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    Weavel FAQ by Oni_Kariudo

    Version: 0.92 | Updated: 05/13/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Metroid Prime Hunters:
    Weavel FAQ v. 0.92
    April 7, 2006
    By: John Wakefield A.k.a. Oni_Kariudo
    Table of Contents:
    (To find a certain area, press ctrl-f, and type the
    letters/numbers in the brackets, and press enter.)
    0. History (wf-001)
    1. Introduction (wf000)
                  - Why I wrote the guide (wf001)
                  - Who is Weavel and how to unlock him (wf002)
    2. Pros/Cons (wf003)
    3. Special Effects with Weavel (wf004)
    4. Weapon Ranks for Weavel (wf005)
                  - Power Beam (w01)
                  - Missiles (w02)
                  - Shock Coil (w03)
                  - Judicator (w04)
                  - Magmaul (w05)
                  - Volt Driver (w06)
                  - Battlehammer (w07)
                  - Imperialist (w08)
                  - THE OMEGA CANNON (O RLY? Y@ RLY!!!)
             -Weavel’s Weapons
                  - Halfturret Shot (w10)
                  - Weavel’s cool looking sword (w11)
    5. Strategies (wf006)
             - Basic Tips
                  - Biped (bist)
                  - Halfturret (htst)
             - Stealth Tactics (wf007)
    		  - Imperialist Radar (st01)
    		  - Radar Fooling (st02)
    		  - Holo-Hiding (st03)
    		  - Turret Decoy (st04)
    		  - Biped/Turret Wall Hug (st05)
    		  - Military Roll/Tactical Shooting (st06)
    		  - Low-gravity wall jumping (st07)
    	   -Character Strategies (wf008)
    		  - Weavel Vs. Samus (wvs)
    		  - Weavel Vs. Sylux (wvsy)
    		  - Weavel Vs. Spire (wvsp)
    		  - Weavel Vs. Kanden (wvk)
    		  - Weavel Vs. Noxus (wvn)
    		  - Weavel Vs. Trace (wvt)
    		  - Weavel Vs. Weavel (wvw)
             -Level Strategies (wf009)
                  - Combat Hall (asch)
                  - Data Shrine (asds)
    6. F.A.Q's (wf010)
    7. Credits & about me (wf011)
    History: (wf-001)
    Well, the guide is mostly finished. I’m adding tips, and I’m finishing the level
    strategies. I submitted it to gamefaqs.com. Accepted, and now I’m happily taking
    a break.
    Started working on the guide again, this time trying to find strategies for
    Noxus. I’m starting to add details to the level strategies, but I’m trying to
    find some places to hang the turret.
    Hooray, two days before m birthday! I’m sending this in to gamefaqs.com. It has:
               - Two level strategies (slowly coming.....)
               - Some Noxus strategies
               - More tips
               - More F.A.Q’s
               - Updated credits
               - Fixed some spelling errors
               - More ‘quick-find’ letter combinations
    I just got my friend’s Wi-Fi to work, so I’m going to use him as a test dummy
    for the rest of the level strategies. The “L” and “R” buttons on my DS are
    acting weird, so I’m going to have to wait before I can continue playing.
    Enjoy the updated version. Happy hunting! ^^
    Introduction (wf000)
    (Note: I'm not that good at wording things onto the computer, so forgive me for
    that ^_^)
    Thank you very much for clicking on this FAQ. This Weavel FAQ will show you some
    basic knowledge about Weavel
    Why I Wrote the Guide (wf001)
    You know, During the previews of Metroid Prime Hunters, I was looking at all the
    When I saw Weavel, I thought he was cool, but he seemed like someone who would
    die easily.
    When I got all the hunters, I decided to use Weavel on WiFi, just to try him
    (I was using Samus at the time because of her Homing Missiles)
    I realized the potential he had; even more than the rest of the hunters.
    I got tired of people calling Weavel cheap, weak, or awful compared to the other
    That inspired me to write this guide, with four main purposes: To help Weavel
    users become
    better with simple/advanced tips, to help people counter Weavel's attacks, to
    record any strategies
    I remember, and to show the people that you can't call Weavel cheap or weak, to
    a ceratin extent.
    Who is Weavel, and how to unlock him (wf002)
    Weavel is a space pirate commando who got BADLY injured in a fight with Samus.
    He only survived with his spinal cord and brain intact. He was placed in a life
    supporting exo-skeleton, to keep him alive. He goes after the ultimate power,
    but also, to take revenge on Samus for stripping him from his original body. the
    It is quite simple getting Weavel, You fight him trying to escape Alinds for the
    first time. Once you beat him, you unlock him on WiFi. Or, you can beat someone
    up who has Weavel on WiFi to unlock him, though you must come in first place.
    Pros/Cons (wf003)
    Why Be Weavel? Why not be Weavel? Here's the Pros/Cons.
    -    Has an amazing alternate mode, if used carefully.
    -    His battlehammer can work wonders in bunch-ups.
    -    He can confuse your opponents very easily.
    -    He can gather weapons and health fast
    -    His turret can be used as a radar for enemies on different floors (Auto-
         fires), and never runs out of ammo.
    -    He can escape a close match quickly.
    -    His Turret firing speed can be avoided easily!
    -    His HP splits in half for the two parts of the halfturret!
    -    Samus' missiles can make mincemeat out of a halfturret (Wow, his turret is
         getting hammered)!
    -    His halfturret can be a major target in a firefight (Gets annoying with
         constant damage coming out of something so small!)
    -    His battlehammer isn't very useful against snipers.
    -    Patterns for Weavel are easily discovered, so you are constantly changing
    -    He NEEDS all the weaponry he can get, and needs to use them well. TRUST
    -    He can only use his cool sword from the cinematic in the alternate mode
    -    He's more of a tactical person. Jumping into the middle of a fight = BAD
    -    He looks like Master Chief from Halo!
    Special Effects (wf004)
    Weavel has some unique abilities, and it may drag a person to either like, or
    hate him. His alternate mode is the Halfturret, which splits Weavel into two
    parts. For the first half of his body, he turns into a small robot with legs.
    It's attack is s a leap-slash in the air. His second mode, is a turret, which is
    quite annoying, and makes a perfect spamming item when used perfectly. It
    constantly fires a bunch of battlehammer shots at the nearest enemies. The
    battlehammer shots are powerful, but not powerful enough to rely on by itself.
    His Weapon of choice is the battlehammer. I will explain its effects and uses
    with Weavel on the Weapons Section.
