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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Deathborn 668

    Version: Final | Updated: 08/31/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    **  ** ***** ***** *****   *****  ***** *****
    * ** * *       *   *   *   *   *    *   *    *
    *    * *****   *   *****   *   *    *   *     *
    *    * *       *   *   *   *   *    *   *     *
    *    * *       *   *    *  *   *    *   *    *
    *    * *****   *   *     * *****  ***** *****
    *****  *****   *****  **  ** *****
    *   *  *   *     *    * ** * *
    *****  *****     *    *    * *****
    *      *   *     *    *    * *
    *      *    *    *    *    * *
    *      *     * *****  *    * *****
    *    * *    * **     * ***** ***** *****   *****
    *    * *    * * *    *   *   *     *   *   *
    ****** *    * *  *   *   *   ***** *****   *****
    *    * *    * *   *  *   *   *     *   *       *
    *    * *    * *    * *   *   *     *    *      *
    *    * ****** *     **   *   ***** *     * *****
    As a note to myself, this is 79 characters. If you can read this, your fine:
                                  ~Version History~                             
    Final-Fully completed walkthrough and all multiplayer information   
    2.0-Up through Alinos 2nd visit
    1.5-Up through Arcterra
    1.0-Up through Alinos.
    0.5-First attempt to launch this thing on GameFAQ's. Includes first visit to
    Celestial Archives.
    0.1-Began my new major project-Metroid Prime Hunters
                                   ~General Info~
    Hello there! I'm Deathborn 668 on the message boards, and this is my FAQ for
    Metroid Prime Hunters! Its been....a long 6 months since I last wrote a     
    Walkthrough for a game I loved, and after the huge anticipation for Metroid 
    Prime Hunters, I simply couldn't wait to begin writing for this game. My    
    last Walkthrough I wrote was for Metroid Prime 2:Echoes, so I'll use the   
    same format for this Walkthrough as the games are similar in some ways.
    Do's n' Don'ts of my FAQ:
    -Use this for refrence
    -Print it out
    -Give this to other people FOR NO CHARGE
    -Plagirize with no credit
    -Call this your own work
    -Sell this for profit
    ONLY the following sites are allowed to use my FAQ. Other sites need my     
    permission first:
                                 ~Table of Contents~
         Samus Aran...............................................[HUNT.SA]
    Damage Chart..............................[DMGC]
    Weapons and Items.........................[WEIT]
    Frequently Asked Questions.................[FAQ]
         Mission 1:1st visit to an abandoned space station...........[MSN1]
         Mission 2:A trip through the firey depths of Alinos.........[MSN2]
         Mission 3:Vesper Defense Outpost-Cold, but your not alone...[MSN3]
         Mission 4:The icy Arcterra doesn't welcome visitors.........[MSN4]
         Mission 5:Revisit of the Archives and its destroyed borders.[MSN5]
         Mission 6:Journey to the Core of Alinos.....................[MSN6]
         Mission 7:Revisit the slippery slopes of Arcterra...........[MSN7]
         Mission 8:Journey through the scary back areas of VDO.......[MSN8]
         Mission 9:The Key to the Ultimate Power is in Alinos........[MSN9]
         Mission 10:The Final Showdown in Oubliette.................[MSN10]
         Expansion Checklist.........................................[EXPN]
         Full Scans List.............................................[SCNS]
         Scans Checklist.............................................[SCCL]
    Nintendo WFC...............................[WFC]
         Setting Up...................................................[SUP]
         Friend Codes.................................................[FCD]
    Multiplayer Mode..........................[MPMD]
         Setting Up....................................................[SU]
         Battle Modes.................................................[BMS]
         Arena Overviews..............................................[AOV]
                                 ~Introduction [INTRO]~
    Its been several long years since the last Metroid game, which was Metroid    
    Prime 2:Echoes for the Gamecube. Around the time of its release was Nintendo's
    new huge hit system, the Nintendo DS. The DS features huge innovations in    
    which games were played. It had two large screens-which made it possible for 
    many new game ideas to perk around. In addition, the bottom screen was used  
    as a Touch Screen. Poking, tapping, twisting, dragging, and what not, the    
    possibilites were nearly endless with the Nintendo DS. As a nice gift in     
    every DS box came a demo for Metroid Prime: Hunters [First Hunt]. It was a   
    huge blast and caused major uproar everywhere. It was insane-the Touch Screen
    has finally been used as the main control scheme for a first person shooter.  
    So long had people waited for just 1 Metroid game to become one. People were 
    too anxious for the game's release.
    But time passed, many, many months infact. Eventually the demo stopped being 
    sold with the game system. Rumors of a release date wre though of sometime late
    within August. But was a lie. Then Nintendo finally comfirmed the release    
    date of the game, along with some single player information, set to early    
    October. Sadly, the game was then delayed to the middle of March. This angered
    many fans, but were quickly overjoyed once the factoid that Nintendo was    
    installing online play into the game was found out.    
    Now here we are. Past March, the game has been released, online has some     
    problems but they are livable with. We've waited over 15 months for what we  
    thought was going to be the perfect game, with one of the best franchises   
    around, and it was. Metroid Prime:Hunters enveloped so many new ideas and    
    concepts. It was a grand, new experience.
                                   ~Controls [CONT]~
    When it comes to First Person Shooters, the controls are, most often than    
    not, the most critical part of the game. If you can't aim, you can't win.    
    Luckily, Metroid Prime Hunters has 4 different control styles to suit whatever
    hand you use to hold the stylus (or not!).
    |         []                                  []        |
    |              |----------------------------            | 
    |              |                           |            | 
    |              |        Metroid            |            |  
    |              |                           |            | 
    |              |         Prime             |            | 
    |              |                           |            | 
    |              |        Hunters            |            | 
    |              |                           |            |   
    |              |       (Top Screen)        |            | 
    |              |                           |            | 
    |              |                           |            | 
    |              |----------------------------            |       
    | .......                                       ....... | 
    | .......                                       ....... |
    | .......                                       ....... |
    | .......                                       ....... |
    | -------     |---------------------------- ----- ----- |  ===
    | |Power|     |                           | |Sel| |Srt| |  |S|
    | -------     |                           | ----- ----- |  |T|
    |   ---       |                           |             |  |Y|
    |   | |       |                           |      (X)    |  |L|
    | --   --     |      ~Touch Screen~       |             |  |U|
    | |     |     |                           |   (Y)   (A) |  |S|
    | --   --     |                           |             |  | |
    |   | |       |                           |      (B)    |  | |
    |   ---       |                           |             |  | |
    |             |                           |             |  | |
    |             |----------------------------             |  | |
    |                                                       |  | |
    |                             Nintendo DS               |  | |
    |                                   []                  |  | |
    |                                                       |  | |
    |           []Mic                   [] []               |   V
    Stylus Mode [Left]      
    This control setting is for users who are left handed (such as myself) and   
    prefer using the stylus to move and aim:
    A:Move character right             
    B:Move character backwards                   
    Y:Move character right               
    X:Move character forwards           
    D-Pad (All directions):Jump       
    R button:Shoot/Scan        
    L button:Zoom in (Imperialist only)             
    Touch Screen:Aim weapon, change to Alt. form, change weapons
    Double tap Touch Screen:Jump              
    Start:Pauses game/See kill/death list (Multiplayer only)        
    Stylus Mode [Right]      
    Three rights make a left. Or something. If your right handed and prefer using
    the stylus to aim (and believe me, pretty much everybody who wants to win    
    will), these are you controls:
    A:Move weapon right   
    B:Move weapon down   
    X:Move weapon up    
    Y:Move weapon left     
    D-Pad:Move character (Forwards, left, right, backwards respectively) 
    Touch Screen:Aim, change weapons, switch to Alt. Form                
    Double Tap Touch Screen:Jump                            
    L button:Shoot/Scan              
    R button:Zoom in (Imperialist only)         
    Start:Pause game/See death/kill list (Multiplayer only)       
    Dual Mode [Left]      
    If your a southpaw, and refuse to use the stylus because you get cramps, its 
    uncomfortable, or you just hate how it scratches your Touch Screen to hell   
    and back, then use Dual Mode:
    A:Move character right
    B:Mover character backwards
    Y:Move character right               
    X:Move character forwards 
    R button:Shoot weapon/Scan
    L button:Jump
    Touch Screen:Change to Alt. Form, switch weapons
    Start:Pause game/See death/kill list (Multiplayer only) 
    Dual Mode [Right]      
    As with Dual Mode Left, Dual Mode Right follows to same patterns. However, you
    still need to use the damn touch screen to change to your Alt. form and switch
    weapons. They apparently ran out of buttons while they were making the game.  
    Here are the controls:
    D-Pad (Left, Up, Right, Down):Moves character left, forwards, right, and    
    backwards respectively
    A:Move weapon right
    B:Move weapon down   
    X:Move weapon up    
    Y:Move weapon left 
    R button:Jump         
    L button:Shoot/Scan       
    Touch Screen:Change to Alt. Form, switch weapons        
    Start:Pause game/See death/kill list (Multiplayer only)       
    No, this isn't kind feelings towards others. Sensitivity levels indicate how  
    your DS will respond to the Touch Screen. The lower the level, the more you   
    must move the stylus to actually see results in movement, aim, and quick    
    changes in weapons. If you set the sensitivity to a high level, the game will
    respond with no lag to your movements of the stylus, allowing you to manuver  
    easily, but have a little bit more of difficulty when it comes to aiming.   
    The choice is yours. Perfect aim, or perfect movement, or a little of both.  
    I tend to perfect movement. If you can't move towards your enemies easily,  
    what good is aim? But again, the choice will always remain yours. Experiment 
    to find the perfect level for you.                               
                                   ~Hunters [HUNT]~
    We've had like...6..7? Metroid games thus far. And all of them have starred  
    one well known bounty hunter-Samus Aran. However, in a new and exciting (and 
    interesting) twist in the game, 6 new hunters have been added in Samus' chase
    for the ultimate power. All of them are packed and roaring to dive straight 
    into the Alimbic Cluster for the ultimate search. All of these new hunters  
    have their own personal backrounds, some mysterious, some creepy, some with a 
    dignified reason. All of the hunters also possess an alternate form akin to  
    Samus' Morph Ball. Get ready for a whole new hunt!                         
    ~Affinity Weapons~
    Metroid Prime:Hunters features a slew of whole new hunters. And with them    
    brings a heck of a lot of new weapons. All of these weapons are lethal with  
    any user, but each weapon has a special, unique ability with a particular   
    hunter. Some weapons work well with others, some are useful for everybody,   
    and others should stay away from a particular weapon or two. In the end, its 
    all about your main affinity weapon. Every hunter does their best with it, and
    their side-effects (if any) can poison many enemies in their tracks. For    
    example, the Judicator is a pretty standard weapon. Its shots bounce off of  
    walls for all hunters, and its charge attack does major damage. But its      
    affinity hunter is Noxus. When he charges it up, it does much less damage but
    freezes the foe, a useful side-effect. All weapons work like this for a    
    particular hunter.                                                   
    Samus Aran..[HUNT.SA]                    
    We all know Samus Aran. She's on the cover of the box. She's stopped Space   
    Pirate operations many times over. She's destroyed Mother Brain, been       
    entangled with a copy of herself, killed by poisonous mutigen, and much more. 
    We just know her. She works as a bounty hunter for the Galactic Federation.  
    But you probably knew that too. She has been sent out from the Galactic     
    Federation to find the Ultimate Power and seize it to prevent it from falling 
    into the wrong hands and, if unable to obtain the power, destroy it or keep 
    it a mystery forever. She does business the good ol' fashioned way-kicking   
    serious freaking ass.                                     
    Alternate Form:Morph Ball
        Description:Samus' alternate form turns her into a small, compact rolling
        ball. In her tiny state she can easily and quickly roll around small and 
        low passages and collect anything underneith them. In the Morph Ball, she
        can lay Morph Ball Bombs, which cause 16 points of damage upon contact of
        enemies and other hunters. Also, if you slide the stylus quickly in a   
        direction, Samus will quickly boost for a few seconds, good for escaping.
        Samus is the only one with a boost ability.                
    Affinity Weapon:(Charged) Missiles
    Affinity Specialty:Samus doesn't get herself a special weapon like all of the
    other hunters. This is kindy sucky. However, Samus does get one special     
    advantage with charged Missiles. They home in on their enemies, instead of  
    flying straight into a wall or something. This makes them every so deadly   
    and in close combat, you could be in for a ton of damage. Normal Missiles:32;
    Charged Missiles:48
    His name is Weavel. Not Master Chief. Just because he looks like him doesn't 
    mean he actually IS him. Anyways, there is a reason Weavel seeks the       
    Ultimate Power:revenge on Samus. See, Weavel was once an elite ranking Space 
    Pirate, but was quickly killed on Samus' early raid of Zebes. However, his   
    brain and spinal structure survived, so he was revived with advanced        
    technology and a score to settle with Samus. His past is weird, indeed, but  
    its new and interesting to the point.                           
    Alternate Form:Half Turret
        Description:The Half Turret is an interesting new Morph idea. When Weavel
        activates his Alt. form, he splits his body in half. His top half is     
        able to walk around, and lunge at things from a small distance. His     
        bottom half, though, turns into a turret that auto fires at any moving   
        object within its range. A side-effect of the Morph is that the amount of
        health Weavel currently has is cut in half-half for the head and half    
        for the turret. If the turret is destroyed, the rest of the body is    
        automatically left with 1 energy point left. A bit...bad in some cases.  
        Practice with Weavel's Morph is you want to use it right-you'll 
        understand later on.                              
    Affinity Weapon:Battlehammer
    Affinity Special:Uhh.....I seriously don't see anything special about this   
    highly crappy weapon. Its hard to hit anything anyways. But really, the shots
    fired explode upon contact, even with the ground. Anyone in the backwash will
    get the same amount of damage as if you took the full blast. This includes  
    Weavel. He can get hurt by his own weapon. That's why it sucks so badly.   
    However it DOES have a fast firing rate if you hold down the fire button so if
    you can become a good player with this weapon you can destroy your foes in 
    a heartbeat.           
    The Diamont is a race very unknown to the galaxy. The main reason for this is 
    probably because Spire is the last remaining member of that race. Spire      
    decided to join in the hunt for the Ultimate Power, hoping that it would shed
    some light as to what happened to his ancestors, and possibly find his race 
    and rebuild it once more. With intentions like this, perhaps he deserves the 
    Ultimate Power. Or not...
    Alternate Form:Dialance
        Discription:The Dialance is one of my favorite alternate forms, and for a
        good reason. The Dialance is a bit slower than most other alternate      
        forms, but on the contrary it has excellent traction so its highly      
        unlikely it will be knocked off many platforms anytime soon. It can use  
        rocks stuck to him and swing them out for a second, causing a lot of    
        damage to anyone who happens to be in the way. However, an extreme      
        advantage of Spire is that the Dialance can climb walls! Its sticky, and 
        all Diamonts (when they existed at least) were born with such an ability.
        Also, Spire is invincible to lava. Lucky bastard.
    Affinity Weapon:Magmaul
    Affinity Special:The Magmaul is a great weapon to have when it is in Spire's 
    hands. Its a fire based weapon, and like all fire based machinery, it can   
    burn the hell out of anything it touches. When Spire charges up the Magmaul, 
    it launches a slightly larger but slower moving shot. Upon impact with an    
    enemy, they will be burned for about 8 seconds, taking around 4 damage per  
    second! That's an additional 32 damage! Also, if it hits the ground the splash
    can make nearby hunters also catch on fire, but not take full damage from   
    the blast (but still 32 nonetheless). Very awesome weapon in his hands.    
    Noxus if from the Vhozon race, a lonely race who lives on the outer edge of  
    the galaxy. The planet is extremely cold, and that reflects upon Noxus' past 
    and his weapon selection. He's fighting for the Ultimate Power for the     
    exact same reason Samus is-to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. 
    Although Noxus tries to kill Samus. So Samus is bad? Instinct? Noxus is one 
    of the better characters (as most say).
    Alternate Form:Vhoscythe
        Description:The Vhoscythe is one of the hardest to control alternate    
        forms in the game. With practice using Noxus a lot, you will eventually 
        get it down. However, the Vhoscythe is nearly as fast as Samus' Morph  
        Ball. No other hunter has speed that close to her, making it great for  
        Noxus to make quick escapes. Noxus can use his Blade Spin attack as the 
        Vhoscythe. By holding R, Noxus swings his arm out around him, and if    
        anyone gets hit a lot of damage will ensue. And some bounce back in an  
        open battlefield. However, Noxus must re-put his arm out again. But it   
        takes less than a second so its no big deal. Noxus is an amazing fighter 
        with the Vhoscythe in very close quarters. Your best hope is to run like 
        hell and hope not to get hit.                    
    Affinity Weapon:Judicator
    Affinity Special:The Judicator does business the way its name makes it sound 
    like. It travels far, has an average fire rate, and easily hits enemies. This
    is because it bounces off of walls as it travels for a few seconds. In close
    combat, more than likely randomly firing the Judicator will hit a few times.
    However, the real special comes once you charge the beam. It does crap damage
    upon impact, but freezes the ememy. Best of all, it creates a small wave if 
    an enemy gets hit and anyone else in the vincinity will ALSO be frozen. From
    there Noxus can headshot you with Missiles to death very easily. Noxus is  
    deadly in any battle. Be careful of him.                   
    Sylux has the most mysterious past of all of the hunters. Nobody really knows
    a single darn thing about him. He's blue, and he's lethal. That, and he has 
    and extreme towards the Galactic Federation and its top star bounty hunter, 
    Samus Aran. Should Sylux grab the Ultimate Power, he will use it to destroy 
    the Galactic Federation and of course, Samus immediately afterwards. We    
    better kill him first, right? And as a simple note, his damn name is Sylux.  
    NOT STYLUX. Get it through your head.
    Alternate Form:Lockjaw
        Description:The Lockjaw is an interesting alternate form. It has the best
        control of all of the hunters' alternate forms, which makes it pretty   
        useful as you won't be spinning into many pits as long as your not that 
        dumb. The main weapon that Sylux uses as the Lockjaw is bombs. Classic  
        isn't it? But not just normal bombs. You can form shapes with these    
        bombs! Yay for geometry! One bomb alone does just 10 damage, pretty     
        crappy. But two bombs will form a tripwire between them (its easily   
        visible). If something walks between them, 40 damage will be taken. But  
        uber PWN3ge comes from forming a triangle with the bombs. Once that     
        happens, they will home in onto what's inside of it and cause 180 damage!
        But only for pretty small triangles. Large super triangles won't leave a 
        scratch. Also, Sylux can use him bombs to propel across large gaps on low
        gravity levels. Useful!
    Affinity Weapon:Shock Coil
    Affinity Special:The Shock Coil is a very powerful and annoying weapon in the 
    right hands. It only takes a few points of damage away at first, but if the  
    lock-on to the enemy with the weapon continues, health will deplete at an   
    incredibly fast rate, usually instant death. If that wasn't enough torture   
    for an enemy, Sylux actually KEEPS the damage and uses it to restore his    
    health. Not half the damage inflicted, ALL OF IT. Really uber. Usually, Sylux
    is hated against because of his affinity. Of course, the Shock Coil is     
    very close range weapon only, so hurting Sylux from a distance will keep you 
    out of any harm from him.                                        
    Trace is a member of the Kriken Empire, a race whose goal is to slowly but   
    eventually conquer the entire universe. What a surprise. Trace is one member
    of the race who strikes fear and death into all opponents and foes he faces.
    All members of the Kriken Empire are known for their superior strength,    
    agaility, and technology. Once a Kriken reaches a certain age, they are    
    exiled from the race to search the universe for a planet that the Kriken    
    Empire can dominate, and are not expected to return until that has been done.
    Trace obviously is one of these members and sets off to the Tetra Galaxy to 
    fund the Ultimate Power hoping it will aid their race in domination. And    
    even if Trace can't find the power, he will still set course for his entire 
    race to raid the planets that guard the power.
    Alternate Form:Triskelion
        Description:If you thought the Vhoscythe was difficult to navigate, then
        think again. Teh Triskelion is the most difficult alternate form to use. 
        But it is the most powerful. You need to use the stylus to aim and turn 
        around Trace in his form, and use the fire button to lunge at enemies. It
        is a quick and very deadly lunge. The only problem with it is that     
        sometimes you may overshoot your target, or even miss and fall down a   
        large gap (or even off the entire level) resulting in an easy death.    
        Should you choose to master the Triskelion, be aware of these faults of 
        it and try to stay away from doing them. With practice you won't do these
        stupid things, so bots are a good way to eventually get good at using   
        this deadly form.                            
    Affinity Weapon:Imperalist
    Affinity Special:Nothing. Nada. Nunca. Nadie. Zip. There isn't a single thing
    special about Trace using this weapon, or any other hunter for that fact.   
    Instead, Trace gets a little bonus for himself. If the Imperialist is       
    currently his active weapon and he stands still, he will invisible to 
    anything other than radar or unless your standing right next to him. The    
    Triskelion also has this cloaking ability if its standing still. The      
    Imperialist, simply put, is a sniper rifle. You zoom in, shoot, and enemy is 
    dead. Simple as that. However, no matter what the hunter, a headshot with    
    this weapon is instant death. Ouch. Why do people choose Trace? To get the  
    Imperialist on levels where its not normally found. Asses. Trace is mostly  
    useless. Snipers suck. Unless your at close range. Then its not really     
    sniping at that point >_>
    Kanden was a doomed experiment from the start. He was created in a sinister 
    laboratory to be the greatest fighter that ever existed. Only problem is,   
    he got so powerful and smart that the scientists lost control of him, he    
    escaped, and then Kanden decided to blow up the lab. How nice of him.      
    Evidently, he wants the Ultimate Power...uh, for some reason. It isn't     
    really stated anywhere BUT because he's evil we can assume he's gonna do    
    bad things with it.
    Alternate Form:Stinglarva
        Description:The Stinglarva is one of the best alternate forms, and the 
        most stealthy. Kanden can turn himself...into a small bug and crawl    
        quickly on the floor. Right. He blends in with the color of some stages 
        floors' this way, adding to some stealth. Also, its very short and hard 
        to see and makes little noise so he can make sneak attacks. The tail of 
        the Stinglarva is able to drop mines. He can lay 3 mines at any given  
        time, and the explolde in around 5-10 seconds. If any enemy walks near  
        them, they home in quickly and explode on them. Kinda like a mix of Sylux
        and Samus. Its a very annoying alternate form to contend with. Use your 
        alt. to counter it.
    Affinity Weapon:Volt Driver
    Affinity Special:The Volt Driver is a badass weapon. But only in Kanden's   
    hands. Otherwise, its pretty useless. You see, when Kanden charges up the   
    weapon, it will home-in on any nearby enemy, and upon contact will completely
    screw up their vison for a few seconds. This can be a real pain in the ass if
    your hit, so try to avoid it. Its impossible to aim correctly when your vison
    is distorted, so run away when it happens. Nothing much else to say for this 
    weapon. Kanden's god with it and nobody else is.              
                               ~Damage Chart [DMGC]~
    Knowing how much damage is half the game. Using the efficently is the other 
    half. Of course, I can only really help with one of them. Here are the     
    charts of how much damage each weapon will do, and with their affinity   
    hunters specialties.              
    |   Weapon   |Non-Affinity DAMG|  Affinity Damage  |
    |    Name    |Non-Charg|Charged|Non-Charg| Charged |
    | Power Beam |   6    |   36   |    X    |    X    |
    |MSL Launcher|   32   |   48   |   32    |48+homing|
    |Volt Driver |   14   |56+vison|   14    |56+vison |
    |  Magmaul   |32+knkbk|56+knkbk|32+knkbk | 49+fire |
    |Imperialist |72/In.KO|   X    |72/In.KO |    X    |
    | Judicator  |   24   |   72   |   24    |12+Freeze|
    | Shock Coil |   **   |   X    |   **    |    X    |
    |Battlehammer|12+knkbk|   X    |18+knkbk |    X    |
    This is the battle damage chart. Here's a key of the abbreviations that I had
    to use:
    Vison=Distorted Vison
    Fire:Charged affinity Magmaul sets enemies ablaze, doing 4 damage every 
    second for around 8 seconds.
    Homing=Weapon homes in on enemy
    In.KO=Instant KO for Headshots when Imperialist is used
    Freeze=Target is frozen
    **=The Shock Coil drains energy faster the longer the lock-on the enemy is  
    Now, that's not all of the damage. Here's a small chart on the damage that 
    the Alt's do:
    |   Hunter   |  Alt. Name  |  Weapon  | Damage |
    | Samus Aran |  Morph Ball |  Bombs   |   16   |
    |   Kanden   |  Stinglarva |Tail Mines|   20   |
    |   Spire    |   Dialance  |Fire Blade|  8-48  |
    |   Trace    |  Triskelion |Lunge Attk|   50   |
    |   Noxus    |  Vhoscythe  |Spin Attak|   42   |
    |   Sylux    |   Lockjaw   |Eltr. Bomb|   **   |
    |   Weavel   | Half-Turret |Slice/Tur.| 36/12  |
    I abbreviated attack a few times in the chart. Weavel has his half body slice
    and his half-turret's attack listed there. Sylux....
    **=His electric bombs are a bit special. 1 bomb will do 10 damage alone.  
    2 bombs form a tripwire between them, dealing 40 damage if someone passes it.
    3 bombs near eachother form a triangle. Anybody inside of it will get caught
    with 180 damage.                                          
                               ~Equipment [EQUP]~
    Ah...Samus Aran. She his the highest fine-tuned technology you are ever    
    gonna see. Or not see if she kills you. The main system on her body is her  
    Power Suit. The suit was made by an ancient civilization known as the      
    Chozo who raised orphaned Samus when she was young to become a fighter, and 
    gave her the suit to train and fight with. The Power Suit is very versitile-
    it is capable of accepting numerous upgrades to its weapons aresenal, Visor 
    changes, and new abilities and forms of the actualy suit itself (Varia Suit 
    being the most commonly seen. Others include Gravity, Phazon, Fusion, Dark, 
    and Light).                 
    Another aspect of Samus' suit is that it contains a Scan Visor which has an 
    uplink to her Gunship within the game. Equip the Scan Visor on the game    
    screen and scan anything in your surroundings. It will autmoatically be     
    recorded in a Logbook Database aboard the ship, which you can view at anytime
    once your there.             
    The Power Suit also enables the user to superhuman abilities. Samus can jump
    much higher than normal humans would be able to. Also, the suit can       
    transform into a small, mobile unit most often known as the Morph Ball. Samus
    can roll quickly and boost around in this state, and drop Bombs to harm her
    adversaries. Another trademark about her bombs is that if she stays atop one 
    of them when it explodes, she will be propelled a few feet into the air,   
    known as a Bomb Jump. It is a very useful technique to reach those hard to  
    reach areas and crannies.         
                              ~Weapons and Items [WEIT]~
    Weapons and items that are to be found in this game are in this section and
    a description of all of them. Yay.          
    Power Beam
    Opens:All blue shielded doors
    The core weapon of Samus' aresenal-the Power Beam. Thanks to Nintendo as to
    prevent all of us from destroying our shoulder buttons, one press and hold of
    the button will fire 3 quick, but pretty weak shots. If it is continued to be
    held, then the beam will charge up. The Charge Beam is much more powerful,  
    but takes a second to reach full power. The Power Beam is an all-around beam.
    It can usually be used in any type of situation, and almost all enemies    
    within the game are susceptible to damage from it, makes it a great first   
    choice weapon. The Charge Beam at least. And because it uses no Ammo, it is a
    common weapon to see used in combat.                          
    Missile Launcher
    Opens:All Missile Shield doors
    The Missile Launcher is like a more powerful version of the Power Beam. It  
    fires ballistic Missiles from the Arm Cannon at any given direction you aim 
    at. The Missile Launcher requires, duh, Missiles! Missile Ammo is found     
    everywhere in the game. In the Adventure Mode, Samus can originally hold only
    5 Missiles but must find Missile Expansions in order to increase her Missile
    capacity. Also, all hunters are capable of charging their Missiles. This    
    makes them much more powerful and deadly, but uses 2 Missiles when fired    
    instead of just one. Also, Samus has an affinity with Missiles. Her charged
    Missiles slightly home in on enemies. Awesome weapon Missile are. NEVER    
    hesitiate to use them.                                                 
    Opens:Green force fields, Green-shielded doors
    The Battlehammer will be the first weapon that Samus recieves in Adventure  
    Mode. The Battlehammer doesn't have any charge capabilities. It is a rapid-
    fire weapon though, and is powered by a small nuclear reactor within the Arm 
    Cannon. The Battlehammer curves in an arc in the air, so aim above your      
    target so that the Battlehammer will damage them. Because it is so rapid fire,
    be aware that you don't drain your ammo reserves to quickly. It happens, and
    when you run out your in trouble. The Battlehammer is the affinity weapon of
    Weavel. When he uses it, it explodes upon contact which gives it a bigger    
    blast radius even on the ground so its more likely to hit an opposing hunter.
    Very useful sometimes in close matches.                         
    Opens:Orange force fields, Orange-shielded doors
    The Magmaul works just like the Battlehammer in combat. The biggest          
    similarity it has is that it curves in an arc just like the Battlehammer.    
    Because of this aspect, practice using this weapon a lot so you get used to  
    the wonky controls to it. Its a fire-based weapon:it owns Noxus real badly in
    combat. The Magmaul is the affinity weapon of Spire. In his hands, a charge  
    shot will cause a burning effect on the enemy. This will amount to a load of  
    extra damage for a few seconds.              
    Opens:Purple force fields, Purple-shielded doors
    The Judicator fires a quick blast of supercooled plasma with temperatures   
    near absolute zero. IE; it pretty damn cold. The cool thing about the       
    Judicator is that its shots bounce off of walls a few times after firing.   
    Because of this nature, in tight corridors its likely you'll hit an enemy  
    that you have been searching for. A charged blast fires 3 streams of plasma 
    instead of one, but they don't bounce. This weapon is the affinity of Noxus. 
    When he uses the charged up Judicator, he freezes his target and any others 
    nearby him. This makes him idea for a game of nodes or capture.           
    Opens:Red force fields, Red-shielded doors
    The Imperialist, simply put, is a damn sniper rifle. Any player who uses the  
    Imperialist can double tap the weapon icon and it will zoom in for high     
    accuracy shots. A headshot with this weapon will instantly kill your prey. 
    Cool, I suppose. The Imperialist can easily be the best weapon in your     
    aresenal if you use it correctly. The Imperialist is the affinity weapon of 
    trace. Sadly, he gets no bonuses whatsoever with it. That kinda sucks and   
    makes Trace sorta obsolete.                             
    Volt Driver
    Opens:Yellow force fields, Yellow-shielded doors
    The Volt Driver is a bit of an interesting weapon. It fires just like the    
    Power Beam-nice and quick. A charge shot with this weapon with move slowly   
    and kinda homes in on nearby enemies. If hit by it, your vison will be 
    heavily distorted for a few seconds. The Volt Driver is the affinity weapon 
    of Kanden. Like the Imperialist, he gets no special advantage with it. Which 
    means that sucks. Again.              
    Shock Coil
    Opens:Blue force fields, Blue-shielded doors
    The Shock Coil has an interesting useage. it fires a short, steady stream of
    electricity that auto locks-on to a nearby enemy and steadily drains their 
    health. If the lock-on is kept and not broken, the damage will increase at 
    a huge rate per second. Sadly, it has extremely short range. Nubs tend to   
    give up on this weapon early thinking its useless. in the hands of Sylux,    
    who has this as his affinity weapon, he KEEPS the health he saps. Which is 
    why everybody hates Sylux. A lot.      
    Omega Cannon
    Ah..of course. The Omega Cannon. This is what the "Ultimate Power" is     
    referring to. Yes, I know. My friend and I came up with the slogan "Its    
    Nuke in a Can!" because it actually is! The Omega Cannon fires one big ball 
    of slow moving energy. On the first thing it touches, it creates a nuclear 
    explosion destroying anything in the vincinity. Awesome. Used on only 1    
    multiplayer map. Nukes are fun ^_^
    Energy Packs
    Energy is the most critical part to any existance of a hunter. Without these
    little balls of energy, everyone would quickly die. Purple balls restore   
    30 Energy, blue balls restore 60 Energy and yellow balls restore a full    
    Energy Tank (100 units). You'll find these scattered in multiplayer or found
    sometimes after killing enemies in Solo Mode.                  
    Missile Ammo
    As with energy, when you defeat enemies they may leave behind the classic   
    Missile symbol. Collect this ammo pack to resupply 5 or 10 Missiles         
    (depending on the size of the Ammo pack). These are also scattered along    
    many areas in every map in multiplayer mode. Memorize their locations to have
    a terrain advantage.          
    Missile Expansion
    Samus can find Missile Expansions in Adventure Mode, which increase her     
    maximum Missile capacity by 10 Missiles.                         
    Universal Ammo Packs
    These little green crystals restore some Universal Ammo. Universal Ammo is 
    the Ammo used for al of the special beams. In Adventure Mode, the amount is 
    always the same but in multiplayer, amounts get cut depending on the weapon,
    but the percentage you have doesn't change.                         
    Universal Ammo Expansion
    In Adventure Mode, Samus can find large green packs in few rooms. These are 
    Universal Ammo Expansion. These are extremely useful as they increase her   
    maximum Ammo capacity by 30.                  
    Energy Tank
    A critical item to Samus' health in Adventure Mode. Collecting one of these
    adds 100 units of energy to your Power Suit.             
                         ~Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]~
    Here are some questions I see often on the boards regarding single player.
    Q:OMFG There's a force field in Sic Transit near a Magmaul door! How du i opn 
    A:The force field will dissappear in an explosion after you beat Trace during
    the first escape from Arcterra. Don't worry about it until after that point.
    Q:I lost to one of the hunters and they stole my Octolith! What do I do? Am 
    I screwed?
    A:Your not screwed in the least. In order to get it back, just hit the big,
    black Power button on your DS. Yes, you'll lose all non-saved data but you 
    got your Octolith back, right!? But if you want to get it back the man's way,
    go find that hunter again. On the select planet screen, head to the planet 
    where a hunter's icon is flashing with an Octolith symbol. Head to the    
    planet and find the hunter. Kill him and reclaim the stolen Octolith.
    Q:I have four Octoliths. But no more planets appear on the map. Where are 
    the last 4 Octolith's?
    A:Each planet has 2 Octoliths hidden within them. You will need to return on
    a later trip to be able to traverse deeper into each planet. Usually you   
    will need a weapon only available on a late trip in a different planet that 
    impedes your progress.                                 
    Q:WTF is with these damn tiny hallways between all the rooms???? WTF?? They 
    suck so badly and they get me confuzzled!
    A:The reason their there is simple. Metroid Prime:Hunters works off the same
    type of game engine the other Metroid Prime's used. It had some small    
    hallways similar to these (but in much less quantity). These hallways are  
    generally used as loading rooms. While you sit and wait for the door to open,
    the game is loading the next room and all of its contents. Just sit still and
    be patient. Also, this is the reason for elevator rooms. Their really      
    pointless and just a different way of saying "We're loading the next room   
    for your enjoyment".
    Q:There's ammo and energy too far away from me to reach! How do I get it?
    A:In order to grab that stuff from the air, charge up the Power Beam. It  
    has a magnetic pull of sorts that will pull that stuff towards you so you  
    can collect it.                          
                              ~Walkthrough [WLKT]~
    Are you finally ready to unveil the mystery behind the "Ultimate Power"?  
    Ready to face uncertain danger and death, all for the call of duty? It so, 
    your finally ready to tackle Adventure Mode. Here are some friendly tips   
    before you begin:
    There's a crapload of seemingly "useless" junk lying around in all of the    
    rooms in the game. Use the Scan Visor by holding the bottom icon on the   
    touch screen. With the Scan Visor, you can hold L (or R for right handed 
    mode) to inspect anything with a symbol on it. This leads to clues about   
    the mysterious power, or helps you escape puzzles or traps you may be in. 
    I'm usign NDS_Master's technique for scanning objects that he used in his  
    walkthrough (full credit to him for the idea). I'll list next to scans in 
    the game:[#] with the scan name. This is only for Scans that are recorded 
    into your logbook back at Samus' ship. Other Scans I'll justsay right out 
    front for you to obviously do.                                
    Also, there are many Expansions to be found in Adventure Mode. These will 
    give Samus added power or strength or health needed to survive in these hard
    conditions. I'll list them in big letters such as MISSILE EXPANSION so you 
    can easily see it in the crowd of words.
    Finally, is dying. There is no Game Over screen in this game. Should you die,
    you will reappear at the nearest checkpoint which is usually at the     
    beginning of a major room. You'll start with the health and Ammo you had when
    you first entered the room. Also, anything you scanned after the checkpoint
    is deleted so you must re-scan some things. Try not to die [too much].   
    Finally, good luck! It will take all of your skill to recover ancient     
    artifacts in order to obtain the Ultimate Power.
               ~Mission 1:1st visit to an abandoned space station [MSN1]~
    Mission Difficulty:**/*****
    Mission Objectives:Samus's first trip into the Alimbic Cluster lands her in
    Celestial Archives. She will begin to unravel the mystery of the long past
    Alimbics, and claim a major key to the source of the Ultimate Power. However,
    she soon finds other Hunter's in her way.
    Mission File 79109
    "The secret to Ultimate Power lies in the Alimbic Cluster."
    This repeating neural thread, originating from an uncharted region of the 
    Tetra Galaxy known as the Alimbic Cluster, was recently intercepted and 
    translated by Federation empaths.
    1. Discover the meaning behind this mysterious telepathic message.
    2. If the "Ultimate Power" can be secured, ensure Federation control.
    3. If the power cannot be secured, ensure that it remains secret or destroy 
    "This operation must remain covert. The Tetra Galaxy is outside of 
    federation-controlled space, and the Alimbic Cluster is a wild and uncharted 
    While we have kept our communications classified, we know other entities have
    intercepted the thread.
    The lure of the Ultimate Power will be irresistible to many, disposition of 
    rival interests is presumed hostile.
    Uploading known coordinates...
    Celestial Archives
    Now the hunt for the Ultimate Power has truly begun! Enjoy the opening    
    cutscene and you will be taken to a map of sorts. It will show you only one
    current destination. Highlight Celestial Archives and choose the option to
    land your ship there.                                         
    Celestial Gateway
    Equipment-Hunter Gunship
    Object-Celestial Archives
    Object-Alimbic Prophecy 01
    Object-Green Force Field
    Samus will get out of her Gunship, and after a few seconds you will assume 
    complete control of her actions. Take a second to get used to them before
    moving on. Now, first things first. We have to Scan an assload of items in 
    this game. At the bottom of the touch screen is a small green icon with a  
    picture of Samus' visor on it. Hold that button for a second to activate   
    Scan Visor. Here, you can scan an assortment of things to gather useful 
    info on your misson.                    
    Turn around after falling off your ship to face...you ship again. Face the 
    yellow dot on the ship and scan the Hunter Gunship [1]. Facing the same    
    direction your Gunship is facing, Scan the green display panel near it [2].
    Scan this as well to learn some information about Celestial Archives. We're
    nearly done with this room so head towards the door the Gunship is facing. 
    You will be instructed to activate the Scan Visor (which should already be 
    activated). Scan the small blue light that is above the door [3]. Finally, 
    Scan the actual blue triangle door itself [4]. These are doors (duh). In  
    order to open Blue Doors, shoot them with any type of weapon. This will    
    deactivate the shield and allow you to progress to the next room once it     
    opens. Head through the door.                                  
    You will enter a short, curvy hallway. Pass through to the next room which 
    is just a tiny connector room. These are the rooms I've been talking about.
    They're just here to load the next large room. Okay? Don't freak out or    
    anything. Mmmkay? You will see lots of them. Pass through.            
    Helm Room
    Bioform-Psycho Bit v1.0
    Object-Synergy Processor
    Object-Synergy Drive
    Object-Port Helm
    Object-Starboard Helm
    Object-Sealed Door
    This is a pretty large room and there are a couple new Scans that we need 
    to accomplish first. All right. See the large structure infront of the door?
    head up to it. Ignore the ramp to the right for now. On the left side of the 
    structure, Scan the Synergy Core log [5]. After you've done that, head up  
    the aforementioned ramp to the right. Before heading back down the other   
    side, head to the left at the top walkway. Get between the 2 tall structures
    within the room. Flip on the Scan Visor again and scan the orange structure
    to the left containing Port Helm [6]. Do the exact same thing for the tower
    on the right. Scan Starboard Helm [7].                               
    Head down the ramp I mentioned a few sentences back. You will see the door 
    is clearly locked, and the camera will zoom in on a glowing orange panel next
    to it for a second. Before doing anything, to the left of the door is      
    another green panel on the flooring. Scan the Synergy Drive [8]. If you     
    didn't activate the cutscene with the door before scanning the object, do so
    now. Scan the Sealed Door [9]. See the orange panel resting on the wall to 
    the left of the door? Scan this panel. You will hear the familar "you did 
    something right noise" that is pretty classic to Metroid. The door will    
    unlock. The panel we just scanned doesn't appear in the Logbook so don't    
    worry about it. Pass through the next hallway.                      
    Your still in the Helm Room, even though you passed through a few doors. All
    the exits will be locked and you will see a few enemies appear. Scan the    
    Psycho Bit v1.0 [10]. They are very simple to kill and do minimal damage.  
    Keep moving left and right and shoot quickly at them to kill them all.   
    Continue when their dead.                                     
    Meditation Room
    Equipment-Small Energy
    Equipment-Medium Energy
    Equipment-Small Missile Pack
    Object-Alimbic Panel
    Object-Navigational Chart
    Object-Synergy Strut
    Object-Tetra Trade Map
    Object-Brown Blast Shield
    You killed your first enemies. A bazillion more to go. Happy. In this room 
    you will find yourself infront of some crates. You will be ordered to use   
    your Charge Beam to destroy them. Hold the fire button to charge up the Power
    Beam and use it to destroy the crates. Collect all of the health they drop 
    (though you probably won't need it). Scan at least one of the energy that 
    drops from the crates [11].               
    Once you have destroyed all of the crates, keep going around the corner.   
    You will find some stone rubble that is blocking your way. You can't go    
    around it at all, so you need to jump. Double tap the touch screen to jump in
    the air. Use this to get over the crates and reach platforms which you will 
    be doing a lot of. Scan the orange force-field to the left. Its an Alimbic 
    Panel [12]. The game will also display a message for you that tells you   
    how to jump. Once your on top of the crates, Scan the Navigation Chart. Its 
    the blue panel on the wall [13].               
    Head along the corner and you'll finally find some open space. Here, you   
    will see an odd, green creature. Scan the Petrasyl [14]. These enemies can  
    be a bit annoying. You see, they like to move around in random patterns.   
    You can only get hurt from their poison if you actually come in contact with
    the damn thing. Stay far away and shoot it from a distance. Once you kill it,
    a new item will appear where it was. Scan the Missile Ammo [15]. We're not 
    quite through Scanning in this room. There's a few more things left. Be   
    careful-Petrasyls keep respawning once you kill then. Scan the green panel 
    Energy Strut near where the Petrasyl was [16]. Now, head to the opposite side 
    of the room from where the Petrasyl once laid. Here is a blue panel, a 
    Tetra Trade Map, which you should Scan as well [17]. Finally, Scan the Brown
    Blast Shield on the door. It can only be opened with Missiles. Its the only
    one in the game. Don't miss it! Destroy the Blast Shield and get the hell 
    out of this room.                  
    Data Shrine 01
    Bioform-Lesser Ithrak
    Equipment-Energy Tank
    Object-Science Hub
    Object-Alimbic Artifacts
    Object-Artifact Shield
    Object-Shield Key
    Object-Cartograph Artifact
    Another boring loading hallway, then you'll appear in a circular room on   
    the map. Interesting. There's two directions to go in right now. Heading   
    right leads to a dead end, so stop wasting time and move to the left.     
    Several Psycho Bits will attack on your way to your destination. Kill them or
    Scan them if you didn't do so earlier. If there is no need to Scan them, then
    simply blow them to smithereens. After a few more paces, you will recieve a 
    message from your Gunship:
       "Warning! Confirmed arrival of unidentified vessel at Celestial Archives. 
        Extreme Caution is advised."
    Huh? What's this? There's other hunters within the Tetra Galaxy searching for
    OUR Power? Damn them! You'll meet this hunter soon enough so keep the        
    question of "who is it?" within yourself. At the end of the hallway is a    
    green door. No need to Scan it, its the same as all the other doors. Open it
    and head inside the main chamber of the Data Shrine. Awesome. A large open  
    space. No tricks here, take your time. The doors of this room will lock as  
    you enter. You need to obtain a critical item before you can leave. First,
    Scan the Science Hub. its the small slab of wall jutting from the ground in  
    front of you [19]. The base of the middle platform of the room has a small 
    blue display you can scan. Scan the Alimbic Artifacts information [20].
    On the top platform of the room is a large, blue shiny (and loud) crystal. 
    Scan the Artifact Shield [21].                       
    Err...really bad idea on our part. Damnit! A huge swarm of Psycho Bits will 
    appear and assult you. There are 4 waves of Psycho Bits, and all swarm in   
    the area around the Artifact Shield. You haven't had a fight this large yet
    but the rest of the Adventure Mode is somewhat like this. Keep moving left  
    and right near the swarms. Never go right under them-that's just asking to 
    get hit a ton. Many of the Psycho Bits will drop Small Energies once they
    are defeated so you should have no problem staying alive. Just keep         
    destroying them.              
    Once you've destroyed the huge swarm, we finally have a calm and peaceful  
    music change (for the better). Good. A small odd object will appear on the  
    walkway near the Artifact Shield. Scan the Shield Key [22]. Then collect 
    the Shield Key. This will deactivate the nearby shield so you can grab the
    nearby Artifact. First though, Scan the Cartograph Artifact [23]. Then collect
    it. This will unlock the doors in the room.           
    Both doors look alike, but only one is the real exit that we want. Stand in 
    the middle of the room and look at the doors. One of the doors has some   
    blue lamp...things next to it. That is the door you want to take out of    
    here. Once you leave the room, several Psycho Bits to the left will attack 
    you. You just destroyed a ton of them, this should be a very tiny threat to 
    you. The walkway is tiny, but you should have no problem still not getting
    attacked or hit for that matter. Once they are destroyed, head off the   
    platform and turn around. There's a small pathway underneith this area. Get
    into the Morph Ball and roll under it by tapping the red icon in the bottom 
    corner of the touch screen. Keep rolling until you roll into a Missile Ammo 
    Pack. Perhaps you needed it...maybe not. Roll back out and tap the icon  
    again to return to your normal biped form. Keep heading down the hallway 
    and you will be instructed on how to use the Moprh Ball (which I just told 
    you). There's another pathway beneigth the floors. Head down it and into an 
    ENERGY TANK. This will up your maximum health by 100 units so you can live 
    longer. Great.           
    Head back out of the pathway and onto the area you rolled under. You will 
    soon approach a door. Its still locked though. What gives? As you approach, 
    a new enemy will appear. Scan the Lesser Ithrak [24]. The creature has a    
    lunge attack. Keep your distance and pelt the creature with many Missiles. 
    It will go down shortly. When it does, it will reveal a Medium Energy. Scan 
    it [25]. Head through the door.             
    Fan Room Alpha
    Object-Cooling Fans
    We've got one of three artifacts. Now you will appear in a pretty tall room 
    with a large pillar of deadly looking blades on it. Take a second to whip out
    the Scan Visor and Scan the Cooling Fans [26]. Once you finish scanning,   
    your next object is to reach the door at the top of the room. You obviously  
    need to jump from platform to platform until you reach the top. This is    
    your first real test in jumping skills. If you fall-no big deal. Just start 
    back again from the bottom. Eventually, upon completion of this challenge, 
    head through the next hallway.                      
