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    Metroid Prime: Hunters (Samus FAQ)
    July 23, 2006
    By: ThugThawSK8R
    0. Table of Contents
    0-Table of Contents
    1-Version History[vrhis]
    3-Samus’s Weapons & Abilities[wpns]
    4-Alt Form: Morph Ball[mrphball]
    5-Samus Strategies[samstrat]
    6-Power-Up Strategies[pwrstrat]
    7-Level Strategies[lvlstrat]
    8-Vs.Hunter Strategies[vsstrat]
    9-Multiplayer Strategies[multistrat]
    10-MPH Terms[mphterms]
    11-Frequently Asked Questions[faqs]
    12-Credits & Copyright[credcopy]
    1. Version History:
    April 25, 2006: v.0.5 Completed half of the the guide…nothing added...
    April 26, 2006: v.0.75 finished guide. submitted guide
    April 27, 2006: guide got rejected :( 
    April 28-May 5 2006: kept fixing guide, submitting it, and it got 
    May 10, 2006: v.1.0 Added more strategies and more info on Samus Aran. 
    Added level strategies. Completed guide, sent it in again, and  
    it got accepted! ^_^
    June 9, 2006: v.2.0 Added more strategies involving power-ups, 
    missiles, and the Morph Ball. Added more info on Vs. Hunter strategies.
    Added a new section, Power-Up strategies! It's fairly short though.
    Finished the rest of the level strategies I didn't add. Fixed some 
    grammar mistakes. Updated guide again! 
    July 23, 2006: v.2.5 Totally redid the guide, changed the Samus 
    Strategies, added more tips on using her missiles and morph ball.
    Changed the VS. Hunter Strategies! Added 2 new sections!
    Multiplayer Strategies. These are strategies to help you win 
    in the other multiplayer modes such as Defender, Capture the Flag,etc. 
    and MPH Terms, terms commonly used in the game that could help you
    understand more about the characters and their abilities.
    Added more info on the level strategies. Added a damage chart of 
    Samus's weapons. Fixed some grammar mistakes. Updated guide again!
    2. Introduction[intro]
    Welcome to the Samus FAQ! This guide is dedicated to the 
    star of this game, Samus Aran! Samus Aran is one of the best bounty 
    hunters in the galaxy, and could be one of the most useful characters 
    in the game. This is my first guide on GameFAQS and I hope it helps you. 
    Samus is a very popular character online. I tried out all the different 
    hunters in this game, but I think I’m best with Samus. Sure, most 
    people who play online are like “I wanna play as someone 
    else! I already get enough of playing as Samus in Single-Play
    er Mode.” But if you want to be the best on Wi-Fi, then you 
    should practice using Samus and get better with her. So, read the
    FAQ! Note: I updated it again!
    3. Samus’s Affinity Weapon and Abilities[wpns]
    Samus is a very unique character(well, all the characters are 
    unique, but you know what I mean) with many useful abilities. 
    For one thing, Her Affinity Weapon(Yes, she has an Affinity 
    Weapon!) is missiles. No, not just any missiles, homing missiles! 
    Her missiles will close in on an enemy and blast them! 
    That’s what makes Samus so unique. She starts out with an Affinity 
    Weapon at the start of the game! Note that the missiles will 
    only home in on the enemy if they we’re charged. 
    So the best thing to do during a match is to stockpile on 
    Missile Ammo first. Note that is you pick up universal ammo, 
    it will not restore your missile ammo. Picking up the affinity 
    sub-weapon(the black sub-weapon power up) during a match will 
    also restore your missile ammo by 5. Missile Ammo will restore you
    Missile Ammo by 10. Note that a charged missile takes up two of 
    your missile ammo, so charge missiles sparingly, If your low on 
    missile ammo. Here's a damage chart of Samus's main weapons and attacks:
    [ Weapon ][ Damage ][ Charged Damage][ Headshot Damage ]
    [ Power Beam     6           36                 8      ]
    [ Missiles      32           48                N/A     ]
    [ Morph Bomb    16           N/A               N/A     ]
    [ Morph Boost   28           N/A               N/A     ]
    Of course, everyone knows about Samus’s Alternate-Form, the Morph Ball. 