    Weapon Ranks (wf005)
    Ok, Here's a list of all the Weapons, and a personal rank out of ten. I rank the
    weapons on how strong, fast and useful it is. I also have a Reader Review rank,
    so for all Weavel players out there, you can send in your own rank and a reason
    for it, and I'll post the average of all the ranks there. I ranked the range
    with 4 rankings: Nowhere, Short, Long, and Uber-Long
    Note: I made these damage tests from bot damage calculations. I may be wrong,
    contact me to modify my rankings if you wish. (Thanks Teh Fuzion Dr4gon for the
    chart XD)
    Power Beam (w01)
    Damage: 4/10 (6/10 Charged)
    Projectile Speed: 8/10 (6/10 Charged)
    Rate of Fire: 4-5 shots Per Second
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Range: Medium (Long Charged)
    Overall: 6/10 (Not an average)
    Reader Review rank: (N/A)/10
    The Power Beam fires off a weak, fast and accurate shot of yellow energy. You
    start off with it, but it will get outweighed by the other weapons later on. You
    will probably switch to the missiles, or just charge it. It's quite good when
    shot quickly, and it is easier to hit the opponent's head, chewing a bit more
    damage off your opponent's health bar. It has unlimited ammo, so you can just
    keep firing away. In small maps, this weapon can be very useful, unless you're
    facing someone one on one. On the larger maps, it's good for pea-shooting
    snipers if you're out of missiles. I personally don't use the charge beam very
    often, but it can pack quite a punch when combined with multiple power beam
    shots as well. This can be useful when used by Weavel, since his battlehammer
    runs out of ammo fairly quickly.
    A very weak machine gun that doesn't run out of ammo. What fun. ^_^
    2. Missiles (w02)
    Damage: 6/10 (7/10 Charged)
    Projectile Speed: 6/10 (6/10 Charged)
    Rate of Fire: 2 Seconds Per missile, mashing the L button.
    Usefulness: 7/10
    Range: Uber-Long
    Overall: 7/10 (Not an average)
    Reader Review Rank: (N/A)/10
    This weapon is useful for most hunters, but for Weavel, the battlehammer is just
    as good, for most jobs. The missile fires an explosive straight at a target. It
    isn't as fast as the power beam, so it is a bit harder to hit an opponent. But
    when you get the hang of them, you will be stepping over the bodies of other
    hunters faster than you can say, "All you base are Belong to Us". Weavel should
    use these very often to take out enemies who are trying to make a run for
    health. Also, when using "Stealth Tactics", this can be very useful to terminate
    some weakened hunters, and can make mincemeat out of other alt-spamming
    Weavelers, too. Use this to damage far enemies, but don't use it for very, very
    nearby enemies (XD You'll get hurt, or even killed).
    It's all common sense with this weapon
    3. Shock Coil (w03)
    Damage: 1-7/10
    Projectile speed: Continuous
    Rate of Fire: Continuous
    Usefulness: 1-6/10
    Range: Nowhere
    Overall: 5-8/10
    A good, short range, one-person killer. The "Overall" rank depends on how you
    use it. You hold the fire button and aim it towards an enemy. An puny electric
    charge hits the enemy and sticks to them, eating their health away. The longer
    the charge stays on, the faster/stronger the link becomes. It sounds easy to
    pull off, but it is quite difficult to keep it on, because of its crappy range.
    But after a few kills, it is easy to keep it linked (Hi Sylux users!). I
    personally don't use this often, since Weavel is a good close range fighter
    already. It is totally up to you if you use it. It doesn't use ammo very fast,
    it can be a useful weapon when you are almost out of ammo.
    ow. ow. oww. oww. oww. OWW. AHHH!!!!! *dies*
    4. Judicator (w04)
    Damage: 6/10 (7/10 Charged, All projectiles make contact)
    Projectile Speed: 7/10 (7/10 Charged, All Projectiles)
    Rate of Fire: 1.6 shots per second
    Usefulness: 6/10 (4-7/10), can bounce
    Overall: 7/10
    Bouncy! Bouncy! Bouncy! Noxus' prime weapon, but Weavel can use it good too
    (Actually, all the hunters use it the Same except Noxus XD). It fires a long
    blue-purple ray. It can bounce off walls, but it depends on the angle of the
    wall where the ray goes.
    Personally, I love this weapon on every type of arena. Also, for a Weaveler,
    this weapon is #1 for starting a  "Prank" on an opponent (Head to the
    "Strategies" section). It's damage is pretty good for a small beam, and it does
    even MORE damage when it hits the head!
    When you charge the Judicator, three beams will come out; Same strength as the
    rest of the beams. But think about it. It can do 32 damage when it hits the
    head. If all the beams hit, well, ouch ^_^.
    The reload speed is kind of crappy, so I wouldn't really use this beam in the
    middle of a firefight. It's range is amazing, so it can be used to terminate
    snipers as well if you find them. Good luck with that XD
    A beam that acts as a ball, and is pretty strong. I consider this weapon, the
    TOTAL OPPOSITE, OR RIVAL of the Magmaul XD.
    5. Magmaul (w05)
    Damage: 7/10 (8/10 Charged)
    Projectile Speed: 4/10
    Rate of Fire: 1.5 Shots per Second
    Usefulness: 4-7/10, can bounce, remains on floor for two seconds.
    Range: Short
    Overall: 6-8/10
    A question: In reality, would it hurt if a bowling ball got launched at you?
    Yes, well, it should. Now, here's another question. Would it hurt of a flaming
    bowling ball on crack got launched at you? I thought so. This weapon, fires a
    ball of superheated lava at a short range. The lava can bounce off walls, and
    remains on the floor for an unfortunate person to step over it and receive
    damage. When charged, it fires big ball of fire (XD) that explodes on contact,
    leaving a bunch of fire lying all over the place. Painful? Yes, and it is slow,
    but it doesn't matter. It can be used in firefights and surprises, which makes
    it perfect for "Stealth Tactics" (I'll help you out with stealth tactics. Or,
    you can go play ©Splinter Cell XD). The only problem I find with this, is that
    it is difficult to aim its "arch", since it's so low.
    Another good battlehammer in your arsenal. Judicator or Magmaul, you choose!
    6. Volt Driver (w06)
    Damage: 6/10 (8/10 Charged, Homing)
    Projectile Speed: 8/10
    Rate of Fire: 4-5 shots per Second
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Range: Uber-Long
    Overall: 8/10
    This weapon, is technically a uber-powered power beam (LOZ). This will replace
    the power beam on almost all situations (except when you're out of ammo XD), and
    is able to finish them faster too. If you don't have a battlehammer, have this
    close at hand, because it can take out snipers and big crowds quickly. It's
    uber-long range, and extra damage on headshots also make this weapon good too.
    Too bad it isn't Weavel's prime weapon; Ah well.  The only thing that lowered
    its score, is its ability to eat ammo uber-fast. As I said, it's a powered power
    beam, and the ammo keeps the beam powered (XD), and it IS kind of smaller than
    the power beam as well. Anyways, the charge attack is just as strong as the
    magmaul, but the only difference is that it can home onto a target, and it is
    one of the easiest things to avoid in the game because it's soo slow.
    A good beam, just make sure you have TONS of ammo before using it, unless you
    have dead-eye aim.