    Data Shrine 02
    Equipment-Missile Expansion
    Object-Green Blast Shield
    Object-Alimbic Joist
    Another Data Shrine huh? Obviously there had to be more if they were         
    numbered then. The object here is to head right. Soon you will pass a Green 
    Blast Shield on the left, Scan it [27]. Keep moving along the hallway until
    you see a figure appear in the distance. Is that...? Yup. Its the hunter   
    Kanden. Once you get near him, he will head into his alt and run away like a
    girly man. Jerk.             
    Follow him! There's no time to lose! He heads through the passageway under 
    the walkway. You need to be in your Morph Ball as well in order to give    
    chase to him. Awesome. Once you roll out of the passageway, switch back to 
    your biped form. Keep heading along the hallway, cool chase music, and    
    destroy any opposing Psycho Bits. Scan the Alimbic Joist along the       
    hallway [28]. Its the giant pole...thing that sticks out quite well. Its  
    like a clearence beam or something.                  
    Now that that's out of the way, head forwards some more through the passage.
    Eventually you will come to another area where you need to use the Morph Ball
    to roll under the platform. Do so. At the dead end you will run into a    
    MISSILE EXPANSION. This really great item increases your maximum Missle     
    capacity by a whopping 10 Missiles! There's 9 of them, and this is the first.
    Good going.
    Now, head right back the way you just came. They may be Psycho Bits still   
    here so keep dodging their shots and destroying them for energy if you need 
    it. Once you reach the passageway you rolled under, jump on top of it. You 
    will meet up with more Psycho Bits, and a door. Head through this new door
    and its short hallway.                       
    Fan Room Beta
    Object-Tetra Galaxy
    Awesome. More stupid fan blades of unhappiness. Soon as you walk into the  
    room, you get a Gunship Transmission:
       "Pilot of docked ship identified as bounty hunter Kanden. Your warp 
       signature was traced. Assume hostile intent."
    Thank you for pointing out the stupid obvious. The fan blades have already 
    been scanned, but there is a new scan here. Head to the back of the room and 
    scan the Tetra Galaxy map that you need for the logbook [29]. Now, time 
    to scale yet another bunch of platforms. Its much trickier than last time   
    because now there are several Petrasyls blocking your way and the jumps are 
    harder to land on because the platforms are spread further apart. Keep trying
    even if you fall a few times! Once you reach the top, head through the door 
    and the hallway that follows!                       
    Data Shrine 03
    Bioform-Alimbic Turret v1.0
    Equipment-Large Missile Pack
    Object-Political Hub
    Object-Anthropological Hub
    Object-Attameter Artifact
    Don't worry too much-this is (finally) the last Data Shrine in Celestial    
    Archives. But we have a fierce battle coming up. There's a door similar to
    the other Data Shrines that leads to the inner chamber. You will be      
    fighting Kanden in there. First, let's get some Scans out of the way. On the
    side of the room is a skinny wall. Scan the Political Hub [30]. There is   
    another similar wall nearby with the Scan of the Anthropoigical Hub [31]. 
    Once you are ready, enter the chamber.
    Kanden has stopped hiding from you...but ISSA TRAP! The doors lock and your 
    stuck fighting Kanden. He's really easy for your first hunter encounter.    
    Firstly, always stay on ground level. You have the best view when Kanden    
    heads ontop of the middle platform and you can pelt him from there and you 
    can easily rip him apart when he goes into his Stinglarva form. Scan     
    Kanden [32]Also, Scan that his Stinglarva as it appears in the logbook 
    as well [33]. When he's roaming the ground in the Stinglarva, he will drop
    mines with his tail. They do minimal damage, but still watch out. Use      
    charged Missiles as they do more damage and home in on Kanden. Cool. Once  
    yoou deplete your Ammo, switch to the Power Beam and finish him off. His  
    affinity weapon, the Volt Driver, if hit by it will disrupt your vison for 
    a few seconds making it hard to see. Don't use Missiles now as you'd     
    probably miss. Keep up the fight until dead.
    Once defeated, he will drop the Shield Key. Why wasn't it activated when HE 
    touched it? Hax. Anyways, grab it to unlock the artifact within the room.  
    Get onto the walkway and get into the Morph Ball. Roll into the tunnel on the
    side of the wall and bomb open the door there. Roll in and before collecting
    the artifact, Scan it. Its an Attameter Artifact. There's 3 different types 
    of artifacts for each source of the Ultimate Power. Getting these Scans out
    of the way now will be convienent [34]. Now, head back out of this little 
    hole. To geat out of the main area of Data Shrine 03, take the door that has
    two blue poles near it.                    
    A turret will begin firing at you. Slap on the Scan Visor and scan the    
    Alimbic Turret v1.0 and defeat it with a few Charge Beam shots. It shouldn't
    take very long before it gets destroyed. Head through the door and hallway 
    it was guarding.       
    Synergy Core
    Object-Lift Controls
    Object-Yellow Force Field
    Object-Binary Subscripture
    Object-Stronghold Portal
    [!]-NW Conduit
    [!]-NE Conduit
    [!]-SE Conduit
    [!]-SW Conduit
    Here's great news:We can head back to your ship! Why? We should save now, of
    course! There's a blue and orange thing on the ground near you. Scan the   
    blue Portal first [36]. Then Scan the orange thing. It activates the Portal.
    Head into it to be teleported back to the room with your ship. Save and    
    reload your ammo here. Once that's done, head back through the Portal again.
    Useful, eh? Before doing so, though, there is a white box on the wall of the
    room near you. Scan the Lift Controls [37]. NOW head through the Portal and
    do your things.
    Once you get back, I might as well say were nearing the boss of the area.  
    Happies! Now, time for some more platforming. Our favorite. Jump up the   
    platforms that are near the portal. You may fall down and into the portal. 
    I've done that before. Just reenter it to get back here. Soon you will pass 
    a Yellow Force Field. Scan it [38]. Don't try to shoot it down-you need a  
    special weapon to do that and we don't possess it. The security drone on  
    it will harm you back if you attack it.       
    Once you reach the top, find the ledge nearby (might be behind you depending
    on where your facing). Jump over to it and head into the door that follows. 
    Your still in Synergy Core, and there's the final Artifact! On all corners
    of the room there are tiny blue switches. These types of conduits require  
    power to activate. Shoot them with any weapon to power them. Once all 4 
    have been hit, you can claim the Binary Subscripture Artifact. Scan it    
    first [39]. The following message will appear afterwards:  
        "Long-range thermomagnetic-resonance scanners indicate remote and 
        inaccessible chambers. Use the portal to access the inaccessible."
    What does this mean? Only one thing! We can head for the boss now! Hurrah! 
    You may want to save first. Head back to the portal if you desire. Head back
    through the door also in the room you got the last artifact to find a huge
    portal. Scan the Stronghold Portal [40]. Step into it to be transported to
    an odd area. 
    Stronghold Void
    Lore-Stronghold Void
    Lore-Biodefense Chamber A
    Bioform-Cretaphid v1
    Object-Stronghold Door
    Scan the lore infront of where your standing [41]. Keep going until you 
    reach a giant door that you need to hit to disable its shields (just like 
    any old door >_>). Scan this as well [42]. Head through the giant door and 
    shoot down the next one. Once you approach it...a cutscene will begin.   
    Boss:Cretaphid v1
    The door will lock behind Samus, trapping her within the room. That's trouble
    (and we've seen it too much already). However....a giant totem pole rises 
    from the ground! Oh noes! We must fight it!
    First off, we should scan Mr. Totem Pole. Or "Cretaphid v1" [43]. Near the 
    door is a Lore only seen to the Scan Visor. Scan the Biodefense Chamber A 
    thing [44] and begin for a fight! Make sure not to forget these scans. This
    is the only Cretaphid v1 you will see!      
    Onto the fight. Its really simple, being your first one and all. First of  
    all, it has one main means of attack. And that is to shoot out deadly laser 
    beams of doom and spin counter-clockwise in a desprate attempt to hurt you.
    But how to defeat it? We need to lure out the main central-membrane. To 
    do that, we need to destroy its weak spot.            
    Also take note that running into Cretaphid causes major pain. Don't do it. 
    The lasers don't do too much-but still try to avoid them. Keep moving right
    as to avoid them (as the lasers move right as well). The object here is to  
    destroy every tiny blue dot on its outer surface. Doing this is a simple   
    task-if you weren't under fire the whole time. Use the Power Beam to shoot 
    at the tiny targets. If you want to spare some Missiles, use them and you'll
    probably take out several at once (but I advise against that idea). Anyways,
    soon enough you will have destroyed all of the blue dots. The red ones that
    fire the lasers can't be destroyed-don't worry about them. Now, the central-
    membrane will appear out at the top of the totem pole. Unleash everything 
    you have at it-this is how you actually damage Cretaphid. Use up your       
    Missiles first before resorting to the Power Beam (which still does a fair
    amount of damage). The central-membrane will fire a few shots at you. They
    deal about 20 damage. Move a little to avoid them.        
    Once you've done a total of 1/3rd damage to its health bar, it will flash 
    white a few times. Cease fire here. It will retract into the pole and the 
    fight will continue. If you were too slow, you need to repeat stage one  
    (in the above paragraph) until you chip off a third of its health. Now, phase
    two isn't much different. However, the lasers have moved from the top of  
    the pole to the middle. Now there's 4 lasers circling around you in a     
    clockwise direction. Uh-oh. The premise here is still the same. Cretaphid  
    moves a bit faster now so he can be a pain in the ass to hit, but keep   
    destroying those dumb dots! Save a few Missiles-use your Power Beam once   
    the central-membrane appears again.          
    Final stage. If you've chipped away 2/3rds of Cretaphids life bar, he will 
    flash once more. The lasers, though, now switch to the bottom layer of the 
    pole. They spin counter-clockwise again, so remember that. Its also a bit 
    faster than the upper portions, so keep strafing right. There's 5 lasers. 
    Ensure not to take too much damage. Just destroy those stupid dots for  
    (hopefully) the last time in the battle. Once the central-membrane appears 
    again, unleash the last of your Missiles. Hopefully it will be enough to 
    send Cretaphid v1 packing.              
    Defeated Cretaphid v1!!!
    Awesome. Our first boss has been obliterated. Eh? What's that shiny thing  
    in place of where Cretaphid once was? Scan the Octolith [45]. Collect the 
    shiny Octolith. You will recieve a Gunship Transmission telling you that 
    these may be the key to the Ultimate Power. Well that's cool. Grab all of 
    the energy that remained around the room and book it out of the boss      
    chamber. Creepy stuff...yeah >_>    
    Head through the next hallway and then...
    Crud. That's not good! A Gunship Transmission will tell you that we set off
    the Escape Protocol by stealing the Octolith. Stupid communist bastards. 
    We've got only 8 tiny minutes to get our rear ends out of Celestial     
    Archives. Uh...it never explodes. I'll just say that out front. I think its
    just that we're locked inside this place forever or something. Whatever.  
    Bad fate. Let's go!
    Hea down the small corridor. We can admire the pretty and creept scenery    
    later. Head back for the portal!
    Synergy Core
    Once you arrive back in Celestial Archives, check the map. We have to run  
    through this huge labyrinth. Oh that's just beautiful. Head left quickly and 
    through the door. A crapload of Psycho Bits will ambush you with locked    
    doors. Don't move in circles-just left and right. Make sure your always   
    facing the door you need to exit, not the one you just entered. Once the 
    20+ Psycho Bits are dead, the doors will open. Rush through the one you   
    should be staring at.      
    Now, were back in the main area of Synergy Core. No time for lollygagging, 
    drop down to the ground and ignore the platforms. Yes, we could take the  
    portal back to Samus' ship. But its disabled. Stupid security. Head through
    the door at the bottom of the room.     
    Data Shrine 03
    Familiar, stupid annoying, roundy, all adjectives that describe these 3   
    repetitive rooms. Anyways, no time for grammar. Quickly head right and    
    through the green door once you reach it. This is where you fought Kanden, 
    but he already escaped. Asshat. Head along the right wall and through the 
    door out of the inner chamber. Head left, past some Psycho Bits. No time  
    for useless fights. Ignore the Lesser Ithrak and go through the door.    
    Fan Room Beta
    Nothing of interest here. Ignore the Petrasyls and drop down to the ground   
    and head out the door there.            
    Data Shrine 02
    This is the easiest of the Data Shrines because we have no need to set foot 
    inside of the chamber. But we must go AROUND the damn thing to the door on
    the other side of the room. Quickly head right, and once off the platform  
    get into the Morph Ball and roll under the platform you were just standing 
    on. Make a quick swipe on the touch screen to boost for about a second. A  
    few times will save a few seconds off your life. Once your done, get back  
    into your biped form and head for the door. You need to destroy the Lesser 
    Ithrak and the 2 Alimbic Turrets in order to open the door. Do so and quickly
    get through it!       
    Fan Room Alpha
    Another fan room, but without the Petrasyls. If you have at least 4 minutes
    to go by the time you leave via the bottom door, you should be fine.       
    Otherwise, go faster!        
    Data Shrine 01
    A Lesser Ithrak will fall down as soon as you enter the room. Don't be jolted
    by its presence. Head left this time around. Ignore the Ithrak. Once you  
    reach the door, head inside the center chamber. The doors will quickly lock 
    and a crapload of Psycho Bits will come to attack you. They seem to be    
    infinitely respawning, but they aren't. There's about 40 of the devils. There
    is little time to lose, but were nearly home free. Just don't die. There are
    green Psycho Bits v2.0 in the battle. Oddly though, the game registers them
    as v1.0's. Don't bother scanning them. Must just be a color glitch in the  
    game. Once the doors unlock, head out the door WITHOUT blue pillars infront 
    of it. Head through it and keep heading left. Once you reach the door on    
    the right, go through it.      
    Meditation Room
    This room is filled to the brim with Petrasyls. They are very painful to the
    touch. Only destroy the ones that actually get in your way. Collect whatever
    the leave, and keep running through the room and up the hill. Jump over   
    the ruins, blast the crates for ammo and head out the door.       
    Helm Room
    There isn't anything of interest in the first half of the room so head     
    through it.             
    Second half..though, you will see a cutscene where 3 Guardians appear to 
    attack you. Scan them [46]. Use Missiles if you got any, and then the Power
    Beam with the Charge Beam now and then. The Guardians move very fast, and 
    in a huge number can rip through Samus. Keep moving and focus on one at a    
    time if your able to manage it. These asses tend to be like your rival   
    hunters. Think of it as training practice. Remember, your still on your   
    countdown which is probably in its last minute or two. Hurry up and destroy
    all three Guardians. This unlocks the doors of the room. Head to the other 
    end and out the door!
    Celestial Gateway
    Home free baby! Unless you have like 3 seconds or less on the clock, we're 
    out of this hellhole! Jump onto your ship again and obviously choose to save.
    We're done with Celestial Archives. For now at least. We will be back...but 
    not for a while.          
    ***Misson 1:Complete***
    Well, we have our first Octolith in safe possession. Here's the 46 Scans you
    should have done on our first misson:
    [1] Hunter Gunship
    [2] Celestial Archives
    [3] Alimbic Prophecy 01
    [4] Door
    [5] Synergy Processor
    [6] Port Helm
    [7] Starboard Helm
    [8] Synergy Drive
    [9] Sealed Door
    [10] Psycho Bit v1.0
    [11] Small Energy
    [12] Alimbic Panel
    [13] Navigational Chart
    [14] Petrasyl
    [15] Small Missile Pack
    [16] Synergy Strut
    [17] Tetra Trade Map
    [18] Brown Blast Shield
    [19] Science Hub
    [20] Alimbic Artifacts
    [21] Artifact Shield
    [22] Shield Key
    [23] Cartograph Artifact
    [24] Lesser Ithrak
    [25] Medium Energy
    [26] Cooling Fans
    [27] Green Blast Shield
    [28] Alimbic Joist
    [29] Tetra Galaxy
    [30] Political Hub
    [31] Anthropologic Hub
    [32] Kanden
    [33] Stinglarva
    [34] Attameter Artifact
    [35] Alimbic Turret v1.0
    [36] Portal
    [37] Lift Controls
    [38] Yellow Force Field
    [39] Binary Subscripture
    [40] Stronghold Portal
    [41] Stronghold Void
    [42] Stronghold Door
    [43] Cretaphid v1
    [44] Biodefense Chamber A
    [45] Octolith
    [46] Guardian
              ~Mission 2:A trip through the firey depths of Alinos [MSN2]~
    Mission Difficulty:**/*****
    Mission Objectives:After claiming the first Octolith, Samus travels to the 
    newly scanned planet Alinos to find the second one there. Somewhere in the 
    fire depths of the planet lies another Octolith, but instead Samus will find
    several more Hunters.
    Alinos Gateway
    Lore-Alimbic Datashade 01
    Lore-Alimbic Datashade 02
    Equipment-Missile Expansion
    Object-Magma Station
    Object-Alimbic Prophecy 02
    Once you have escaped Celestial Archives, a new planet will appear on the 
    destination select screen. Select Alinos and blast off towards it. Now we can
    start our trek through the flamey heart of the planet.
    Instead of a small room like in the archives, the first thing you will see is
    this is a huge ass room we will land in. Not only that but lava is everywhere!
    Sadly, there isn't much to do in this room. Its size is only useful in  
    multiplayer. Anyways, once you get off of your ship you will notice an orange
    holographic panel. Scan Alinos [47].   
    After you've scanned the small console, turn around and run behind your ship
    and jump right off the small cliff you are perched on. No, you won't fall into
    lava. There's more platform below you. You will see a small scan console 
    that sorta blends in with the scenery. It infront of that huge lavafall in 
    the backround (still on the platform). Scan the Magma Station [48].    
    Now, turn around and head forwards towards the door really far away in the  
    distance. You'll find a river of lava blocking your path. Lava does consistant
    damage when touching it, so avoid it best as possible. Jump on the platforms
    to cross the river. They sink quickly when you stand on them, however. They
    reappear once your off of the platforms.    
    Continue heading forwards past the lava river and to the door. Don't exit the
    room just yet. Flip on the Scan Visor again to find Alimbic Datashade 01 [49]
    and further down the path to the right, Alimbic Datashade 02 [50]. Now, turn
    Once you've done so, head along the wall until you see an odd looking formation
    within the wall, and a Missile Expansion inside of it. Scan the Missile   
    Expansion [51] since we were unable to last time. Jump into the small opening
    in the wall then transform into the Morph Ball. You will need to Bomb Jump 
    your way up to the MISSILE EXPANSION. However, the camera's at a weird angle
    so you may fall several times before successfully grabbing the expansion.  
    We have done everything there is to do in this huge room, so leave through
    the one and only door. Scan Alimbic Prophecy 02 [52] right above it though
    before heading through.
    Echo Hall
    Lore-History 01
    Bioform-War Wasp
    Equipment-Large Energy
    Object-Exposed Rebar
    [!]-Sealed Force Field
    Enter through the door to wind up in Echo Hall. Its a long, but pretty short
    room with plants crawling everywhere. You can't scan them, however. They damage
    you a little if you touch them so shoot them all up. The generally give a lot
    of health and ammo once destroyed.                                   
    Keep continuing forward until you hit a small dropoff in the room. Once you've
    hit it, flip on the Scan Visor and scan the Exposed Rebar [53] that is on the
    wall near you. After that, keep heading forward and scan the small Zoomers 
    on the ground [54].       
    Take the pleasure of shooting to death the low life Zoomers and the remaining
    plants that still inhibit this room. After your fun, head to the end of the 
    room where you will find a Morph Ball tunnel. What fun. Before heading inside
    however, scan History 01 [55] which is just before the tunnel near the wall. 
    After that, Morph and roll out.                 
    Enter the small path as the Morph Ball, and you will quickly find out that
    this area of Echo Hall is nothing but a maze. Great. At the start of the path
    you will have to go left, then you need to take a right. Then go right again
    at the first chance you get. Follow this short passageway all the way to the
    end. After that, turn left then turn left again at the wall. Head right  as  
    soon as you can. You can tell your in the right area because the ground looks
    different than the path we've been taking.                
    The rest of the path is straightforward until you reach a small, open area 
    where you can return to biped form. Shoot away all 3 Zoomers to itty little
    chunks. Once dead, a Shield Key will appear (Left in the hands of 3 Zoomers?).
    Grab the shield key, then get back into the Morph Ball and roll back into the
    tunnel. Head through the first few bends that we easily took last time through
    here, then head along the long, straight path. At the end you will notice 
    the ground change to grey with blue lines.                  
    This part of Echo Hall is simple. Just a long winding path that ends up at a 
    closed door. Open the door with a bomb then roll through when it opens up.  
    Once it does, ignore the path to the right and head to the end of the path, 
    then take the one on the right. You will roll right into an ENERGY TANK.  
    Backtrack your way back to the door, but don't go through it. Head into the
    path I told you to ignore. Once you make it up the hill you'll reach another
    open area.                               
    In this open area, you will notice the first Artifact in Alinos is here. If
    you skipped the Shield Key, you will need to re-enter the maze and find it 
    before you can continue on. If you got hurt for whatever reason, the boxes
    in this room have Large Energies [56] which you should scan before collecting.
    With hopefully a full Energy bar or two and many Missiles, head through the 
    door at the bottom of the room with the Morph Ball.      
    Continue though this short path until you reach an open area. There are    
    several War Wasps [57] which you should scan before destroying. Be careful
    though-a few stings from them can really hurt you. Once obliterated, head 
    through the door.          
    High Ground
    Lore-Interment Chamber
    Lore-Battle Sarcophagus
    Lore-Science Sarcophagus
    Object-Flow Regulator
    Object-Purple Force Field
    Object-Magma Vent
    Object-Alimbic Scripture
    Head past the small hallway to reach High Ground. A ton of Zoomers will appear
    right infront of you and start climbing on the walls like the useless jelly
    sacks they are. Destroy them all and the locked door on the other side of 
    the hall will unlock. Before heading through it, scan the small yellow console
    to the left of the door. Flow Regulator [58] will be downloaded to your  
    logbook. Enter the door.             
    This room is also very similar to the previous Zoomer infested room. Same story
    here:kill them all to unlock the next door. The narrow room right after the 
    Zoomer rooms contain some new things to scan. You will find two new things 
    on the right wall right near eachother. First is Interment Chamber [59] and a
    Purple Force Field [60]. The display on the left is another Flow Regulator in
    case you missed it. The Purple Force Field can't be destroyed for a while 
    likewise the Yellow Force Field's. Keep going.      
    After that you will reach a more open room with several slabs of rock     
    apparently slabbed over the lava. Its not obvious that you should scan it.
    Scan the Magma Vent [61] despite it seeming...useless. Jump up through the hole
    above the magma vent and you will encounter your second hunter on the quest 
    for the Ultimate Power!           
    You will see a quick cutscene of Spire on a high ledge shooting down at you, 
    with really horrible aim I must say. We must take shelter quickly! We can't 
    attack Spire yet, he's too high. There are two ramps near the hole you just 
    popped up from which has now been covered with a force field to prevent re-
    entry. You need to head up the ramp that DOESN'T contain an Artifact Sheild 
    at the top.       
    Run all the way to the top of this high ramp. Once you reach the top, pop a 
    U-turn and head along the path that is flat that rides next to the ramp.    
    Head over and to ontop of the Yellow Force Field. You are safe from Spire's
    rain of fire (who still shoots despite a lack of target). You should notice
    a yellow mushroom on the ground near you, or a Blastcap [62]. Scan it as   
    usual. Destroy it and wait for the poisonous clouds to recede before     
    continuing onwards.               
    When the Blastcap has been destroyed, walk past it or just jump over it.   
    Either option works just fine :) On the wall to the right will be a door and
    you need to enter it. We're totally safe from Spire in here, right? At the 
    end of the short hallway is another door. Enter it.      
    Elder Passage
    You will soon come to a small area in Elder Passage. It has another Artifact
    Shield. Well...we found the other 2 artifacts but have no way of obtaining 
    them! Head to the right, away from the artifact.                   
    A force field will lock you inside this small area of the room. Isn't that 
    nice of the little guy? You will see a Voldrum [63] infront of you, appearing
    from that blue shield. The problem here is not the Voldrums but where they 
    come from. Those blue triangles are regenerators for Voldrums. There are two
    in this room, across from each other. Focus all of your firepower on one of 
    them, then the other. Once you have finished that you need to take down the
    remaining Voldrums. Once you do, you will see someone else followed you into
    this room!             
    Spire Fight
    Your in an incredibly small space, that's for sure. You will be fine seeing
    as Spire has really crappy aim with his Magmaul. Scan Spire [64] right now 
    while you easily have a chance, then pelt him with Missiles or the Power Beam.
    Both weapons are quite effective against Spire. If you can't find Spire, then
    look up. He's shooting at you from above the room. Cheater. A coward never 
    fights face to face! Once you have delt enough damage to Spire, he will get
    mad and switch to his alt form, the Dialanche, and try to hit you from close
    range. Scan his alt form [65] and continue to barrage him with fire. Remember
    to jump a lot as his alt can't really go anywhere when it comes to height. 
    Once you have hurt him enough Spire will call it quits and evacuate the room.
    He's gone...for now.       
    You've only chipped off half of Spire's health you may have noticed. Great...
    That's not a good sign for us I suppose. Before you leave the room, make sure
    to scan the small orange tab in the area you fought Spire in. This little 
    thing will create the Shield Key, allowing you to access the Artifact we had
    to pass up in this room earlier. Grab the Artifact, then head right back out
    to High Ground.         
    High Ground
    Once you head back outside, the music will change and the camera focuses on 
    Spire for a few seconds. He's on good turf now and he's ready to fight to the
    death. Bad idea for him though, he's at half-health while you should be   
    somewhat near full. The rest of the battle plan isn't too hard to understand.
    Follow the path back to the ramp we used earlier, but continue forwards to 
    Spire's shooting spot. He will shoot at you easily, and will jump down the   
    main floor and resume shooting you their, occasionally retracting into his 
    Dialanche for close combat. Pelt him with all of your Missiles and if you 
    run out, resort to the trusty Power Beam. Soon enough you should easily come
    out the match's victor.     
    Once you have finished off Spire once and thankfully for all, he will drop a 
    little health for you can the all-critical Shield Key. Finally we can obtain
    the last Artifact that we have been so close to getting for quite a while now.
    Once you nab it last one, you will of course be informed that the Stronghold
    Portal has been activated and use it to access the inaccessable.        
    Also of note before continuing on is that a platform in the room has been  
    lowered so that we can reach the spot that Spire first shot at us and the door
    out of this hellhole. Firstly, though, we were so busy fighting Spire we forgot
    a few scans in this room.          
    Fall from the ramp that the Artifact was located on and you should see a small
    wall there. Scan it for the Battle Sarcophagus [66]. Just a little further
    from that scan is a small imprint on the wall. Scan the Alimbic Scripture [67].
    All the while your busy scanning you may notice your old friends Psycho Bits
    v1.0 return to this room. They may be annoying you while you scan these items
    so feel free to destroy them. They also have regenerating triangles in this
    room. There's two, so destroy both before carrying out your business.     
    On the opposite side of the room there is a hidden scan. Its the Science 
    Sarchphagus [68]. Like most Lore you are only able to see it if you have the
    Scan Visor activated. Also, the place where Spire shooted at you second time
    in this room holds a MISSILE EXPANSION. Head up the ramp we once used a little
    while earlier and retrieve it. You should have 35 Missiles now.       
    Once you have all the Artifacts and the needed Missile Expansion, head back 
    to where the last Artifact once was and keep climbing the ruins until you  
    reach another Blastcap. Like the one before it, destroy it and wait for the 
    gas to subside.           
    Once the toxic gas has subsided, jump onto the small wall right next to the 
    left of where the Blastcap once was. You should easily be able to see the   
    three platforms sorta forming a bridge across this small chasm. The jumps  
    here are pretty big, so you need to jump at the last second. Remember, you 
    can jump while your falling so if you walk off the platform by mistake you may
    still be able to make your way back onto the next platform. If you fall, no  
    big deal. You make take a few points of damage. Keep trying and you should 
    soon reach the other side. Once there you will notice another door. Where does
    this one lead?     
    Elder Passage
    Through the door you will come back into the other side of Elder Passage. Not
    much of a passage if you can't pass all the way through right? The first thing
    you should see is a Portal. Its about time! Activate it with the Scan Visor 
    and send yourself right back to Alinos Gateway, and most importantly your  
    ship. Save and refill all your lost ammo because were ready for the boss  
    fight! Once ready, head right back through the Portal.                
    Stronghold Void
    A short distance away from the Portal is the large Stronghold Portal.    
    Walk right into it and get shoved away into the Stronghold Void. Walk down 
    the long passageway and get ready for another large boss fight for our     
    second Octolith!          
    Slench 1 A/B
    Bioform-Slench 1A
    Bioform-Slench 1B
    Bioform-Energy Blaster
    Unlike the previous Cretaphid boss, Slench is located in a pretty long and semi
    wide room. Quite nice I must say. Once you first enter the room you will see
    Slench attach itself to the wall in a cutscene. Your in no danger now, so turn
    to the right and scan the Biodefense Chamber B lore [69]. With the Scan    
    Visor still activated, walk towards the boss but not too close to it. There's
    two more places left to scan. Scan Slench 1A itself [70] and the small blue 
    things right below it. Those are Energy Blasters [71].                  
    Once you've apporached the boss close enough, you will see its main head unit
    activate and cover itself up with its shell, then stick its eye out at you 
    and then activate its sheild in a cutscene. Now the fight has finally begun.  
    Slench is attached to the wall by three tentacles-one to the left, right, and
    below his main eyeball. The object here is pretty simple. Just shoot each  
    tentacle with the Power Beam or Charge Beam several times until you see it 
    retract back into the Slench. You need to do this with all three tentacles 
    in a quick manor. After about 10-15 seconds Slench will regenerate his   
    tentacles that you've damaged. Once all three have been retracted, Slench will
    start flying around the arena. This is his Slench 1B form [72] , so scan it 
    as well.         
    Also in this part of the battle is when Slench is actually vulnerable. You  
    need to hit that little eye in the center of him to actually deal some damage
    to him. You can use Missiles, but I prefer the standard Power Beam. With its
    fast firing rate you can easily miss Slench but still score in hits all of the
    time. I tend to not use the Charge Beam either for the same reasons.      
    However, Missiles lower his health very significantly. If you want to end this
    quick you can try using Missiles. Missing will just drag on the battle. After
    about 15-20 seconds or until you lower 1/3rds of his health he will retract
    back into the wall.    
    When you get Slench detached from the wall again after chipping of 1/3rd of 
    his health, he will get a significant speed boost. It becomes slightly harder
    to hit him while he's violently shaking around the room. Resort to the Power
    Beam here as Missiles are highly unlikely to connect anymore. Chip of 2/3rds
    of his health quickly before he goes back to the wall!          
    Once you get Slench to his last 1/3rd of health, he will move around the room
    at a very fast pace. He's incredibly hard to hit here so it may take several
    times of getting him off the wall in the first place to even hurt him much. 
    If you keep trying, though, you should easily defeat him. During the battle 
    Slench will attack you with those homing green things that Cretaphid also  
    used, as well as fast moving green glob blasts from its central eye core.  
    For your information, if you stand next to the door his glob blasts will   
    NEVER hit you, allowing you to easily kill the homing green bombs for health
    and Missile ammo.           
    Defeated Slench 1 A/B!!!
    Once you've beaten Slench you will see him cruble a bit, then fall to the   
    ground and shatter all over the floor. Ignore the mess and stare at the prize
    we came here for:the second Octolith. Grab the Octolith and the health that
    is scattered around the chamber. When you grab the Octolith you'll hear a  
    telepathic message:
    "...the cannon holds the power..."
    What cannon? It holds the Ultimate Power? Eh. We'll need more clues to solve
    this! Exit the Biodefense Chamber.      
    As soon as you leave....
    ...we hear that phrase again as we get a method that an emergency protocol has
    been activated to prevent us from leaving. Grand. You may be shocked to find
    out we have a mere 4:30:00 to use to escape Alinos. If you recall, however, 
    we only went through 2 rooms to get here. Echo Room and High Ground. Shouldn't
    take long to reach our ship, right? No time for talking anymore, quickly escape
    the Stronghold Void.
    Elder Passage
    We're back in Alinos with little time to spare. Head out the door near the 
    inactivated portal or fall down the nearby hole and weave around to the door
    down the hall there.         
    High Ground
    Remember, this s where we first fought Spire so you should know all about this
    room. There isn't time for a happy reunion though-Spire's long gone. However,
    the hole in the ground that was once covered by a force field to prevent us
    from leaving the fight with him is now gone. Hop down it, ignoring the Psycho
    Bits, and head along the linear path. Blast open green doors to continue    
    your path whenever it is neccessary.             
    Echo Hall
    You are back in the room with the War Wasps. Those bastards didn't leave, but
    there's no point in fighting them. All you need to do is transform into the 
    Morph Ball and quickly head inside the tunnel directly infront of you. Be   
    sure NOT to fall into the lava, chewing up your health and time in the     
    process. At the end of the path you will unmorph in a cutscene, facing another
    hunter. This time, we need to rush.          
    Weavel Fight
    As always, begin by scanning Weavel so we don't need to worry about getting 
    it later [73]. Now, Weavel's weapon of choice is the Battlehammer. Its a   
    high-caliber weapon that has a quick auto fire capability, however it curves
    in an arc making hitting targets a big pain. Its charge shot has splash damage
    so even if it doesn't hit you you can still be splash damaged. Circle around
    the outside of the room, pelting him with what Missiles you still have after 
    your battle with Slench. Eventually he will go into his alt form which is  
    splitting himself in half. His top half can move and attack you, hit bottom  
    half turn into a turret and auto-fires at you. Scan the Halfturret [74] 
    (doesn't matter which part of him you scan:the head or actual turret works 
    just fine). Its best to keep on moving and firing on the turret as its a 
    stationary weapon. Once you've chunked off half his HP, he will escape the 
    area. I still hate these cowardly hunters....         
    Before chasing after him though, destroy the boxes for additional Missile Ammo
    and restoring health. You may be needing it. Also, a new path has opened.   
    Across from the door the leads to High Ground is another Morph Ball hole.  
    Its a one-way shortcut that bypasses the annoying maze. Awesome.      
    At the end though, un-Morph and resume the fight with Weavel. He will      
    occasionally switch to his alt-form for a more direct attack on you. Remember
    that there are Zoomers and health-sapping plants in this area. Avoid them and
    shoot them for health whenever needed. Use some more Missiles to finish off
    Weavel once and for all.               
    The timer still going, and the path open, resume your raid though Echo Hall. 
    Your near the door, so just head up the hallway and avoid any other plants or
    Zoomers you see on the way there.       
    Alinos Gateway
    Once again, hopefully with at least some time to spare on the clock, we are 
    home free! All that's left to do is jump skillfully over the platforms that
    sink into the lava river once stepped upon, head up the hill and jump onto 
    your ship and enter it. Save of course. We have 2 Octoliths in our hands. Where
    will we head to next?     
    ***Mission 2:Complete***
    We will return eventually to Alinos. But for right now we need to keep our  
    second Octolith in safe possesion and head for out next destination as we   
    blast off from Alinos....
    Here are the scans you should have gotten on Alinos:
    [47] Alinos
    [48] Magma Station
    [49] Alimbic Datashade 01
    [50] Alimbic Datashade 02
    [51] Missile Expansion
    [52] Alimbic Prophecy 02
    [53] Exposed Rebar
    [54] Zoomer
    [55] History 01
    [56] Large Energy
    [57] War Wasp
    [58] Flow Regulator
    [59] Interment Chamber
    [60] Purple Force Field
    [61] Magma Vent
    [62] Blastcap
    [63] Voldrum
    [64] Spire
    [65] Dialanche
    [66] Battle Sarcophagus
    [67] Alimbic Scripture
    [68] Science Sarcophagus
    [69] Biodefense Chamber B
    [70] Slench 1a
    [71] Energy Blaster
    [72] Slench 1b
    [73] Weavel
    [74] Half Turret
          ~Mission 3:Vesper Defense Outpost-Cold, but your not alone...[MSN3]~
    Mission Difficulty:***/*****
    Mission Objectives:Your next stop for the 3rd Octolith is Vesper Defense   
    Outpost. It has long since been abondoned, and has falled into disrepair. It
    has been frozen over and has see-through glass everywhere to confuse and trap
    anyone foolish to wonder into the unknown. You will meet another hunter here 
    as well. Prepare for a long mission.    
    VDO Gateway
    Object-Alimbic Prophecy 03
    Once you have left Alinos and entered the map screen you will scan the Alimbic
    Cluster once more. Afterwards, two new planets will appear/ You can go to   
    either one first. They are Vesper Defense Outpost and Arcterra. For the sake
    of simplicity, let's head for Vesper Defense Outpost.        
    You will arrive in the aforementioned, abondoned Vesper Defense Outpost. It may
    seem you will appear on a platform above nothing, but there is a pool of frozen
    water right below you. Its an annoying climb back up but you REALLY shouldn't
    fall off. Ever.      
    Walk off your ship and flip on the Scan Visor. Scan the blue panel infront of 
    you. It's VDO [75], generally the acronym used for Vesper Defense Outpost. When
    VDO is used in scans you'll now understand what they mean (if you didn't    
    blatantly know already). Head down either of the two ramps infront of you.   
    Once you reach the end, in the area inbetween them you will find a small tab
    with white rings eminating from it. Its a jump pad and will boost you to the 
    area with 2 Portals. Of course, these shortcuts are unactivated now. Ignore 
    The door leading out of this unnecessarily large room is nearby. Before heading
    out of it, scan the small Alimbic Prohecy 03 [76] that is right above it    
    first. After that, head out.
    Bio-Weaponry Lab
    Object-Fuel Rod
    Object-Clone Engine
    Object-Lab Equipment
    Object-Spore Farm
    Object-Mixing Tanks
    Once you enter the room a huge crapload of Petrasyls will spawn from the center
    pole in the room. You don't need to kill them but hey, its quite fun. It also
    makes getting the few scans in this room a hell of a lot easier as well so its
    in your best interest to do so.       
    That pole in the middle of the room? Its a Fuel Rod [77]. Nearby are four more
    scans that you can find. A Spore Farm [78], some Lab Equipment on the floor  
    [79], Mixing Tanks on the wall [80], and a Clone Engine [81]. Once you've had
    your fun scanning you can leave the room. Check the map since both ends of the
    room are similar.        
    Weapons Complex
    Bioform-Alimbic Turret v1.4
    Object-Frozen Fuel Rod
    Wow. Not surprisingly this is a pretty large room. You later will find out it
    is really, really confusing. Naturally, head forwards and down the short  
    passageway to the left. As the path heads down at a slope, you can scan the 
    Frozen Fuel Rod [82] that is bent near the ground. Once the ground is flat  
    again and the room open up a bit, there is a new enemy here. The Alimbic  
    Cannon v1.4 [83]. Its slightly more powerful than its predecessor. Destroy it
    with ease.        
    Head to where the Alimbic Cannon once stood. Nearby is a door you could enter,
    but right now it wouldn't take you anywhere. There is also a small door on the
    ground only the Morph Ball can enter. Since the other door is useless you may
    as well take this one through. Use a Bomb to open the door, then head through
    once it does.              
    Cortex CPU
    Object-Cortex Chamber
    [!]-Spectral Lock (1-4)
    After a very short passageway, the camera will turn to show a sidescrolling
    view of Cortex CPU. Its a small Morph Ball maze to say the least. The only
    direction you can move is left and right in this view, and upwards with the
    help of Bomb Jumps or Jump pads themselves. Jump onto the first platform you
    see with a Bomb Jump. We have done this before but in easier environments so
    this may be slightly tricky to newbies. Just keep trying until you make it to
    the higher platform.    
    Head up three more platforms using the Bomb Jump. You can fall to the platform
    right below you if you rush too fast so be warned of that. You need to use  
    another Bomb Jump after this to get onto a higher black platform. Every few
    seconds, though, a green laser will appear and cause some damage and push you 
    back onto the platform below (heck, maybe even down ANOTHER platform). Time 
    your jump so your boosted into the air when the laser retracts so you continue
    on safely.            
    There are two more lasers on this path. Typical. Continue along the path. You
    will be going DOWN platforms now which you will find much easier than going 
    up them. Once you go right, you will come to a MISSILE EXPANSION high in the
    air. It seems impossible to get for newbies, but experienced Metroid players
    will know exactly what to do. You need to Double Bomb Jump to reach the     
    Expansion. For those that don't know how to perform a Double Bomb Jump, lay 
    a Bomb. Before it explodes, lay another Bomb. Then when your in the air, lay
    one final Bomb at the apex of your jump. Once you reach the ground again you 
    will be boosted into the air, then again by the aerial bomb exploding which  
    will push you into the Missile Expansion. Job well done. You should have 45  
    Missiles now.        
    After the expansion, head right and off the platform. Head left and you will 
    soon reach a moving platform. It moves up and down constantly. Wait for the
    platform to head up then quickly roll under it. If you don't in time and get
    crushed, you die. That simple. You can restart from the nearest checkpoint
    which is Weapons Complex. Anyways, roll onto the jump pad to be shot up to 
    a really high tube after going through several jumps. Nothing special, just a 
    cool event.        
    Once you reach the high ledge, continue to straightforward path and you will
    enter normal Morph Ball view once again. Look at the real Cortex CPU. I    
    honestly can't descibe what that...thing is. Its a cortex I suppose. Eh.    
    At the end of the path you will enter a small cavity where you can return to 
    biped form once more. A Green Force Field prevents you from going back into 
    the Morph Ball tunnel. We're not gonna be stuck here for long though. Scan
    it [84]. Scan the large tank in the middle of the room as well [85].     
    Once that has been done, there are four scan switches on the corners of the 
    room. Scan all four of them. Once you have a platform will rise in the center
    of the room with an odd looking green sphere on it. Scan it first of course 
    [86]. Once you have, collect it. Its the Battlehammer! Its now in the    
    sub-weapon area of the touch screen. Its the third slot that has been empty  
    for a while. Near it is an odd symbol. Touch it and you will see the      
    Battlehammer symbol and 5 empty slots. These are where your other sub-weapons
    will go when you obtain them. Remember it for the future.     
    Once you have claimed the Battlehammer, move away from the center of the room.
    A small green item will appear there. It is UA (Universal Ammo). Scan it    
    first [87]. This type of item will restore 30 units of ammo. All sub-weapons 
    use the same ammo supply and other than your ship, this is the only way to  
    refill it. Destroying enemies or crates with or without sub-weapons can easily
    hand you more ammo. Destroy the green force field with the Battlehammer.    
    Roll back into the tunnel as the Morph Ball until you reach the sidescrolling
    icy area of Cortex CPU. As you do so, notice that the whole cortex...snapped
    in half or something. Go Battlehammer! Once you make it back, head to the  
    bottom of the shaft again without hitting one of the jump pads by mistake then
    roll out to the right whilst avoiding the moving platform.         
    Once you have done that and can't head any further to the right, use a Bomb
    Jump to reach the small cove that the Missile Expansion once laid. Head a   
    little to the left and you will find 2 small blue lamp pillars sticking out 
    of the ground. Head inbetween them and hold up. There is a secret tunnel   
    behind here! Keep heading through the tunnel until you reach a door. Bomb it
    open and return to biped form inside.        
    Compression Chamber
    Equipment-Small UA Pack
    Lore-History 05
    Lore-History 06
    Lore-History 07
    Lore-Alimbic War 10
    [!]-Force Field Switch (2 of these)
    Compression Chamber is the room with the Stronghold Portal. Ironically, you 
    have yet to find a single Artifact so its kinda useless at this point in the 
    game. To your left you will find several green force fields which of course 
    can be demolished with the Battlehammer. Once you do so, you can scan the   
    History 07 that only appears with the Scan Visor [88].                      
    It doesn't matter which side that once had a force field you take because you
    will land in the same area of Compression Chamber. Once you enter this area
    you will have some shooting to do. There is another Alimbic Turret hanging  
    down from the ceiling. Eliminate that. Then, there are several respawn blue 
    triangles we have become all too familar with. They are spawning green     
    Psycho Bits (still v1.0 for whatever messed up reason). Destroy the triangles
    then finish off any remaining Psycho Bits.                    
    Head to the end of the room to find a box. DON'T destroy the box otherwise you
    will need to re-enter the room to continue onwards. Stand on the top of it so
    you can reach a ledge that is a few steps above it. Once you have reached the
    ledge, flip on the Scan Visor to find a switch. Scanning it will deactivate 
    several force fields that surround the room. If you did destroy the box, and 
    can't leave (usually happens but I made it out once), then you will need to  
    try scanning it while repeatedly jumping in the air. It will take several   
    jumps to fully scan. The box will have something useful in it once destroyed 
    after activating the switch.         
    Where the box was, stand on the spot. Turn a little to the right with the   
    Scan Visor still activated to see a small lore you can scan. It is History 07
    [89]. There is another blue light that you can only see with the Scan Visor 
    somewhat near the center of the room. This is History 06 [90]. Nearby there 
    is a ledge above you. You can't reach it but there is one last Lore here that
    you should scan before we finish this room. It is Alimbic War 10 [91]. Lastly
    in the room, there is a small pillar seperating the two holes where green   
    force fields once were. There is a switch here. Scan it to unlock several more
    force fields in the room.           
    Once you have finished all of this, there isn't much left to do here for the 
    time being sadly. Head right back out to Cortex CPU.         
    Cortex CPU
    We won't be in here very long. Head to the right after rolling through the  
    tunnel into the sidescrolling area. Fall to the bottom floor and roll left. 
    There are roaming Zoomers so bomb them to death should it be in your way. Hold
    left and roll through another tunnel landing you right back into....
    Compression Chamber
    Bioform-Psycho Bit v4.0
    Equipment-UA Expansion
    Lore-History 08
    Lore-Oubliette 08
    Once out of the tunnel, return to biped form. Told you we wouldn't be gone  
    very long. You will find we're in a different area of Compression Chamber. No
    access to the other side until we release some force fields. First, though, 
    Psycho Bits will attack you. But they are different! Along with annoying blue
    respawning triangles, scan the updated Psycho Bit v4.0 [92]. Why the game shows
    v2.0 and v3.0 much later in the game is very, very stupid. These little guys
    are way more powerful than the original and take a lot more damage to destroy.
    As usual, start off by destroying the blue triangles as the battle will never
    end until such happens. Once that has been done, unload all the Missiles you
    have on the small robots. Keep moving so their shots miss until you have   
    defeated every last Psycho Bit.      
    In the center of the room is a tall pillar with an elevator that rises quite
    high. Ignore it for now and head to the base of it. You will notice that    
    there is a hole at the base of it. Inside this small hole is a small green  
    object. This awesome power up is your first UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION. This  
    bad boy increases the amount of ammo you can hold by 40 units. That's a big  
    amount. Useful in future battles where running out of ammo may actually happen
    to you. Since we haven't seen one yet, its best to scan the expansion first 
    [93]. Once you have, switch to the Morph Ball and collect it.        
    On the opposite end of the room with the expansion, there are several small 
    holes on the ground. These were once covered by force fields and still are if
    you didn't previously deactivate them like a foo'. Otherwise, use the Morph
    Ball to roll through one of your choosing. Once you do, a Lesser Ithrak will
    fall from the ceiling and attack you. Return to biped form and obliterate the
    Lesser Ithrak with several Missile shots. After he dies, a Shield Key will 
    finally appear in the middle of the room.               