    This was specially designed in her Power Suit. More about the Morph Ball 
    will be explained in the next part. 
    As I was saying, remember that Missiles are key to helping you win in 
    Wi-Fi or Multiplayer matches. They deal a decent amount of damage and 
    you can fire them quickly. A charged missile is devastating. Just two 
    charged missiles alone can bring your enemy's health down close to half! 
    Power Beam shots can slightly bring your opponent's health down. 
    Don't underestimate the Power Beam. Use it rarely to lower down your 
    opponent's health, since it shoots fast, then finish them off with the 
    Power Beam or any other weapon you choose for your strategy. If you want, 
    substitute the Power Beam for the Volt Driver. It shoots just as fast and 
    deals more damage.
    A good way to use the Power Beam is something I call "rapid power shots"
    You know how while holding L to charge the power beam, it shoots three 
    normal shots before it's fully charged? Right after the third shot, quickly
    release the charge shot and repeat. This is a good way to deal damage with 
    the power beam. It is just as fast as rapidly shooting normal power beam 
    Note that your opponent can hear a "seeking beep" coming from 
    Samus's missiles. It can buy you time away from snipers. (Thanks to Oni_Kairudo 
    for this strategy) But I found out that Samus isn't really good at stealth 
    when your walking around with your charged missile waiting to use it on 
    someone.Because your opponents can hear that seeking beep, so if your trying to 
    sneak up on your opponent, they're gonna hear you. This won't effect you much 
    during battle, so just don't worry about it too much. But this might be bad if 
    you have a cloak power up and your trying to stay hidden. 
    4. Alt-Form: Morph Ball[mrphball]
    The Morph Ball…or as I like to call it, the Death Ball! This is 
    Samus’s Alternate-Form. It was built into her Power Suit to give 
    her the ability to transform her into a morph ball. The Morph Ball 
    has many useful purposes that will help you in battle, if you use it right.
    It's the fastest Alt-Form in the game!(With Boosting) To maneuver around 
    the arena while in Alt-Form, use the D-pad or movement of the stylus on the 
    touchscreen. I personally like to use the Stylus to move around.
    First off, while in Alt-Form, Samus can lay up the three bombs 
    consecutively to damage the enemy. A single bomb will do about 
    16 damage. The best way to use the bombs is in a small area or 
    a narrow hallway. If your opponent is trying to chase you while 
    in Alt-Form, lay a few bombs for them. The bombs regenerate quickly, 
    so use this to your advantage.
    Samus’s Morph ball also has the ability of Boost. Hold R 
    and release to Boost or slide your stylus across the 
    screen quickly to Boost. The longer your hold R, the faster 
    you’ll Boost. Personally, I like to use the stylus to boost. If you
    Boost into an enemy, you’ll damage them. It’ll do about 28 
    damage. Be careful if your going to Boost into an enemy that’s 
    in alt-form. Certain hunters, like Spire, have an Alt-Form 
    ability that could hurt you if you touch them while they're using
    their Alt-Form Atk(Spire's Dialanche and Noxus's Vhosycthe) Don’t just 
    use Boost to damage enemies, use it to escape during battle to find some 
    health or powerups. Use hit-and-run techniques with the Morph 
    Ball, such as boosting into an enemy, lay a few bombs, and quickly
    boost away to safely turn back to bi-ped mode and fire 
    missiles to finish them off. If you ever find DeathAlt in 
    an arena(such as Ice Hive or Processor Core) this is the 
    perfect time to abuse the Boost Ability! I suggest Boosting 
    most of the time to pick up speed while moving in Alt-Form, since 
    Samus’s Morph Ball moves fairly slow without it. 
    *Samus's Morph Ball is also great to use in "tunnels" such as the ones
    in Data Shrine, Combat Hall, etc. If your opponent is foolish enough
    to follow you into them, destroy them with lots of bombs. They'll
    be dead in no time.
    "If you really want to use alt, use it for transportation purposes only. 
    Only damage them if you are certain you can kill them."
