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    Versus Mode FAQ by Carter12

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    Super Mario 64 DS
    Versus Mode (Multiplayer) FAQ
    Nintendo DS
    FAQ Version 1.1
    Created 8/4/2005
    Last Updated 17/4/2005
    BY Carter12 (carter12.faqs@gmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2005 Thomas Carter. All rights reserved. 
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                                - TABLE OF CONTENTS -
    1. Introduction
    2. Copyright
    3. Version History
    4. What is Versus Mode?
    5. Versus Mode Guide
        5.01. Castle Grounds
        5.02. Sunshine Isles
        5.03. Princess's Secret Slide
        5.04. Battle Fort
    6. Stratergy Guide
    7. FAQs
    8. Thanks and Credits
                                   - 1.INTRODUCTION -
    Hello and welcome to this FAQ explaining the Versus Mode in Super Mario 64 DS. 
    This FAQ will cover the Mode entirely, explaining what the mode is, how to 
    access it, the levels, the star location in the levels, and also I'll cover 
    some frequently asked questions. 
    In this FAQ, you could (if you wanted) use the Find function. To access it 
    press Crtl+F and type in one of the contents and hit enter twice and you will 
    be taken to the relevant section. 
    If you spot any mistakes please feel free to email me at 
    (carter12.faqs@gmail.com). Also if you could give me some feeback for the FAQs 
    by rating it, that would be a great help.
    Thank you.
                                    - 2.COPYRIGHT - 
    This FAQ is Copyright 2005 Thomas Carter. All rights resevred.
    This document is protected by the International Copyright Law, and may not be
    re-transmitted in any form, in part or in whole at any time. This FAQ is for
    private use only and may not be used other wise, and by no means may it be 
    sold for profit.At this time, the only legal host for this FAQ is 
    www.GameFAQs.com. Any other form of media, including but not 
    limited to websites, magazines, and periodicals are strictly forbidden from 
    hosting this FAQ in any form without prior written approval from me. Any and 
    all attempts at altering or stealing from this guide are blatant violations of 
    the copyright. All violators can be prosecuted. If you know of any form of 
    media who is hosting this guide illegally, please contact me with the 
    information. Note that all credits to the creation of the guide can be 
    found at the end of this FAQ, Section XII. This FAQ is sole property of me, 
    Thomas Carter, and is all my intellectual property unless otherwise noted.
                                 - 3.VERSION HISTORY - 
    Version 1.0
    Created 8/4/2005 - 
    The first version of the FAQ, with all sections completed. 
    Version 1.1
    Created 17/4/2005 - 
    Modifyed moves section. 
                               - 4.WHAT IS VERSUS MODE? - 
    Versus Mode is great part of Super Mario 64 DS (SM64). SM64 uses the DS's 
    wireless technology, so that you can play with up to 3 more or your mates, and 
    battle it out for Stars across 4 maps taken from the Main Game. 
    To access the Versus Mode, you need to be at the Main Menu Screen. On the left 
    there is orange icon with "VS" on it with a little picture of a DS. 
    Hit this button and you will be taken to a screen. This is where the game is 
    looking for other opponents in the vacinity. With SM64 you only need one game 
    card. This means that up to four people can play, even if you only have one 
    game card. 
    For the other players, then must go to "DS Download Play" on the systems Main 
    Menu, and this will then look for a game in the area. The game will then be 
    downloaded onto the DS, and then you can enter the room(s) tht are displayed. 
    It takes about 30 seconds to download game data. Depending on the environment, 
    it may take longer. "_" is used to display nicknames that contain symbols. 
    During VS Battle games, if communication seems to be affected by other 
    electronic devices, move to another location or turn off the interfering 
    device, You may need to reset the power on the DS and start the game again. 
    The person with the game card will  the host, and decides what maps you play 
    on. Once the other DS's have connected their names will be displayed in the box 
    on the host's screen. Once everyone is in, tap "Touch to Start". 
    The next screen is the screen that you use to pick which map you want to play 
    on. Also on this screen, there are two more options. 
    By pressing SELECT, you will be taken to the Controller Modes screen, and you 
    can chose from "Standard Mode", "Touch Mode" or "Dual-Hand Mode". 
