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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PhoenixKhadgar

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/29/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    -|                                                                           |-
    by PhoenixKhadgar
    -[ CONTENTS ]-
    [ 1.] Updates 
    [ 2.] Intro/Statement
    [ 3.] Characters/Controls
    -3.1 Playable Characters
    -3.2 Other Characters
    -3.3 Basic Controls
    -3.4 Cool/Useful Moves
    [ 4.] Walkthrough
    -4.1 The Beginning
    -4.2 Mushroom Castle Pt. 1
      a. Bob-omb Battlefield
      b. Whomp's Fortress
      c. Mario and the Wing Cap
      d. Jolly Roger Bay
      e. Cool Cool Mountain
      f. Big Boo's Haunt
      g. Unlocking Luigi
      h. The First Bowser Fight
    -4.3 Mushroom Castle Pt. 2
      a. Hazy Maze Cave
      b. Lethal Lava Land
    [ 5.] Secrets
    -5.1 Secret Stars
    [ 6.] Rec Room/Mini Games
    -6.1 Yoshi's Mini Games
    -6.2 Mario's Mini Games
    -6.3 Luigi's Mini Games
    -6.4 Wario's Mini Games
    -6.5 High Scores
    [ 7.] Multiplayer
    [ 8.] Thank You's
    [ 9.] Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
    -[ 1. UPDATES ]-
    V-1.1 [11/29/04]
    A good chunk of the walkthrough finished and ready to go,
    and some other sections started. 
    V-1 [11/23/04]
    First Version! Everything started and ready to be worked on.
    -[ 2. INTRO/STATEMENT ]-
    Hey all! I'd like to say thank you for using my FAQ/Walkthrough. I've 
    only started this, but I plan to put a lot of work in to complete it. As you 
    all probably know, this is basically a port of the Nintendo 64 game Super 
    Mario 64. Its not just a port though, it has a lot of new levels, stars 
    to collect, and features, like four playable characters. I've only started 
    the game myself, but I'll be adding to the walkthrough as I go through it. 
    Good luck to everyone, and hopefully my guide gets someone out of trouble. 
    -[ 3. CHARACTERS ]-
    -3.1 Playable Characters-
    The starting character, you will have to play Yoshi until you get 8 
    stars and unlock Mario. Because he cant punch, Yoshi is weaker than other 
    characters in the power department. However, he can swallow all kinds of 
    things and turn them into eggs to throw.
    Swallowing [A] - Swallow enemies and certian objects.
    Flutter Kick [Press and hold B] - Hold yourself in the air for a few seconds 
    while jumping.
    Fire Power [Power Flower] - When Yoshi gets a Power Flower, he can breathe 
    fire by pressing A. Can not be used normally.
    Eggs [R or A] - When Yoshi's mouth is full, press [R] to lay an egg or press 
    [A] to spit out the swallowed object.
    Power - 
    Speed - XX
    Jump  - XXX
    Yoshi is a good beginner character and good to start of controls with. You 
    will probably be playing the other characters more often later in the
    game though.
    You can unlock Mario once you get 8 stars.
    Mario has a balanced set of moves. Though Luigi and Yoshi have better 
    jumping skills, Mario makes upfor them by being able to float.
    Wall Kick [B+B] - To preform a wall kick, jump toward the wall, and jump 
    again as you hit it.
    Floating Power [Power Flower] - When Mario gets a Power Flower, he 
    becomes a balloon and can float to high places. Float up by pressing [B] 
    repeatedly. Control his direction with the [D-Pad].
    Wings [Feather] - When Mario gets wings, he can take to the skies. Take 
    off by preforming a triple jump. Control with the [D-Pad].
    Power - XX
    Speed - XX
    Jump  - XX
    The classic character, everyones favorite and average with everything. 
    If you have played the 64 version you will probably be most comfortable 
    with Mario, since he has mostly the same controls. 
    Luigi's major strength is his agility. However, his lack of power makes 
    heavy lifting difficult.
    Invisibility Power [Power Flower] - When Luigi gets a Power Flower, he 
    becomes invisible for a short time. When hes invisible, Luigi can run right 
    through many enemies and objects.
    Scuttle [B] - Hold [B].. not sure what this does.
    Backward Somersault [R+B] - Press [R], then [B] to preform a backward 
    somersault. [Any character can do this.]
    Water Run [D-Pad+Y] - Luigi can run on the water for a short time by 
    running toward the water and jumping.
    Power - X
    Speed - XX
    Jump  - XXX
    I haven't unlocked Luigi yet, but he seems to have some nice abilitys and 
    good jumping.
    Though hes lacking in the speed and agility departments [not to mention 
    smarts], when you need a little muscle, Warios your man! His powerful 
    moves can break objects and beat up enemies.
    Wario Whack [A] - Use this powerful move to break things the other 
    characters can't.
    Metal Power [Power Flower] - When Wario gets a Power Flower, he'll 
    turn into metal. For a while, he'll become invincible to enemy attacks and 
    able to walk on the sea floor.
    Swing and Fling [A+D-Pad+A] - Grab enemy and swing around with the [D-Pad], 
    press [A] to release. You can use this move only in VS mode.
    Speed - X
    Jump  - X
    I haven't unlocked Wario yet, but his Wario Whack and Metal Power look very 
    -3.2 Other Characters-
    The princess that Mario is always there to rescue, and always seems to get 
    everyone else in a lot of trouble. 
    The camera dude that flies around you all the time. Sometimes there are evil 
    Lakitus in certian levels that like to throw spiked Koopa shells at you!
    More to be added...
