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    Boss FAQ by ElMostasa

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 05/25/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                               Boss FAQ
                             By: ElMostasa
                    (Kudos to acebrock for the ASCII)
    *** Intro ***
    Welcome all, to my very first FAQ/Guide..thing! It's not much to look at, but 
    that's why there's updates. If it didn't hit you already, this FAQ has to do 
    with the bosses for Metroid Prime: Hunters. Also this is the introduction, where
    I will introduce things. 
    First things first, how to use a FAQ. What..? You don't know how to use a FAQ?
    Then you'll have to look somewhere else...or press Ctrl+F to look what you're
    looking for...
    Anyways, you will see that the section are divided poorly by ***'s or ~~~'s.
    Don't worry, I'll make it better soon enough. 
    The different bosses are also written in a specific form, which I will explain
    right now.
    (1) Generic Boss - ***** (2)
    (3) Attacks: Whining attack, guns, more guns.
    (4) Scans: Generic Boss, guns, Generic Boss arm.
    (5) To defeat this Generic Boss, you have to climb the tallest mountains of the
    world, all while trying not to spill a dop of water from the glass that
    suddenly appeared on your hand. After getting the super ultra orb form the top,
    you have to go to Bob Dole's house before time runs out. Then maybe, maybe, 
    you'll beat this boss.
    As you can see, this is totally made up.
    (1) Name of the boss.
    (2) Difficulty of the boss on the first try or so out of 5.
    (3) Attacks or weapons of the boss.
    (4) The different scans avaliable in the boss fight. Note, I will hardly point
        out to scan the boss. I'll assume that you've already read the scans on the
        (4) section of the boss guides.
    (5) General discription on how to beat the boss. It sometimes might not be the
        best way, so you don't have to follow every single exact step of it. It's
        just my way of beating the boss.
    That's all for the intro. Now run, run into the wild!
    *** Table of Contents ***
    To search for something, use Ctrl+F.
    1.0 Version History
    2.0 Hunter Battles
     2.1 Kanden
     2.2 Spire
     2.3 Weavel
     2.4 Sylux
     2.5 Noxus
     2.6 Trace
    3.0 - Octoloth Guardians
     3.1 - Cretaphid v1
     3.2 - Slench 1a, 1b
     3.3 - Cretaphid v2
     3.4 - Slench 2a, 2b
     3.5 - Cretaphid v3
     3.6 - Slench 3a, 3b
     3.7 - Cretaphid v4
     3.8 - Slench 4a, 4b
    4.0 - Final Boss
     4.1 - Getting to Gorea 2
     4.2 - Gorea
     4.3 - Gorea 2
    5.0 - Mini-Bosses 
     5.1 - Fire/Arctic Spawn
     5.2 - Guardians
    6.0 - Contact
    7.0 - Legal Junk
    1.0 -  Version History  - Last updated: 5/23/06
    Like you really want to know what versions this FAQ has gone through but its 
    here anyways.
    version 1.5 - Huh, after this update, I might just finalize it. Anyways, more
                  tips for Cretaphid v4 and Slench 4.
    version 1.4 - ASCII, tips, and a slightly new layout. Still looks bad though.
    version 1.3 - Woah, big update here. Lets see, I moved and changed the intro to
                  make it look more professional...in a way. I have also added the
                  mini-boss section. Tips from other people have been added to the 
                  FAQ. Made some slight changes to the headings of each section,
                  will work on making it better.
    version 1.2 - More e-mail, new sites that can host this FAQ, Arctic, Fire 
                  Spawn, and Guardian guides soon to come. 
    version 1.1.2 - Small E-mail note.
    version 1.1 - Fixed some minor errors. >.>
    version 1.0 - Got the main bosses, might set up mini-bosses.
    2.0 Hunter Battles
    Ah yes, the Hunters who are after the same thing you are: The Octoliths. You'll
    run into them frequently, but this is for the first time you meet them, since
    they're harder at this point. Each Hunter has his own special ability that can
    be activated by using a specific weapon. Anyways, here they are, in the order
    that you meet them. (or should meet them.)