    When you grab the shield key, more force fields will be deactivated on the  
    opposite end of the room from the three small holes you passed through. Head  
    past where these force fields were and use the Scan Visor to spot a hologram 
    above the ground. Scan the Oubliette 08 [94]. Use the Morph Ball for umpteenth
    time in this room to head through the short passage. A jump pad in the middle
    will force you upwards to a higher area in the room. From there, continue   
    along the passage until you can return to biped form.        
    Once your back and mobile again, you will see the Artifact in the room just  
    sitting there infront of you. Before you rush up to grab it, slap on the Scan
    Visor again to find a hidden Lore. Its History 08 [95]. Once you've scanned it,
    head forward the collect the first of three artifacts. Yay!        
    A force field just infront of the Artifact will be deactivated once the     
    artifact is in your hands, and a lone Guardian will appear at the bottom of  
    the room. Drop through the hole there and begin pelting the Guardian with 
    everything you have got. The Battlehammer is the most effective weapon against
    this Guardian, but if you haven't practiced its aim then the Power Beam does
    a nice job as well. Missiles can be a bit clunky but chip off large amounts
    of health from the Guardian every time you connect. Charged Missiles can rip
    through the Guardian within seconds. Once he has been destroyed, the final 
    force field of the room will be deactivated. Its the floor your probably   
    standing on! If not, jump down to the lowest floor after the battle.      
    Use the Morph Ball to reach the area of Compression Chamber where you fought
    the onslaught of Psycho Bits. Once there, use a Bomb to open up the small   
    door only the Morph Ball can fit through and get the hell out of here!     
    Cortex CPU
    There isn't much left to do in this room. Head all the way right through it. 
    Its to the right that you want. Destroy any of the Zoomers that you may come 
    across if you want, or just suck it up and take the small amounts of damage 
    that they deal out. Leave back to Weapons Complex.        
    Weapons Complex
    Bioform-Crash Pillar
    Equipment-Large UA Pack
    Object-Alimbic Prophecy 07
    Object-Red Blast Shield
    Back in this large room, head to the right and to the entrance hall where we  
    first entered this room before. We have a choice now. You can continue going 
    on with your quest or heading back a few rooms to your ship and saving. I   
    recommend the latter. Saving is a good feeling incase something terrible   
    happens to your game *hinthint*.          
    Head back to the entryway of this room, near the door leading to Bio-Weaponry
    Lab is. Head straight through it you will quickly find several Psycho Bits 
    and an Artifact Shield. Ignore the shield for now, and focus on the blue   
    spawning triangles that inhibit this small area. Land several Missiles on the 
    triangles to demolish them, then focus on elminating the Psycho Bits like we 
    have before. They are v1.0 so killing them will be a snap.       
    Once they have been destroyed, the large force field that covered the majority
    of the floor in this area will dissappear. Jump down into the newly       
    discovered area. In these small, slippery quarters you will have to face two
    Lesser Ithraks. They can cause some damage unless you keep your distance away
    from them. Once you have vanquished both of them, the Shield Key will     
    finally appear on the ground. Once you have obtained it the Artifact Shield 
    will melt away. Also, a small elevator will begin moving up and down allowing
    you to escape the evil pit your stuck in.                     
    When the platform is at the bottom, hop upon it quickly then ride it up to 
    the next floor. However, you need to jump to actually get onto to solid land
    again otherwise you will hopelessly fall right back into the pit. Once back
    on high ground, walk right into the second Artifact. Before leaving this small
    area of Weapons Complex, flip on the Scan Visor. There are three more hidden 
    Lore's that can only be seen with the Scan Visor near the corners. Walk      
    skillfully around the pit and get them all. Its the Octolith Safeguard [96],
    History 03 and History 04 [97] [98].          
    After some scanning, continue along the passage until you see yet another   
    Green Force Field. If your drawing a memory blank, get out the Battlehammer  
    and shoot its ass down. After heading through the passage that it once    
    blocked, you will see a really odd enemy. Scan the Crash Pillar [99]. You need
    to destroy him to continue on with your quest.         
    This is the ONLY Crash Pillar in the game and not scanning it now will forever
    make it impossible to get 100% Scans. Do so, then destroy him. He's different 
    than other foes you have faced. Get near the Crash Pillar for him to see you 
    and it will start moving around and after a few seconds, jump at you. His  
    underside has a small red easily seen dot that is his weakspot. When you can,
    shoot a Missile at it then quickly dodge out of the way. It only takes several
    Missiles to bring down this guy but be careful. He can deal a considerate   
    amount of damage should you be unable to get out of his way.             
    You will notice that the Crash Pillar was standing on a small platform which 
    has now become an acive elevator. Jump onto the platform to reach the next   
    highest floor of Weapons Complex. Before doing so though, you should scan the 
    Red Blast Shield on the door infront of you [100]. Also, scan the small Lore
    circle above said door [101]. Once that's done, ride the elevator up.       
    There is only one lone hallway here you can head through. Before doing so,  
    though, you should notice a Portal near the elevator. Activate the switch   
    just above it an use the Portal to return to VDO Gateway where you ship    
    lies. The Portal platform is higher than your ship so it should be an easy  
    jump right back to your ship to save. Getting back to the Portal is a bit   
    more tricky. Head back down the ramp that is infront of your ship. Use the 
    lone jump pad here to jump onto a much higher platform, then head left. You 
    will soon reach the Portal you came out of.            
    Once you are sure you have saved and are all refreshed to continue onwards,
    head through the lone hallway and make a sharp right. Soon enough you will 
    enter a cutscene and some new battle music will play. Time for a fight with 
    the 4th bounty hunter....
    Sylux Fight
    Great. The fourth out of six new hunters that want your ass just as much as 
    you want their's is Sylux. First thing's first-scan him [102]. Time to begin
    a very long and difficult fight. The weapon of choice that Sylux will use is
    the Shock Coil. This weapon shoots out a short range, constant electric pulse
    beam that auto-targets any nearby enemy as long as Sylux stays near them. It
    leeches away at your life and replenishes Sylux's. As you can see, if you can't
    hit him fast he will merely heal anything you have delt him. This battle takes
    place in an oval/square shaped corridor with little obsticles and many hills
    (although still mostly flat ground). Sylux doesn't need aim; he just needs to
    get in your face for major damage.                
    Good news, though, is that the Shock Coil does VERY minimal damage. But, the 
    longer the lock-on is kept on you the faster and more health will be leeched 
    from you, and replenished to Sylux. You have two choices for the agile Sylux.
    One, you can use the Power Beam. Its fast and many of its shots will connect 
    and eventually chip away at his health bar. Or you can do what I did. Switch
    to the Morph Ball and Bomb blast him away. The Shock Coil doesn't automatically
    lock-on to alt-forms so your way more unlikely to lose much health. Also,  
    Bombs blow up instantly when placed next to foes. Massive damage fast is never
    too bad, right? Sylux is very fast, so the Morph Ball is the better option. 
    But don't get lost and confused when using it though; it can cost you the  
    Once you have managed to zap off about a quarter of Sylux's health, he will 
    quickly run away from battle and return in his alternate form, the Lockjaw.  
    Scan this work of machinery [103]. Sylux will now focus on keeping away from
    you. He has bombs just like Samus, but they don't explode after a few seconds.
    Instead, he can place one bomb and if you foolishly run into it you will take
    minimal damage. He can lay two bombs and form a tripwire between them. Touching
    it will ensure you some damage. Lastly, he can tri-bomb you. If he forms a  
    triangle of bombs around you, you take massive damage. Don't let that happen.
    At this point its best to ensue Sylux with the Morph Ball. Its almost as fast
    as the Lockjaw and its Boost capabilities makes it the fastest alt-form. Catch
    up to him and keep bombing Sylux.                      
    Once you've chipped off half his health he will do what EVERY OTHER hunter has
    done so far. He runs into a room for the final showdown. Before following,  
    though, there are several crates in the room that contain a plenty of energy
    incase you've been suffering from Sylux. Before heading down the short hallway
    that Sylux escaped into, there are some tanks on the wall. Scan the Gestation
    Tanks [104]. After that, head through the corridor.        
    Now its time for the final showdown. Sylux will now get right back in your face
    once more, going non-stop with the Shock Coil. Sylux is noticibly slower all 
    of a sudden. Perhaps he wants you to hurt him. Pessimist. Pelt him with several
    Missiles or Bombs to make him stop his Shock Coil barrage.                
    After a little more damage, Sylux will stop his attacks and switch once more 
    to his alt-form. He will continue to avoid and evade in his form, so chase 
    him once more with the Morph Ball. Its a small arena so even if you choose 
    to biped it all the way to the finish its not that hard, and homing charged 
    Missiles work just well when pointed right at the Lockjaw.         
    When Sylux's health gets low, he will signal the Delano 7, his ship, for    
    backup. It appears hovering above the ceiling shooting at you. Can't miss it.
    Scan his ship as its the only chance in the game to do so [105]. Once scanned
    you need to resume the battle.                   
    There are several boxes in the room that you can break with the Charge Beam  
    should you ever run low on Missile/Battlehammer Ammo or energy. If you manage
    to depleat your Missile reserves and/or your Battlehammer ammo, then your  
    only chance at finishing this battle is the Power Beam. Its not too hard to 
    win at this point in the battle so long as you keep moving (the Delano 7 can
    only hit you if your standing still from what I've seen). Try not to die now
    on several reasons. First, you will need to start the ENTIRE battle all over 
    again should that happen. Also, Sylux will swipe one of your Octoliths. That's
    also bad. The only way to get it back again is to defeat Sylux which your   
    forced to do anyways so its not that big of a deal (also you need to re-scan 
    anything too). Once you've killed Sylux, he will jump into his ship and fly  
    away to fight another day.                  
    Once Sylux vanishes, the force field leading to the previous corridor will  
    disappear. Also, he will have dropped the Shield Key. Grab it to make all the 
    remaining force fields in Weapons Complex disappear. Also, the last Artifact 
    is finally able to be ours.           
    Walk around the outside area shaped like a square until you hear the familiar
    jingle of a nearby Artifact. Head down a newly opened pathway until you find
    the final Artifact sitting on thr ground. Once you get the final Artifact, you
    will get the message that the Stronghold Portal has been activated and to  
    access the inaccessable with it. The Portal that was in Compression Chamber?
    That's the one we need! Head around the square until you find the corridor  
    leading back to the elevator heading down and the Portal. Since we're near  
    the boss, I recommend saving and healing yourself now as that was a long and 
    exausting battle. Return back through the Portal after doing so.          
    Once you have done that, head down the elevator to the floor below and head 
    through several corridors and out into the main, lower floor. Find the small 
    Morph Ball door, Bomb it and head through.          
    Cortex CPU
    Nothing much in here. Keep rolling to the left into Compression Chamber.    
    Compression Chamber
    Return to biped form in this room. Head through one of the three holes at  
    the bottom of the room for the last time. On the other side of Compression   
    Chamber, roll through until you reach a passageway that only the Morph Ball 
    can fit through. It contains a jump pad that will spring you up several   
    Once you have reached the upper floor of Compression Chamber, return to biped 
    form. Turn around and jump down from here. There's the Stronghold Portal we  
    have been looking for. Enter it without hesitation.     
    Stronghold Void
    Its yet another creepy walkway towards another boss. Everything is silent...
    still....eerie... But we have a job to do. Run across quickly and enter the 
    next two doors. Another boss battle will begin.       
    Cretaphid v2
    o_O Sir Totem Pole is back for more? The pillar wants revenge on you this time
    around. Cretaphid v2 is merely an updated form of the original we fought back
    in Celestial Archives. The way to fight it mostly remains the same, so let's 
    get started on taking him down.          
    Get the final scan in Vesper Defense Outpost by scanning him [106]. That's  
    all you really need for this room unless your forgot to scan Biodefense    
    Chamber A back when we first fought Cretaphid v1.                
    Like last time, all you need to do is destroy all of the dots on Cretaphid v2
    in order for its central membrane to appear at the top of the cortex. The ones
    shooting lasers can't be destroyed of course. They constantly change from red
    to blue and back to red every now and then. They can only be destroyed when 
    blue. The spots on Cretaphid now have another offense other than just counter-
    clockwise moving laser beams. They are small green plasma balls. These are  
    just like the ones Slench uses. A simple shot of the Power Beam is enough to
    destroy them and usually hand over a health-restoring item/ammo.         
    Its not that hard to avoid taking damage from Cretaphid. Just keep moving! 
    By doing so, your very unlikely to get hit by the green plasma balls as well
    as the always moving lasers. Should you get pelted upon occasionally, then 
    shooting the green plasma balls or continuing to attack the nodes on the side
    of the Cretaphid may hand you some more health or much needed ammo should  
    you require it. Use the Charge Beam to drag them to you.                   
    Just keep shooting with the Power Beam. It makes very short work of all the  
    spots the Cretaphid has and has infinite ammo so you can keep plucking away at
    him. Once all the dots other than the ones shooting lasers have been destroyed,
    time to start shooting at the central membrane which will pop out once they
    have all disappeared. Once it does, quickly pelt it with your most powerful 
    weapon, Missiles. Several Missiles should be enough to chip away a third of  
    its health, forcing it back into the totem pole.                
    Once you've done this for the first time, the central membrane retreats back
    inside its safe pole and all of the power nodes on the Cretaphid will light
    up once again. This time you need to keep repeating the easy process. Keep  
    walking in a counter-clockwise direction, shooting the power nodes and evading
    the laser beams as you go. Keep destroying the green plasma balls occasionally
    for more health and ammo as necessary. Once they've been destroyed once again,
    the central membrane will appear for a short time. Get it down to just a   
    third of its original health. Cretaphid will speed up a bit at that point. 
    The battle practically starts anew as well. Remember-when the membrane comes 
    out, keep moving! It does a crapload of damage should its shots connect with
    Samus so try to make sure that doesn't happen.                         
    Once you have chipped off the last remainder of Cretaphid v2, you will be   
    treated to a cutscene showing its beautiful demolition. In its place is our 
    prize we have long awaited for:the 3rd Octolith! Grab it for another eerie 
    "...Do not trust your senses...they decieve you..."
    Okay. Got that. Not sure how they decieve us because we still don't have   
    enough clues to solve this puzzle. Head back out the door once your done    
    idling around.
    You'll be treated, once more to....
    Well that's great. Can't take 3 steps without another emergency protocol    
    forcing us to leave. This time you have a back-scraping 3 minutes to leave  
    Vesper Defense Outpost. The path is terribly short with little setbacks to  
    prevent you from leaving. Head done to pathway once more and head out through
    the Stronghold Portal.         
    Compression Chamber
    Get into the Morph Ball right away and fall onto the ground. Roll through one
    of the three holes down there and you will get ambushed by a Guardian. You  
    can choose to fight him, or you can choose the easy way out by merely ignoring
    the fact he exists and opening the small Morph Ball door on the floor and   
    quickly heading through it.                 
    Cortex CPU
    Nothing in here....as if that changed the past few times we've entered this
    room. Roll through to Weapons Complex.             
    Weapons Complex
    There are no hunters in this room, so forget about everything and head down
    the hallway to the right. Enter the door once you reach it.              
    Bio-Weaponry Lab
    This is the last small room of Vesper Defense Outpost. Nothing here but a   
    crapload of Petrasyls. However, you can easily run through to the other side 
    of the room before many spawn. If you let them spawn, hug the outer wall as 
    you make your way out the other door.                  
    VDO Gateway
    Home free baby! Haha! Run up one of the ramps near the jump pad straight to  
    your ship. You should have had plenty of time left over from that escape as 
    you enter your ship. Not so hard no then was it? Save and choose to blast off
    for our next destination...        
    ***Mission 3:Complete!***
    Here are the scans you should have gotten on our pillage through Vesper    
    Defense Outpost:     
    [75] VDO
    [76] Alimbic Prophecy 03
    [77] Fuel Rod
    [78] Spore Farm
    [79] Lab Equipment
    [80] Mixing Tanks
    [81] Clone Engine
    [82] Frozen Fuel Line
    [83] Alimbic Turret v1.4
    [84] Green Force Field
    [85] Cortex Chamber
    [86] Battlehammer
    [87] Large UA Pack
    [88] History 07
    [89] History 05
    [90] History 06
    [91] Alimbic War 10
    [92] Psycho Bit v4.0
    [93] UA Expansion
    [94] Oubliette 08
    [95] History 08
    [96] Octolith Safeguard
    [97] History 03
    [98] History 04
    [99] Crash Pillar
    [100] Red Blast Shield
    [101] Alimbic Prophecy 07
    [102] Sylux
    [103] Lockjaw
    [104] Gestation Tanks
    [105] Delano 7
    [106] Cretaphid v2
             ~Mission 4:The icy Arcterra doesn't welcome visitors [MSN4]~
    Mission Difficulty:***/*****
    Mission Objectives:The final planet in the Alimbic Cluster is Arcterra. This 
    planet is all frozen over, but unlike Vesper Defense Outpost this is actual  
    snow and real ice one the ground. While Arcterra isn't the largest of the   
    planets, you will be spending a long time here finding the three Artifacts to
    retrieve the 4th Octolith. You will also find the last 2 hunter's a little  
    sooner than you expected....and have a fun batle with them at the same time.  
    Arcterra Gateway
    Object-Alimbic Crest
    Object-Alimbic Prophecy 04
    Anyways, on with the mission! After leaving Vesper Defense Outpost, you will 
    remember the fourth planet I said to skip for the time being. Well, now is 
    that time. Arcterra, the frozen wasteland, is still available on the map.  
    It holds the fourth of eight Octoloth's that we desire. You will face many  
    surprises and puzzles on this mission. Set course for Arcterra!            
    When you land on Arcterra you will notice your in another large landing zone 
    room. Opposite to Alinos Gateway, Arcterra Gateway is completely vertical. Its
    a very tall room and the only door out of it is on the bottom floor. However,
    you can go jump off and suffer minor damage when you hit bottom but you will
    miss several scans. Also, you need to climb up the very tall room during your 
    inevitable escape from Arcterra so its quite necessary that you at least know
    how to get up to the top.       
    After the landing sequence, walk off your ship and look at the small display
    customary on all planets that appear near your ship. Scan the Arcterra [107]  
    display. It contains some info about Arcterra. You'll notice all of Arcterra 
    is without any power. You'll need to use the Scan Visor alot to restore power
    to Arcterra and fuel its passages into new rooms. Just a heads up. After     
    scanning the display, start heading down the path infront of your ship. Before
    heading down a short cliff, you should scan the small Alimbic Prophecy 04 [108]
    that lies just above the entrance hole into the cliff.               
    Ths gets a bit confusing, so take it slowly. Walk through the hole and into the
    cliff area. The hallway will continue for a short second, and will then lead 
    to a more open area. Hug the outer wall of the cliff and be careful not to  
    fall down. Continue this way until it ends at which point you will see the  
    path veer to the right. Head down it.         
    After a short time you will see two spiked crawling creatures on the floor, 
    oblivious to your presence. These aren't the familar Zoomers you found on  
    Alinos. Actually, they're Geemers [109]. Scan these little critters. These  
    guys are impervious to your weapons, all except Missiles. One Missile will make
    them explode like a Zoomer. Or, you can save your ammo can walk around them. 
    Your choice. Head along this path until you spot another path that carries  
    a bit further downwards. This path has several Geemers on it that can knock  
    you down if you get hit by them. Past them is another pathway you must jump to.
    Once again, hug the wall of the room to prevent yourself from accidentally  
    falling off the edge. Soon on the wall you will spot a large, orange "X". This
    X happens to be an Alimbic Crest [110]. Scan it for some more info about the 
    lost race. Keep walking on this path until you reach a dead end. Once there,
    look around with the Scan Visor on for a creature hanging on the walls. You
    should be able to spot a Shriekbat [111] here. If you get somewhat near it, 
    he will wake up and dive bomb into you. In the process, he will explode so 
    if you miss scanning him now you will need to wait until they reappear in the
    room from heading into your ship or waiting for the second visit to Alinos. 
    Just don't forget to scan them there should you choose to wait.            
    Turn right from the cliff wall to see another path branching out, heading   
    nearer and nearer to the cavern's floor. These are merely several platforms 
    with a sizable gap between them of which you can more than easily fall through
    so try not to do that. Hop down these platforms or head down the gap to reach
    the solid, bottom floor.             
    The ground itself is like several areas in Vesper Defense Outpost-very icy. 
    The majority of it, excluding the outer rim, is ice so you will slip and slide
    around trying to find your bearings. There are several crates down here should
    you opt to recover some lost health that may have occured from a fall or the 
    early Geemers. Just walk to the door once you find it.            
    Sic Transit
    Object-Alimbic Emblem
    Object-Damaged Bridge
    Object-Orange Blast Shield
    Object-Purple Blast Shield
    [!]-Proxy Lock (1-6)
    Head past the typical short hallway to find another large room. You head random
    shots and explosion over the silence the room has to offer. Before heading into
    the main arena, scan the small orange circle that is on the wall infront of 
    you. Its an Alimbic Emblem [112].         
    As you head a little further into the room you can distinguish laser firings 
    and other miscellanious shots begin fired. It appears Samus walked herself 
    into an ongoing fight. You will be shown a cutscene that shows the hunter   
    Trace on a high perch firing laser shots at Noxus, trying to carefully aim 
    at him while doding Trace's shots. Shouldn't we let them kill eachother?    
    Noxus Fight
    You will note that your fighting solely Noxus in this duel. Trace will assist
    you from his high perch using his specialty weapon, the Imperialist. Its a   
    laser-beam like sniper rifle. He'll aim poorly at Noxus and if your unlucky, 
    hit you instead if your in the way. Trace can't be hurt in the battle, nor 
    be scanned. Speaking of which, scan Noxus when the battle begins [113].      
    Unlike the Sylux battle, thankfully, Noxus isn't as fast as him. He is still 
    pretty quick and Sic Transit can be a very confusing room. After a few      
    roundabouts of it you should have the majority of it memorized. The battle   
    begins in a very open, small area and Noxus will constantly rush at you. He 
    is using his special weapon, the Judicator. It fires a fast supercooled    
    plasma shot that bounces around a few times before disappearing. Just because 
    it missed you doesn't mean its bounce won't hit you right back. Also, when  
    charged, the beam unleashes a small ring around Noxus for a second. If your 
    in this ring, you will be frozen and become an easy target for Noxus. Try to 
    keep some distance between you and him. If you want, use the Battlehammer or 
    Charged Missiles. They work best.                              
    Once you have delt some damage to Noxus, he will turn into his alt-form the  
    Vhoscythe. Be sure to scan it [114] while you have the chance. The Vhoscythe,
    like most alt-forms, is pure combat. In order for Noxus to hurt you he will 
    swing out one of his arms making it a spinning blade (The Vhoscythe is always 
    spinning). The Vhoscythe is also pretty quick so you want to keep your    
    distance. Since the Vhoscythe can't easily climb vertically your best bet is
    to reach higher ground, whatever you can find, and continue hitting him with
    a barrage of Missiles. At least his alt-form is better than being frozen.    
    Occasionally during the fight you will notice that Noxus will simply vanish  
    from the battlefield. He will be hiding somewhere in Sic Transit, generally 
    down the corridor that was near the door that you used to enter Sic Transit 
    to begin with. He won't do anything but stand there like a sitting duck. Its 
    best to take the oppertunity to pelt him with more Missiles to chip down more 
    of his health. His dull IQ won't kick in for a few seconds before he starts  
    moving again and even when he does you should have enough of a head start on
    you to finish the job quickly even if he decides to freeze you. He will, after
    he (ever) does this, roam freely around the room and every now and again turn
    into the Vhoscythe. Keep up the attacks and follow Noxus whereever he goes  
    until you finally destroy him.              
    Once you have finished off Noxus, you will see Trace get worried and escape 
    through a door near his high perch. We can't engage chase for now, so don't 
    worry about it and endure the calmness. You will also be treated to a cutscene
    showing the deactivation of several nearby force fields. You will see in that
    same corridor another blue respawn triangle and several green Psycho Bits.  
    Head down the aforementioned hallway and encounter the enemies. Destroy the 
    triangle first and then eradicate the Psycho Bits.            
    Once you have destroyed those enemies, head down the path until you find    
    an old Alimbic Turret shooting at you. A Missile will suffice its surely   
    death. Just further from where the turret used to be is a small box that is  
    scannable. Its a Proxy Lock. You will notice from the scan that you activated
    it and need to activate all 6 to unlock the doors of the room. These scans  
    aren't in your logbook, though.             
    Continue along this path until you reach a locked door. These Proxy Locks are
    keeping us from going anywhere. Head right from the door and jump up several
    steps to the next area of this path. You will need to make several more     
    slightly difficult jumps to make it to the top path of this corridor. Once  
    you have done that, turn to the right at the top. You will notice a box which
    with the Scan Visor on, is the second of six Proxy Locks that need to be   
    reactivated. Continue on after this.                
    As you continue, head to the right as the corridor does the same. You will  
    hear several screeches as you do so and you will stumble upon a ledge. Jump 
    off of it into a small pit with Voldrums. Another blue respawning triangle  
    will also be there to harm your progress. Its almost impossible for the     
    Voldrums to hit you if you head back up to the previous ledge. Destroy the  
    triangle and then the Voldrums.                    
    Continue on along the corridor some more after destroying the Voldrums to find
    a purple-colored door. Scan the Purple Blast Shield [115]. This door is like 
    most we have seen so far. We need the Judicator to open it and, fortunately, 
    we will be nabbing that very soon.              
    If you continue along the path we have been following for a while, you will 
    find it curving up a small hill. At the top of this hill you will find a hole
    that leads back to the more open area of Sic Transit. Your on a high ledge, 
    though and on a cracked bridge. You will once more hear the screeching of   
    Voldrums nearby attempting to hit you. They should be on your left right now,
    and they are accomponied by yet another blue respawn triangle. Destroy the  
    triangle as usual and then the Voldrums.                
    After destroying the Voldrums, look straight ahead at the bridge you are    
    currently standing on. There is a nearby pillar on the bridge that you should
    scan. It is the Damaged Bridge [116] scan, which is self-explainatory. Also  
    near the bridge is yet another Proxy Lock.                         
    On the opposite end of the bridge are two more Proxy Locks. They face the   
    opposite direction as you so you can't scan them from your standing point.   
    In order to unlock Proxy's 4 and 5 you need to cross to the other side of the
    bridge. That seems simple enough until you see a giant hole looming just    
    infront of you. Half the bridge has decayed and been destroyed, and you need 
    to cross to the other side. Do your best to cross the large gap. Its not too 
    hard really, but falling isn't the worst thing ever. Just turn around from 
    where you fell, enter the corridor and head into a side room to the left.   
    There is an elevator there which will take you right back to the bridge. Take
    your time because repeatedly doing that can get very frustrating.          
    Once you reach the other side, turn around and look at the two pillars with 
    the Scan Visor activated. Scan both of the Proxy Locks. If you've followed this
    correctly then you should have activated five of the six locks.              
    Once you have accomplished that, jump off the bridge and turn around. You   
    will see an opening into the wall and an orange door a slight distance away. 
    Upon closer inspection there is a force field covering the Orange Blast    
    Shielded [117] door which can be scanned. This door leads deeper into Arcterra
    and the area where the other Octoloth is located. The force field won't be   
    deactivated for a while. Just right of the force field, still in that cove, 
    is the final Proxy Lock. Once all 6 have been activated a Shield Key will   
    appear somewhere in Sic Transit.           
    The Shield Key is located just across the damaged bridge we were just at.   
    take the nearby elevator right back up to that level and hang a right once  
    you have crossed over the bridge. Head down the short path until you reach 
    the Shield Key.         
    Now we can grab the hard earned Artifact this room was concealing. Also, if  
    you didn't notice all of the doors are unlocked including a green one on the 
    bottom floor near the door leading back to Arcterra Gateway. Make your way  
    back to that door. Facing away from the door, head left and the green door  
    will be on the wall on your right. Head inside and the Attameter Artifact will
    be sitting there waiting to be claimed. This unlocks the remaining doors    
    leading elsewhere in Arcterra.                        
    Before heading back outside to the main area of Sic Transit you should grab an
    important item that lies here. Across from the door are several horizontally
    placed poles along with a small hole just underneith them. You can't walk  
    through them but, obviously, you can use the Morph Ball to get under them.   
    Once you roll under it you should roll onto an elevator which will instantly 
    push you upwards and the camera angle will shift. You can see an ENERGY TANK
    lying here. Use a Bomb Jump once the elevator stops at the top quickly before
    it heads back down to claim the Energy Tank. You have a maximum of 399 Energy
    now so you should be alive for quite a while. Once you have claimed it, take 
    the door back to the main area.        
    We are finally all done here in Sic Transit. Head down the corridor until you
    reach a door on a ledge. Its been unlocked, so head on through that and then 
    proceeding hallway.      
    Ice Hive
    Lore-Alimbic Pride 01
    Bioform-Barbed War Wasp
    Bioform-Blue Barbed War Wasp
    Object-Disabled Jump Pad
    Object-Vault Door
    Object-Ice Bridge
    Object-Witherite Shards
    Object-Ammolite Shards
    Object-Alimbic Insignia
    Object-Heating System
    [!]-Door Control Unit
    [!]-Energy Router (A-F)
    [!]-Platform Controller
    Ice Hive....another big room. You can expect to be in here just as long if  
    not longer than you were in Sic Transit. Yes, that is bull. You will find three
    different paths you can take when you enter the room. Either left, right,  
    or straight. The left path is also blocked with a Purple Force Field. Right  
    leads nowhere useful for now so head straight. You will drop through a fake-
    barrier onto much lower ground. Your trapped down here so there's no point 
    in trying to escape.       
    Just behind where you fell you will see a jump pad...or at least WOULD see a 
    jump pad, but its not eminating white rings that shows it has power so you  
    can't use it. Nonetheless, you can scan this [118]. Like a Disabled Jump Pad 
    is useful >_> On the other side of the room you will find a huge metal door 
    that looks like a safe. Its a bit high on the wall. Scan the Vault Door [119].
    That is our ticket out of here, but we need to activate the damn controls for
    the door itself.        
    So, nothing works in this wasteland of a planet, huh? How do we escape then? 
    Well, we need to restore most power back to Arcterra. Ice Hive pretty much  
    has all of that power in its conduits. You "happen" to be standing right next
    to those conduits. Lucky us. There are six small areas built into the wall.  
    These are the conduits. They are all protected by high-defensive glass     
    shielding, except for the very last one. Scan the small electrical conduit  
    that lies inside of the container. A huge burst of electricity will emit from 
    it and spread to the other five containers. They will all promptly explode   
    giving you access to them.            
    A small electrical pulse will every now and then appear over any conduit you 
    have yet to activate. These will stop once you scan the electrical conduit  
    that lies in each container. Once you have scanned all five conduits, you will
    restore all electrical power back to the Vault Door. Unfortunately, all good 
    things come at a price. Several nests of War Wasps are on the electrical line
    and will attack you after being fried.          
    Fried is the keyword here. You may also notice these War Wasps tinted blue and
    not red like they were on Alinos. These are Barbed War Wasps [120]. They   
    function like normal War Wasps only a tad more powerful. Avoid their shots  
    easily. Remember, this is the ONLY time to find these and missing it dashes  
    your chances of getting 100% scans. There are some sort of blue respawn    
    triangles in this room. They are the five nests attached to the electrical 
    current wire. Use a Missile or two to destroy each hive, otherwise the Barbed
    War Wasps will keep spawning and the battle will last forever. Once the nests
    have been destroyed you can easily wipe out any of the foolishly remaining  
    Barbed War Wasps.        
    Once you have destroyed everything, the jump pad behind you will become    
    activated and a display panel on the first floor will become active. Use the 
    jump pad to head back onto the main floor, flip on the Scan Visor and scan away
    at the display panel.               
    After doing that, head left some more down the hallway. Near the end of the 
    hallway is a blue Lore that can only be seen whilst the Scan Visor is activated
    so scan Alimbic Pride 01 [121]. Once you have done the Lore reading, head back
    down the hallway and through a white wall. Its nothing but a mere allusion made
    to trick you into thinking there is a dead end, so ignore it and head through.
    You will find yourself back at the panel that was activated by defeating the 
    War Wasps. If you haven't already, scan the panel.                        
    This panel allows all the electricity flow into the Vault Door causing it to 
    abruptly open. Hurray for us. Drop back down into the small pit and cross to 
    the other side where the now open Vault Door created a ramp leading inside of 
    it. Its like we entered a safe because everything behind the door seems all 
    sealed up within time, much different than the rest of the room. Once you pass
    the door you should see a blue War Wasp hovering around with a nest nearby. 
    This is a Blue Barbed War Wasp [122]. Specific now aren't we? Ignore other  
    possible scans in here for now and head striaght into a corridor that soon  
    veers right into a different looking room. Nearby are several crystals that too
    can be scanned [123].          
    Once your a bit ways into the room you will be shown a cutscene that shows an
    aerial view of the room. Its quite expansive and a slight maze if you will. 
    At the top is the prize we are looking for:the Judicator. Keep walking along
    the upwards path onto the main area of the room.             
    This big room has only one way to go on the bottom floor if you want to reach
    the Judicator. There are several Zoomers around so have fun destroying them. 
    Nearby where they used to be there is a fallen pillar. Jump onto the thin top
    of it and walk to the other side.                  
    Now it is time for the nitty gritty. On the other side of the pillar you should
    easily see a small dot on the wall shooting out a light back and forth, sort 
    of like a scanner. Scan this. The device will move several platforms in this 
    area of Ice Hive so that it is possible to reach the ledge the Judicator is 
    Getting to the Judicator, on the other hand, is tougher than one would imagine.
    You need to be the Morph Ball so start off by doing that. You have very    
    limited time before the platforms reset and you need to reactivate the scanner,
    starting over this whole process. As the Morph Ball, head along the wall until
    you find a hole that you can pass into. You should see a platform lying just 
    above your position. Use a Bomb Jump quickly and when your popped into the  
    air, carefully make your way onto it.        
    This is one of the toughest parts of the collection process. Next to the   
    stationary platform you are on is a platform that moves up and down. There is 
    a small gap between both platforms so you can't roll onto it. Instead, you  
    must use a Bomb Jump to reach it. When the platform is near the bottom place 
    the Bomb. Once you are propelled into the air, hold left and if all went well
    you should be on the platform. Otherwise you can quickly start over by rolling
    into the hole again losing only a little time.           
    Once on the moving elevator wait until it reaches the top of its short path. 
    Once it does, roll quickly to the right until you reach a wall. Use a Bomb  
    Jump to get yourself over the wall, and continue along the path on the outside
    wall. The path continues on for a few seconds and then there will be a very 
    small platform just barely big enough to hold the Morph Ball. Get onto it and
    it will start to move by itself. It will stop above the middle of the room, 
    but don't be foolish enough to fall off. It will then veer left until it makes
    a stop at some more platforms.                  
    You are very close to the Judicator. Hell, you can see it from your position. 
    The platforms you are on ARE NOT protected by walls and you can more than   
    easily fall off if you aren't careful. There's likely little time left on  
    the unseen countdown timer so you must hurry. Head across the platforms until
    you reach the end and you can drop off onto the ledge that contains the    
    Judicator. Job well done. Return to biped form in this ledge and scan the   
    Judicator [124]. Once you have scanned it, feel free to grab it. If you     
    couldn't scan it then don't worry-it appears in your logbook anyways.       
    Now we can finally leave Ice Hive for good now. We still have a little more  
    business before we can leave. Don't jump off the ledge that had the Judicator
    just yet. On the wall right next to the ledge is an odd looking design pattern
    just barely visible unless you have the Scan Visor on. Scan the Alimbic    
    Insignia [125]. After scanning the wall jump down off of the ledge. There is  
    a Purple Force Field that prevents you from leaving the room if you didn't  
    notice already. Though the Judicator may seem blue, its actually purple so use
    it to blast down the force field. In the event you forgot how to switch to the
    Judicator, press the tab next to your sub-weapon option on the touch screen and
    hold the stylus there. Move the stylus to the Judicator's purple icon and   
    release the stylus and the Judicator will become your current sub-weapon.   
    It uses the same Universal Ammo the Battlehammer does. If the Battlehammer has
    39 ammo and you switch to the Judicator, it will remain with 39 ammo until you
    get more/use it.           
    Once you have destroyed the force field you can get back into the main area of
    Ice Hive. This is the area with an icy bridge, remember? There are several 
    scans we still need to aquire. First use the Scan Visor to scan the Ice Bridge
    itself [126]. Just past the end of the ice bridge you will find a crystal   
    formation. Oddly enough these crystals are different than the Ammolite Shards
    that you scanned a little while ago. Scan the Witherite Shards [127]. Destroy
    the Zoomers inhibiting the bridge and cross to the other side if you didn't  
    Once you reach the end of the ice bridge turn to the right. You will notice  
    another Purple Force Field lurking beyond a gap. Shoot it down with the     
    Judicator. You need to jump into the hole it was guarding. However, the gap 
    between the ice bridge and the hole is considerably large. It can be tricky 
    to reach the hole. Your best bet is to just barely walk off the edge of ice  
    bridge and then jump whilst still in midair. This is the best tactic for   
    reaching the hole or you can jump from the ice bridge to the hole. A bit    
    tougher but still simple.           
    Once you are in the hole follow the path to the right to find an UNIVERSAL   
    AMMO EXPANSION lying on the ground. As soon as you pick up the expansion an 
    Alimbic Turret will begin to take fire upon you. It shouldn't take too long  
    to decimate it. A Shield Key will be dropped in its place upon defeat. Hurry
    up and grab the shield key and the nearby force field on the ground will   
    disappear. You may not have thought that was actually a force field. Before 
    heading down to where the force field was covering, make sure to flip on the 
    Scan Visor and scan the small Heating System [128] scan that lies on the    
    ceiling of this area. Afterwards, head down the hole. You will find the     
    Cartograph Artifact lying there on the floor. Once you grab it, head through 
    the hallway that is lined with familar deadly plants.         
    Blast away at the plants to the very end where you will find a switch. Scan 
    it to activate the Portal leading back to your ship thankfully. Use it to   
    restock everything and of course most importantly, save. Once you have done  
    that, return through the Portal and head down the next hallway also filled with
    hurtful plants.             
    When you reach the end of this path you will find another one of those      
    holographic white shields. However, this one is the size only the Morph Ball 
    can fit through. Roll through it pretty quickly and you may be able to see 
    the prize that lies at the end. It is yet another MISSILE EXPANSION. It's your
    fifth so you should have 55 Missiles at this point. Pretty big firepower.   
    You can fall off the ledge near the Morph Ball hole after this. Back in this 
    large room, feel free to destroy the nearby Purple Force Field with the     
    Judicator. Down the hallway it guarded is another UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION. 
    You should have 160 maximum Ammo right now.            
    After you have retrieved the last expansion in this room, jump out of the  
    pit using the nearby jump pad. Once there you will notice the scan panel we  
    activated a while ago as well as three corridors. We have visited all of them
    unfortunately and have no choice but to leave this room. If you look on the 
    map you will notice that the Stronghold Portal is located here. There wasn't 
    a need to visit it since we are still missing an Artifact. Leave the room and 
    the small hallway back to Sic Transit.      
    Sic Transit
    Once you are back in Sic Transit, head to the left. The pathway will head   
    upwards so jump up the several platforms to the top. Once you reach the top  
    you will be confronted by several Voldrums. This corridor is nearby another  
    door. Head down the hallway and jump when necessary. The jumps are slightly 
    tricky, but still simple. Once you reach the end of the pathway you will see 
    a purple door. Use the Judicator to open it and head through.                
    Frost Labyrinth
    You will enter a room with several Petrasyls floating aimlessly around and  
    some more scans which you should have already done not making them new. There 
    is also a Morph Ball tunnel. Head inside it.          
    Once inside the camera will switch to a bit of a higher view and you can    
    easily tell you are inside a labyrinth as the name of the room implies. Here 
    is a map of the place:
             *****    *
            *     *   *
            *      ****  E
            *           *
            ********   *
               *   ****
               *   *  *
               *   ****
    *          *            *
    ***        ********     *
      *        *      ********D
      *        ********     *
    ***             ***     *
    *               ***     *
    *******       SHK       *
          *        *        *
          **********        *
               *            *
     **A       *            *
    *          *            *
     *         *            *
      **********            *
      *        *            *
      *        **************
       ***     *
       *       *
    S=Starting place
    SHK=Shield Key
    A=Artifact (protected by locked door;unlocked with Shield Key)
    E=Energy Tank
    To begin, follow the path to the right. Its quite linear. Continue on this path
    until past the locked door.         
    The door can be opened and has the final Artifact behind it, but it happens  
    to be locked. Continue right until you reach a split. Head down as the path 
    leads to another Energy Tank. Follow this long path. There are several enemies
    and green lasers that turn off and on every now and then. Try not to get hurt.
    Eventually you will come to a three-way fork.          
    We are near the Energy Tank. This area of Frost Labyrinth is annoying to   
    describe as there are many different paths as you can see on the map. At the 
    fork, head left. When you reach another fork head north. You will hit a wall 
    quite fast. Head left and then at the next fork head up again and take the 
    first right that you can. Once you have done that, continue heading right   
    until you hit a wall. Head north a little bit to find a short passageway   
    containing three active lasers. Wait for all of them to stop shooting breifly,
    then dash through them to find an ENERGY TANK.            
    Now that we have collected the Energy Tank we can survive even longer out here
    in space. Head back through the green lasers And down south past a fallen   
    stone slab over the water. Head to the right, then head south some more and 
    then right again when you get the chance. You should be back at the place where
    there are three different choices for your path.         
    You came from the right so there is no point in going back there. The still 
    locked Artifact door is to the left so the only useful direction is obviously
    north. There are more green lasers here so try your best to deftly avoid their
    blasts. When you hit the wall, follow the path to the right to a dead end and
    a small hole in the ice wall.              
    High above the hole in the ice is a Shield Key. Finally we found the stupid 
    thing. It is slightly tricky to obtain, however. You need to position the    
    Morph Ball just under the hole in the ice. Lay a bomb to perform a Bomb Jump to
    test if you can pop out of the hole. If you can, then perform a Double Bomb 
    Jump in order to reach the Shield Key.                         
    Now that we have recovered the Shield Key, the Artifact Shield we never saw 
    will disappear as well as the small door leading to the Artifact will unlock.
    Awesome. Roll back south and to the left a little, then head south some more.
    You need to repass the green lasers in order to reach the Artifact once again.
    Wait for the lasers to stop before passing through. Continue along the path 
    until you reach a small door which can be opened with a bomb.             
    Once the door has opened, head inside. In the short circular passageway you
    will run into the Binary Subscripture Artifact. Now that you have collected 
    all three Artifacts you will recieve the message that the Stronghold Portal  
    has been activated and we can now use it to access the boss of Arcterra. Once
    you have the Artifact, head out of this small room and back into the labyrinth.
    After that, head south and follow the path right back out of the maze. Exit
    the tunnel and leave the room.                
    Sic Transit
    Back in Sic Transit head back down the hallway that leads to the door you came
    out from. You will soon come upon a door on a ledge. Head back through this 
    Ice Hive
    Lore-History 09-11
    Back in this room you will be faced again with three corridors leading to   
    different area. Take the left hall. This one ends up at a Portal returning to
    your ship. Definately use it to save and restock whatever items you have lost
    at this time. Return back through the Portal.       
    Head back to the area with three corridors and take the right path. Through 
    here you will end up on a larger ledge. Nearby this ledge happens to be the 
    Stronghold Portal. Before you enter the Portal, however, it is best to scan a 
    few final items before doing so. Flip on the Scan Visor and you will see three
    more blue Lore's only visible with the Scan Visor. Scan all three Lore's [129]
    [130] [131]. Enter the Stronghold Portal.        
    Stronghold Void
    Bioform-Slench 2A
    Bioform-Slench 2B
    Our fourth trip into another dimension....and the hallway is still just as  
    creepy. Run across it and through the next two doors to find the boss.     
    Slench 2 A/B
    We had to fight an updated version of Cretaphid so it is only right that we  
    face another updated version of Slench. Because the main eye of him is upadated
    it of course is a different scan [132]. There shouldn't be anything else to  
    scan here since we got it first time around including Biodefense Chamber B and
    the Energy Blasters.           
    Now for the actual fight itself. The battle plays very similar to the previous
    Slench fight with the exception that Slench will dish out much more damage and
    at a faster rate. Also his tentacles are impervious to all weapons except, of
    course, the Judicator. Keep the Judicator out at almost all times if you want
    a chance of defeating Slench. He now shoots green heat-seaking plasma balls 
    just like Cretaphid did. Whenever you are running low on health or ammo you can
    shoot these down (with any weapon).          
    Just like the previous version in order to actually chip away at Slench's  
    health bar you need to get him detached from the wall. If you forgot how to do
    that, then its quite simple. Slench is connected to the wall by three tentacles
    and several energy blasters around him. Destroy each tentacle with the     
    Judicator. After about 15 seconds tentacles will regenerate on Slench. He will
    be constantly shooting green plasma balls at you along with energy blasts. If
    you stand against the door then the energy blasts will never hit you. The   
    green plasma balls still will though but they are slow and easy to kill. Once 
    you've destroyed all three tentacles, Slench will detatch from the wall.     
    Once disconnected from the wall, Slench will drop his shields and fly around 
    the arena for a few seconds. Take the time to scan his Slench 2B form [133]. 
    To actually damage Slench here you will need to shoot the Judicator into his
    main eyeball. Because Slench is constantly moving this can be a bit tough.   
    In addition to moving he will be pelting you with more energy blasts from his
    actual eye. Makes things quite tough. You can easily take a large amount of  
    damage from Slench in a short time so remember to keep moving. Cause as much 
    damage with the Judicator as possible. After a few seconds or after you get 
    rid of 1/3rd of his health he will retreat back to the wall.            
    Once Slench has retreated back to the wall and has regenerated his tentacles
    the battle pretty much starts anew. This can get extremely annoying after a  
    while because your doing the same thing over and over again just to damage the
    stupid whore. While you are busy destroying the three tentacles don't forget 
    that the green plasma balls are following you. Stop every now and then to  
    destroy and of the balls near you. You don't want to take too much damage   
    before you fight Slench 2B because he can finish you off.             
    Once you have destroyed a third of Slench's health then the battle becomes a 
    little bit tougher. Slench begins firing much more rapidly and spits out a ton
    more green plasma balls. This can spell death for you pretty quickly if you 
    don't take them out. Also in his Slench 2B form he flies around much faster 
    making him a difficult target.             
    After repeating the same dull process several more times it is likely Slench 
    will be down to merely a third of his original health. In this stage he will 
    be firing at you like crazy. A massload of green plasma balls are constantly
    sent out by him as well. Also, he flies around like a maniac in his Slench 2B
    form. Its insanely hard to hit him here so try your best doing it. It will  
    take several tries to finish off Slench for good so don't worry.       
    Some tips for the battle are that when you are getting weary, just stand by 
    the door and shoot down plasma balls. This is exceptionally difficult in the 
    last stage of the Slench battle due to an insane amount of plasma balls that 
    appear on the battlefield. You should always try to have a full tank of energy
    at all times because you never know when a load of energy balls will slam into
    you and drain your energy in a heartbeat.          
    It also may take you several tries to defeat Slench. He is a tough boss so   
    don't be frustrated if you die. Just remember to rescan him because you will 
    lose all scans after entering the Stronghold Portal when you die. Just keep  
    trying and you will eventually win.         
    Once you have finished off Slench, he will fall to the floor, defeated and  
    break into dust upon contact. In his place is our prize once again:the 4th  
    Octolith. Run up and grab the Octolith. We now have half of the Octoliths so
    are mission is half over. Good for us. Grab any of the leftover energy that 
    you may need then leave the room for the inevitable:
    Well. We are given a whopping 7 minutes to do as we please with as we quickly
    traverse back to our ship. It isn't that far away so why so much time? Leave 
    the questions for answers created later. Waste no time in leaving Stronghold 
    Void and head out through the Portal.          