    A great tip here. I recommend to ALWAYS use the Morph Ball to travel 
    around the arena. Unless you need to jump on some high ledge somewhere 
    either bomb-double jump or just go back to biped-form and jump. Another 
    thing, don't even try to go for an Alt-Kill unless your sure that you can
    kill them. The minute they start countering your Alt with Power Beam or 
    Magmaul get out of there, and fast! Your never gonna kill your opponent that
    If your going for an Alt-Kill, pretend to be Sylux, and go in a triangle,
    let's say circle instead, around your opponent and lay morph ball bombs.
    It's a guaranteed kill, unless they're Magmauling/Power Beaming you 
    to death. If your gonna Alt-Spam though, I'm ashamed of you.
    "The morph ball is good for fighting against the half turret (upper half), 
    and the vhosycthe."
    Another great tip here. I always thought Morph Ball vs. Vhosycthe = Bad. 
    I guess since the Boost Ability can dodge it and all. Plus they need to 
    get in close range to atk you, this is where your bombs come in. 
    "Use the morph ball to reach hard-to-see places by double bomb jumping."
    Yeah, there's a trick most ppl who palyed adventure mode know about, double
    bomb jumping. Use them to reach certain places other ppl can't with their
    alt forms(except Spire >_>)
    (Thanks to megamanneo for these three strategies)
    "Whenever they are following you or chasing you morph and lay 3 bombs 
    on a tight space, then quickly turn and shot a body imp, it does for more 
    than 100 damage."
    (Thanks to Master_Azor for this strategy)
    5. Samus Strategies[samstrat]
    Let’s review all I said about Samus’s weapons:
    [Long and Short-Ranged Weapons]
    First off, Samus is a medium-range attacker, so grab a few long-range 
    affinity weapons(Magmaul, Judicator, Imperialist) for long-range 
    The Magmaul can be shot at a far distance, and arcs off 
    of walls. The Magmaul is also good for medium-short-ranged attacks.
    It's best to use the Magmaul when someone is chasing you in Alt-Form
    or you in a narrow hallway or tunnel. Another great way to use
    the Magmaul is to go on high ledges and shoot Magmaul shots from down below
    on your opponent.
    The Judicator is great to shoot with, and ricochets off 
    of walls(similar to the Magmaul. It's charged shot also
    ricochets off walls. Best to use this in narrow hallways or tunnels
    (Like the Magmaul) Judicator is deadly in Ice Hive and Weapons Complex,
    since there are many hallways connecting to the main areas, you could give 
    torture your enemy with Judicator and Magmaul.
    And the Imperalist speaks for itself. Snipe with it if necessary. Find a 
    good sniping spot and score a few headshots. Watch out though, there might 
    be someone else hiding somewhere trying to snipe just like you are. Don't be 
    a moron and stay in your sniping area once you've headshot someone. Once 
    you score a headshot kill, run, and go to another sniping spot. Your 
    opponent's gonna easily find you if you keep staying in the same spot all day.
    Sniping is all about stealth. Another intresting way to use the Imperalist is 
    to just fire off a shot near the enemy. He'll panic and think that a sniper
    is around. This your your chance to catch him off guard.
    Also get short-range weapons(BattleHammer, Shock Coil, Volt Driver) 
    for short-ranged attacks... 
    The Battlehammer can be shot at a far distance, but is better used for 
    short-ranged attacks. It also have a small blast radius when you attack, 
    but I don't recommend using this too much. It works better with Weavel. 
    A great place to use it is in a medium-large area where the enemy is chasing
    after you. Shoot this weapon at them to give them some pain.
    [Shock Coil]
    The Shock Coil is a decent short-range weapon, and most ppl on Wi-Fi don't 
    even know how to dodge it quick enough! I don't even recommend using the Shock 
    Coil. It has no great use for Samus, unless you want to kill someone who does-
    n't know how to dodge it. Sylux is better suited for it.
    [Volt Driver]
    I don't even recommend using the Volt Driver if your not Kanden, because 
    it moves slow charged and doesn't home in on enemies unless Kanden is using it. 
    Use it like you would use a power beam, and you'll kill those enemies and 
    Alt-Spammers in no time. 
