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    Castle Top FAQ by kuragia

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 06/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        Getting to the Top of the Castle
                             Written By Mark Stone
                    For Super Mario 64 DS on the Nintendo DS
                            Date of Creation: 2/9/05
                        Version 1.11 (Last Updated 6/9/06)
                   This file is Copyright (c) 2006 Mark Stone.
                            ***TABLE OF CONTENTS***
    By the way, to help you navigate, I have included little names for the
    sections. Just open the find box (press Control or Apple and F), then
    search for the parentheses and the text in them.
                             ***UPDATES (UDATES)***
    Version 1.11 (6/9/06) - I decided all the legal stuff was pointless, so
    go ahead and post this wherever you want! Also, I've corrected a few
    more minor errors. Yeah, that's all...
    Version 1.1 (3/18/05) - I fixed a few minor errors, and added a
    Challenge Method to get Mario to the top. Wow, it's been a while...
    Version 1.0 (2/9/05) - I just made this FAQ. I'll probably update it
    quite a bit... some time later.
                           ***INTRODUCTION (INTRDN)***
    Hello, everyone! This is Kuragia, and this is my first FAQ, and that
    sounded really cheesy! Anyway, I recently got the DS and this great
    game. It's hard to put down. Soon after getting it, I decided to go
    glitch hunting. Well, sure enough, I found some glitches. However, I
    thought that some particular tricks that I found deserved their own
    FAQ.  Now, you have access to these tricks! These will let you get to
    the top of the Castle in this game, without 150 Stars! Enjoy! I have
    tried to make the FAQ as comprehensive as possible.
    NOTE: I usually use the stylus, but I highly recommend using the D-Pad
    in Standard control mode for all of these.
    NOTE 2: If a phrase is followed by (picture OR video FILENAME.EXT)
    where FILENAME is the name of a picture or video and EXT is the file 
    extension, there is a picture or video of the phrase in this folder by
    this filename.
                   ***FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FRQAKQ)***
    Well, since this is the first version of this guide, there aren't
    really any frequently asked questions. However, I'll predict some
    (maybe just one).
    Q: What's on the top of the Castle?
    A: Well, there isn't really much. There's 3 One Up Mushrooms, one of
    Luigi's mini-game rabbits, and a ? Box.
    What an amazingly large section!
                          ***LUIGI METHODS (LGIMTH)***
    I just found a very easy way to get to the top of the Castle, without
    150 Stars! In fact, I have only messed up a few times out of the many
    attempts (however, I have done similar, harder ways before, so many
    people may find this one challenging at first). It is much easier than
    previous methods discovered, but it can only be done with Luigi. That's
    good anyway, since he's the only one that can accomplish anything up
    there (get his mini-game rabbit). This mini-FAQ will walk you through
    how to do this, step-by-step.
    1. If you have not unlocked Luigi, you must before attempting this
    trick. If you have, select him (obviously).
    2. As Luigi, go outside to the left side of the castle (next to the
    3. Stand with your back to the fence surrounding the moat. Your back
    should be facing the little grassy platform at the corner where the
    castle wall meets the grassy hill. This platform cuts into the castle's
    corner a little bit (picture 
    4. Backflip and hold the D-Pad/stylus/thumbstrap towards the platform,
    and land on it.
    5. See the steep grassy hill? Stand with your back as close to touching
    the hill as you can. In other words, have the camera facing towards the
    hill and waterfall, and Luigi facing the camera with his back against
    the hill (picture http://www.stenchmop.8m.com/JumpSpot.JPG). Start the
    next step before the camera automatically adjusts to be behind Luigi.
    6. This is the tricky part. Jump, and Scuttle (Hold B after jumping to
    make Luigi kick his legs back and forth, slowing the fall). While doing
    this, hold the D-Pad/stylus/thumbstrap towards Luigi's back (hold
    forward), making him move up the hill. He should be moving backwards,
    and still facing the camera. The camera should still be facing the hill
    and waterfall. While you are in the jumping steps, you always hold
    forward and B, but when Luigi lands, you quickly let go of B and then
    start holding it again. If Luigi Scuttles in the wrong direction,
    adjust the direction you are pressing the D-Pad/stylus/thumbstrap until
    he goes the right way. If the problem persists, adjust the camera angle
    using the L button and the direction you are holding the
    D-Pad/stylus/thumbstrap. If you need to adjust the camera, ignore
    further instructions relating to the camera angle.
    7. When you land, Luigi should be sitting down and sliding with his
    feet pointing towards the bottom of the hill (kind of like how you go
    down a slide, feet first. He should be moving backwards up the hill).
    If he turns around so his feet are pointing towards the top (the
    non-safe way to ride on a slide) or he stops sliding on his bottom, you
    will probably slide all the way down and have to start over. Anyway, as
    soon as you land from the first jump, let go of B and then double tap
    it, holding it down on the second press; you should jump again. Most
    people will find it easier to double tap B, holding it on the second
    press. Apparently, it helps you jump more quickly and get the double
    jump. Also, for a few people (like me), double tapping makes it
    harder, so we just let go of B then press it and hold it after we
    land. It would be best if you double jump (Luigi will make a different
    "jumping sound" and you will go slightly higher). However, as long as
    you don't slide down the hill very much and are making steady progress,
    it's okay. I usually can't double jump, in fact. Always keep Luigi
    sitting up with his back facing the higher part of the hill and his
    feet facing down. This is the same direction you were facing at the
    very beginning. Remember to keep the camera facing the steep hill and
    the waterfall. I can't stress how important it is that Luigi always
    faces the correct direction, which is how he started. Also, don't bump
    into the castle wall or you will fall a long way. You shouldn't have
    to do too many jumps before you get to the next step, though it could
    be quite a few.