    Ice Hive
    Once you are back inside Ice Hive you should drop right off of the ledge that
    the Stronghold Portal is located. You will drop into the area your ship's  
    Portal is but of course it has been deactivated.       
    As long as you keep running straight you will be fine. You will enter the   
    hallway that is infested with a ton of plants. Take a few seconds to shoot  
    down the plants blocking your way so you can easily escape with dew scratches
    as there's plenty of time remaining. Once you have done that you will be near
    a door so waste no time heading through it.            
    Sic Transit
    Once you enter Sic Transit, head forwards quickly. Although there is plenty of
    time left you are about to waste most of it. You will eventually reach a    
    corridor that has a force field blocking your path. From that point head left
    and into the main area of Sic Transit. Nearby in this area you will find a ramp
    leading to a higher area ledge. Head up this ramp. Once you do you will be  
    trated to a cutscene showing Trace jump down from his high perch and land  
    near the pit of Voldrums we destroyed so long ago.                   
    This is quite an inoppertune time for Trace to decide to fight us. Now you 
    can easily see why we have gotten 7 minutes to escape. Quickly run to the area
    where Trace is and begin to bombard him with everything you have. The Judicator
    is an effective weapon and so are Missiles. Be sure to scan Trace to add him 
    to the logbook [134]. Trace will be on an unreachable ledge so it makes him 
    an easy target even at the distance he has on you. He doesn't move so pepper 
    him with everything you have. Trace's affinity weapon is the Imperialist, a 
    sniper rifle of sorts. If fires a super quick and long laser beam, decimating
    anything it hits. You can walk through the beam once it's shot and has a very
    long cooldown time. It does, though, cause major damage. Try to hurt Trace as 
    fast as you can while minimizing damage.            
    Once a fourth of his health has been depleted he will jump down from his ledge
    and fight you face to face. Because the Imperialst sucks at short range he   
    will quickly change into his alt-form the Triskelion. While in his alt-form
    you should continue whatever attack method you find most effective at this  
    point of the match. Scan the Triskelion as well [135].           
    The Triskelion has an annoying feature to it-it becomes invisible when it isn't
    moving. Occasionally you will find Trace nowhere to be found. Shoot the Power
    Beam in every direction to try to get him out of hiding. The radar on the   
    touch screen still shows Trace dispite his invisiblilty. You can slightly see
    him when your close to him. Scare him out of hiding and keep resuming the   
    battle. The Triskelion deal a lot of damage with its lunge attack. Keep your
    distance to avoiding being rammed.             
    When Trace gets low on health he will return to his biped form and continue to
    fight to the finish. By now you may be a bit low on health, so use some charged
    Missiles or something else good to quickly finish off whatever is left on   
    Trace's health bar. Once he has been killed he will drop a few energies and 
    the force fields and locked doors in the room will disappear. If your low on 
    health then quickly destroy some plants in the room for health. Remember, your
    still on the clock. You should have at least 3 minutes left. If your around 
    there you can make it out. Head out the door to Arcterra Gateway.       
    Arcterra Gateway
    Just one last room before we can reach Samus's ship and get out of here, and 
    boy is it the hardest. Well, the Trace fight may have been harder but still. 
    Try climbing up the first few platforms. When you do you will be shown another
    cutscene and a force field will prevent you from getting any higher, and three
    Guardians will enter the room.       
    It is best to stay on the platforms because the ground is slippery making   
    aiming a pain. Let the Guardians come to you. The Judicator is the best    
    weapon of choice against these lamers. You've faced these guys before so taking
    them out shouldn't be a problem. Once they have been killed the force field  
    will disappear allowing you to reach your ship.           
    It takes about a minute to reach your ship. If for some reason you have less 
    than that then you may be screwed, but stay calm because you can still make it
    just barely. Head up the platforms. There are many of them, as they seem like
    an endless staircase. Eventually they will flatten out onto a path littered 
    with some Geemers. Avoiding them deftly so that you don't get knocked back to
    the bottom. Head across here and jump over several more platforms. You will  
    continue to climb the room and get closer to your ship. Soon the path will lead
    into a wall. Follow it and hug the wall to avoid falling down.             
    The pathway inside the cave wall will continue spirling upwards and eventually
    come back out into an open area. Dead ahead of this is your ship. Quickly  
    jump ontop of it to enter it and stop the countdown. Save of course. 4 of 
    the 8 Octoliths are finally ours. Now it is time to make some return trips to
    some familar areas....
    ***Mission 4:Complete!***
    Here are the scans you should have acquired during your silent raid through 
    [107] Arcterra
    [108] Alimbic Prophecy 04
    [109] Geemer
    [110] Alimbic Crest
    [111] Shriekbat
    [112] Alimbic Emblem
    [113] Noxus
    [114] Vhoscythe
    [115] Purple Blast Shield
    [116] Damaged Bridge
    [117] Orange Blast Shield
    [118] Disabled Jump Pad
    [119] Vault Door
    [120] Barbed War Wasp
    [121] Alimbic Pride 01
    [122] Blue Barbed War Wasp
    [123] Ammolite Shards
    [124] Judicator
    [125] Alimbic Insignia
    [126] Ice Bridge
    [127] Witherite Shards
    [128] Heating System
    [129] History 09
    [130] History 10
    [131] History 11
    [132] Slench 2a
    [133] Slench 2b
    [134] Trace
    [135] Triskelion
         ~Mission 5:Revisit of the Archives and its destroyed borders [MSN5]~
    Mission Difficulty:****/*****
    Mission Objectives:Now that we have four of the eight Octoliths we need to find
    the others. It lies further inside Celestial Archives where more troubles and
    puzzles lie. Meteors have battered this area of the station causing massive 
    gaps to appear. With death looming around every step, can Samus retrieve the 
    fifth Octolith alive?              
    Celestial Gateway
    Once you have left Arcterra with the fourth Octolith, no new planets will   
    appear in the Tetra Galaxy. How so? We are missing 4 Octoliths so where will 
    we find the remaining ones? The answer is simple. Each planet does hold 2   
    Octoliths so we need to revisit all of them. Start by setting course for    
    Celestial Gateway. You may remember seeing a ton of colored force fields on  
    out first visit. Now we have the necessary weapons to destroy them and collect
    their treasures, as well ss traverse into a much deeper and darker region of 
    Celestial Archives. Set course for it.         
    Once you arrive in Celestial Gateway again, step off the platform. If you look
    under it from the side you will notice a green force field down there on the 
    ground in an area only the Morph Ball can access. Use the Battlehammer to    
    destroy the green force field. It can be slightly tough since the margin of 
    error is tiny.         
    Once the force field has been destroyed, use the Morph Ball to roll under the 
    platform. The force field was blocking a room. You should fall down into it.  
    There is a jump pad in the center useful for returning back to the above floor
    and the prize we entered the room for-a UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION lying on the
    floor right next to it. Time to exit this small area. Its a tad tough. Jump 
    from the jump pad as biped form to just barely get above the hole. There is  
    enough room for you to stand up fully but may take several tries to do so. 
    Switch to the Morph Ball and roll out of there.               
    Remember how there are two Portals in every gateway, of which we only activated
    one in each? Time to find the other Portal. For now, take the only one we 
    have activated. Its on the left near the door out of this room.        
    Synergy Core
    Remember this room? Its the key that leads us further into Celestial Archives, 
    but we need a weapon that can destroy the yellow force field that lies in the 
    room to do so. Time to backtrack! From the Portal, head right and through the
    lone door.       
    Data Shrine 03
    Our treasure is within Data Shrine 02 so it's not too far away from us. Here 
    in this circular hallway head towards the right. You will soon come across a 
    door on the left wall and further ahead, a dead end. Enter the door. You will
    enter the inner chamber of Data Shrine 03. We already pilfered this area so  
    you merely need to head through the room to the other side. Stay against the  
    wall leading directly to the door out of the chamber.      
    Once you reach the door, shoot it and head out back into the circular hallway.
    This time head for the left until you reach a door. Head through it.      
    Fan Room Beta
    You have little business in this tall room. Head down the platforms to avoid 
    losing damage from a high fall and head out the bottom door.        
    Data Shrine 02
    Equipment-Volt Driver
    Object-Literary Hub
    Object-Medical Hub   
    The music changes into a more tense theme, obviously signaling something hidden
    inside here. There are 4 doors around the room all leading to the inner chamber
    and it doesn't matter which one you choose. They are all green and you need 
    the Battlehammer to open them up. It will turn blue like other doors and won't
    require the Battlehammer to be reopened. Inside you will find one of two   
    battles. You could find 2 Guardians inside waiting for a fight, or another  
    Hunter fight.      
    Should you get the Guardians then you are lucky as they can be killed rather 
    quickly. The Power Beam or Missiles will work very effectively, along with the
    Judicator should you choose to use it instead. If you get the Hunter then it
    will be one of the Hunter's you have already seen before (there are no new  
    Hunters as you've seen them all). It is a straight up Hunter fight, no running
    or anything. Hunters will now very rarely resort to their alt-forms and when
    they do, be in them for just a short second or two. This makes scanning them a
    pain if you forgot to in earlier encounters.      
    When you enemy(ies) have been killed the doors will unlock. Also you can use 
    the platforms nearby to reach the top platform in the room where another    
    UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION waits for you. Its your fifth of nine. Flip on the 
    Scan Visor and look at both sides of the wall. They are both different Hub's 
    that can be scanned. The left wall is the Medical Hub [136] while the right  
    wall is the Literary Hub [137]. From your position one of the walls has a   
    small platform just infront of it. There is a square of 4 blue pillars behind
    the platform making it hard to miss. Jump to the platform from where you are.
    Right infront of the platform is a small Morph Ball tunnel. Jump over to the 
    tunnel and change into the Morph Ball. Roll into the tunnel and in the short
    distance you can see an object. If you want to you can scan the object [138]
    or collecting it will put it into the logbook anyways. Its the Volt Driver,
    Kanden's affinity weapon. Grab it of course. Now that we have the Volt Driver
    we can shoot down yellow force fields and traverse deeper into Celestial   
    Archives. Head back through the only blue door you shot to reach the middle 
    chamber and outside into the middle hallway. Check the map to confirm your  
    position and head to Fan Room Beta.     
    Fan Room Beta
    Nothing too much in this room. Head onto the fan blades and use them as steps
    to reach the top door in the room.         
    Synergy Core
    Object-Alimbic Prophecy 05
    Object-Yellow Blast Shield
    Back in Synergy Core, the access point of the rest of Celestial Archives, you
    should head back inside the Portal to save back at your ship. Once you have 
    done that and have returned through the Portal, start climbing the many     
    platforms. After a few you will notice a large yellow force field guarding a 
    large hole in the wall. Since we just got the Volt Driver, may as well put it
    to use. Blast away the yellow force field. Jump into the newly created hallway.
    Run through the looping hallway. At the end of it you will find an elevator  
    moving up and down. When it reaches the bottom you can jump ontop of it. Once
    the elevator is at the top, move off onto the small ledge. There is a lone jump
    pad up here. Walk into the jump pad to be flung not vertically, but rather 
    all the way across the room.      
    In this final hallway, walk to the end of it to find a yellow door and another
    blue light hovering above it. Scan the Alimbic Prophecy 05 [139] and then the
    Yellow Blast Shield [140] on the door. Blast away at the door with the Volt 
    Driver and enter the small room. You still inside Synergy Core....but in this
    cool looking room there is merely a Portal. Unfortunately, you won't be taken
    back to your ship with this Portal. Instead, the Portal is the gateway between
    Synergy Core and the other half of Celestial Archives! Head into it.     
    Transfer Lock
    Bioform-Psycho Bit v2.0
    Object-Photon Stabilizer
    Object-Docking Bay L1
    Object-Docking Bay L2
    Object-Docking Bay L3
    The Portal will dump you out onto a new platform elsewhere in Celestial     
    Archives. Your on a high platform. Fall down if you want, but either way a  
    wall is infront of you. Its just a holographic shield, so run through it and 
    into the REAL area of Transfer Lock.     
    And damn is it huge.     
    Better get yourself ready and prep your Missiles as your in for one hell of a 
    long fight. Once you enter a ton of blue respawn triangles will appear in the 
    room, releasing different enemies. As if that isn't enough entertainment, a 
    duo of Guardians will come in and rear into your position. And it's your job 
    to destroy everything in sight. There is a large structure infront of you with
    many of the triangles but ignore it for now. Focus on the two Guardians. They 
    can kill you quick so use some good aim and several Missiles to put them both
    into submission. Take the room more calmly from here. There are two respawn 
    blue triangles nearby. At the base of the structure on the left and right  
    sides. Destroy them both with several Missiles.        
    Once you have finished that, destroy the remaining Voldrums that appeared from
    the triangle. Start climbing the structure after killing the Voldrums and   
    several Psycho Bits will begin to shoot at you, and they are accomponied by  
    blue triangles to boot. Head onto the long walkway that you can jump onto for 
    a better shooting position and destroy the triangles and the Psycho Bits with
    ease. On this long walkway are several gaps that you needn to jump across.  
    Nearby these gaps is a small, orangle tube that can be scanned. Scan the Photon
    Stabilizers [141] and forwards towards the far side of the room.    
    When you get near the back, yellow Psycho Bits will appear. 3, infact and of 
    course they are all with the similar blue respawn triangle. Scan the Psycho Bit
    v2.0 now [142]. Oddly enough, Psycho Bit v2.0 is more powerful than Psycho Bit
    v4.0 that we found in Arcterra. How strange. As with everything else you have
    faught in this room, you need to destroy the blue respawn triangles before you
    can kill the Psycho Bits. However, for each one you kill a large forcef field
    over the floor will disappear for the respective side (the left blue triangle
    will deactivate the leftern floor force field and so on). Ignore that for now
    and focus on killing everything in sight. You may suffer and energy tank or two
    of damage, but your killings reveal a large gap in the room.     
    It is quite an extensive pit, and in order to get back to the top you need to 
    use jump pads. Its not too deep so don't worry about never seeing daylight  
    again or anything. Down in the pit are three blue switches situated on the  
    wall in a similar fashion AND parallel to where the blue triangles once stood.
    Shoot each of these to activate them. You will know they are activated when 
    they glow blue.      
    These switches release one final force field each at the front of the large 
    structure. Once all three have been deactivated, use a jump pad to return to 
    ground level and run to the front of the structure. In these tiny holes is one
    last switch and each needs to be shot once. Do so again. The force field at the
    very top of the structure will be deactivated now.     
    At the very top where the force field was shielding is a small display panel.
    Scan it and a new Portal will be activated. This, like the previous one, leads
    to another area of Celestial Archives. Remember the long platform that lead to
    the Psycho Bits? Get back onto this platform and walk away from where you   
    fought them and to the area where the Portals are. Head through the fake white
    shield and before entering the Portal, scan the Docking Bay L1 above it. The 
    Portal leading back to Synergy Core is right below you. Get onto that platform
    by falling off and performing a jump in mid-air. Land on the below platform 
    and scan the same white thing above the Portal for the Docking Bay L2 log   
    From this platform, fall off onto the bottom floor. To the left is a jump pad 
    that can be used to reach the highest level portal. Further on the left wall is
    one last blue respawn triangle with several Voldrums popping out of it. Destroy
    the blue respawn triangle and then the Voldrums. The blue triangle was    
    concealing a small hole in the wall which holds a UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION. 
    Grab it. Celestial Archives seems to have a knack for them. On the right wall
    just near the expansion is one last white light which contains Docking Bay L3
    [145]. Now, use the jump pad to return to the top Portal (the one we originally
    fell from) and enter it.        
    Docking Bay
    Lore-Alimbic Order 01
    Lore-Alimbic Order 02
    Lore-Alimbic Order 03
    Lore-Alimbic Order 04
    Lore-Final Wish
    Alternatively, if your jumping skills aren't up to par you may wish to save at
    this time. Anyways, the portal leads to the edge of the space station with 
    nothing but deep space below and all around you. There is a large platform   
    your currently on and a long platform extending from it. A Guardian will appear
    around the corner. On this relatively small platform, you need to kill the   
    Guardian quickly. Just so you know, deep space below you? Instant death. You 
    will need to restart from the nearest checkpoint (AKA, this room) should that
    happen so be careful. Use Missiles or the Volt Driver to quickly waste the  
    emminant threat. Once dead he will drop the Shield Key in his place. Grab it 
    to release an Artifact far away.          
    Also along the long platform are four small stationary ships. After collecting
    the Shield Key these platforms will take you to five other tiny platforms far
    away, dangling over space the entire time. The platform with the Artifact is 
    straight ahead so use the platform in the middle and not to the sides. Once 
    you reach the other side, get off of the platform. Collect the Cartograph   
    Artifact sitting there. Before boarding the platform back to the main area, 
    flip on the Scan Visor to find Alimbic Order 04 sitting there [146]. Once done
    head back carefully to the main platform.       
    There are two more Lore's that you can find. Take the far right platform.   
    Ignore the Portal for now once you reach the end of the line but scan Alimbic
    Order 02 [147] there. Head back to the long platform and take the far left  
    flying platform. At the end, ignore another Portal and scan the Alimbic Order 
    03 [148] that lies there as well. Head back to the long platform.      
    Here, head to the very end of it to find another Lore sitting infront of you.
    Its Final Wish, regarding the attack or some horrible beast [149]. There are 
    several more things we want to do before entering the Portal maze. Take the 
    near-left platform. At the end you will land on a small, broken platform   
    containing an UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION. Flip on the Scan Visor again on this 
    platform to find Alimbic Order 01 [150], the last scan in this room. Once you
    have finished scanning return to the long platform.         
    Once back on the long platform, hop on the moving platform that takes you to 
    the far-left platform over space. The platform contains a Portal and it is time
    we entered the Portal Maze. You will enter the Incubation Chambers.     
    Incubation Vaults 01/02/03
    Equipment-Shock Coil
    Bioform-Electro Voldrum
    Object-Incubation Tank A
    Object-Incubation Tank B
    Object-Blue Force Field
    Object-Portal Control   
    Note:The Portal Maze spans between these three rooms. Since we spend little  
    time in each room I won't bother listing the room name over and over again.  
    You will appear in Incubation Vault 01 inside a small hallway in a room with
    green haze. Head forward into the hallway until you reach a blue force field 
    on the wall. It is the first time we have seen this colored force field so   
    don't hesitate to scan it [151]. There is a weapon the behind the force  
    field. Yes, it is another weapon but we're unable to reach it just now. Head 
    along the hallway some more and enter the next portal you reach.        
    You will appear in a similar corridor from the portal. A duo of Guardians have
    beaten you to this area and you need to destroy them fast. Bring out your   
    Missiles like you do for most Guardian fights and quickly dispose of these guys
    once again (do they ever learn?). Once they have been killed, you will be   
    shown a short cutscene revealing that a force field being deactivated on the 
    floor above you as well as a Shield Key appearing somewhere nearby.       
    Head towards the opposite end of the room from the portal you used to enter 
    this Incubation Chamber. You will find a Portal that is sitting next to a  
    display panel. Scan the Portal Control [152] and then enter the portal next to
    Docking Bay
    You will reappear inside the Docking Bay area. Board the moving platform and 
    ride it back to the long platform. From there you want to enter the moving  
    saucer that leads to the far right platform. Once you reach said platform,   
    head into the Portal that is there.     
    Incubation Vaults 01/02/03
    Back into Incubation Vault 02 you will be situated near another Crash Pillar.
    I was wrong to say that there is only one in the game. There's 2. If you   
    forgot, wait for the Crash Pillar to jump into the air then shoot the red spot
    underneith it with a Missile or two to destroy it. This is your last chance to
    scan him so ensure you do so.       
    Once the final Crash Pillar becomes an extinct species, two blue respawn    
    triangles will appear on the wall above you. They release the powerful Psycho 
    Bit v2.0 that you faced earlier. You need to take out the triangles first   
    then the Psycho Bits themselves. If you fall off onto the bottom area of the 
    room then you can still kill them easily so don't worry. Once they have been
    destroyed, two more blue respawn triangles will appear, this time on the bottom
    floor of the room. They will spit out a differently colored Voldrum. Scan the
    Electro Voldrum [153].      
    To spice things up just a little bit more, 3 more Guardians will enter the  
    room rather quickly. So to tally it up, you have 3 Guardians, 2 blue triangles
    and the extra Electro Voldrums that have come out of them. Missiles and your
    other sub-weapons will be needed to be quick jammed here. Missiles work well 
    on the Guardians and the blue respawn triangles. Keep strafing and use some  
    Charged Missiles. Try not to take too much damage.       
    There are several crates lying in this Incubation Vault. Destroy them if you 
    want to to collect the extra energy and ammo that lies inside of them. Leave 
    through the portal that is closest to the blue force field.       
    You will be taken up to the second floor of another Incubation Vault. Remember
    this is the one where you defeated several Guardians to create a Shield Key 
    that was unreachable at that point. Head for the nearby Artifact Shield in  
    the hallway infront of you.         
    Attempt not to fall off as you must redo the Portal process to get back here.
    The catwalks are thin, but wide enough for Samus to pass. When you come to a 
    fork in the path you want to head right, however, flip on the Scan Visor to 
    scan the large green tanks in the center of the room. It is Incubation Tank A
    [154]. Head forwards on the catwalks.      
    Once you reach the wall again, continue on the path towards the right. If you
    go the other way you will fall onto the floor and need to get back up here  
    again. Head left once you hit the wall for a 3rd time, and you will stumble  
    upon the Shield Key. Grab it to release the shield around the Artifact.    
    Backtrack over the catwalks to claim the Attameter Artifact.           
    Once you have done that, head back onto the catwalks for a 3rd time. Rather 
    than go left towards the area where the Shield Key was, head right. If you  
    follow this rather simple path of catwalks you will soon come across a Portal
    on up on the rafters. You will then appear in another hallway similar to where
    you just were. Infront of you is a gap. Fall into it.      
    Incubation Vault 02 apparently held the secret all along. You will drop next 
    to a blue orb. Scan the orb if you feel like it [155]. Collect the Shock Coil,
    arguably the best weapon in the game (especially in multiplayer).      
    With the Shock Coil you are able to destroy blue force fields, including the 
    one right next to you. Head through the doorway into the main area of the room.
    Head straight to the wall and turn right. Enter the portal there.    
    You will appear in a different Incubation Chamber on the second floor with   
    several Guardians already waiting for you on the floor. Don't jump off to   
    fight them just yet. Follow the short pathway you are on to reach a MISSILE 
    EXPANSION at the end. You should have 65 Missiles capacity right now. If you 
    follow the pat to the end you will find another large green tube on the wall.
    This is Incubation Tank B [156].        
    Look to the ceiling of Incubation Vault 03 to find several Psycho Bits     
    attacking you. They don't have blue respawn triangles but act like they do.  
    You need to destroy about 20 Psycho Bits before they stop coming for good.  
    Head back along the hallway to the portal we used before, but don't enter it. 
    Head into the corridor just next to it.     
    You will come across another blue force field. As with the previous one, use
    the Shock Coil to destroy it. It was guarding a large hole in the ground    
    leading to the bottom floor. Jump into it. This small room contains a portal,
    but not to the Incubation Chamber but rather another new area of Celestial 
    Archives completely! (How many seperated areas does one area need?) You can  
    shoot down the blue forcee field right next to it and fight the Guardians/leave
    to save but it isn't necessary.      
    Tetra Vista
    Object-Shield Generator   
    Object-Gravity Stabilizer
    You will appear in a small room of no interest. Head through the door, then  
    after the short hallway you will be in Tetra Vista. No more portals for now. 
    This large half-circle hallway may seem simple on the map, but for the massive
    amount of time Celestial Archives has been abondoned the area has been      
    battered with meteors. Since then, holes have been caused in this room removing
    a good amount of the floor. Like Docking Bay it is over space so one misstep a
    and you will be flying back to the beginning of the room which is thankfully 
    the nearest checkpoint.     
    Start walking through the large hallway and flip on the Scan Visor. There is 
    a green display on the wall that you can scan. Its a Shield Generator [157].  
    The traversing of the platforms is just a short distance past the green    
    display. Hug the right wall for the easiest path there, but you will still need
    to perform some jumping. Once the small plank you are on begins to thin out, 
    jump onto an adjacent floating platform near you.       
    As if it wasn't bad enough that your doing this, Psycho Bits v2.0's will   
    appear from the walls of the room right near you to hinder your progress. Use
    Missiles or the Shock Coil (my favorite ^_^) to dispose of the two nusiences. 
    Continue along this platform and jumping across other platforms until there's 
    another similar plank on the left wall big enough for Samus. Once again, jump
    over to it carefully and hug the wall. Once the platform thins out as well, 
    you need to make a large jump to another far away platform.       
    Once you can't go further, jump to the next floating platform. Once you do, a
    far away Psycho Bit will fire at you at which point use Missiles (Shock Coil's
    short range obviously won't work). Once you have elmimated one of the few   
    enemies in this room, jump to the next platform infront of you.     
    Once your on the next platform, look on the left wall. The Gravity Stabilizer
    [158] will appear on the Scan Visor. Its the small yellow indent on the wall.
    Easy to miss. Now, there is another plank nearby on the right wall. Jump to the
    right platforms and get on that section of wall.       
    As with the previous planks on the wall, continue until it becomes too thin 
    for Samus to walk on without falling off and then jump onto one of the nearby 
    platforms to the left. Your almost done with this room. You need to do the  
    same thing now but for the left wall. The absence of platforms make it a large
    gap, but its possible to make. Perform a jump in mid-air if you need to. Once
    your back on the plank next to the wall it will take you all the way to the end
    of Tetra Vista thankfully so long as you don't fall off. Near the door are   
    some space you can fall off, but unless your careless you really shouldn't.  
    Head through the door once you reach it.      
    New Arrival Registration
    Bioform-Greater Ithrak
    Lore-Gorea 06
    Lore-Gorea 07
    Lore-Gorea 08
    Lore-Gorea 09
    On the map, New Arrival Registration is huge but to reach that area you need to
    pass through some open hallways. Yes, you can jump over the guardrails and die
    off the edge. Why you'd want to is beyond me. In the second hallway you will 
    encounter a slimy creature moving around on the ground. These are Quadtroids
    [159]. If their names don't tip them off, they are basically the Alimbic's   
    form of Metroid's. Yes, if you get near one they will not hesitate to latch 
    onto your face. Also, your HUD won't become all staticy (where we couldn't see
    the underside of a Metroid). That was for the best, I suppose. You CAN see the 
    mouth of the Quadtroid and damn will it scare the crap out of you if you don't
    expect it to hit you. Like all Metroids, if one attached to Samus get into the
    Morph Ball and lay a bomb which forces the Quadtroid off of you. Destroy the 
    trio of Quadtroids before moving through the next door.       
    You will enter the main area of New Arrival Registration. The middle is full
    of nothing but a deep space death and the bottom ledge you are on contains  
    several Psycho Bits of which you should destroy to prevent yourself from    
    fallign off of your perch. You will face several of them so use Missiles for 
    scattershot damage.      
    Once they have all died, continue along the perch until you find a switch and 
    a Portal. Unlike the other Portals this one thanksfully returns you to     
    Celestial Gateway where you should feel free to save and restore and weapons 
    ammo/energy you have lost thus far.      
    Once your back in New Arrival Registration you can see a small platform rising
    up and down infront of the portal. When the elevator platform reaches the    
    bottom, jump onto it and wait for it to reach the top. Once it does, walk onto
    the stationary platform right infront of it. There is another elevator platform
    right after this. Instead of taking you back down as may be expected, it will 
    take you higher to the top of the room.      
    Once you reach the top of the room there will be another stationary platform  
    that you need to jump off onto. There is a corridor in the wall infront of you
    over a pretty wide gap. Jump to it.      
    You will appear in another open area, death below you and moving platforms  
    going up down, back and forth. To the left of the hallway you are in is    
    another rising platform. When it rises to your perch walk onto it. It will  
    take you to the bottom of the room.    
    When your near the bottom, jump off onto a stationary platform to the right of
    your moving one. Look for a large opening on the wall straight ahead of you.
    Its borders are green making it stick out from other opening you have seen so 
    far in this room. Get as much as a running start as you can and take a leap of
    faith over to this small room. Once you enter it a force field will appear  
    behind you preventing you from leaving.    
    This small room houses the Artifact Shield and the last Artifact inside    
    Celestial Archives. Turn on the Scan Visor to look for a way out. 4 new Lore 
    scans will appear, typically only visible to the Scan Visor. Scan all 4 Lore's.
    They are Gorea 06 [160], Gorea 07 [161], Gorea 08 [162], and Gorea 09 [163]. 
    Apparently Gorea is the source that killed all of the Alimbic's and has been
    locked away in the interdimensional prison in an unknown universe. Once you 
    have scanned the four Lore's, a Shield Key will appear in the center of this
    small room. Collect it and collect the Binary Subscriptture Artifact lying  
    nearby and recieve the message the Stronghold Portal is activated.      
    Once the last Artifact is yours, the force field will deactivate leaving us 
    to reach the Stronghold Portal. Try leaving the small room and you will find 
    an Ithrak falling from the ceiling. However, this is the only Greater Ithrak
    [164] that is in the game. A few Missiles will make it explode still making 
    Ithrak's an extinct species.            
    How to get back to the other platforms now? To the left of the room is a    
    stationary platform within easy reach of this room. Make an easy jump to it. 
    Look to the right and wait for a platform high up to come down to your level.
    Once it does, jump onto it as usual. At the top, head onto the stationary   
    platform and head through the hallway in the wall after jumping to that as   
    This is the last major area of New Arrival Registration. Head to the left and
    hug the outer wall so as to not fall down into the abyss. Near the end of the
    perch you will find a slanted platform that isn't moving in the distance.   
    Carefully jump to it as the platform is very simple to miss. There is an    
    ENERGY TANK right past this platform on an extremely tiny platform. Don't miss
    it. Ironically, this is the first open-space Energy Tank. Scan it if you want
    [165] though its already in your logbook.      
    Head back across to the main perch, carefully jumping over the slanted platform
    until you come to an elevator platform going up and down. As usual, wait for 
    the platform to reach the bottom so you can jump onto it. When it reaches the
    top of the path, jump onto the next platform. Its also an elevator platform and
    will take you to the very top of the room. Walk onto the non-moving platform 
    at the top and you will see a door nearby. You can jump onto the ledge with 
    the door. Inside the small rooms lies the Stronghold Portal. Enter it.    
    Stronghold Void
    Once again we return to the creepy hallway. Something is lurking here. Head
    through the two doors to begin the boss battle.   
    Slench 3A/3B
    Bioform-Slench 3A
    Bioform-Slench 3B
    That's right kiddies. Slench is angered at his previous defeat at Samus and is
    not impeding her path once again, this time with several upgrades. Scan Slench
    3A [166] as soon as the battle begins.   
    As with every other Slench battle you need to remove Slench from the wall.  
    This time around his tentacles aren't weak to the Judicator anymore. Now they
    can only be destroyed using the Battlehammer, so its time to break out that  
    weapon once again. Slench's attacks have also changed for the worse. His eye 
    fires the same green plasma balls that home in on you and can easily be   
    destroyed for ammo and energy. The Energy Blasters now fire the same energy 
    that the Volt Driver uses:charged up electricity. It moves painfully slow but
    also homes in on you slightly. If hit by it, you visor will have messed up  
    vision for several seconds. Attempt to not get hit.     
    Remember that the Battlehammer fires in an arc making aiming with the weapon 
    a bit tough. Aim a little big higher than the tentacles and use the auto-fire
    on the cannon (just hold the fire button for rapids shots). It takes only three
    hits to each tentacle to destroy them. Remember that they reappear after a   
    short time so be sure to take them all down quickly. Standing close to Slench
    makes aiming very simple.     
    Once the three tentacles have been destroyed, Slench will float away from the
    wall and start flying around the room for a short time. Scan Slench 3B [167]
    and keep the Battlehammer out. The weapon deals the most damage to Slench.  
    Missiles and the Judicator also deal a good deal of damage to Slench. The   
    Shock Coil is only good if you can keep the lock-on onto Slench for several 
    seconds as it will drain his life in a heartbeat (however his constant random
    movements make that a pain). The other weapons you possess deal minimal damage
    to Slench. Keep attacking since his eye is a tiny target. You will likely miss
    a lot in the battle.    
    Slench will continue shoot the annoying green balls of plasma at you, but he 
    has been given a new attack just for the battle. When he shakes violently for
    a few seconds, he becomes invincible. Quickly get into the Morph Ball at that
    time. He will close his eye and ram you quickly. The only way of dodging this
    is by rolling away with the Morph Ball. Once he has attempted to ram you,   
    quickly switch to biped form and keep shooting him. Every time he is detatched
    from the wall form now on he will use that attack 2-3 times.    
    Once you have dealt enough damage to Slench or wasted too much time, he will 
    return to the wall and you will need to destroy the tentacles he is attached 
    to once again. When the third of his health is depleated, he will beging to  
    shoot a little faster. Also, when detached from the wall he will fly much   
    faster making him a harder target. When only 1/3rd of his health remains, his
    attack speed will massiverly increase and sends tons of plasma balls at once.
    Also, he will spin around very quickly when not on the wall and give you little
    time to dodge his ram attack.    
    This fight is likely to last a very long time. The plasma balls are your   
    friend, so use them to restore any much needed ammo or energy that you      
    desprately need. Also, like in the previous Slench battle you can stand next 
    to the locked door. The Volt Driver attacks his Energy Blasters shoot can't  
    hurt you there, making an easy target for the plasma balls. If you keep up  
    this pattern you are unlikely to die and can eventually finish off Slench. 
    Once he has been killed, the fifth Octolith will appear in his place. Grab it
    and recieve the message:
    "...the Cancer tried..."
    Creepy. Almost a full story in telepathic messages. Anyways head out of the  
    Stronghold Void for the inevitable....  
    You may have already escaped from Celestial Archives once, but the second try
    is much longer. You are gived 8:30:00 and trust me, you will need every last 
    second. Leave through the Stronghold Portal quickly.    
    New Arrival Registration
    You need to make your way back through these three tall rooms all situated  
    inside New Arrival Registration. Jump down to the platform at the bottom of  
    the room. Once you land on the platform, run off the edge and jump to the far
    away platform using a mid-air jump (almost impossible any other way). You   
    should be on the other side of the room opposite the door leading to the   
    Stronghold Portal.      
    Run through the short hallway to be in the middle tall room. Your near the   
    bottom of it and have to make it to the top which will take longer than the  
    previous room. Run to the right and next to the ledge will be an elevator   
    platform. Quickly get onto it and ride it to the top of its path. A stationary
    platform is there. Walk onto it then jump onto the next elevator platform when
    it comes down. Ride this platform to the top of the room. When you are at   
    the top you can make a short jump to the hallway leading into the last tall 
    room in New Arrival Registration.   
    This tall room is the easiest of all. Since it has the door out of here you 
    just need to jump to the ledge below. Just walk off the edge and mid-air jump
    if necessary to reach the ledge with the ship deck portal. It is obviously  
    deactivated so head through the door. The next room has several Quatroids. Get
    in the Morph Ball and roll through. Should one attack to you, just bomb it off.
    Head back into Tetra Vista.    
    Tetra Vista
    Remember the broken room? You need to head backwards through Tetra Vista and 
    it is mderately easier than normally going forwards through it. Hug the right 
    wall as its the only path you can take. Once it begins to thin out start    
    jumping on the platforms in the middle, trying to get near the left wall.   
    Continue to jump across these small platforms as they were designed for an   
    easy escape. You will come across a Psycho Bit as your crossing but ignore it.
    As long as you don't get hit you shouldn't fall off. Continue jumping across 
    the middle platforms and taking the left wall path whenever it becomes     
    available for a short time. Keep running on the platform next to the green   
    display you scanned a while ago.      
    Near the end of the room you need to make a big jump to the main platform of 
    the room near the door. Use a mid-air jump for the best results. The path to 
    the door from there is simple, just be careful not to fall into the holes. The
    room has a portal. Enter it.     
    Incubation Vaults 01/02/03
    Head down the hallway you appear in from the portal. Once you reach the end, 
    hand a left. You will see a small display that you scanned a while ago. There
    is a portal next to it. Use it.      
    Docking Bay
    You will wind up back in Docking Bay near the long platform. Turn right and  
    drop down into an area slightly lower than it. Down here is another portal  
    leading back to Transfer Lock.      
    Transfer Lock
    You will appear back in Transfer Lock at the top of the front of the room. The
    portal that you want to leave this room is right below you. Fall down then 
    do a mid-air jump to reach the platform and enter the portal.      
    Synergy Core
    Now we are back into familar territory. Run out the door in the portal room 
    and back to the main area of Synergy Core. Back in this big room, continue 
    along the corridor until you can walk off of the edge and onto the bottom   
    floor. You should suffer minimal damage. The portal here back to your ship to
    is not working. From here you need to make a mad dash for your ship. Head out 
    the bottom door.    
    Data Shrine 03
    Back in the Data Shrines. As with the last escape you will facing fights in  
    these shrines once again. With a strain on time you need to kill everything 
    quick. Head right and use the door on the wall to enter the inner chamber.  
    There is a Guardian in there. Use whatever weapon you want to finish him off.
    The Shock Coil does quite a nice job in doing just that. Once he has been   
    killed the doors will unlock. Take the door that doesn't have blue pillars  
    next to it. When your back in the circular hallway, head left and leave with 
    the door.     
    Fan Room Beta
    Nothing important in here. Drop off the edge, take a little damage, and head
    out the bottom door.     
    Data Shrine 02
    Head to the left and through the door. Shoot it with the Battlehammer if you 
    didn't open this door first time through this room. Remember this is the room
    where we got the Volt Driver. 2 Guardian infest this room and you need to take
    them both out before you can continue onwards. Use the Shock Coil to drain  
    their health or pump some Missiles into their faces. Once they are dead, face 
    the platform you had to land on to reach the Volt Driver and take the door to
    the right of it. Use the Battlehammer to open the door and head left once back
    in the hallway. Use the door to leave this Data Shrine.     
    Fan Room Alpha
    Do what you did in the previous fan room. Jump off and head through the door. 
    Data Shrine 01
    When you enter this circular hallway, run left. Right will end you up in a  
    wall. You probably have less than 2 minutes at this point so urgency is much
    needed here. Use the door to head into the last inner chamber once you reach
    it. You will have to fight yet another Guardian when you enter this room.   
    Destroy him using whatever method you prefer and the doors will unlock. Once 
    again, head through the door without blue pillars. When you do, hang a left 
    until you reach another door. Head to the next room.      
    Meditation Room
    Less than 60 seconds? Home free by now. Once again this room is swarmed to the
    brim with Petrasyls. Destroy any that get in your way. Once you make your way
    through the room, enter the door.     
    Helm Room
    You will fight one last Guardian in here. If your almost out of time you need
    to own him fast. Keep the Missiles out and shoot crazily. Don't stop until he
    is dead. Escape from the other side of the room and out to Celestial Gateway.
    Celestial Gateway
    It only takes several seconds to hop aboard your ship. Obviously choose to save
    and blast off from this place. We won't need to come back here ever again.   
    Yay for us :) We have secured the fifth of eight Octolith's so were nearly 
    done solving the mystery here.     
    ***Mission 5:Complete!***
    Here are the scans you should have obtained in your 2nd visit to Celestial  
    [136] Medical Hub
    [137] Literary Hub
    [138] Volt Driver
    [139] Alimbic Prophecy 05
    [140] Yellow Blast Shield
    [141] Photon Stabilizer
    [142] Psycho Bit v2.0
    [143] Docking Bay L1
    [144] Docking Bay L2
    [145] Docking Bay L3
    [146] Alimbic Order 04
    [147] Alimbic Order 02
    [148] Alimbic Order 03
    [149] Final Wish
    [150] Alimbic Order 01
    [151] Blue Force Field
    [152] Portal Control
    [153] Electro Voldrum
    [154] Incubation Tank A
    [155] Shock Coil
    [156] Incubation Tank B
    [157] Shield Generator
    [158] Gravity Stabilizer
    [159] Quadtroid
    [160] Gorea 06
    [161] Gorea 07
    [162] Gorea 08
    [163] Gorea 09
    [164] Greater Ithrak
    [165] Energy Tank
    [166] Slench 3A
    [167] Slench 3B
                  ~Mission 6:Journey to the Core of Alinos [MSN6]~
    Mission Difficulty:***/*****
    Mission Objectives:The sixth Octolith is located further inside Alinos and  
    only the mighty Judicator can lead the way. The cool weapon will calm the heat
    and freeze those the imply. There are several instant death areas like       
    Celestial Archives but it shouldn't be too tough for you.    
    You have five of the eight Octolith's we need to solve this mystery. It is time
    that we find the sixth somewhere in the Alimbic System. The next planet on   
    our list is Alinos so it is time to make a second trip through the heat wave. 
    When Alinos is highlighted look to the left of the screen to find the bounty
    hunter(s) currently inhibiting the planet, if any. You may be facing several 
    of them on your journey. Set course for Alinos.    
    Alinos Gateway
    We have very little business in this room when you land back in Alinos. Take
    the left portal back to High Ground.     
    High Ground
    Instead of heading through the Stronghold Portal that lies infront of you, 
    take the left door out of here and into High Ground. In this room either a  
    Guardian or a rival hunter will be waiting for you. There is no need to kill
    them right now.     
    Drop through the large hole in the center of High Ground to be in the tunnels
    that are down here. Remember first time around that this area had a lot of 
    yellow force fields? Time now to destroy them all and find out what they were
    covering. You can destroy them down here, however they are merely shortcuts 
    around the tunnels and don't lead anywhere interesting. Head along the hallway
    that didn't have any yellow force fields and head past the first door.    
    Alternatively, head past where the first yellow force field was then hang a 
    left to reach the same spot. Just past the door is a small purple force field.
    Use the Judicator to destroy it. A large energy will be in its spot.      
    Magma Pool
    Take the energy then switch to the Morph Ball. Enter the hole to fall into   
    lava. This secret area turns the camera to a sidescrolling view. You are in 
    lava the entire time, taking 3 damage a second. You will be falling and there
    are blue energies on the path every few seconds so take a second to collect 
    them so you don't die.      
    You need to fall all the way to the bottom here. If you can't roll any further
    then lay a bomb to recieve a boost over the obstacle you are stuck behind.  
    Shouldn't take too long to reach the bottom of the tall room. At the bottom 
    is a small tunnel to the right. Roll through it. You'll notice Samus gains a 
    lot of speed in lava oddly. Once your in the area with two walls on the sides
    again, perform a Bomb Jump. Instead of going a few feet in the air, you will
    be skyrocketed at high speeds up Magma Pool. When you start to slow down, head
    near the wall to land on a platform and blast up once more. It may take several
    tries to actually gain a lot of height in Magma Pool. However, near the top of
    this side of the room lies an UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION on a ledge. Only one  
    more remains in the game. You should have 360 Ammo maximum right now so check
    that once you get out. A small tunnel is visible at the top of the room from
    your position. Use a Bomb Jump to blast your way out of the tunnel.   
    High Ground
    Lore-Alimbic Prophecy 06
    Lore-History 02
    Object-Thermal Regulator
    You will fall back into the previous standing hallway in High Ground. Return
    to biped form and head back out the hole outside to the main area of High   
    Ground. Its to the left of the Morph Ball hole that you just went down. The
    rival hunter or Guardian didn't leave the room so now would be the time to  
    kill them off. The Judicator is particularly effective against most rival   
    hunters while the Shock Coil will zap away the lone Guardian should it appear
    as well. Head up the ramp in the room. At the top should be a small indent on
    the floor where you got the first Artifact in Alinos (every Artifact appears
    above these small indents). Near that mark is a purple force field on the wall.
    Shoot it down with the Judicator or course.     
    Head through the hallway that the force field has been guarding for a long  
    time. There is a door to the left leading to Combat Hall. We have no business
    there until we get all eight Octolith's so continue forwards instead. There is
    an orange panel on the wall that is across from the door I said to skip. Scan
    the Thermal Regulator [168].    
    As you make your way up the hallway, you will find an Alimbic Turret on the 
    ceiling shooting at you. Take a few Power Beam shots to its face and when   
    destroyed flip on the Scan Visor. A hidden Lore is behind where it was sitting.
    Scan the History 02 [169]. If you follow the hallway you will wind up back  
    outside again. Keep the Scan Visor on as you walk outside. There is a switch 
    near the left edge. Scan it.     
    Once scanned, a platform high in the room will become active. It will move  
    from the other end of the room to this ledge every few seconds. Head towards 
    the edge and wait for the platform to reach you. Hop onto it and use the Scan
    Visor and on the ledge on the other side is another hidden Lore entry. Its 
    Alimbic Prophecy 06 [170]. Once on the high ledge at the other end of the room,
    jump off of the platform. Scan the above and you will find a Purple Shielded 
    Door ahead of you. Use the Judicator to deactivate it. A small hole will try 
    to prevent you from reaching the door and you WILL falll through it because of
    the low ceiling making it impossible to jump high. Fall down into the gap for
    a second then mid-air jump to the door. Head inside.    
    Alimbic Garden
    Bioform-Red Barbed War Wasp
    Lore-Gorea 01
    Lore-Gorea 02
    Lore-Alimbic War 02
    Object-Alimbic Garden
    Once you enter Alimbic Garden a new enemy will begin to attack you. Scan the 
    Red Barbed War Wasp [171]. It will shoot stingers at you so keep moving to  
    destroy it. There are several steps infront of you made out of stone. Jump up
    them to reach some ground. There are Zoomers on these steps so avoid or     
    destroy until you climb the steps.      
    At the top is a Blastcap. Destroy it an wait for the gas to disappear before 
    walking forward. A cutscene will show Sylux's ship, the Delano 7, flying in 
    low orbit overhead apparently looking for something. Fortunately, its not you.
    A Red Barbed War Wasp will appear after the cutscene so destroy that as well.
    Jump off the step and turn on the Scan Visor for new Lore to appear near the 
    wall. Scan Alimbic War 02 [172] and Gorea 01 [173]. Keep the Scan Visor on and
    step off the ledge into the bottom area of the room. There is another Lore 
    entry on the left wall. It's Gorea 02 [174]. Scan the ground for the Alimbic 
    Garden entry [175] as odd as that may be. Enter the nearby door.     
    Thermal Vast
    Bioform-Psycho Bit v3.0
    You appear in a huge room, but the area you're in is tiny with nothing but a 
    Morph Ball hole to use. Obviously get in the Morph Ball and roll through the 
    short tunnel. The room really is huge! Thermal Vast is covered in lava. There
    are many moving platforms taking you to various areas of the room. Several   
    rocks are in the lava allowing you to reach this platform if you fall into the
    drink. Petrasyls also swarm the room in various places.   
    Walk straight to the edge of your perch and wait for a moving platform to come
    to you. Once it does, jump on it. Ride it to pretty much the middle of nowhere.
    When it stops, wait until another platform comes by and quickly jump onto it 
    before your platform moves back.     
    Depending on what platform you jumped on you will be taken to the left or   
    right sides of the room. Either way they have the same route. Once at the end
    jump onto the ledge. To reach the ledge you need to use one more platform that
    meets up with yours. The ledge contains nothing interesting besides another  
    Morph Ball tunnel. Enter the winding tunnel until you reach a jump pad. Use 
    it to get out of the tunnels. You will appear on the other side of the room 
    from where you started. Return to biped form here.     
    2 blue respawn triangles will appear on the wall and begin to spit out a new 
    version of the Psycho Bits. These are the last ones you need, Psycho Bits v3.0
    [176]. These guys use fire blasts to attack so if hit you will be burned for
    a few seconds resulting in extra health loss. You can opt to destroy the   
    Psycho Bits and triangles or go through the door at the top of two ledges. Head
    either left or right. Both lead to a short, winding loop leading to the door.