    NOTE: After you beat them for the first time, they're easier from now on.
    2.1 - Kanden - **
    Alt: Stinglarva
    Weapon: Volt Driver - Disrupts your visor for a few seconds.
    Scans: Kanden, Stinglarva
    Kanden's pretty easy. When you first meet him, he'll turn into the Stinglarva 
    and...squirm away. Follow him and when he sees you, he'll turn into the 
    Stinglarva once again. Shoot him from a distance unless you want to get hit by 
    his homing tail-bombs. When he goes into his biped mode, he'll go to the 
    platform in the middle and start to shoot giant electric bolts at you or small 
    rapid shots. Avoid them by strafing to the left or right, all while continuing 
    to shoot him. When he starts to charge towards you, (when he has low health) 
    run backwards while shooting him and go into morph ball when he goes to his 
    alt. At this time, drop bombs dish out some more damage. 
    2.2 - Spire - **
    Alt: Dialanche
    Weapon: MagMaul - Sets you on fire for a few seconds, losing energy on the way.
    Scans: Spire, Dialanche
    It starts off a little tricky, as soon as you enter the battle, he'll attack 
    you from a high ledge, so you'll have to shoot him from the ground. When he 
    takes enough hits, a mini-cut scene will show you which door you have to go to. 
    When you go to the room to the right after you enter, you'll be trapped. Destroy
    the portal-esque things the rollers are coming out of. Once done, Spire will 
    attack you from a open hole above. Shoot him until he jumps in the room. Now 
    it'll be a little cramped in there, but he'll be in hisalt form the whole time 
    in there, and he just goes around in circles , so strafe and shoot him down 
    until he runs away. Follow him and he'll be in a high ledge. Shoot him while 
    strafing and he'll jump down. When he's on your level, run backwards and keep 
    shooting him. Strafe while you run too. You don't need to use your missles, but 
    if you're having a little trouble, use them. When he turns into his alt, avoid 
    him by jumping until he returns to his biped. Keep shooting him and repeat.
    2.3 - Weavel - ***
    Alt: Halfturret
    Weapon: Battlehammer - Knocks you back and has good blast radius.
    Scans: Weavel, Halfturret (Torso or turret, it doesn't matter.)
    Now, you WILL get hit by Weavel, so turn off your sound if you get distracted 
    too much. Strafe arround the room while shooting him like crazy until he reaches
     his halfturret mode. You shouldn't lose much health if you continue to strafe 
    and shoot. Anyways, once in halfturret mode, he'll be much easier, he might not 
    even hit you! Strafe or run backwards around the room (adjust your running) 
    while shooting his upper half of his body. If you strafe around the room, the 
    turret won't be able to hit you. Anyways, continue to shoot the upper half until
     he retreats into the tunnel. Now you might have to take out the turret, but 
    that won't be hard. Anyways, follow him at the end of the tunnel and quickly 
    turn into your biped mode and start shooting Weavel. Once again, you will get 
    hit, so don't worry too much about that. Strafe around the sand area (with the 
    zoomers) and try to aim for headshots. Once in halfturret mode, do the same 
    procedure and he should be down. If you need health or ammo, shoot the plants 
    or the zoomers.
    2.4 - Sylux - ***/****
    Alt: Lockjaw
    Weapon: Shock Coil - Heals Sylux
    Scans: Sylux, Lockjaw
    Yeah, he's pretty tough. He has a good amount of HP and his attack is pretty 
    strong for a weapon like that. If you stay in the range of his weapon, which 
    is pretty long, you'll be in a world of hurt. First, scan him. Then run as 
    back as you can while trying to shoot him wiht your Power Beam or Battlehammer.