    7. Battlehammer (w07)
    Damage: 4/10 (6 for Weavel)
    Projectile Speed: 7/10
    Rate of Fire: 3 shots per Second
    Usefulness: 6-8/10
    Range: Short-Long
    Weavel's Ability: High Explosion Radius, Splash Damage
    Overall: 7-8/10
    Weavel's Prime Weapon. Use this well. Use it often. Use the Force. Normally,
    this weapon just fires a small arched projectile at an enemy. It also lays down
    some splash damage, hurting everyone around it. For Weavel, the splash is
    magnified by 10x, so you can do a bit more damage to a larger radius. This
    weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. For Weavel, it is good for
    terminating large groups in a matter of 10 seconds or less, or blasting people
    running for health. It is easier to aim the arch than the magmaul and it is a
    lot faster. The downside, is that it eats ammo like mad and the damage is pretty
    weak. You have to practice the arch a lot more, and be precise with your shots.
    For some Weavelers, the volt driver may be a bit better, but I prefer this
    weapon since it can be used in a wide variety of situations.
    I’m not sure if this is true, but it seems that Weavel’s battlehammer shot is
    slower than the other hunter’s battlehammer
    Weavel's Prime Weapon. He has one stuck up his ***. Look at his alt-form. XD
    8. Imperialist (w08)
    Damage: 6-10/10
    Projectile Speed: 10/10 (Holy crap, this thing is unbelievably fast!)
    Rate of Fire: 1.7 Shots per Second
    Usefulness: 1-10/10
    Range: Uber-Uber-Long
    Overall: 7-10/10
    Definition for Imperialist:
    1. im·pe·ri·al·ism: The policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial
    acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over
    other nations.
    2. Im-pe'ri-al-ist: One who believes in Imperialism
    3.Im-pe'ri'al-ist: A Metroid Prime: Hunter's Sniper rifle that can blow the crap
    out of any enemy, and can let everyone know about your current location.
    The only things I will say about this weapon, is that it is stronger when
    zoomed, can OHKO anything if it hits the head (even the hunters in Single Player
    mode XD), and does more damage when zoomed in. As a Weaveler, you MUST be
    required to know how to snipe. Although Weavel is a good short ranger, he dies
    pretty fast, since most people change to their alternate form, thus halving
    their health and making them prone to other attacks. So where is the next place
    to turn to? Simple. Sniping the Spammers, sniping the snipers, and sniping
    pretty much everything that moves. Trust me. Weavel can make a pretty good
    sniper, and can even do things that even Trace can't do. That's right folks,
    Weavel COULD be a good sniper, but it is optional. Have one in hand to terminate
    snipers.. The only down side to this weapon, is that one shot uses even more
    ammo than nearly all the other weapons, and it has a very slow firing rate.
    Have one in hand. If you don't, get one. It can shut down almost anything if
    your fast enough, from Syluxers, to Spire Gateway snipers, to snipers, to
    Freezers (That's right, Noxus users), to Volt Experts, well, not always. But
    that's why you have a battlehammer and Half-turret, right?
    Damage: 10/10
    Projectile Speed: 3/10, but Who cares, everything is dead already XD
    Rate of Fire: One Shot Only. You only need one shot.
    Usefulness: Doesn't Matter. Your either kill yourself, the enemy, or yourself
    and the enemy.
    Range: Keeps on going until it hits a wall and destroys the world.
    Overall: Who cares? It's a ©Redeemer rip-off.
    Oublette. The only place to use this weapon, and if it were anywhere else, this
    game would be rigged. For those who have played Unreal Tournament, The REDEEMER
    has returned. Anyways, Just to let you all know, be sure you get this weapon
    first, all the time. I have some tips to using the Omega cannon on the
    "Strategies Section" (It's the last strategy there.)
    Weavel’s Weapon Strength:
    Halfturret Shot (w10)
    Damage: 4-6/10 (12 damage)
    Projectile Speed: 7/10
    Rate of Fire: ~2 shots per second
    Range: 5/10
    Usefulness: 8/10
    Overall: 7/10
    I’m not putting the actual turret, but the shot itself.
    Anyways, this turret can really get the nerves of someone. It always follows
    your opponent, and never runs out of ammo. The best thing is, they can keep re-
    spawning when destroyed! ^^ Don’t rely on it too much. You don’t want to end up
    Weavel’s Cool looking Sword (Halfturret blade) (w11)
    Damage: 7/10 (36 Damage)
    Melee Speed: 6/10
    Re-Slashing Speed: The moment you hit the floor after you slash, you can slash
    Usefulness: 4-6/10
    Overall: 6/10
    It may be a cool looking sword in biped, but you can only use it in halfturret
    mode. And it’s VERY hard to hit with. It will take some practice to be able to
    put a beating on most people with it. Practice on bots to get your skill with it
    Combining the sword with stealth tactics can make for a good beating on your
    opponent. Since the halfturret runner’s speed is good, you can confuse your
    opponents and get up close and put a couple of slashes on.
    It’s a lightsaber. You practice with a lightsaber to become a knight from a
    padawan. You become a master from a knight. Just don’t use it too often…
    Strategies (wf006)
    As I said, Weavel should be using avoidance tactics nearly 50% of the time on 1
    on 1 matches. This may seem silly since the enemy has a radar. But, the thing
    is, you have your own radar. If you see your opponent in that radar, get out.
    You want to be able to position yourself perfectly to snipe, or use the "bouncy
    weapons, or have perfect places to go to for hit and run tactics.
    This may differ for every person, but his alternate form should be used to
    confuse your opponent and deal little bits of damage to them at a time.  If you
    have a "double damage" item on, you can use the halfturret to your advantage
    greatly. Although, that's just common sense. XD
    Here's some basic key things to remember with Weavel's regular (referred as
    biped) form. (BipedStrat)
    - Stock up on any weapons and ammo you can get. Weavel's affinity is only good
      in chokepoints or gangups, so you should use other weapons as well.
    - Stay away from fights between people. When you think that a loser is going to
      appear, or if one looks like he is going to run for health, take out a
      battlehammer and whip them both. Both of their health bars should be low, so
      you can score some kills there. It maybe cowardly, but who cares? You want to
      be able to win the match as quickly as possible. (Don't do this if it's a
      Sylux with a coil. Very bad. Very, very bad.)
    - If you can, try to "grapple" onto a wall. Find some cracks or intersections
      where you can stand on and fire away. Glitches and level breaks rock ^_^.
    - As said in the weapon's section, have the imperialist handy. It is good for
      terminating Trace's. Against a Trace, you will want to make sure you have
      excellent cover, and make sure that they are in range of your radar. They
      maybe invisible, but they can be sniffed out with your radar. ^_^
    - The battlehammer is able to knock enemies back a bit, with its splash attack.
      If it hits the edge, the enemy flies a bit further. You should pummel them
      with hammers until they reach a certain length away from you, letting you take
      out your Imperialist and firing off a shot (Not really recommended, since your
      enemy can retaliate very quickly.)
    - Fire as fast as possible. You collected ammo, right? Fire quickly, then when
      your opponent catches eye of you, take cover again. If you have a volt
      driver, use it when you take cover, and charge it. Depending on how many
      hits you landed, the volt driver may finish your opponent off (does 56
    Here's some basic tips for Weavel's halfturret. There's plenty of things to know
    about it. (HalfStrat)
    - The halfturret splits your health in half. When the turret takes damage, you
      take damage too. But, when the top form takes damage, the turret doesn't. For
      example, if you had 100 hp, your top half an bottom half would have 50HP each.