    8. When you reach a certain point, Luigi should stop sliding on his
    bottom and stand up (picture http://www.stenchmop.8m.com/StandSpot.JPG).
    Once here, you can stop jumping. You should be right next to a red
    spire, and you won't be sliding down. It's a little harder, but you can
    also jump directly onto the red spire instead of here. It may be easier
    for some people.
    9. Though it looks very steep, Luigi can somehow stick to the red spire.
    Jump on, and you're on the castle roof (picture
    10. Catch the rabbits, take a picture, jump around on the waterfall, do
    whatever suits you! Enjoy your prize!
                          ***MARIO METHODS (MROMTH)***
    See the BEST METHOD in the ***ALL CHARACTERS*** section.
    As Mario, Wall Jump in the corner by the ramp that comes up from the
    moat (on the right side of the Castle). Start by jumping on the wall to
    your left (it helps to Triple Jump), then start Wall Jumping. It takes
    a little practice, but you can almost do infinite Wall Jumps until you
    get up.
    Use the method described below to get to the grass corner near the
    castle. Now, go as close to the far wall as you can and Triple Jump
    into the other wall. Use his Wall Kick strategy to get up there.
    Method to getting to the grass corner as Mario and Wario: Go to the
    small triangle of grass near the waterfall. (On the other side of the
    fence from his rabbit) Now, Long Jump (hold R and press B while running)
    to the far end of waterfall, then jump off and do a kick in mid-air
    (just press A) so you land on the ledge. Sometimes, you don't even need
    to kick.
                          ***YOSHI METHODS (YSHMTH)***
    Yoshi's way to get to the top of the Castle is very similar to Luigi's.
    The only difference is the way you get to the small, grassy platform.
    This section will tell how to do that.
    1. Start by going to the fence where Luigi backflips. Hop the fence and
    the far left end; there is a very small sliver of grass you can land on.
    2. Now, Flutter Jump (hold B while jumping) or Long Jump (hold R and
    press B while running) onto the waterfall. When you land, make sure you
    start sliding the way Luigi does when he's going up the slope to the top
    of the Castle.
    3. Once you are on the waterfall, Flutter Jump onto the small, grassy
    platform that Luigi backflips to.
    4. From here, follow the same procedure as Luigi does. It is only
    slightly more difficult.
                      ***ALL CHARACTERS METHODS (ACTMTH)***
    This method is especially useful for Wario, because there is no other
    known way to get up with him. This method makes the task of getting to
    the top of the Castle much easier for Mario, harder for Luigi and
    Yoshi, and possible for Wario.
    1. Start by going to the right side of the Castle (the side opposite
    the waterfall).
    2. Slightly to the left of the trees closest to the corner where the
    castle wall meets the hill, there is a small indention in the hill.
    Slightly to the right of that, there is a vertical rectangle of grass
    lighter than the rest of the hill. This is fairly hard to find.
    3. Once you find this light patch of grass, back away from it.
    4. Get a running start, then Triple Jump. Your goal is to do the final
    jump right under that rectangle. Once you do, keep holding forward
    until you land.
    5. Now, do a Slide Kick (while moving, hold R and press A. Don't stop
    holding R until you are at the top of the Castle.) very quickly.
    Immediately after you press these, hit B (or A again, they both work) to
    jump back up. Repeat this step, going to the left (towards the red
    turret on the Castle), but staying high enough on the hill not to fall
    off. Focus on going straight up the hill (and maybe slightly to the
    left) with a few Slide Kicks at first, then start going left (but still
    slightly up).
    6. Make sure to do all of these steps as quickly as you can. Make sure
    not to get to the very top of the hill, or you'll hit an invisible wall
    and fall down. Also, make sure you don't Dive instead of Slide Kicking.
    7. Once you land on the red turret, you're done! Enjoy your prize!
                       ***CREDITS AND THANKS (CRDTTK)***
    Sephiroth_2004 - For figuring out how to get Wario to the top, and
    figuring out how to get all characters to the left side of the castle.
    peteyboo (an un-capitalized "p" is intentional) - for contributing
    Mario's "Challenge Method."
    CJayC - For making www.gamefaqs.com, an awesome site
    Nintendo - For making Super Mario 64 DS, this game!
                       ***CONTACT INFORMATION (CONTCT)***
    As of now, you can only contact me by making a topic on the Super Mario
    64 DS board on www.gamefaqs.com with my GameFAQs name (Kuragia) in the
    topic title.
                      ***COPYRIGHT INFORMATION (CPYRGT)***
    This file is Copyright (c) 2006 Mark Stone. This entire FAQ was written
    by me, even if I did get ideas from those listed in the credits. You may
    display it on any site, however, as long as it is unmodified and you
    give credit. Of course, it's real, original home is
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), and you can be sure that the copy hosted
    there is unmodified.
    Again, you may reproduce this file and post it on your site freely as long as
    it is unmodified and you give credit to me. Otherwise, this is a
    violation of copyright.
    For those who don't want to read all this fancy legal stuff, give
    credit where it's due.

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