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    Boss FAQ by Crocomire

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    Super Mario 64 DS
    Boss Guide
    Updated Aug. 23, 2009
    Created by: Crocomire
                                     Table of Contents
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    Introduction            [intro]
    The Bosses              [bsses]
    Thanks                  [thnks]
    Copyright               [cpyrt]
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                                    Introduction [intro]
    This is a boss guide for Super Mario 64 DS for the Nintendo DS. I've decided 
    to write this guide to give you the best strategies and tips for defeating 
    the bosses in the game. There are more bosses than in the Nintendo 64 
    original so you'll be needing help on how to defeat those new ones too! 
    I hope it helps you and thanks for reading.
                                     The Bosses [bsses]
    1. Big Bob-Omb - Course 1: Bob-Omb Battlefield
                     Star 1: Big Bob-Omb on the Summit
    Attacks: Bob-Omb throwing; grab and throw across battlefield; bounce around.
    Once you reach the summit of the bob-omb battlefield, you'll fight the king of 
    the bob-ombs. He'll start throwing bob-ombs at you so, using Yoshi's tongue, 
    grab one of them in his mouth and spit it back out at Big Bob-Omb. This will 
    hurt him and he'll start pounding around the summit on his back. Keep well 
    away from him when he's bouncing around because it can inflict damage on 
    Yoshi. After a few bounces, the king will be back on his feet again and return 
    to throwing bob-ombs at you. Simply repeat the process of catching them in 
    your mouth and spitting them back at him twice more to defeat him.
    2. Big Bob-Omb - Course 1: Bob-Omb Battlefield
                     Star 4: Big Bob-Ombs' Revenge
    Attacks: Grab and throw across battlefield.
    This time around, you must use Mario to defeat Big Bob-Omb. He won't chuck 
    bob-ombs at you this time either. Instead, you must run around the back of the 
    king and lift him up then throw him to the ground to hurt him. Like the 
    previous battle with him, you must be careful not to get too close to his arms 
    as he will pick you up and throw you across the summit. If you aren't too 
    careful, he'll throw you off the arena too. So you must be quick in running 
    around the back of him them hitting A to pick him up. Tap A again and you'll 
    throw him down to the ground. Don't throw him out of the ring either because 
    the king won't allow it. After you've thrown him to the ground three times, 
    you win the fight.
    3. Whomp - Course 2: Whomp's Fortress
               Star 1: Chip Off Whomp's Block
    Attacks: Ground slam.
    You can use any of the four playable characters for this boss. When you 
    reach the top of the fortress, you have to face Whomp. He only has 
    one attacking move so he isn't much of a threat. If you get close to him, 
    he'll attempt to flatten you by slamming himself on the floor. This is your 
    only chance to attack him. When he slams himself on the floor, he'll stay 
    there for a few seconds. Be quick and ground pound his back. Once you do this, 
    he'll get back up and try and flatten you again. Just force him to slam the 
    floor, and quickly dodge out of the way, then ground pound his back again. 
    Doing this three times in total defeats Whomp and you'll get the Power Star.
    4. Big Boo - Course 5: Big Boo's Haunt
                 Star 1: Go on a Ghost Hunt
    Attacks: Ram.
    As you cannot enter the mansion with Yoshi, you cannot use him for any of 
    this level's bosses. After you defeat all the boos inside the mansion, 
    Big Boo will appear to challenge you in the main room. Backtrack to the 
    first room of the mansion and you'll battle Big Boo. As you know, staring 
    directly at boos causes them to shy away and disappear, so you have to 
    defeat him the way you defeat other boos. One easy way to do it is to turn 
    away from Big Boo and do a backflip. Then perform a ground pound and it 
    will damage him. After you hit him, he'll decrease in size too, so it 
    will get easier to hit him again. His only means of attack is ramming you 
    like the other boos but because he's so slow, he really isn't a problem. 
    Ground pound him three times and he'll be defeated.
    5. Big Boo - Course 5: Big Boo's Haunt
                 Star 2: Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Around
    Attacks: Ram.