    By pressing START, this will take you to some more options. You can turn the 
    sound setting from "Surround" to "Stero" or "Headphones". Also you can turn the 
    backlight on or off, which is not helpful at all becasue you can't see jack 
    when the backlight is off. 
    You can also go into the Versus Mode and practice alone on all of the stages. 
    This could be helpful when getting to know star locations.
    After selecting between the stages, you will be taken straight into the game. 
    Thats where the fun begins!
                              - 5. VERSUS MODE GUIDE - 
    In this section I will go through each level, and detail where each star is 
    located, and what the best tactics are for each level when battling with your 
    mates. I probably will put some ASCII maps in over time, but I may not, who 
    Each map has one Star already available to get at the beginning, but then once 
    one is captured, a new one will sprawn (probably right across the other side of 
    the map). You can attack one a other in the game by using the normal controls 
    from the main game. 
    The player with the most Stars at the end of the game wins, and if two players 
    have the same total of Stars at the end, then the player with the most coins 
    In some the areas there are caps that you can capture. These caps will turn you 
    into the one you capture be it Mario, Yoshi, Luigi or Wario. Pick up a Cap to 
    turn into someone else! Attack opponents to grab their Stars from them. 
    Please not that the star orders listed below will not be the same each time. I 
    am only merely explaining the locations when I played through it. The orde they 
    appear will change, but the locations will not. 
    Well anyways, here comes each level named and shamed I guess...
                                     - STAGES - 
    5.01. - Castle Grounds
    This map is from the very beginning of the game, and is quite a goodun for 
    battling on in Versus Mode. The best way to get the Stars is not to go below 
    ground level, and try to get stuck on the ramps or stairs. 
    Star Locations
    There are 5 stars in each level. The first star is straight ahead, and slightly 
    to the right. Head straight up the bank to get this one (1). The next star that 
    becomes available is to the left of the one you just got, in the hedge area. To 
    get to follow the yellow path to the left of the Star you just got (2). The 
    next star that appears is right back across the other side up a tree. Go 
    backthe way you come using the apth, go past the Castle (on your left) and be 
    careful not to hit the bomb that is roaming around. Use the action button to 
    climb the tree, then press up to climb it, then jump at the top to knock the 
    star out (3). Next the star appears on the big black bomb with a chain on it 
    (star at the back of it). Getting this star can be quite tricky, so it best to 
    approach from the back or the side, and try not to hit the bomb, as if you are 
    carrying a star(s) they will come out and be available for your opponents to 
    grab (4). The final star appears directly south of the doorway to the Castle on 
    the island that sticks out into the water. To get to this one going from the 
    start location, go up the bank of the right, and on the other side should be 
    the star (5). 
    Cap Locations
    The Wario Cap is located on the hedge to the left, jump onto the hedge to get 
    it. Thw Mario Cap is located next to the tree on the right that one of the 
    stars is up. The Luigi Cap is located on the island that sticks out into the 
    water by one of the stars. 
    For each area bar the Slide level I will do a map to show exact locations of 
    the stars and Caps.
    |         |            |      | |      |    KEY - 
    |         |     C      |      | |      |      
    |         |            |      | |      |    M  = Mario Cap
    |         |____________|      | |     M|    W  = Wario Cap
    |              |  |           | |   *  |    L  = Luigi Cap
    |     ---------- B*-----------/ |      |    C  = Castle
    |         /--------------------/       |    B* = Star attached to bomb
    |         | |     *                    |    *  = Star Locations
    |         | |             /-----------\| 
    |         \ \             |----\      ||
    |    W     | |            |L * |      ||
    |   *      | |            |----/      ||
    |          \  \           |           ||
    |           | |           \___________/|
    5.02. - Sunshine Isles
    This level can be found in the Rec Room from the Main Menu. This level includes 
    water, which can slow you down, so jumping can be quite useful to clear the 
    water and beat your mates. This level is split into islands (hence Sunshine 
    Isles), and the stars do mainly appear on the islands. 
    Star Locations
    The first star is located straight in front of you on the largest island (1). 