    -3.3 Basic Controls-
    Standard Mode
    [D-Pad] - Walk
    [D-Pad + Y] - Dash
    [A] - Attack
    [B] - Jump
    [Y] - Dash
    [X] - Zoom Camera
    [L] - Center Camera
    [R] - Crouch
    Touch Mode
    [D-Pad] Not used
    [Screen] Move, Zoom Camera
    [A] Attack
    [B] Jump
    [X] Rotate Camera Right
    [Y] Rotate Camera Left
    [L] Center Camera
    [R] Crouch
    Dual-Hand Mode
    [Screen] Move, Zoom Camera, Rotate Camera
    [D-Pad ^ // X] - Jump
    [D-Pad > // A] - Attack
    [D-Pad < // Y] - Center Camera
    [D-Pad V // B] - Crouch
    -3.4 Cool Moves-
    [B + R] - Ground Pound
    [R + B] - Backflip
    [B + B + B] - Triple Jump
    [D-Pad < + B // D-Pad > + Y] - Side Somersault
    [Dash + R + B] - Long Jump
    [A + A + A] - Kick
    [B + A] - Jump Kick
    [R + Move] - Crawl
    [Dash + R + A] - Slide Kick
    [Dash + A] Slide Dash
    [R + A] Sweep Kick
    -[ 4. WALKTHROUGH ]-
    Once you start the game up, you can play around with Mario's face, kind 
    of like how you do it in the origional version. You can also draw your 
    own picture and mess with it. From here you have three options;
    VS - Play with other people, and I belive you only need 1 game card! 
    You can practice by yourself, too. I haven't tried this out with anyone 
    else yet.
    ADVENTURE - The core of the game, the adventure. 150 stars to collect 
    and plenty of new stuff added to the origional!
    REC ROOM - The mini games, which are actually pretty fun. See 
    [Section 5].
    Select [ADVENTURE] and your on your way!
    -4.1//THE BEGINNING-
    Finally, we get to the good stuff!
    The game starts off a lot like the 64 version, the graphics have actually 
    improved and a few of the sounds have been re-recorded, like Peach's intro 
    speech. The obvious change is that you see Mario, Luigi, and Warioarriving 
    in the warp pipes instead of just Mario, and you start off as Yoshi. The
    Mario Bros. play around a bit, and run into the castle. The camera moves 
    to the top of the castle, where you see Yoshi sleeping.
    Once you have control of Yoshi, run to the castle. The door is locked. 
    Lakitu says that a rabbit took off with the key to the door. Look on the 
    touch screen for a key icon and go to it. Its easy to catch, just press 
    [B] to swallow the rabbit when your behind it or its coming toward you, 
    then it will give up the key and you can unlock the door.
    Once your inside the castle, you will get a strange message. Don't pay any 
    attention to it. Go to your left and climb the small set of stairs. Go 
    through the door with a blank star on it. This is the only level you will 
    have access to. Go into the door and you will see a picture of Bob-ombs 
    on the wall. Jump into it, this is the first level of the game.
    -4.2//CASTLE PT.1
    STAR 1 - Big Bob-omb on the Summit
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Yoshi
    Requirements - None
    Your first challenge. Obviously the red Bob-ombs are harmless, but watch 
    out for the black ones, they will chase after you and explode. Watch out 
    for the Goombas [the orange mushroom type things], they will attack you. 
    Jump on them or swallow them. After killing the Goombas, run up the bridge 
    straight ahead. Take a left, following the path. Watch out for the Chain 
    Chomp [the big black thing with teeth], stay close to the fence and you 
    will be safe. Run across the bridge. Watch out, it tips, so go quickly. 
    Head up the little set of stairs and go towards the right, following the 
    arrows. Water bombs are shot around this area, so keep moving so you don't 
    get hit by any. Theres some Bob-ombs too. Once you get next to the 
    mountain, you should see a pit with 2 black balls rolling around in it. 
    Run though here, try not to get hit, and work your way up the mountain. 
    Dodge the ballsrolling down on the way up. Make sure you make it over 
    the gaps, the flutter kick might be useful here. If your missing any health, 
    walk though the spinning heart to recover it. Now finish running up to 
    the top and...
    Big Bob-omb
    Difficulty - *
    Walk up to him and listen to his little speech, then get a little distance. 
    He will start throwing little bob-ombs at you, which immediately start 
    chasing you. Swallow them and spit them back at the Big Bomb-omb. Don't 
    get to close or he will throw you. After you spit the bomb back at him, he 
    will start bouncing around. Make sure you don't get crushed. If you hold the 
    bomb for too long, it will explode in your mouth, so also watch out for that. 
    After you hit him with bombs three times, he will explode and you will earn 
    your first star. Good job!
    NOTE: You can enter the Rec Room upstairs, which has a couple rooms in it, 
    and you can go to Whomp's Fortress which is the door downstairs with a 1 
    inside a Star on it.
    STAR 2 - Footrace with Koopa the Quick
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Yoshi
    Requirements - Star 1 Completed
    Koopa the Quick wants to have a race with Mario, but hes no where to be 
    found. So you have to impersonate Mario, but first you have to find a red 
    cap. Talk to the Red Bob-omb by Koopa [the thing with a shell] and it will 
    tell you where the cap is. Its easier to go straight and get the red cap 
    from the Goomba walking around. Once you turn into Mario, then go back to 
    Koopa, and he will ask you to race. The goal is to get to the top of the 
    mountain, where the Big Bob-omb was before Koopa gets there. Just follow 
    the path I described before. Make sure you don't get hit by any enemies, 
    or you will lose the Mario cap and you'll have to find another Mario cap 
    or Koopa won't give you the star, even if you win. It might take a couple 
    tries, but its fairly easy. 
    STAR 3 - 5 Silver Stars!