    It'll be a little tough aiming but try. You'll then have to turn or you'll be
    against a wall. What I mean is that the area you're in looks a little like
    | + + + + + |
    | +||~~~||+ |  | = wall
    | +|     |+ |  ~ =closed
    | +|     |+ |  + = running path
    | +|     |+ |
    | +|     |+ |
    | +||~~~||+ |
    Bad ASCII, I know. Anyways, follow that path while running backwards. When he 
    turn into Lockjaw, he'll hover away most of the time, but don't follow him. 
    Instead, cut him off and shoot him. When he comes close to you, jump to avoid 
    him and the trip wires. When you damage him enough, he'll go the area that was 
    once closed. By the way, strafing doesn't help here as the Shock Coil has good 
    Sylux, Delano 7 - **
    Attacks: Sylux: Same as before. Delano 7: Autocannon
    Scans: Sylux, Lockjaw, Delano 7 (as a object scan)
    When you enter the area you followed him into, the entrance will close and he'll
     start attacking you. Shoot him from where you are or go to the very left and 
    down in the room. You'll be in a corner and when he pops in, shoot him. He'll 
    constantly switch between his alt and his biped, so the Shock Coil isn't much 
    of a threat anymore. When you damage him enough, his gunship, Delano 7, will 
    come in and attack. Scan it and go back in the corner. If you stay there, the 
    Delano 7 won't be able to hit you. Keep shooting Sylux when he pops in or if 
    you have a good shot, but don't get out or else you'll get hurt. You can also 
    get behind the crate in that corner and the Delano's and Sylux's attacks won't 
    hurt you. However, the crate can only take so much, so shoot the Delano's hull 
    to temporarily drop its weapons and shoot Sylux. Don't shoot the crate though. 
    When the crate finally gives in, take the Large health pack and continue with 
    the stragegy above.
    2.5 - Noxus - ***/****
    Alt: Vhoscythe
    Weapon: Judicator - A charged shot can freeze you.
    Scans: Noxus, Vhoscythe
    Noxus can be tough if you stay in the small area that you entered. The reason he
    's such a pain is that he can freeze you and can deal extra damage when he does 
    freeze you. Get into the open area where he was fighting Trace and shoot him 
    with your Power Beam or Battlehammer from there. If he comes running at you 
    with a charged shot, get into morph ball form and boost away or go up the ramp 
    and jump down to try to lose him. When he turns into his alt, it'll be a little 
    easier. Jump to avoid him and keep shooting him. When he goes under the ramp, 
    go back into the room you entered and blast him away with your missles from 
    there. Don't worry, he won't move from that spot. He'll still shoot, but they'll
     be single shots. If you do go out in the open, Trace will snipe you multiple 
    times, so don't do that. Continue with that strategy and he should go down.
    A tip from Insane Celtic:
    In your guide, you gave Noxus a four-star difficulty and said you should attack 
    him in the outside area. It's actually much easier to wait for him to enter the
    hallway because:
    - you can easily shoot him in the face, doing more damage
    - he'll only freeze you once or twice if you attack him very fast
    - Trace can't hit you, as he stays on top of the bridge
    Just my two cents. :) It makes him about 2.5 star difficulty to me.
    2.6 - Trace - ***
    Alt: Triskelion
    Weapon: Imperialist - Turns Trace invisible, sniping weapon.
    Scans: Trace, Triskelion
    The first time you meet him, he'll be fighting with Noxus. You'll want to kill 
    him then and there, but don't, since he'll somehow get the ability to fire his 
    weapon really fast, and thats bad for your health.
    The second time will be when you're trying to go to your ship before time runs 
    out. Yes, this battle is timed, but it should be enough time to beat him. When 
    you first fight him, he'll be upon a ledge sniping you. Shoot him from the 
    ground until he comes down. When he goes into triskelion, jump to avoid him, 
    but do it quickly, because his dash attack hurts. After you deal enough damage 
    he'll run, quickly follow him or else he'll turn invisible and you'll have a 
    tough time trying to find him. However, him turning invisible is actually a 
    good thing. When you follow him and he starts to stop, don't shoot him. Instead,
    charge up your Judicator, (make sure the one shot before the charge doesn't hit 
    him) and shoot him from a distance. Then continue the strategy. You can also 
    shoot the plants when he's invisible for health. He spends most of his time in
    the Triskelion, so it should be easy. Repeat the strategy and he should go down.
