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    Sylux FAQ by alekiel

    Version: 1.22222... | Updated: 09/16/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     MMMMM   MMMMM  EEE          TTTT     RRRR    RRRR OOOOO   OOOO  II  
    DDD   DDDD
    DDD   DDDD
    DDD   DDDD
    DDD   DDDD
     MM   MMM   MM  EEE          TTTT     RRRR  RRRRR  OOOOO   OOOO  II  
    DDD   DDDD
               PPPPPP      RRRRRR       IIII      MMM     MMM      EEEEEEE
               PP   PP     RR   RR       II       MMMM   MMMM      EEEE
               PPPPPP      RRRRRR        II       MM MM MM MM      EEEEE
               PP          RR   RR       II       MM  MMM  MM      EEEE
               PP          RR    RR     IIII     MMM   M   MMM     EEEEEEE
            HH    HH UU     UU NNNN   NN T   TT   T EE     RR    RR SSS   
            HH    HH UU     UU NN NN  NN     TT     EE     RR    RR  SSSS   
            HHHHHHHH UU     UU NN NNN NN     TT     EEEEE  RRRRRRR     
            HH    HH UU     UU NN  NN NN     TT     EE     RR   RR  SS   
            HH    HH UUU   UUU NN  NNNNN     TT     EE     RR    RR  SSS   
            HH    HH  UUUUUUU  NN   NNNN    TTTT    EEEEEE RR     RR  
    SSSSSS       SS    YYYYY  YYYYY    LLLLL       UUUUU     UUUUU    XXXX   
    SSSS          S     YYYYYYYYYY     LLLLL       UUUUU     UUUUU     
    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS       YYYYYY       LLLLL       UUUUU     UUUUU       
     SSSSSSSSSSSSSS        YYYY        LLLLL       UUUUU     UUUUU      
    S       SSSSSSS        YYYY        LLLLL     L UUUUU     UUUUU     
    SS        SSSSS        YYYY        LLLLL    LL UUUUU     UUUUU    XXXX   
    * Content Table *
    1. Copyright ---------------------------------------------------------
    --- Cprt
    2. Contact Me --------------------------------------------------------
    --- Ctme
    3. Guide's History ---------------------------------------------------
    --- Gdhy
    4. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------
    --- Intr
       * Introduction to the 
    Game ........................................... Intr1
    Weapons ............................................................ 
       * Other 
    Characters ................................................... Intr3
    5. Sylux's Story -----------------------------------------------------
    --- Sxsy
    6. Sylux In-Game -----------------------------------------------------
    --- Sxig
    7. Sylux's Alt. (Lockjaw) --------------------------------------------
    --- Lkjw
    8. Sylux's Weapon (Shock Coil) ---------------------------------------
    --- Skcl
    9. Sylux's Advantages ------------------------------------------------
    --- Sxas
    10. Sylux's Disadvantages --------------------------------------------
    --- Sxds
    11. Sylux's Strategies -----------------------------------------------
    --- Sxss
       * Special Strategies ----------------------------------------------
    --- Sxss1
    12. Sylux Vs. ???? ---------------------------------------------------
    --- Sxvs
    13. Sylux Damage Chart -----------------------------------------------
    --- Sxdc
    14. FAQ --------------------------------------------------------------
    --- FAQ
    15. Credits ----------------------------------------------------------
    --- Crdt 
    * 1. Copyright - Cprt *
    Copyright 2006 Wilson Tejeda.
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    can't. <3 GamesFAQs.
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    * 2. Contact Me - Ctme *
    To contact me, all you have to do is send me an e-mail to 
    alex_lordeliwood(at)hotmail.com. Please, follow the next format to 
    with me via e-mail or I may erase your mail without even reading it (I 
    erase my 
    dad's, think I won't erase someone I don't know? <.<):
    1. The title: Have Sylux somewhere, otherwise I'll pass it.
    2. Proper Spelling: I have a really, really, really hard time trying 
    translate those "u r me g0dz no!!!!!!!1!one+shift!!2"... I never 
    understand a 
    single word. So, please... USE ENGLISH! Or... Spanish. I understand 
    Spanish too 
    3. Do not:
     - Send me "you suck" messages. I'll send you a Trojan back ;x. <3.
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    no more. 
    Personal reasons. <3 Sorry.
    Thanks for the time. My e-mail is always empty, so help and request 
    and stuff, 
    will always be accepted.
    * 3. Guide's History - Gdhy * 
    April 19, 2006 - Version 1.00: Whee. Guide on Sylux, completed.
    April 22, 2006 - Version 1.10: Some errors fixed, Damage Chart added, 
    Cannon information added. Head Shot, Combat Hall and Harvester 
    strategies added. First Authorized site to display this Guide added. 
    against Spire users added.
    April 25, 2006 - Version 1.15: Minor changes. Made a correction in the 
    (coughcough), added some info to the chart and Vs. Trace information. 
    Line Nuke 
    added as well. Alinos Peach and Ice Hive strategies.
    June 8, 2006 - Version 1.20: Yeah, I know, I haven't updated in a 
    while... I 
    apologize for that. Hard moments in life, college starting and stuff... 
    Yeah, I 
    won't bore you with my personal life. Anyways, I corrected some stuff 
    I made 
    mistakes, answered questions and added some new strategy.
    June 27, 2006 - Version 1.22: Title finally corrected. <<... Line Nuke 
    detailed explanation. My Friend code added to the guide. Minor errors 
    fixed. My 
    grammar sucks, I said it, sue me ;_;...
    September 16, 2006 - Version 1.2222222...: Oh dear god, it's really 
    been that long? Gawd... I apologize for not answering to the god knows 
    how many mails you've sent me, but I've been computer less and 
    Internet less too. College also tends to take more time that you'd 
    like. There's not much added this time, except something in the FAQ 
    * 4. Introduction - Intr *
    Hello, my fellow gamers. This is the first time I make a guide for any 
    here on GameFAQs. I greet you all... With a cake in the face! *Throws 
    ...*Ahem* Now that I... Made you enjoy a delicious cake, is time to 
    move on. 