    Using short or long-range weapons all depends on how large of an arena your 
    playing in and how your opponent attacks. 
    If your in a small area, such as Combat Hall, best thing to do is to 
    fire your missiles at enemies to damage their health and then finish 
    them off with the Judicator or Magmaul. 
    Also, escape quickly with the Morph Ball to get health. Also, Morph Ball 
    Bombs are best used in small areas, because they cover more of the area 
    so more enemies get hit by them. If your in a medium or large area, get 
    a good distance from your enemy so you can fire missiles at medium-range. 
    If your going to go for sniping with Samus, you'll need to know Stealth, 
    which is explained below after [Missiles] First off, find a good sniping
    spot, with at least one obstacle to hide behind, or a wall to snipe and 
    quickly hide back. You of course need the Imperalist. Find you target, 
    get a steady aim, and fire. Sniping is about two things, Stealh and Aim.
    You need a good aim to score that perfect headshot. Remember that Headshots
    are not always instant kill. You have a %95 chance of your headshot being
    being a OHKO, but who can argue with those odds? Anyway, like I said, your in
    your sniping spot, find your target, find you aim, since he'll most likely
    be moving around alot, and fire. If you miss, run. Do not stay in the sniper 
    spot that you just fired from. Most sniper n00bs do that, then their opponents
    catch on to them. If you successfully headshotted him, still, don't stay in 
    that same sniping spot. It's best to get away from that spot in Morph Ball 
    Form, then find a new spot if your going for more headshots. 
    Remember a few more things about missiles. Always stockpile on missile ammo. 
    Samus’s homing missiles are what give you an advantage over your enemies, 
    so you almost never want to run out of them. Remember that charged missiles
    take up 2 of your missile ammo, and you'll be using charged missiles alot,
    So you always want a steady supply of missile ammo.
    “Samus plays best in Affinity only matches, since you can stockpile on 
    missiles on maps that don't have many missile locations... and since you can 
    count on what weapons opponents have(no Imperialist on a Kanden for example)
    Also, in HIGH damage games Super Missiles can kill easily in just 2 hits”
    (Thanks to Lokarin for this strategy)
    Another thing on Missiles, it's all about aim. You need to have good 
    aim with missiles, because most good players I've faced do something I like 
    to call "Matrix Tactics" It's when they continually jump and sidestep, 
    trying to dodge Samus's missiles. This can confuse you and make you easily
    miss your missile shots. This tactic can even be used to stop homing missiles!
    Simple solution is, if they're "matrixing" stop using your missiles. Swich to 
    a short-ranged weapon like Shock Coil or Magmaul, and fire it at them. Or 
    just go with Power Beam.
    Stealth is very important element in this game. You need to know your maps of 
    the arenas in the game. Know where the best places to hide and fire missiles.
    Know good places to ambush the enemy below, or even above, or behind! Know 
    where the best sniping spots are, which levels are best for stealth, which 
    levels are not best for stealth. It's all key to winning. Good places to hide 
    for hit-and-run techniques with missiles or morph ball are behind walls, 
    aroundcorners, or behind an obstacle. Try to blend in with you environment,
    likeSpire can at Alinos Gateway. Noxuses can blend in at Arcterra or VDO 
    Gateway or any place that's relatively dark and has many diffrent-shaped obs-
    tacles on the ground. Trace Users blend almost anywere with their invisibility 
    ability! Your Samus, So think about what arenas you can "blend" in with so your 
    enemy can't see you as well while in Alt Form. I know, there are radars in the 
    game, but even still, stealth is still useful in this game. Samus can hide well 
    in Combat Hall, Celestial Gateway, and Data Shrine since there are tunnels and 
    holes where Samus's Morph Ball can hide in. 
    Also, know where the best sniping spots are, such as high ledges in 
    High Ground/Elder Passage, and Alinos Perch/Council Chamber. Also Harvester 
    and Outer Reach. 
    Remember the Power-Up Cloak. That can help you with using Stealth. More about 
    the Cloak will be explained in the next section, Power-Up Strategies...
    You need to know your maps for this strategy too. You need things to support 
    you duringbattle, no? Such things are power-ups, Affinity Weapons, Health. 
