenerate lost layers over time.  You
    must punch them all consecutively to defeat one.
    Location: Various
    Notes: I have done a little research on the two robot enemies in this game.  One
    that acts just like Big Bob-omb is called a Chuckya.  They pick you up, spin
    around, and throw you off the edge.  Similar to them are robots with trays that
    drive around, pick you up, and toss you into the air, letting gravity do the
    damage for them.  These robots are called Heave-Ho's.  Also, I believe that the
    electric enemies fall under this category.  They are called Amps.
    Location: Dire, Dire Docks
    Notes: This is hardly an enemy since it is so rare, but sharks in the water can
    hurt you.  I'd just avoid them.
    Location: Hazy Maze Cave
    Notes: These are phantom enemies that shoot black bullets at you as they fly
    around from Super Mario Bros. 2.  They are similar to Shy Guys in that respect.
    Jump kick to defeat them, even though they are very easy to dodge.  The type in
    this game are called Snufits, which is the flying version.  I think that the
    Snifit name is just about 1000 times better sounding, so it is catalogued in
    this manner.
    Location: Cool, Cool Mountain, Snowman's Land
    Notes: Yes, Snowman (the name of the huge one in Snowman's Land) can blow your
    cap off, but he is not an enemy.  Snowmen all fall under this category.  There's
    the regular kind, which pop out of nowhere and start snowballing you, and then
    you have the flowery type.  These just lurch toward you.  The former can be
    defeated by running around in them in circles (like a Mr. I), while the latter
    can be with a jump or punched to the head.
    Location: Big Boo's Haunt, Hazy Maze Cave, Dire, Dire Docks, Wet-Dry World
    Notes: Spiders come in two species.  There's the orange kind, which jump out of
    pits and charge you.  Then you have the aquatic kind, which skims along water
    with the same plan of attack.  Jumps are the key here.
    Location: Various
    Notes: Spinies are the Koopa-descended enemies that Lakitus throw down from
    there clouds.  They are very slow moving and unbeatable in this game, so best
    just avoid them.
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Shifting Sand Land, Tick Tock Clock
    Notes: The Thwomp comes in three varieties, two of which are much more
    specialized.  The common type consists of large stony enemies.  They rise up and
    fall, crushing you.  They can make for a good ride, though.  The "mummy" Thwomps
    are similar, but they look different.  They also have the ability to move
    horizontally.  The third type, called "rolling" Thwomps, are nearly nonexistent.
    There's one in the entire game and it simply rolls around with the intentions of
    crushing you.  They cannot be defeated, so just avoid them.
    Location: Whomp's Fortress, Bowser in the Sky
    Notes: Whomps are also rare; there are only four of them if you count their
    They all attack in the same way - they slam their bodies down onto you.  When
    they do, ground pound their bandaged backs and you can defeat them.  The Whomp
    King, which is its real name, takes three hits, but is just as easy.  They are
    just disgruntled stone creatures, angry that the inhabitants of the Mushroom
    Kingdom don't appreciate the stones they use as building material.
    Location: Tiny-Huge Island
    Notes: Wigglers are generally peaceful worm-caterpillar creatures, but they have
    very short tempers.  You fight this one while small, so Wiggler's size is
    amplified.  When they lose, they shrink down a bit.  Wiggler in this game was
    overwhelmed by the power of the star he had.  He couldn't decide whether he
    liked it or not, and slowly he became attached and obsessed with it, even though
    he knew it was the cause of his troubles.  When you knock some sense into him by
    stomping his head three times, he gives up the star and feels much better for
    doing so.  As many have noticed, Wiggler is quite similar to Bilbo Baggins in
    The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  He likes it to an extent, but he is
    willing to give it up in the end, unlike the obsessed character Gollum.  On a
    slightly more related note, Wiggler is actually a playable character in Mario
    Power Tennis.
    I think that that's every enemy.  If you have a non-name correction, you can e-
    mail me at kirby0215@aol.com.  By the way I don't list every way to beat an
    enemy, just the one I find the easiest, and please don't e-mail me about that.
    FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  In other words, when I get lots of
    questions I post them here.  Time to play the questions game.