    I made this Guide on Sylux cause I think he is awesome-O. But when I 
    Nintendo's Wi-Fi Gaming Hub stuff, I saw that Sylux was the least used 
    character. At first, I didn't know whether it was true or the server 
    was just 
    crazy. Afterwards, I just thought that, maybe if I showed people how 
    Sylux was, maybe that low % would increase!
    So, here I am, making this guide and reading everything for you to 
    read it... 
    I'm NOT a Sylux expert. As a matter of fact, I'm NOT a Metroid Prime 
    expert. I'm just another player that wants to promote more his 
    Please, Enjoy this! ;x let's get started, ha! *Get's killed by emos 
    for singing 
    - Introduction to the Game - Intr1-
    Well, to play with Sylux, you first need to know the basics of the 
    game, right? 
    Right. Get your MPH card in your DS, and start it, then select MPH and 
    those lovely intro videos...
    After that, go to Options and to Controls. Here, you'll be able to 
    select 4 
    different Control Types: Stylus Right Mode, Stylus Left Mode, Dual 
    Right Mode 
    and Dual Left Mode. Select whatever you feel better with. Here are the 
    for all of them:
    1. Stylus Right Mode:
     - Control Pad: Move around.
     - L Button: Fire.
     - A, B, X, Y: Jump.
     - R Button: Boost (Samus's Morph Ball Boost), Zoom (Imperialist).
     - Touch Screen: Aim (Move Round), Jump (Double Tap), Change Weapons, 
    Change Visor.
     - Start: Pause in Adventure, Show Stats in Multiplayer.
    2. Stylus Left Mode: 
     - Control Pad: Jump.
     - L Button: Boost (Samus's Morph Ball Boost), Zoom (Imperialist).
     - A, B, X, Y: Move Around.
     - R Button: Fire.
     - Touch Screen: Aim (Move Stylus), Jump (Double Tap), Change Weapons, 
    Change Visor.
    - Start: Pause in Adventure, Show Stats in Multiplayer.
    3. Dual Right Mode:
     - Control Pad: Move Around.
     - L Button: Fire.
     - A, B, X, Y: Aim.
     - R Button: Jump, Boost, Zoom.
     - Touch Screen: Change Weapons, Morph, Change Visor.
    - Start: Pause in Adventure, Show Stats in Multiplayer.
    4. Dual Left Mode:
     - Control Pad: Aim.
     - L Button: Jump, Boost, Zoom.
     - A, B, X, Y: Move Around.
     - R Button: Fire.
     - Touch Screen: Change Weapons, Morph, Change Visor.
    - Start: Pause in Adventure, Show Stats in Multiplayer.
    (I don't think it's necessary to say what that Button that says 
    I myself use the Stylus Right Mode. Makes everything easier and you 
    feel the 
    passion of the game a lot more. Plus, the Dual Mode kind of takes the 
    idea out 
    of MPH and makes it just another FPS, without analog controls. In 
    words...Meh. But, suit yourself. That's your call.
    After you decided your control mode, time to explore the game. We got 
    Multiplayer mode and Adventure mode. In Adventure, there's not much to 
    beside your original Adventure files (Duuhhhh) and the video gallery.
    In Multiplayer, however there's a Single Card Play, Multi Card Play 
    and Wi-Fi 
    Play. Single Card Play is to play against your friends with DS but 
    MPH's card. All you have to do is sit there, create the games and your 
    sit near you and go to their DS's download function and then the war 
    Wi-Fi, well, duh, it's explained by itself. To Play Online. You need 
    to be near 
    a Wi-Fi hotspot to play that, thought. You get to play against your 
    friends and 
    rivals if, you have any, by creating a game and contacting them to 
    play with 
    In Multi Card, it's the only place where you can play all by yourself 
    Vs. a 
    bunch of bots. In other words PRACTICE!! 
    There are many game types in Multi Card:
    1. Battle: Kill as much as you can and get the most points or the set 
    limit and 
    2. Survival: Kill everyone else. Whoever stands last, wins. NOTE: If 
    you stay 
    in a place for too long in Survival Mode, the radar shows your current 
    3. Bounty: Take the Octoliths to specific spots. Whoever gets to the 
    set number 
    first, wins. You can put the "Auto Reset" feature on for this type of 
    which means Octoliths will reappear immediately after a point is earn.
    4. Defender: Keep an area for yourself. The more time you spend in it, 
    the more 
    points you'll earn.
    5. Prime Hunter: FAST! KILL FAST! Whoever kills someone first will 
    become the 
    Prime Hunter and everyone else has to kill him now. Doesn't sound too 
    eh? Well, whoever spends the most time as Prime Hunter wins, so you'll 
    have to 
    deal with it.
    6. Capture: Attack, kill, steal and repeat. This time, the idea is to 
    take the 
    enemy's Octoliths and bring 'em back to your place. Like capture the 
    7. Nodes: Somewhat like Defender...The idea here is to, get the Nodes 
    and stay 
    in them for 10 seconds to "capture" them. After wards, you get points 
    for every 
    node captured.
    The best way to practice your shooting or testing stuff, is in battle 
    - Weapons - Intr2 -
    Here, I'll explain a little of the weapons for you to pick up your 
    from now on. 
    - Power beam: The basic weapon. Doesn't require ammunition, but isn't 
    powerful. However, the charged shot is useful every now and then...
    - Missiles: Everyone can use this weapon and start with it (10 ammo). 
    It is 
    very powerful (Specially charged) and has a Splash effect, which means 
    caught in the explosion also get hurt. 
    Affinity: Samus - When Samus shoots charged missiles, they get a 
    ability. Watch out, they hit HARD.
    - Magmaul: A fire-based weapon. It has an arc, which means it won't go 
    very far 
    away. However, when it's charged it gets a splash effect. Also, the 
    "bullets" bounce for a while on the ground. It can also, bounce back 
    at you and 
    hit you.
    Affinity: Spire - When Spire fires the fully charged Magmaul, it will 
    burn the 
    enemy, causing extra damage for a short while after being hit. 
    - Judicator: An ice-based weapon. It's a fast, long ranged, bouncing 
    Whenever it hits hard surfaces, it will bounce off. No, it can't come 
    back at 
    you (At least, it has never come back at me). 