      If the turret takes 25 damage, you will only have 50HP left when you revert to
      normal. BUT, when the top half takes damage, you have 75HP instead when you
      revert to normal. Use it to your advantage. This should be a number that is
      something spammers should know.
    - This is already known, but if you split into your halfturret mode, and the
      turret falls into lava, it will just lay on the top, and not receive any
      damage. This is an incredibly good trap for Spire users, since some hide in
      the lava, waiting to sniper someone. Even if they snipe the turret, they would
      have given off their location, thus giving you a chance to fire off a couple
      of imperialist shots.
    - Weavel's halfturret split can perform a "wall catch". To perform it, you angle
      yourself perfectly against a break or crack on the wall. When you break the
      halfturret, you should manage to "catch" the wall. (Thanks Setomoto and cha0s
      zer0 for the tip and name XD)
    - Keeping your health above 150 is a major element in using the halfturret. If
      the turret begins to receive a major beating, you will be able to revert to
      normal, and have a lot of HP to counterattack. (Common sense, collecting
      health, yes?)
    - The turret can act as a "radar" for enemies on separate floors, but are nearby
      on radar. The halfturret automatically fires on the nearest enemies, letting
      you know they're there early before they know you're near. It's a good way to
      set up some judicator or magmaul traps.
    - The halfturret is a good weapon to block chokepoints in halls or tunnel-like
      areas. Use this to your advantage by trapping someone in between your turret
      and your halfturret blade. Keep slicing until downed ^_^ (Don't try this
      against all people (especially Sylux and Spire. Only against some people.)
    - The halfturret continuously fires a bunch of high radius "battlehammers" at
      your opponent. If you're high on health, you may want to drop it in the middle
      of a firefight to try and nab some kills.
    - Your Halfturret can easily fall prone to missiles or other heavy
      attacks. Don't leave it out for an extended period of time. If you can have a
      close watch of your turret, you can see if the shots that are coming out are
      major or minor (Perhaps one or two power beam shots, or a magmaul shot >_<).
      This is another common sense thing ^_^.
    - Keep in mind that Weavel is an amazing character for hit and run tactics.
      Quick drops from your turret to a certain character can easily deal about
      thirty damage. While your turret is out, position yourself at a good place to
      return to biped and nail your opponent, then run away. This is very good in
      one on one combat hall matches against anyone but Samus and Spire, because
      Samus' missiles can make garbage out of your turret, and Spire's charged
      magmaul can rip any turret apart.
    - When being coiled by a Sylux, run in the
      opposite direction, and revert to your alternate for about 1-2 seconds, just
      enough time for your turret to fire off a shot at the Sylux user, then revert
      to normal. Keep repeating this until he dies, or he runs away. I call this,
      the "Coil Break"
    - As already said, turning to your halfturret is a good way to avoid shots. Use
      this “crawling” technique on low walls that you can fire back at your enemy
      from. (Leave your turret out of the low wall, and hide behind the low wall,
      revert to biped when you need to.)
    - It may not seem like much, but when at one health left, you can turn to your
      turret, and then turn back to biped, and have two hp. Although that is the
      max that you can “regenerate”, it may save you from a coil hit...maybe...
      Also, when you are running around with your halfturret, and you have one
      HP left, and your turret is destroyed, try staying in alternate, since you
      are smaller, faster, and you have a very fast jump. ^^ This is good for
      imperialist shots, since you are able to sidestep quickly, and use your
      jump to “throw off” their aim, and go for cover. Just be aware that you
      can’t do much with one/two HP...
    - The Omega Cannon is a fun weapon used to OHKO anything within its humungous
      blast radius. To avoid getting caught in your own shot, shoot the cannon,
      and hide behind the nearest cover point, as long as your body is not facing
      the blast. More will be over at the Arena Strategies over at the Oublette.
      (Once it’s posted, that is.)
    Stealth/Battle Tactics (Good for 1 vs 1 fights) (wf007)
    Anyways, Stealth tactics often involve an imperialist/judicator/battlehammer,
    but you can really use anything. Technically, using these tactics make you a
    Trace with a different alternate form (Which is good in situations. Trust me.).
    Some of these tactics may be used, or not, depending on the arena.
    Just a quick tidbit, you may want to stay still sometimes, and LISTEN. You may
    hear shots, footsteps, or alternate movement sounds. This will help you keep
    away from your opponent, or help you close in on him. The louder it is, the
    nearer he is. Use this often, it always helps to use yourself as a weapon
    sometimes. ^_^
    Imperialist Radar: Usefulness: 10/10 (st01)
    Your radar will only be used to make sure that you're opponent is
    out of your radar's range, no matter what. Your imperialist will be your radar
    instead. To use your imperialist "radar", just zoom in, and look everywhere.
    That's right:
    everywhere. The imperialist will automatically zoom in when an opponent is close
    to the zoom. Just move your imperialist around from there, and you'll
    be able to find the exact location on where your opponent is heading to. This is
    good in arenas that are very large, or arenas that have tunnels and stuff like
    Radar Fooling: Usefulness: 3/10 (st02)
    This is simply "fooling" your opponents radar up, by being on a different floor,
    but on the exact location where they are (Example, Two tunnels, one on top of
    the other, but you are right above where your opponent is standing).
    Holo-Hiding: 7/10 (st03)
    Some arenas have hologram walls that you can walk by, but in order to see
    through it, you have to be VERY close by. Using these to your advantage, along
    with an imperialist or another strong weapon can really help you out.
    (Especially in Harvester, against a sniper for example. Hiding against the
    walls to see.)
    Turret Decoy: 6/10 (st04)
    This is just as it says: using your turret as a decoy. But instead of going for
    health, go for a good place to hit your opponent. Use this along with the holo-
    hiding tactic, and you'll leave your opponent wide open for an attack.
    Biped/Turret Wall Hug: 2/10 (If you're low on health) (st05)
    This really depends on how you use it. It is good if your opponent is nearby,
    and you are attempting to run for health, when he is nearby (like, right next to
    you), watch what he does. If he just passes right by you, that probably means
    that your opponent isn't paying attention to his radar, which gives you a good
    opportunity to break for health. If you can hear his beam charging, it probably
    means that he knows you're there. All you have to do is turn into your turret,
    and run. Yep, run. I don't normally use this, since it is better just to run for
    health in the first place, but it is good for snipers and such.
    "Military Roll" and Tactical Shooting: 8/10 (st06)
    These tactics are very useful in firefights. To do the T.S., you just hug
    against a wall that hides you from your opponent. Then, just sidestep, fire at
    your opponent, and take cover again. This is good when combined with the
    "military roll". To do the military roll, if there is another cover point beside
    you, just jump sideways, turn into your alternate form, and walk to the other
    cover point, and revert to normal. This is a very good tactic in certain
    situations. Although, sometimes it is better to go nuts when shooting. ^_^
    Low-Grav. Wall jumping: 6/10 (st07)
    This tactic is mostly used in "head shot".
