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    Battling Guide by turismo2029

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 07/30/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Created by Shadow Knight (www.mph-forum.com) aka turismo2029 (GameFAQs.com).
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    @@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@  @@@@@@@@  
    @@! @@! @@!  @@!         @@!    @@!  @@@  @@!  @@@  @@!  @@!  @@@  
    !@! !@! !@!  !@!         !@!    !@!  @!@  !@!  @!@  !@!  !@!  @!@  
    @!! !!@ @!@  @!!!:!      @!!    @!@!!@!   @!@  !@!  !!@  @!@  !@!  
    !@!   ! !@!  !!!!!:      !!!    !!@!@!    !@!  !!!  !!!  !@!  !!!  
    !!:     !!:  !!:         !!:    !!: :!!   !!:  !!!  !!:  !!:  !!!  
    :!:     :!:  :!:         :!:    :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:  :!:  !:!  
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    @@!  @@@  @@!  @@@  @@!  @@! @@! @@!  @@!       
    !@!  @!@  !@!  @!@  !@!  !@! !@! !@!  !@!       
    @!@@!@!   @!@!!@!   !!@  @!! !!@ @!@  @!!!:!    
    !!@!!!    !!@!@!    !!!  !@!   ! !@!  !!!!!:    
    !!:       !!: :!!   !!:  !!:     !!:  !!:       
    :!:       :!:  !:!  :!:  :!:     :!:  :!:       
     ::       ::   :::   ::  :::     ::    :: ::::  
     :         :   : :  :     :      :    : :: ::   
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    @@!  @@@  @@!  @@@  @@!@!@@@    @@!    @@!       @@!  @@@  !@@       
    !@!  @!@  !@!  @!@  !@!!@!@!    !@!    !@!       !@!  @!@  !@!       
    @!@!@!@!  @!@  !@!  @!@ !!@!    @!!    @!!!:!    @!@!!@!   !!@@!!    
    !!!@!!!!  !@!  !!!  !@!  !!!    !!!    !!!!!:    !!@!@!     !!@!!!   
    !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!  !!:  !!!    !!:    !!:       !!: :!!        !:!  
    :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!  :!:  !:!    :!:    :!:       :!:  !:!      !:!   
    ::   :::  ::::: ::   ::   ::     ::     :: ::::  ::   :::  :::: ::   
     :   : :   : :  :   ::    :      :     : :: ::    :   : :  :: : :    
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    0: Revision History
    1: Introduction
    2: The Hunters
    >>>> 2a: Samus
    >>>> 2b: Kanden
    >>>> 2c: Spire
    >>>> 2d: Weavel
    >>>> 2e: Sylux
    >>>> 2f: Noxus
    >>>> 2g: Trace
    3: The Weapons
    >>>> 3a: Power Beam
    >>>> 3b: Missiles
    >>>> 3c: Volt Driver
    >>>> 3d: Magmaul
    >>>> 3e: Battlehammer
    >>>> 3f: Shock Coil
    >>>> 3g: Judicator
    >>>> 3h: Imperialist
    >>>> 3i: Omega Cannon
    4: Miscellaneous Tips
    >>>> 4a: Sniping Guide
    >>>> 4b: Universal Ammo Guide
    5: The End
    --------REVISION HISTORY--------
    18/4/06: First version of guide up, a fair few strategies, the bulk of the 
    guide went up in other words, the base of it.
    19/4/06: Added in a heap of tips from Lokarin from GameFAQ's, some very cool
    stuff, also added in some other tips aswell.
    26/4/06: Adding in some new stuff I thought up, Weapon Combinations, just to
    keep the metagame feeling fresh, of course, some more will no doubt come in
    once people start contributing.
    They can be found inside each hunters area.
    27/4/06: Added in the ASCII art thing, which was made up through a generator,
    which can be found at http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
    Cheers to Hardtalk_13 for giving me the link to that awesome site.
    Also, changed these revision dates to "06", because I was evidently stuck in
    "05" for some reason. Time warp for the win!!
    28/4/06: Fixed a few little mistakes, also added a link to a chart I said
    there was a link for.
    4/5/06: Added an extra tip for Weavel.
    15/5/06: Added some more Weavel stuff in, I use him alot, so yeah...
    31/7/06: Updated it since it was massively outdated.
    It probably still is.
    No I will not mention anything about Shadow Freezing since it's a glitch.
    --------1: INTRODUCTION--------------------------------------------------------
    This guide is intended to enhance the players knowledge about each hunters
    fighting style, and inform the player of any tips or techniques they didn't
    know beforehands.
    It also includes information on each weapon in the game, so the player is
    able to fight intelligently, instead of simply spamming their affinity weapon.
    The only sites with my permission to post this guide are:
    GameFAQ's: http://www.gamefaqs.com
    MPH Forum: http://www.mph-forum.com
    Where credit is given to a person, that means they informed me of the tip or
    technique first, and I advise you seek their permission if you plan on using
    their tips or techniques.
    To submit tips, you will have to join http://www.mph-forum.com and post in the
    relevant area, because I don't want my e-mail address to become flooded with
    --------2: THE HUNTERS---------------------------------------------------------
    This section is dedicated to the hunters, it contains basic tips for using the
    hunter, and also includes submitted tips from readers.
    Each hunter has a "General Playstyle" category, along with "Alternative form",
    "Affinity Weapon" and "Miscellaneous Things" categories.
    As of 26th of April, 2006, they also have a "Weapon Combination" area aswell.
    General Playstyle is intended to show what range the hunter is at their best in
    along with anything else that doesn't fit anywhere else.
    Alternative form is there to show tips about how to use the alternative form of
    the hunter, along with any techniques the alternative form is capable of doing.
    Affinity Weapon is there to show what advantages the hunter gains when using
    their affinity weapon, along with any techniques they are able to put in place
    with it.
    Miscellaneous Things is all random tips about the hunter, such as a certain map
    they excel in, or a specific mode they excel in, aswell as any other random
    tips that are not suited to be placed anywhere else.
    Weapon Combinations is to show what weapons you can mix with that characters
    affinity weapon for some fresh results, helping to keep the game a little
    more unpredictable.