    You need to know where they all are in all the arenas that you play in. Most 
    people on Wifi choose Combat Hall, Harvester, Oubillette, Ice Hive, etc. and 
    most of those places are very expansive. With the exception of Oubillette, 
    know where every power-up, health pickup, and ammo pickup is in the arena that 
    your playing in. You need to get to those supports fast, that's why you use 
    the Morph Ball.
    6. Power-Up Strategies[pwrstrat]
    Power-ups, there are....uh....three of them i believe. DoubleDmg, Cloak, and 
    DeathAlt. All of these will help you win your Wi-Fi or local matches. Let 
    me explain....
    DoubleDmg: Don't ever pass up an opportunity to get this. Get DoubleDmg
    immediately before your opponents, then hurry and stockpile on Missile Ammo.
    DoubleDmg+Charged Homing Missiles=Instant Death for your opponents! A Char-
    ged Missile already does 48 dmg, but with DoubleDmg, that's 96 damage for 
    one charged missile! That means it'll only take two charged missiles
    to kill your oppponent! Plus, your power-beam shots will be also useful 
    when powered-up. Note that the DoubleDmg is only found in certain arenas,
    such as Compression Chamber, High Ground, etc.
    Cloak: Cloak....the only way to become invisible without being Trace. Yep,
    this is the only true way to become invisible for a while. The better thing
    about it is, you can move while being invisible! But it only lasts about 
    a minute. But this power-up will prove very useful in certain levels.
    Levels that aren't bright are perfect for using the cloak. But, the
    cloak is only found in certain places. The only arenas I know that have cloak
    are Sic Transit and Harvester. Don't go in bright places while in cloak 
    because you'll be found easily. I also don't recommend moving alot while
    invisible, your opponents will see you. Remember the thing I said about 
    charging missiles while invisible, they make a "seeking beep" sound and your 
    opponent willmost likely know where you are(unless they don't have enough 
    common sense lol =P)Once you get the cloak, move quickly in Alt-Form into a 
    place where the enemy is, then back to Biped Form and fire away with any 
    weapon you choose(I recommend Magmaul, Missiles, or Imperalist) then run away.
    DeathAlt: DeathAlt.....the name explains it all. when you get this power-up, 
    you are forced to stay in Alt-Form until it runs out. The good thing about
    it is, that when you touch an enemy while in death-Alt, there automatically 
    killed! THis is great to use with Boosting to go faster. Please note that
    DeathAlt is only found in three arenas, Ice Hive, Proccessor Core, and 
    i think Head Shot. You'll know that your in DeathAlt because an orange
    flame will engulf you.
    7. Level Strategies[lvlstrat]
    This part of the guide tells you strategies in each
    individual level. Of course, Samus is best used
    in small or medium areas.
    Combat Hall: Missiles, lots ands lots of missile spamming
    is key to victory. Your opponents can only get health by
    going into those narrow hallways. So chase them down and Boost and
    Bomb to no end. The only other affinity weapon here is the Magmaul,
    so take advantage of that. The magmaul can be used in great ways
    Data Shrine: When you outside of the small room in Data Shrine, 
    best thing to do is turn into Morph Ball and find some health if needed.
    The hallway is the best place for homing-missile abuse.
    Processor Core: Samus is best in most small places, but this place is
    just too small! Don't worry though. Use Hit-and-Run techniques with 
    the Morph Ball. Judicator works great here!  If you find DeathAlt, keep 
    Boosting and go wild.
    High Ground: Watch out for teh 5n1p0rs!! Seriously, you will find a
    Trace player or two here on Wi-Fi. They will try to snipe you. 
    Even Spire players are a pain here, since they can stay on high
    levels and shoot Magmaul off of walls. Never lose your guard and 
    use long-range weapons, since most enemys will be on high ledges or on
    Ice Hive: There are many hallways and corners around here, so be 
    carreful when using weapons that arc or "splash"(Magmaul, BattleHammer,
    Charged Volt Driver) Find DeathAlt first and go crazy with Boosting.
    Watch out for Noxus and Spire players here.