    To pull it off, when you're outside, but you want to go to the second floor,
    find a part of the ledge on the floor above you that is a bit shorter. Then,
    just run towards the slanted part, and when you're a bit above the floor, jump,
    and when you're almost there, switch to your alternate to perform your second
    jump. I use this pretty often. It may seem kind of useless, but it is useful in
    certain situations. Hence the 6/10.
    I'm going to list more stealth tactics once I find more. Submit some if you have
    any; I'll give you credit. ^_^
    Third Jump. (st08) 7/10
    (Thanks to e-dawg@mchsi.com for this tip ^^)
    This can be easily done. Aim at your feet with the battlehammer, and while you
    are in the air, jump, and then turn alt. You will go higher, but I have yet to
    test how much higher it goes. Thanks!
    Character Strategies (wf008)
    Anyways, now that you know some basic/advanced stuff, here's a Weavel vs.
    (Insert hunter's name here) guide. I Ranked each fight with 1 * to 5 *, as a
    Weavel Vs. Samus (wvs)
    Weapon of Choice: Imperialist (if on map), Battlehammer, Magmaul and Volt Driver
    Small Arena: *** or *****
    Medium Arena: ***
    Large Arena: ** or ****
    Note: Most the Samus' I've fought have three different tactics: The homing
    missile tactic in a small arena, alt-spam, and both ^_^
    Matches with Samus mostly depend on the type of arena you are fighting in. When
    you are fighting in a small arena, like Sanctorus or Combat Hall, I would be
    aware that Samus' missiles can hit you easier, since she continuously fires, and
    there is barely anywhere to run… But when you are fighting Samus in a large
    arena, start sniping (Practice), use temporary "turret climbing" and collecting
    all the missile expansions you can, so that she won't have as many to fire. If
    you can, try to guard the Affinity orbs, because when Samus picks one up, she
    gets a bunch of missiles. You may want to practice performing "Matrix" on her
    missiles (Jumping, sidestepping, puny moves that can make you dodge them and
    make the Samus player go)
    Small Arenas:
    (I hope you practiced dodging missiles) When the fight begins, you will both
    start with missiles, but you are already at a slight disadvantage because she
    already has her affinity weapon >_<. You are going to have to try to collect as
    much health as possible, and make sure she appears on your radar, because if she
    is, you will be able to track her from where she is, and that she won't start
    hiding and firing missiles from a hidden spot. Use "Stealth tactics" to hammer
    Samus by surprise, and go back into hiding. She may turn into a boost ball and
    attempt to bomb you. Just missile her when she is coming towards you, then jump
    over her when she gets too close. Drop your turret down if you must, but don't
    leave it there for too long, because you may take some damage, and you will want
    to fire something heavy at her to finish her off (Volt Driver. It's very useful
    against her). If she starts running for health, do your best to weaken her, or
    kill her before she gets it. If she does, just keep shooting, and stay close to
    her, because her missiles will damage you, as well as herself (If she's running,
    her health should be low enough, so using missiles in front of you is plain
    suicide.). If you can find an imperialist in the arena, use it. Make sure you
    always pop Samus' head off, or else you will just be giving off your location,
    then Samus can start bombing you with missiles.
    You're turret can either help, or hammer you in this fight, because, as I said
    earlier, Samus' missiles can terminate a turret easily, which would become a
    major waste of health. If you plan on using the turret, you may want to use it
    to confuse her by using short drops to damage her slowly. The moment you take
    one heavy hit from your turret, revert to normal mode.
    Medium Arenas
    Ah yes. The medium arenas. There should be a bit more cover from her missiles
    here, but try dodging them if you can. There should be an imperialist in most
    medium arenas, so try to play a bit like Trace if you can. Remember, there is
    nothing wrong with sniping, no matter how cheap or dirty it is. If you miss, run
    for cover because she will try to missile you. Watch out, because if she stands
    still for about two seconds, it means that she may try to snipe you. That will
    be easy to dodge. Just keep strafing left and right, and continuously revert
    from biped to alternate over and over again. It is highly unlikely that you will
    be shot, so it will be alright. You shouldn't worry too much about the morph
    ball. Since the maps are a bit bigger, it should be a lot easier to hit. The
    boost ball strategy listed in the "short maps" section against Samus still
    I don't play on Medium Arenas very often. E-mail me your strategies, I'll post
    it, and give you credit, if it's a good strategy. ^_^
    Large Arenas
    There isn't really much to say that wasn't mentioned in the medium arenas snipe,
    and don't miss, and you'll be ok. Watch out for her missiles, they can go across
    the entire arena, and can maul you easily. Hide your turret on wall cracks so
    that you can lay off a couple of hits on her. Creating ambushes would be the
    best way to go against a Samus in a large arena.
    If you can't snipe, then you're in for a hell of a fight. It doesn't matter how
    many missiles you collect, because the arena is too big, and missiles can be
    laying anywhere on the arena. Samus may want to fire missiles at you from a
    very, very long distance. Take cover from shelter to shelter, and make an
    attempt to fire back with anything: You're practically screwed. If you are
    cornered, you should to try to fight back (That's why I said to try and have an
    imperialist in hand) with an imperialist, even if you can't hit with it. Don't
    aim for the head; it does enough damage when zoomed into a target. Be aware of
    returned sniper attacks, and you'll be ok. The morph ball shouldn't be much of a
    problem, since the arena is huge. Just use a volt driver or shock coil to weaken
    him down to nothing (If you have them, that is ^_^). Bots are there for a
    reason, practice at Alinds Gateway and Perch. (That's what I do ^_^)
    Weavel Vs. Sylux (wvsy)
    Small Arenas: **** or *****
    Medium Arenas: *** or ****
    Large Arenas: ***
    Weapon of Choice: Imperialist (If on map), Battlehammer, Volt Driver,
    I did this next because I got pissed off at the recent comments at the board,
    saying that Sylux can take any Weavel down. Well, is the only reason because
    they can shock coil, and have a 160 damage bomb trap? So far, yes, and no. You
    have the newbish Syluxers who only go and use the coil and ball. Then you have
    the good Syluxers who use everything to their advantage. Depending on who it is
    used by, Sylux can be the most annoying hunter to a Weavel user. But don't
    worry, Weavel already has enough arsenal on him at the BEGINNING of the fight to
    take him down.
    Small Arenas
    Sylux is very easy to beat if you know how to cut his shock coil. The alt-turret
    may be a factor to defeating a Sylux in small arenas. Hiding your turret in
    higher areas where Sylux' coil can't reach would be a nice help, too.
    Hammering Sylux from a distance is another key thing to defeating him, too. Arch
    your battlehammer, or use a volt driver if you have it to whittle down his
    health. Fire quickly and keep your shots precise, and he will be downed in no
    Sylux' lockjaw is very fast, and since the map is small, can damage you very
    easily with the tripwire he forms. You will want to jump as much as possible,
    and perhaps jump on a small platform that he cannot reach. From there, pump him
    with the most damaging weapon you have. He will eventually make a run for
    health. Remember:  He is fast, and can make a quick getaway. Use rapid-firing
    weapons, or weapons with a big splash radius to make sure he is dead.