    Try not to fall off the ledge or you will land in lava and need to return to 
    where the Morph Ball tunnel shot you out and try again all the while being shot
    at by Psycho Bits. Enter the door as quick as you can.       
    Alinos Perch
    Alinos Perch is a huge room. There is a lot to explore in here but it's      
    impossible under current conditions. You have little time to enjoy the view  
    before a trio of Guardians come quickly from all sides of the room and begin
    to attack your position. This can be a tough fight as the Guardians like to 
    get in your face and shoot rapidly at you. However with the Judicator, just 
    single one out and focus on destroying that one alone. It shouldn't take long
    to dispose of all three Guardians.       
    Once they have died all the doors in Alinos Perch will be unlocked. The only
    ones you can see are the door you entered from and the side door to the left 
    of it. That is the door you need to enter. We will soon be getting a weapon 
    allowing us to progress further in the room.       
    Council Chamber
    Bioform-Fire Spawn
    Object-Glyph Pattern
    Object-Wall Scroll
    Object-Council Chamber
    You will enter this room and see several boxes lay infront of you. Before   
    destroying them look at the emblem for a short laugh ontop of them, then     
    destroy the crates for extra health and ammo you may have lost from the    
    Guardian fight. The wall left of the crates holds another scan, this time it
    is the Glyph Pattern [177]. Follow the simple path to find several more crates
    on the floor you can use to restore some more energy and ammo. To the right of
    these crates is another wall, this time being the scan Wall Scroll [178].   
    To the left is a fake yellow wall which when walked through reveals a       
    moderately large room containing a pool of lava in the center.        
    A cutscene will reveal a huge beast suddenly appearing inside the pool of   
    lava. Mini-boss battle time! Get the Judicator out because typically, cold  
    items always beat hot things (despite how wrong those physics are). Before 
    you begin your onslaught of the beast be sure to scan the Fire Spawn [179].  
    The target of choice is Fire Spawn's head. When he is attacking it will open
    up and it's quite ugly and difficult to not see. Use the Judicator to pelt his
    head several times when he surfaces above the lava. His means of attack is   
    throwing lava at you. I mean actually THROWING the lava. He will do this    
    several times before closing his head and diving back under the lava where he
    will resurface in another random area in the pool. Once he does the head will
    reopen allowing you to hurt him some more.    
    Make sure that you keep moving around the battlefield. If you keep moving then
    Fire Spawn's attacks will easily miss you. There are also some barriers you 
    can stand behind for cover. You can only be hurt if Fire Spawn throws lava 
    from right next to that spot. After a short time the Fire Spawn will be slayed
    for good and the Magmaul will appear on a small platform in the area. Turn on
    the Scan Visor and scan then center of the room for the Council Chamber logbook
    scan [180] and then scan the Magmaul itself before collecting it [181]. Once 
    that's taken care of, feel free to collect the thing.       
    Now that we have the Magmaul we can begin to collect that Artifacts inside this
    region of Alinos. Before leaving the room, turn around to find an Orange Force
    Field. This is the first Orange Force Field you have found in the game so far
    so be sure scan it [182]. Destroy the force field and follow the winding path 
    for an ENERGY TANK. Its your sixth tank and you won't be seeing another for a 
    loooong time. Remember when the battle started a force field blocked you from
    leaving? That force field also happens to be Orange so destroy it with the  
    Magmaul as well. Head towards the right in this area and destroy the Orange  
    Force Field that blocks your way there as well. Follow the path back to Alinos
    Alinos Perch
    Bioform-Magma Voldrum
    Object-Ceremonial Charms
    [!]-Security Computer
    Head forwards then turn around a short distance later. The wall here slants 
    down at an angle allowing to to climb your way up it. Follow the wall until 
    you reach the ramp and head to the top of it.      
    2 blue triangles will appear at the very top which shouldn't be a surprise.
    This new type of Voldrum will appear out of the respawn spots. Scan the Magma
    Voldrum [183]. The Judicator should be brought out once again to dispose of 
    these hotheads and their blue triangles very quickly. They attack like other 
    Voldrums by shooting a projectile this time being magma.      
    Once the fight ends, an Alimbic Turret will begin shooting you from a nearby 
    wall. Once the Voldrums have been killed you should take out the turret     
    quickly. Head back along the path. You should find another Orange Force Field
    high up on the wall, with ledges allowing access to it. Destroy it with the 
    Magmaul as well.     
    Head through the area it once was and you will find another MISSILE EXPANSION
    lying tucked away in a small hole. Once you have claimed the expansion and have
    checked for a total of 75 Missiles, head back to where the Orange Force Field
    used to be. The left side of the wall will hold a ramp allowing you to climb
    higher in the room.     
    There are several Psycho Bits flying around up here. You can choose to ignore
    them or destroy them. Either way, near the place they spawned at contains a 
    large blue dot on the wall. It is a switch. Shoot it with any weapon to   
    activate it and move a platform in the previous area of Alinos Perch. Walk into
    the area the platform changed positions.     
    If you head along the straight platform you can see the platform and the jump
    pad ontop of it that has been activated. You can jump to the platform from  
    this ledge so do that. You will be boosted to a high ledge otherwise       
    inaccessable. Scan the orange console that is there to unlock one other door 
    inside Alinos Perch.      
    Walk off the perch to the left of the scan console. Don't forget to mid-air 
    jump near the bottom so that you take minimal damage form the fall. There is 
    a ramp attached to the wall so start walking up it. You will find another blue
    dot on the wall. Similar to the previous one, shoot it to move yet another  
    platform in Alinos Perch. The wall to the left of the switch contains the  
    object entry Ceremonial Charms [184] so be sure to scan that. Once you get  
    near the top you will pass an unually fat rock structure you can stand on. You
    can see from here the platform you just moved with the switch. Jump onto the 
    platform and the jump pad that was activated upon it will boost you to the  
    door you just unlocked so feel free to enter it.      
    Crash Site
    Lore-Alimbic Pride 03
    Object-Structural Debris
    Crash Site is a pretty tall room and as the name suggests everything is all  
    crumbly and a big mess, scattered stone everywhere. Walk to the edge infront of
    you and turn on the Scan Visor and look down. There is a scan there, it's   
    Structural Debris [185].     
    The Shield Key in the room is just left of the scan. Before getting it, shoot
    away at the nearby Blastcap and wait for the gas to settle. Fall down several
    steps of debris to find the Shield Key inside a hole in the wall. You can jump
    to it from the steps. If you fall to the bottom, the debris forms steps     
    allowing you to get back up to the Shield Key. Once grabbed the Shield on the 
    bottom floor will be deactivated.     
    Now, jump down the bottom of the room. Turn around with the Scan Visor still 
    on the find the hidden Lore Alimbic Pride 03 [186]. Proceed down through the 
    only tunnel down here to find the Cartograph Artifact lying at the end of it. 
    Once you have the Artifact head out through the door right next to you.    
    Alinos Perch
    There is a seemingly sheild infront of you, but there is actually a hole right
    before it you can't see easily. There is no way to come back up this ledge so
    make sure you got the scans and the Artifact. Head down the gap and into the 
    main area of Alinos Perch. Head right and take the door back to Council    
    Chamber (the area you fought Fire Spawn).     
    Council Chamber
    A quite and desolate room we shall return to, and it won't be that way for   
    very long. To the right of the entrance is an Orange Force Field we haven't 
    shot down yet. Destroy ti with the Magmaul. A Guardian was hiding behind it and
    will promptly attack you. Use the Judicator or Missiles to quickly dispose of
    the little jerk. Head through where the force field was and turn on the Scan 
    Visor to find the hidden Lore entry Alimbic War 03 [187].         
    Continue following the corridor. Near the middle of the hallway you will find
    yet another hidden Lore entry with the Scan Visor, this time being Gorea 05
    [188]. If you follow the hallway to the end you will find yet another hidden 
    Lore entry being Alimbic War 07 [189]. There is a scan display just past    
    Alimbic War 07. Scanning it will deactivate a nearby force field in the room. 
    Head back through the hallway to where tou first shot down Orange Force Field.
    You will find a jump pad in place of where the force field once was (the force
    field we deactivated, though) and you can use it to reach the second floor of
    Council Chamber. There is another hidden Lore entry to the right on the wall
    near the jump pad. Scan Alimbic Pride 04 [190].       
    Up on the next floor you will encounter a hallway with only one way to go. As
    you begin to head through it a group of Shriekbats will attack. If you forgot
    to scan them on Arcterra then do so now before they suicide into the wall or 
    you. You will enter a large room and, of course, two respawn triangles will 
    appear on the wall and spit out Voldrums (Alinos likes them apparently). The
    Magma Voldrum you have already scanned, but the blue Voldrums are new. Scan the
    Ice Voldrum [191]. The Missile Launcher works well against both breeds of   
    Once everything including the triangles have been destroyed the door nearby  
    will be unlocked. Don't head through it just yet. A nearby force field blocking
    a side-hallway was also deactivated. Head down it to find a switch. Scan it to
    activate the Portal that leads back to your ship. Haven't seen it in a while 
    so definately feel free to save and restock your supply and energy. Head back
    through the right Portal to this room.    
    Past the portal and further down the hallway is a small room with force fields
    covering a hole in the ceiling and the floor. 5 Petrasyls are floating     
    harmlessly around the room. There is an orange scan console to the left of them
    which will deactivate the force field on the floor. Scan it now. A Shield Key
    will also appear in the corner of this tiny room so take the plesure of   
    grabbing it, effectively removing the ceiling's force field. Fall down the hole
    on the floor to wind up back on the main floor. A disabled jump pad should be
    right next to your landing zone and a switch right above it. Scan the switch 
    to activate the jump pad. Use it to reach the lone top third room with nothing
    but the Attameter Artifact. Fall down the hole and use a mid-air jump to be  
    back in the room with the Petrasyls.      
    Walk back down the hallway and into the room you fought the Voldrums. Head   
    through the open door we ignored several minutes ago.      
    Processor Core
    Processor Core is a fairly large room with a lot to do, and contains the    
    Stronghold Portal. The room containing the third Artifact is more than likely
    to kill you many, many times over. The nearest checkpoint is the ledge your 
    standing on in this room. Because when you die you lose all scans up to the  
    nearest check point you will have to rescan the several things in this room 
    multiple times. I will save the scans until after you manage to pass the   
    difficult trial.    
    There are two large cylinder stacks in the room. There's one on the left and
    one on the right. Both are hollow so something is inside each one. The right
    cylinder is the one you want. You need to jump from your ledge onto the    
    cylinder then fall into it. Should you miss, there's a jump pad inside the 
    other one (but had an opening on the ground for you to get inside) allowing 
    you to get back to the ledge with the door and try again. When inside the   
    cylinder, the elevator there will move up and down. It will pause for several
    seconds on the bottom. There is a Morph Ball door down there so bomb it open 
    and quickly enter it.         
    Piston Cave
    Piston Cave is similar to the Metroid Prime room of same name. Inside are a  
    ton of pistons trying to impede your progress. Infront of you is a large lava 
    river and over it is a metal bridge. You need to follow this bridge to the  
    end. Should a piston knock you into the lava you need to roll back to the   
    nearest stone slap and Bomb Jump onto it in which case you can try again.   
    The pistons don't move very fast so it shouldn't be too hard to reach the   
    first corner of the room. The next pathway has more pistons but move at a    
    slightly faster rate. You may need to stop inbetween two of them which can get
    a bit tricky so attempt not to fall off.     
    You will soon come to a large platform with a long row of pistons. However, 
    these ones retract into the wall slowly and shoot out fast into eachother!  
    As you may guess should you be inbetween the two pistons when they collide you
    will die instantly. This point may give you grief several times. The pistons
    that are in the wall already NEVER come out so think of them as safe spots from
    the colliding pistons. After passing through two of these you will then meet 
    up with two pistons in a row, synchronized smashing into each other. It is  
    very difficult to pass these rolling normally. When they start retracting into
    the wall quickly roll foward and slide up on the touch screen to boost through
    the pathway and into the next room.     
    The view will now change to side scrolling. This is the area of Piston Cave  
    that will destroy Samus over and over again for most players. If you're that 
    rare breed that flies through it in one go then good for you. The first set of
    pistons that move up and down. Roll onto the first one. It won't kill you    
    unlike the others. The next four pistons alternate in their movements making 
    this simple for those with good timing. The first and third go up while the  
    second and fourth go down, then vice versa.       
    You can just hold right until you reach the last two pistons. These will crush
    anything inbetween them. Just before they collide lay a Bomb to Bomb Jump. You
    will be pushed in the air as they go back down allowing you to roll over the 
    bottom one. You can now roll out of this area, but more pistons lie in the  
    next one.     
    The room looks cool in this view, but you can't fall anywhere luckily. There 
    are three pistons sticking up and won't go down. The first two pistons in the 
    air will slam into them at different intervals. When the first piston slams, 
    Bomb Jump ontop of the first piston and roll over as fast as you can. The 
    third piston has one on the roof but does NOT slam into the bottom piston. 
    The next piston will slam into the ground. Keep holding right so that when you
    get the chance Samus will quickly roll under the piston. This is the final 
    piston of the room thankfully.      
    The next piston is a moving elevator. Roll onto it and you will be taken to 
    the top of the room where a large staircase resides as well as the Artifact  
    Shield. Use Bomb Jumps to make your way up the staircase to the top then    
    carefully manuver over to the Shield Key on the ledge of the stairs. If you 
    miss you have to climb up the stairs once again. Once you nab the Shield Key  
    you can grab the final Artifact in Alinos. You will recieve the message that 
    the Stronghold Portal is now activated. The Morph Ball door at the top of the
    room is also unlocked now so Bomb is open and head through.      
    Processor Core
    Lore-Alimbic Pride 02
    Object-Lava Processor 01
    Object-Lava Processor 02
    Object-Backup Processor
    The Morph Ball door will lead through a short tunnel and drop you out from the
    ceiling back inside Processor Core. From where you land return to biped form 
    and go inside the cylinder with a jump pad. Use it to boost to the top rim of 
    the cylinder. At the top you will find a hidden Lore entry. Its Alimbic Pride 
    02 [192]. If you follow the hallway nearby you can find an UNIVERSAL AMMO   
    EXPANSION tucked away behind the wall.        
    Turn around and fall down near the cylinder funnel that has the jump pad. In
    the back of it flip on the Scan Visor to find Lava Processor 01 [193] on it, 
    Lava Processor 02 [194] near the previous scan and Backup Processor [195] there
    as well. Head through the Stronghold Portal once you're finished scanning.   
    Stronghold Void
    Another desolate hallway obviously points towards another boss battle. Enter 
    the door to meet up with an old friend....
    Cretaphid v3
    Bioform-Cretaphid v3
    We couldn't go on without another update of Cretaphid now then could we? Scan 
    this form of Cretaphid [196] and begin the battle. The ideal way to defeat  
    Cretaphid remains the same. He is still shooting three lasers from the red dots
    on the top of him and launches green plasma balls at you.      
    There is a slight problem with these plasma balls. They move far faster now and
    can easily catch you. Either shoot them, or if you wish to keep your focus on 
    Cretaphid then keep moving. You will run into the lasers though so keep track
    or their positions so you know when to jump over them.     
    Once again you need to destroy all of the blue dots on Cretaphid to make his
    internal membrane appear at the top. There is a slight difference this time 
    around. The dots are only blue for a minimal time. That's not all; the lasers
    also stop periodiclly to turn blue. You can effectively shut off the lasers 
    very fast making only the green plasma balls your target which makes things 
    much easier. Remember that it takes just 1 shot to elimante a dot and since the
    Power Beam is so fast it is the best weapon to use here.     
    Once all the dots have disappeared then the central membrane will appear at the
    top of the pole. This time we carry a weapon that will only keep it up there 
    for seconds. Grab out the Shock Coil and aim it at the membrane. Watch its   
    health bar. It does minimal damage for about 2 seconds then you see a HUGE   
    chunk of his health disappear in a moment. It sure makes this battle       
    pathetically simple.    
    Once 1/3rd of his health is gone he will reenter the pole and you have to redo
    the destruction of Cretaphid's dots. The lasers move down a level as well.   
    Also he will speed up his attacks and the lasers move faster. He shoots out 
    more plasma balls from the dots so its imperative you destroy them quickly.  
    Other than that it remains the same until you get the central membrane to   
    appear again. Use the Shock Coil once again to send Cretaphid into his final 
    Once you've chipped off 2/3rds of his health Cretaphid will recieve and even 
    bigger boost in his attacks. Lasers sweep very quickly, plasma balls fly out 
    from every dot practically at once and the lasers are at the bottom level   
    making you an easy target. Just keep focused and destroy any green plasma   
    balls that get too close for comfort. When the central membrane return once 
    again use the Shock Coil for the big finish. The battle shouldn't have been 
    too hard...      
    Once you have chipped the last bit of health from Cretaphid, the totem pole 
    will fall apart on the floor and reveal what was inside it:the sixth Octolith.
    Grab the health scattered around the room then collect the Octolith for this 
    message from the Alimbic's:
    "...lost...we are all..."
    We probably can begin to chain these messages in some order to reveal what to
    do. But let's obtain all eight first. Start trying to leave the Stronghold  
    Void for the expected....
    We are given a mesely 5 minutes to escape Alinos a second time and it could  
    give some trouble. We have to cross many huge rooms. Quickly leave the      
    Stronghold Void.     
    Processor Core
    Back in Processor Core you will either be ambushed by a rival hunter or by a 
    Guardian. The good news is you don't have to fight them. Enter the right     
    cylinder and use the jump pad to reach the outer rim of it. Once there you  
    can easily make a sikkful jump to the ledge in the distance that has the door.
    Quickly head through it!             
    Council Chamber
    Enter the room and you will hear battle music. Once again you can ignore    
    whatever comes you way whether it be a hunter or another Guardian. Head for 
    the portal that leads to your ship. Obviously, its not working. However, the 
    room which had the Shield Key is just past it. Head down the hole there and to
    the bottom floor of the room. Turn around and enter the left hallway. Ignore 
    the crates here and enter the door.      
    Alinos Perch
    As with the previous rooms you will once again be ambushed by a rival hunter 
    or a Guardian as soon as you enter. The doors are still unlocked and we still
    need to get outta here! Take the door on the right wall nearby.     
    Thermal Vent
    You will find a Morph Ball tunnel when you enter Thermal Vast. Enter it quickly
    and once out in the open again return to biped form. You have NO time to head 
    across these platforms so let's take a shortcut. Use the jump pad infront of 
    you to be flung a high velocity all the way to the perch on the other side of 
    the room. The door should be right infront of you. Waste no time in entering 
    it and head through the small hallway.      
    High Ground
    High Ground, much like the other rooms, will get you ambushed in a hunter or 
    Guardian fight. This time the doors are locked until someone has been killed.
    Prep your Missiles or the Judicator and waste no time in barraging the enemy
    you encounter. If your unlucky to find a hunter then the battle will chew up
    your time AND drain your energy. Hunter's have a tendency to hide from you  
    time to time. If they start running stay on their tail to keep them in the  
    action. The Guardian, however, isn't as tough. Several headshots to the little
    android will make it explode. Should you run low on health destroy some of the
    plants for a health boost. Once your enemy has been killed head down the hole
    in the floor. Follow the shortcut tunnels where yellow force fields used to 
    be until you reach a door you must head through. use the Volt Driver to destroy
    these force fields if you didn't first time through here.       
    Echo Hall
    Oh snap! Almost out of Alinos so waste no time in trudging through Echo Hall.
    Enter the Morph Ball tunnel across the lava and ignore the War Wasps. When 
    you can return to biped search for a Morph Ball door on the ground other than
    the one you came through. Enter this hole and into the main area of Echo Hall.
    One last rival bounty hunter or Guardian will attack you here and like High
    Ground the doors are locked until it is all over. Use the Judicator or Missiles
    to get rid of your enemy quickly. You probably are getting low on time here 
    so just kill your foe. Enter the only door in this section of Echo Hall.   
    Alinos Gateway
    Make a bee line for you ship. Jump the platforms or jump the lava itself, it
    won't matter in a few seconds. Head up the hill and jump into your ship.   
    Obviously you should choose to save. Allright then! 6 of the 8 Octoliths are
    now in our possession. With just two left to find we must head back to frozen
    areas to search for the last Octoliths.... We will be back to Alinos one last
    time once we have all 8 Octoliths.
    ***Mission 6:Complete!***
    Here are the scans you should have obtained on your mission through Alinos.
    [168] Thermal Regulator
    [169] History 02
    [170] Alimbic Prophecy 06
    [171] Red Barbed War Wasp
    [172] Alimbic War 02
    [173] Gorea 01
    [174] Gorea 02
    [175] Alimbic Garden
    [176] Psycho Bit v3.0
    [177] Glyph Pattern
    [178] Wall Scroll
    [179] Fire Spawn
    [180] Council Chamber
    [181] Magmaul
    [182] Orange Force Field
    [183] Magma Voldrum
    [184] Ceremonial Charms
    [185] Structural Debris
    [186] Alimbic Pride 03
    [187] Alimbic War 03
    [188] Gorea 05
    [189] Alimbic War 07
    [190] Alimbic Pride 04
    [191] Ice Voldrum
    [192] Alimbic Pride 02
    [193] Lava Processor 01
    [194] Lava Processor 02
    [195] Backup Processor
    [196] Cretaphid v3
              ~Mission 7:Revisit the slippery slopes of Arcterra [MSN7]~
    Mission Difficulty:***/*****
    Mission Objectives:Although it may seem odd that we aren't visiting Vesper   
    Defense Outpost before Arcterra, we have good reason. There is a blast shield
    there that only a weapon found on Arcterra can open so thusly we have little 
    choice in our destination. You will fight few new enemies as you find your  
    last toy, and need to quickly claim the seventh Octolith.     
    Arcterra Gateway
    Should you have chosen to skip my speech then you need to skip Vesper Defense
    Outpost for the time being. Once again, there is a door that leads deeper into
    Vesper Defense Outpost that we cannot open now (and said deeper area is a   
    scary place in my eyes. Good reason to choose it last). Set course for Arcterra
    once again and prepare for more fights.     
    Once you land these is no reason to take the long winding road back to the   
    bottom should you care about 15-20 Energy. You already know how to climb up
    this collosal room. If you forgot, then try climbing up it once again.    
    Otherwise feel free to leave through the lone door at the bottom.        
    Sic Transit
    Sic Transit if you remember is an expansive room. It is also likely that a  
    rival hunter or a Guardian resides here. You have dealt with both foes     
    countless times already so battling your foe shouldn't take long at all. Just
    use the appropiate weapon for whichever hunter comes your way. Judicator on 
    Spire, Magmaul on Noxus, and so on. Try to keep damage to a minimum whilst  
    fighting because you will want to save it for the troubles ahead.      
    Remember where Proxy Lock 6 resided first time around? It was near a force  
    field that blocked a door. The Trace battle during the escape knocked away the
    force field, so now it is time to discover what lies beyond it. From the door
    leading to Arcterra Gateway it lies directly across the room in a small alcove.
    Shoot it open and head through.         
    Fault Line
    Bioform-Arctic Spawn
    Lore-Alimbic War 09
    Lore-Alimbic Prophecy 08
    Lore-Seal Sphere 01
    Object-Shock Barrier
    Fault Line is an even larger room than Sic Transit. At first it seems quite 
    tiny, but you will soon unlock passages to upper levels. There are several  
    passages ahead of you. Take the right path to find several scans. Several  
    Quatroids lurk this area. Use several Missiles and stand well away from them
    while you kill them. Nothing is scarier than seeing their large teeth randomly
    appear all over your visor. Not pretty. To the left is an electrical barrier
    spitting out some how voltage every now and then. Scan the Shock Barrier [197]
    for the Logbook.        
    Head out of the passage again and enter the others. You need to destroy all  
    of the Quatroids in each passageway to clear an objective in this room. If  
    you head further down the right passageway then you will find a hidden Lore 
    entry only visible to the Scan Visor. It is located on the right wall. Scan 
    Alimbic War 09 [198].       
    If you continue through the hallway you will find even more Quatroids. You 
    can dispose of them now or wait a few seconds after you collect another scan 
    up ahead. With the Scan Visor still on you will find Seal Sphere 01 located 
    on the wall. Having that been scanned you will find several force fields    
    blocking your progress. In order to lift them you need to destroy the remaining
    Quadtroids that reside in this region of the room. Head back through either of
    the passages and kill whatever you find. You may also stumble upon an Artifact
    behind a force field. It is unobtainable for now.       
    Once all of the Quadtroids have been destroyed you will be shown a scene where
    the force fields at the end of the room have been deactivated. Head through  
    the small tunnel that either one guarded. They lead to the same open area.   
    A Red Blast Shield is located on a door on the left wall.        
    Before being able to head over to it you will be ambushed by Arctic Spawn.  
    What a creative name. Arctic Spawn attacks and is killable the same way that
    Fire Spawn was. Arctic Spawn will grab snow off the ground and fling it full 
    force at Samus's current location. Keep moving in a circle around the room  
    so it is easy that the beast will miss. Instead of being weak to ice, Arctic 
    Spawn is weak to fire and the Magmaul packs just that. Shoot the Magmaul at 
    his exposed face whenever possible. It won't take long for his health to be 
    depleated and he doesn't get much harder than that.       
    Once you have killed off Arctic Spawn a large red orb will be in its place.  
    Scan the obkect [201] then grab the Imperialist. This will complete your   
    collection of six sub-weapons. The screen will shift to show you a red     
    triangle target appear on the wall high above the floor in this area of the  
    room. Obviously you need to shoot it down with the Imperialist. It isn't enough
    to hit it, but you need to be zoomed in to do so. To use the zoom function of
    the Imperialist, either double tab the Imperialist icon on the touch screen 
    or tap Select if in Dual Mode. Aim the redicule to the center is focused on 
    the red triangle. If the triangle is closed up then you are too close to the
    target-back up for it to open up again. Once you hit it with the Imperialist 
    then the force field above you will disappear, and the lock on the Red Blast 
    Shield door nearby will disappear as well.        
    Also, a platform will begin to move up and down allowing you to access the  
    upper levels of this room. Hop onto the elevator and ride it upwards. The floor
    is still mostly covered by a force field. Walk along it until you reach a jump
    pad to reach an upper ledge.       
    Head along this pathway to find a UA Pack and restore some of your Ammo (I  
    doubt you wasted that much in your battles). Turn around and head back to the 
    lip of the edge where the jump pad put you on. Turn on the Imperialist again 
    to find two more red triangles which are most certainly open on the far side
    of the wall. They aren't tough to shoot down if you use the zoom function. When
    you use the zoom it can be a bit tough finding them, so locate them on a far 
    view then zoom in. Once both triangles have been shot the force field in both
    rooms will be dropped. Turn around and head back down the hallway and into the
    expansive room.        
    Once you drop down you will suddenly be attacked by Voldrums being spit out of
    three respawn triangles. The Imperialist is a bad choice for this battle so 
    blaze through it with Missiles instead. Destroy the blue triangles first before
    attacking the Voldrums or you will just be wasting your time.       
    Once all of the annoying Voldrums have been killed off then you will be shown
    the location of the Shield Key in this room. It is located along the left wall
    across several platforms. Head along the left wall yourself now. Flip on the 
    Scan Visor to find a hidden Lore entry. Scan the Oubliette 01 packet [202].  
    Continue along the path and fall to the ground. You will happen to stumble 
    upon the location of the Shield Key. Grab it to lower the force field around
    the Artifact inside Fault Line.        
    The Artifact is in a small alcove behind the Shock Barrier. Because it is   
    imperitive that you conserve as much health as possible and that Shock Barrier
    depleates it quite quickly, you should deactivate it first. Nearby the Barrier
    is a green console to the right if it. By scanning it the electricity will 
    be shut down and you are free to pass through the barriers without any chance
    of getting damaged.         
    Ignore the Artifact for now and head right to an exposed alcove that was  
    guarded before. Here is a stairway leading back to the upper level of Fault  
    Line. There is a large platform ahead of you with a spirling platform leading 
    to the top of it. Run on the platform to the top of it to find a large and tall
    stone slab. You can use a Missile on the base of it, effectively knocking it
    over and forming a bridge.         
    Carefully make your way across the thin "bridge". Once across the gap on the  
    other side of the room you will find a ledge to the right that you can walk  
    upon. Head straight to a tunnel.      
    The tunnel drops down quite fast, and you will wind up back inside the open 
    area where you first found the Imperialist. Head back through the hallways 
    to where the Shock Barriers once were (sparks come out of them now and again
    but they can't harm you). The Cartograph Artifact can be foudn just past them
    so run up and collect it.              
    Remember the Red Blast Shield on the only door where you fought Arctic Spawn?
    Head for it. This is the final attraction in this room. Destroy it with the 
    Imperialist and head through the door.         
    Frost Labyrinth
    The only place to go in this room is through the Morph Ball tunnel.     
    Remember that this place is a large maze. The view will change to a higher  
    view of the Morph Ball for you to see different paths of which you can travel
    on. Head left and from there always take a northern path. When your stuck going
    either left or right, take the left path and continue north from there. Along
    the path are several green lasers which will hurt you if you touch them. Wait
    beside them for them to end and then quickly roll past them before they start
    up again.     
    At the end you will find a small grey hallway the Morph Ball can barely fit  
    into. For whatever reason this is hard to squeeze into. I believe the tunnel 
    is on a small lip. Get a few feet back and Boost for some momentum to squeeze
    into the tunnel. Once you head through the tunnel you will be at a previously
    unopenable Red Blast Shielded door. Use the Imperialist to open the door up
    and head through the tiny hallway.        
    Lore-Alimbic War 01
    Lore-Alimbic War 12
    Lore-Alimbic War 06
    Lore-Gorea 03
    Lore-Gorea 04
    Object-Spectral Locks
    [!]-Spectral Locks 1-3
    Sanctorous is a large room with a lower level to it. Head left along the ledge
    at the top of the room (where you are currently standing). You will enter a 
    passageway that contains an UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION tucked away in a small 
    hallway. Once you have taken the Expansion flip on the Scan Visor to find   
    Alimbic War 01 for you to scan [204].        
    Past the small tablet where the Ammo Expansion laid is a hole in the wall which
    Samus can fall through. Do so to land on the lower floor of Sanctorus. Once 
    you land you will notice a green display panel next to you. Scan the Spectral
    Locks information [205]. To the right of the panel is another thing on the wall
    which you cna scan. Once you do so you will be notified that Spectral Lock 3
    will have been deactivted. The Scan told you that 3 Spectral Locks kept a 
    secret in this room. We need to deactivate them. Further right of Spectral Lock
    3 is a hidden Lore which you can scan. It is Alimbic War 06 [206]. Next to it
    is Gorea 04 [207].              
    If you walk back left again you will find a Greater Ithrak stuck in the ceiling
    or on the ground if you already got close to it. If you forgot to Scan him in
    Celestial Archives then ensure you scan him now. They're a rare breed. Destroy
    him and head straight and around a small wall. Once you are behind the wall 
    look for the area in the wall the Ithrak once was (or still is in). Line the
    wall behind that spot and turn around. You will find Spectral Lock 1 ready to
    be scanned right behind you there.          
    You will notice an Artifact Shield nearby so obviously we are going to be   
    getting it once we find the final Spectral Lock. Past it is some Universal
    Ammo. Further past it is a hidden Lore packet only visible to the Scan Visor.
    It contains Alimbic War 12 [208]. Several fallen platforms for stairs back to
    the upper ledge of the room. Keep the Scan Visor on as you make your way up it
    to find another hidden Lore, this time being Gorea 03 [209].          
    Once you have that scan fall back down the stairs. Once you are on the bottom
    level again head back to where you found Spectral Lock 3. You will find a   
    pathway further past its location near a fallen pillar. By walking onto it 
    you can find the location of Spectral Lock 2 on the the wall right next to it.
    Scan it away.          
    Once you have scanned all three Spectral Locks, a shield on a red triangle 
    high above the floor will disappear revaling the red triangle target itself. 
    Manuver yourself as far away from it as possible in the open area of the room
    allowing yourself a good shot at the triangle. Use the zoom function of the  
    Imperialist to target and snipe at the red triangle. Once hit, the Shield Key
    will appear infront if it.             
    The Shield Key resides on a ledge high up into the room. Use the fallen pillars
    forming a staircase to reach the upper ledge of the room. Follow it around to
    the Shield Key. Deactivate the Artifact Shield and grab the Binary        
    Subscripture Artifact. Once you have the second Artifact in your grasp you will
    be ambushed by a duo of Guardians. Use whatever weapons at this point in the 
    game to destroy them since you have them all. The Imperialist, if you make a 
    Headshot off of the Guardians, does insane damage. Remember the Imperialist has
    a long cooldown rate so you need to wait several seconds before being able to
    fire again.            
    Once the second Artifact remains safe and the Guardians have been slain make 
    your way up the pillar staircase once again. Travel around the ledges to find
    a small alcove where the door back to Frost Labyrinth lies.      
    Frost Labyrinth
    Back into the Morph Ball maze. Follow the simple path until you have a choice
    of directions. Head south and then head east. If you continue this way you will
    reach the door that leads back into Fault Line. Be careful once again of the 
    green lasers that inhibit the path. They can cause significant damage to   
    Samus. Be patient.      
    Fault Line
    Once you are back inside Fault Line use the moving platform to return to the
    second floor of the room. You want to head to the area opposite where you  
    retrieved the Artifact. There is a Portal to the left of the elevator that  
    leads right back to your ship. I highly suggest saving and restocking your  
    energy and weapons before continuing onwards. Once done with that, hop onto the
    jump pad opposite the jump pad you previously used in this room. It will lead
    to a thin hallway and at the end of it is a door. This leads to a new area of
    Arcterra, so head through it.             
    Drip Moat
    Drip Moat on your map appears to be a long and winding corridor. Sadly, the 
    entire floor has collapsed into the tar pit below it, save for a small platform
    at the beginning where you are. Hop onto it and it will begin moving. Enemies
    will attack you around every corner. You will face wondering Petrasyls,    
    harmful War Wasps and annoying Shriekbats. Use the Power Beam to quickly   
    dispose of any enemies you pass by. Eventually you will come to the end and
    the platform will stop allowing you to get off onto the platform and enter the
    door. If you fall down into the muck, then keep jumping until you reach the end
    of the corridor where several fallen pillars will lead to a jump pad allowing
    you to reach the door.       
    Bioform-Alimbic Turret v2.7
    Lore-Alimbic War 04
    Lore-Alimbic War 05
    Lore-Alimbic War 11
    Object-Lift Control
    Through the door is a large room, but where you are is tiny. Only the      
    underground portion is large. A heapload of force fields inhibit this room   
    creating a large maze for you. The goal in this room isn't to navigate the maze
    because there is no end to it. Instead, you need to target the three red   
    triangles you are shown in the cutscene when first entering the room. This may
    seem easy enough as the things are easy to target with the Imperialist, right?
    Wrong! The force fields are so high that only specific zones allow you to hit
    a particular red triangle. Here is a map of the room (the walls obviously being
    force fields. Note there are two ledges made of force fields in the room. They
    are towards the center and bottom right of this map).       
                /|       |\
               / |    ---| \
              /             \
             /-- |     |  |  \
            /    |  ---|  |  H\
           /H  --|        |  --\
           \     |-----------  /
            \\       |        /
             \\   -------    /
              \-  |       H /
               \  |    |   /
    This is roughly what the room layout is. "H" represents where you should stand
    for a good shot at any of the three red triangles. If you are too close to  
    any of the triangles they will close up and you will need to back off again 
    for them to reveal their red target. Try experimenting and keep walking around
    the maze, staring at the target in question you are aiming for. Once you see
    an opening, go for it! Once all three targets have been hit, the force fields
    will be dropped and a plate will move off the center circle revealing an 
    elevator in its place.       
    Once you walk onto the elevator it will lower itself down into the depths of
    Subterranean. Once you hit the bottom, look to your left a few paces down the
    hallway. With the Scan Visor on you will find Lift Controls [210] scannable.  
    If you follow this hallway further than you can't miss the blatantly obvious
    MISSILE EXPANSION that lies in your pathway. Keep going to the end of the    
    hallway in with the Scan Visor still on you will find the hidden Alimbic War
    04 Lore scan [211].      
    At the end, turn around a only a minute distance later is a side tunnel to the
    left. Follow this pathway further and with the Scan Visor on you will notice 
    Alimbic War 11 [212] in the middle of the hallway for your scanning pleasure.
    If you keep following this tunnel you will head left into another tunnel.    
    Alimbic War 05 is hidden in the middle of this hallway as well, and only    
    visible to the Scan Visor [213].              
    Into the next hallway on the ceiling you will find the final version of the
    Alimbic Turret we have seen many times before. Scan the Alimbic Turret v2.7
    [214] for the first time as you won't be seeing many the rest of the game.  
    This turret uses the Imperialist (what enemy DOESN'T use that now?). It won't
    attack frequently, just like the weapon so keep your distance and pelt at it
    from afar.        
    Once the Alimbic Turret gets washed away, the final Shield Key in Arcterra  
    will appear infront of you. Grab the Key and the Artifact Shield will be   
    disabled on the far end of the hallway you are currently on. Once the cutscene
    is finished, run through the hallway to the Cartograph Artifact and don't   
    hesitate to pick it up. Once you do, the force field to the right of it will
    disappear and you will land right next to the elevator.         
    The elevator won't be there unfortunately. The Lift Controls rose the elevator
    once you scanned them. Scan them again and the elevator will lower so you can
    walk onto it and head back to the top floor of Subterranean.     
    Once you are back in the top room, remember that the force fields are now  
    gone. However, upon trying to leave the room you will discover 6 Guardians  
    dropping from the ceiling to begin your largest Guardian ambush yet. Quickly
    bring out the Judicator and begin the assault these guys head on. Try to focus
    on one at a time, so whenever you kill one its enjoyable to know only 5   
    remain, rather than all 6 with half health or something. Alternetively, you
    can bust out the Imperialist. If you make a headshot it's instant death to 
    these puny robots. Whatever weapon you choose, you have enough energy to   
    spare plenty of hits from these guys. Once they are all dead the door will  
    unlock so you can leave for the Stronghold Portal.           
    Drip Moat
    Welcome back to the long hallway of annoyingness. You have two options this  
    time around for crossing Drip Moat. You can ride the tiny platform all the   
    way to the other side and keep being forced to shoot enemies. However, if that
    doesn't do your fancy, you can merely jump past the platform and into the tar
    pit below. The muck acts just like lava so you need to keep jumping to avoid 
    damage. You will lose about a full energy tank by the time you make it to the
    other side of Drip Moat, but the time saved will be nice (and you're about to
    return to your ship anyways). Once you reach the far end of Drip Moat you    
    will notice several platforms sticking out of the tar. Jump onto them and walk
    into the jump pad that is lying there for you. If done right you will be    
    boosted right into a UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION. If you aren't, try falling onto
    it when your heading down. Jump back up to the top platform and head out the
    door into Fault Line.         
    Fault Line
    Once back in Fault Line fall down the ledge infront of you and take the Portal
    right back to your ship. You probably need it by now. At your ship enjoy   
    saving and restore everything you need. Once you have full ammo and energy it
    is time to take on the boss of Arcterra once and for all. Head into the jump 
    pad opposite the ledge leading to Drip Moat. Once past the hallway it leads 
    to you will drop into a large area where several blue triangles and more   
    Voldrums will attack you. Ignore them all and hug the right wall. If you follow
    it properly then you will reach the Stronghold Portal in this region. Enter it
    and prepare for a fight.          
    Stronghold Void
    Something dangerous is lurking through here.... We're down to the last 2 bosses
    so they are going to pull every trick they got at us. Head down the long    
    passageway and through the tall doors.        
    Cretaphid v4
    Bioform-Cretaphid v4
    The fourth and final incarnation of Cretaphid is evidenced by his scan [215].
    As you find out he was build to be the strongest and succeed where its    
    predecessors failed miserbly. It has every ability and defense weapon and then
    some on it, and it is ready to finally kick Samus's ass. 
    Like that'll happen.       
    Cretaphid v4 contains many attacks the previous ones had. It still has to    
    rotating lasers. They are as easy as ever to dodge. Merely keep moving with 
    them and jump over them or wait for them to pass over you as necessary. This
    shouldn't be much of a problem. Like versions 2 and 3, Cretaphid v4 shoots out
    the typical green plasma balls that are sent to home in and kill you. But
    this setup is getting a tad too old for the Alimbic security marketers so they
    incorporated a new move into Cretaphid.          
    They gave the damn totem pole wheels. Cretaphid v4 will now be moving around
    the cramped room the entire battle. If you thought it was hard enough to hit
    him when he was stationary, then you are probably in for a rough battle. You 
    need to keep moving around the room at all times with the Power Beam equipped.
    Keep shooting the blue nodes. Remember that the nodes that shoot lasers also
    turn blue thanks to version 3.          
    Once you have destroyed all of the nodes on Cretaphid, the internal membrane
    will appear atop of the giant pole. Apparently he should have changed that  
    flaw in the programming. Cretaphid will still move around at this stage so you
    need to hit him quick. This stage is incredibly easy if you remembered how  
    to defeat him like in version 3. All you need to do is bring out the Shock  
    Coil and zap his health away. With the auto targeting function his health will
    get drained in a few second. However, you can only drain a total of 1/3rd of
    his life at a time.           
    After the first 1/3rd of his life is gone he will move around the arena much 
    faster than before. Once 2/3rds of his life is gone then he will get even   
    faster when moving around the arena and his attacks are sped up a large amount.
    If you keep using the above tactics and whaty you have done in previous     
    Cretaphid battles then he will eventually crumble to the ground just like his
    brothers. Joyful.          
    Once Cretaphid v4 is no more and the entire Cretaphid line ceases to exist,
    grab the seventh Octolith that lies in his place. With that being said, you
    will recieve the message:
    "...end was upon us all..."
    Well, one more note and we can put together this entire puzzle. Try to leave 
    the Stronghold Void for another....
    Crap, but not to be unexpected you are going to need to evacuate Arcterra one
    last time. For this escape sequence you are given a generous 4 minutes to do
    as you please. You only need to go through 3 rooms so you have plenty of time.
    Quickly leave the Stronghold Void.          
    Fault Line
    Once you appear back in the Stronghold Portal quickly back through Fault Line.
    Remember the path? Hug the wall and get to the jump pad as quick as possible.
    Jump up to the ledge and fall down past the hallway and head back down to the
    lower level of Fault Line. Head backwards away from the Red Blast Shielded  
    door and through any of the tunnels. They all have different layouts but they
    also all lead to the door out of Fault Line. Remember, Quadtroids exist at the
    end of these pathways so make sure you either avoid them or destroy them for 
    good should you wonder a bit too close to them. If they latch onto you quickly
    get into the Morph Ball and lay a bomb to shake them off. Proceed through the
    door back to Sic Transit.        
    Sic Transit
    Once you enter Sic Transit for hopefully the final time you will be confronted
    by a group of Voldrums ahead of you and in various locations around the room.
    Also, there's a possibility of a hunter battle. Apparently Noxus is the only 
    hunter who will ever appear during your escape. If he doesn't then you are   
    free to pass into Arcterra Gateway. If he does, you need to kill him to open 
    up the doors. You have little time to deal with a nusience like him so bring
    out the Magmaul which wastes his health deadly fast. Missiles also work     
    equally as well. Whichever weapon you use, waste no time chasing him down and
    killing Noxus. Check the map to set your location and run through the door and
    into Arcterra Gateway.          
    Arcterra Gateway
    Just a tall room away from reaching your ship. There aren't any Guardians this
    time around so waste no time climbing the large mountain of platforms. As long
    as you roughly remember the path than this should be quite simple. Stay near 
    the outer wall whenever possible to avoid falling off in your hurry to reach
    the top. You should have at least 2 minutes by this time so you can afford to
    fall off once. Once you reach your Gunship, hop onto it and enter it. Save of
    course and choose the blast off. You have safely secured 7 of the 8 Octoliths
    in the Alimbic Cluster. Now the last one remains and there is only one place 
    for it to be...          
    Here are the few scans you should have obtained while pilliging Arcterra.   
    [197] Shock Barrier
    [198] Alimbic War 09
    [199] Seal Sphere 01
    [200] Artic Spawn
    [201] Imperialist
    [202] Oubliette 01
    [203] Alimbic Prophecy 08
    [204] Alimbic War 01
    [205] Spectral Locks
    [206] Alimbic War 06
    [207] Gorea 04
    [208] Alimbic War 12
    [209] Gorea 03
    [210] Lift Control
    [211] Alimbic War 04
    [212] Alimbic War 11
    [213] Alimbic War 05
    [214] Alimbic Turret v2.7
    [215] Cretaphid v4
            ~Mission 8:Journey through the scary back areas of VDO [MSN8]~
    Mission Difficulty:****/*****
    Mission Objectives:We have 7 of 8 Octoliths kept inside Samus, but we still  
    need the final one to finish the Alimbic mystery. Your final mission isn't  
    very long, and technically only spans three rooms (2 if you don't count a   
    simple elevator). Since the escape is so short you won't spend too long in the
    final area of Vesper Defense Outpost.          
    VDO Gateway
    We have visited Celestial Archives, Alinos, and Arcterra a second time but  
    Vesper Defense Outpost hasn't been getting any love lately. It is time to   
    retrieve the final Octolith lurking inside of it. Set course for Vesper Defense
    Outpost and land inside VDO Gateway. From there take either ramp down to the 
    main level of the room and head through the lone door.            
    Bio-Weaponry Lab
    A bunch of Petrasyls will attack you upon entering Bio-Weaponry Lab. Ignore 
    them and head for the other side.        
    Weapons Complex
    Back inside this room you will notice instantly from the music if a bounty  
    hunter is in this room. If the music changes to fast paced action type then 
    a rival hunter will appear around the left corner in several seconds. If not,
    you're free to continue. Head straight through the passageway. Several     
    Guardians or the rival hunter that may not have appeared before will be hiding
    in this area of the room. You are powerful enough to destroy either in only a 
    few shots so take the pleasure of doing so. Once you have massacred whatever
    blocked your way, you will notice a Red Blast Shield near the moving elevator
    heading to the upper level. See why we went to Arcterra before Vesper Defense
    Outpost? Open it up with the Impertalist and head through.              
    Stasis Bunker
    Lore-Seal Sphere 03
    Lore-Seal Sphere 04
    Lore-Oubliette 02
    Lore-Oubliette 03
    Lore-Oubliette 04
    Lore-Oubliette 05
    Lore-Oubliette 06
    Lore-Oubliette 07
    [!]-Dead Guardians
    [!]-Temporary Power
    [!]-Shield Key Decloak   
    Stasis Bunker is a large and confusing room so try to memorize it as best as
    possible. You will pass through a short corridor and into the center of the 
    bottom floor of the room. In the center are two Artifact Shields so you can 
    expect what to do here. Magma Voldrums followed by two blue respawn triangles
    will appear near them as well.       
    First bring out the Missiles to take care of the annoying blue triangles. Once
    both of them have been destroyed, you can easily dispose of the two Magma   
    Voldrums currently attacking you without them respawning anytime soon. Make
    sure you dodge the magma they shoot while doing this! Once they have been   
    destroyed you should notice the test area in the very center. Inside are some
    broken glass shards and...Guardians? These guys are already dead, perhaps from
    some random explosion. Scan the Dead Guardians [216]. Near the glass tubing is
    a door being stuck open by a dead Guardian lying on the floor in its way. Walk
    through the open door and up the slanted hallway. An Alimbic Turret v2.7 lies
    on the ceiling and will shoot at you as you enter. Quickly waste it with some
    Missiles or Imperialist.         