    Affinity: Noxus - WATCH OUT!! When Noxus has this thing charged, it 
    will fire 
    (...fire ice, hah, irony) a short ranged mist, a freezing mist. If 
    you're in 
    range, it will freeze you and allow Noxus to constantly hit you (And 
    most users 
    will go for headshots now). So, STAY AWAY FROM NOXUS!
    - Imperialist: Ahh, the sniping weapon... I just hate this thing. It's 
    way too 
    easy to kill with it. But it's also funny to see your opponents 
    frustrated by 
    it. I recommend make yourself an expert of this weapon too, so you can 
    snipers back.
    Affinity: Trace - With this weapon equipped, Trace will go invisible. 
    out, the radar won't show him either, so he can snipe very easily 
    - Battlehammer: Damn, this thing is a danger... It's a constant firing, 
    with a 
    slight arc and splash effect. When someone is using this against you... 
    get the heck away from them!
    Affinity: Weavel - When Weavel uses the battlehammer, the splash 
    damage is WAY 
    more than other characters, which also increases damage... Ouch... 
    Thanks to 
    Lynch for pointing this out.
    - Volt Driver: A rapid fire weapon, with a very powerful Charged shot. 
    It has a 
    splash effect when fully charged. It's like an upgraded Power Beam for 
    characters but...
    Affinity: Kanden - For Kanden, it's more than that. Firstly, when 
    charged with 
    Kanden and shot, it will move slowly, but will seek the enemy. If it 
    hits the 
    enemy, it will disrupt their vision and it's time for attacking with 
    shots. The splash effect will also disrupt.
    - Omega Cannon: It has been confirmed to me that the Omega Cannon 
    (Cough) is 
    indeed a slow moving, non-chargeable 1 kill shot with a splash effect. 
    you're too close to the splash when it happens, you can self-destruct. 
    with it. Only available in Oubliette - Thanks to Curtis for the 
    Affinity: None.
    There's 1 weapon missing: The Shock Coil. That's Sylux's affinity 
    weapon and 
    I'll explained very detailed later, don't worry ;x.
    - Character - Intr3 -
    I'll explain the characters In-Game. At least a little, so you can 
    pick your 
    favourite. Maybe Sylux is not the good for you, but someone else... 
    Who know. 
    However, all I'll explain is the basic game play with that character, 
    Samus: We all know the good ol' Samus... She's very well balanced and 
    her alt. 
    form can be very damaging. Plus her Boost ability let's her flee 
    dangers very 
    easily. The perfect character to start with when you're a beginner. 
    She is 
    better in long-ranged combat, abusing her missile's seeking ability to 
    hit your 
    opponents more than not.
    Kanden: It seems Kanden has a good defence. His alt. form is a perfect 
    way to 
    run away when there's a lot of danger. Not many people would go after 
    stinglarva, it's just crazy. Kanden works great in Medium-long ranged 
    to ensure the Volt Driver hits and disrupt your enemies.
    Spire: Spire is a very nice character. First, he's not affected by 
    lava at all, 
    so Lava camps will be great for him. Sit down in the lava and kill 
    your enemies 
    from afar (Sniper!). In Alt. form, he can climb walls. I don't see 
    many uses 
    for that, but you can be creative... I'm not a Spire user, damnit <.<. 
    kind of slow, but his defense seems to be very good. He can be very 
    good in 
    both, sniping and medium ranged. The Magmaul's arc won't allow you use 
    it very 
    well in long ranged battles, though. It works better in short-medium.
    Trace: Did someone say sniper? I did. When he has his affinity, he'll 
    invisible and his affinity is a long ranged snipping weapon... Yeah, 
    we got an 
    sniper... His alt. form is also a danger. It deals quite a blow and it 
    always go stealth, even without affinity. He's pretty fast too, but 
    defense, well... It just sucks. Trace is the perfect-for-sniping 
    'Nuff Said.
    Noxus: Hello, Mr. Cold... This guy is a friggin danger in close ranged 
    He can freeze you and then headshot you dead... Also, his stupid alt. 
    form has 
    an infinite attack. Yes, that's right! He will keep spinning and while 
    so, attacking and attacking and attacking and at... You got the idea. 
    Just, get 
    away from him. 
    Weavel: Is it just me, or this guy deals more damage than normal? God, 
    guy's attack is crazy, it seems. And his multi task ability is also a 
    pain in 
    the... arse. It can divide and do 2 things at the same time. And if 
    happened to encounter them both at the same time, damage city! Good 
    thing is 
    his health is halved; divided in the halfturrent and the upper part. 
    killing him is easy. Just kill the upper part (Just in case...The one 
    There's one character missing, guess which... No? Times up. It's Sylux. 
    depth later ;x.
    * 5. Sylux's Story - Sxsy *
    Sylux is an enigmatic bounty hunter. Little is known about him, side 
    incredible hate towards the Galactic Federation and their #1 help, 
    Samus Aran. 
    And of course, his origins from Cylosis.
    Why does he hate the Galactic Federation? Who knows. But I'm quite 
    sure he has 
    ties with it, because otherwise he wouldn't have his Awesome Power 
    Suit. Or his 
    ship. Or his Shock coil! Everything he now possesses is stolen 
    Federation stolen technology. 
    My theory? He used to be a Galactic Federation soldier. Samus, somehow, 
    or destroyed something important to him and made him just hate her. So 
    he stole 
    the technology to go after her and kill her. Or, maybe Samus 
    destroyed/ate his 
    biscuit!! That'd make me go crazy and kill her!! <.<!!
    * 6. Sylux In-Game - Sxig *
    Sylux is definitely one of the most amazing characters in the game. 
    Not only he 
    looks plainly awesome, but his abilities are just crazy!
    His defense and speed are very well balanced. Good defense and good 
    that's good (Though, he is still a little lacky in defense). His 
    attack power 
    is very good. Even though, you won't need this if you use his 
    affinity; attack 
    power isn't important with that speed of fire!
    Also, Sylux's head is normal size, so sniping him (most common 
    strategy in Wi-
    Fi playing, trust me) won't be so easy. To top it, his head is smaller 
    when the 
    enemy is snipping from behind (Not exactly smaller, it's just actually 
    to hit. Thanks back protector thingy). But still, be careful of 
    No, Sylux is not a sniper. Sylux is perfect to trap opponents. His 
    gameplay is, 
    chase, trap, and kill.