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Yoshi
    Requirements - Stars 1-2 Completed
    Anyone who has played the 64 version should remember that theres no silver 
    stars. This is a new level, making 7 stars available for each level, and 
    another annoying red-coin type mission. The stars all show up on the touch 
    screen map, so this is pretty easy. But of you get hit, you lose a star and 
    have to go chasing after it. Heres the stars you have to collect;
    In no paticular order;
    Star 1 - Above a tree near the start of the level, by the Goombas. Just 
    climb to the top of the tree and jump.
    Star 2 - On the Chain Chomp's chain, the Chomb is loose and running around 
    the area across the first bridge. As long as you stay behing the Chomp, 
    theres no danger.
    Star 3 - Held by a Goomba in the fenced in area.
    Star 4 - Sitting openly in a patch of flowers in the bottom left corner of 
    the course.
    Star 5 - Held by another Goomba a little ways up the mountain.
    Once you collect all 5, go get the star which appears next to the entrance 
    zone. Happy hunting!
    NOTE: You obviously have 3 stars by now, so you can go to any of the 3 Star 
    rooms on the bottom floor. These are a bit harder! 
    STAR 4 - Big Bob-Omb's Revenge
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Yoshi
    Requirements - Stars 1-3 Completed
    This level is similar to the first one, but the battle is a little different. 
    Its still very easy. Just go up the mountian again. You need to be Mario 
    though, because you have to be able to pick the Big Bob-omb up and throw him. 
    The red cap is held by a Goomba somewhere on the mountain. Watch out while 
    going up the mountain, at certian spots Bob-ombs will drop and chase after 
    you until they explode. Once your at the top...
    Big Bob-omb [Again!]
    Difficulty - *
    Dont get to close, or he will throw you like he did before. Hes pretty slow, 
    so just run behind him, pick him up, and chuck him. Do this 3 times and the 
    star is yours. Easy, eh? He explodes and you get yet another star!
    STAR 5 - Mario Wings To The Sky
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - Mario, Wing Cap
    NOTE: For this level you will need Mario, and the Wing Cap. You cant get 
    Mario until you have 8 stars, and the Wing Cap until you have 10, so come back 
    to this level after you have 10 stars and you beat the challenges to unlock 
    Mario and the Wing Cap.
    Make sure you talk to the Red Bob-omb as you enter the level so he prepare 
    the cannons for you. Make your way up to the mountain until you get to the 
    cannon you can use thats closest to the top. Hop in, and shoot towards the 
    floating island. Aim for the red coin, and you shouldn't fly off or past it.
    Grab the Wing Cap, and jump in the cannon. Aim for the center coins. You
    should get the first 3 no problem. The next 2 are harder, you have to pull 
    up at the right time, which seems to be around the second coin. Once you 
    get all the 5 center coins, a star will appear in the fenced in area.
    STAR 6 - Find the 8 Red Coins
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    Ah... the classic red coin level, this ones a lot easier compared to some 
    other ones
    Coin 1 - On the lift near the first bridge.
    Coin 2 - On a large rock straight ahead of the first bridge.
    Coin 3 - On the Chain Chomp's post.
    Coin 4 - Openly in the fenced in area full of Goombas.
    Coin 5 - Near Coin #5.
    Coin 6 - Under the stone bridge leading to the mountain.
    Coin 7 - On the hill past the first arrow sign.
    Coin 8 - Above a tree on the floating island.
    Very easy!
    STAR 7 - Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Yoshi
    Requirements - None
    This level is very easy if you use Yoshi, he can paralyze the Chain Chomp 
    with his eggs, therefore making it unable to move and the post wide open.
    You can do this with Mario too, just not as easily. You just have to ground 
    pound the Chain Chomp's post, then he will be set free and he will 
    STAR 8 - Collect 100 Coins
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - None
    This doesn't actually appear on the menu, and you can do this in every 
    level. Just collect 100 coins. This is easy in this level, the coins are 
    plentiful. They are just lying around, and you can kill monsters and crush 
    blocks for them too. Good luck and happy coin collecting!
    STAR 1 - Chip Off Whomp's Block
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Yoshi
    Requirements - 1 Star
    Ah, a new level! And an easy one at that. To sneak by the plants, just 
    use the touch screen to walk softly. Once you unlock Mario, you can just 
    punch them to get rid of them. On this level you have to make it to the 
    top of Whomp's Fortress, and then defeat the Giant Whomp in the boss 
    To skip some extra travel time, you can just backflip up on the ledge at 
    the start of the level, where the stone wall is. Follow the trail of coins 
    up the stone wall, then sneak by the plant. Watch out for the bridge, the 
    stones fall after you cross. There will be a board that will bring you 
    around. Go to the middle, otherwise you will be pushed off by the stone 
    block. Keep heading up the castle. You can climb the flag pole for an extra 
    life. Don't worry about the Whomps, they are dumb and slow. You can simply
    walk right by them. If you climb up the flag pole you can just jump off 
    and flutter kick to the top, or you can take the lift. Either way works.
    Giant Whomp
    Difficulty - *
    This one is easy. Just stand in front of the Whomp until he starts falling 
    down. Quickly get out of his way so you don't get smashed, then jump on his 
    back and do a Ground Pound. Do this three times and hes done! The star is 
    NOTE: If you have collected 4 of the Bob-omb Battlefield stars, and 3 of 
    the secret stars, you can now unlock Mario. Woohoo! But you might as well 
    get some more stars while you can.
    STAR 2 - To The Top of the Fortress
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Yoshi
    Requirements - Star 1 Completed
    Yoshi is probably better for this than Mario, because he can flutter 
    kick and it lessens the chances of falling off the fortress.
    This level is simple, just go to the top of the fortress. You'll notice 
    that there is a new tower, just jump up on the ledges. Watch out for the 
    bullets that are shot at you if you walk in front of the cannon type-thing. 