    Once you get inside the merry-go-round you will have to defeat some small 
    boos. This wouldn't be much of a problem except for the fact that the 
    merry-go-round is constantly spinning and fire is being blasted out from the 
    walls. Just keep jumping around and you should be fine. After you defeat all 
    of the boos, Big Boo will return to fight you. Use the same method as before, 
    backflipping and ground pounding and you'll soon have him defeated. Another 
    suggestion is to triple jump and perform a ground pound just as you reach 
    behind Big Boo when you're in the air. Because you are looking at him at this 
    position, Big Boo will reappear and by the time you do the ground pound, it 
    will have damaged him. As always, three hits will have him defeated.
    6. Big Boo - Course 5: Big Boo's Haunt
                 Star 5: Big Boo's Balcony
    Attacks: Ram.
    He doesn't give up does he? Big Boo's waiting for you this time on the balcony 
    of the mansion, right at the top. Once you get there, the fight begins. The 
    same rules apply - just do a backflip or triple jump and then a ground pound 
    on Big Boo to damage him. After three hits, he'll be defeated for a third time.
    7. Big Bully - Course 7: Lethal Lava Land
                   Star 1: Boil the Big Bully
    Attacks: Knock-back into lava.
    Big Bully is a tough one. Like all of the other bullies, he constantly rams 
    you and it can be quite difficult if you don't get away from him. It is 
    possible to defeat bullies with Yoshi but as he cannot punch, it will save 
    you so much bother if you use Mario, Luigi or Wario instead. What you'll 
    want to do before you charge straight in, is give yourself a little bit of 
    distance from him. Get on the platform without him noticing you if possible. 
    Better yet, get on the platform and let him wander near the edge of this 
    little arena. Then race at him, stop running and punch him off. If you don't 
    stop running then you'll only do a dive and end up in the lava too, so run at 
    him, let go of run, then punch. This way will save you a lot of trouble 
    because he can be a bit of a problem at times. If you want to take him on 
    properly then you need a bit of a rhythm going when you attack him. He'll 
    charge at you so you must punch him back. If you wait too long, he'll smack 
    you backwards and towards the lava. Once you land a blow, walk forward, punch 
    him again, and repeat. Keep the process going in a set rhythm and you'll 
    knock him off in no time. As soon as he lands in the lava, Big Bully is 
    8. Big Bully - Course 7: Lethal Lava Land
                   Star 2: Bully the Bullies
    Attacks: Knock-back into lava.
    First of all you must defeat the three bullies running around the platform. 
    After you've knocked them all off, Big Bully will appear again. This time 
    around, you can't wait for him to walk near the edge and jump on him as he 
    attacks you from the off. Just keep that steady rhythm going as explained in 
    the previous boss strategy and you'll easily defeat Big Bully again.
    9. Eyerok - Course 8: Shifting Sand Land
                Star 4: Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
    Attacks: Fist Pound; Side Swipe; Double Fist Pound; Push.
    This boss can cause you a few problems especially seeing as you cannot fall 
    off the edge of the arena - if you do, you'll fall to your death. Eyerok 
    has a few different types of attacks but they are all easy to dodge. 
    In most cases, only one hand will attack at a time. Single hand attacks are 
    the fist pound and side swipe. Usually, one hand will do the swipe after 
    doing a pound. You'll know when a pound is coming when a hand comes above you 
    and it's shadow appears on the floor. Keep out of the way of it's shadow as 
    this is where the hand will pound. A swipe normally follows a pound but as 
    long as you keep out of the way of the pound and run near to the stone coffin 
    at the back of the room, you will dodge his attack easily. Every now and then 
    the hands will both get together and pound the ground quickly. Just keep your 
    distance from them and you'll be fine. To damage the hands, it's quite easy. 
    When one hand tries to attack you, the other hand stays put and it's eye 
    opens. Quickly run in and punch, kick, or dive into the eye to damage it.
    Just keep hitting the eyes of both hands and once one of them is hit 3 times, 
    it'll die, leaving the other hand on its own. When only one hand is left, it 
    will try and push you off the end of the platform. This can be a lethal attack 
    and you really have to be quick to avoid it, especially as it can catch you 
    unexpectedly as soon as the other hand has died. Either jump over and away from 
    the hand or run very quickly into space to avoid this push attack. The eye will 
    open as usual and you just have to give it it's third whack to defeat it.
    10. Ice Bully - Course 10: Snowman's Land
                    Star 2: Chill with the Bully
    Attacks: Knock-back into ice pool.
    Ice Bully is much like Big Bully. They both attack you in the same way but 
    Ice Bully is harder because you have to fight him on a very slippery platform. 