    The next star is located around the back of the largest island, on the second 
    largets island. When dismounting from the largest island, its best to jump as 
    you will slip down the slope and wate time when travelling to the next star. 
    You will need to jump to get this star (2). The next star is back the way you 
    come on the to the north (3). Along to the next island for the next star (4). 
    The final star is located back on the largest island right at the very top (5). 
    Cap Locations
    All the Caps are located on the largets island. The Mario Cap is the ground 
    level, the Luigi one on the next and the Wario Cap is on the level before the 
    |                                      |    KEY - 
    |        *                             | 
    |                                      |    W3 - Wario Cap 3rd Level
    |                                      |    L1 - Luigi Cap 1st Level
    |                                      |    MG - Mario Cap Ground Level
    |            /--------------\          |    *  - Star Loactions
    |   *        |  /-----\     |          |    *G - Star on ground level
    |            |  |   *4 \    |          |    *4 - Star on fourth level
    |            |  / L1 W3 \   |          |
    |            |  |       /   |          |
    |            |  / *G MG     |          |
    |            \__\______/____/          |
    |     *                                |
    |                                      |
    5.03. - Princess's Secret Slide
    The smallest level in Versus Mode, which can be accessed from the Character 
    Room. This level is just a long slide which ends in a room where you can battle 
    it out for Stars. This is the best level for actually attacking your opponents. 
    Star Locations
    The locations in this level never change, as all of them are already in place 
    from the start. The first star is right in front off you (1). Here you can 
    chose whether to get the star or go down the slide and get the 3 at the bottom 
    and defend your self with them. The next star is located about half way down 
    the slide, you have to jump just before it to get it (2). The final 3 stars are 
    located in the same area at the bottom of the slide (3,4,5). 
    Cap Locations
    Wario Cap, Mario Cap and Luigi Cap are located at the start, and also sometimes 
    at the bottom. 
    5.04. - Battle Fort
    Probably the most complicated map, and has alot of enemies to be aware of. 
    Mainly the bombs rolling around in the middle of the map. For this map, same 
    with the first one, try not to get caught on the ramps, but try and jump to get 
    up them quickly. Use the bridges to get across avoiding the bombs. 
    Star Locations
    The first star is located behind you, up the ramp with the arrows on it, and 
    then across the gantry and the star is at the end (1). The next star is located 
    back up where you got onto the gantry (2). The third star is located to the 
    left of the second one, in the corner (3). The next star is located right over 
    in the diagonal corner (4). The final staris located in the opposite corner to 
    where you are (to the left), down in the bottom (watch out for the bombs) (5). 
    Cap Locations
    The Mario Cap is located under the bridge in the air, near the first star. The 
    Wario Cap is located on the network of bridges in the corner near the third 
    star. The Luigi Cap is located on the bridges right in front of where you 
                              - 6.STRATERGY GUIDE - 
    In this section of the FAQ, I will detail the attacks that are available in 
    Versus Mode. Sometime attacking is only option in Versus. Well if your mates 
    have all the stars then what else you going to do to win? Each character has 
    different methods of attacking. I will go through each character and explain 
    these attacks. 
    | All Characters |
    All the Characters can preform quite a few attacks that can be quite useful in 
    the Versus Mode. I will list the attacks, with what they do and their button 
    combinations. All the characters apart from the ones that are mark, Yoshi 
    cannot preform. I will put a (Y) next to the ones Yoshi CANNOT perform. 
    Kick (Y)
    This attack can be useful for when you get surrounded, like at the bottom of 
    the Slide level. 
    Button Combination
    By taping the A button 3 times, yourt character will perform the kick. 
    Jump Kick (Y)
    This is similar to the Kick, but it involves a jump as well, so if a character 
    is on a ledge or similar object, you can knock them off by jumping up. 
    Button Combination
    To use this attack, press B then A. 
    Slide Attack (Y)
    This attack is as the name suggests, you slide into your opponent. This attack 
    could be useful when your opponent is running down a hill, you could slide into 
    them using the hill to gain more speed. 
    Button Combination
    Just press the A button while Dashing. To Dash in the first place, hold down 
    the Y button and a directional button. 