    Head to where the Alimbic Turret was and follow the path as it turns around 
    and climbs higher. You will emerge on the second floor of the room. You can  
    head straight ahead or go right. Head straight for now. An Ice Voldrum and  
    another blue respawn triangle will appear after a short dip. Destroy both with
    the Magmaul for a quick death.       
    Once that is done continue forwards until you find the door leading to the   
    next room. It is locked, of course, so you need to find a way to unlock it.  
    Left of the door is a large alcove with nothing but a scan console which you 
    can easily scan. By doing so you activate another scan console right next to 
    the door you used to enter this room. The console will remain activated for 
    only 20 seconds so we need to get over there fast!       
    Turn back around and switch into the Morph Ball. 20 seconds is barely enough 
    time to reach the scan panel. Keep using the boost on straightaways and avoid
    slowing down by hitting walls. When you come to the passageway that leads to 
    the hill sloping down to the bottom floor, hang a left and go through the small
    hallway with 2 blue pillars next to it. This is a shortcut to the top of said
    room. Drop off the ledge and head out the already open door. Keep boosting  
    until you reach the door you entered the room in. Unmorph, look left and scan
    the panel that lies there. If you mess up and waste all 20 seconds you will 
    need to go back to the first scan panel and try again.             
    Once you scan the console, the Shield Key to one of the Artifact Shields will
    appear on the ledge I told you to shortcut through and fall down on. The    
    timer will reset back to 20 seconds so you need to hurry once again to reach
    the Shield Key. Get back into the Morph Ball and roll back the way you came, 
    boosting whenever you have the chance. Go through the open door and quickly  
    roll up the hallway. Turn around and continue heading up it to the second  
    floor. Instead of going straight again (which will just force you to start  
    over as you will waste time) head to the right. You will notice the same    
    blue pillars you used before. Head through the short tunnel, unmorph and    
    collect the Shield Key. Once again if you screw up you have to start this   
    entire process all over again at the first scan console.         
    Once you grab the Shield Key you can grab the Cartograph Artifact on the first
    floor. Before jumping off of this ledge, look to the left. There is an odd  
    pole hanging from the ceiling with a UNIVERSAL AMMO EXPANSION lying on it. Make
    a jump to the pillar and claim the final UA Expansion in the game. Awesomeness.
    Once that is done fall down onto the hill and proceed back downwards to the 
    first floor. Once there, just keep heading straight and collect the Artifact 
    that was revealed by the Shield Key.        
    Once the Artifact is yours a ton of Guardians will awake and begin to attack 
    you. 3 will attack you on the lower floor and the other three will stay on the
    top floor. You need to wipe all six of them out before you can continue on  
    with your quest. Wait near the pryed open door on the lower floor. Several  
    Guardians will run through it, shooting at you all the while. Most of your  
    weapons won't hurt the Guardians in Stasis Bunker. The Imperialist and the   
    Volt Driver are your weapons of choice for this battle. Once the three    
    Guardians that attack the bottom floor have been killed for good run up to 
    the second floor for the last time. Once you reach the second floor you will 
    be greeted by more Guardians who will begin to pelt you with bullets right   
    away. Use the Volt Driver for best results and soon enough all of the Guardians
    will remain dead for good.        
    The Shield Key will appear behind an orange pillar on the second floor. Wander
    around the pathways until you see the huge pillar (you CAN'T miss it) and  
    collect the Key. The Artifact Shield will disappear on the lower floor, so go
    ahead and collect it. Once you do all of the doors inside Stasis Bunker will 
    finally open up. Head back up the hallway and onto the second floor once again.
    Head right and towards the blue pillars with the thin hallway. However,    
    continue past the pillars and around the hallway until you reach another glass
    casing with Dead Guardians. Flip on the Scan Visor to find a whopping 8 hidden
    Lore data entries. Scan Seal Sphere 03 [217], Seal Sphere 04 [218], Oubliette
    02 [219], Oubliette 03 [220], Oubliette 04 [221], Oubliette 05 [222], Oubliette
    06 [223], and Oubliette 07 [224].       
    You have everything you need in Stasis Bunker. With a ton of scans out of the
    way finish making your way around the curved hallway and into the door that
    lies at the end.      
    This room is tall and contains nothing but an energy elevator. Wait for it to
    reach the bottom, then jump on it and ride it to the top. Next to the the door
    is a portal right back to your ship. Use it because you are VERY likely to die
    at least once on this next segment. Once you have saved and are ready, enter
    the lone door.       
    Fuel Stack
    Lore-Alimbic War 08
    Lore-Alimbic Order 05
    Lore-Seal Sphere 02
    Object-Silo Levitator
    Object-Cooling Vent
    Object-Door Lock Override
    Object-Cryogenic Storage
    Object-Methane Pipeline
    [!]-Emergency Shutdown
    Check your map as you enter this room. Fuel Stack is on the edge of Vesper 
    Defense Outpost and houses the entire fuel supply for the space station. Yeah,
    they need this entirely huge room to do that. The core of Fuel Stack is nothing
    but a huge, vertical windtunnel. If something were to happen to the core it 
    could destroy the Outpost in a firey explosion. Head left and not straight (it
    leads to a hole, which is your death) and all of a sudden a few sparks will 
    appear and fall into the bottom of the vertical windtunnel. Yeah. Typical this
    would happen. The core explosion is beginning to override all of the fuel  
    inhibitors in the Outpost and in 60 seconds will cause it to explode. In the 
    cutscene the camera will zoom through the windtunnel to the top, where a scan
    panel lies. If you scan this you will stop the energy overflow and keep the 
    Outpost safe for another day (or at least long enough to get the Octolith).  
    60 seconds to reach the top is incredibly short and you will have to use almost
    every second. Begin by running straight ahead and into a vertical room with a
    jump pad. Just so you know, the windtunnel IS NOT an elevator. Don't make the 
    mistake I made first time around and think it is. In the room with the jump pad
    quickly use it to reach a higher platform. Be sure not to fall off because the
    wasted time spells disaster. Jump to the next small platform and continue   
    doing this until you reach the top of the tube. On the second floor quickly 
    head down the hallway.         
    You will pass through a fake hologram shield. There are Zoomers in the tunnel
    you go through, but just take the damage. They don't deal out much and you 
    have no time to kill them off. Past the tunnel of Zoomers is another vertical
    tube with a jump pad in the middle. Use it to reach a higher platform. This 
    time you need to jump up the platforms again, however they are spaced further
    apart making it much easier to screw up and fall down again. Once on the third
    floor, head through another fake hologram shield. Once you have run through it
    you need to continue along the walkway the encircles the vertical windtunnel.
    Hug the left wall. You will reach several platforms out in the open that lead
    to the fourth floor.        
    Quickly head up those platforms and flip on the Scan Visor and leave it on.  
    Head forward some more and you will find a platform suspended over the air. 
    Hop onto the platform and it will rise into the air and take you to the fifth
    floor lookout. There are a few platforms on the wall vertically leading to an
    alcove. The Emergency Shutdown panel is here so quickly scan it!        
    Once Fuel Stack returns its power levels back to normal, all will be safe in 
    Vesper Defense Outpost. The final Shield Key in Adventure Mode will appear at
    the bottom of the vertical windtunnel, but don't jump down there. Besides the 
    risk of getting yourself killed you also missed a ton of scans in the frantic
    race up here.          
    After this business, jump carefully back onto the moving platform and ride it
    back to the fourth floor. There are Psycho Bits here now and they will shoot 
    at you easily. Run quickly to the vertical tube and fall down to the third  
    floor. Once there you should spot the blue respawn triangle on the wall.    
    Blast away at the triangle and once it is destroyed focus on massacring all of
    the remaining Psycho Bits.        
    From where you are near where the blue triangle once was, look into the    
    windtunnel with the Scan Visor. There is a scan there. Scan the Silo Levitator
    [225]. Head towards the fake holographic wall. Stop before reaching it and 
    use the Scan Visor to find the hidden Alimbic War 08 scan [226]. The blue wall
    right next to the fake wall also contains yet another scan. It is the Cooling
    Vent [227].           
    Head through the shield and continue onwards with the path. There is a glowing
    light in the ground that signifies an elevator platform. Use it and it will 
    take you down to a spirling portion of the internal corkscrew of Fuel Stack. 
    An Alimbic Turret guards that spot, however, so take care to destroy it. If you
    are knocked into the windtunnel it is STILL not an elevator and you will fall
    to your doom (forcing you to repeat the above steps). Carefully walk       
    downwards to find the final MISSILE EXPANSION. Head back up the spiral and up
    the elevator now.          
    There is a force field to the right of the elevator. Right next to it is a  
    scan console. Scan it to deactivate the force field. Head through the pathway
    which it was guarding and you will wind up facing another high powered Alimbic
    Turret v2.7. Destroy it with several Missiles and dodge its shots. When it is 
    killed, continue along the pathway. You will find a second Alimbic Turret not
    too far away. Blast it away again.        
    If you continue the walkway to the end there will be a third Alimbic Turret  
    waiting for you, and you know already how to destroy these guys. Once he has 
    been killed there is a hidden scan on the spot where he was on the ceiling.  
    Scan the Methane Pipeline [228].        
    Just ahead of you is the room with the Artifact Shield. We haven't gotten the
    Shield Key yet unfortunately. The hidden Lore Seal Sphere 02 [229] lies infront
    of the final Artifact ready to be scanned. Drop down the hole behind the    
    Artifact Shield.         
    You will drop right next to or even on top of the Shield Key. You can't jump 
    back up to the Artifact unfortunately, so head out of the tall tube. The hidden
    Lore Alimbic Order 05 is located right past the exit of this tube [230]. If  
    you follow the pathway a bit further you will enter another tall tube with a 
    jump pad in the middle. Ignore it and head through the fake hologram shield  
    that lies a short distance from the jump pad. This leads to the lower of the 
    internal corkscrew inside Fuel Stack. Climb up it and you will wind up back in
    the room with the Artifact.         
    Grab the final Artifact. This is your LAST CHANCE to Scan the Binary         
    Subscripture Artifact, so do it now or forever screw yourself of a chance of 
    getting 100% scans. If you followed this walkthrough you should have every  
    last Artifact, every last Missile Expansion and Universal Ammo Expansion. Also,
    only one Octolith remains and you will get the message that the Stronghold 
    Portal has been opened. Fall back down the gap behind where the Artifact was 
    and head forwards. Pass the tube with the jump pad and keep going until you 
    find a blue respawn triangle spitting out more Psycho Bits. Destroy everything
    with Missiles since Samus is now totally badass and flip on the Scan Visor.  
    On the wall is the scan for Cryogenic Storage [231], the final scan in Fuel 
    Now that our business here is finished, jump back down to the first floor and
    exit this horrid room forever.        
    Use the Portal to return to Samus's ship. Save the game and prepare to face 
    the final boss in the Alimbic Cluster. Head back to Ascension and screw the 
    elevator by jumping over the gap and to the door at the bottom. Space Jump to
    avoid damage before hitting the ground.         
    Stasis Bunker
    Our job is almost finished here. Just past the door is the blue Stronghold  
    Portal. Don't hold back in entering it!           
    Stronghold Void
    This place shouldn't be eerie anymore. You've been down it 7 times already. 
    Head down the runway, through the doors and into the last boss's chamber.   
    Slench 4A/4B
    Bioform-Slench 4A
    Bioform-Slench 4B
    Yeah, it wasn't expected that we would be forced to fight the fourth and final
    versions of Slench. He has two new tricks up is sleve, but don't be fooled. He
    is much easier than the previous versions which is really sad when you think
    about it. The thing is, Slench will move a heck of a lot slower in this battle
    allowing you to kill him faster. Eh. The first thing you will notice once you
    begin the battle is that Slench is no longer attached to the far wall.     
    Instead, he is stuck to the ceiling by his tentacles. Firstly you need to scan
    Slench 4A [232]. The tentacles this time around are only weak to the Magmaul.
    It is a bit tough to hit the tentacles that high due to the arc the Magamul
    has on its shots. Just stand underneith Slench and most of his attacks shall
    miss if you keep strafing in a circle. Keep shooting, and do it quick. Any  
    killed tentacles are regenerated after about 15 seconds.            
    Once you have destroyed all three tentacles, Slench will disconnect from the
    wall into the form you have to actually chip off health in. However, you won't
    be able to do that right away. Instead, Slench will fall right to the ground
    and begin to roll around the room. This is his "new attack". If you stand next
    to the door then he will NEVER hit you. While moving feel free to scan Slench
    4B [233].             
    Once he has finished rolling around like an idiot he will begin floating again
    and you can hit his main eye. He will move VERY slowly however. The Magmaul 
    will deal the most damage while other weapons do slight damage to the eye.  
    Slench's shots now contain essence of Judicator; they will freeze you upon  
    You need to keep shooting at Slench as fast as you can. Every now and then he
    will use his annoying attack that he learned from Slench 3. He will close his
    eye and try to ram you. If you forgot how to dodge this then quickly roll into
    the Morph Ball when he closes his eye and roll/boost quickly away from     
    Slench. His ram will miss badly hopefully and he will reveal his eye once  
    again at which point you need to quickly unmorph.            
    Sadly, the trick where you could stand at the door and nothing could hit you
    besides the green homing bubbles is now useless. Because Slench is closer to 
    the door the ice beam shots from the Energy Blasters (last chance to scan those
    as well!!!) will still hit you. Make sure you are always moving in a circle for
    optimum hitting space and as long as your moving the shots from Slench and the
    Energy Blasters will miss.          
    As in all boss battles Slench has three stages to it. The beginning stage is 
    what you see from the start. The middle stage is when you cut off 1/3rd of his
    health. His attacks all get much faster and he spins around a bit faster when
    suspended in the air. The last stage is when you have hurt 2/3rds off of his
    health bar. All of his attacks get much faster and he becomes insanely      
    difficult to hit. Keep it steady, though, and be patient. Soon enough Slench 
    will fall and the last battle will be over. Once he has been killed a lot of 
    health will cover the corners, but more importantly the final Octolith will be
    sitting on its perch waiting for you to collect it. Once you do so, this    
    message appears....
    "Alinos holds the key to the Ultimate Power..."
    K. Looks like we need to make a return trip to Alinos. We have all 8 messages
    so putting them alltogether will spell out something. But for now...
    Its time again! We have only 3 minutes to make it out of Vesper Defense Outpost
    just like the last escape here. Quickly run through the doors and the long   
    hallway and leave the Stronghold Void for good.          
    Stasis Bunker
    Head right and through the curved hallway. Soon you will be able to continue
    straight or head right and down the hallway there. Do so. Head down the ramp 
    and quickly reach the second floor. You don't have to completely go around the
    ramp as there is no barrier there. Just fall down as soon as possible. Once
    on the bottom floor near the glass container with the Dead Guardians a rival
    hunter may attack you. We have all 8 Octoliths and this ISN'T the time for a 
    battle. Luckily there is no need to do so. Screw the hunter because were gonna
    get ultimate power baby! Head out the door.       
    Weapons Complex
    Back in Weapons Complex head straight and ignore the elevator. Fall down the 
    pathway whenever possible to skip several ramps. Towards the bottom a bunch
    of Psycho Bits will attack you with blue triangles by their side. Feel free to
    ignore them as open up a nearby door leading into Bio-Weaponry Lab. Check the
    map for your bearings.        
    Bio-Weaponry Lab
    Once again a ton of Petrasyls will emerge from the fuel containers in the    
    center of the room. You have little time to deal with them. Walk past them, 
    taking minor damage and reach the door on the other side.             
    VDO Gateway
    Almost there! Head up either ramp until you reach your ship. Enter it and of
    course opt to save the game. You finally have all 8 Octoliths in your      
    possession! All that remains now is figuring out where the Ultimate Power is 
    and how to get to it. Perhaps looking at the Alimbic's messages from the past
    will help us. Hmmm...
    Here are the scans you should have taken while finding the final Octolith:   
    [216] Dead Guardians
    [217] Seal Sphere 03
    [218] Seal Sphere 04
    [219] Oubliette 02
    [220] Oubliette 03
    [221] Oubliette 04
    [222] Oubliette 05
    [223] Oubliette 06
    [224] Oubliette 07
    [225] Silo Levitator
    [226] Alimbic War 08
    [227] Cooling Vent
    [228] Methane Pipeline
    [229] Seal Sphere 02
    [230] Alimbic Order 05
    [231] Cryogenic Storage
    [232] Slench 4A
    [233] Slench 4B
           ~Mission 9:The Key to the Ultimate Power is in Alinos... [MSN9]~
    Mission Difficulty:*/*****
    Mission Objectives:We have 8 messages from the Alimbics and 8 Octoliths. They
    must spell out something to point us in the direction of the Ultimate Power.
    Evidentally, they do.      
    There is nothing special about this mission to be honest. Your passing through
    a few rooms to unlock the area the Ultimate Power is located. And those three
    rooms have no objective other than run through them. This mission will be over
    in only a few minutes. If you don't have all 8 Octoliths, check the planetary
    map and scroll over a planet. On the left side of the screen is a picture of 
    the hunters currently on the planet. If an Octolith symbol is flashing by their
    picture then you must go kill them to retrieve an Octolith you lost. If there
    are none then you didn't complete one of the planets and must do so. If you 
    have all 8 Octoliths, read on.          
    Here are the 8 messages, in order, we recieved from the long gone Alimbics:
    "...Octoliths may be the Key to the Ultimate Power..."
    "...the cannon holds the power..."
    "...Do not trust your senses...they decieve you..."
    "...Our people are gone yet we remain..."
    "...the cancer tried..."
    "...Lost...we are all..."
    "...End was upon us all..."
    "...Alinos holds the key to the Ultimate Power..."
    We have all of the Octoliths so we can get the Ultimate Power. The Alimbic 
    Cannon as we found out from the scans is the cannon referred to in the second
    message. The third was probably just some silly warning for us to turn back
    now (of course we didn't do that!). The Alimbics spirit, as from the scans, 
    remains in the Octoliths. The "cancer" is known as Gorea, the beast that tried
    to destroy the universe apparently but the Alimbics stopped it. However, as in
    the seventh message they were all doomed still. Finally, Alinos holds the key
    to the Ultimate Power, hereby the Alimbic Cannon. 
    Set course for Alinos.          
    Alinos Gateway
    We aren't go to be on Alinos' ground for too long. Take a shortcut by using the
    portal to the left of Samus's ship. 
    Elder Passage
    Remember this area of Alinos? You have been here before, so its nice to have 
    memories. Take the green door out of here.            
    High Ground
    As soon as you enter High Ground you will be forced into a battle. Either a 
    hunter or 2 Guardians will be waiting for you when you enter this room. You 
    have 400 Ammo and 95 Missiles. I am pretty sure it only takes a few of either
    one to eliminate both threats extrememly fast. Once your foe is dead, head to
    the opposite side of High Ground and up the ramp. You will see the indentation
    on the floor which is where you got the second Artifact here in Alinos. Past 
    that is a thin doorway which used to have a purple force field covering it.  
    Head past the doorway and you will find a door I told you to pass long ago on
    the left. Time to head through it.               
    Combat Hall
    Lore-Alimbic Pride 06
    Lore-Combat Hall
    Object-Blast Shield
    Object-Sniper Shield
    Combat Hall was used long ago to train the Alimbics in the art of war. Hence
    the name Combat Hall. In this room you will have to engage battle as well. A
    hunter will be waiting for you, or several Guardians. Or even worse:a mix of 
    both. The fight will take a bit longer than the previous one but focus on one
    target at a time even if they run away from you. Once everyone has died we can
    calmly claim several scans.          
    Turn back and head for the door you came through. There is a hidden Lore   
    containing Alimbic Pride 05 [234]. Once you have scanned that, drop off the  
    ledge near the door again. Keep the Scan Visor on and you will find that a  
    wall to the left can be scanned. It is the Blast Shield [235]. On a higher  
    slab of wall to the right of the Blast Shield is a Sniper Shield which can  
    also be scanned [236]. Once that is done, head for the other door in this room
    that you didn't come through already. Next to it is another hidden Lore scan.
    It is Combat Hall [237]. Now head through the door.            
    Alimbic Cannon Control Room
    Lore-Alimbic Cannon 01
    Lore-Alimbic Cannon 02
    Lore-Alimbic Cannon 03
    Lore-Alimbic Cannon 04
    In here is a huge white spiraling light in the center of the room. Before   
    stepping into the unknown, flip on the Scan Visor. There are four more hidden
    Lore scans for you to obtain. Scan Alimbic Cannon 01 [238], Alimbic Cannon 02
    [239], Alimbic Cannon 03 [240] and Alimbic Cannon 04 [241]. Once you have done
    so, enter the light. Because you have all 8 Octoliths they will enter their 
    respective holes in the ceiling of the room. You no longer have any Octoliths.
    What fun! All 8 Octoliths contain signiture coordnates and they are finally 
    being put into use. You will be shown a window, and outside you will see the 
    Alimbic Cannon setting aim then unleashing a huge burst of fire.       
    You will get notified "Severe timefield disruption detected in the vincinity
    of the Alimbic Cluster."
    The galaxy opened a timehole and something appeared out in the Tetra Galaxy.
    To find out what we need to get back to Samus's ship. Leave the Cannon Control
    Combat Hall
    Back in here you are likely to find Guardians, and possibly yet another rival
    hunter. You have no need to fight these clowns anymore so feel free to ignore
    them. If you choose to fight them you seriously don't need my help as you've
    made it this far. Enter the door on the ledge.           
    High Ground
    More Guardians will appear in this room. Also of note is that your NOT on a 
    self-destruct timer. You have as much time as you need to get off of Alinos. 
    Head left and up the hill. You can reach the floating platforms leading to 
    Elder Passage from this ledge. If you miss, head up the ramp you will fall  
    next to and climb it to reach the floating platforms anyways. Head through the
    green door.         
    Elder Passage
    Enter the orange portal.         
    Alinos Gateway
    You will appear right next to your ship of course. Enter it, choose to save, 
    and blast off of here. Time for the final mission!       
    Here are the scans you should have obtained on this short trip to Alinos:  
    [234] Alimbic Pride 05
    [235] Blast Shield
    [236] Sniper Shield
    [237] Combat Hall
    [238] Alimbic Cannon 01
    [239] Alimbic Cannon 02
    [240] Alimbic Cannon 03
    [241] Alimbic Cannon 04   
                 ~Mission 10:The Final Showdown in Oubliette [MSN10]~
    Mission Difficulty:*****/*****
    Mission Objectives:This is it! Oubliette, the prison of Gorea, has finally  
    been opened up. It is now time to enter the depths of it and destroy whatever
    the monstrosity is. The Ultimate Power will be ours!           
    Equipment-Omega Cannon
    Bioform-Gorea Arm
    Bioform-Gorea (different scan, same name)
    Bioform-Gorea 2
    Lore-Sealing Gorea 01
    Lore-Sealing Gorea 02
    Lore-Sealing Gorea 03
    Lore-Sealing Gorea 04
    Lore-Sealing Gorea 05
    Object-Gorea Seal Sphere
    Yes, that is a ton of scans. However, Oubliette has no maps so I will refer
    to the entire place as its name despite it having no actual room names. You 
    will still get all of these scans so don't worry. On the map a tiny red dot  
    will appear after leaving Alinos for the last time. This prison is indeed  
    Oubliette. Head for it. In this prison lies the beast Gorea, and we need to 
    kill him once and for all.        
    Oubliette is entirely straightforward. Samus's ship will appear through a space
    entryway and land on the ground. Head forward through the only door in the room
    on the simple path. Inside is an elevator. Ride it up to the top. Creepy place
    isn't it? There is a portal to the side of the room the elevator leads to, so
    take it.         
    The new room you appear in contains 5 hidden Lore's. These are the final Lore
    entries you need for the Logbook. Scan Sealing Gorea 01 [242], Sealing Gorea
    02 [243], Sealing Gorea 03 [244], Sealing Gorea 04 [245], Sealing Gorea 05   
    [246]. Next to where these scans are is a door. Head through it. This room is
    long and you can barely see the door in the distance. There is nothing else in
    this room so don't look around for any enemies. On the right wall a few feet 
    into the room is a Morph Ball hole, though. Enter it. The path is very long so
    don't get too worried if it never ends. Soon you will roll off onto a ledge 
    high in this room. If you fall off you are going to need to try again. Once 
    on the ledge return to biped form and you will find a platform right next to
    it that contains a portal. Inside of it you will enter a tiny room with the
    final ENERGY TANK of the game. Head back through the portal and into the long
    Do you have everything? If you have 100% items you will have 95 Missiles   
    maximum, 7 Energy Tanks and a maximum of 400 Ammo. If so, continue on. If not
    go back and search for your last item if you care about a 100% different   
    ending. Head back to your ship to save with the scans and last Energy Tank you
    got. Back in the long room, head through the door. Head through the Stronghold
    Door that follows and you will see a big glowing white light on the floor. Fall
    through this light.          
    Once you fall into the room a cutscene will begin. You will see the other six
    hunters all attacking Gorea at once with their affinity weapons. Makes you  
    kinda pissed, right? You do all the work and they get all of the credit. Well,
    Gorea will let out 6 tentacles and suck the energy out of all the hunters at
    once and adapt their powers. Now with them out of the way the real battle can
    begin. In this large room are two rings. The outer ring and the middle ring. 
    The middle ring is where Gorea will walk around and attack you, while the  
    outer ring is the safe area. Between them is a moat of yellow electricity. If
    you walk into this your health will be sapped to nothing in only a few seconds
    so make sure you avoid it at all costs!          
    You may have noticed that around the room are six large triangles, each with
    a different color. Did you bother to read the Sealing Gorea scans? They hid
    the answer to this puzzle inside of them. If you shoot a triangle with the 
    appropiately colored weapon, the triangle will glow, spin, and a sound effect
    will go off understanding that you did it right. You need to hit all six    
    triangles in a specific order. If you do so then you will be able to fight the
    second form of Gorea once you defeat his normal form. If you hit a triangle and
    it doesn't do anything then you already hit that one or hit it out of order.
    Here's the order to hit them in. First, hit the YELLOW triangle with the     
    VOLT DRIVER, then hit the GREEN one with the BATTLEHAMMER (the arc makes it  
    a bit tricky). Hit the ORANGE one with the MAGMAUL next (also has an arc).  
    Target the BLUE one with the SHOCK COIL after that (you need to jump to reach
    the triangle because of the short range. Keep jumping and you will        
    eventually make it). Hit the PURPLE one with the JUDICATOR and finally     
    annhilalate the RED one with the IMPERIALIST. The following message should then
    appear afterwards:
    "Translating telepathic intercept: Spectral sequence initiated. Photon    
    avalanche approaching the cascade threshold."
    Once getting that message out of the way, we need to finish several more scans
    before truly fighting Gorea (you have been avoiding his attacks, right?).  
    Obviously, scan Gorea in the flesh [247]. Gorea uses his arms to attack, and
    because of that they are scannable [248]. There are Trocra's, small black   
    floating boxes, on the outside ring. They contain refills and health, but  
    firstly scan one of them [249].         
    Remember that Gorea sucked the energy from the other hunters and copied it to
    make it his own. He is now using the weapons that the hunters had and is   
    changing colors at the same time. Remember the sequence of triangles you had to
    hit? That's the same sequence of colors that Gorea will switch through. He  
    will use the weapon that is one lower than the color he is currently (so if  
    he is using the Battlehammer he would be yellow, and so on).           
    In order to damage Gorea you need to attack him with the same colored weapon 
    that Gorea is. When Gorea is green you can hurt him with the Battlehammer and 
    so on. For the easiest victory, use the Imperialist. When Gorea turns purple
    and begins firing the Imperialist himself, get out the same weapon. He will  
    shoot four times. Make sure to keep moving! Gorea has totally crap aim but he
    can still hit you now and then. Once he turns red, quickly zoom in and look at
    his shoulders. There is a yellow dot on the both of them. Nail them with the 
    Imperialist quickly! If you don't destroy both of them quickly enough he will
    change colors and regenerate them, wasting time.           
    Once both shoulders have been destroyed Gorea will turn over and his Seal  
    Sphere locked inside of him will appear out of his you-know-what. If you want
    the scans then quickly jump to the inner ring and avoid the moat. Scan the  
    Seal Sphere itself [251]. Also, Gorea has become a different scan so be sure to
    scan that as well [252]. Now jump back out to the outer ring again. From here,
    zoom in an pelt the Seal Sphere over and over again with the Imperialist.   
    The Seal Sphere has a tentacle that will grab you IF you are in the inner   
    circle. By standing on the outer edge you avoid the majority of its attacks. 
    The tentacle will also pick up and fling the Trocras at you for minimal damage.
    Just ignore them. You have a ton of time. The Seal Sphere as far as I can tell
    will NOT go back into Gorea until you have chipped off 1/3rd of its health.
    If you want to do this faster, ironically the Power Beam can be the best  
    weapon. Gives Gorea plenty of damage very quickly.         
    Once you have chipped off a third of his health bar he will conceal the Soul
    Sphere again and the battle will continue as normal. The fight never gets   
    harder than this so don't worry about it. When Gorea is defeated you will see
    the end credits and final movies if you DID NOT do the triangle objective.  
    If you did, though, then Gorea will fall over and the triangles will activate
    and send a burst of rainbow lights aimed at Gorea. The second part of the   
    battle will commence with the REAL Gorea.         
    Just so you know, Gorea was mimicing an actual Alimbic in that battle. Ugly 
    guys aren't they?      
    Final Boss:Gorea 2
    Gorea looks much different in his real form, and he can fly! He will begin to
    fly around above you shooting lasers and the like at Samus the whole time.  
    Scan Gorea 2 [252]. Drop from where you are as fast as ytou can to the ground
    floor. When down there search for a dark blue Artifact Shield. However, that
    sure as hell isn't any artifact in there. After about 10 seconds your Gunship
    will notify you that the Omega Cannon defense has been overridden and you can
    claim. For the FINAL scan in the game, scan the Omega Cannon [253]. Grab it. 
    Yes, the Omega Cannon is the Ultimate Power. It is also Nuke in a Can. With  
    this you can actually harm Gorea.            
    The Omega Cannon will automatically be equipped and you can't switch to any  
    other sub-weapon. You can use Missiles and the Power Beam but they can't hurt
    Gorea now then can they? The Omega Cannon comes with infinite ammo and shoots
    a fast moving ball of mini-nuke, causing a big flash upon contact with      
    something. Gorea will now begin to teleport around the Oubliette stage. He  
    will shoot more powerful lasers dealing insane damage. He also summons a ton of
    rocks to home in on you. Use the Power Beam to blast them away for some health
    if you ever need it.         
    The center of Oubliette is nothing but a huge tower with many jump pads in it 
    and small platforms. It somewhat spirals to the top. If you can't find Gorea 
    then he will be waiting for you at the top of the tower. There are several  
    yellow health orbs which restore 100 Energy along the way. Grab them if needed
    or save them for an emergency. At the top, don't hold back and unleash a     
    large volley of Omega Cannon shots at close range. If you keep pelting Gorea 
    as much as possible then you should have no trouble in defeating him.       
    Once the final boss has been killed you will be shown the credits along with
    some ending movies. Oubliette is about to explode, but you don't need to do  
    anything. As Samus makes her way out in her ship, look at the top screen. You
    can see six different colored specks heading off in different directions.  
    Apparently the other hunters survived! After the credits some things will be 
    unlocked. You will get a spiral shaped emblem on your Hunter's License for  
    beating the game and an Octolith shaped one instead if you managed to get 100%
    items and 100% scans. You will also unlock a records option allowing you to see
    the status of your files listing the play time, how many Guardians and rival 
    hunters you have killed and how long it took to beat Gorea and Gorea 2 (only
    the fastest time gets recorded for each battle). Finally, you get a sound test
    option so you can listen to all of the cool or crappy music in the game.    
    Congratulations on finishing Adventure Mode! Here are the final scans you  
    should have obtained:
    [242] Sealing Gorea 01
    [243] Sealing Gorea 02
    [244] Sealing Gorea 03
    [245] Sealing Gorea 04
    [246] Sealing Gorea 05
    [247] Gorea
    [248] Gorea Arm
    [249] Trocra
    [250] Gorea Seal Sphere
    [251] Gorea
    [252] Gorea 2
    [253] Omega Cannon
                           ~Expansion Checklist [EXPN]~
    There are several different types of Expansions in Metroid Prime Hunters.    
    Energy Tanks give you an extra 100 Energy, Missile Expansions raise your     
    maximum Missile supply by 10, and Universal Ammo Expansions raise your      
    maximum Ammo by 30. Here is a list of where each expansion is and what room 
    you can find it in, as well as a description on how to obtain it. For a more 
    detailed look just press Ctrl+F and input the room's name. In the main    
    walkthrough I also cover how to get the said expansion so you can find it more
    detailed in there. Here we go!         
    Missile Expansions
    Missile Expansion #1
    Location:Celestial Archives (Data Shrine 02)
    How to get:If you head right from the door used to enter the room (from Fan 
    Room Alpha) then you will reach a dead end from the wall blocking your way. 
    Head back a short distance and fall off of a ledge. There switch to the Morph
    Ball and you will find a tunnel under the ledge you just walked upon. At the 
    end of the path is the Missile Expansion.         
    Missile Expansion #2
    Location:Alinos (Alinos Gateway)
    How to get:From your ship, head straight down the platform and to the door in
    the room. Head left from it to find an alcove in the wall protected by vines.
    Several fallen pillars provide a stairway to a small opening in the alcove. Use
    the Morph Ball to enter it and use Bomb Jumps to climb the ledges. The top   
    ledge holds the Missile Expansion.          
    Missile Expansion #3
    Location:Alinos (High Ground)
    How to get:You are able to first attack Spire in Elder Passage. Once he leaves
    he will enter High Ground again and start shooting from a high ledge. This   
    ledge has the Missile Expansion on it. Reach it by taking a ramp that DOESN'T
    lead to an Artifact and follow the path right. You should pass it after several
    Missile Expansion #4
    Location:Vesper Defense Outpost (Cortex CPU)
    How to get:The Missile Expansion lies in the center of the area where the  
    view is changed to sidescrolling when in the Morph Ball. Use several Bomb   
    Jumps to make it up the platforms and into the Expansion.         
    Missile Expansion #5
    Location:Arcterra (Ice Hive)
    How to get:Head towards the portal the leads back to your ship. There are   
    several tunnels that lead away from it. Take the one that has many plants   
    stuck to the hallway. Halfway through the tunnel, however, is a small hole  
    with a holographic force field on the bottom of it. Use the Morph Ball to enter
    this hidden tunnel and manuver your way to the Missile Expansion.         
    Missile Expansion #6
    Location:Celestial Archives (Incubation Vault 03)
    How to get:Starting in Docking Bay and facing the moving platforms, take the 
    one on the far right. This will lead to a portal to one of the Incubation   
    Vaults. From there, enter the portal to the far left on the same platform. 
    This leads to Incubation Vault 03 with the Missile Expansion on the thin   
    pathway you are on. Walk carefully and don't fall off!       
    Missile Expansion #7
    Location:Alinos (Alinos Perch)
    How to get:In Alinos Perch there is a large slanted area of ground leading to 
    a higher area of the room. Up there is an orange holographic force field. Head
    through it and follow the pathway to the left. You will reach a dead end with
    a Missile Expansion tucked away in it.            
    Missile Expansion #8
    Location:Arcterra (Subterranean)
    How to get:This room contains a ton of force fields. Hit the red triangles to
    deactivate them all and reactivate the elevator in the center of the room. This
    leads to an underground portion of the room. There are several scans, but if 
    you follow the pathway towards the end you are forced to find a Missile    
    Expansion on the pathway.          
    Missile Expansion #9
    Location:Vesper Defense Outpost (Fuel Stack)
    How to get:After scanning the Emergency Shutdown switch and stopping Vesper 
    Defense Outpost from exploding, head down a level. Around the huge windtunnel
    is a spiraled pathway. There are two of them and they are on top of eachother
    (however not connected). The top spiral contains a Missile Expansion at the 
    bottom of it. If you take the bottom spiral by mistake, you won't find an 
    expansion. Head higher to find the spiral that does have it.      
    Universal Ammo Expansions
    Universal Ammo Expansion #1
    Location:Vesper Defense Outpost (Compression Chamber)
    How to get:After you have grabbed the Artifact in here and all of the force  
    fields have been deactivated, head down to the bottom floor. Find a pillar   
    with an opening on the bottom of it. Switch to the Morph Ball and roll into it
    to find the first Universal Ammo Expansion.          
    Universal Ammo Expansion #2
    Location:Arcterra (Ice Hive)
    How to get:On the far side of the room there is a bridge over land made     
    entirely of ice. Get onto the middle of this bridge and look right. Use the  
    Judicator to bring down a purple force field and jump easily into the once  
    blocked hole. The Universal Ammo Expansion lies inside.          
    Universal Ammo Expansion #3
    Location:Arcterra (Ice Hive)
    How to get:After you grab the Judicator make your way back to where the     
    Vault Door opened and where tou fought the Barbed War Wasps. Near the broken
    electrical circuits is a small purple force field which contains another    
    Universal Ammo Expansion behind it.         
    Universal Ammo Expansion #4
    Location:Celestial Archives (Celestial Gateway)
    How to get:After getting off Samus's ship, look below the platform it is    
    hovering above. There is a green force field on the flooring. Use the      
    Battlehammer to destroy it and the Morph Ball to roll into the hole is was  
    blocking. Along with several jump pads scattered around the tiny room, a     
    Universal Ammo Expansion sits in the middle.            
    Universal Ammo Expansion #5
    Location:Celestial Archives (Data Shrine 02)
    How to get:On your second visit to Celestial Archives, head back to this room
    and blast open one of the green doors with the Battlehammer. Before claiming 
    the Volt Driver, jump up the platforms to find a Universal Ammo Expansion   
    sitting on the top platform.             
    Universal Ammo Expansion #6
    Location:Celestial Archives (Transfer Lock)
    How to get:From the portal that brought you here from Synergy Core, drop off 
    of the platform straight to the bottom floor. Once there, ignore the enemies 
    as you turn right. Tucked away in a small alcove behind a blue respawn     
    triangle lies a Universal Ammo Expansion.       
    Universal Ammo Expansion #7
    Location:Celestial Archives (Docking Bay)    
    How to get:Facing the direction that all of the moving platforms go, take the
    one that is on the right (not the farthest right, that just leads to a portal).
    Ride the moving platforms to a solid, broken platform. Don't fall and collect
    the Universal Ammo Expansion.              
    Universal Ammo Expansion #8
    Location:Alinos (Magma Drop)      
    How to get:Inside High Ground, search the tunnels for a small purple force    
    field near a green door. Blast away the purple force field and enter the hole
    as the Morph Ball. The view will change to sidescrolling now and Samus will 
    be stuck in lava. Manuver around the path and collect energy whenever possible.
    At the bottom, roll right under the structure and use a Bomb Jump to fly sky 
    high. Make several Bomb Jumps off other platforms to reach a small one that 
    contains an Universal Ammo Expansion.           
    Universal Ammo Expansion #9
    Location:Alinos (Processor Core)      
    How to get:From the door that leads to Council Chamber, jump across the     
    catwalks and edges of the large funnels to a ledge on the opposite side of the
    room. Once there, search the walls for an orange fake hologram shield. Use the
    Morph Ball to enter the tunnel it guards and in the middle of it you will find
    a Universal Ammo Expansion.           
    Universal Ammo Expansion #10
    Location:Arcterra (Sanctorus)
    How to get:Once you go through a Red Blast Shielded door in Arcterra, you will
    wind up in Sanctorus. Before jumping down into the lower area of the room, head
    left through a small corridor to find a Universal Ammo Expansion.          
    Universal Ammo Expansion #11
    Location:Arcterra (Drip Moat)
    How to get:You can get this Expansion as soon as you first enter the room, or 
    wait until after getting the final Artifact inside Arcterra. The platforms 
    infront of the door leading from Fault Line gives you a free trip across the 
    pit. Before jumping onto it, jump past it to fall into the muck below. Nearby
    are several platforms with a jump pad on one. Use it to boost into another  
    Universal Ammo Expansion.            
    Universal Ammo Expansion #12
    Location:Vesper Defense Outpost (Stasis Bunker)
    How to get:After scanning both scan panels and activating the location of the 
    first Shield Key, go grab it quickly. However, stay on the platform you are on
    when you grab it. To the left is a pillar that holds a Universal Ammo      
    Expansion ontop of it. Jump to it from here.             
    Energy Tank
    Energy Tank #1
    Location:Celestial Archives (Data Shrine 01)
    How to get:Use the Morph Ball to roll along the hallways quickly. One of the  
    ledges on the outer loop of the room allows you to roll under it. There is an 
    Energy Tank at the end of the path.             
    Energy Tank #2
    Location:Alinos (Echo Hall)
    How to get:Head through the Morph Ball maze until you get the first Shield Key.
    Afterwards, bomb open the door to another part of the maze. Ignore the first
    turn and head to the end of the path and go right. You will end up running into
    an Energy Tank.        
    Energy Tank #3
    Location:Arcterra (Sic Transit)
    How to get:Start from the door that leads to Arcterra Gateway. From there, head
    left down the corridor until you spot a green door on the right wall. Enter  
    this room. This room once held an Artifact (if the door is locked then you need
    to complete the Noxus fight and unlock the doors in the room to do this). Just
    past the Artifact holder are several iron bars. Use the Morph Ball to roll   
    under them and onto an elevator. When it reaches the top, Bomb Jump to boost 
    into another Energy Tank.          
    Energy Tank #4
    Location:Arcterra (Frost Labyrinth)
    How to get:Follow the maze to the top right, avoiding the green lasers and 
    Zoomers in the way. The Energy Tank lies up in the corner.        
    Energy Tank #5
    Location:Celestial Archives (New Arrival Registration)  
    How to get:In the first area of the room, use the moving elevator platforms to
    reach the top of the area and head through a ledge into the second area. Do  
    this again with the second, but the ledge is on the bottom level. After you  
    avoid falling, stay on the bottom of the third area and make your way around 
    the bottom platforms. Just past a broken, tilted platform lies the fifth Energy
    Tank on a solid non-moving platform.        
    Energy Tank #6
    Location:Alinos (Council Chamber)
    How to get:After defeating Fire Spawn you will claim the Magmaul. Look at the 
    hole in the wall that leads to the passageway to the door you used to first  
    enter this room. To the right of that hole is an orange force field. Blast it
    away with the Magmaul and head through the spiraling path. It leads to an   
    Energy Tank at the end.             
    Energy Tank #7
    How to get:Head past the first few rooms of Oubliette until you come to a long
    passageway that seems eerie and desolate. This room is just before the door  
    that leads to the hole in the ground leading to Gorea. To the right in the  
    beginning of the room is a hole in the wall. Use the Morph Ball to enter this
    hole and roll through to the end. Don't roll off the ledge you end up on and 
    instead head back into biped form. Enter the portal and you will end up in a 
    tiny room with the final Energy Tank.           
                               ~Full Scans List [SCNS]~
    A major objective of the Adventure Mode experience is to collect every last 
    scan within the game. This can be very difficult as some scans can only be   
    found at a certain time and if you miss them then you are screwed. Other scans
    are difficult to find or are in the most remote regions of a particular room 
    in the Alimbic Cluster.         
    Here are the lists and scan information (the data stated once scanned) of the
    three groups of scans. They are Bioforms, Lore, and Equipment. This follows the
    precise order that the game lists them, which happens to be alphabetical order
    for your convience. Also listed next to the scan name is the scan # as I    
    stated it was during the walkthrough. You can locate the exact location of the
    scan there. Use Ctrl+F and type the name of the scan or the # to find its  
    location. Good luck finding them all!         
    Also I change the info of many of the scans a bit to make them sound SLIGHTLY 
    more interesting. The creators did a horrible job at making scans, or a good
    job it they wanted boring and short scans.       
    Bioforms are pretty much anything that moves and can hurt you, from the bosses
    down to the vegetation you see around you. There is a lot to scan but this is 
    the easiest because you naturally encounter every enemy in the game. However,
    your instinct to scan them first time around or not can cost you.          
    Note:The hunters' alt-forms are almost, if entirely impossible to obtain if 
    you don't scan them in the first battle with them. In repeaty battles after 
    they rarely, if at all, enter their alt-forms and even when they do there isn't
    enough time to bring out the Scan Visor and scan them down. Make sure to scan
    them entirely first time in battle to avoid this conflict.         
    Alimbic Turret v1.0 [35]
    Scan Info-A mounted turret equipped with laser motion detection and DNA     
    identification technology. This Alimbic weapon will fire upon any lethal   
    creature within its targeting radius.       
    Alimbic Turret v1.4 [83]
    Scan Info-This modified version of the Alimbic Turret is able to shoot rapid 
    fire rounds without overheating.      
    Alimbic Turret v2.7 [214]
    Scan Info-The final model of the Alimbic Turret is able to fire highly accurate
    rounds at a fast pace.       
    Arctic Spawn [200]
    Scan Info-Native to the frozen wilderness, this creature depends on low     
    temperatures to survive. The Arctic Spawn is highly territorial in its own  
    right and when disturbed by any unwanted presence will attack by throwing  
    immobilizing sharp ice.        
    Barbed War Wasp [120]
    Scan Info-This territorial insect is extremely aggressive. Barbed War Wasps are
    capable of shooting their stingers to attack their prey. The more dangerous  
    cousins of War Wasps, Barbed War Wasps migrate in large storms on many planets.
    They are known to have originated on Tallon IV where they attacked any enemy,
    even large life forms.     
    Blastcap [62]
    Scan Info-This large mushroom grows in remote regions and will explode once  
    destroyed or another life form interacts with it in some manor. Once exploded,
    it will emit toxic gas that will harm even the highest forms of technology.  
    The gas subsides after a short period. These mushrooms are known to originate
    on Tallon IV and have spread to many other planets through solar winds.    
    Blue Barbed War Wasp [122]
    Scan Info-These creatures are a mutated form of Red Barbed War Wasps. These 
    War Wasps have low metabolism and require extreme cold temperatures in order 
    to survive and use their projectiles from their stingers.     
    Crash Pillar [99]
    Scan Info-Highly pleasing to the Alimbic aesthetics, this sentry cyborg will
    remain dormant until is senses a enemy intruder, and will return to its    
    dorman state when it retreats. The Crash Pillar levitates by means of an    
    antigravity propulsion before attempting to land on and effectively smashing 
    its enemies. A vulnerable neurocircuitry is located underneith the pillar, 
    which should be targeted.    
    Cretaphid v1 [43]
    Scan Info-Utilizing the most sophisticated of Alimbic cybernetics and       
    technology, this massive cylindrical defense mechanism features precision   
    chemical warfare lasers. The Cretaphid is a key component of Alimbic military
    defense. Cretaphid was designed to protect harshly the most sacred objects of
    the Alimbics.          
    Cretaphid v2 [106]
    Scan Info-The modified version of the Cretaphid cybernetics defense mechanism
    system features bursts of heat seeking plasma balls that are shot from the   
    power nodes on Creatphid. The Cretaphid is a key component of Alimbic military
    defense. Cretaphid was designed to protect harshly the most sacred objects of
    the Alimbics.          
    Cretaphid v3 [196]
    Scan Info-Combining the highest features of its predecessors, this version of
    the Cretaphid cybernetic defense tower holds precision lasers as well as heat
    seeking plasma balls. The Cretaphid is a key component of Alimbic military
    defense. Cretaphid was designed to protect harshly the most sacred objects of
    the Alimbics.          
    Cretaphid v4 [215]
    Scan Info-The highest model of the Cretaphid defense line of cybernetics, this
    ultimate version deploys highly lethal lasers and heat seeking plasma balls 
    while deploying them from a mobile central base. The casting of the base is  
    highly lethal while traveling. A key component of the Alimbics defense, this  
    model was designed to succeed where all others failed.      