    Question: How do I fill in those stupid red blocks?
    Answer: I get this question WAY too much.  When you have ten Power Stars or
    look at the lobby.  It is illuminated by sunlight.  Look up at the sun picture
    and you'll be transported to the course "? Switch."  For more information, read
    the section "Jolly Roger Bay."
    Question: How come there are no rabbits in my game?  It’s like rabbit season
    just went down in here!
    Answer: Right...  Well, you may want to go to the Rec. Room and talk to Toad,
    and also be Mario in the basement (from where you can access Lethal Lava Land
    and adjacent levels).  These events should trigger the appearance of rabbits.
    Question: Do you need all 150 Power Stars to get on the roof?
    Answer: No.  You can wall kick up the right side of the castle if you're good.
    Again, this is a question I got WAY too much.  Of course, this would mean that
    you can only get up there as Mario, but you can also reach it with Luigi.
    Here’s part of the e-mail I got from hazardousnoise concerning Luigi’s ability
    to reach the roof:
    “You need to go on the little patch of land next to the castle and the water
    fall.  Make Luigi face the rising land.  Quickly turn around and jump and hold
    it and hold up.  Luigi will do that kick he does in the air.  When he touches
    the land, jump and hold up again.  Keep doing this until he gets to the top of
    the land.  You will know this because he will not fall any more.  Jump onto the
    castle from there.”
    Question: What are those glowing rabbits and why don't you cover them in the
    Answer: Yet another example of a question that I get WAY, WAY too much.  First,
    I'm offended.  Why do you think I included the Walkthrough Content section?  It
    serves a purpose, you know.  Now, if you used it, you'd see that I cover it
    under "Bowser in the Sky."  There are eight glowing rabbits.  They are random,
    which means that they aren't hiding in any one place.  The easiest way to find
    them to is to be Yoshi.  Go to the castle grounds and look at the first three.
    If none are glowing, reenter and exit the castle.  Stop asking this question.
    Question: What do you get from the rabbits?
    Answer: Find out.  I will have no part in this question.
    Question: How do I drain the water in the moat?
    Answer: Go through the door right of the entrance to Hazy Maze Cave in the
    basement and swim down the tunnel.  On the other side are two pillars.  Ground
    pound each to drain the water.
    Question: How do I unlock Mario/Luigi/Wario?
    Answer: It is in the guide.  Use the section "Walkthrough Content" to see where
    Question: How come you skipped all sorts of stars in your sections?
    Answer: Because you couldn't do them at the current time because you didn't have
    a certain character or the Red Block.  We return later to get the stars when we
    can.  In the last three sections of the walkthrough, though, I got some stars
    that I hadn't found before in secret levels.  To see where you can find where I
    cover the stars for a course, read the section "Walkthrough Content."
    Question: Would you say this game is harder than Super Mario 64?
    Answer: Not really.  It is actually easier since they added so many minor
    comforts to the levels.  The only thing that might be harder about it is that
    you have to wait a long time to unlock certain things.
    Question: I understand Luigi and Yoshi, but why Wario?
    Answer: Well, who else?  Donkey Kong has his own line (and he doesn't have a cap
    or mustache) of games.  Waluigi would have been hugely controversial as well.
    Toads were in the castle, and I can't think of anyone else who might be in the
    game.  They needed a mustache and a cap, and Wario really fit the bill.
    Question: Why Yoshi?
    Answer: A lot of people think of Yoshi as an upgrade.  For instance, although
    Mushrooms help Mario, you don't make them characters.  However, Yoshi is a
    living thing that has starred in plenty of his own games.  He also worked into
    the storyline as he was on the roof from SM64.
    Question: Who is Waluigi?
    Answer: Yeah, I've mentioned him a few times.  Waluigi is Wario's brother who is
    to Luigi as Wario is to Mario (cursed analogies).  He was a total and utter
    filler character that was designed as a partner for Wario in Mario Tennis and
    similar games.  Of course, Luigi was a filler character, too, at one time (he
    was Player 2, the forgotten Mario brother).  You have to give them a chance,
    people.  I'm sort of neutral to him, myself.  But to answer your question, he's
    Wario's brother and is the same age as Luigi.