    There is some damage statistics within this guide, but here is a link to a
    chart which was assembled by TomatoSplodey/Jason/Dark Paladin from statistics
    sourced by NSider.
    Yeah, teh fu210n dr4g0n made one like this, this i just easier to read.
    ========2a: S A M U S==========================================================
    General Playstyle
    Samus can fight both close up, and at a distance, thanks to her abilities with 
    the morph ball, and her affinity with the missiles. 
    Something to note is that Samus performs exceedingly well against the new 
    hunters, I expected her to be really bland now, but she isn't, she's still a 
    great hunter, extremely deadly to come up against. 
    Alternative form: Morph Ball 
    Morph Bomb Damage: 16
    Morph Boost Damage: 20
    The Morph Ball has three moves going for it, it's bombs, it's boost, and a 
    boost jump. 
    The bombs take out 16HP, and are great for spamming an area with, as they 
    have a decent blast radius and allow for an escape, as the enemy will have to 
    watch where they are going for a while if they don't want to be hurt. 
    The boost takes out 20HP, and moves quite quickly, not as fast as the 
    Triskelion, but it's still fast, this means it can be used defensively to rush 
    to health should you need it, and it can also be used to run into other 
    hunters, 20 damage isn't all that much though as you can't use it at a very 
    repetitive rate, it's still worth using though. 
    The boost jump is when you are near an enemy and drop a bomb, it will explode 
    immediately and propel you into the air, this can be used offensively, as the 
    bomb harms the enemy, and defensively, as you can use it near a hunter, and 
    launch yourself away from them, as a means of escape. 
    It's also very fun to do, as you can use it to get behind a hunter, after 
    which, you go biped and start spamming missiles at them. Very cool stuff. 
    Affinity Weapon: Missile 
    Samus' affinity with the Missiles allows them to home in on enemies, as they 
    fire at a fairly quick speed, this is best used at a medium-long range 
    distance, it's great for dog fighting with Trace users, if you keep strafing, 
    and it's more than capable of dog fighting a Kanden user who is firing charged 
    Volt Drivers, because even if you lose vision for a second, the missile will 
    still home in if your aim was close enough. 
    Missiles are perhaps the most useful weapon in the game, as you begin with 
    some of them, and they deal out quite a formidable amount of damage. 
    Samus' affinity only improves this, also, by collecting an Affinity icon, 
    when out of Missiles, you do gain Missiles I believe, meaning there is more 
    opportunites for you to replenish your missiles. 
    Miscellaneous Tips
    On the subject of the bomb jump or boost jump or whatever you want to call it, 
    I noticed a while ago that it was actually very effective at dodging alt 
    attacks from Trace and Noxus. Simply wait for the last possible second and lay 
    a bomb. If they're close enough the bomb will explode and send you into the 
    air, allowing you to dodge the attack and inflict damage at the same time. 
    The best part is that it happens so fast that often times your attacker won't 
    even realize that he missed you! It takes some practice to get the timing just 
    right, especially with Trace's lunge attack, but once you get it down you can 
    cause all sorts of trouble. (Credit to Crav)
    While we're on the subject, I'd like to point out that Samus's boost ball is 
    actually the fastest alt in the game... under the right conditions. She takes 
    a few seconds to reach her top speed and she slows down on steep hills and 
    tight turns, on a flat straight-away she actually even outpaces Trace and his 
    lunge attacks because of the short pause between his attacks. (Credit to Crav)
    And on a completely different note, Headshot is a tough level for Samus 
    because it has no missile pickups and no affinity weapon pickup. That means 
    that once your missiles are gone you won't get anymore unless you die and 
    respawn, so make them count. I might even suggest damaging your enemies with 
    another weapon and then finishing them with missiles so that they drop more 
    when they die. (Credit to Crav)
    Samus gets five missiles from affinity pickups regardless of how many missiles 
    or other weapons she has. (Credit to hobocop)
    She can't get missiles from UA. (Credit to Crav)
    Weapon Combinations
    Samus' homing missiles can pretty much mix with anything, depending on what 
    range you are at, but I'll discuss a few of the options anyway.
    Missiles + Volt Driver:
    This technique I've tested, and it works really well, the idea is to spam
    homing missiles at the opponent, and once they learn to dodge them, you switch
    to the Volt Driver and spam it rapidly at them, the opponent won't know what
    hit them, as they won't expect the sudden change in attack style.
    This will work with the Power Beam, and to a lesser extent the Battlehammer,
    but the Volt Driver is the best option here, as it fires the quickest of them, 
    so it can be spammed alot more easier.
    No complaining about spamming either, if it wins, it wins. :D
    Missiles + Imperialist:
    This is a little more tricky, stir things up with the homing missiles, even a
    few of them uncharged, just to rock the opponents world, then switch to the
    Imperialist when you get a chance and go for the head shot.
    The idea is they will be edgy about all the missiles they have to dodge, and 
    won't be expecting the sudden switch to the OHKO weapon.
    You'll have to switch it and get your aimed lined up really quickly, because
    some people thinkwhen you stop firing, you are out of ammo, so they launch
    an attack.
    ========2b: K A N D E N========================================================
    General Playstyle 
    Kanden can be used from pretty much any range because of his affinity, but 
    I've found him to be most deadly at both close range and medium range, but 
    he's more than capable of being a long range fighter aswell. 
    Alternative form: Stinglarva 
    Stinglarva Bomb Damage: 20
    The Stinglarva is a very deadly alternative form if in the right hands, it 
    can drop it's bombs at a decent rate, and they home, couple that with the 
    fact that they do 20 damage each, and you know you're onto a winner. 
    20HP a pop doesn't seem too bad, but if you've ever tried to chase a 
    Stinglarva, you'll know it adds up very, very quickly. 
    In Defender mode, the Stinglarva truly excels, you can simply remain in 
    Stinglarva form, and circle around, dropping bombs, it's hard to hit as 
    the Stinglarva is low, and the bombs racking up damage is enough to keep 
    pretty much any hunter at bay. 
    But, against a Lockjaw, you'll get tribombed.
    ..and against a Half-turret, you'll lose aswell.