    Be careful, because every other ledge goes in and out. Yoshi can simply 
    flutter kick over these. The last one is a lift up to the top, where a star 
    is waiting for you. Easy!
    STAR 3 - Shoot Into the Wild Blue
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - Stars 1-2 Completed
    Backflip up the ledge and head left. Talk to the red Bob-omb and he 
    will prepare the cannon for you. Go into the cannon, aim carefully. 
    The pole where you got the extra life before, aim for the very bottom of 
    that. You should grab the smaller pole where the star is if you aim right. 
    Slide down and collect your star. This level is easy except for it might 
    take a couple tries to aim right.
    NOTE: You probably have 10 stars by now. You can finally unlock the Wing 
    Cap and go back to complete Bob-omb Battlefield!
    STAR 4 - Red Coins on the Floating Isle
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - Mario
    You need Mario for this level, so if you haven't unlocked him already, 
    then do so! See Section 4.2D, Unlocking Mario and the Wing Cap.
    The coins are scattered about the world, heres basically where they are, 
    in no certian order...
    Coin 1 - Above one of the blocks that push out, on the way to the top 
    of the castle.
    Coin 2 - Above the Thwomp closest to the top of the stone stairs.
    Coin 3 - On the side in a patch of flowers, watch out for the Pirana 
    Coin 4 - Behind a Pirana Plant, you have to sneak by to get it.
    Coin 5 - On a ledge near Coin #4.
    Coin 6 - On the thing that brings you around across the gap.
    Coin 7 - On one of the floating islands, kick the board down to make a 
    bridge to them.
    Yoshi can't kick the board down, so Mario must be unlocked.
    Coin 8 - On the highest floating isle.
    The star appears near the beginning of the level, on the blue star on 
    the ground. Good luck!
    STAR 5 - Fall Onto the Caged Island
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - Stars 1-4 Completed
    When you appear on the level, theres an owl in the tree right next to you.
    Climb up the tree and the owl will fly out. Jump up and when it grabs you,
    hold B and steer over to the caged island. When you are directly above it
    let go of B and collect the star.
    STAR 6 - Blast Away The Wall
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    This ones simple, just get into the cannon and aim for the corner of
    the wall. You will break it and a star will pop out. Go back to the 
    cannon and aim for the star, and your done!
    STAR 7 - Switch Star of the Fortress
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - Star 1-6 Completed
    Another pretty easy one. Just go around the side, below where the blocks
    on the level above you push you off, and there is a block. You need Mario
    unlocked so you can break the block. Under the block, there is a star 
    switch. Run around to the other side, where the star is in a crystal ball.
    Break it open to get the star. Your timed, so move quickly. You should have
    plenty of time to spare.
    STAR 8 - 100 Coins
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    Coins are plentiful in this level. Just go around getting all the coins
    you see, it shouldn't take much time and is easy. Make sure you collect
    the red coins, which are worth 2 coins, and kill the Pirana Plants for 5
    coins each.
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Yoshi
    Requirements - 8 Stars
    Unlocking Mario is fairly easy, but the Goombas get extremely 
    annoying in the level you have to enter! To get there, go to the 
    Rec Room, and in that room theres a door that requires you to have 
    8 stars to enter. Go inside, and jump on the painting of Mario to 
    enter the "Goomboss Battle". You can collect red coins and step on 
    the star switch to get 2 extra stars in this level, but you might 
    want to save that untillater.
    To fight the Goomboss and unlock Mario, you need to get to the top 
    of this strange place, and jump in a hole. The boss battle is kind of 
    tough at first, so have plenty of extra lives. On your map, you should 
    see a red X on top of a big tree trunk. This is where you need to go. 
    Follow the paths and dont step off the sides, and you should be fine. 
    Find your way around until you get to the place where there is one of 
    those biting plants, and a evil Lakitu. Swallow one of the spike balls 
    he throws, and make a egg of it. Chuck it at the plant. Jump on the 
    stump and climb up the vine, Then go up the ladder, dont forget about 
    the Goombas. Sneak by the plant, walk through the heart, and jump into 
    the hole in the tree trunk to enter the battle. Don't worry about dying 
    as long as you dont lose all your lives, you don't have to do the 
    whole level over.
    Difficulty - ***
    This guy seems kind of crazy... just look at his eyes!
    Get behind him and swallow one of the Goombas, you might want to kill 
    the other ones because they will attack you. Spit it at Goomboss. 
    He will get bigger. Get behind him again, and repeat. After the 3rd 
    time you will get the key to unlock Mario's room. Try not to take too 
    much damage from the Goombas, because it will happen and you will end 
    up dying. Try not to get trampeled or fall into the poison either. If 
    your careful, then this level is pretty easy. It took me a few tries 
    to beat it the first time.
    Good job! Don't forget to save. Go back outside the Rec Room, and to 
    the door with the M on it. Your finally Mario again! If you ever want 
    to switch back to Yoshi, just go back into Mario's room.
    If you have 10 stars, then go to the main part of the castle, where 
    theres a sun rug in front of the stairs. Make sure you get a star 
    from each of the levels so far. Stand in the middle, and press X, 
    then look up. Fly down to the top of the tower, and ground pound above 
    it for an easy landing. Step on the red switch to unlock the Wing Cap. 
    You can also collect 8 red coins here for a star!
    Now go back and beat those Bob-omb Battlefield and Whomp's Fortress 
    levels you were stuck on before.
    STAR 1 - Pluder In the Sunken Ship
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - 3 Stars
    Oh yay, a water level. Make sure you don't stay under water for too 
    long, or you will die! 
    You will probably automatically notice a star on the touch screen map. 
    You need to swim there, because thats where the sunken ship is. Yes, 
    you have to go under water. When you reach the area above the star on 
    the map, you should dive underwater. The ship is obvious. On the top 
    of the ship theres a black hole which you need to enter, but theres an 
    eel in it. Go near the eel to draw it out, and then go into the ship.