    Let's move on to his incredible alt. form!
    * 7. Sylux's Alt. (Lockjaw) - Lkjw *
    Lockjaw, ahh. How perfect. It's an awesome tool to trap the enemies, 
    thanks to 
    his little energy linked bombs. See, whenever Sylux deploys more than 
    1 bomb 
    (limit 3), they get linked by an energy beam. If an enemy touches that 
    beam, both bombs will be pulled towards him IMMEDIATELY, dealing great 
    This is perfect to put in doors exits, or very transited passages. 
    Chances are, 
    someone will not realize there's your energy link and get, literally, 
    There's other great thing to his alt.. His powerful "Triangle Nuke". 
    you put 3 bombs, they'll create a triangle and whoever is inside of 
    triangle's line, will pull all 3 bombs towards them. This will deal 
    damage. It's a +100 for sure, so it WILL kill a Re-spawned enemy, if 
    fast enough (Though, with Lockjaw's speed, it's not a problem).
    There's one problem for the bombs. If there's any, ANY, obstacle 
    between the 
    first 2 bombs energy beam, they will detonate immediately. Chances are, 
    hitting anything. 
    Also, your friend third bomb will detonate the other 2 bombs and 
    itself. This 
    will make Sylux jump a little in alt. form and probably making the 
    other 2 
    bombs hit nothing but air. If your enemy jumps BEFORE you create the 
    bomb, they will probably be on the air when you create it and the 
    bombs won't 
    be pulled towards him, making the Triangle Nuke a failure. HOWEVER, if 
    enemy is very close to the ground (as in, the same height Sylux jumps 
    by the 
    third bomb's explosion) the bombs WILL be pulled and the enemy will 
    suffer a 
    lot of damage.
    The Lockjaw also has another advantage beside its awesome killing 
    bombs. Its 
    speed. It's second only to Samus's morph ball, and only when it's 
    using Boost 
    constantly. Otherwise, it's second to none.
    That speed means you'll be able to get away from everyone very easily, 
    you're in danger. And to get them away from you, you can leave bombs 
    behind and 
    they'll think twice before getting any closer.
    "- As you've seen, the Triangle Nuke (I call it the Tripwire Triangle) 
    in capable of incredible damage. But what if there was something even 
    better that you can do with bomb links that can kill enemies faster? 
    And there is. Call it the Line Nuke. First of all, I'm not totally 
    sure how to get this to activate, but lay down two bombs in Lockjaw 
    form (and make sure they link). The timing of this has to be fairly 
    right. Wait for an enemy to fall in the tripwire. Pay attention to the 
    bombs. When you see one go off (and just one), immediately lay 
    another, within range, to make another tripwire. It might have to be 
    done right before the remaining bomb goes off. Note, this will work 
    even if you enemy jumps in the air. As long as they hit the wire, 
    you're fine. It could be another form of the Triangle Nuke, but it 
    doesn't seem so to me. And yes, it takes time to get it right.
    - The Double Damage power-up is almost god-like when used with Sylux 
    and the Shock Coil. Plus, it does four times the damage when connected 
    for two seconds! And Triangle Nukes will kill in one hit ;)" - Thanks 
    to master_of_light for this information.
    An extra note: I tried myself the Line Nuke my friend here mentioned. 
    You need to practice this A LOT, but once pulled, Lockjaw pwns more. 
    With this technique you can set up to 4 bombs. Yes, 4 bombs. Problem 
    is, you need to be very fast for 1 of the bombs you set before, has to 
    explode first; once it explodes, set the fourth bomb BEFORE the other 
    two bombs explode, or it won't be pulled by the trip wires. 
    If you are able to pull this, it's an instant kill (Check the chart 
    for more info) It's VERY hard, but you can do it. I'm still practicing 
    it x_x
    In any case, do not become an alt. form spammer with Sylux. Just don't. 
    take his best features away from him, and you'll see them now...
    * 8. Sylux's Weapon (Shock Coil) - Skcl *
    I wuv the shock coil so much! See, it's a constant energy ray with 
    ability and when you use it with Sylux, it restores the same amount 
    you caused 
    on the enemy. Its range is not much, short-medium. That's why Sylux 
    better in short-medium range.
    Let me give you reasons for why this weapon owns everything else. 
    First, this 
    weapon's fire speed is just crazy. There's no lag to it whatsoever, 
    like the 
    Power Beam. You can leave L/R pressed and it'll keep firing and firing. 
    a good advantage. Fast firing is something very good.
    Second, the "bullets" it uses. When you have a full load of universal 
    you'll have 59 "bullets". It sounds like too little ammo for a weapon 
    with a 
    great fire speed, right? Well, not necessarily. For every bullet, you 
    can shot 
    10 times without leaving L button pushed. It should last 4 seconds 
    every bullet 
    when you leave it pushed. In other words, You have around 500 bullets 
    for this 
    weapon. And, all you need to kill an enemy is, what, 10-25?
    Third, it's mini seeking ability. As long as your enemy is within a 
    couple of 
    cm around your sight/aim thingy, you'll hit him (cm in your DS's 
    damnit!). Soooo, all you have to do is not let them get too far away 
    from you 
    or your sight/aim and you'll have a secure hit.
    Fourth, it has an anti-invisibility ability (HAH! TAKE THAT TRACE!!). 
    So, you 
    can go walking around shooting Shocks to everywhere and if there's an 
    enemy around there, you can spot him before he realizes. The best 
    thing is, the 
    attack won't be noticed by the enemy until they see their health is 
    very low, for the shock coil won't move them at all.
    Fifth and more importantly, the life-sucking ability. The Shock coil 
    is Sylux's 
    affinity and as we all know, affinity weapons work better on their 
    Sylux and the Shock Coil are not the exception. When Sylux uses this 
    attack and 
    hits the enemy, he will heal in the same amount he dealt to the enemy. 
    means, that he fights an enemy with 199 health while he is at barely 
    10, and 
    the enemy never hits you because he/she/it is retarded, you will heal 
    completely and they will die.
    There is a big problem to the Shock Coil, though... When the enemy 
    goes into 
    alt. form, hitting them is hard. With the Shock coil, that is. But of 
    you can always go into your alt. form as well and own them. However, 
    if you're 
    low on HP and you hoped to heal by hurting them, just go away. Shock 
    coil hits 
    barely, if any, to alt. forms.