    The Stinglarva is also an excellent counter to Sylux and his Shock Coil, 
    assuming he remains in biped form, because you can circle him while dropping 
    bombs, most hunters can do this, but the Stinglarva bombs home in, chances are
    he'll go alt form and try to tribomb you, so jump into biped and start up an
    attack on him, while dodging the Jaw, obviously. 
    Affinity Weapon: Volt Driver 
    The Volt Driver is one of the most deadliest weapons in the game in my opinion, 
    it has an extremely fast rate of fire,and if Kanden charges one up, it homes. 
    While homing, it fires at a slow rate, this can be bad as it's easier to avoid, 
    but it also means it has a very strong homing ability should the opponent be 
    trapped anywhere, if you see the opponent is in a corner, fire a charged Volt 
    Driver off, followed by many, many uncharged shots. 
    If you have good aim, the uncharged shots should be enough to put anyone back 
    in their place, also, the charged Volt Driver shot is capable of finding any 
    Trace's that may be hiding in the shadow. 
    Miscellaneous Tips 
    If you ever get low on health, go into Stinglarva form, and keep dropping bombs
    while running away, it will keep pursuers at bay and you should be able to 
    reach health before you die. 
    The Volt Driver is very powerful. The most useful situation I have found for 
    the Volt Driver is while playing Nodes on the VDO Gateway map. There are two 
    nodes, one at each end. Since the person capturing the node has to stay within 
    the circle, a charged up Volt Driver attack is a guaranteed hit. So while 
    you're capturing your node on one side, fire off a Volt Driver attack to the 
    other side, then immediately turn into the Stinglarva so you can't be sniped 
    by the Imperialist. Remember to stay on the platform so you can finish 
    capturing the node. With any luck, the volt you fired will have done serious 
    damage to your opponent, and if it didn't kill him, send another one over. 
    They don't take too long to charge up. (credit to Arbiter)
    Sniper Cover:
    Fire off the VoltDriver and then aim the Imp... they will flee... and because 
    of HOW BIG the shot is it actually blocks their view!!! (Credit to Lokarin)
    Hammer off a charged shot at them, followed by a barrage of uncharged shots.
    Jumping off a ledge makes fo a more "ambush-esque" attack.
    The Volt Driver charge in HIGH damage games will do enough damage that a SINGLE 
    extra shot will kill them... (Credit to Lokarin)
    Prime Hunter+High Damage.... Kanden is just too godly... every hunter is now 1 
    hit from your charged Volt. (Credit to Lokarin)
    The VoltDriver shot is a HUGE projectile, even without Kanden its impossible to
    dodge it in a small corridor... also, the shot is SOOO big it actually blocks 
    your targets vision... and no, I don't mean the HUD distortion, I mean the 
    projectile itself is hard to see through... ANYTHING could be behind it... a 
    rushing Kanden... an Imperialist snipe... (Credit to Lokarin)
    Weapon Combinations
    Kanden has one really useful combination, he does have an opening for
    sub-weapon changes with his blur effect, but I'm having a hard time making the
    swap to other weapons really count.
    Volt Driver + Imperialist:
    One of the more obvious choices, blur the opponents vision with the charged
    Volt Driver, then swap to the Imperialist and take a shot while they are
    fumbling around.
    To make this technique work a little better, follow the charged shot with the
    Imperialist, just so you don't have to try and take aim and hit them once it
    hits (Change to the Imperialist before it hits in other words).
    ========2c: S P I R E==========================================================
    General Playstyle 
    Spire's alternative form and his affinity weapon do push him towards the 
    close/medium range end of things for combat. 
    However, he is a more than capable sniper, meaning he can also fight it out 
    long range aswell. 
    The best method of fighting with Spire is to keep up close, if you are using 
    the Magmaul, keep it at a more medium range. 
    The reason for the up close combat is his alternative form. 
    Alternative Form: Dialanche 
    Dialanche Spin Damage: 8-64
    The Dialanche is an excellent alternative form, and it has multiple uses. 
    One such method, is to use it to attack, quite obvious, but if you can hit 
    with both rocks, you can deal some massive damage, unfortunately, he has 
    perhaps the slowest alternative form in the game, meaning you have to be on 
    your toes while using it, as you are in danger of being Lockjawed, lunged at 
    by the Triskelion, and a few other things. 
    Though the Trace will probably just Imp you.
    Also, it can climb walls, this leads to a few interesting possiblities, one of 
    them is it is a great way to get to sniper spots, sniper spots no other hunter 
    can get to. One nice place I've found is climbing the massive rocks in Alinos 
    Gateway, sure, you can be hit, but you can easily dodge anything coming, as you
    see it coming from miles away. They are also very good viewpoints, so you can 
    snipe away. Just watch out for Imperialist users.
    The Dialanche is also a good means of ambush in certain maps, as you can stay 
    above a door, drop down, and start hammering the rock spin, catching an 
    opponent off-guard is extremely fulfilling, especially when said foe actually 
    dies from it. 
    Beware of Kandens Stinglarva however, as it's a little faster than the 
    Dialanche, and it can stay just out of the rock spin range, even though you 
    are taking damage from the homing bombs. 
    Affinity weapon: The Magmaul 
    The Magmaul, when in the hands of Spire, is capable of setting a foe, or foes, 
    on fire when a charged shot is accurately fired. 
    The burn reduces HP at a rate of roughly 1-2HP per second.
    When fired, the Magmaul fires a firey grenade like round, which arcs, meaning 
    you can fire over walls and whatnot. 
    You can also bounce the round off the ground, firing at the ground is an 
    effective counter to alternative forms as it's harder for the alternative form 
    to avoid. 
    The round explodes around 2 seconds or so after it has been fired, however a 
    charged shot explodes on contact.
    Weapon Combinations
    Spire has a couple of cool combinations that work wonders, one more useful than
    the other, both are fun to play with though.
    Magmaul + Judicator:
    Okay, so you don't need to play off his affinity here since the idea is you use
    the Magmaul to bounce around a corner where you know an enemy is hiding, they
    will no doubt move back out the way, which is when you start firing Judicator
    shots around the corner, with a bit of luck, you'll get them.