    What's worse is that should you get knocked off, you'll burn yourself on the 
    extremely cold ice below. Jump onto the platform carefully, preferably not 
    close to the bully so you don't get bashed off as soon as you get on. Then 
    start punching at him and after each punch you land on him, walk closer to get 
    him nearer the edge. Don't worry about the slippery platform and just keep 
    focused on punching him. You'll soon punch him off and when he lands in the 
    ice, you'll receive your Power Star.
    11. Wiggler - Course 13: Tiny-Huge Island
                  Star 6: Make Wiggler Squirm
    Attacks: Charge.
    Once you start the battle with Wiggler, he'll run around trying to knock you. 
    Making contact with any part of his both other than his head will not damage 
    you and at first, he doesn't cause much of a problem. What you have to do is 
    jump on his head. Jumping on his body won't do anything here, it must be his 
    head. After you jump on his head once, he'll get angrier and pick up his pace. 
    He'll make a better attempt to bash you this time so you need to pick up the 
    pace too. Jump on his head a second time and he'll grow even angrier and turn 
    a bright red color. Now you know he's mad. He sprints around trying to hit you 
    now so you've got to be quick. Should you get low on health, pick up the coins 
    dotted about the place. Jump on his head once more and he'll return to his 
    normal happy self and hand you the Power Star.
    12. Goomboss - Mario's Painting
                   Goomboss Battle
    Attacks: Dash; goomba minions.
    This is where you save Mario so you can only use Yoshi for this boss at first. 
    As soon as the battle begins, Goomboss charges around the arena. Three goombas 
    follow him and the only way to damage him is to run right up behind him. So 
    start running the same way as Goomboss, making sure you don't fall in the 
    middle with the poisonous gas. Once you eventually reach behind Goomboss, eat 
    a goomba and change it into an egg. Then fire the egg at Goomboss' back to 
    hurt him. He'll stop, turn around, and grow larger. Six goombas appear behind 
    Goomboss this time and he'll start running around the arena again. Just race 
    around the same direction as him until you get close enough to eat a goomba 
    and fire another egg at him. Once again, Goomboss will grow larger and nine 
    goombas will appear behind him. He'll go nuts and run around the arena again. 
    Simply do what you did the last two times and run up behind him, eat a goomba, 
    and fire an egg at him. The third shot seals your victory.
    13. Big Boo - Luigi's Painting
                  Big Boo Battle
    Attacks: Ram.
    For this battle you can only use Mario at first. Big Boo returns but he's 
    still as easy to defeat as he was before. This time though, he can disappear 
    completely and the only way to spot him is by looking through the mirror on 
    the opposite wall, or looking out for his shadow on the floor. Once you know 
    where his location is, you'll know exactly what to do. Do a backflip and 
    ground pound him. After slamming him once, he'll vanish and reappear in 
    another part of the room. Look out for him again and ground pound him. Do this 
    a third and final time and you'll defeat him...again.
    14. Chief Chilly - Wario's Painting
                       Chief Chilly Challenge
    Attacks: Knock-back into ice pool.
    You can only use Luigi for this challenge but as there are other caps dotted 
    about the level before the fight, you can change into Mario (and Wario after 
    you unlock him) too. Chief Chilly seems to be a part of the bully family and 
    in that respect, he moves and attacks like them too. The battle takes place on 
    a slippery area where you mustn't fall off. Chief Chilly is much quicker than 
    the other bullies though as he doesn't seem to stop very often, instead 
    continuing to run after you even when he misses you. You must punch and kick 
    your way to victory here. Punching doesn't seem to have a very strong effect 
    on him though so you'll want to try kicking him. You can kick after you timely 
    tap A but unless you can get the timing spot on for that method, there's an 
    easier way. Simply jump then tap A and you'll kick in mid-air. Now just land 
    mid-air kicks on Chief Chilly and he'll bounce back much further than a punch. 
    After you knock him off the edge, he'll jump back and start bouncing around, 
    breaking off the edges of the platform to make it smaller. This obviously 
    makes your fight harder but as long as you use those mid-air kicks, it won't 
    be too much of a problem. Knocking him off again forces him to smash off more 
    of the arena and increasing the difficulty. Kick him off once more and he'll 
    accept defeat.
    15. Bowser - Bowser In The Dark World
    Attacks: Fire breath; ground pound. 