    "- After a few seconds (I think two) of using the Shock Coil on an 
    enemy, the Shock Coil bolt will connect with them, dealing double 
    damage and gaining double life." - Thanks again to master_of_light for 
    this information.
    There is an exception. With the shock coil it's very easy to kill the 
    halfturrent (Weavel's alt. form lower part) and then just hit the 
    upper part 
    once and he'll be probably dead.
    "As you may have noticed, when Sylux's trip wire is... tripped... the 
    both home in on the enemy. So, basically, what you do is lay down a 
    trip wire, 
    and when it is activated (you pretty much need to be in sight range) 
    jamming the fire button. As long as you keep it steady and stay close 
    to your 
    enemy, you'll keep pumping bombs into them for a good long time, 
    usually enough 
    to kill them. But there is one disadvantage. After a while, you'll 
    "run out" of bombs, and you won't be able to use any more for about 
    seconds." - Thanks to AngentWiggles.
    Simply put, put 2 bombs and stay near to where they are (so you can 
    see them) 
    and as soon as someone passes by them, start pressing your fire button 
    crazy. You must be fast or the bombs will all explode and the ones 
    your are 
    dropping will stop homing your enemy. You also must not get very far 
    away from 
    your enemy or the bombs will not wire with the others and the attack 
    will be 
    * 9. Sylux's Advantages - Sxas *
    Every character (I... Think) has territorial or environmental 
    advantages. For 
    example, Spire's lava immunity. Well, Sylux has his territorial 
    advantages too. 
    No! He's not immune to lava! *Dummy slaps you*
    Sylux will always have the advantage in small, tight grounds. Use that 
    to your 
    advantage. With the shock coil chasing your enemies and leaving bombs 
    by the 
    only ways to get out of the tight passages, you'll be the owner of the 
    Also, remember that jump he does when he deploys his third bomb? Well, 
    there is low gravity, that ain't a little cute jump. It's a huge, 
    floating jump. So, in places like Head Shot, you can abuse alt. form a 
    lot more 
    than in any other place. I don't use it much, but I suppose you could 
    look for 
    a use for it.
    * 10. Sylux's Disadvantages - Sxds *
    With Sylux, you'll have problems in very big areas, and wide passages. 
    At all 
    cost, avoid them. These places practically kill Sylux's strategy; 
    there are too 
    many ways to escape.
    In these places, the best thing to do is... Go to alt. form most of 
    the time. 
    And when you get someone near you, go to biped and start sucking life. 
    they get away, just go back to alt. and get close enough again. 
    Also, looking for ways to get your enemies into the tight passages and 
    them to dead would be great too.
    Snipers are also a problem for Sylux, since he has short range weapon. 
    his constant movement is just perfect to avoid being killed by them. 
    * 11. Sylux's Strategies - Sxss *
    The base you need to follow is: Chase your enemies, trap them, and 
    finally kill 
    "But how?!"
    Well, you can firstly, go into alt. form for very fast movement. Once 
    in alt., 
    start looking for ammo and affinity or shock coil orbs. While doing so, 
    your enemy's passages with a couple of bombs. Once you feel that you 
    enough ammo, go to biped and start chasing. By this time, someone may 
    already fallen for your bomb traps, or they may have exploded by 
    themselves, so 
    creating new ones would be wise.
    "But what if it's a wide map?!"
    Be creative. <.<... Nah. Just kidding. Like I said before, go to alt., 
    look for 
    ammo and weapons and chase them till they drop in alt.. Whenever you 
    can, go 
    back to biped and own them. While in biped, be cautious. In wide 
    there's 1 sniper for sure. Be careful with him.
    Here are some strategies that works better for certain levels!
    - Combat Hall -
    For combat hall, I recommend getting the affinity as soon as possible 
    and a 
    couple of health energy stuff. Afterwards, block the main passage (The 
    one in 
    the middle of the stage) and start making people fall for it, by 
    chasing with 
    the Shock Coil. It has worked for me quite well Everytime I use it in 
    hall. Your biggest problem here will be Trace users, who sit in the 
    top part of 
    the stage (Near the affinity, upper part) or Kanden alt. form spammers. 
    Kanden, spam them back with your triangle nuke. For Trace, I recommend 
    going to 
    where they sit snipping and triangle them as soon as they get there.
    - Head Shot -
    MMkay... its really cheap, but it will score a win... 
    In Head Shot, Sylux is t3h h4x. The outer area of the map is low grav, 
    Sylux can fly by continually placing bombs. So, simply grab the 
    Deathalt and 
    get the first kill. Ok, now get outside. Start flying towards the edge 
    of the 
    map. Find the corner of the map, and just keep jamming on the L button. 
    As long 
    as you do this, you'll stay afloat, and since it's nearly impossible 
    to see or 
    find you, you'll win the match. - Thanks to AgentWiggles
    This is a great, fast victory against one opponent. Score as many 
    kills as 
    possible when it's multiplayer, because some others may get killed and 
    won't score a sure victory if that happens.
    - Harvester -
    You'll hate this stage. It's just that, a harvester. Good for sitting 
    down and 
    sniping. A lot of snipers will come in this freaking stage, so I try 
    to avoid 
    it as much as possible. But it's unavoidable, well... Firstly, pick 
    Imperialist. You'll need it. After that, go to the centre of the stage 
    and get 
    yourself ammo and your coil, of course. If you're playing against 
    Trace, be careful. Try to always find him (Trace is not completely 
    you can still see him if you try hard enough) before he finds you. 
    Never, ever 
    stay in 1 place without moving at all. I firmly insist you keep moving, 
    preferably from side to side and randomly. If you move back and forth, 
    be easily sniped... When you track a sniper, get back into the middle 
    of the 
    stage. Snipers don't move of their place unless you shoot them. So, 
    time to use 
    the Imperialist you got at the beginning. Inside the centre stage, 
    you'll be 
    covered by the semitransparent doors. Shoot from behind them and try 
    to hit the 
    head. After that, just run in alt. form as much as you can so they 
    can't snipe 
    If you're facing other characters, non-sniper ones. Well, get them in 
    centre of the stage and abuse your coil there. It's a very small place 
    and the 
    shock coil will always hit here. At least, most of the time.