    Not the most damaging technique in the world, but it's fun to play with, I just
    like using both these weapon, so I figured a combination of the two would work.
    It works best around corridors, like the one in Combat Hall for example, where
    you can run along the outside still firing inside the hallway while the enemy
    is in there.
    Magmaul + Volt Driver:
    This works better than the last one as a general battling technique, as it's
    not as area specific.
    The idea here is you burn the enemy with the Magmaul, then swap over to the
    Volt Driver and start spamming it at them.
    The enemy will be a little shocked from the burn, but not impaired, still, it's
    a small enough gap for you to change weapons and gain the advantage.
    Any rapid firing weapon would work here, the Power Beam is easier to switch to
    if you want to try that route, but the Volt Driver is more powerful and quicker
    to fire in good hands.
    ========2d: W E A V E L========================================================
    General Playstyle 
    Weavel, to me, seems to be a close/medium ranged character, due to his 
    alternative form, and his affinity weapon. 
    What this means is it's best to stay close to your opponent, and pretty much 
    keep in their face the entire battle. 
    However, he can be used a long range fighter aswell, and quite the formidable 
    one at that. 
    Which we get to later. 
    Alternative form: Halfturret 
    Halfturret Melee Damage: 36
    Halfturret Shot Damage: 12
    The Halfturret is an excellent alternative form, and allows for both offensive 
    and defensive play. 
    It can be used as a distraction, so you can escape from the enemy, and it can 
    also be used to continuously hammer accurate Battlehammer shots at the enemy, 
    which takes them down quite quickly. 
    One defensive technique, is to drop the Halfturret in the midst of battle, and 
    boot off to pick up some healing items, the cool thing about this is the fact 
    that Weavels top half can have 199HP, and the Halfturret itself can have 100HP,
    which means Weavel is capable of having the highest HP in the game. 
    Unfortunately, he pretty much takes double damage, as he himself takes damage 
    when the Halfturret is being hit, but the Halfturret is a formidable fighter on
    it's own, so it's not much to worry about, just make sure you go Biped again 
    when things start getting tough. 
    Note that this only works on people who just bought the game.
    One offensive means of play, is to deploy the Halfturret during battle, and 
    boot off to get a better position, then, you go back to Biped, and pop the 
    enemy in the head with the Imperialist. 
    As inconveniant as this may sound, it's actually a really great technique, 
    provided you are able to sneak off properly, and maintain view of your opponent 
    when necessary. 
    Most good Weavels keep jumping over your head and drop the turret, go biped, 
    rinse and repeat until you die basically.
    All the while, they are attacking you with some random weapon in the few
    seconds they are in biped.
    This is how weavel needs to be played.
    Watch out for people getting a fluke shot on the top half while you switch.
    Also, Weavels Halfturret (the bottom half) doesn't take environmental damage,
    meaning you can place it in lava, or on the green things in Incubation Vault
    without it taking damage. (Credit to The_Germ)
    Affinity weapon: Battlehammer 
    The Battlehammer is an excellent weapon when used properly, though initially it 
    seems quite redundant. 
    Weavel's affinity with it means it has a wider blast radius (inform me if there
    is anything else he gains from it), which means he is more capable of knocking 
    the enemy around with it, and doesn't have to be a perfect aim to deal damage. 
    The Battlehammer's line of fire is an arced one, which means the bullets are 
    capable of coming back down after being fired into the air, this means it is 
    ale to be fired over walls and whatnot, and with it's wide blast radius, it can
    pretty much hail down some hell on the opponent. 
    Miscellaneous Things 
    Weavel is said to be easy picking for Sylux, well, I've been able to counter 
    that through this little technique: Continuous form changing. 
    This means you continuously change from Biped to Halfturret and vica-versa, 
    whilst running away from Sylux. 
    No doubt he'll chase you, just keep it up, as it changes the target of his 
    Shock Coil, meaning he can't get it's damage to skyrocket, if you are lucky 
    enough to either have or come across an Imperialist, you could quite easily 
    spin around and pop one in his head, since he will most likely be in hot 
    pursuit of you. 
    This goes for all hunters: Make sure you realise you don't HAVE to use your 
    affinity weapon, Weavel is more than capable of being a deadly sniper with the 
    Imperialist, due to his great distraction abilities, so definately give that a 
    He could also put a charged Judicator shot to use the same way, just don't be 
    too far away when you fire it. 
    All in all, Weavel is a very deceptive hunter, who's methods are intended to 
    psych out the opponent, hence the split form, being able to rapidly hail down 
    Battlehammer shots, which knock the enemy around, and his ability to set 
    himself up in a good position for a deadly shot. 
    A very cool thing to know is that Weavel is the quickest hunter to reach the 
    Death Alt on Ice Hive, all you have to do is go up the jump pad, do your double
    jump while heading towards the end of the bridge where the Death Alt is near,
    and change to alt form.
    The extra height you gain will land you on the bridge, from which stage you are
    free to change back to biped, run into the Death Alt room, and collect it for
    some Death Alt goodness.
    Yes, every character CAN land on the icicle, and get their just as quick, but
    the angle you need to take off the launch pad is easily messed up with people
    firing at you, so Weavel is the quickest sure-fire way of getting there first,
    meaning you don't have to fear your angle being ruined.
    ..Oh, Sylux and Spire can rival the amount of time it takes to get there.
    Weapon Combinations
    I'm having a little trouble thinking of something that would mix in nicely with
    the Battlehammer, but here's an idea..
    Battlehammer + Power Beam:
    The idea here is to knock the enemy around with the Battlehammer, the switch to
    the quicker Power Beam to shake things up a bit, as the enemy will probably
    be dancing around trying to dodge the Battlehammer, you can easily confuse them
    by swapping straight to the Power Beam for some straight shooting, which is
    pretty much the opposite of what you were just doing.
    Of course, the Volt Driver could be used here, but as there is no opening for
    a sub-weapon change unless you are quick at it, the Power Beam is your best bet
    if you want to keep up the confusion tactics that Weavel is so good at.
    There's a few techniques Weavel can utilize effectively, so here's what I've
    been using:
    This involves merely firing at the enemy with the Imperialist while you are
    rushing at them, and going Halfturret straight after you fire.