    Once your in the ship, just open the treasure chest, if you need power 
    just collect coins. The water will drain out and you get your star prize 
    at the top!
    STAR 2 - Can the Eel Come Out to Play?
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - Star 1 Completed
    Back to Jolly Roger Bay... You'll notice that theres a star way across the
    lake. You have to swim way over there and dive underwater. You will see the
    eel's head sticking out. Swim near it, and it will swim out of its hole.
    Stay a bit away from it and you will not get damaged. The star will be
    attached to the eel's tail. Just swim to it and it will let go, then get
    the star. 
    STAR 3 - Treasure In The Ocean Cave
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - Star 1-2 Completed
    When you enter the level, you see a star way across the screen. Yes, you have
    to swim through an underwater cave. Swim to the long cave on the map. The eel
    will be swimming around, so watch out. Once your inside the cave, pillars
    will fall so watch out for those too. I'm not sure if its random or not,
    but heres the order in which I opened the chests. If you get it wrong you
    get shocked and lose 1 power bar.
    1 - The north chest
    2 - The west chest
    3 - The east chest
    4 - The south chest
    When you open them all, a star will appear out of the fourth one.
    STAR 4 - Blast to the Stone Pillar
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    There is a star on a ledge on the side, marked by a star on the touch screen
    map. You have to find a way to get there. The name gives a hint, but is only
    part of what you have to do. You actually have to blast to one of the tall
    skinny rocks and from the top, jump off and onto the ledge. But you cant use
    the cannon until you talk to the Red Bob-omb, which is on one of the stone
    platforms in the water. 
    Once the cannon is activated, go into it and aim towards the star on the 
    touch screen. Aim for the top of the second closest to the rock wall. [Aim
    a bit above it, so you dont land too low.] You should grab onto it, climb
    to the top and turn around so your facing opposite of the platform with
    the star. You should be able to aim towards it and press [A] to jump off and
    land on it. You also get a free 1UP mushroom! Good luck!
    STAR 5 - Red Coins On the Ship Afloat
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    This red coin mission boasts a bit more of a challenge than the previous
    ones. Ah well, heres the locations. 
    Coin 1 - On top of a pillar near the start of the level, shoot to it with
    the cannon.
    Coin 2 - On the very front of the ship.
    Coin 3 - On the back of the ship.
    Coin 4 - Next to coin 3.
    Coin 5 - In a clam shell in the bottom of the deep water pool.
    Coin 6 - In a clam shell in the area near the entrance on the upper level.
    Coin 7 - In a clam shell in the mid level.
    Coin 8 - In a clam shell in the lower level.
    Coins 6-8 are all pretty much near eachother. It doesn't make much sense 
    now, but when you look it will. Careful, the clams do hurt you, and it
    causes you to run out of air faster. I died a couple times because of this.
    Other than that, this level isn't too bad. The star appears on the boat.
    STAR 6 - Switch Star of the Bay
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Luigi
    Requirements - Nome
    As Luigi, go to the area where you got Star 3. Grab the Power Flower and run 
    to the Star Switch, then run through the wire grid and grab the star. Easy!
    STAR 7 - Through the Jet Stream
    STAR 8 - 100 Coins
    STAR 1 - Slip Slidin' Away
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - 3 Stars
    The ice level... As you enter, you will get a message. Enter the house 
    via the chimmeny, and slide down the icy maze. Be careful not to fall 
    off the edges, and stay away from the corners, they like to suck you in! 
    If you go too fast, its harder to control, but if you go too slow then 
    its harder to get past the corners. Watch out for the little strip at 
    the end also, its a bit narrow. Once you get to the bottom, exit the 
    cabin and a star will appear. Take your prize!
    STAR 2 - Li'l Penguin Lost
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    Here you have to return the lost baby penguin to its mother. The baby is
    walking around on the ledge above the cottage you entered for star 1. Grab
    the penguin, and slide down to the bottom there the mother penguin is.
    She will give you a star for your efforts!
    STAR 3 - Big Penguin Race
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - Stars 1-2 Completed
    This is like Star 1... except you have to beat the big penguin. You have to
    go faster, so theres more of a chance for you to slip off, and its hard enough
    to begin with. Ah well, good luck! Not much else I can say. Oh, and if hes
    close behind you his butt likes to get in the camera. Its annoying. Make sure
    you don't go out the door, or you won't get your star. [I learned the hard
    STAR 4 - Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
    STAR 5 -
    STAR 6 -
    STAR 7 - 
    STAR 8 - Find 100 Coins!
    STAR 1 - Go On a Ghost Hunt
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - None
    This level is very strange and kind of freaky. The attacking pianos is what
    gets me. To earn the first star, you have to kill all the small boos inside
    the house. Theres 1 or 2 in most of the rooms. Kill them by running up 
    behind them and punching them. [Which is why you need Mario for this.] Once
    you kill them all, "Big Boo" will appear in the big room with all the doors
    in it. Go behind him and punch him 3 times, and he will give up the star.
    STAR 2 - Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - Star 1 Completed
    Head to the little shed, and ride the lift to go downstairs. Enter the room
    where the wierd music is coming from. 5 Boos will come out of the painting.
    After you kill them all, Big Boo will appear. The battle is the same as before,
    just punch him 3 times in the back and he will give you another star.
    STAR 3 - Secret of the Haunted Books
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - Stars 1-2 Completed
    Head to the mansion once again. Go up the large stairs that appeared after
    you got STAR 1. Go to the first door on the left wall. You should be in a 
    big library. Watch out for the books that shoot out at you. Make your way
    down and around the corner, then go up. Three books should be sticking out
    on the shelf. You have to touch these books in a certian order. You can hit
    them by punching or jumping [hitting them with your head]. The order goes 
    like this..