    - Alinos Peach -
    Sniping map. Gah. Okay, first thing to do is go to the upper level, 
    where you 
    get the Imperialist and Shock Coil, and health too of course. Take the 
    and health and leave through the big door (The one in front of the 
    Once you leave this, put a couple of bombs trip-wired to cover this 
    Preferably in the outside part of the door (Contrary to the 
    imperialist) so 
    when they come out after looking for the imperialist, they get damaged. 
    doing this, look for kills in alt. form. When you find your prey, back 
    to biped 
    and start to shock coil.
    You will have hard times in this map because most of it is huge and 
    from Sylux turns easy. To avoid this, you can do 2 things: Use your 
    shock coil 
    the less and snipe or become an alt. spammer... I personally like 
    You can use the jump machine thingy and get in the high peach in the 
    middle of 
    the stage. You have a clear view of everything from this point, except 
    for the 
    inside stuff where you get imperialist. You can also snipe people from 
    the door you get the imperialist from, just like you do in Harvester.
    - Ice Hive -
    I wuv Ice Hive. It's tight EVERYWHERE! Whoo. Sylux got his place. Any 
    is perfect for a couple of bombs. Every place is perfect for always 
    get hit by 
    coil. Strategy here? All you need to do is, block the main corridors 
    with trip 
    wires, try to get the Double damage and go nuts with the coil.
    Trust me, in this map you'll kill at least, AT LEAST, once. Just be 
    though. This place is also perfect for Judicator. And since you get it, 
    Be careful with jumping bullets. They got quite a blow if spammed + 
    damage + charged = you x_x... So, just stick near to them to coil 'em.
    A perfect place to put trip-wires is where you fall after using the 
    machine. Most likely, they won't notice it. Also, the other entrance 
    of that 
    room is also a good place.
    * 12. Sylux vs. ???? - Sxvs *
    Sylux vs. Samus: Samus users might be a little troublesome for you. 
    They tend 
    to spam their missiles and charged missiles to hit you hard, even in 
    alt. form, 
    thanks to the seeker ability. What you have to do, is get as close as 
    to them. Like that, they'll have problems using their missiles (<3 
    effect), they'll hurt themselves if they are close enough. When they 
    go to 
    alt., they'll move very fast probably (</3 Boost), so be sure to block 
    most common escape route with bombs, that way they'll think it twice 
    running away.
    Sylux vs. Kanden: gah! I hate these guys. Most of Kanden Users seem to 
    be alt. 
    form spammers and that is a real pain in the arse! >.< Though, really 
    Kanden users will constantly destroy you with Volt Driver charged 
    shots, then 
    finish you off with fast fired normal shots. So, if you come across 
    alt. form 
    spammers, alt. spam them back. Use your Triangle Nuke to shock them to 
    Sylux moves faster than Kanden in alt. form, so creating the triangle 
    won't be 
    much of a problem. If you come across good, biped killers... Well, 
    first of 
    all, avoid the charged shot AT ALL COST! Running to your sides is the 
    option; running back won't help much... When you manage to weak them 
    they will probably try to run away in alt. form, so block their escape 
    with a bunch of bombs ;x.
    Sylux vs. Spire: I haven't come across many Spire users, and the ones 
    I have 
    fought weren't exactly... Very capable. The ones I've faced usually go 
    with the Magmaul and try to burn you down to ashes or you cut in half 
    with the 
    Dialanche. That's not much problem, really. The Magmaul's arc makes it 
    so they 
    have a hard time hitting something and the Dialanche is very slow, so 
    you can 
    easily make the Triangle Nuke on him when he's in alt. form and shock 
    him to 
    dead in biped. He isn't very much a problem. However, since I haven't 
    fought a 
    very good Spire user, well, I don't how to counter those that are 
    indeed good. 
    Be careful.
    "First of all there are three kinds of spire players. One goes burn 
    people with 
    the magmaul. I call these people the burners. Another who just stays 
    in Alt. 
    and just attacks. I call these guys the Alt. spammers. Last the one 
    who goes 
    verity (aka the one that you could have trouble with). I call these 
    trouble. The people who burn you (aka the burners) make sure you shock 
    them (dur) They make sure to jump side to side and being accurate with 
    shock coil. They will probably run away. Just chase them until they 
    The alt spammers are real easy to take care of. If they follow you. 
    Which they 
    should just set up trip wires. That should be enough because they will 
    you, but oh noes. They are running away. This is were you speed in 
    front of 
    them and start nuking them. BAM good bye alt spammers.  
    Now here is the tricky part. The actually good people who use their 
    alt form 
    and their magmaul. Now if they are good with the magmaul then better 
    watch out 
    because the filled up magmaul also has splash damage so they don't 
    have to aim 
    that much. Make sure you have at least 150 health when you face these 
    When they are in biped magmauling you shock coil them. Eventually they 
    will get 
    a hint and go in alt for the kill. Now don't just stand there and go " 
    SHOCK COIL DON'T LET ME DOWN." Chances are it will and you just set 
    yourself up 
    to get smashed. Instead get in alt form and run away for a distance. 
    Once your 
    are a good distance away. You must get in biped and use your missles 
    if they 
    are still in alt form. If not shock coil them. Might take awhile, but 
    it will 
    work" - Thanks to Zuto for this information.
    Sylux vs. Trace: whenever I notice I have a Trace user opponent, I 
    just go 
    "ARG! SNIPERS!!" Advanced Trace users take that to their advantage. 
    They make 
    you think they are going to snipe you and you being prepared for a 
    headshot, go 
    to alt. form and move around for them to have a very hard time hitting 
    That's when good Trace users shine. While you dance around in alt. 
    form, hoping 
    for them not to hit you, they sit in a corner in alt. as well and wait 
    for you 
    to pass by and dash you to dead. But, being cautious, you can avoid 
    them from 
    hitting you. If you notice where they are, just shock them and they'll 
    moving, go to alt. and triangle them. Be careful not to be hit by 
    their dash. 
    You can also Triangle those who try to sniper during all the game.
    "Strategy to use agaisnt Trace alt. spammers: when someone goes into 
    their alt. 