    It's a basic enough move, requires no real skill, but it's effective, because
    the Imperialist wipes a large chunk of health, and the Halfturret does a great
    job of finishing them off, you can even slash them with the top half, it's a
    very offensive move, perhaps too offensive at times, as you are vulnerable to
    being sniped by the person you are running at, so make sure you don't rush 
    into things blindly.
    Slightly more advanced than the Imp-Rush, this requires you to actually plan
    ahead a little :P
    What you do is drop the turret somewhere, preferably guarding something other
    hunters like, such as a large health, an affinity, or the Imperialist.
    Now, with your top half, you run away, and set yourself up so you can see your
    bottom half.
    When a hunter is distracted by the bottom half, you go biped and line up your
    Imperialist for the kill, thing is, most people are gullible enough to still
    collect the powerup you were guarding, meaning they will be there long enough
    for you to line up a shot. Fools.
    To avoid Noxus' charged Judicator, drop the Halfturret, jump back somewhere out
    of the way and then morph back to biped, then you are free to drop the turret 
    again as he tries in vain to freeze you.
    I've got it so my top half NEVER gets frozen, should he freeze your bottom 
    half, just go biped and pretend it never happened.
    ========2e: S Y L U X==========================================================
    General Playstyle 
    Sylux is definately at his best close range, however, his Shock Coil is able 
    to lock on at a close/medium range aswell. 
    His Lockjaw is most definately a close range fighter, as with all alternative 
    Alternative form: Lockjaw 
    1 Bomb Damage: 10
    2 Bomb Damage (Tripwire): 60
    3 Bomb Damage (Tribomb): 180
    The Lockjaw is a very fast alternative form, and has multiple different uses. 
    One such use is it's bombs, when a single bomb is dropped, it will explode on 
    When a second bomb is dropped, a tripwire from the first bomb to the second 
    bomb will appear, dealing 60 damage to anyone who passes through it. 
    When a third bomb is dropped, it will create a triangle of tripwires from each 
    bomb, and explode, should anything be in the triangle when this occurs, they 
    will recieve 180 points of damage, that's virtually a one hit K.O on anything 
    really, the max HP is 199, but 180 is more than enough to kill most hunters. 
    Another use for the Lockjaw is it's hovering/flying abilities, in a low gravity
    area, the Lockjaw can fly by repeatedly dropping bombs, as they propel it into 
    the air, you can do this until your bombs need a second to regenerate, then 
    In normal gravity areas, yo can use the same tactic to hover, though you will 
    be falling slowly, it's still a very good tactic that allows you to hammer your
    way over to health should you need it, note that it only works when you come 
    off higher grounds. 
    If you are as quick as me with the L-button, you can make the Jaw start
    rising, but it runs out of bombs pretty fast ;)
    Yet another use for the Lockjaw is using the tripwires as a means of escape. 
    By blocking off a path inbetween a doorway or whatnot, you get a second to run 
    away more as the opponent has to jump, unless they want to get hit by it. 
    It's possible to make a trip wire from high ground to low ground aswell, 
    creating a diagonal tripwire in the air. This makes them harder to dodge. 
    Note that to create tripwires, you must place the bombs relatively close to 
    each other. 
    Affinity weapon: Shock Coil 
    The Shock Coil is a great weapon at close range, but it loses it's 
    effectiveness in battles with more than one opponent, and it's range isn't all 
    that great. 
    When Sylux uses the Shock Coil, it drains health from the enemy, at a rate of 
    10HP per second. 
    After 1.5 seconds, that goes up to 20HP per second, then at roughly 3 seconds, 
    that goes up again to a rate of 30HP per second, which is insane, and once you 
    get a lock this good on an opponent they are as good as gone. 
    Beware of hunters who go into alternative form once you start to Shock Coil, as
    it's much harder to get a lock on, and leaves you wide open to attack unless 
    you go Lockjaw. 
    Miscellaneous Tips 
    When using the Shock Coil, if you get the opponents health down fairly low and 
    lose lock of them, swap to missiles, this is a great way of dealing with 
    hunters who go into alternative form to escape the Shock Coil aswell, as the 
    missiles have decent splash damage, and deal enough damage to finish the 
    opponent off if they went into alternative form after you know you had a good 
    lock on them for a while.
    A cool move I do, is lay some wires before you engage in battle, at places
    like the center of Combat Hall, then go biped and start battling with the
    Coil or anything, as soon as the enemy goes alt, or goes in tribomb range,
    go alt form and close the triangle. :D
    Weapon Combinations
    Ugh... what's supposed to mix with the Shock Coil of all things...
    Well, here's something anyway..
    Shock Coil + Magmaul:
    Actually, this works better than I thought it would, when you start to Shock
    Coil, the enemy will no doubt change to alt form and try to run away, if you
    are fast enough, you can change to the Magmaul, which in my opinion, is the 
    best weapon for killing alts with, and start to fire it along the ground at
    the enemy, they may just go back to biped, in which case you can Shock Coil
    again, this could lead to alot of alternating weapons while they keep changing
    forms, but remember, you'll come out on top if you are hitting with those
    If they stay in biped form, just Shock them and don't change.
    ========2f: N O X U S==========================================================
    General Playstyle 
    Noxus is primarily a close range fighter due to his affinity, and his very 
    close range alternative form attack. This means he has two very good, hunter 
    specific close range fighting abilities. 
    The best way I've found to use Noxus is to remain in Vhosycthe for the majority
    of the fight, it seems cheap, but if you are facing an opponent like Trace or 
    Sylux, your best bet is to fight them in Vhoscythe. 
    Or, rather than living in alt, since people are getting good at sniping since
    I wrote this, you can snipe them.
    Alternative form: Vhoscythe 
    Scythe Damage: 42
    The Vhoscythe is an excellent alternative form, even though it has to charge 
    it's spin for roughly a second before it's able to attack again. 
    Once the blade gets spinning, it is able to move a little quicker, and the 
    Vhoscythe is extremely easy to move around, pair easy handling along with a 
    spin that takes of 42HP, and you've got a winner. 