    Slide Kick
    This attack sees you character sliding first then kicking an opponent when your 
    close enough. 
    Button Combination
    By using the directional buttons for the direction you want to go, then press R 
    and A together and your will slide and kick you opponent. 
    Sweep Kick
    The is similar to the Slide Kick, the only difference been you can do this one 
    without moving along. 
    Button Combination
    Press R followed by A to perform this attack. 
    Ground Pound
    This attack can be performed by all characters, and basically is just a dive 
    bomb attack.
    Button Combination
    To perfrom this, press B and then R. 
    I will now move onto the Characters Specific Moves. 
    | Mario |
    Power - **
    Speed - **
    Jump  - **
    Mario can peform 3 specific moves, but only one is available in the Versus 
    Mode. This is not really an attack, but useful for evasion. 
    Wall Kick
    This move sees Mario jumping toward a wall, and then using the wall to jump up 
    even higher. This move as I said can be useful for evasion. 
    Button Combinations
    Press B while moving towards a wall, then as you hit the wall press B again to 
    jump off it. 
    | Yoshi |
    Power - N/A
    Speed - **
    Jump  - ***
    Yoshi has 4 specific moves, but only 3 are available. 
    This is Yoshi's primary attack while in Versus Mode. The attack sees Yoshi 
    swallowing anything he is near, and then you can spit it out, thus retriving 
    the star from the person you just swallowed. 
    Button Combination
    Use the A button to swallow certain objects, and use the A button again to spit 
    them out.  
    | Wario |
    Power - ***
    Speed - *
    Jump  - *
    Wario has actually got specific moves that can oly be used in the Versus Mode. 
    Swing and Fling
    This attack sees Wario grabbing an oponnent, swinging them round and then 
    letting them go. This is one of the best moves in the Versus Mode. 
    Button Combination
    Us the A button to grab a player, then use the Directional button to swing them 
    around, then when you feel it is right, let go of them using the A button! Can 
    be quite comical. 
    | Luigi |
    Power - *
    Speed - **
    Jump  - ***
    Luigi has 3 moves that can be used in Versus Mode. 
    This basically make Luigi move faster. Can be useful when getting away from 
    Button Combinations
    Just hold down the B button for this one. 
    Backward Somersault
    This trick again is useful for evasion. When someone is running after you, it 
    can be quite nefty to pull off a backward somersault right over them. 
    Button Combination
    Press the R button and then the B button to perform this aecrobatic stunt!
    Water Run
    This is definatly useful for Sunshine Isles. Luigi has the ability to run on 
    water for a short time. 
    Button Combination
    Use the Directional button and the Y button when nearing water and Luigi will 
    float across the water. 
    Right they are all the moves and tricks and attcks you will need for your time 
    in Versus Mode. 
                         - 7.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS -
    In this section I will answer any questions that have been asked about the 
    Versus Mode. 
    Q: How many levels are there in Versus Mode?
    A: There are 4 levels in the Versus Mode. 
    Q: What do the Caps do?
    A: The Caps allow you to change into another character, and fool them. You well 
    have all the abilites of that character. If you get hit, you will go back to 
    your orginal character.
    Q: Why can't I connect to play wirelessly?
    A: Try moving away from other electrical devices or restarting the DS's. Make 
    sure someone has the game in there DS and that the other people go to "DS 
    Download Play" on the system Main Menu.
    Q: How many people can play together?
    A: On this game only 4, but others games can support up to 16, like Pictochat 
    and Metroid Prime: First Hunters. 
    Q: What characters are in Versus?
    A: Mario, Yoshi, Wario and Luigi are in Versus Mode
                            - 8. THANKS AND CREDITS - 
    Well this sections kinda ties everything together really. 
    Thanks to...
    CJayC - For excepting this guide and making GameFAQs are great place. 
    Nintendo - For making the DS
    Nintendo - For making Super Mario 64 DS, a cracking port from the N64
    Special Thanks to...
    Matt Reynolds (Crazyreyn) - For telling me how to access the levels other then 
    in the Versus Mode. 
    By Carter12 (carter12.faqs@gmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2005 Thomas Carter. All rights reserved. 
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.

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