    I alt. unless they stay in alt constantly....but when it's a alt. war 
    Sylux in Trace I become a bullfighter, in that I'll lay a trip wire 
    they're about to dash at me and chances are they'll mis if you keep 
    slightly horizontal. 40 dmg." - Thanks to Corales =O
    Sylux vs. Noxus: Mr. Cold can be a problem to you x_x... Both of you 
    are close 
    ranged user (Shock Coil vs. Judicator), so... Damn, just get away from 
    him when 
    you see his arm shinning. Be careful when he goes to alt. form and get 
    from his scythe, it packs a strong punch... Slash, whatever <.<. Mr. 
    Cold is a 
    very easy character to n00biz3. When your opponent is COMPLETELY 
    focused on 
    freezing you, you got a n00b. Just don't get close enough for him to 
    freeze you 
    and you'll be fine. With advanced users, however... While they WILL 
    try to 
    freeze you, they will be focused in using Judicator's bouncing power 
    in their 
    advantage, and it can be quite an advantage. They'll become medium-
    long ranged 
    now and it'll be harder for you to kill 'em. My advice in this case is 
    to stay 
    away from long, tight passages. Here is where Noxus shine. So, BE 
    Sylux vs. Sylux: ... Well, you'll probably expect me to tell you how 
    to kill 
    yourself... Fine. Take a weapon to your head and pull the trigger; you 
    be dead in an instant! =D... << Okay, I'll help you... Many Sylux 
    users are 
    alt. form spammers. Counter them the same way, spam alt. form. When 
    they go to 
    biped and have shock coil, just DO NOT GO TO BIPED AND USE SHOCK COIL 
    BACK AT 
    HIM. None of you will kill each other. Instead just triangle them. The 
    best way 
    to counter Sylux is with alt. forms... And me saying that means we'll 
    have many 
    more Sylux killers e_e...
    Sylux vs. Weavel: You'll have problems against this guy too... He's a 
    medium ranged too, which means he'll get to hit you quite a lot, 
    with that damned weapon. </3 Splash! X_x... But, thanks to your life-
    ability, that damage you take will be fastly healed. They will 
    probably try 
    going to alt. form. At this time, move around the lower part of the 
    body using 
    your shock, you'll heal and it'll die quickly. But the upper part will 
    still be 
    there. So, you have to destroy it. But any shot would kill him now, so 
    worries. I haven't go into very, very skilled Weavel users either, 
    so... Maybe 
    this isn't the best strategy.
    "I must dissagree with your statement that weavel characters are hard 
    with sylux, as i have found easy ways to kill them. First is the 
    methood against halfturret spammers. Yes, don't you hate those morons?
    Since most are n00bs, they will leave their turret lying around and 
    not pay attention to it. there are 2 ways that you can exploit this. 
    1, stand around and shock coil it like a vampire. The health that you 
    get will be much more than you lose. the second is to go into lockjaw 
    and give it the bermuda triangle (what I call the "triangle nuke." 
    they will be somewhere else and not see they're precious legs explode. 
    Then, there are the more advanced players who will go for the 
    imperialist and use the turret to distract you. Since they pay 
    attention to the turret sometimes, your only strategy is to bermuda 
    triangle the turret. they also might hang around the turret and try to 
    slice you. Keep doing the same thing, they won't be able to hit
    you with a slice or battlehammer shoved up their arse, because lockjaw 
    is to fast. Then there are the experts. I know their kind well because 
    i went up against a 5 star weaveler online. I have no strategey
    for them except this: get the f*** away. Go after the other players 
    instead in alt form, as they will snipe with deadly aim. hopefully you 
    will get 7 kills on the other people. If you follow this advice, no 
    weavel is too hard. Except the ones who are too hard. If they stay 
    biped, shock 'em so hard that they lose they're connection and are 
    booted off the internet." - Thanks to Steve for this.
    * 13. Sylux Damage Chart - Sxdc *
    Power Beam: PwrB.
    Missiles: Mssl.
    Volt Driver: Vtdr.
    Magmaul: Mgml.
    Imperialist: Impr.
    Imperialist (Zoomed): Impz.
    Judicator: Jdcr.
    Shock Coil: ShkC.
    Battlehammer: Bthr.
    Alt. Form Bomb #1: Alt1.
    Alt. Form Trip Wire bomb (2): Alt2.
    Alt. Form Triangle Nuke (3): Alt3. 
    Alt. Form Line Nuke (4): Alt4.
    Chart: First damage is the normal damage of a normal weapon. Second is 
    shot. When there's a --, that weapon has no charged. Some weapons 
    don't have 
    headshot either. They are -- too.
    For damage dealt, there are 4 divisions. 1st, damage dealt in 4 sec. 
    normal shots; 2nd, charged to chest; 3rd, headshot, normal; 4th, 
    -Weapon-Normal Shot-Head Shot-Fire Speed (Shots/4sec)-Damage dealt in 
    4 Sec.-
    - Pwrb -    6/33   -   8/48  -          15/3         -    90/-
    99/120/144    -
    - Mssl -   32/48   -  --/--  -           5/2         -   160/-92/---/-
    --    -
    - Vtdr -   14/56   -  21/--  -          13/1         -   182/-56/273/-
    --    -
    - Mgml -   32/56   -  --/--  -           6/2         -   192/112/---/-
    --    -
    - Impr -   36/--   - 100/--  -           2/-         -    72/---/200/-
    --    -
    - Impz -   72/--   - 199/--  -           2/-         -   144/---/398/-
    --    -
    - Jdcr -   22/72   -  32/96  -           5/3         -   
    110/216/160/288    -
    - Shkc -    1/--   -  --/--  -           4/-         -   199/---/---/-
    --    -
    - Bthr -   12/--   -  --/--  -          13/-         -   156/---/---/-
    --    -
    - Alt1 -   10/--   -  --/--  -          --/-         -   ---/---/---/-
    --    -
    - Alt2 -   40/--   -  --/--  -          --/-         -   ---/---/---/-
    --    -
    - Alt3 -  180/--   -  --/--  -          --/-         -   ---/---/---/-
    --    -
    - Alt4 -  199/--   -  --/--  -          --/-         -   ---/---/---/-
    --    -
    Yes. Sylux's constant Shock coiling will be enough to kill an average 
    character in 4 seconds and you'll only waste 4 bullets. 