    Unfortunately the Vhoscythe is unable to get up some bumps, as it doesn't have 
    a jump feature like some of the other hunters, this can be very deadly at 
    times, as it means you have to go biped for a second to get over obstacles. 
    If you are against a Trace user who you know is watching you, do not go biped 
    as chances are you'll be popped straight away, so really you have to remain on 
    the level you are on, which is a big downfall for the Vhoscythe. 
    I've found that spinning the blade, and jumping up the boost spots is a great 
    way to kill opponents, I've been able to kill an enemy in a single hi this way,
    my guess is I hit their head with the blade. 
    This technique is a great way of stopping hunters from getting to the top level
    of Combat Hall, and any other frequently used boost spot areas. 
    While in Vhoscythe form, Noxus will fall very fast when you're actually 
    swinging the blade or holding down the attack button. Keep this in mind on 
    some "outer-space" levels or whatnot where you have to take a boost to get to 
    a separate platform. Dont swing the blade while you're doing this, you'll fall 
    right to your death. (Credit to thebebop)
    Affinity weapon: Judicator 
    The Judicator, I love this weapon, unfortunately Noxus gains an ability and 
    loses one due to his affinity, suits his theme though. 
    When Noxus charges the Judicator, it freezes the enemy, the downside is this 
    is a very close range move, and the best way to gain radius is to jump and fire
    it at the ground. 
    Once an opponent has been frozen, the best method to finish of the kill that 
    I've found is to change to missiles and blow them apart. 
    I prefer this as it has splash damage just incase you need it, and an uncharged
    missile does just about as much damage as a head shot from the Judicator, so 
    all in all, missiles are better. 
    It's also good to have a use for another weapon. 
    The single shot of the Judicator is not to be underestimated either, it is able
    to be bounced off of walls or the ground, allowing for shots you can't do with 
    any other weapon, asides from the Magmaul to an extent. 
    Every hunter can bounce the shots from the Judicator, but since it's Noxus' 
    affinity weapon, I thought it was best suited to go here. 
    Miscellaneous Tips 
    I had no where to put this, so I thought I'd chuck it here. 
    A nice tactic when using Noxus is to charge the Judicator, and run around a 
    corner if you know you are being followed, if the pursuer maintains chase of 
    you, you can simply wait around the corner and freeze them, then spam missiles 
    at their now frozen body. 
    It's really a cheap kill. 
    If the level you are on has an Imperialist pickup, Noxus can abuse it like no 
    one else can. Simply freeze them with the Judicator, switch to Imperialist, 
    zoom and get a BOOM, HEADSHOT with no chance for your target to dodge. You 
    have to be quick, though, and missiles are a better choice against frozen 
    altforms. (Credit to hobocop/ZephyrTread/BluntPorcupine)
    While the charged Judicator can freeze your target... it only does 12 damage. 
    Even if you keep shooting with the Judicator headshots you will not kill a full 
    life target... neither if you switch to missiles. You COULD switch to the 
    Imperialist and go for a kill, but that too is a long shot...
    However... at this range... You can still do about 96 damage... take your 
    shots and then stalk them with the Vhoscyth... You could even use this time to 
    get a full charge with the Shock Coil or even a few headshots with the Volt 
    Driver or Magmaul. (Credit to Lokarin)
    Weapon Combinations
    Noxus has a few dirty trick up his sleeve, most have already been mentioned
    already but I'll sum it up here briefly.
    Judicator + Imperialist:
    Freeze, change to Imperialist, head shot. 
    This is risky as you only have a short amount of time to go for it, if you 
    practice it enough, it becomes one very, very deadly technique though.
    Judicator + Power Beam:
    As the change to Power Beam is almost instant, it's your best bet as a rapid
    fire weapon to start hammering head shots into your frozen opponent.
    ..Best bet if you haven't got the Imp or Volt maybe.
    This was seriously outdated.
    Judicator + Magmaul:
    A little useless, but if you are good with your aim, and quick with the sub
    weapon change, this can be useful, as it can deal with the enemy if you froze
    them in alt form easily.
    Three shots from this will deal 96 damage, usually enough to kill, considering
    the freeze does 12 damage on it's own, still, the Imperialist is your best bet
    if you are quick enough, and the Power Beam outclasses this against a biped, 
    as you can head shot them for extra damage.
    Against alt forms, this is the way to go though.
    ========2g: T R A C E==========================================================
    General Playstyle 
    Trace is excellent at both close combat and long range combat, he's a extremely
    versatile fighter both ways. 
    His affinity allows him to be perhaps the best long distance fighter in the 
    game, and his alternative form allows him to be a more than capable close range
    fighter aswell. 
    Alternative form: Triskelion 
    Lunge Damage: 50
    The Triskelion has the ability to become translucent when remaining still, 
    allowing for some suprise lunge attacks, hiding and lunging is a very, very 
    deadly technique, especially if you are able to go translucent before your 
    opponent is able to spot you, allowing for a second undetected lunge attack. 
    Each lunge attack deals 50 damage, which is devastating, a completely healed 
    hunter can only take 4 of these hits, making this one of the most deadliest 
    attacks in the game. 
    The Triskelion is also the fastest alternative form in the game, with the lunge
    attack being excellent for a quick escape. I've seen the lunge go straight past
    me and it pretty much looked like a blur, that's how fast it is. 
    It's very easy to handle aswell. 
    Affinity weapon: Imperialist 
    The Imperialist is an excellent weapon, it's a sniper rifle which allows for 
    some very easy kills. 
    Trace's affinity with the weapon allows him to become translucent whilst 
    standing still, so he becomes an translucent sniper, a very deadly combination.
    I say translucent as he doesn't go completely invisible, and the trained eye 
    will be able to spot you. 
    You can zoom with the Imperialist by either double tapping it's icon, or 
    pressing the opposite shoulder button to the fire button (Right handed people 
    will hit R, left handed people will hit L). 
    The best places for Trace to snipe from are places that are high above the 
    main battling area, and places where he can blend in well, it is important to 
    always remember what colour you are, as where the red Trace can hide well, the 
    blue Trace may not be able to hide so good in. 
    Alinos Gateway for example, is excellent for the red Trace to hide in, but the 
    blue Trace will be easily spotted.