    His defense isn't as great as the other hunters, so it shouldn't be a problem.
    3.0 Octolith Guardians
    These are the guys who guard one of the eight octolith. Go figure! There are 
    only two of them: Cretaphid and Slench. Why Nintendo only put two types of 
    bosses in the game, I don't know. So don't ask. Anyways, you'll have to fight 
    4 versions of each of them to get all the octoliths.
    3.1 - Cretaphid v1 - *
    Attack(s): (3,4)Lasers
    Scans: Cretaphid v1
    A pushover right here. First of all, scan it. Then you have to destory the blue 
    orbs surrounding this pole thing while staying between 2 of the lasers that it 
    fires. Once done, a cube-like item will appear at the very top of the Cretaphid.
    Shoot it with your power beam or knock some missles into it. When it goes back 
    inside, the lasers will move down a level. Continue the same tactic for this 
    level and the next. When the lasers reach the bottom, it'll be a little more 
    tricky. buts not difficult to master. The lasers will move up and down, but 
    that won't be a problem if you stay in between. It should fall down in no time. 
    3.2 - Slench 1 - **
    Attack(s): Green Venom Torpedo, Deutrium Laser, (3) Energy Blasters
    Scans: Slench 1a, Slench 1b, Energy Blaster
    A little challenging, but not hard. Scan it in his 1a form and attack its 
    tentacles. Strafe to avoid the shots the tentacles take, and shoot the green 
    energy balls (torpedos) that come out of the eye to get some health and missle
    packs. Don't worry, they go pretty slow. Oh, don't forget to scan the Energy 
    Blasters. When all the tentacles are gone, the eye will detach itself from the 
    wall and it'll enter mode 1b, scan it. Countinue to strafe while shooting the 
    red dot in the middle and avoiding its attack. You can afford to get hit once 
    in a while, don't worry. You can use missles if you want, but later on, the eye
    will go faster and they'll miss a lot. Continue to do this, and thats it, 
    no special tricks or anything. Also, when the tentacle at the bottom starts to 
    appear, shoot it for some quick shots and it might even retreat back inside. If
    you do it to all of them quicky, they won't even fire a shot!
    3.3 - Cretaphid v2 - *
    Attacks(s) - Heat-seeking Plasma Shots
    Scans: Cretaphid v2
    Yeah, this thing again. Anyways, this guy is just as easy, if not easier. It has
     no lasers, so all you have to do is strafe around the Cretaphid to avoid the 
    slow-moving Plasma and shoot the clue orbs. The big catch is that the blue orbs 
    tend to turn red, meaning you can't damage them. Its still easy though, and once
     they turn back into blue, destroy them. Once the orbs are destroyed, the cube 
    thing will pop up from the very top...again. Blast it with missles with 
    strafing to avoid its attack and repeat. When strafing though, don't change 
    direction or else you'll run into the plasma. If you start to lose health, the 
    destroyed orbs will drop some health packs. Overall, this guy is pathetic.
    3.4 - Slench 2 - ***
    Attack(s): Superheated Magma (Energy Blasters), Green Venom Torpedos
    Scans: Slench 2a, Slench 2b, Energy Blasters (if you didn't do it before)
    Once again, you are fighting the Slench. This time, it has fire-esque tentacles 
    and a magma attack. Other than that, its basically the same thing as the Slench 
    before it. However, you can only attack the tentacles with the Judicator, any 
    other weapon will jus tickle it. Anyways, once you take all 3 tentacles down 
    (3 shots each), the eye will detach from the wall and start shooting magma at 
    you. Try to avoid those, or else you'll get burned. Use the charged Judicator 
    on the eye until is screams, or moans, or goes back into the wall...whatever. 