    If his coil is within range of you and starts sucking your life away, run in the
    opposite direction, and use the "coil break" technique to scare him off, or even
    kill him. If he follows you with his lockjaw and tries to trap you in his
    "triangle attack", just keep jumping, and fire off strong attacks at him. Don't
    revert to alternate, because if he hits you or your turret with the triangle,
    you're screwed.
    Medium Arenas
    If there is an Imperialist, USE IT. That weapon will eventually save your life
    if you can't use the "coil break" in a certain area. The arena is a lot bigger,
    so you can use "stealth tactics" or "hit and run tactics" to damage him. Keep
    Sylux away from your radar range when using them as well, but arena is a lot
    bigger, so it will be a lot easier to do this; just keep your eye open if he
    tries to snipe you.
    Make surprise drops from your turret, and try landing it barely within the range
    of the turret, so that it will take Sylux about 4-5 seconds to damage it. Try
    luring his lockjaw into a one-way area, or a chokepoint so that you can trap him
    and damage him until you take some damage.
    As I said, I don't play on medium maps very much, so please E-mail me
    suggestions ^_^.
    Large Arenas
    Ah, yes, the large arenas. Here, it all depends on how skilled you and your
    Sylux opponent is. If he only relies on the Lockjaw or Shock Coil, you can
    easily take him down. There is DEFINITLY an imperialist in the large arenas, so
    try your best to look for one, and take note of all the sniping points in the
    area. You will want to bring Sylux down fast, and since the arenas are much
    larger, it is easy to lose him. Aim for the head as much as you can, and keep
    your imperialist zoomed in so that you can. When in close range, use the "coil
    break" method, and if you're cornered, pump him with everything you have. Just
    snipe from long range, coil break if he gets you, and use the battlehammer
    splash damage to dust him off.
    The lockjaw isn't much of a worry in these arenas. There's plenty of cover, so
    it is easy to escape, as well as damage it. Jump if he gets close with it, and
    use anything to fend him off.
    Low-Gravity Arenas
    This may seem ridiculous, but when fighting a Sylux, they may try to kill you
    once, and then retreat and use the "Levitating Sylux" trick outside for the rest
    of the match (Like Headshot for example). Just make sure you have a higher kill
    count in these areas, because people who do this can REALLY piss you off.
    Note: Some of the good Sylux users I faced used the lockjaw as a means of
    transportation around the arenas instead of using biped because it is faster, to
    avoid headshots, and it is easy to close into the opponent. Make sure you have
    the higher ground/higher ledges, and play defensive against the lockjaw. (Wow,
    guess who I sound like.)
    Weavel Vs. Spire (wvsp)
    Small Arenas: *****
    Medium Arenas: ***
    Large Arenas: ** or ***
    Weapon of Choice: Imperialist (if on map), Judicator, Volt Driver, battlehammer,
    Shock Coil
    Spire is nature’s fighter. He plays with fire (seriously), bathes in fire, can
    climb walls as a ball, heavy enough to resist ice effects, and can demolish
    crowds in seconds. A couple of factors that you need to know are these:
    -If you’re fighting a spire in the combat hall, play PURE stealth tactics. You
    will need to ensure that his magmaul won’t even touch you.
    -If you’re fighting a Spire in the Alinos Gateway, NEVER get close to the
    opposite side of the sniping wall. They may pull off the “rock” glitch. In order
    to win a match against people like them, is to wait for them to come out, or tie
    the match and never fight them again.
    -If he charges forward with a magmaul charged up, be aware that he can burn
    himself too ^_^. Also, if you have it, try to send him back with as many
    battlehammer shots as you can.
    Now let’s get on with the level strategies.
    Small Arenas:
    Just to let you all know, I gave spire a “5 star” on small arenas for obvious
    reasons. He is the “king” in these arenas. His magmaul can kill you easily, and
    he can easily drop down on you if he tries hiding high on a wall with his
    alternate mode. Your stealth tactics will be required in these fights. Gather
    and conserve ammo, and “schedule” your attacks against him, make sure your area
    is somewhat elevated with an easy escape route, and make sure each attack ends
    with a kill. To me, he seems slower than the other hunters, so it will be easy
    to make sure he doesn’t get away.
    Never fight him face to face, because a charged magmaul shot can deal a big
    amount of base damage, and a lot of burn damage later. Distance fighting is
    necessary if you’re on the same level as him, so take cover quickly after you
    return a barrage of shots. If he charges forward, use your battlehammer to fling
    him away ^_^.
    The halfturret shouldn’t be left on the ground for extended periods of time,
    since Spire can easily destroy them. Just hide your turret in a higher elevation
    than him so that you can fire down at him, and he can’t fire back at you (unless
    he switches weapons).
    Good luck with him, and hope that the player isn’t only good with the magmaul.
    Medium Arenas:
    A little bit easier, but you will still want to keep your distance from him. The
    turret can be used for an extended period, and stealth tactics are optional this
    time. If there is an imperialist, use it. As you know, imperialist ammo uses a
    lot more ammo than the rest of the beams, so try to make each shot count. Just
    watch your radar, just to make sure he doesn’t drop down from walls and stuff
    (Happened to me lots of times >_<.).
    Large Arenas:
    This all goes down to the type of Spire you’re fighting, and the arena that you
    are fighting in as well. Your best bet is to use the imperialist, if you have
    one. Stealth tactics won’t be needed, unless you are in close range with him.
    Keep him away from your radar’s range as well.
    Spires also tend to snipe in large arenas, from good places, since they can
    climb walls to areas no one can reach. If this is the case, you will want to
    revert from biped to alt over and over again to avoid getting hit.
    If the arena has lava, or any natural hazards, be aware that Spire is immune to
    them, and can hit you easily.
    Just snipe him a lot. By a couple of kills, he may want to start sniping
    himself. If he does, try to guard the place where the imperialist is, so that he
    may leave himself open. As I said, it is a mixed bag in large arenas. There
    aren’t many Spires, so you don’t have to worry about him much. But if there is
    one, hope he isn’t a good one, because they can be one heck of a problem.
    Weavel Vs. Kanden (wvk)
    Small Arenas: ** or ***
    Medium Arenas: ** or ****
    Large Arenas: ** or *****
    Weapon of Choice: Imperialist (If there is one), missiles, volt driver,
    battlehammer, shock coil good reflexes.
    You know, Kanden is one of the most annoying hunters in the game, if used
    correctly. In fact, he doesn’t need to be used a lot to be able to alt-spam like
    a pro. You will want to watch out for his spam, and be aware of his
    volt driver-this thing is deadly in his hands.
    I separated this part into two parts: the small, medium and large arenas, then
    alt-spamming strategies. Just another tip, LISTEN for his alternate mode. It
    makes a somewhat “slimy” sound when it moves. The louder, the closer it is.