          [ 1 ]
    [ 3 ]
               [ 2 ]
    The bookcase will slide away, letting you through to the door on the other
    side. Go in the door. There is a star on the balcony. Simply jump up and 
    grab it.
    STAR 4 - Seek the 8 Red Coins
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - Star 1 Completed
    Another red coin level. Exciting.
    Coin 1 - On the first room to the left, behind the evil piano.
    Coin 2 - On the second room to the left, on a bookcase.
    Coin 3 - Same as #2, on a different bookcase.
    Coin 4 - On the first room to the right, on a ledge.
    Coin 5 - Upstairs, in the room with all the red mesh.
    Coin 6 - In the room with the coffins, under the first one on the right.
    Coin 7 - Upstairs, in the room on the right wall. Watch out for the floor,
    it tips.
    Coin 8 - Above the main room, use Mario's floating power to get it. There
    is a power flower on the balcony connected to the room where you get coin #7.
    STAR 5 - Big Boo's Balcony
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - Stars 1-4 Completed
    Go upstairs and to the door on the very right. Look up and you will see a
    hidden ledge. Grab the Power Flower [as Mario] and float up to it. Go out
    the door and you'll notice a Luigi painting. Here is where you unlock
    Luigi, see PART G.
    Go out the door, and you will have to fight Big Boo again. This is harder
    though, your on a small balcony and if you fall off you have to go all the
    way back up. Once you punch him twice, he gets really fast and its hard not
    to get hit or turn around in time to punch him. Frustrating! But once you
    defeat him, its worth it. Once hes gone, grab the Power Flower and float
    to the top of the roof where the star appears.
    STAR 6 - Eye to Eye in the Secret Room
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Luigi
    Requirements - Stars 1-5 Completed
    You need Luigi for this mission, so if you havent unlocked him, then go do 
    it. [See PART G] Go upstairs to the last room on the right. Grab the Power
    Flower to turn invisible, and backflip onto the secret platform where you
    go for STAR 5. Luigi's agility is nice, eh?
    Quickly run into the Boo painting in this room, and kill the Boo to get it 
    out of the way. Run around the big eye until it dies. This is the easiest
    boss in history. Grab the star and your done.
    STAR 7 - Switch Star in the Basement
    STAR 8 - Collect 100 Coins
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - Stars 1-4 of Big Boo's Haunt
    Look at the instructions for STAR 5 of Big Boo's Haunt. Follow the directions
    until you see the Luigi painting. Jump into it and you will enter "Big Boo's
    Battle". Enter the door where the strange laughing is coming from. If you
    enter the wrong door you'll just go back to the Merry-Go-Round. Once in
    here, enter the next door the laughing is coming from. Basically follow the
    laughing until you get to the room with a large bridge of falling bricks
    and a star icon. Quickly run across and go up the lifts. Jump into the 
    hole. You will be in a strange room with a mirror of yourself. Suddenly the
    reflection turns into Luigi, and Big Boo appears.
    Big Boo
    Difficulty - ***
    This battle is confusing... He dissappears and appears in either side of the 
    mirror. You have to punch him from behind, if you can find him. If you stand
    in one spot, he will blow blue flames at you. Sometimes he only appears in
    the mirrors reflection, and sometimes only in Mario's side. Either way, 
    quickly turn around when hes near you and punch him. After 3 punches hes
    history. Hes fast and will chase you, so watch out. Once hes gone, you get
    the Luigi key and can finally unlock Luigi!
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Mario
    Requirements - 8 Stars
    What you've been waiting for! The first bowser fight. Go to the door upstairs
    in the main castle room that has a big star on it. If you have 8 Stars, it
    should open. You'll see a painting of Peach, and a long red carpet. As you
    get closer, the painting turns into a painting of Bowser, and you fall into
    a trap door. 
    You have entered "Bowser In The Dark World". This level is full of tricks
    and traps to keep you from getting to Bowser. But hes not very smart, so
    its easy to make it through. Its pretty straightforward.
    There is a red block near the beginning that gives you a Power Flower, but 
    there isn't really a use for it. You can step on a switch but I'm not sure
    what it does.
    On the platform with the 3 Goombas there is an extra life in the box, don't
    forget to grab it. Watch out for the things that shock you on the way up.
    If you want to, you can collect the red coins, or you can just save it for
    Watch out for the blue platforms, they tip when you step on them, which you
    can use to your advantage to get to the next one. Or you could just go 
    around and get the 2 1UP mushrooms. Step on the switch to make the checker
    board thing turn into stairs.
    Now your at the top. There is a star switch here that you can do later.
    Jump into the warp pipe...
    Difficulty - *
    Bowsers looking chubbier than ever! Hes slow, so walk in front of him. When
    he starts breathing in to breathe fire, run behind him and grab his tail.
    Swing him around [with the D-pad, or the touch screen, your choice.] and 
    throw him into the spiky bombs on the sides. You only have to do it once.
    Once you do this, he will give you the key to the downstairs. Good job!
    Finally a new part of the castle. You have access to here after you fight
    Bowser for the first time. You now have access to some new levels. 
    STAR 1 - Swimming Beast in the Cavern
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    This level is strange and confusing, but this mission is easy. From the 
    beginning, take the left path, watch out for the spider thing, just jump
    on it to kill it. There is a big gap, do a long jump to get across. Enter the
    door. You should be in a room where a boulders are rolling into a big hole. 
    Run past the boulders and up the path where they are coming from. Careful
    not to get hit. Go into then door.
    In the room, step on the lift and go down. Go down the path with all the
    Goombas. Go into the water. You will see a beast swimming around with
    a Wario cap on its head. Climb onto it and get the cap. [Don't worry, its
    friendly.] Once your Wario, go to the island in the middle and punch the
    rock to get a star.