    Anyways. after a while, it'll take 4 shots to take the tentacles down, but 
    thats no problem. Continue to attack them and shoot the eye. If you need health,
    go to the very back of the room when its in 2a form. Keep shooting the green 
    torpedos for energy packs and UA packs. The magma can't reach you there and you 
    can suck in the packs wiht your charge shots.
    3.5 - Cretaphid v3 - ***
    Attack(s): (3,4) Laser, Heat-seeking Plasma Shots
    Scans: Cretaphid v3
    Mmmm, pole battle. This is basically the same thing as it's predecessors, but
    combined. Staying in between the lasers won't work here, as the lasers are
    slower than the plasma. So if you stay in between the lasers, the plasma will
    have fun depleting your health. Lets not make that happen. When strafing, try to
    jump over the lasers or run under them while shooting at the orbs around the 
    Cretaphid. Once they're all gone, switch to your missles and start shooting at 
    the cube. Like the previous versions, strafe around the cube to aviod its shots
    will continuing to attack it with missles. 
    Once you drop it to about 2/3 health or after a certain time, the cube will go
    back in, same as the last versions. And now you have to repeat the process, only
    it'll get harder as the lasers move down a level. And...thats about it,
    there's nothing much more about this thing.
    Tip from Ace_lv80
    When fighting centaphid 3 just stick to using the schock coil this makes the 
    battle much eaiser and if you have at least 150 ua you can use to kill the 
    orbs and the box just though this might help
    3.6 - Slench 3 - ****
    Attack(s): Electromagnetic Pulse (Energy Blasters), Green Venom Torpedoes, Ram
    Scans: Slench 3a, Slench 3b, Energy Blasters (if you haven't done it before)
    Annoying is the word to describe this third version of Slench. Slench now has
    new weapons up its...tentacles. Speaking of tentacles, the only thing that can
    hurt them is the Battlehammer, so keep that equiped. Moving on, the battle
    starts like the other 2, how original. You know the drill: Avoid the shots, hit
    the tentacles, big eye-thing goes in the air. The works. 
    Once its in the air, use the Judicator to attack it until it closes up. When it 
    does it, get the hell out of the way! This ram attack is very annoying since its
    tough to avoid. To try to avoid this, run as far away from the Slench or 
    boost ball away. Either way will hopefully work. Anyways, shoot its eye, dodge 
    attacks, wait until it goes back on the wall. 
    Now everything will repeat itself. The only changes are that it'll become
    faster and stronger later on in the battle. You know, like most video game
    If you start to run low on health and ammo, do the same thing as in Slench 2:
    Go to the back of the room and take out your power beam. Shoot the torpedoes and
    drag the ammo and health packs with your charge beam. Don't worry for the Energy
    Blasters, they can't reach you there.
    3.7 - Cretaphid v4 - ****
    Attack(s): (3,4) Laser, Heat-seeking Plasma Shots
    Scans: Cretaphid v4
    This is the last of the pole-thing that you'll see, so kill it quickly! Its the
    same as the last three, only it moves around the room now and its laser is more
    Once again, you'll have to avoid the lasers while you strafe to avoid the 
    plasma shots. Once again, jump or go under the lasers. Once again, hit the orbs
    around the Cretaphid while avoiding the attacks. Once again, blast the cube with
    missles. Once again, it gets faster and the lasers move down one level as its
    health decreases. Once again, if you need health, the orbs occasionally drop 
    health packs. Once again, repeat.
    "...it was designed to succeed where all others fail."
    A tip from acebrock
    on every wall except the one with the door there is a narrow 
    ledge if you jump up on one of those and use the volt driver to destroy each 
    of his eyes you should be safe from his lasers and his ram attack (assuming 
    you don't fall off) and in a position to do a lot of damage. As for his 
    missles. they have unique properties that you can use to your advantage: 
    they literally stop in front of you then explode to do damage. A little side 
    to side maneuvering should help you avoid those. Also the volt driver is 
    extremely effective against the crystal.