    Dialanche [65]
    Scan Info-Spire's alternate form is the Dialanche, a largely hypercondensed 
    ferrous ore that is capable of rolling at high speeds. The limbs enable the 
    Dialanche to stick to walls allowing for a second mean of transportation. The
    Dialanche is equipped with two retractable titanium limbs capable of battering
    all grounded adversaries.      
    Electro Voldrum [153]
    Scan Info-This updated version of the Voldrum is capable of firing slow    
    electric voltage that can disrupt many aspects of technology. This version has
    a weaker outer hull that allows it to be quickly battered by most rapid-fire
    types of weaponry.     
    Energy Blaster [71]
    Scan Info-These turrets are mounted on the wall by Slench. The turrets fire 
    balls of plasma when commanded.     
    Fire Spawn [179]
    Scan Info-A large, savage beast that thrives on extreme temperatures, the   
    Fire Spawn breathese superheated lava and rarely ventures far from its home  
    fire pit. This beast is highly unfriendly to all carbon based life forms, and 
    will hurl large balls of fire from its pit at anything approaching its     
    territory until it retreats.        
    Geemer [109]
    Scan Info-This small yet dangerous creature is one that exposes sharp spikes 
    on its back whenever it is threatened. This creature is known through human 
    refuse and is an infamous pest on planet Zebes.      
    Gorea [247]
    Scan Info-Superficial scan indicates that Gorea's body is completely impervious
    to all forms of attack.
    Gorea [251]
    Scan Info-Sensors are able to indicate that Gorea has a vulnerability on both
    upper arm regions.         
    Gorea 2 [252]
    Scan Info-Gorea 2 is currently impervious to all weapons currently equipped 
    in the Power Suit. Alternative weaponry is suggested to penetrate Gorea's   
    tough armor. Sensors indicate that the Alimbic presence is no longer within 
    Gorea's Seal Sphere. Gorea still remains attached to the Seal Sphere and draws
    all forms of attack from it.         
    Gorea Arm [248]
    Scan Info-Analysis indicates the presence of fragile biomorphic neuron's in  
    Gorea's shoulders, periodically vulnerable to a particular weapon.      
    Gorea Seal Sphere [250]
    Scan Info-Harmonic analysis of Gorea's Seal Sphere indicates that it is    
    vulnerable to all forms of attack.             
    Greater Ithrak [164]
    Scan Info-The impenetrable hide on this cousin of the Lesser Ithrak makes it
    a highly formidable threat. Anecdotal evidence suggests that frontal assault
    is ineffective against this aggressive predator.     
    Guardian [46]
    Scan Info-Specifically programmed to guard the Alimbic Order, these automatrons
    are now programmed to serve in the absence of it. These very intelligent    
    androids often travel in packs, attacking with energy projectiles produced by
    three small fusion generators located in the cranium.          
    Halfturret [74]
    Scan Info-Cybernetic enhancements allow Weavel's body to detach from its    
    mechanical lower half and convert into the Halfturret alt form. The arms   
    provide locomotion and weaponry for the upper body while the stationary legs
    transform into a turret, equipped with high powered projectiles.         
    Ice Voldrum [191]
    Scan Info-This late advancement in Voldrum technology fires forzen projectiles
    capable of immobilizing its victims. Its pulse-tube cryocoolers are susceptible
    to high temperature impact.       
    Kanden [32]
    Scan Info-A disruptive electromagnetic field appears to encircle the hunter  
    Kanden. Analysis suggests that voltage potential is comparable to that found
    in standard lightning storms. Kanden carries the Volt Driver which is able to
    fire slow, homing shots that can disrupt the Combat Visor's vision for several
    seconds. Avoid with caution.       
    Lesser Ithrak [24]
    Scan Info-This nocturnal creature clings to ceilings, only attacking when prey
    ventures into its grasp.        
    Lockjaw [103]
    Scan Info-Sylux's alternative form, the Lockjaw, possibly consists of stolen 
    prototype Galactic Federation technology. This allows the user to transform  
    into two tetracarbon ceramic-alloy blades joined by a thin energy thread. Its 
    principal manor of attack is to set up trip wires, harming prey as they walk
    through them.      
    Magma Voldrum [183]
    Scan Info-One of the advanced forms of Voldrum technology. The Magma Voldrum
    shoots high temperature shots that can burn foes. The armor of the Magma    
    Voldrum is susceptable to chillingly cold weaponry.       
    Noxus [113]
    Scan Info-Analysis indicates that the skin of this hunter has extraordinary  
    insulating properties. Noxus's main weapon is the Judicator, which when charged
    releases a short range icy circle that freezes all foes inside of it.     
    Petrasyl [14]
    Scan Info-Although harmless from a distance, this airbourne creature secretes
    a corrosive toxin in its skin that burns through and damages all types of  
    metal upon contact.         
    Psycho Bit v1.0 [10]
    Scan Info-A levitating spherical sentry droid equipped with 360-degree sensors
    and a low-level, slow transportation device. The basic silver model fires a  
    normal energy blast whereas the more advanced green model features a heavy-  
    duty gun which is powered by a nanoscale nuclear reactor, capable of quick 
    rapid-fire rounds.       
    Psycho Bit v2.0 [142]
    Scan Info-A levitating spherical sentry droid equipped with 360-degree sensors
    and a low-level, slow transportation device. This model features a high-voltage
    electromagnetic pulse to drain health from its targets.         
    Psycho Bit v3.0 [176]
    Scan Info-Similar in design and attack patterns as previous models, this    
    version fires superheated magma that can burn through foes.        
    Psycho Bit v4.0 [92]
    Scan Info-Cryogenic nanite technology enables this final version of the Psycho
    Bit to fire frozen rounds that have been hit with supercooled plasma in its
    Quadtroid [159]
    Scan Info-Genetically engineered from leech and reptile DNA, this creature  
    can crawl on any type of surface or wall. The Quatroid seeks sources of     
    biological energy. Using a Morph Ball Bomb is the only way to break free of  
    these predators.        
    Red Barbed War Wasp [171]
    Scan Info-One of the most aggressive varieties of the War Wasp family, the   
    Red Barbed War Wasp uses its own body heat to produce an ingenious burning  
    projectile to aim at any foe.     
    Shriekbat [111]
    Scan Info-A winged creature that will suicide bomb and explode on contact to 
    defend its territory from enemies, it will attack any enemy or creature that 
    enters its nesting grounds. Inhabitants of Tallon Iv have called for its    
    extermination because of the threat it poses to the infrastructure and cultural
    heritage of the planet.      
    Slench 1A [70]
    Scan Info-Another member of the Alimbic defense arsenal, this enormous     
    cybernetic eyeball was engineered to protect the most sacred of the Alimbics 
    relics. The Slench attaches itself to the biodefense chamber with three     
    synapses which transfer power to Energy Blasters. Its primary weapons are the 
    green venom torpedo and the deuterium laser.       
    Slench 1B [72]
    Scan Info-Once aggrivated, the Slench detaches from the wall and commences a 
    hovering attack. Analysis indicates that Slench's shields can't function    
    during the hovering attack.         
    Slench 2A [132]
    Scan Info-This revision of the Alimbics cyber defense technology features    
    enhanced capabilities. The Slench attaches itself to the biodefense chamber  
    with three synapses which power the Energy Blasters and superheated magma.   
    Green venom torpedos can be neutralized by the Arm Cannon.        
    Slench 2B [133]
    Scan Info-Once aggrivated, Slench detaches from the wall to commence a hovering
    attack while shooting superheated magma while hovering. Analysis indicates  
    Slench's shield is inoperable while hovering.      
    Slench 3A [166]
    Scan Info-This improved model of Slench utilizes three synapses to transfer 
    high energy voltage to the Energy Blasters, whose electromagnetic pulse can  
    disrupt the Combat Visor. The synaptic fibers may be vulnerable to heavy-duty
    Slench 3B [167]
    Scan Info-Analysis indicates that although the shield is deactivated, Slench
    is still capable of ramming its foes. During the time it is charging Slench 
    remains invulnerable.       
    Slench 4A [232]
    Scan Info-The pinnacle of Slench technology, this model emplys three synapses
    to transfer supercooled plasma, capable of freezing foes, to the Energy     
    Blasters. The synapses hold Slench to the ceiling of the room causing any   
    attack method likely to end in failure.       
    Slench 4B [233]
    Scan Info-Analysis indicates that Slench's shield remains deactivated while  
    hovering. Slench, however, remains invulnerable while ramming and rolling    
    around the floor. Evasive action is advised.      
    Spire [64]
    Scan Info-Analysis of this creature's physiology indicates the presence of  
    molten ferrous compounds normally found only in a planets core. Spire is armed
    with the Magmaul, a weapon that shoots superheated magma that is capable of 
    burning its foes.       
    Stinglarva [33]
    Scan Info-Bioengineered with genetic material from the galaxy's most dangerous
    predatory insects, Kanden can transform into the Stinglarva. This fast moving
    segmented insect has a detachable regenerating tail that homes in on its   
    target before exploding for damage.         
    Sylux [102]
    Scan Info-This hunter's power suit appears to be based on a Galactic Federation
    prototype and possesses extraordinary defenseive and offensive capabilities. 
    Sylux's main weapon is the Shock Coil which is a banned technology that fires
    charged blasts of high-density Neutrinos.       
    Trace [134]
    Scan Info-Scan indicates the exoskeleton of the hunter may not be as durable 
    as it appears. This potential vulnerability may explain Trace's tactical   
    prefrence for sniping. His weapon of choice, the Imperialist, is a long range
    quantum cascade laser with high precision targeting.      
    Triskelion [135]
    Scan Info-Trace's alternate form, the Triskerlion, is sophisticated Kriken  
    military biotechnology that allows Trace to morph into a three legged war   
    machine with a powerful lunge attack. This piece of biotechnolog is equipped 
    with a cloaking device that when Trace is holding still prevents him from   
    being seen unless by nearby foes.        
    Trocra [249]
    Scan Info-These crystallized colonies of cyanobacteria are highly unstable and
    explode when a solid object comes in contact with them. Avoid all possible   
    means of contact.        
    Vhoscythe [114]
    Scan Info-The Vhoscythe is the alternate form of the hunter Noxus. An      
    evolutionary defense mechanism of the Vhozon species, it serves both as an  
    offense and a defense for Noxus.       
    Voldrum [63]
    Scan Info-This high speed rolling robot is almost always in constant motion. 
    Equipped with two large guns for attacking from long distances, it can be   
    very powerful. Voldrum's also excell at close range combat.         
    War Wasp [57]
    Scan Info-An aggressive flying insect that will attack to defend its territory.
    The royal jelly of a Queen War Wasp is so highly valued that hives on Aether
    continue to be harvested despite a shocking death toll.       
    Weavel [73]
    Scan Info-Weavel's weapon of choice is the Battlehammer, a heavy-duty rapid
    fire weapon with a deadly blast radius. Maintain a large distance when    
    engaging Weavel in combat.        
    Zoomer [54]
    Scan Info-Best known for breeding rapidly and carrying flesh-eating diseases,
    Zoomers are responsible for the spread of bacteria on planet Zebes which has 
    resulted in many species dying out.         
    Alimbic Cannon 01 [238]
    Scan Info-The Alimbic Cannon fires bursts of polarized antimatter beyond    
    light speed at specified coordnates and frequency to open a dimensional rift  
    known as the Infinity Void.       
    Alimbic Cannon 02 [239]
    Scan Info-This device opened the path to the Infinity Void to imprison Gorea. 
    Reuniting all eight Octoliths will return the power and energy back to this 
    dorment machine.        
    Alimbic Cannon 03 [240]
    Scan Info-After trapping Gorea in the Seal Sphere, we consigned it to a prison
    from which there would be no escape.       
    Alimbic Cannon 04 [241]
    Scan Info-The Alimbic Cannon enabled us to open the Infinity Void and hide   
    Gorea's prison within it. By locating the prison in an alternate dimension,  
    we ensured that the prisoner would neither escape or be released by accident. 
    Alimbic Datashade 01 [49]
    Scan Info-Datashades are packets of telepathic data scattered throughout the 
    Tetra Galaxy. They can be accessed by most galactic scan systems.      
    Alimbic Datashade 02 [50]
    Scan Info-Designed to maintain data integrity indefinitely, datashades are   
    highly resistant to all forms of tampering and decay. Scanning these packets 
    will allow you access to our scriptures and Lore.      
    Alimbic Order 01 [150]
    Scan Info-There were eight elders in the Alimbic Order.    
    Alimbic Order 02 [147]
    Scan Info-You will not find all eight of our Octoliths. They have been     
    scattered, hidden in four of our most guarded territories.       
    Alimbic Order 03 [148]
    Scan Info-There is never more than two Octoliths hidden on any space station 
    or planet.        
    Alimbic Order 04 [146]
    Scan Info-Within each Octolith is a spirit, the transferred essence of an  
    Alimbic Elder.          
    Alimbic Order 05 [230]
    Scan Info-Reunite all eight Octoliths in the Cannon Control Room on Alinos  
    to open the doorway to Gorea.      
    Alimbic Pride 01 [121]
    Scan Info-We continued research to improve our defense systems. Eventually we
    became so proficient in the art of war we condidered ourselves invincible.  
    Alimbic Pride 02 [192]
    Scan Info-Our pride was a veil over our eyes. We did not see the danger until 
    it was upon us.       
    Alimbic Pride 03 [186]
    Scan Info-Ruin came quickly as the cancer swept like fire across out worlds. 
    Alimbic Pride 04 [190]
    Scan Info-Those who survived appeared lifeless and hollow, as if their very  
    spirit had been sucked dry.     
    Alimbic Pride 05 [234]
    Scan Info-We should have been more vigilant. We became complacent in our    
    technological prowess and thought ourselves unassailable.      
    Alimbic Prophecy 01 [3]
    Scan Info-It is written that the Alimbic power shall materialize when six  
    frequencies shimmer in the divine spectral sequence.       
    Alimbic Prophecy 02 [52]
    Scan Info-In the beginning shall the darkness be torn asunder by the flash of
    Yellow Lightning.        
    Alimbic Prophecy 03 [76]
    Scan Info-Yellow Lighting shall strike with demonic fury upon the greenwood. 
    Alimbic Prophecy 04 [108]
    Scan Info-With a voice of thunder shall the Greenwood burst into an Orange  
    Alimbic Prophecy 05 [139]
    Scan Info-The Orange Blaze shall die away to be reborn on the wings of Blue  
    Alimbic Prophecy 06 [170]
    Scan Info-Tendrils of Blue Smoke shall weave the geometry of the Violet    
    Alimbic Prophecy 07 [101]
    Scan Info-Violet Crystal shall shatter the heavens, leaving in its wake the 
    Red Stain.      
    Alimbic Prophecy 08 [203]
    Scan Info-When the Red Stain shall vanish, so shall the ancient Alimbic power 
    be manifest.             
    Alimbic War 01 [204]
    Scan Info-The war lasted three standard galactic months. Even with the galaxy's
    most powerful technology at our disposal, we fell like dry grass beneath the 
    Alimbic War 02 [172]
    Scan Info-Without warning, our doom fell from the sky. From whence it came we 
    do not know.      
    Alimbic War 03 [187]
    Scan Info-Gorea was immune to even our most sophisticated weaponry, while we 
    were defenseless against its relentless attacks.       
    Alimbic War 04 [211]
    Scan Info-Gorea devoured our people's life energy and grew powerful from it.  
    Death swept across our worlds and we were despaired.     
    Alimbic War 05 [213]
    Scan Info-We feared not only the extinction of our race, but the possibility
    that the evil would sweep across the galaxy, annhilating all in its path.   
    Alimbic War 06 [206]
    Scan Info-Gorea is a cancerous bloom that would weak havoc across the universe.
    Alimbic War 07 [189]
    Scan Info-We knew that if we did not stop Gorea, it would rampage across the 
    galaxy, devouring everything in its path.        
    Alimbic War 08 [226]
    Scan Info-We finally contained Gorea, but we paid a heavy price to do so. May 
    our sacrifice bring peace to the galaxy.        
    Alimbic War 09 [198]
    Scan Info-Eight of our elders gathered to create the Alimbic Order to prevent 
    Gorea from destroying our civilization. Their final, desprate plan was to  
    create the Seal Sphere.        
    Alimbic War 10 [91]
    Scan Info-If you are reading this message, our plan to contain Gorea was a  
    success. Honor our sacrifice and do not seek this thing. Only harm can come 
    from such a course.      
    Alimbic War 11 [212]
    Scan Info-To contain Gorea, our people reduced themselves to pure telepathic
    energy through the process of Energy Transference.    
    Alimbic War 12 [208]
    Scan Info-We gave out lives to contain the foul monstrosity known as Gorea.  
    Do not seek this creature unless you have the means to destroy it.     
    Battle Sarcophagus [66]
    Scan Info-This tomb contains the remains of Alimbic General Almiiak, who led  
    the Alimbic people to victory in the Tetra Border Wars two thousand years ago.
    He later formed the Alimbic Order of Elders.     
    Biodefense Chamber A [44]
    Scan Info-This room not only serves as a home to our most sacred treasures,  
    but also as a moral terminus for those who shall trespass.      
    Biodefense Chamber B [69]
    Scan Info-Those who dare trespass upon our sacred chambers shall expect to   
    pay dearly for that which they shall see.     
    Combat Hall [237]
    Scan Info-We used this room for combat training of Alimbic military recruits. 
    In this room were forged some of our greates heros.      
    Final Wish [149]
    Scan Info-Do not underestimate the creature concealed herein. We have       
    sacrificed our lives to confine the monstrosity known as Gorea. Do not seek 
    this thing unless you have the means of which to destroy it.      
    Gorea 01 [173]
    Scan Info-The horror shrieked its name:Gorea.      
    Gorea 02 [174]
    Scan Info-Gorea is power beyond reckoning and evil unrelenting. The universe 
    has not known such terror as this.     
    Gorea 03 [209]
    Scan Info-At first we thought Gorea was a comet. It crashed upon our planet  
    and emerged as a vapor.      
    Gorea 04 [207]
    Scan Info-Gorea mimicked our cellular structure and replicated itself in    
    solid form.      
    Gorea 05 [188]
    Scan Info-We have seen Gorea alter its atomic structure from a vapor to a   
    solid. Our scientists believe Gorea may also possess other shape-changing  
    Gorea 06 [160]
    Scan Info-Gorea is capable of changing its shape, and it uses a wide variety 
    of lethal weaponry.        
    Gorea 07 [161]
    Scan Info-Our defenses were useless against Gorea as it swept through our  
    empire in an orgy of annhilation.       
    Gorea 08 [162]
    Scan Info-Alimbic soldiers were powerless before Gorea's onslaught.       
    Gorea 09 [163]
    Scan Info-We deployed our deadliest weapons to defeat the beast. To our horror,
    ever weapon was somehow used against us by Gorea.        
    History 01 [55]
    Scan Info-These are our last recorded messages. We depart form this place of 
    death. If you honor our memory, do not attempt to solve the mystery of our 
    History 02 [169]
    Scan Info-We overcame our harsh genesis through intellect and resolve. The  
    Alimbic mind is bound by a will of iron.       
    History 03 [97]
    Scan Info-The piece of ancient Alimbic tribal culture was shattered by a    
    deadly extraterrestial invasion. The survivors vowed never again to be      
    caught unprepared.       
    History 04 [98]
    Scan Info-We focused our resources on military science and quickly developed  
    weapons and defences that surpassed the technology of our enemies.     
    History 05 [89]
    Scan Info-We were a peaceful people. But we defended our homeworld with    
    fierce determination.         
    History 06 [90]
    Scan Info-To defend our territories from extraterrestial attack, we deployed 
    lethal bioweaponry.        
    History 07 [88]
    Scan Info-Our protective exoskeletons enabled us to survive the environmental
    extremes of the Alimbic homeworlds.       
    History 08 [95]
    Scan Info-Our enlarged forebrains facilitated enhanced cognitive function.  
    It was our ability to think quickly that saved us from early and violent   
    History 09 [129]
    Scan Info-For generations our superior military capability deterred all    
    enemies. A renewed sense of peace allowed us to return to our natural     
    philosophical pursuits.      
    History 10 [130]
    Scan Info-Through science and technology we increased our already formidable 
    mental skills. Significant advances were made in the areas of telepathy,    
    telekinesis, and extradimensional exploration.       
    History 11 [131]
    Scan Info-We continued to bolster our defense against possible future    
    invasion. Our military technology grew increasingly sophisticated and lethal. 
    Interment Chamber [59]
    Scan Info-Alimbic warriors of valor are here laid to rest, that their spirits
    may return to the planetary core.      
    Octolith Safeguard [96]
    Scan Info-Beware our Guardians. These deadly sentinals travel in packs and are
    programmed to protect that which is dead to us.       
    Oubliette 01 [202]
    Scan Info-The monster cannot be defeated. As a last resort, we created the  
    Seal Sphere to cage the monster for all eternity.    
    Oubliette 02 [219
    Scan Info-Eight Octoliths are required to restore power to the Alimbic Cannon.
    Each Octolith contains unique coordnates, frequencies, and codes needed to  
    operate the cannon.      
    Oubliette 03 [220]
    Scan Info-The Alimbic Cannon creates a fissure between this dimension and the 
    Infinity Void that houses Gorea's prison, known as Oubliette.        
    Oubliette 04 [221]
    Scan Info-The Oubliette cannot be found in this galaxy. It is hidden in     
    another dimension. If you seek the Seal Sphere, you must first seek the keys.
    Oubliette 05 [222]
    Scan Info-We have sent the Oubliette beyond this dimension to ensure that the
    galaxy will never have to suffer the horror that is Gorea.       
    Oubliette 06 [223]
    Scan Info-Gorea is alone in the Void. For the sake of life it must remain so.
    Oubliette 07 [224]
    Scan Info-The Infinity Void is a vast parallel dimension of formless       
    Oubliette 08 [94]
    Scan Info-Only the Alimbic Cannon can access the Infinity Void.    
    Science Sarcophagus [68]
    Scan Info-This tomb contains the remains of the Great Arctherus, whose     
    discovery of Neurogenesis marked an advent of the modern Alimbic era, a time of
    unprecedented peace and prosperity.     
    Seal Sphere 01 [199]
    Scan Info-The fathomless power of the captive beast is the very engine of the
    Seal Sphere.        
    Seal Sphere 02 [229]
    Scan Info-Gorea is immobilized within the Seal Sphere, just one of many    
    precautions taken to ensure its eternal captivity.       
    Seal Sphere 03 [217]
    Scan Info-The Alimbic Order directed surviving citizens to transfer their  
    essences into the Seal Sphere. Our combined psychic energy is the engine that
    powers the sphere.        
    Seal Sphere 04 [218]
    Scan Info-The Seal Sphere is secure within the Oubliette, from which there is
    no escape.      
    Sealing Gorea 01 [242]
    Scan Info-No weapon could defeat Gorea.        
    Sealing Gorea 02 [243]
    Scan Info-As the death toll rose, we crafted a plan. Rather than destroy   
    Gorea, we would capture it in an interdimensional prison.       
    Sealing Gorea 03 [244]
    Scan Info-We lured Gorea into our trap. The Seal Sphere was deployed and the 
    creature ensnared. With Gorea bound we had to act quickly.        
    Sealing Gorea 04 [245]
    Scan Info-We transported Gorea to its prison, the Oubliette. Trapping Gorea 
    was not enough, however. Additional security measures were needed for so great
    of a threat.          
    Sealing Gorea 05 [246]
    Scan Info-We forced open an alternate dimension with the Alimbic Cannon, and
    the Oubliette was forced into it. The Infinity Void was sealed shut, never 
    to be reopened.         
    Stronghold Void [41]
    Scan Info-This hidden room, accessable only be extraordinary means, houses our
    most sacred relics. It is guarded by our most formidable cybernetic security 
    systems. Only be activating a portal controlled by a trio of artifacts can  
    one gain access to this secret location.      
    Alimbic Artifacts [20]
    Scan Info-Artifacts are encoded with program data unique to the Stronghold   
    Portal. Three Artifacts are necessary to open the portal.    
    Alimbic Crest [110]
    Scan Info-Each of these ornate crests celebrates the accomplishments of a   
    major Alimbic tribe.       
    Alimbic Emblem [112]
    Scan Info-This emblem commemorates fallen Alimbic heroes.        
    Alimbic Garden [175]
    Scan Info-Scan indicates fossilzed remains of Alimbic plant life.      
    Alimbic Insignia [125]
    Scan Info-A large ceremonial emblem of the Alimbic Order, celebrating their 
    victories and leadership, solar cycle counter dates its creation after Alinos
    first came under attack.           
    Alimbic Joist [28]
    Scan Info-The design of this joist suggests highly evolved conceptual       
    Alimbic Panel [12]
    Scan Info-Alpha waves eminate from this architectual structure. It appears  
    designed to calm the senses and to create an environment ideal for meditation.
    Alimbic Scripture [67]
    Scan Info-This language cannot be translated.     
    Alinos [47]
    Scan Info-The once-beautiful planet of Alinos, home to the Alimbic Elders,  
    has fallen into disrepair since the explosion of the planet's core.      
    Ammolite Shards [123]
    Scan Info-Naturally occuring minerals with phosphorescent properties.    
    Anthropological Hub [31]
    Scan Info-Access denied. Alimbic anthropological data bank severely damaged. 
    Arcterra [107]
    Scan Info-The outermost planet in the Alimbic Cluster, Arcterra is an     
    inhospitable wasteland noteworthy for a honeycomb of tunnels and caves within
    its frozen interior.      
    Artifact Shield [21]
    Scan Info-A security device which protects the Artifacts. This device can be 
    deactivated with the proper Shield Key.        
    Attameter Artifact [34]
    Scan Info-The Attameter Artifact contains schematics for atomic mapping,    
    allowing a portal to dissassemble the molecular structure of anything within 
    the teleportation matrix.       
    Backup Processor [195]
    Scan Info-Deconstructed for maintainence, apparently incomplete.      
    Binary Subscripture Artifact [39]
    Scan Info-The Binary Subscripture Artifact contains the precise frequency of 
    the Stronghold Portal's spectral transponder, allowing anything within the   
    teleportation matrix to warp from one point to another.        
    Blast Shield [235]
    Scan Info-Used for projectile weapons training.       
    Cartograph Artifact [23]
    Scan Info-The Cartograph Artifact is encoded with the spatial coordnates of a 
    hidden chamber.      
    Celestial Archives [2]
    Scan Info-This space station, in orbit directly above Alinos, is the primary 
    repository of the combined knowledge of Alimbic scholars, scientists, and   
    Ceremonial Charms [184]
    Scan Info-Alimbic ornaments designed to enhance harmony.      
    Clone Engine [81]
    Scan Info-Severe deterioration of microcircuitry detected. System        
    Cooling Fans [26]
    Scan Info-High speed fans cool the synergy reactor. There are signs of severe
    Cooling Vent [227]
    Scan Info-Nintrogen pumps establish and maintain a subzero atmosphere       
    throughout Vesper Defense Outpost.      
    Cortex Chamber [85]
    Scan Info-Controls the entire neural ensamble by processing input from the   
    thalamic coil.      
    Council Chamber [180]
    Scan Info-Assembly hall for Alimbic Elders. Extreme structural damage evident.
    Cryogenic Storage [231]
    Scan Info-Weapon storage contains. Maintained as subzero temperatures for   
    stability and to prevent overheating of fusion powered weaponry.      
    Damaged Bridge [116]
    Scan Info-Structure has been severely compromised by impact. Decay indicates 
    the damage occured several hundred solar cycles ago.     
    Delano 7 [105]
    Scan Info-Sylux's delta class strike fighter is believed to be a stolen     
    Galactic Federation prototype. Due to an unresolved design flaw, the       
    autocannon can be disabled by several direct hits to the ship's hull.     
    Docking Bay L1 [143]
    Scan Info-Recieving port for Alimbic heavy cargo starfighters.       
    Docking Bay L2 [144]
    Scan Info-Recieving port for Alimbic medium-range transports.     
    Docking Bay L3 [145]
    Scan Info-Recieving port for Alimbic passenger carriers.        
    Exposed Rebar [53]
    Scan Info-Structural integrity of load bearing walls has been compromised by 
    forcible impact.        
    Flow Regulator [58]
    Scan Info-This station controls to flow of lava tributaries.      
    Frozen Fuel Line [82]
    Scan Info-Pipes show signs of structual failure.     
    Fuel Rod [77]
    Scan Info-Powers nearby bioweaponry chambers.     
    Gestation Tanks [104]
    Scan Info-Reinforced tanks used to grow nanites for Morphing Ammunition and  
    Glyph Pattern [177]
    Scan Info-Contains unknown characters. Untranslatable.      
    Gravity Stabilizer [158]
    Scan Info-Scan registers severe damage.        
    Heating System [128]
    Scan Info-Thermal tube designed to maintain room temperature. Currently   
    disabled. Scan indicates interior is frozen solid.     
    Ice Bridge [126]
    Scan Info-A frozen bridge carved into an overhead catwalk. A structure capable
    of holding considerable weight.      
    Incubation Tank A [154]
    Scan Info-Nanobot incubation tank. Operating at full capacity.    
    Incubation Tank B [156]
    Scan Info-Nanobot incubation tank. Operation at 67% capacity.     
    Lava Processor 01 [193]
    Scan Info-Utilizes orogenic activity for treatment and processing of igneous
    Lava Processor 02 [194]
    Scan Info-Operation at minimum capacity.      
    Lift Controls [37]
    Scan Info-Control panel for anti-gravity lifts. System currently offline.   
    Literary Hub [137]
    Scan Info-Access denied. Alimbic literary data bank severely damaged.    
    Magma Station [48]
    Scan Info-Sensors operation at 79%. Lava levels stable.        
    Magma Vent [61]
    Scan Info-Relieves pressure buildup from unstable planetary core.      
    Medical Hub [136]
    Scan Info-Access denied. Alimbic medical data bank severely damaged.    
    Methane Pipeline [228]
    Scan Info-Liquid methane fuel delivery system.          
    Mixing Tanks [80]
    Scan Info-Used to synthesize poisonous gases. Trace amount of toxic materials
    Navigational Chart [13]
    Scan Info-Holograhic directory of the Tetra Galaxy.       
    Octolith [45]
    Scan Info-Carbon analysis indicates Octoliths are Alimbic in origin.      
    Photon Stabilizer [141]
    Scan Info-Bridge secured by a beam of tripolarized photons.    
    Political Hub [30]
    Scan Info-Access denied. Alimbic political data bank severely damaged.     
    Port Helm [6]
    Scan Info-"The Secret To The Ultimate Power Lies In The Alimbic Cluster."  
    Author and original origin unknown.        
    Science Hub [19]
    Scan Info-Access denied. Alimbic scientific data bank severely damaged.     
    Shield Generator [157]
    Scan Info-Force shield compromised.       
    Shield Key [22]
    Scan Info-When retrieved, this dynamic piece of technology will deactivate the
    Artifact Shield in the area.     
    Silo Levitator [225]
    Scan Info-Repository for heavy interplanetary warheads, held in place by a   
    continual updraft from a high-pressure wind tunnel.      
    Sniper Shield [236]
    Scan Info-Used for precision projectile training.        
    Spore Farm [78]
    Scan Info-A controlled environment used to grow toxic spores. The spores have
    Starboard Helm [7]
    Scan Info-"The Secret To The Ultimate Power Lies In The Alimbic Cluster."   
    Binary irregularities indicate this message was sent telepathically.      
    Stronghold Portal [40]
    Scan Info-Three Artifacts are needed to restore functionality.        
    Structual Debris [185]
    Scan Info-Severe architectual damage. Evidence of unidentifiable, interstellar
    matter, a result of an extraterrestial collision.       
    Synergy Drive [8]
    Scan Info-This device maintains the orbit and rotation of the space station. 
    Operation appears normal.     
    Synergy Processor [5]
    Scan Info-Works in tandem with the synergy drive to make subtle changes in the
    space station's orbit and rotation.       
    Synergy Strut [16]
    Scan Info-Reinforcement pillar in use with synergy drive.       
    Tetra Galaxy [29]
    Scan Info-This area was once under Alimbic control. Ruins detected on various
    planets indicate a vast civilization.      
    Tetra Trade Map [17]
    Scan Info-Schematic of Alimbic interstellar shipping routes.       
    Thermal Regulator [168]
    Scan Info-Transduces volcanic heat into usable energy.       
    VDO [75]
    Scan Info-Vesper Defense Ourpost is situated on the outer edge of the Alimbic
    territory. Serving as a refueling station and a minutations dump, subzero  
    temperature is maintained to prevent overheating of fusion powered weapons  
    systems. Structural failure of fuel containers has resulted in a vast      
    redioactive spill into space, leaving toxic and explosive frozen fuel to the 
    sides of the structure.       
    Wall Scroll [178]
    Scan Info-This language cannot be translated.     
    Witherite Shards [127]
    Scan Info-Naturally occuring minerals with phosphorescent properties.     
    Equipment is a different part of the Logbook compared to the other three.   
    All of the items here EXCEPT for the Hunter Gunship scan will automatically 
    appear in the logbook once you collect the item. Items without a scan number
    next to them mean that they cannot be scanned or you already start with that
    item in the logbook.        
    Arm Cannon
    Scan Info-An essential part of Samus's Power Suit, the Arm Cannon is upgradable
    and is adaptable to other weaponry. To fire the Arm Cannon, press the fire   
    button. To switch weapons, tap one of the other weapon icons at the top of the
    touch screen.      
    Battlehammer [86]
    Scan Info-The Battlehammer is powered by a miniture nuclear reactor. This   
    heavy-duty repeating weapon is reccommended to only those who are familar with
    high-caliber weaponry.         
    Charge Shot
    Scan Info-By holding down and releasing the fire button, the Arm Cannon is  
    capable of firing large concentrated bursts of energy.    
    Energy Tank [165]
    Scan Info-This Expansion increases the Power Suit's maximum energy storage   
    capacity by 100 units.      
    Hunter Gunship [1]
    Scan Info-Hunter-Class Gunship registered to Samus Aran. Return to this ship
    to save your progress and restore fully your lost energy and ammo reserves.  
    Imperialist [201]
    Scan Info-Equipped with a zoom function ideal for precision targeting, the  
    Imperialist fires a thin and lethal laser beam with high accuracy over large 
    Judicator [124]
    Scan Info-The Judicator is powered by cold-fusion synthesis. If fires      
    supercooled plasma at temperatures approaching absolute zero.      
    Jump Boots
    Scan Info-The Jump Boots are another essential componet of Samus's Power Suit.
    To jump, double tap the touch screen or press the jump button. These boots  
    can also be used in mid-air.     
    Large Energy [56]
    Scan Info-Replenishes 100 units of energy expended from the Power Suit to to 
    battle damage. Energy has also been known to have a rejuvinating effect on 
    alien technology and physiology.      
    Large Missile Pack
    Scan Info-Replenishes Missile reserves by 25 Missiles.     
    Large UA Pack [87]
    Scan Info-Replenishes 25 rounds of Universal Ammo. Morphing Universal Ammo 
    contains munitions nanotechnology engineered for instant adaption to almost  
    any weapon. Altering caliber and composition at the molecular level to match
    the ballistic specifications of the host weapon.      
    Magmaul [181]
    Scan Info-The Magmaul, powered by a hyperstatic hydrogen core, fires cohesive
    projectiles of superheated magma.     
    Medium Energy [25]
    Scan Info-Replenishes 60 units of energy expended from the Power Suit due to 
    battle damage. Energy has also been known to have a rejuvinating effect on 
    alien technology and physiology.  
    Missile Expansion [51]
    Scan Info-Increases the capacity of the Arm Cannon's Missile reserves by 10 
    Missile Launcher
    Scan Info-Launches explosive-tipped Missiles that detonate in a percussive  
    blast. This standard issue weapon is extremely effective in dealing with    
    biological threats. Hold the fire button to charge the weapon and cause the 
    Missile to home in on heat signitures. Charging will attract energy and ammo. 
    Morph Ball
    Scan Info-Samus has the ability to transform into a ball that can move at   
    high speeds and access areas her bipedal form cannot. To enter the alt-form,
    tap the icon on the lower corner of the touch screen. Use the Control Pad or
    the A, B, X, Y buttons to move the Morph Ball around. Use the touch screen for
    more precise control with gentle strokes in the desired direction. Boost by  
    quickly stroking in the desired direction or by pressing the boost button.  
    Morph Ball Bomb
    Scan Info-Small bursts of energy detonate from the Morph Ball shortly after 
    being triggered. Ideal for opening secret passages and elminating small    
    creatures. Press the fire button while in the Morph Ball form to lay a bomb.
    Bomb Jumping is possible by triggering the bombs jumps at a proper time.   
    Omega Cannon [253]
    Scan Info-This proscribed weapon of mass destruction was called an abomination
    by the Alimbic Elders because of the harm it could inflict on anyone desprate
    enough to use it.      
    Power Beam
    Scan Info-The standard issue Power Beam has limited offensive capability and 
    unlimited ammunition. As with all charge weapons, press and hold the fire   
    button to attract energy and ammo, and to charge up the shot. Release to fire
    a powerful blast. This weapon overheats quickly and works best when fired in 
    controlled bursts of barrage.       
    Scan Visor
    Scan Info-An essential tool, the Scan Visor is able to identify most forms of
    alien language and xenobiology. To activate the Scan Visor, tap and hold the 
    small button centered at the bottom of the touch screen. Once it is      
    activated, press and hold the fire button to scan an object. Scroll data by 
    pressing the left and right buttons. Tap the Scan Visor icon again to    
    deactivate its use.     
    Shock Coil [155]
    Scan Info-The Shock Coil is a Galactic Federation prototype weaon that emits
    a concentrated bear of high-density Neutrinos within a set radius.      
    Small Energy [11]
    Scan Info-Replenishes 30 units of energy expended from the Power Suit due to 
    battle damage. Energy has also been known to have a rejuvinating effect on 
    alien technology and physiology.  
    Small Missile Pack [15]
    Scan Info-Replenishes Missile reserves by 10 Missiles.     
    Small UA Pack
    Scan Info-Replenishes 10 rounds of Universal Ammo. Morphing Universal Ammo 
    contains munitions nanotechnology engineered for instant adaption to almost  
    any weapon. Altering caliber and composition at the molecular level to match
    the ballistic specifications of the host weapon.   
    Thermal Positioner
    Scan Info-Samus's location is tracked by a thermal positioner which relays an
    image of Samus and her surroundings. This valuable imaging tool also      
    identifies objects and entities with unique power signitures. Access the    
    Thermal Positioner by pressing Start.     
    Universal Ammo Expansion [93]
    Scan Info-Increases maximum Universal Ammo capacity by 30 units.       
    Volt Driver [138]
    Scan Info-The Volt Driver draws energy from the planetary electromagnetic  
    field and converts it into multi-terrawatt bursts of high voltage.     
                                 ~Scans Checklist [SCCL]~
    There are a ton of scans to get in the [horrid] Adventure Mode. Here is a   
    brief checklist for you to use when seeing what scans are needed to obtain:  
    [ ]Alimbic Cannon 01
    [ ]Alimbic Cannon 02
    [ ]Alimbic Cannon 03
    [ ]Alimbic Cannon 04
    [ ]Alimbic Datashade 01
    [ ]Alimbic Datashade 02
    [ ]Alimbic Order 01
    [ ]Alimbic Order 02
    [ ]Alimbic Order 03
    [ ]Alimbic Order 04
    [ ]Alimbic Order 05
    [ ]Alimbic Pride 01
    [ ]Alimbic Pride 02
    [ ]Alimbic Pride 03
    [ ]Alimbic Pride 04
    [ ]Alimbic Pride 05
    [ ]Alimbic Prophecy 01
    [ ]Alimbic Prophecy 02
    [ ]Alimbic Prophecy 03
    [ ]Alimbic Prophecy 04
    [ ]Alimbic Prophecy 05
    [ ]Alimbic Prophecy 06
    [ ]Alimbic Prophecy 07
    [ ]Alimbic Prophecy 08
    [ ]Alimbic War 01
    [ ]Alimbic War 02
    [ ]Alimbic War 03
    [ ]Alimbic War 04
    [ ]Alimbic War 05
    [ ]Alimbic War 06
    [ ]Alimbic War 07
    [ ]Alimbic War 08
    [ ]Alimbic War 09
    [ ]Alimbic War 10
    [ ]Alimbic War 11
    [ ]Alimbic War 12
    [ ]Battle Sarcophagus
    [ ]Biodefense Chamber A
    [ ]Biodefense Chamber B
    [ ]Combat Hall
    [ ]Final Wish
    [ ]Gorea 01
    [ ]Gorea 02
    [ ]Gorea 03
    [ ]Gorea 04
    [ ]Gorea 05
    [ ]Gorea 06
    [ ]Gorea 07
    [ ]Gorea 08
    [ ]Gorea 09
    [ ]History 01
    [ ]History 02
    [ ]History 03
    [ ]History 04
    [ ]History 05
    [ ]History 06
    [ ]History 07
    [ ]History 08
    [ ]History 09
    [ ]History 10
    [ ]History 11
    [ ]Interment Chamber
    [ ]Octolith Safeguard
    [ ]Oubliette 01
    [ ]Oubliette 02
    [ ]Oubliette 03
    [ ]Oubliette 04
    [ ]Oubliette 05
    [ ]Oubliette 06
    [ ]Oubliette 07
    [ ]Oubliette 08
    [ ]Science Sarcophagus
    [ ]Seal Sphere 01
    [ ]Seal Sphere 02
    [ ]Seal Sphere 03
    [ ]Seal Sphere 04
    [ ]Sealing Gorea 01
    [ ]Sealing Gorea 02
    [ ]Sealing Gorea 03
    [ ]Sealing Gorea 04
    [ ]Sealing Gorea 05
    [ ]Stronghold Void
    [ ]Alimbic Turret v1.0
    [ ]Alimbic Turret v1.4
    [ ]Alimbic Turret v2.7
    [ ]Arctic Spawn
    [ ]Barbed War Wasp
    [ ]Crash Pillar
    [ ]Cretaphid v1
    [ ]Cretaphid v2
    [ ]Cretaphid v3
    [ ]Cretaphid v4
    [ ]Dialanche
    [ ]Electro Voldrum
    [ ]Energy Blaster
    [ ]Fire Spawn
    [ ]Geemer
    [ ]Gorea 
    [ ]Gorea
    [ ]Gorea 2
    [ ]Gorea Arm
    [ ]Gorea Seal Sphere
    [ ]Greater Ithrak
    [ ]Guardian
    [ ]Halfturret
    [ ]Ice Voldrum
    [ ]Kanden
    [ ]Lesser Ithrak
    [ ]Lockjaw
    [ ]Magma Voldrum
    [ ]Noxus
    [ ]Petrasyl
    [ ]Psycho Bit v1.0
    [ ]Psycho Bit v2.0
    [ ]Psycho Bit v3.0
    [ ]Psycho Bit v4.0
    [ ]Quadtroid
    [ ]Red Barbed War Wasp
    [ ]Shriekbat
    [ ]Slench 1A
    [ ]Slench 1B
    [ ]Slench 2A
    [ ]Slench 2B
    [ ]Slench 3A
    [ ]Slench 3B
    [ ]Slench 4A
    [ ]Slench 4B
    [ ]Spire
    [ ]Stinglarva
    [ ]Sylux
    [ ]Trace
    [ ]Triskelion
    [ ]Trocra
    [ ]Vhoscythe
    [ ]Voldrum
    [ ]War Wasp
    [ ]Weavel
    [ ]Zoomer
    [ ]Alimbic Artifacts
    [ ]Alimbic Crest
    [ ]Alimbic Emblem
    [ ]Alimbic Garden
    [ ]Alimbic Insignia
    [ ]Alimbic Joist
    [ ]Alimbic Panel
    [ ]Alimbic Sculpture
    [ ]Alinos
    [ ]Ammolite Shards
    [ ]Anthropolitical Hub
    [ ]Arcterra 
    [ ]Artifact Shield
    [ ]Attameter Artifact
    [ ]Backup Processor
    [ ]Binary Subscripture Artifact
    [ ]Blast Shield
    [ ]Cartograph Artifact
    [ ]Celestial Archives
    [ ]Ceremonial Charms
    [ ]Clone Engine
    [ ]Cooling Fans
    [ ]Cooling Vent
    [ ]Cortex Chamber
    [ ]Council Chamber
    [ ]Cryogenic Storage
    [ ]Damaged Bridge
    [ ]Delano 7
    [ ]Docking Bay L1
    [ ]Docking Bay L2
    [ ]Docking Bay L3
    [ ]Exposed Rebar
    [ ]Flow Regulator
    [ ]Frozen Fuel Line
    [ ]Fuel Rod
    [ ]Gestation Tanks
    [ ]Glyph Pattern
    [ ]Gravity Stabilizer
    [ ]Heating System
    [ ]Ice Bridge
    [ ]Incubation Tank A
    [ ]Incubation Tank B
    [ ]Lab Equipment
    [ ]Lava Processor 01
    [ ]Lava Processor 02
    [ ]Lift Controls
    [ ]Literary Hub
    [ ]Magma Station
    [ ]Magma Vent
    [ ]Medical Hub
    [ ]Methane Pipeline
    [ ]Mixing Tanks
    [ ]Navigational Charts
    [ ]Octolith
    [ ]Photon Stabilzer
    [ ]Political Hub
    [ ]Port Helm
    [ ]Science Hub
    [ ]Shield Generator
    [ ]Shield Key
    [ ]Silo Levitator
    [ ]Sniper Shield
    [ ]Spore Farm
    [ ]Starboard Helm
    [ ]Stronghold Portal
    [ ]Structual Debris
    [ ]Synergy Drive
    [ ]Synergy Processor
    [ ]Synergy Strut
    [ ]Tetra Galaxy
    [ ]Tetra Trade Map
    [ ]Thermal Regulator 
    [ ]VDO
    [ ]Wall Scroll
    [ ]Witherite Shards
    [ ]Arm Cannon
    [ ]Battlehammer
    [ ]Charge Shot
    [ ]Energy Tank
    [ ]Hunter Gunship
    [ ]Imperialist
    [ ]Judicator
    [ ]Jump Boots
    [ ]Large Energy
    [ ]Large Missile Pack
    [ ]Large UA Pack
    [ ]Magmaul
    [ ]Medium Energy
    [ ]Missile Expansion
    [ ]Morph Ball
    [ ]Morph Ball Bombs
    [ ]Omega Cannon
    [ ]Power Beam
    [ ]Scan Visor
    [ ]Shock Coil
    [ ]Small Energy
    [ ]Small UA Pack
    [ ]Thermal Positioner
    [ ]UA Expansion
    [ ]Volt Driver
    That's it! Those are all of the recorded Logbook scans in the game. With that
    being said there is nothing left in the [horrid] Adventure Mode to say.     
    Multiplayer mode awaits! Huzzuh!        
                               ~Nintendo WFC [WFC]~
    Thanks to Nintendo we are capable of playing Metroid Prime Hunters online, but
    that should have been obvious if you looked at the box for more than five   
    seconds or are one of the 11 people in the world who actually READS the    
    instruction manual. By hooking up to a Hotspot you are able to tap into the 
    Nintendo WiFi Connection (or WFC for short). You can choose a variety of    
    options once you are fully hooked up. You can choose to play a normal random 
    battle or use Friend Codes to battle friends in a real, customizable fight. 
    The choices are your and because there is always someone online the fun times
    may never end!           
                                 ~Setting Up [SUP]~
    You can't just sit dead in your tracks and expect to connect to the Nintendo  
    WFC! In order to reach Nintendo WFC you need a Hotspot of your very own.   