    Alinos Perch: Watch out for teh 5n1p0rs! Yes, I said it again. So 
    again, Trace and Spire players have the advantage here, so be 
    on guard. Use mostly long range weapons and missiles. Stay on 
    the ground mostly, since Spire and Trace players have advantages
    on the high ledges.
    Sic Transit: First off, find the cloak. It will help you. Suprise
    enemies with your missiles and short-ranged weapons. Don't stay 
    in the "bright" areas of Sic Transit, since you'll be seen more
    easily, especially if you have the cloak. Use stealth techniques.
    Transfer Lock: This level is fairly large, making it perfect for 
    Kanden and Noxus users. So be careful of them. Find health quickly 
    when you need it, since health is hard to find around here.
    Sanctorus: Samus owns in Sanctorus. Missiles are easy to shoot 
    against opponents, short-range weapons pwn, and the Morph
    Ball Bombs will annoy your opponents to no end.
    Compression Chamber: This place is small, but not too small
    like Processor Core. You missiles are your friends. Use 
    weapons like Judicator and Magmaul since they'll bounce off of 
    walls and hit enemies more accurately.
    Incubation Vault: Missiles, Morph Ball Bombs, and the Shock Coil.
    Enough said......
    Subterranean: This has to be one of the largest levels in
    this game. Many locations and areas in this level. So to 
    make this simpler, use long-range weapons and missiles.
    It's great to hide in the Ice Cave part of Subterranean 
    and catch opponents by surprise with attacks.
    Outer Reach: This is the only level where I encourage 
    minimal use of the Morph Ball. You could fall right off
    of the level if you Boost too fast or lose control of
    Alt-Form movement, so be careful. Stick to long-range weapons
    like Imperalist and Judicator. 
    Harvester: Stay inside Harvester to find other Affinity Weapons 
    and health. Go outside to fight and to travel around in Morph Ball.
    There is also a Cloak power-up that you should get. A great place 
    to hide is the platform hovering in the air next to the edge of 
    Harvester and snipe with the Imperalist.
    Weapons Complex: This place is very complex.(no pun intended)
    Stick to hit-and-run morph ball tactics and find health if
    needed. Judicator is deadly here.
    Council Chamber: It's Alinos Perch, except with the chamber
    area included. Read the Alinos Perch strategy if your in
    that location. If your in the chamber, watch out for lava and
    stay in hallways and use stealth techniques
    until an enemy appears, then fire away with Judicator and Magmaul. 
    They'll be pwned in no time.
    Elder Passage: It's High Ground, except with the underground 
    area included. Read the High Ground strategy if your in that
    area. Only go into the underground area for escaping to find
    health. And don't be a wussy and hide down there the whole
    battle like some people on Wi-Fi do. You'll be found soon and 
    will be hunted down. 
    Fuel Stack: First off, this level confuses me alot. I don't
    understand how the "Fuel Stack" works. It's this tube of light 
    that can rise you up to the next floor, or down to the bottom 
    floor. Do not stay in the Fuel Stack long, because it will rise
    or fall you into outer space and you'll die! If you understand 
    how this machine works, use it to escape from the heat of battle 
    and find health when needed. There is also a DoubleDmg power-
    up here somewhere, try to find it and make "super missiles"
    Fault Line: It's Subterranean. Really, that's all it is. 
    Except without that underground ancient hallway looking area. 
    Statis Bunker: There are many hallways in this level, so 
    use Magmaul, Judicator and Battlehammer alot against enemies.
    The hallways can also go against you though. Noxus, Spire, and 
    Weavel players will give you trouble in those hallways with
    their annoying Affinity weapons that splash or arc off of walls.
    Stick to close-range weapons and use hit-and-run techniques 
    with the Morph Ball.
    Head Shot: I think DeathAlt is in here, but i'm not sure.
    If it is, find it, and go wild. If that fails, go through one
    of those "telporters" that take you to a small ledge floating
    on the edge of the level. Get Imperalist and suprise ppl
    who come out of the teleports with a sniper shot. There are
    "gravity problems" outside of the level, so be careful when 
    you jump.