    3.8 - Slench 4 - ****
    Attack(s): Supercooled Plasma (Energy Blasters), Green Venom Torpedoes, Ram 
               Attack, Rolling Attack
    Scans: Slench 4a, Slench 4b, Energy Blasters (this is the last time you can scan
           it...if you actually missed the other three...)
    This boss is more of a 3 1/2 star type, but whatever. Once again, same as its
    previous versions with some diffrent attacks. Oh, and Slench now hangs from the
    ceiling, the Plasma shots can hit you where ever you go. And yes, the shots can
    freeze you. How lovely. 
    In its 4b form, instead of floating, it immediatly drops to the bottom and 
    starts rolling in a predictable circular motion. You can't damage it, so go to
    a far end of a corner and wait until it realizes that rolling around in circles
    is just plain stupid. 
    Okay, only the magmaul can damage the tentacles, so keep that in mind. Once all
    three tentacles are gone, avoid the rolling attack and attack the eye with the 
    Magmaul or the Volt Driver. (Judicator might work, I forgot. >_>) Keep strafing
    to avoid the plasma shots and head as far away from Slench when it's about to 
    ram you. You can go into your morph ball or run. There are a lot of torpedoes 
    here too, so shoot them for health and ammo. And like I said, the plasma shots
    can hit you where ever you are, so you can't wait at the door for the green
    torpedoes. Keep damaging it until it retreats to the ceiling.
    Repeat the process and the final Slench will be gone, leaving you will a warm,
    fuzzy feeling that your future will remain Slenchless.
    Tip from acebrock:
    Most of what you said was very useful except I found this to be an 
    easy way to get health:
    When you need health you should move to the doorway and start shooting at 
    his venom torpedos while moving side to side to avoid his energy blasters 
    whle he's stuck to the ceiling. Don't use the opposite wall because he 
    always shoots one at the door and three at you and you'll want to maximize 
    your chances of getting health. 
    4.0 Final Boss 
    NOTE: If you want to battle Gorea 2, follow the instructions below right after
    the battle starts or before you beat Gorea 1.
    ~~~ 4.1 - Getting to Gorea 2 ~~~
    Beat Gorea but still dissatisfied? Well, there's a Gorea 2 you know. There is
    only one way to reach him, and no, its not getting 100%. (Phew)
    During the battle with Gorea 1, you've probably spotted some multi-colored orbs
    along the wall of the arena. each of them matches one of your weapons. Now hold
    on, you can't just shoot them in any order. Here is the order in which to shoot
    the orbs and what weapons to use:
    Yellow - Wolt Driver
    Green - Battlehammer
    Orange - Magmaul
    Blue - Shock Coil
    Purple - Judicator
    Red - Imperialist
    Now, the Blue orb might be a little tricky, since the Shock Coil has a lower
    firing range. Just get close to it and jump up with still firing the Shock Coil.
    And yes, you'll most likely have to get over the electric floor, but its not
    that bad. In fact, its hardly bad.
    4.2 - Gorea - ***
    Attacks: All the Hunter's weapons (with affinity), slam, Tentacle, Trocra
    Scans: Gorea, Gorea (when Seal Sphere appears), Gorea Arm, Gorea Seal Sphere,
    This is it, the final boss! Eh...not so tough, but in my opinion, a good 
    detailed boss. This huge arena has a giant electric cirlce floor that serves
    as a boundary if you venture too far. 