    This was tested in a normal defence player (Samus), all of these 
    weapons. The 
    results WILL vary against Kanden, Trace and Spire. With Noxus and 
    Weavel, the 
    results will be very similar to these. They will vary a little, maybe 
    not so 
    notorious, though.
    To be honest, I think a Zoomed Imperialist will not deal 199, but 200. 
    And 400, 
    if double. The reason I put 199 is cause the life meter can't go 
    Yes, the shock coil only deals 1 damage per shock tap (Press L and 
    immediately). But if left pushed, in 4 seconds against a dummy enemy 
    jump, doesn't move around) is enough to kill. Against moving enemies, 
    around 6-
    10 is the media I take to do it.
    These are the damages done by Sylux. They may, and will, vary with 
    Weavel and 
    Kanden for sure. I think they are the ones with most damage.
    Yes, the triangle nuke is a 180 hit. Do it, and then make 'em step on 
    a trip 
    wire and they're done... Or go back to alt. and 1 second will be 
    enough to kill 
    * 14. FAQ *
    Okay... Many people started asking this stuff... I'll answer this 
    stuff now.
    Q: Why did you pick Sylux as your main?
    A: Cause when you face him in the game for the first time, he's hard. 
    Very. Or 
    at least, annoying. He's also the most balanced character in all terms, 
    defence and attack. And he heals himself with every attack; no need to 
    thingies. Also, he looks freaking awesome.
    Q: How do you deal with snipers?!
    A: I don't like it, or I'm not very proud of it... But, I alt. spam 
    them. It's 
    hard to hit Lockjaw with a imperialist, and it won't kill you 
    whatsoever, so 
    it's all good. I also snipe them from places they can't hit me or 
    can't see me.
    Q: Sylux sux0rz!!!1one!!"
    A: So do you =D.
    Q: Are all Sylux users Alt. spammers? 
    A: No. But I must agree that many Sylux users are alt. spammers. 
    Reason? Cause 
    Lockjaw rocks. But the biped rocks more, people just don't realize 
    that and 
    just spam. Also, the insane quantity of Trace-Sniping. It doesn't make 
    want to stand in two feet waiting for a headshot. No, no. Just no.
    Q: Why did the chicken cross the street?
    A: To get hit by a 20 wheels car. ASK STUFF ABOUT THE GUIDE, PEOPLE! 
    Q: c4n 1 |a1k oo53 ur gd3?!1one
    A: ...My mom's a saint! *slaps for offending mom*
    Q: What's the Spire Glitch?
    A: "on alinos gateway, there's a big rock spire just to the left of 
    platform where u get the imperialist. there's a small lava corridor 
    between it 
    and that lower walkway under the platform. spire users can walk into 
    corridor, get against the far wall, go into alt form, and attack while 
    towards the rock. this causes them to pass through the rock. for the 
    user, the rock has dissapeared. they can fire through it, walk in it, 
    accidentally walk out of it because they cant see the boundary, stuff 
    that. oh, and tryin to get in that corridor in alt form is impossible 
    spire-it makes them climb the wall instead of going back far enough. 
    yeah, this kinda sux for non-spire users."
    Q: How do I deal with it? 
    A: "first, i heard that you can shoot through the rock if you're close 
    bad idea, cuz u cant see them, and they can see u. they are gonna be a 
    lot more 
    accurate than u. so, second method: prevention. dont ask me how this 
    works, but 
    if you hit them with the shock coil while they're tryin to do the 
    glitch, it 
    wont work (the glitch, that is). i think the constant contact has 
    somethin to 
    do with it, cuz none of the other weapons work. if you do this, you 
    can heal 
    more than you take from the lava, and they cant do the glitch, so they 
    may come 
    after you. thats a good thing, cuz you can back onto a platform at 
    this point 
    to nullify lava damage. just watch out for snipers when you do this."
    Q: What's your Friend Code?
    A: Here: 3436-6512-1346. Let me know if you add me.
    Q: Why haven't you answer my mail about a guide request?! *cries*
    A: Sorry, I won't be borrowing my guide anymore. Why? Personal 
    Sorry. If you want someone to blame, blame Bush! o:<
    Q: Where the heck is Sylux?!
    A: ...Well, there are walkthroughs for that, you know? <.<... But oh 
    well. You 
    get him in the Vesper Defense Outpost thingy. In this fight he's hard, 
    HARD to beat cause his Shock Coil does heal him and I think it's 
    stronger than 
    it should be. To make it worst, you have low life and then his ship 
    comes to 
    help him. 
    Q: How do I add Friend Codes? ;_; 
    A: ... Well, if you read the MPH Manuel, it's probably there... But 
    since I'm 
    cool... First you go to multiplayer and then to Wi-Fi Connection. 
    There's a 
    small symbol in the right bottom part of the screen. That's where you 
    your friends and rivals. Now here there's another button in the bottom 
    part of the screen, where you get to add friend codes. In the top 
    you'll also be able to see your own friend code.
    Q: Why don't you answer my e-mails?!
    A: Sorry. I'm currently without Computer and without internet. I'll 
    ask you not to send me notifications saying you added me to your 
    friends, because I won't be able to play Wi-Fi either for a long while. 
    When I can play again, I'll make the note here. Peace!
    That's all for now. <3!
    * 15. Credits - Crdt *
    Thanks to Nintendo for this awesome game.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for posting my little guide.
    Thanks to my brainless younger brother, who helped me with the tests.
    Thanks to my brainless younger brother's friend who lend us his DS for 
    Thanks to Sylux for existing! ;X
    Thanks to you for reading.
    Special Thanks to Zuto, for helping me against Spire users and the 
    Special Thanks to RedWingedAngel for the info of Spire Glitch.
    Special Thanks to AgentWiggles, for a strategy for Head Shot stage and 
    the info 
    of Infini-Bomb and details on Shock Coil.
    Special Thanks to Curtis, for the info on Omega Beam... CANNON! 
    CANNON!! X_x
    Special Thanks to Coralus, for the strategy versus Trace Alt. spammers.
    Special Thanks to master_of_light, for the Line Nuke information!
    Special Thanks to Neb555 for finally noticing the title xD.

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