    When you land in Bowser's arena you will notice eight spiked bombs on the 
    edge. To do defeat Bowser, you have to throw him into one of them. So you 
    cannot use Yoshi. But if you do happen to enter this battle with Yoshi then 
    don't worry because Bowser will breath flames at you and if you get out of the 
    way of them, they will leave behind a cap of Mario's (or Luigi or Wario 
    providing you've saved them). Bowser has a few different moves at his disposal 
    such as the mentioned fire breath and ground pound. When Bowser ground pounds, 
    the arena will shake and you will be stunned for a second or two. To avoid 
    being stunned, jump in the air when Bowser lands. To actually throw Bowser 
    into one of these spiked bombs, yu need to grab him by his tail. Run around 
    him in circles and get near his tail. As soon as you're near his tail, press A 
    and you'll grab him. Now move your thumb around the d-pad or touch screen in 
    circles so you can spin Bowser around. When you press A again, you'll fling 
    him across the battle field. You have to try and make him smash into a spiked 
    bomb and once you do, you'll win the battle. Only one hit is needed.
    16. Bowser - Bowser In The Fire Sea
    Attacks: Ground pound tips platform into lava; Charge; Flames; 
    Fire Breath; Teleport.
    Once again, you have to swing Bowser into a spiked bomb to defeat him. But 
    this battle is harder than the last time you fought him. When Bowser ground 
    pounds this time, the whole platform tips right up, almost vertically, and 
    forces you to slide down it and into the lava. Just keep jumping up to stop 
    yourself falling all the way down. Bowser now charges at you too, and he's 
    quite a fast paced guy as well. To avoid his charges, do a few long jumps 
    right away from where he's heading. He also breathes out little flames which 
    follow you around. Keep running away from them and they'll soon disappear. 
    Some of them leave behind coins if you're low on health too. Bowser even has 
    the ability to teleport quickly but this really isn't that much of a problem. 
    Just concentrate on trying to grab his tail. He moves faster when you circle 
    him but you get better opportunities to grab his tail, like after he charges 
    you. When he comes to a halt, he skids and this is your chance to grab him. 
    It's always helpful to grab him right next to a bomb too, so you don't have to 
    put too much effort into spinning him around. As with the last fight, one 
    swing into a bomb will be enough to defeat Bowser.
    17. Bowser - Bowser In The Sky
    Attacks: Ground pound shockwaves; Fire Shower; Fire Breath; Flames; Charge.
    This is the final fight - Mario versus Bowser. This battle is the hardest 
    fight in the game. Bowser has a couple more new moves now. When he pounds the 
    ground this time, shockwaves will generate and travel across the arena. You 
    can see the white shockwaves quickly move across and if you touch one, you'll 
    take damage. Jump over them to avoid them. Bowser can create a fire shower 
    by breathing fire into the air. Flames fly down and spread all over the field. 
    Be careful not to touch them. As with before, some flames will leave behind 
    coins if you are low on life energy. You'll notice there are now only five 
    spiked bombs in this fight which makes your chances of hitting one with Bowser 
    less likely but with a bit of practice, you can accurately land him on one. 
    Should you swing Bowser out of the arena, when he jumps back up again, he can 
    break off parts of the platform with his weight, decreasing the size of the 
    field. This too makes the fight harder. Just do what you've always done and 
    try and grab Bowser by the tail. Swing him into a bomb to damage him. After 
    you hit him with another bomb, the fight will get even tougher! Bowser goes a 
    bit crazy and breaks off huge chunks of the battle arena, leaving him and 
    Mario on a star-shaped platform. The spiked bombs are much further away from 
    you now so when you grab Bowser by the tail again, you really need to swing 
    him around quickly. Land Bowser on another bomb for the third time and you'll 
    have defeated him! Congratulations on beating the game!
                                        Thanks [thnks]
    Many thanks to the following:
    You, the reader, for reading my Boss Guide!
    CJayC for creating this fantastic website and for hosting my guide.
    Nintendo for creating this gaming masterpiece.
                                      Copyright [cpyrt]
    This guide is a copyright of me, Crocomire. I will allow people to print off 
    this guide or host it on your own website, so long as you provide a link 
    back to the original location of the guide and recognise that I created it.
    Attempting to claim this guide as your own is an offense.
    Thank you.

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