    Anyways, Gorea's weakness depends on what color he (it?) changes into. Here's 
    a list:
    Yellow - Volt Driver
    Green - Battlehammer
    Purple - Judicator
    Orange - Magmaul
    Blue - Shock Coil
    Red - Imperialist
    And yes, Gorea changes in that order. Anyways, use those weapons on their 
    designated colors on Gorea's shoulders. You should see them: They each have a 
    giant glowing orb. I recommend using the Shock Coil or the Imperialist. The 
    others are nice, but the weapons I recommend are more effective. If you're using
    the Shock Coil, wait until he turns blue, and hold the fire button. Aim for the
    front of his shoulders and if you're too late and he turns red, fire the 
    Imperialist. The Imperialist should take out the shoulders in one hit. Also, if
    you get to close, he'll slam you with his arms, but they can be avoided. 
    Anyways, whatever weapon you use, you'll eventually go to the second part of 
    this fight.
    Here, the weapon that can harm the Seal Sphere depends on what color Gorea is
    right now. Thats why I recommend the Shock Coil or the Imperialist, although 
    Imperialist can dish out more damage faster. Anyways, you'll have to damage the
    Seal Sphere while strafing to avoid the tentacle until it disappears. If the
    tentacle does get you, try to shoot the sphere to make the tentacle disappear,
    or you'll have to wait until it slams you to the ground. Now Gorea  will grab 
    the Trocras from outside the electric floor and start to throw them at you. 
    Avoid them and keep shooting the Seal Sphere. If you need help, you can shoot 
    the Trocras outside the ring for ammo and health.
    After some damage, Gorea will change back into the first form. Repeat the 
    process and Gorea should go down in no time.
    4.3 - Gorea 2 - ***
    Attacks: Fire Meteor, Laser
    Scans: Gorea 2
    Whether you followed the instructions above or not, you either get the 'bad
    ending' or a cutscene leading up to this battle. 
    NOTE: Only the Omega Cannon can damage Gorea.
    A remix of the Metroid Prime boss battle, nice. The battle starts with you
    on top of a blue platform with Gorea in front of you. Turn back and climb your
    way to the bottom until you see a shield with the Omega Cannon inside. Now, the
    shield won't open until you recieve a Gunship Transmission. It shouldn't take
    long though, so grab the Omega Cannon and shoot Gorea. (He should be around
    where you are currently.) He'll disappear and reappear in either the same spot
    or somewhere below the blue arena. You can find him by searching or follow where
    the meteors came from. When you find him, shoot him. Eventually, he'll go to the
    blue, swirly arena at the top and the battle gets easier from there.
    You can get up to two shots before he disappears into another area of the blue
    arena or in the lower levels. If you need health, there's Large energy packs
    lying around and you can also destroy the meteors. Keep doing this and Gorea
    will be gone.
    5.0 Mini-Bosses
    5.1 Fire/Arctic Spawn
    These monsters are guarding the Magmaul and the Imperialist, and you must
    defeat them to get them. Pretty obvious, isn't it?
    Fire Spawn - **/***
    Attack(s): Lava
    Scans: Fire Spawn
    Well, since this monster is made up of, oh I don't know...FIRE, the Judicator
    will inflict more damage than any other weapon in your current disposal. Now 
    some of you might think he looks impressive, don't stare too long, because that
    monster will start to hurl chunks of lava at you with its hands. Quickly get
    behind the small wall to your left. (From where you entered the room) Pop out
    from behind it and shoot him when you have the chance to.
    After you damage it enough times, it will go back in the lava and come back up
    in a different position. Now this time, the Spawn's eye will be closed, so
    quickly shoot it when it opens up and go behind that wall. You can also charge
    up your Judicator when you're behind the wall and let go when it opens it's eye.
    That charged shot will deal some welcomed extra damage.Keep doing this, and
    the Fire Spawn will be gone. Oh, and try not to get hit, the lava really hurts.
    Arctic Spawn - **/***
    Attack(s): Ice
    Scans: Arctic Spawn
    Also known as the Ice Spawn. This is basically the same thing as the Fire Spawn,
    except this one is made out of ice. As you may or may not have already guessed,
    the Arctic Spawn is weak to the Magmaul.