    Alternatively, you can head for a Hotspot that are all over the world. Most  
    McDonald's are WiFi compatable to if you ever pass one, enter it and sit down 
    and try to connect. If it works then no other work really needs to be done, 
    and you can just play away.      
    However, most of us don't live near a hotspot. Period. So do you propose we  
    get online? We need to make our OWN hotspot. You need to buy a USB Connector 
    cable and attack it to your internet cable at your computer. Just a note, you
    CAN'T connect to a laptop so don't bother trying. Getting your hands on a  
    USB Connector cable is the difficult part. You can buy one online here:
    That is Nintendo's online store and you can purchase one there, about $40  
    total including shipping and handling. Alternatively, some places do sell these
    cords. Best Buy's and other large brand name electronic shops may carry them 
    around at a lower price (generally around $30). If you happen to come across
    one then it is much easier to buy it there without having to wait for it to 
    arrive by mail order.            
    To recap on how to connect to Nintendo WFC:
    1.Head to the nearest available wireless hotspot in your town and connect to
    Nintendo WFC from there. If there is none/you don't want to, head below.    
    1.You can also create your own hotspot right at home. First you need a home 
    PC (can't use a laptop).      
    2.Purchase a USB Connector cable either from a store or Nintendo's online  
    shopping center.    
    3.Connect it to your Broadband cable.   
    4.Your hotspot should now be ready to go. You can begin Wifi!      
                                 ~Friend Codes [FCD]~
    Playing Random matches can be a bit boring, especially with disconnectors.  
    Nintendo has kept Friend Codes, a special code that is kept in your game, and
    has been used in previous WiFi games like Mario Kart and Animal Crossing.   
    Basically, Friend Codes allows you to match up and battle/team up with     
    specifically the people in your friend list.         
    However, you can't just imput random codes and hope to make friends that way. 
    There are two lists in the "Friend Codes" menu. The left list are your friends
    whom you have traded friend codes with. A red circle next to their name   
    represents that they aren't currently on Wifi. Similarly, a green circle means 
    that they are on Wifi.       
    The second list is your Rivals collumn. After playing a Random match you can
    choose to add one of your opponents as a Rival and you can play against them
    as if it were a Friend Code. This can only occur if the one(s) you choose to
    Rival also input you as their Rival. Its best for foes that gave you a     
    challenge or just barely squeaked a win and you desire a rematch with.     
    Friend Code and Rivals alike can be deleted permanently. If you want their name
    back then you need to re-add them to the Rivals list/input their Friend Code.
    You can choose to do Random play as usual, but it takes several minutes to  
    start a match and you will likely face disconnectors or alt-spammers. Or you
    can choose Friend match where only your Friends and Rivals can join your game
    or you can join theirs. Its a fun way to get the kind of match you really 
    Also as an incentive, all players have their own Hunter's Liscense. On it  
    lists how many games they have played, how many wins/losses, most used Hunter,
    most used weapon, disconnection rate, how many kills in a row before dying, 
    alt-form kills, and a whole lot more. It tells pretty much all aspects of  
    you right on your liscense. As you win battles you will earn Bounty Points
    which raise your ranking from one star all the way to five. But beware! If  
    you lose a match you will lose points yourself. If you are a four star and  
    beat up on one stars you will recieve less points than if you beat four or  
    five stars. Alike, you will lose a crapload of points to a one star if you 
    lose the higher ranking you are. Play carefully and never let any player have
                             ~Multiplayer Mode [MPMD]~
    Not that the nitty gritty has been taken care of regarding Nintendo WFC, we 
    can begin the meat of Multiplayer Mode. Because of the vast replayability you
    may be spending dozens of hours in this mode alone. There are many ways to  
    practice your abilities and improve your Hunter's Liscense looks. Best of all
    you can choose form any of the seven hunters as you aren't restricted to just
    Samus anymore! How awesome is that? All of the hunters have their own     
    strengths and weaknesses which I will prompty make a short list so you can 
    decide what hunter you wanna choose.      
    Samus is flat out an all-around character and easily the most common hunter 
    you will find online. She starts with her affinity weapon adding to why people
    like her so much. When charged, her Missiles will home in on the nearest   
    hunter ever so slightly and have a slight added kick to them. Samus can dish 
    out some quick damage and has the fastest alternate form in the game. If the 
    Morph Ball is constantly boosting (only something it can do!) then it can  
    outrun everything else in the game. Her Bombs are weak though, so use the Morph
    Ball defensively rather than offensively.           
    Kanden is easily one of the least used hunters online. The reason why that is
    is quite mysterious. He actually isn't all too bad if used properly. The Volt
    Driver can't be obtained on many levels giving him an advantage with it. On  
    wide open levels, a huge sky full of slow moving, homing charged Volt Driver 
    shots can, with patience, give Kanden some easy kills. The Volt Driver is like
    the Power Beam when not charged but slightly more powerful. His detachable  
    tail in his Stinglarva form is planted like a bomb for a few seconds on the  
    floor and homes in on anyone nearby. Spamming his tail bombs is annoying for
    your enemies, but good for Kanden.      
    Spire is an incredibly cheap hunter on several stages. Alinos Gateway and   
    Council Chamber are his home courses. Spire is immune to lava damage, and he 
    is slight red so camping in the lava for an unsuspecting hunter to quickly
    pass by is a perfect chance to ambush them. The Magmaul is splash damaged, and
    you can burn multiple foes with one shot. Abuse it well. The Dialanche is the
    slowest alternate form, but has a huge attack raidus, making Spire perfect for
    a Defender game.           
    Weavel is another of the underused hunters. His advantages isn't all that   
    great if you look at them right. The Battlehammer isn't the greatest of    
    weapons unless you specialize in it. If you do, it can be very powerful as it
    has splash AND rapid-fire so you can rip through foes in a pinch. The arc on 
    the weapon makes it a pain to use, though. The Halfturret can screw Weavel  
    over if destroyed where he will become one mistake away from death at 1 HP. 
    Be careful should you use Weavel.     
    Noxus was one of the rarely seen hunters until a little while ago where his  
    popularity grew tremendously. Noxus holds the Judicator, capable of cheaply  
    freezing any foe in their tracks. The catch is in a trick known as Shadow   
    Freezing, the freeze radius, though short, has an infinite height. If you aim
    at the ground you can freeze enemies far away on upper ledges. Though, this 
    is considered cheap and will lead to disconnectors online unless you are with
    friends. The Vhoscythe does a large amount of damage, with a large radius  
    making Noxus another decent Defender player.     
    Trace is an interesting hunter, but if anyone uses him they use the same   
    tactic. Trace has the Imperialist, a sniper rifle of sorts. A headshot when 
    zoomed in will instantly kill a foe no matter what the character uses the  
    weapon. So why Trace? On levels without the Imperialist only Trace can get it
    with the Affinity Orb. He can destroy his foes quickly and quietly. Along with
    becoming invisible while staying still, the Triskelion's lunge is quite    
    powerful as well as a fast transportation mode for Trace users.     
    Sylux was once abused, but now that has calmed down quite a lot. The Shock  
    Coil has a very short range to it, but if it hits a foe continuously for   
    several seconds then their health will be sapped almost instantly. Also, any
    damage done using this weapon is transferred right back to Sylux. How badass 
    is that? The Lockjaw is also one of the fastest alternate forms, and if you 
    can form a small triangle around a foe it will deal 180 damage, generally  
    ensuring a kill point for you.        
                                ~Setting Up [SU]~
    Setting up a multiplayer match is very simple when it comes to just friends.
    All of you need a DS for yourselves. Should all of you have a copy of Metroid
    Prime Hunters then you want to choose Multi-Card Play. All players are allowed
    to choose their own hunter and the host picks the mode, stage, time, and   
    kills/points/Octoliths needed in order to win.        
    Should any one player be without a copy of Metroid Prime Hunters, not to   
    worry! Choose Download Play and anybody without the game can enter the Download
    File option form the DS's main menu, and download the multiplayer of the   
    game. People with the game can still join in the fun as well. Players with  
    the game get to choose their hunters, while those without it are stuck using
    Samus. The host also chooses what map gets played, but you can only play on  
    Battle mode for 7 minutes, first player to get 7 kills wins.          
    Once all of players are ready, let the hunt begin!        
                                 ~Battle Modes [BMS]~
    In a multiplayer match you are able to pick from one of seven exciting and  
    different multiplayer modes. All of them are different, so play them all and  
    chose a favorite out of them.      
    This is your standard battle deathmatch. The first one to accumulate the set  
    amount of kills wins. If time runs out, the hunter with the most kills will 
    be the winner. Team deathmatches are also possible, and both hunters on the  
    team have their scores added together to determine which team wins. Battle 
    can be pretty boring since its nothing out of the ordinary. It is playable on
    all course, so choose one your hunter is good at and let loose fury upon it. 
    All hunters are given a set number of lives between 0 and 10 (determined by 
    the host). The object is exactly like Battle, except when you run out of lives
    you are eliminated from the match. If you are killed then you will lose a  
    life. It is a simple concept. Besides the simple fact that everyone has lives,
    this is no different than a normal deathmatch. Survival can be played on all 
    levels. Make sure to keep a close eye on your lives! Suicides can really cost
    you dearly.       
    Prime Hunter
    This is one of the more fun modes. At the beginning the host will determine a 
    set amount of time. You need to be the Prime Hunter for X:XX in order to win.
    1:30 is the default time. In Prime Hunter, the beginning is the same. Try and
    kill your enemies. However, the first person to obtain a kill will become the
    Prime Hunter and their timer will begin to increase. As the Prime Hunter you 
    have enhanced speed and Affinity to all weapons (including the Omega Cannon
    which shoots like a rocket if you get it). The only catch is that you will  
    lose about 4 energy per second as you are the Prime Hunter. You can't gain
    energy easily-you just pass through it. In order to restore it you need to go
    on a killing spree. For every hunter you kill you gain 70 more energy to  
    hopefully last a little longer. If you are killed, the hunter that kills the 
    Prime Hunter becomes to new Prime Hunter and the game continues like that.  
    If the Prime Hunter dies from losing all their energy and not actually being
    killed by another hunter (or suicides), then the next player to get a kill will
    become the Prime Hunter. Be the Prime Hunter for the set time (timer doesn't
    go down, so you can lose it and continue upping it later) will win.     
    Capture is just like it sounds. In this Capture the Flag variation, you need 
    to be on teams. There is a red team and a green team, and both of them have 
    a designated base on the map with an Octolith of their team's color. Your  
    objective is to raid the other team's base, steal their Octolith by walking  
    into it and make it back to your base with it alive. The catches? Your Octolith
    needs to be at your base as well in order to score a point. Also, you can't 
    carry Octoliths when in your alt-form so you will drop it instantly if you try.
    Get back to biped and pick it up before the other team retrieves it and you 
    need to go back to get it. Also, if you are killed you drop the Octolith as  
    well. Split up the work when with a human partner. Have one guard the base 
    and the other raid the enemy for the Octolith. Stealth can be a big key    
    factor here!      
    Bounty is highly similar to Capture, but you don't need to be on teams.   
    Instead, there is only one shiny Octolith and one base. Rush for the Octolith
    and quickly dash for the base. If you deliver it then you earn a point. First
    to the point goal wins. Same Octolith rules in Caputre apply here (can't   
    go into alt-form and run to base, etc.). You can also do team play here as 
    well, but its less fun.       
    In Nodes, several rings (dependant on how many battlers there are) will be  
    scattered in various places around the battlefield. Your object is to capture 
    these nodes. Stand in a node and a progress bar will appear. Ater about 15  
    seconds the Node will be possesed by you, and you will gain a point about   
    every 1.5 seconds. If an enemy stands in a node you are trying to capture, then
    you will stop gaining points from it. You can kill them before they capture it
    and it will still remain in your control. You can't capture a node if an   
    enemy hunter is also in the node (the progress bar will just halt should that
    happen). You can capture multiple nodes and gather points much faster. Just 
    keep capturing nodes, especially those belonging to other players. Reach the 
    set point goal first to win.        
    Defender is similar to Nodes, but with a catch. There is only one node ring 
    in the field! With or without teams race for the node. When you are in the 
    node your timer will go up, and reaching the set time will win the game.    
    Problem is you have three other hunters also wanting time, and you can ONLY
    gain time if your the only hunter occupying the node. It is a zany killing 
    spree. Samus is easily the best choice for this mode as she starts with    
    powerful Missiles and can keep the node for extended periods of time. Noxus,
    Sylux, and Spire have long range alt-form attacks so they can keep the node 
    theirs as well. Keep killing and dodge your enemies to be the victor.     
                               ~Area Overviews [AOV]~
    There are 26 different battle arenas in the game, and you need to be       
    experienced with every last one of them to stand a chance in a real battle. 
    Pracitce against bots for a while to work on attacking somewhat intelligent 
    enemies, and practice the stages. You have a few open from the beginning,  
    and the rest (except for one) are opened by playing multiplayer matches (either
    online, with friends, or with bots). Once you play (don't need to win) the set
    amount the new stage is unlocked. Here are the stages and requirements to  
    unlock them.      
    Also here is an X under each mode. If there is an X then the map can be played
    on that mode. If not, then it can't be.      
    PRH=Prime Hunter
    AM=Adventure Mode
    *     Map Name      *        Conditions       *BAT*SUR*PRH*CAP*BON*DEF*NOD*
    *Combat Hall        *Unlocked from start      * X * X * X *   *   * X * X *
    *Data Shrine        *Unlocked from start      * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Processor Core     *Unlocked from start      * X * X * X *   *   * X * X *
    *High Ground        *Unlocked from start      * X * X * X *   *   *   * X *
    *Ice Hive           *Unlocked from start      * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Alinos Perch       *Unlocked from start      * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Sic Transit        *Unlocked from start      * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Transfer Lock      *Unlocked from start      * X * X * X * X * X * X * X *
    *Sanctorus          *Play 2 multi matches     * X * X * X *   *   * X * X *
    *Compression Chamber*Play 4 multi matches     * X * X * X *   *   *   * X *
    *Incubation Vault   *Play 6 multi matches     * X * X * X *   *   *   * X *
    *Subterranean       *Play 8 multi matches     * X * X * X *   *   * X * X *
    *Outer Reach        *Play 10 multi matches    * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Harvester          *Play 12 multi matches    * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Weapons Complex    *Play 14 multi matches    * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Council Chamber    *Play 16 multi matches    * X * X * X * X * X * X * X *
    *Elder Passage      *Play 18 multi matches    * X * X * X * X * X *   * X *
    *Fuel Stack         *Play 20 multi matches    * X * X * X *   *   *   * X *
    *Fault Line         *Play 22 multi matches    * X * X * X * X * X *   *   *
    *Stasis Bunker      *Play 1 Wifi game/40 multi* X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Head Shot          *Play game with 4 hunters * X * X * X * X *   *   * X *
    *Celestial Gateway  *Land on Archives in AM   * X * X * X *   *   * X * X *
    *Alinos Gateway     *Land on Alinos in AM     * X * X * X *   *   * X * X *
    *VDO Gateway        *Land on VDO in AM        * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Arcterra Gateway   *Land on Arcterra in AM   * X * X * X * X *   * X * X *
    *Oubliette          *Defeat Gorea 2           * X * X * X *   *   * X * X *
    Now starts the mini-guide of all the maps.      
    Combat Hall
    "CH....a place full of alt-spammers and noob sprees alike."
    Combat Hall is the smallest map in the game, forcing all of its competitors  
    into the open. You can only hide for so long here. The bottom level contains 
    some UA Ammo, an Affinity Weapon orb behind a blast shield, and the Magmual
    in a corner easily visible. There is a side hall that you can hide in and  
    shoot from. Foes have a hard time shooting you though. It also contains some 
    energy to keep warm. The second floor has some Morph Ball tunnels, Missile  
    ammo, and more energy.       
    Energy spamming is a common tactic and makes this map quite boring. With the
    abundencies of large energies dying isn't a commonplace. Shoot high from the
    top floor, using the lone jump pad to reach it. Trace has a variety of sniper
    spots to perch in and fire off on anyone daring to cross the center of the 
    room. Keep moving and stay high.      
    In Nodes to locations of the rings are on the perch the jump pad leads to, 
    the very center of the room, and at the end of the tunnel inside the wall.   
    Avoid the center node as people will be fighting over it for a while, halting
    progress for your possession for a while. The small node by the tunnel and 
    the node on the perch are your only other options. The perch is rarely     
    visited so capture it early and fend off foes who want possession of it. In 
    Defender, the main node is in the center as you may guess. Stock up on energy
    and Missiles before barraging into the circle, and quickly kill your foes.   
    Data Shrine
    "Typical alt-spammer paraidise. If not, HEADSHOT'D!"
    Data Shrine is a pretty fun map should you not have to face alt-spammers.   
    Playable on most modes, Data Shrine offers a lot. If you remember this room
    from adventure mode it plays like Data Shrine 02. The central chamber is where
    a lot of the action will take place. In the four corners of the area are the 
    Magmaul, Imperialist, Judicator, and Volt Driver. Obviously those with the
    weapon as their affinity can get a quick jump-start on their foes. There are
    a whopping 8 exits out of the middle chamber. The corners have holo-shields
    leading to the outer ring. Out here are platforms, some with a tunnel under 
    them containing more energy. Ammo and Missiles are available here.      
    Another exit is on the sides of the chamber that you can also walk through. 
    The Volt Driver is kept in one of these exits, grab if you want it. The upper
    platform of the chamber also has 2 small holes for an alt-form getaway. Small
    energies lie inside. Let your enemies come to you, then strike with fury.    
    In Capture mode, both Octoliths are in the outer ring at opposite sides. Near
    them are small energies to keep the one guarding it in moderate shape. Send 
    one teammate through the alt-form hole and into the center to fight with the 
    other team. Pass them or kill them to gain access to their base, steal the  
    Octolith, and run around the outer ring back to your base since you can't go
    into your alt-form without dropping the Octolith. Keep attacking your foes
    who will try and stop you along the way.            
    The nodes in Data Shrine are in similar locations. There is one in the very 
    center of the chamber, and the other two are where the Octolith bases lie in 
    Capture mode. Take whichever one on the outside you can and prepare to hold 
    your ground on the inside. In Defender, the center node is the only one used.
    With the large amount of weapons inside the chamber you shouldn't have trouble
    finding one to defend the node with for a long time.       
    Processor Core
    "...more like 'Race to the Deathalt' to me..."
    Processor Core is an interesting map, featuring two large funnels in the   
    center and a large bottom floor and several catwalks to cover. Not many     
    weapons are available so try and attack with mainly Missiles as your guide.  
    The funnel on the left is a common meeting ground as most players hang around
    the top floor, searching for the elusive Deathalt making your alt-form kill 
    anything instantly it hits. The Double Damage item, true to its name, also  
    resides up here. If you see a hunter grab either of these, avoid them at all 
    costs. If someone gets both then they become a mini-Prime Hunter, able to  
    annhilate everybody quickly. Get the lone Magmaul or Affinity Weapon orb and
    hold your own ground. If you can surprise other hunters around corners you can
    hold the upper hand.       
    There are only two nodes in this small room. One is on the top funnel, and the
    other is on the bottom, center of the room. That one surprisingly gets little
    attention so grabbing it is pretty simple. You willl reach a big fight trying
    to claim the node on the funnel. Getting up there is hard enough. You need to 
    jump onto the catwalks and carefully make your way onto it. Then you need to 
    stay on long enoguh to possess it. In Defender, the same funnel-node is the 
    one you need to defend. Rush for it immediately. With little weapons and energy
    lying around just use Missiles or spam the Power Beam to guard the node.     
    The top funnel has an energy on it, large with 3 or 4 players in the match. 
    Get it before anyone else to have an upper hand as the match begins. Stay in 
    the fight and evacuate when low on health.       
    High Ground
    "Its like an acid trip through cramped tunnels..."
    High Ground is a large map, covering two semi large rooms. The Imperialist 
    and Double Damage are the only things you will find here, and with all the  
    available sniping ledges this can be a heck of a fight. The upper floors of
    High Ground holds plenty of energy and UA Ammo. If you fall through the hole 
    in the center of the room you can enter the tunnels down there. There is   
    littl down here save a few orbs of energy. It can be a hiding spot if other 
    hunters start chasing you.        
    In nodes, the rings are seperated a good distance from eachother. If you drop
    through the hole in the ground you will land in a large node, generally the
    one most fought over. Worst of all you expose yourself to any snipers in the
    room, so possibly expect to be given a nice red Headshot. Near the Magmual 
    up by a ramp is another node. This one is also commonly faught over, and if  
    you charge the Magmaul into battle you can wipe out some foes there and claim
    the node. The last one is hidden on a ledge the opposite corner the previous 
    node is on. Head up the other ramp and follow the corridor right to find it.
    It is rarely fought over so taking control of it should be simple. Keep stocked
    on energy and weapons to stay alive.      
    Ice Hive
    "More Deathalt fun. Yippee..."
    Ice Hive is a pretty large arena with a ton of energy, ammo, and weapons to 
    pick up. The Double Damage and Deathalt make an unfortunate return and boasting
    them for a few seconds will make your enemies run in fear. They are located 
    both in the back area of the room, in tiny tunnels only one hunter at a time 
    can fit through. Grab them when the coast is clear and reek havoc upon your 
    foes. The Magmual, Judicator, and Imperialist are also available for you to  
    obtain. With some high perches, sniping should be simple if you keep a lookout
    on the center of the arena.         
    In Capture, the two Octoliths are placed far apart. The orange team's Octolith
    is located in the southwest corner of the room. With two different paths    
    leading to it, the protector of the base needs to be a good lookout. The green
    base with Octolith is on the second floor, on the south wall. The path to it
    is moderately long as a jump pad needs to be located firstly. With many weapons
    a good defense is highly suggested to fortify your base.       
    In Nodes, the rings are in precarious positions. Near the center of the room 
    is the large, main ring of the room. It is far away from most weaponry and  
    ammo supply so despite taking it being easy, defending it is the hard part.
    That node is also the one used in Defender. Since you can't live very long 
    with little weaponry you will need to leave now and then, or face a death 
    if you want, to pick up more weapons and gain more time. The other two nodes
    are very tiny. One is in the southwest corner and the other is on the second 
    floor along the north wall. Capture a node and move on. Staying still easily
    puts the death in Deathalt.       
    Alinos Perch
    "Its like the Grand Canyon, but with snipers. Hmm..."
    Alinos Perch is one of the largest battlefields in the game, but it has a 
    huge lack of weapons and ammo making for some tense battling where your aim 
    is far more important. The west side of Alinos Perch has the Imperialist,  
    Volt Driver, and Magmaul. Grab the Imperialist, or Magmual is it was taken. 
    Start climbing the ledges and staking out an area of the room. The west side 
    has a giant hill with a huge perch at the top, and a small maze further back
    with Missiles about. Take aim on the perch and fire at unsuspecting foes.  
    With them on the run, leap out and head in for the kill.             
    Capture mode has a long run for the Octoliths. The tall perch on the big hill
    is where the orange team's base is located. The green Octolith is on the small
    circular path on the opposite far end of the room. Both teams should work  
    together in grabbing the Octolith and backing eachother up. If your Octolith
    gets stolen, divert your attention to getting it back forcing them to go back
    and get it again, wasting their time and allowing you to sneak their Octolith
    Three nodes are straddled around the room. A huge node is on the far right 
    side of the room. This node is also the one used in Defender, and is a pain to
    maintain under your control. Boot anyone out with the Magmaul to rack up some 
    more time and burn your foes, possibly wiping them out. The other two nodes
    are a while away. One is near the center of the room, and the last is at the 
    peak of the huge hill on the west side of the room. Possess a node and move
    to another, keeping foes out of yours as long as possible.       
    Sic Transit
    "I loathe the snow. It looks cute, then you get Imperialist'd up the ass."
    Sic Transit is a large and confusing room and directions aren't the easiest 
    things to say. The double damage appears in a corner of the room near a ramp 
    to the upper level, and the Cloak is in a small hole up there is well. Grab 
    them midway into the battle for a huge advantage. Invincibility with the   
    cloak is priceless. With the Imperialist, Shock Coil, and Battlehammer in the
    room you have a lot of options to pursue. Practice here first because the maze
    will easily confuse newcomers.      
    In Capture you will have a hell of a time retrieving an Octolith. The orange
    base is located in the northwest corner, on the bottom floor. The green    
    Octolith is on the far west perch on the second floor. Heading to the orange
    base is confusing, and many paths lead you RIGHT BACK to the green base. From
    the orange base, getting to the green base is pretty easy. Taking a jump pad
    to the second floor puts a point in the bag. Avoid the underground tunnels as
    much as possible.       
    In Nodes, the rings scattered apart. One is in the center-south of the room,
    and is also used in Defender. The Affinity Powerup is nearby, so grab it   
    before attacking the ring. With some ammo nearby you can hold on for extended
    periods of time without leaving. The west side of the room has another node, 
    but is tricky to reach. Camp out there, killing anyone who interferes. The   
    second floor has one last node on a perch that is small but often fought over
    as well. Keep your energy high in this frozen wasteland.      
    Transfer Lock
    "Low gravity is like nothing you've seen before. So is death."
    Transfer Lock is a small or large arena depending on what mode you are in.  
    The main room of Transfer Lock has a ton of ammo, weapons, and energy lying 
    about. There is a small pyramid type structure that can be a common fighting 
    ground. There is also an outer area of Transfer Lock with low gravity allowing
    jumps to reach insane heights. In Battle, Survival, and Prime Hunter modes 
    this area is blocked off. Sorry.       
    Capture and Bounty have a huge distance for you to carry the Octolith. The  
    green base is located at the pyramid structure. It is also where you pick up
    the Octolith in Bounty. The orange base is on one of the small platforms in 
    space. Use the gravity to your advantage and jump far out over there. That is
    also the area where you drop off the Octolith in Bounty. The connection between
    the outer and inner area is several levels tall, with many entrances. Guard 
    the middle to see anyone passing through.        
    The Defender node is also in a familar location-in the middle of the pyramid. 
    With a major crapload of items, weapons, and ammo everywhere it becomes a huge
    fest of who can kill the other foe the most. The other three nodes are forming
    a triangle around the pyramid. They are very tiny, so getting pushed out of one
    is really simple. Run for a node that no one is occupying and possess it then
    move on to another node. The center node is a big one so taking control of it
    too all depends on whether the other hunters want you to succeed or not. Keep
    running, and pick up energy when needed. Never venture to the low-gravity area.
    No nodes are located there.              
    "A large room with ice and Double Damage. Just run the other direction..."
    Sanctorus is composed of a moderately large lower floor and a hard to reach,
    but small upper floor. The problem with this map, besides the fact it has the
    Double Damage, is that there is a lack of weapons. Only the Volt Driver can 
    be found, and only one Affinity Orb. There is very little energy here as well
    and all of it is small energy. UA Ammo? 2 spots for it, both hard to reach. 
    Sanctorus can become a fun Power Beam/Missile match in moments. In the center
    of the room are some fallen platforms with Missile ammo on them. Make a hard 
    jump to the ledge up there, which is the second floor. You can snipe foes from
    here, and dominate with Trace.       
    There are only two nodes in this arena. There is a huge one on the bottom  
    floor, also the main for Defender. With a lack of weapons this node is      
    difficult to defend. Use Missile to gain an upper hand. The other small node 
    is on the second floor on the ledge that encircles the room. If you grab it 
    you will have a perfect shot at the lower node. Kill any hunters who enter it
    and keeping it as own.       
    Compression Chamber
    "Here's the irony that it isn't small..."
    Compression Chamber is actually a large room. With plenty of jump pads there 
    is a lot of ground to explore. The Judicator can be found behind a pillar in
    the front of the room. There are several Affinity Orbs that can be picked up
    in the other area of the room, but other than that there aren't any other  
    weapons to obtain. The Double Damage is found on the upped catwalks of the 
    room accessed witht the jump pads. Small energies are thrown in several corners
    of the room. Grab them whenever possible to maximize your health. Grab ammo and
    seek out your enemies.        
    There are three nodes in the room and all of them are pretty easy to get to. 
    There is no Defender mode, oddly, but that's not a problem. The backend of the
    room near the double damage is a popular node. The central giant node is also
    a favorite as it is so easy to reach from any position you are in. On a ledge
    near that node is another, smaller node. Grab it and fire down to the large 
    node to keep both in your possession when possible.         
    Incubation Vault
    "Murky green.....isn't that the color of war?"
    Incubation Vaul features two floows, mainly an outside ledge on the top. The 
    bottom is where the main warfare will commence, taking the top for energy.    
    A thick green haze from chemical pollution is in Incubation Vault, so look past
    it for your enemies who hide in it. Kanden camoflauges well in this haze making
    him a good choice for the course. The Battlehammer and Shock Coil can be found
    in the room, along with Affinity Orbs along the bottom floor wall. Grab what 
    you need and fight it out on the floor.        
    The nodes are both low and high in Incubation Vault. Although there is no   
    Defender, the center ring on the bottom floor is a common fighting zone. There
    is also a ring in the top left and top right corners of the room on the second
    floor. Roll along the edges in your alt-form to quickly reach the nodes. The 
    top floor has prime sniping locations making Trace another good hunter for 
    this crazy map.          
    "Double Damage, Imperialist and a lower level, oh my!"
    Subterranean is quite true to its name. Made up by two large rooms stacked on
    top of each other, with the only means of getting to the top level a jump pad
    makes for a crazy maze that isn't going to end pretty. There are two Double  
    Damage weapons on this course. They won't quadruple your power, sadly, when 
    you have both but there is a bright side. Your foes can't get either that way!
    The upper rooms have a crap load of weapons and ammo and Missiles lying about
    so you will NEVER be low on energy and the like. The Cloak is right next to the
    Imperialist so you can have the effects of Trace for a short time AND still 
    move around. Badassness. The Judicator and Shock Coil are on the lower floor,
    and a short distance from the jump pad back to the real action. Race to the 
    lower floor if you start running low on health where you are unlikely to be 
    Defender comes back in this mode. The main node is in the larger of the rooms,
    in the center of of the holes leading to the lower area. It is a tiny node and
    you are likely to be pushed out a lot when trying to gain control, especially
    in Nodes mode. Another node lies nearby and is just as small. A larger node 
    waits past the doorway in the smaller of the rooms. The action is a bit calmer
    there allowing for an easy capture.      
    Outer Reach
    "Reach out your hand and let me kill you. Now."
    Outer Reach is a pretty expansive and large stage, but it can get a bit   
    confusing fighting on the multi-tiered arena. The lower floors have the     
    majority of the weapons and ammo you desire, so fall down there firstly to  
    collect them. The middle floor and top floor, accessed by jump pads, have the 
    Shock Coil and Imperialist along with the sniper spots to perfect their    
    usefulness in battle. The middle floor is where a lot fo action will take   
    place, so grab some ammo and defend yourself there.       
    In Capture mode, you will need to quickly pass through the levels to the other
    team's base in return to yours alive. The green team's Octolith is on the third
    floor on a platform only accessed by a jump pad from the second floor. The   
    orange team's base is on the opposite platform also on the third floor.    
    Technically, that's little traveling, but since both teams meet up quickly only
    one can emerge the winner and take home the points, allowing the losing team 
    to catch some items and beat the team in the next duel.          
    Defender an Nodes are in familar locations. The Defender node is on the bottom
    floor, large and hard to miss. The other two nodes can be found where the   
    Octolith bases are in Capture, both on the top floor. Defending your nodes or
    node in Defender or Nodes can be tough as other hunters will be racing between
    floors to capture other nodes or defend their own. Do the same and capture
    2 nodes to increase point gainage.       
    "What IS this place?"
    Harvester is a large arena and considered one of the most balanced ones to  
    boot. Thanks to a lack of cheap weapons like Double Damage and the Cloak,  
    people are able to have a nice battle with every weapon in the game. That's 
    right, Harvester has all 6 sub-weapons for you to choose from. Its a race to
    the right weapon, some ammo, a little health, and then searching for your  
    opponents. The center room of Harvester has 4 weapons in its corners. The    
    Imperialist lies on a platform only a long jump pad will shoot you to on both
    ends of the arena. The Volt Driver is on the top level. With plenty of ammo 
    and energy here and there you should expect a hell riding fight in Harvester. 
    In Capture modes both bases are on the end platforms on both far left and  
    far right of the room. You need to quickly traverse to the other side of the 
    room, get on the second floor and use the jump pad there to reach the other 
    base's Octolith, then repeat this pattern back to your base. Next to each  
    Octolith is an Imperialist. The guarder should use this to kill anyone foolish
    enough to try stealing your bounty.       
    There are three nodes, and a Defender match takes place in one of them. The  
    two Octolith bases each have a node and the center room has one as well, also
    used in Defender. Weapons are EVERYWHERE in Harvester, so grab one and go.  
    Venture off a node to grab ammo now and then. Because two nodes are so far  
    apart, in 3 or 4 hunter matches just stick to one node the whole time and  
    guard it with your life. If other nodes switch hunters then there will be  
    an imbalance in points except for you which should continue cruising up. Keep
    up the firing and the point/time goal should be yours in no time.       
    Weapons Complex
    "Not the Adventure Mode room you were expecting!"
    Weapons Complex is the only arena that is NOTHING like its Adventure Mode 
    counterpart. Why its named the same is beyond me. There are two levels to   
    Weapons Complex. Several different weapons are available for you. Actually, 
    all of them are. The Cloak is back in this arena but getting through the     
    corridors and switching levels isn't the easiest thing. With a lack of UA   
    Ammo and Missiles this can get ugly fast. Energy is still abundant, albeit on
    the corners of the area in both levels. If you die you may be placed on the 
    very top level, inaccessable otherwise. Survey the battlegrounds below before
    jumping in again.          
    In Capture, both teams Octoliths are placed on the lower floor only a short 
    distance from eachother. Why the big deal? There's no weapons, defense, energy,
    or anything to protect you from diving straight in. Be smart and visit the 
    second floor for a short few seconds, grab what you need and return to the  
    battle. With your enhancements you should be able to push through and grab the
    Octolith. Don't bother having one teammate stay guard. Have both go for the 
    Octolith, or better make a diversion and have your partner grab it while you
    attract the other team's attention.           
    Three nodes are placed in Weapons Complex. Two are on the lower floor where
    the Octolith bases normall would be. The third is on the normally inaccessable
    top platform. There is a windtunnel seperating the two floors. You can jump 
    up to the third platform from a ledge on either floor and land in the node 
    there. This node is also the Defender node. Grab weapons on the second floor
    before jumping onto the node so as not to be killed as soon as you arrive.   
    Council Chamber
    "More sniper nests...oh boy."
    Council Chamber is a moderately large arena with two levels to it like most
    of the previous arenas. Once again, every weapon is available here but not 
    in the most convienent fashion. The Volt Driver and Battlehammer are tough 
    weapons to obtain, so don't bother reaching out for them. UA Ammo is all over
    the place in Council Chamber. There are several jump pads leading to the second
    floor where a maze of ledges appears to be. Lose enemies following you in these
    tunnels, but beware to not get lost yourself! Get hold of the better weapons 
    and rip apart your foes.        
    In Capture mode, the green team's Octolith is located on the second floor in a
    large, dead end circular room. This is also the Octolith pick-up in Bounty   
    mode. The orange Octolith or the drop-off point in Bounty mode is located near
    the Shock Coil on the first floor. Move quickly between floors to acquire the
    Octoliths and return them to base.        
    The nodes are in similar locations. There is one near the Imperialist and one
    where the orange Octolith is in Capture. The main, large node is on the second
    floor where the green base usually is. This is also the Defender node. You need
    weapons to maintain lone possession of the Defender node, so get them on the 
    first floor. In Nodes, the tiny nodes are pretty close to each other. Obtain
    those and let others fight over the last node.      
    Elder Passage
    "Didn't we already play here?"
    Elder Passage is the room right next to High Ground. But in the High Ground  
    map both High Ground and Elder Passage were connected. Huh?? Elder Passage, 
    the multiplayer map, is EXACTLY the same as the High Ground map. The only  
    difference is the locations of weapons and ammo. Not that great, huh? Now  
    the Magmaul, Judicator, Shock Coil, and Imperialist appear here. Ammo is   
    slightly rarer and other than that we have a similar map to High Ground.    
    Battle-wise, it is the same. But in other modes there are differences.     
    Capture and Bounty have the same base locations and pick-up/drop-off     
    locations as well. The green team's Octolith/pick-up area is on the upper floor
    inside some tunnels. The orange team's Octolith/drop-off point is on the   
    opposite side of the stage in a similar tunnel. Remember to grab weapons on 
    the bottom floor firstly.        
    There are four nodes to occupy, and sadly Defender doesn't appear here. There
    are nodes at the base locations that appear in Capture so try to avoid those 
    as they are hard to reach and harder to maintain. There are also two on the 
    bottom floor in the main area of Elder Passage a minute distance from each 
    other. Try to keep your capture color on both of them and detract other   
    hunters into going for the other two nodes far away. This keeps your area  
    safe a little while longer, and you can get energy and ammo restores in that
    period of safe time.      
    Fuel Stack
    "I KNEW that was a damn elevator! Stupid Adventure Mode and its horrible lies!"
    Fuel Stack remains mostly the same this time around. There are still five   
    floors to this tall room, the bottom still kills you, and you are NOT on a 
    death-timer. Best of all, the central windtunnel is an elevator! Walk into it
    or jump into it from an upper level and you will fall a bit, then slowly rise
    while gaining speed. Lots of speed. At the top you will find a snipers nest 
    and an Imperialist to stop anyone else from coming to meet you, and hurt any
    in the windtunnel. Problem is, just past the snipers nest is a huge white light
    in the ceiling. If you hit it in the windtunnel, you die. Don't be stupid!  
    Use the windtunnel often to reach the various levels of Fuel Stack and collect
    any of the weapons or Double Damage/Cloak you see fit. Fights on the windtunnel
    may appear common.       
    Nodes is very annoying in Fuel Stack. Because of the various levels and how 
    they all look alike, one mistake could cause a flip on possession of the nodes.
    There is one on the second floor near the tube to the first floor, another far
    from the windtunnel on the fourth floor and the last near the windtunnel on 
    the first floor. The first and second floor nodes are close to eachother, so 
    avoid their competition and battle for the fourth floor one. Other players 
    won't go there and newbies won't even KNOW its there as this map is rarely 
    played on due to its suckiness. Too big? Eh.      
    Fault Line
    "This is Metroid Prime Hunters, not a tennis match."
    Fault Line is a large arena with 2 levels to it. The Double Damage and Cloak 
    are both in here making this a typical hated level. The lower floor has the 
    Shock Coil and the Judicator, and an empty tunnel. Corner your foes here if 
    they try a fast getaway. The top floor has all the other weapons, and jump pads
    up there send you to a small room just a bit higher than that. The Volt Driver
    and mass energy is in that room. Battle on either side of the second floor  
    and pick a good spot to hang around. Hunters jumping up from the first floor 
    should expect a surprise from you!       
    Capture and Bounty are the other modes available here. Sorry, no Nodes even 
    though there should be. The orange team base/Bounty pick-up is in the small 
    room only accessed by jump pads from the second floor. The green team base/
    Bounty drop-off is located on a ledge that can be reached by a spiraling    
    platform on the far side of the second floor. Make sure to hide around corners
    or just make a head on assault and beat your rivals to the Octolith.       
    Stasis Bunker
    "If you don't win, YOU will be in stasis..."
    Stasis Bunker consists of two levels, both seperated by a rampway leading  
    from one to another. There's also several jump pads allowing for instant   
    access to the top floor. The Imperialist, Volt Driver, and Battlehammer are 
    located on the second floor near the holes the jump pads send you through.  
    Little ammo is available on the first floor which is the place you should  
    probably draw your opponents to in order to drive their ammo reserves pretty 
    low and assault them from there on. Energy is also rare in Stasis Bunker.   
    Aoid getting hit too much because you aren't able to replenish it quickly  
    enough as you lose it.               
    For Capture mode, the orange team's Octolith is on the far side of the first 
    floor near two UA Ammo's. The green team's Octolith is located on the second 
    floor, close to the ramp seperating the floors. You don't need to travel far
    to either destination and there is no hinderence between them, but the second 
    floor hunters have the advantage of reaching the weapons first. There isn't 
    much else to really say.     
    There are three node rings in Nodes. On is near the second floor rampway to 
    the first floor. There is also a node near the orange team's Octolith base. 
    A larger node is next to that one and is also the Defender node. With a ton
    of ammo nearby these two nodes, one heck of a fight for them can ensue. Make
    sure to halt or disrupt to possession progress of acquiring nodes from your
    fellow hunters.        
    Head Shot
    "Ironically, you won't be getting many Headshots on Head Shot..."
    Head Shot takes place on a large space station. The interior holds all the 
    weapons you can find yet the outside holds the energy. Which is more important
    to you? The outer edge of the station has low gravity so you will be making
    huge leaps and bounds across these platforms between levels. The interior of 
    the upper floor contains literally NOTHING. There is a tiny hole in the center.
    The Imperialist is hidden in this hole and you will collect it as you fall  
    through. The bottom level has all the weapons, ammo, stuff you need. But there
    isn't an exit! Get into your alt-form and enter one of the holo-shields. You
    will be blasted to a far off space platform where you can jump back to the 
    main station and keep going. The whole fight generally works that way.     
    In Capture, the Octolith bases are located on the aforementioned space     
    platforms across from each other. Head into the station quickly and fall to 
    the lower floor. Look for the icon on your visor showing where the enemy    
    Octolith is, line up the tunnel leading to it, and blast to them. Steal the  
    Octolith and get the hell out of there and return to your base. You must   
    walk around the outer edge in order to claim the point as rolling into your  
    alt-form is a no-no in Capture. Good luck.       
    Nodes should have obvious placement for the four nodes. They are all on the
    outer space platforms, one on each. Get onto a platform, kill any hunter(s) 
    currently occupying it, and capture the node. Head back, go to another    
    platform and do the same. Repeat as fast as you can to have multiple nodes in
    your possession. Don't worry too much if your own nodes get stolen. Just keep
    stealing and you should always have at least one.     
    Celestial Gateway
    "Don't you DARE roll under that platform!"
    Celestial Gateway has three large floors but there isn't much on any of them.
    You can get most of the weapons on all of the floors, but only ONE UA Ammo  
    actually appears on the first floor. Grab it quickly and get a weapon to have
    the upper advantage for a little while. Whittle down your opponents or hide in
    the underground chamber by using your alt-form to head under the platform in 
    the middle. Down there is the Shock Coil and four portals, each taking you to
    a different area of Celestial Archives. The top floor is a good sniping spot
    for Trace, so use it well.       
    The Nodes locations are interesting. Three are by the windows on the top floor
    of Celestial Archives and the last is on the center of the lower chamber.   
    Defend the top ones vigilantly, it will be a hard fight. Head quickly for the 
    lower node if you ever get the chance. The Defender node is where Samus's ship
    would normally be parked in Adventure Mode. With a lack of ammo on that floor
    things can get pretty tight when guarding the lone ring.       
    Alinos Gateway
    "Its like...1% huge room, 99% lava."
    Alinos Gateway is a large room with energy and weapons and ammo everywhere.
    Lava is also everywhere on the ground. Spire naturally has a homefield     
    advantage here on Alinos Gateway. There are many jump pads around the solid  
    platforms in the lava. They will send you from jump pad to jump pad if you  
    don't move in the air, and eventually end up on an awesome snipers nest with 
    an Imperialist orb. Perfect spot to hide for a while and own the other    
    As for Defender and Nodes, the Defender node along with one of the four nodes
    is located where Samus's ship parks during Adventure Mode. Several energies 
    lie around here as well, making it a tight spot. There is also a node in the  
    Imperialist nest, making it a first come, first keeps the damn thing kind 
    of basis. The other two doors are on the long strech of platform on the far
    east side of the room. Get them early as they are near eachother and use the 
    bounty of Missiles to keep foes away.          
    VDO Gateway
    "From above, this room looks like a giant target..."
    VDO Gateway is a moderate sized arena. There is an upper floor and lower floor
    but little is ever there. The upper floor is just a giant floating oval only
    jump pads can give you access to. The Imperialist is the only thing here. It
    can be a makeshift snipers nest if you think about it. The Double Damage lies
    in the center of the ice rink on the very bottom pit. Walk up the ramp out of
    it an unleash Power Beam hell upon your enemies. With a total lack of weapons 
    this makes for a tough map, but Missiles can take charge here.     
    Capture is pretty dull as the two bases are near eachother. They are on    
    opposite ends of the ice rink on the lower floor. With no other weapons to  
    grab, its merely shooting a few Missiles, grabbing the Octolith, then     
    walking back. No problem.         
    There are three Nodes available for capture. The top floating ring has two 
    nodes lying on it. Secure them and fend off intruders with the Imperialist.  
    The bottom floor where Samus's ship is parked in Adventure Mode holds a large
    ring, also being the Defender ring. Once again, the lack of weapons makes this
    ring difficult to keep for extended periods of time. Leave and come back   
    whenever necessary.    
    Arcterra Gateway
    "Frozen wastelands and high peaks. Cool?" 
    Arcterra Gateway is one of the tallest arenas, and you will need to climb and 
    fall down the huge spiral quick at time in order to achieve your goals. The 
    Affinity Orb, located where Samus's ship docks in Adventure Mode, is the only
    weapon in this arena. Because of this it is rarely choosen online. Some ammo 
    can be found around the spiraling platforms, but other than that and a few  
    Missiles battles are pretty bland here. Don't get your hopes up.      
    In Capture, both team's Octoliths are placed on platforms around the spiraling
    center. The orange team's is up high and the green team's is pretty low.  
    This gives the green team the advantage as they just need to fall into their
    base for a point leaving no room for an actual chase to occur. The Affinity 
    Orb is your only means of getting weapons.     
    Nodes and Defender is slightly more interesting. There are two nodes placed
    on platforms around the center but in different locations than in Capture.  
    The last node, also used in Defender, is where Samus's ship parks in Adventure
    Mode. Get the Affinity Orb and blast any and all weaklings who enter the ring.
    Everything is balanced in the favor of whoever gets their Affinity first.   
    "Its you, three other hunters, and Nuke in a Can."
    The final stage is located in the place where you fight Gorea 2, Oubliette. 
    This giant tower makes the final map in the game and its a downer. There are 
    NO WEAPONS at all, save one. That would be Missiles. Power Beam spammers are 
    welcome here. However, there is a race to the top. Climb the platforms and use
    jump pads when necessary to reach the summit of the tower where the Omega   
    Cannon awaits. It has 1 ammo and becomes automatically equipped. Shoot it and
    run like hell because it isn't gonna be pretty. The Omega Cannon moves very 
    slow, but when it hits something a giant flash of light will go off. If you 
    aren't behind cover, you die. If Trace or Noxus are staying still in their 
    alt-forms then they are invincible to te Omega Cannon even if it hits them! 
    Awesome isn't it? A bland arena besides that cheap ass tactic.       
    As for nodes, there's a node on the ground floor and one on a platform near
    the top, and one final node at the top where the Omega Cannon is. This is 
    also the Defender node. Get the Omega Cannon, run away and shoot it towards 
    the other hunters. They die, leaving the ring open for you only. Uh...there
    isn't anything else special to say about this stage.      
                                 ~Credits [CRED]~
    Myself-Wrote the FAQ >_>                                           
    yoshi992-He's my best friend, gave me inspiration to write this, helped me  
    conduct tests for several areas of our Walkthroughs                        
    Nintendo Strategy Guide-For those few scans I never knew existed
    NDS_Master-I (to some extent) used his method of recording Scans during his
    Walkthrough. I liked his method and it was much more organized than my    
    method, so I'm using it. Full credit to him for the idea though.
    CJayC-Made GameFAQ's, wouldn't have a point of writing this without him     

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