    Question: Can you have multiple characters out at once?
    Answer: Nope.  That would be cool if Mario could ride Yoshi or something like
    that, though.
    Question: Why are the rabbits there?
    Answer: Catch them for a Rec. Room Key, which lets you play mini-games.
    Question: Where is the Rec. Room?
    Answer: Go through the central doors in the Switch Room, which is right of the
    locked door in the castle's lobby.
    Question: How many stars are there?
    Answer: 150.  120 are from course stars and 30 are secret stars.
    Question: How can that be?  There are only seven missions in each course!
    Answer: You get a star for getting 100 coins in each of the 15 courses.
    Question: I lost my cap.
    Answer: That's not a question, but I'll run with it.  When Mario, Luigi, or
    Wario loses their cap, they take double the damage as normal.  Klepto the
    the monkey named Ukiki, and the Snowman in Snowman's Land can steal/blow off
    your cap.  When you lose it, retrieve it.  You won't have it until you take it
    back, and it remains in the course you lost it in.  You could always lose it
    intentionally to up the difficulty of the game.  You can lose it at first in
    Sunshine Isles to Klepto, which takes one star to reach.
    Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
    Answer: Absolutely not.  Don't waste your breath asking because it's just a
    waste of my time and yours.  If you do you are breaking a law, for this is
    copyrighted.  Don't do it, as it is very inconvenient to have to update my guide
    on multiple sites every time, and if you don't I get e-mail from "unanswered"
    parts of the guide.
    Question: What other games have you written guides for?
    Answer: You can find them at www.GameFaqs.com.  They are (written in this order)
    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life,
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of
    Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The
    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda:
    The Adventure of Link, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, The Legend of Zelda,
    and for Super Mario 64 before this one.  You can find them all at the below
    Question: How can I contact you?
    Answer: More people should ask this.  You can e-mail me at kirby0215@aol.com.
    You can IM at the same address, but please do not.  I don't like IM's as much as
    I do e-mails because I'm usually on the Internet for a reason, as in I'm usually
    doing something else.  Don't send Spam or chain letters, because I sure as heck
    won't reply.
    Phew!  Now that that's over, we can skip along to the legal section.
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 4*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    =========================Credits and Legal Information*=========================
    Let's get right down to it.  First, the credits.  Who helped me write this
    walkthrough?  The suspense has been killing me!
                                   |    Credits    |
    First off, I'd like to thank myself for writing the guide and so on.  I know I
    overuse this joke in my credits, but I'd just like to say.  The man!  The myth!
    The legend!
    Second, let's give a round of applause to Nintendo for making this game and the
    Nintendo DS.  Without you, Nintendo, we'd still be playing that awful Atari.
    Third, I'd like to thank GameFaqs for hosting my guide.  You have a great site.
    Recently, the following people have helped me by contributing useful information
    to the guide.
    - Hopsuncle, who sent in a tip regarding Top o’ the Town.
    - spacepope4u, a contributor here on GameFaqs.  I’ve learned much from his
    completely awesome Mario Series Character Guide, and it’s recommended reading
    for any Mario fan.  Without his guide, how else would I know that the eel is
    called Unagi or that the rabbit is named MIPS?  It’s great information to share
    at dinner parties.  Anyways, I highly recommend reading it, even for the casual
    Mario fan.
    That's it for now, but I'm sure the list will grow.  Now on to the legal mumbo
    jumbo, which is about as exciting as the manufacturing process of plastic in
                                |    Legal Section    |
    First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution, productions,
    idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor goes to Nintendo, not
    and I do not deny this.
    Second, this document is Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee.
    Third, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights contained in
    this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing
    information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their sites,
    books, magazines, etc.
    This is Kirby021591 signing out.  Until we meet again, all I can say is adios.
    But before that, let me just say that writing this guide has been great fun for
    me.  Thanks for using it, for without my readers I would have no purpose in
    writing this.  The game was a blast and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
    And now for his signature move, his catchy good-bye phrase, a string of words
    that has stood the test of time...!  See ya later.

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