    Weapon Combinations
    Does Trace really need any? I mean, by firing weapons you give up your affinity
    effect anyway, but nevertheless, this could work, but it'll work with all
    hunters, so it's not Trace specific.
    Imperialist + Volt Driver/Power Beam:
    Lots of spamming the rapid firing weapons, then a change to the Imperialist
    when the enemy tries to escape, bullet in the back of the head in other words.
    This is kind of lame though as you are best off just chasing them with the
    fast weapons, but hey, it's all about mixing up how you play, right?
    Imperialist + Judicator/Magmaul:
    This one works decently if you are good at predicting your opponents next step.
    You flush them out of a corridor or a hall with the Judicator or Magmaul, and
    pretty much just wait for them to come out the other end with the Imperialist.
    --------3: THE WEAPONS---------------------------------------------------------
    This section is devoted to the weapons of the game, and how to use them without
    them being your affinity weapon.
    For tips regarding the weapons as affinity weapons, please refer to the hunters
    section of the guide.
    ========3a: P O W E R  B E A M=================================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------Unlimited
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Very Fast
    Damage per body shot: ---------6
    Damage per head shot: ---------8
    Damage per charged body shot: -36
    Damage per charged head shot: -46
    Every hunter begins with the Power Beam, and cannot lost it as it has infinite 
    As you can see from the statistics, it's a fairly weak weapon, unless it's
    charged, and it can fire very quickly, meaning if you are accurate you can get
    many quick hits on the enemy with it.
    There is nothing special about this weapon, except that you'll most likely use
    it alot.
    ...If you can master this weapon however, it's one of the coolest weapons in
    the game in my opinion. :)
    ========3b: M I S S I L E S====================================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------59
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Slow
    Damage per body shot: ---------32
    Damage per head shot: ---------32
    Damage per charged body shot: -48
    Damage per charged head shot: -48
    Every hunter begins with 10 missiles, and it's Samus' affinity weapon.
    Shot normally, they do 32 points of damage, which is quite a decent amount, 
    unfortunately they don't fire too quickly.
    As any hunter besides Samus, I prefer to fire uncharged missiles, as a charged
    missile wastes like 3 ammo, and only deals 48 damage.
    3 uncharged missiles deals 96 points of damage.
    Quite a big difference.
    They fire in a straight line, and explode on contact.
    ========3c: V O L T  D R I V E R===============================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------119
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Very Fast
    Damage per body shot: ---------14
    Damage per head shot: ---------21
    Damage per charged body shot: -56
    Damage per charged head shot: -56
    The Volt Driver is the affinity weapon of Kanden, and in the right hands, can
    be the fastest firing weapon in the game, asides from the Power Beam.
    Due to the fast rate of fire, and the fact that this weapon deals 14/21 damage
    uncharged, I'd say this weapon is suited for many different styles of combat.
    It is excellent up close, as you can accurately hammer your opponent with them,
    and it's also very good at long range, as you can still barrage your opponent
    with them while you have a quick second to think about what to do next.
    The downside is the charged shot is very slow, almost as slow as the Omega
    Cannon, so unless you are Kanden, I advise not to use charged shots.
    Unless you have good aim, or as a means of beginning an assault.
    Don't just charge one up while you're being attack, it's a waste of time.
    ========3d: M A G M A U L======================================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------59
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Normal
    Damage per body shot: ---------32
    Damage per head shot: ---------32
    Damage per charged body shot: -56
    Damage per charged head shot: -56
    The affinity weapon of Spire.
    This weapon is quite unique, in that it can be fired in a few different ways,
    the uncharged shot fires in an arc, and bounces around for a second before
    exploding, if it hits another hunter, then it will explode immediately.
    The charged shot explodes on contact, but deals an extra 56 damage, the fact
    that the charged shot explodes on contact makes it a viable option for contact,
    incase you don't want it to bounce around.
    Since the uncharged shot bounces around, you can safely fire it around corners,
    and over walls, so it is a great means of flushing out any hunters that are
    attempting to hide in the shadows.
    By firing the Magmaul at the ground, you may be able to get it to run straight
    along the ground, making this an excellent choice for dealing with alt form
    ========3e: B A T T L E H A M M E R============================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------149
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Fast
    Damage per body shot: ---------12
    Damage per head shot: ---------12
    Damage per charged body shot: -Cannot be charged
    Damage per charged head shot: -Cannot be charged
    The Battlehammer, the affinity weapon of Weavel, is often considered one of,
    if not, the worst weapon in that game, however, I disagree.
    The Battlehammer cannot be charged, as holding down fire simply makes it keep
    firing, but that doesn't mean it's all bad.
    It fires at quite a decent rate, and has a somewhat decent splash damage ratio,
    which is enhanced when you are Weavel.
    Considering this weapon has an arc, it can be fired over walls, and I've found
    it makes for an excellent barrage weapon, just under the Volt Driver in terms
    of launching a barrage of fire upon the enemy.
    The fact that this weapon can be fired over walls does help it out though.
    ========3f: S H O C K  C O I L=================================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------59
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Continuous
    Damage per body shot: ---------
    Damage per head shot: ---------
    Damage per charged body shot: -
    Damage per charged head shot: -
    The Shock Coil is the affinity weapon of Sylux, and is at it's best in one on
    one battles.
    This is because of it's ability to lock on, this is excellent when you can 
    keep it locked onto an enemy, but in 3 or 4 player matches, this can be
    really hard to do, considering it will change who it's locked onto if another
    hunter gets in it's path.
    The weapons damage begins at 10 HP for the first second and a half, then ups
    to 20 HP a second, and then finally to 30 HP a second.
    Each change is at roughly 1 second to one and a half seconds, meaning it can
    decimate an opponent in a matter of roughly 8 or so seconds if you can get a 
    good lock on with it.
    ========3g: J U D I C A T O R==================================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------119
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Normal
    Damage per body shot: ---------24
    Damage per head shot: ---------32
    Damage per charged body shot: -42
    Damage per charged head shot: -96
    The Judicator, one of my favourite weapons to use, is the affinity weapon to 
    This weapon bounces off of objects, meaning you can bounce it off of walls, the
    ground, anything, making this weapon very unique.