    This time, you have no wall, so you'll have to try to avoid the ice it hurls at
    you while firing your magmaul at it's eye. Like its fire version, the Arctic 
    Spawn will go into the ice after you've dropped its health to a certain point. 
    It will come back up, with it's eye closed. You should charge up your magmaul
    when it starts to go into the ice and let it go when it opens its eye. It will
    deal extra damage and make this mini-boss all the more easier. 
    5.2 -  Guardians
    Ah yes, the guardians. They can get quite annoying sometimes, with their
    respawning when you leave the area, or a door won't open because they're in the
    way... Yes, I know, we all love them, but they can get frustrating at times, so
    for those having trouble, here's a guide for them. 
    Guardians - **/***
    Attacks: All Hunter weapons but Imperalist(?), Power Beam
    Scan(s): Guardian (Only needed once)
    These are pretty easy, and are just in this game to annoy you, I presume. Moving
    on, you will encounter the guardians in all the planets and space sations. This
    guide will focus from the first time you meet them to later on. 
    The first time you meet them, there will be three of them. Not to worry, you 
    can take care of them. All you have to do is switch to your missles and start
    blasting away towards their heads. Now these guys can be pretty fast for a 
    beginner, so switch to the power beam if you feel more comfortable with that.
    Their tactic is to run around the room you're in and shoot at you. As you can
    see, its not a very bright plan. They occasionally come towards you. That's when
    you should unleash your missles the most. Or you can chase them, either works.
    Now the Guardians will hit...a lot, but the damage taken in minimal, so don't be
    fooled into thinking thats it's slaughtering you. 
    As stated before, you will encounter the Guardians for a second time...and 
    third...and fourth...and so on. On certain occasions, the guardians can get on a
    ledge higher than you and sort of sneak up on you. Also, they'll get new weapons
    to try to kill you with. I'm pretty sure they use every Hunter weapon but the
    Imperialist. (Deja vu?) If I'm wrong, send me an e-mail and I'll fix it ASAP.
    When you get the Shock Coil, Guardians are a pinch. The Shock Coil's auto-lock
    works wonders on the constantly moving targets and it depeletes energy pretty
    A tip from b_wingflyer
    guardians are very weak against the Judicator and it only takes 5 shots with it
    to kill them
    A tip from ba_la_fon
    I notice that's guardians are almost easy to pass with the morph ball attack, 
    our precision ability letting place to our 3-bombs rythm, and it's pretty fast.
    6.0 Contact
    Alright, e-mail me at Nuklearpower915@aol.com.
    Yes, its AOL, sue me. 
    If you sent mail to me before 4/9/06, the stupid spam filter most likely deleted
    it. The settings have been tweeked, so it should accept your mail now.
    Alright, here is what you can and cannot send me:
    Do NOT send me:
    -Friend Codes, I have no Wi-fi. >.>
    -Permission to use this FAQ on your site, I have already decided who will get to
     host this.
    -No tips on bosses that already have tips on them. Try to memorize that one.
    What you CAN send me is:
    -Everything else that is not listed above.
    Also, send some questions. I might start up a FAQ. And if you're going to send
    tips, make sure you give me permission to include them in my FAQ. Also, if you
    want credit, make sure you tell me the name I shoud give credit to. 
    7.0 Legal Junk 
    You know the drill: Do not repost this without my permission or face severe 
    consequences. If you want this FAQ in your website, send me a e-mail, and I'll
    think about it. The only sites that can host this FAQ are:
    8.0 Credits 
    Nintendo/NST - For making the game.
    Insane Celtic - For providing a tip on Noxus.
    b_wingflyer - For providing a tip on the Guardians.
    Ace_lv80 - For the tip on Cretaphid v3. 
    acebrock - For the ASCII website and plenty-o-tips.
    ba_la_fon - For providing a tip of the Guardians.
    This FAQ was made using George Foreman's Lean Mean Grilling Machine, and

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