    STAR 2 - Elevate for 8 Red Coins
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    To get all the red coins in the level, you have to ride the elevator and get
    all the coins along the way. To get there, head along the right path from
    the beginning of the course. Make sure you avoid the fire. Slide down the
    pole, and hop up the steps to the left in the corner.
    There is a platform with arrows. You basically have to go around breaking
    the blocks for most of the coins, and riding platforms.
    Coin 1 - Head forward a bit, then go to the right. One of the blocks has
    a red coin in it.
    Coin 2 - The next box also has a red coin.
    Coin 3 - Ahead and to the left a bit in the corner, theres a red coin in 
    the open.
    Coin 4 - Go to where the purple pole is, climb up and ride the next platform,
    you don't get to control this one. Break the first block for a red coin.
    Coin 5 - The next coin is floating in the air on the track.
    Coin 6 - On a small chunk of land in the air. Jump up to get it, then go back
    to the platform.
    Coin 7 - On a ledge at the end of the track.
    Coin 8 - Next to Coin #7.
    The star appears below you.
    STAR 3 - Metal-Head Wario Can Move
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Wario
    Requirements - Stars 1-2 Completed
    You need Wario for this. You might not have him unlocked, so get the Wario
    cap from the Goomba near the entrance on the right path. Head to the 
    underground lake [where you went for STAR 1]. Grab the Power Flower and 
    quickly run down the hill. Since your metal, you can walk on the lake floor.
    Follow the left wall, theres a floor switch you must step on by the next
    ledge. Step on it, as Metal Wario, and enter the room.
    Long jump across. If you have trouble long jumping across the gaps, you can
    play as Luigi and get the cap, and get hit by a spider and turn back into
    Luigi after you hit the switch, since Luigi has a much better jumping
    STAR 4 - Navigating the Toxic Maze
    Difficulty - ** 
    Best Character - Luigi/Mario
    Requirements - Stars 1-3 Completed
    As the name implies, you have to go to the toxic maze, where the wierd
    purple maze area is on your map. Head down the right path and through the
    elevator room. Take the door on the left and drop down the hole. If you
    use Luigi for this, you can get the Power Flower and be immune to the
    gas and the annoying enemy attacks. Or, you can become Mario and float over
    it. Either way works. Make your way to the straightaway that leads to the
    star. You have to float or jump up onto the ledge. Enter the door and run
    down, watch out for the bats. At the end, there is a lift. Jump on it
    and at the top the star is waiting for you. 
    STAR 5 - A-Maze-ing Emergancy Exit
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Luigi/Mario
    Requirements - Stars 1-4 Completed
    Follow the same directions as STAR 4, but go through the other path that
    you have to jump to, not the one you went to for STAR 4. Go up the lift,
    and go through the door. Jump up and grab on to the wire mesh. Climb over 
    to the star, drop down, and get it.
    STAR 6 - Watch For Rolling Rocks
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Wario
    Requirements - Stars 1-5 Completed
    You need Wario for this mission, so grab the cap. Go to the room with the
    boulders rolling down into the pit. Look at your map. You'll see a star 
    floating down the map, which is actually inside a rock. Punch the rock 
    [Wario is the only one strong enough to do so,] and grab the star, which 
    appears next to where the rocks fall.
    STAR 7 - Underground Switch Star
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Luigi
    Requirements - None
    Grab the Wario cap. Go to the elevator room and find the black block in the 
    corner. Hit it to expose the star switch. Get hit by one of the Goombas
    to return back to Luigi, as you will need him to get to the star in time.
    Step on the switch and quickly run and climb up the block stairs where the
    arrow platform is. Jump/flutter across the arrow platform to the platform
    where the star is. Break the glass ball and claim your star.
    STAR 8 - 100 Coins
    STAR 1 - Boil the Big Bully
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Luigi
    Requirements - None
    This level can be very evil, don't fall into the lava or its certian death.
    Luigi might be the best for all of these levels, because he can jump far
    which can save you from falling into the lava plenty of times. Make
    your way to the star, careful of the sinking platforms, bullies, etc.
    The big bully is stronger than you, so a good strategy is to go towards the
    edge, and when he charges, jump out of the way. Run behind him and punch
    him into the lava. It might take a couple tries, and theres emergancy coins
    if you fall into the lava. Good luck.
    STAR 2 - Boil the Bullies 
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Luigi
    Requirements - Star 1 Completed
    Basically the same as the last star, but theres 4 bullies instead. Defeat
    the three small bullies, and then a big one will appear. Use the same
    strategy. You can also jump on them to shove them. Or you could just keep
    punching and going forward until they fall off. ^^
    STAR 3 - 8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    Probably the easiest red coin star ever. Head to the left, past the eye,
    and you'll probably see the moving puzzle ahead. On the puzzle is 8 red 
    coins. As long as you watch the puzzle, you probably wont fall in. All
    the red coins are on the puzzle. This ones barely worth making a guide over!
    STAR 4 - Red-Hot Log Rolling
    Difficulty - **
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - None
    From the start, head forward and to the left a bit until you get to a
    platform with 2 bullies and some coins on it. There is a cage platform 
    next it. Jump on it and it will take you across the lava. Watch out for
    the burning streams. 
    Get off the platform at the end and jump on the log. Go down the edge a
    bit, enough for you to move but not for you to fall off. The log will start
    rolling. Slowly run up the log to keep it moving till you get to the other
    side. Run down the path and grab the star.
    STAR 5 - Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Mario/Luigi
    Requirements - None
    You've probably passed by the volcano a couple times, but this time you
    have to jump into it. When fire isn't spewing out, jump into the hole in
    the top to enter a mini world.