    The charged shot, when used by any hunter other than Noxus, fires 3 Judicator
    shots, this is a very effective means to flushing out any hunters in hiding, 
    and it's also great for simply checking if there is anyone around a corner.
    The beam it fires is VERY fast... second in speed only to the Imperialist 
    (since it's instant)... and can theoretically replace your power beam in long 
    range battles... SPAM the Judicator against snipers. (Credi to Lokarin)
    ========3h: I M P E R I A L I S T==============================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------29
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Slow
    Damage per body shot: ---------36, 72 zoomed
    Damage per head shot: ---------100, 199 zoomed
    Damage per charged body shot: -Cannot be charged
    Damage per charged head shot: -Cannot be charged
    The Imperialist is like a Sniper Rifle, and is the affinity weapon to Trace.
    You hold the opposite shoulder button to your fire button to zoom in, which
    makes aiming a bit easier, and also makes the shot more powerful.
    Sniping is covered in this guide later, so all there is to say here is it
    is an extremely deadly weapon, but fires pretty slowly.
    ========3i: O M E G A  C A N N O N=============================================
    Max Ammo: ---------------------1
    Rate of Fire: -----------------Can only fire 1 shot
    Damage per body shot: ---------199
    Damage per head shot: ---------199
    Damage per charged body shot: -199
    Damage per charged head shot: -199
    The Omega Cannon is not an affinity weapon to anyone, and can only be found on
    Oubliette, at the very top.
    You only get 1 shot with it, so you'd better make it worth it, as you have to
    make it count.
    It has a massive blast radius, and if you or any other hunter doesn't find
    cover before it goes off, you'll all die.
    It's a one hit KO, but can easily be avoided by hiding behind an object,
    making it the most powerful, but also the most redundant weapon in the game.
    --------4: MISCELLANEOUS TIPS--------------------------------------------------
    This section includes many miscellaneous tips and guides, which will help you
    become a better hunter!
    These are all pretty much random things that don't really fit anywhere else.
    ========4a: S N I P I N G  G U I D E===========================================
    This Sniping Guide was all written up by ZephyrTread.
    1. Even if you are trace, try not to stay still when sniping another sniper, 
    if you practice you can keep a rifle perfectly trained on a person's head 
    while doing an anti-sniper dance. And, if you are dancing, they will probably 
    stay still to get a better shot, fire at will. 
    2. High places are best. The higher you are, the closer your crosshairs will 
    be to their head. 
    3. Try combinations and techniques. If 2 people are fighting, don't jump in. 
    Stay back and try and snipe them as they will be too busy to worry about your 
    shots. If someone is frozen, then that is an easy target. If you are playing a 
    nodes match and someone is trying to take your node, they can't leave that 
    little circle. 
    4. Know your maps. Try to memorize most of the map. This goes for all players 
    but especially for snipers. know where the health, ammo, and the imperialist 
    are, and get them before your opponent. If you are regularly Trace, affinity 
    weapons work as well as actual imperialists. 
    5. Force fields make perfect cover. Although they don't look like it, you can 
    shoot right through them. Some are probably asking how to snipe without being 
    able to see, If you get up close to it you can see straight through. The person
    on the other side will be most likely far away and can't see you. 
    6. Use your scope to the fullest. This is the most important thing when sniping
    against Trace. Radar is great for locating an invisible Trace but most of us 
    snipers don't want to get that close. If you pay attention your scope zooms in 
    a little further when over a hunter. If you are waving it around and notice it 
    zoom in with noone there, look very closely, either an invisible trace is 
    there, or someone is behind a wall and you can't see them. while most people 
    figure that Trace is invisible, if you are fully zoomed and you take your time 
    and look closely (this is where the force fields come in handy) you can see a 
    faint outline. Try to pinpoint that faint outline's head. You know what to do. 
    7. When dodging a sniper, it is often good to go alt, no head: no headshots. 
    This is not always the case however as you want to get to cover quick, but 
    want to be sure that he doesn't get you. If you are quick enough and good 
    enough, you can snipe back and provide your own cover while on the run. Even a 
    close miss will scare him of for a bit. I have killed snipers while running 
    for cover, and if you don't kill him, you have looked and know where he his. 
    8. The imperialist is not only a long range weapon. It does almost as much 
    damage up close as far away, and while the targets may move a little bit more, 
    they are much bigger. It is all the more insulting to the opponent when they 
    get no-scoped. try it while they are running down halls at you, even when they 
    are using a jump pad and are soaring through the air. But be sure to tell them 
    it was a no-scope. 
    9. All hunters can snipe just fine, don't be discouraged because you can't 
    turn invisible.
    ========4b: U N I V E R S A L  A M M O  U S A G E==============================
    This information was all sourced by Lokarin.
    While you have a single UA stockpile, different weapons take away different 
    amounts of UA... Here's a chart:
    Battlehammer = 2 Ammo
    Magmaul + Shock Coil = 3 Ammo
    Voltdriver + Judicator = 6 Ammo
    Imperialist = 12 Ammo
    This chart has been scaled so that there are no decimals... I could be off by 
    1 or 2 points (Imperialist could be 11 or 13 for example)
    --------5: THE END-------------------------------------------------------------
    This guide was all written up by Shadow Knight aka turismo2029, and is only
    to be on GameFAQs.com and mph-forum.com
    For your own private use, you can use this in any way you want, but don't try
    to make any money of it, because that's not cool.
    Special thanks to:
    Me (Wrote the guide, duh)
    CJayC (GameFAQs is an awesome site)
    avgjoe (mph-forum is also an awesome site)
    Crav (Hunter help)
    Arbiter (Hunter help)
    ZephyrTread (Sniping Guide, hunter help)
    BluntPorcupine (Hunter help)
    hobocop (Hunter help)
    TomatoSplodey/Jason/Dark Paladin (Compiled damage chart)
    NSider (Sourced info, which was used for damage chart)
    Lokarin (Many tips for many things)
    thebebop (Hunter help)
    The_Germ (Hunter help)
    Hardtalk_13 (Gave me link to ASCII art site, very cool)

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