    Small Arenas:
    This shouldn’t be too difficult. You will want to make sure that he goes down
    quickly, without retreating. Be aware of his volt driver, it is quite annoying
    to get your visor screwed with, leaving you vulnerable for about 3 seconds.
    Although it isn’t Weavel’s style, I would recommend going up close with your
    battlehammer or charged missiles, and fire while strafing and taking cover. The
    only problem I find with this, is that Kanden’s charged volt driver has a wide
    screen-disruption range, so you will have to do your best to jump over the
    charged shot as it homes into you.
    Your turret will play a good role against Kanden in small arenas. You will want
    to hide it on wall breaks, and use your halfturret blade to hack him from
    behind, then revert to normal behind him and hammer him with something strong
    before he turns around. I use this sometimes, just to get unaware people. ^_^
    Medium Arenas:
    This is a hard fight. You will want to fire off multiple charged missiles in
    very short range, but long enough to avoid self-splash. Also, if you need to,
    use the shock coil when your up close to damage him faster, and force him to
    run, which leaves him vulnerable. If he returns fire while running for health,
    use charged missiles to finish him. Be aware of his Stinglarva; it is a good way
    to run away, and not get chased because of the homing bombs it lays. Use a
    charged volt driver, if you must.
    The only problem I find using the halfturret, is that Kanden’s charged volt
    driver can home in on it from very long range. And since it does a lot of
    damage, you will be getting hammered, even if you return to biped when you get
    hit. Use with caution.
    Just stay in close range, so that he may be forced into using an uncharged volt
    driver, to not damage himself.
    Large Arenas:
    This, will be the most difficult fight in all of the varieties of arenas,
    depending on what type of Kanden you fight. Hope he isn’t hard, because you will
    be in for a heck of a fight.
    Be aware, that nearly all large arenas have imperialists. Make sure you always
    have one in hand. If Kanden gets one, you will want to sniper him before he
    snipes you. Although the map is large, stealth tactics are required here. Try
    using “holo-hiding” if there are any holographic walls to snipe him from, and
    use the shock coil in short range. Avoid his volt driver by jumping and taking
    close cover, and be aware of his charged shot. Good luck.
    Tip: SNIPE A LOT.
    Weavel vs. Noxus (wvn)
    Small Arenas: ****
    Medium Arenas: ***
    Large Arenas: ** or ****
    Weapon of Choice: Imperialist (USE IT), magmaul, judicator, battlehammer
    You Know, Noxus requires some serious skill to use well. Most people just spam
    his alternate form, because it can take off tons of damage with one attack.
    Also, his charged judicator can freeze opponents, allowing him to pull out an
    imperialist and destroy them, or hammer them with anything else, which is why
    you should never get close to one.
    Small Arenas:
    Well, as long as you have lots of cover and a place to hit Noxus with surprise
    attacks, you will be fine. When Noxus closes in, quickly switch to a weapon that
    will fling him away, or deal massive damage. When he gets TOO close, and you can
    hear his beam being charged, switch to your turret if you wish, and run like a
    bullet, or you can just sit and try to take him down when you unfreeze. just a
    small thing I learned, if you get frozen, before you do, try aiming you
    imperialist at the Noxus’ head, so the moment you break out, you can fire a shot
    and instantly kill your opponent. ^^
    Rest Coming Soon...
    Weavel vs. Trace (wvt)
    Small Arenas: ** or ***
    Medium Arenas: *** or ****
    Large arenas: ***** or ********** (Depends on his imperialist skill, as I said)
    Weapon of Choice: Imperialist (definitely. It is a MUST to use this weapon.),
    battlehammer, volt driver, missiles, judicator, power beam (Yep, that's right.).
    The sniper. This fight can either turn to your side, or his side, depending on
    how well Trace's sniping spot is, his skill, your cover, and your aim. His
    triskelion is very powerful, dealing around 50 damage each lunge. He has a major
    advantage over you in large arenas because of his cloaking ability as well.
    This match is all skill, and luck.
    Good luck when terminating him. ^_^
    Small Arenas:
    Small arenas should be a nice break from the huge ones where Trace can easily
    demolish you. Hammer him with heavy damaging weapons to force him into turning
    into his Triskelion, and run away. This is where the rapid fire guns come in.
    Make dead-eye shots at him, and make sure he doesn't escape. Watch if he turn
    around to hit you, and jump if he does.
    I wouldn't turn into the alternate in the small maps very often, because you
    will mostly be aware of the Triskelion a lot more.
    Medium Arenas:
    You know, although the maps aren't very big, you still shouldn't underestimate
    his imperialist and cloak. But I do, since the radar can detect him easily. ^_^
    Anyways, you will want to get up and close in the medium arenas. He can't fight
    very well up close, so you will have an advantage there. Hammer him with
    anything that can deal large amounts of damage in seconds, and jump when his
    triskelion is in lunging range.
    Large Arenas:
    The halfturret can play a major element in dodging a sniper's shot. It's quite
    simple: If you're sure that a Trace is waiting to take your head at a high point
    and you can't see him, take note of all the shelters nearby your area, and run
    from shelter to shelter, jumping, then turning to alt-mode, then reverting back
    to normal, and repeating, until you are close to him and able to smack him
    silly. The final rush to the Trace user may end up in a headshot, so stay in
    your alternate. This MAY trick him into switching into his triskelion. If he
    does, you're in luck. When he switches, revert to normal. If he makes a leap at
    you, jump, turn to your alternate, wait for a second or to so that you can fire
    a couple of shots, then revert to normal. Rinse and repeat. If he ends up
    running away, and you end up losing him, use your radar to track him down, but
    don't enter areas that are open; he may be waiting for that moment for you to
    become open. Always use the "turret radar" strategy before you enter a wide room
    (If chasing a Trace). Use this strategy often in large arenas. That's all I have
    to say.
    Weavel vs. Weavel (wvw)
    Weapon of Choice: Judicator, Magmaul, Missiles, Volt Driver Imperialist,
    Shock Coil, Battlehammer, etc.
    Your full knowledge about Weavel will be put to the test here. You will have to
    know your weaknesses here very well, depending if the Weavel is good or not. If
    it is a spammer, your best bet would be missiles for the halfturret blade, and
    the shock coil for the turret.
    Arena Strategies: (wf009)
    1) Combat Hall (ASCH)
    Items (1vs1): 5 Energy Orbs, 1 Missile Salvo, 3 U.A. clips, Magmaul, Affinity
    Extras in Other modes: 1 uber-energy orb, 2 Missile Salvos
    Be Aware of: Spire (Magmaul or dialanche), Samus (missile retreat),
                 Weavel (Chokepoint Clogging, battlehammer arch)
    Prey On: Noxus, Kanden alt-spammers, Sylux
    This arena is perfect for using stealth tactics, bouncing shots, and hanging
    your turret.
    There are five good places for using stealth/battle tactics here:
    - Location of the magmaul, Perfect for hiding, and launching surprise attacks.
      Good for utilizing the military roll to the other side to the long hallway,
      and back as well.