    Once inside, go straight and make your way up. Watch out for the bullies
    and fire traps. Theres a wall trap on the third ledge, so don't let it
    fall on you. Climb up the poles, climb to the very top to get a 1UP.
    Be careful when jumping off, its easy to fall to the bottom. The star is
    waiting for you at the top.
    STAR 6 - Inside the Volcano
    Difficulty - ***
    Best Character - Mario/Luigi
    Requirements - None
    Back to the volcano so soon! This time, instead of going forward, turn 
    around and hop across the crusty platforms. At the last one, theres a
    moving checkered platform that will take you up. After a while you will
    have to jump to another platform, and then to a poll, so be ready. On
    the second poll's platform, there is an extra life, so grab that, then climb
    back up. Keep climbing and jumping until you get to the highest spot. Your
    reward is a star.
    STAR 7 - Flaming Silver Stars
    Difficulty - *
    Best Character - Any
    Requirements - Stars 1-6 Completed
    For this one you have to grab the koopa shell near the entrance, next to
    the black block. Ride around and grab the stars in the lava. They aren't hard
    to miss, so just use your map. Theres a lot of 1UPs by the stars, you might
    want to pick those up.
    -[ 5. SECRETS ]-
    -5.1//SECRET STARS!-
    Go up the staircase in the Castle, and go to the right to the door that 
    has a star with a 1 on it. You will see a room with 5 doors. Three have 
    letters above them, and four are locked. Go straight to the unlocked door 
    in the middle. There are paintings of Peach on the side. Jump into the 
    painting on the right side from where you came in. Start sliding down, once 
    you reach the bottom you get a star in the box. Be careful not to fall off! 
    If you do this after the first 4 Bob-omb Battlefield stars, your only 3 
    away from unlocking Mario, and 5 away from the Wing Cap. 
    Go back up to the room where you found the first secret star. Instead of 
    jumping into the Peach painting, go straight ahead through the unlocked 
    door. This is the Rec Room. You should see a painting on the left wall, 
    jump into it and enter Sunshine Isles. Here you can collect 5 Silver Stars 
    and get another star. Watch out for the Goombas and the evil Lakitu!
    Star 1 - On top of the little mountain, in the open.
    Star 2 - On top of a tree on one of the little islands.
    Star 3 - In the open on another little island.
    Star 4 - Hidden under the big island in a little cove.
    Star 5 - Held by a bird flying around, you have to jump and knock it out 
    of the bird's hands.
    Once you get all 5, go get the star which is by where you came in. Theres 
    one more secret star you can get in this area that I've found so far. Go 
    to the room opposite of the room which the Bob-omb Battlefield is in. There 
    should be aquariams with fish in them.
    Go to the right and you should see a dark square high up. Do a backflip 
    into it and collect all 8 red coins before your air runs out! They are in 
    the four corners on the floor, and in the 4 circles by the windows. Now 
    you have 3 more stars for the fight against Bowser!
    In the area where all the boos are floating around, and where you enter Big
    Boo's Haunt, many of the boos have red coins in them. Punch them and collect
    all 8 red coins for a secret star.
    You can get a toad star from Toad, hes hiding in the corner next to the
    entrance of Hazy Maze Cave.
    [This Secion Under Construction]
    -[ 6. REC ROOM/MINI GAMES ]-
    Here is the info for the origional Mini Games, and the ones I've unlocked 
    so far;
    -Its easy to get lost in a crowd! Find the one who disappeared and touch him.
     There he is!
    This is kind of a... Where's Waldo type game. There is a bunch of characters
    and you have to touch the one that is on the poster on the wanted screen. The
    first levels are easy, but the next few are insane because theres a huge 
    amount of people! You can also run out of time... if you get the right one, 
    its +5, but if you touch the wrong one, its -10.
    My Personal Record; 16
    Rating - ***
    Loves me...?
    -Play this mini-game for advice on your love life! Pluck the petals to find 
     out how your crush feels about you.
    A pointless mini game... and kind of dumb, But I have to admit the graphics
    are nice in the top screen. 
    Rating - *
    Puzzle Panel
    -Match the Touch Screen picture to the top screen. Touch a panel to turn over
     the surrounding panels. Harder levels will take more turns to solve.
    Basically, select a tile and hope you get the right tiles into place.
    My Personal Record; 3
    Rating - **
    Boom Box
    -Each time you open a treasure chest, you'll hear a sound. Open 2 chests with
     the same sound. Win by matching all the pairs!
    Mario's laugh is scary after you beat a level. This is like a sound memory
    game. Its eh...
    My Personal Record; 3
    Rating - **
    Which Wiggler?
    -Touch the Wiggler on the Touch Screen that matches the one on the top
     screen. Choose carefully, though; he has a terrible temper.
    This game is kinda fun. The wigglers get confusing after a while. They can
    turn from cute to evil when you lose!
    My Personal Record; 8
    Rating - ***
    Mario's Slides
    -Guide Mario down the slides to the Star. Draw lines on the Touch Screen to
     create new routhes for him. Collect 5 Stars to move up a stage.
    This is one of my favorites, personally. Its puzzling and difficult in the 
    later levels. A good challenge.
    My Personal Record; 24
    Rating - *****
    [This Section Under Construction]
    -[ 7. MULTIPLAYER ]-
    I haven't played multiplayer yet, but it will probably be fun!
    -[ 8. THANK YOU'S ]-
    Thanks to Nintendo, for creating such a great game, and thanks to all 
    the websites that host my FAQ!
    This guide is (c) Kyle Scott i.e. PhoenixKhadgar
    Super Mario 64 DS is (c) Nintendo.
    Please do not use this guide without my permission.
    The only websites this guide should be on is...
    - GameFaqs
    If you have any questions, info, or suggestions, please e-mail me.

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