    - The bridge connecting the two morph ball tunnels at the “second floor” is
      a good place to use turret drops, and leaving your turret to fire upon people
      on the lower area, while you run for health. Also good for firing surprise
    - The large “covering fire” point where the affinity box (sphere) is. You can
      hang your turret on top of it, you can do the military roll to the long
      hallway entrance, and it even has a health orb and U.A. clip there. A good
      place to fire missiles, the magmaul, or even your charged power beam from.
    - The “peeking point” in the long hallway is a good place to fire shots from.
      Another thing I like using this for, is “crawling” (refer to the halfturret
      strategies section)
    - Hang your turret on the wall near the magmaul to fire down on enemies. It is
      easy to climb it, so you can get some higher ground with your turret with it
      as well.
    The magmaul is there for a reason. You MUST use it often, since there is no
    imperialist here (only for trace). Once the match begins, look around for items
    and stuff, and if you see your opponent, let out some shots, and go into hiding.
    Get the magmaul as fast as you can, and once you do, the fun will begin.
    You can also get your battlehammer relatively early in this map, so try to get
    is quickly.
    If you want to try to stop a spammer from gaining entry to the high point behind
    the affinity orb, or even the morph ball tunnel connection bridge, you should
    block off the exit connection point with your halfturret. The halfturret blade
    can block him from the other side and attack him, or you can just watch your
    opponent die, while trying to destroy your turret. Make sure you clog the point
    well enough.
    If you see an enemy in the second floor, try arching your battlehammer or
    magmaul (most preferably) at him, so that you may be able to land some random
    damage at him.
    Spamming isn’t a very good idea here. Since health is scarce here, and the arena
    is small, use stealth tactics and battle tactics to minimize your health.
    Jumping around like an idiot and manipulating your opponent into attack no one
    is also a good idea as well.
    Good luck here, you’ll need it ^_^
    2) Data Shrine (ASDS)
    Items (1vs1):  2 Energy Orbs, 4 U.A. Clips, 1 Missile Salvo Battlehammer,
    Judicator, Magmaul, Volt Driver, Imperialist, Shock Coil
    Extra Items in other Modes: 4 Energy Orbs
    Be Aware Of: Trace, Weavel, Kanden, Spire, Noxus
    Prey on: Alt-Spammers
    The big donut of death, with cream filling in the middle (And strawberry holes
    at the sides, if you wish to include those areas). Here’s some stuff you should
    - The small tunnels you roll through at the “donut” section of the arena is very
      dangerous. Especially when you are crawling in, and meet up with someone with
      a very strong alternate (Spire, Noxus, Trace). Also, when you are above, try
      not to stay too close to the tunnel, since people tend to drop bombs, and the
      splash affects you.
    - The very small orange areas in either side of the arena that have either the
      imperialist or Shock coil, are a very good place to hide. There is a small
      ledge where you can hide. It is a good idea to come here when you are being
      chased, or taking cover, or hiding. Since there is a holo-wall covering the
      entrances, it will be hard for your opponent to see you. Use this along with
      stealth tactics. Also, you may want to clog one half of the nook with your
      turret, and when an opponent comes from the other side, squeeze him in with
      your halfturret blade. If he tries to escape, go in front of him and smack him
      with the turret again. Oh, there are tons of possibilities with this little
    - There are support bars against the wall connected to the roof on the donut
      side of the arena. Try jumping on, and snipe opponents who can’t see you.
    - The giant blue holo-walls that connect to the middle are perfect places to
      snipe oncoming people. Also, since it goes uphill/downhill (depending on which
      way you are coming from), you can stay on the top or bottom, and fire magmaul
      shots at anyone near the wall. ^_^
    - This arena has ALL affinity weapons, so try to gather them all quickly when
      you get a chance. There are multiple areas where you can regain health and
      take cover, so use them often.
    There are tons of weapons and health orbs here, so you shouldn’t worry about
    running low on supplies in a firefight. With plenty of hiding spots, and places
    to surprise/confuse your opponent and lay ambushes, this is a place to get an
    easy win. Practice here often, and be aware of your opponents who try to lure
    you into the outer tunnels. Have fun with the magmaul/battlehammer here. ^^
    More arenas coming soon...
    F.A.Q's (WF009)
    Q) Why would you make a guide on someone who’s crap?
    A) Oh be quiet and read the introduction again.
    Q) Weavel is crap, and you’re just an alt-spammer!
    A) Oh be quiet. I’m a sniper, not an alt-spammer. And besides, his affininity
       is awesome when used good.
    Q) Why do you make your character strategies as if they were bosses?
    A) I don’t know. I think it would be best if it was, because it seems funny
       ^_^. Although, I still want it to seem “fast paced” when you read it. I
       can’t describe it, but whatever. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Q) What’s your friend code?
    A) I’m normally on the Gamefaqs Metroid board, so you can check out my signature
       there. But if you do want to know, here:
       Name: Quadraxis
       Friend Code: 4295-6520-6344
    Q) Your English sucks!
    A) ...Read the introduction again, and notice the part that says, “I suck at
       English, even though I am English (and philipino XD)”
    Q) What is the point of stealth tactics if my opponent has a radar/strong gun?
       What’s wrong with just going up and killing them?
    A) Easy. To snipe, manipulate your opponent, and blow them up (in secret, that
       is ^^)
    Q) What’s the point of the “military roll”?
    A) Escaping, making a quick return fire, luring, etc.
    Credits & About me (WF010)
    My name is John Wakefield, and I live in Ontario, Canada. I'm 14.
    I am known as a "nut", but I don’t really like getting into arguments and
    fights. I take every loss in this game very seriously, depending on how I lost,
    and how much I lost by. I’m used to being called a nerd. ^_^
    Well, just a quick closing comment.
    I don't own Metroid, Halo, Star Wars (If you read the character fighting guide,
    you'll know), and Splinter Cell. The only sites that are allowed to post this
    F.A.Q. up is:
    Just another thing, This guide is (c)Copyright 2006 John Wakefield. You cannot
    steal, edit, take, borrow, post this on your site, or do anything with it,
    without my permission. If you want to contact me, my e-mail is
    ProtossDragoon_83@hotmail.com. E-mail me for any mistakes, guides, and
    challenges (^_^), and perhaps letting the guide be on your site. I will not
    accept spam, meet-ups, or false e-mails.
    I'd like to thank,
    -God, for creating everything ^_^
    -Nintendo, for creating the best game to date on the Nintendo DS.
    -T4h Fuzion Dr4gon for the damage chart.
    -Cha0s Zer0 for the tips, and showing how to be a good Alt-spammer. ^_^
    -psyc0h for letting me face him as Spire
    -Lokarin, for sending me that thread
    -Toz, for giving me places to hang the turret on the Combat Hall.
    -Volt_Driver (A.K.A. KANDEATH) for being a great Kanden test dummy. ^_^
    -Alekiel (can’t remember your gfaq’s name) for the tips... XD
    - e-dawg@mchsi.com for the third jump tip. ^^
    -All the people who think Weavel is great. There aren't many, which made me
     inspired to write this guide.
    -You, for clicking/reading this guide.
    Thanks for reading. Happy Hunting! ^_^

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