    Celestial Gateway: Get to the upper floor of Celestial Gateway and 
    fire Magmaul shots and Imperalist lasers raining down below! Or, 
    you could just stay down below and fight enemies while watching out 
    for the snipers from above. Use Stealth techniques with the Morph 
    Ball. It's your choice.
    Alinos Gateway: Spire owns at this place. Trace snipers will find j00
    and kills j00. J00r screwed. Don't worry, it's not that bad. Just 
    find a sniper spot before they do and fire with long-ranged weapons. 
    Escape from the sniper spot once the enemy catches on to you. Travel 
    around in Morph Ball most of the time, since this is a great place 
    to use stealth.
    VDO Gateway: Morph Ball, Missiles, and Imperalist. Enough said...
    Arcterra Gateway: Go up on the ledges to stockpile on ammo, stay
    below to find health and fight enemies.
    Oubilette: Find the Omega Cannon first of all. Samus can easily
    prevent self-destructing from it. If you on "top" of Oubilette
    with opponents, fire the cannon, turn to Morph Ball and move off 
    the ledge straight down to the ground to avoid the explosion.
    If someone is firing the cannon at you, Morph Ball Boost and
    move away as far as possible.
    Random: What?
    8. Vs. Hunter Strategies[multistrat]
    This part of the guide will show you strategies to
    beat each individual hunter. 
    Kanden: You shouldn’t have too much trouble with Kanden. 
    His Charged Volt Driver also homes in on you, and has a 
    fairly large blast radius, so watch out. Dodge the Volt 
    Driver by strafing or jumping, then fire away with 
    your homing affinity.. Also be careful of Kanden’s 
    Alt-Form, the Stinglarva. The Stinglarva deploys up 
    to three bombs, but these bombs follow you a short 
    distance until they detonate. Simply Boost to move 
    away from the bombs before they explode. Also, if you 
    happen to face a Kanden Alt-Spammer, they will try 
    to get close to you to attack, so lay a few bombs for 
    a counter-attack. Kanden basically has TWO power beams
    to use, so watch out. Power Beams have rapid fire and 
    you might think they are worthless to use, but with 
    quick-rapid shots, can kill you in a matter of seconds.
    Use mainly long-ranged weapons or missiles, since Kanden 
    users will most likely stay a set distance to launch their 
    homing VDs.
    Noxus: Be careful with Noxus’s Judicator, especially in 
    small areas. There's a new technique out there called 
    Shadow Freezing where the user can nearly triple Noxus's
    Judicator Freeze radius. A good Noxus player will try to freeze you 
    while in Bi-ped or Alt-Form, then finish you off in a few 
    hits. Don’t get close to Noxus while in Alt-Form. He’ll either 
    freeze you or hit you with his Vhoscythe if you touch 
    him. Stay a good distance away from him and fire missiles or short-
    ranged weapons. Other than that, he won’t give you much trouble.
    Sylux: Your in trouble…Sylux’s Shock Coil is very annoying, 
    and a good Sylux player will use it most of the time. 
    Also, Sylux’s Alt-Form, the LockJaw, is almost fast 
    as your Alt-Form. Sylux also has energy bombs that link together 
    by electricity. If you cross over these tripwire bombs, you’ll 
    take some serious damage, but don't think that it's all bad and 
    you'll instantly lose against every Sylux player. My advice is, 
    use "Matrix" tactics to avoid the Shock Coil, stay a far distance 
    and use long-range weapons and missiles when necessary. Also, go 
    into Alt-form and keep moving around so the Shock Coil can’t hit 
    you that much. Watch out for his Alt-Form.
    Trace: Trace shouldn’t give you much trouble 
    at all if you understand his attacks. But he's a tricky one.
    If a Trace player is hiding in the invisible state, 
    simply check your radar to see where he is and fire 
    a charged homing missile to lure him out of hiding. Samus is very 
    noticeable for headshots though, so never lose your guard. 
    Figure out where Trace snipers are hiding and blast away with 
    your missiles. Don’t get too close to Trace when trying 
    to lure him out of hiding that he’ll headshot you. The only 
    thing that will give you trouble is his Alt-Form, Triskelion. 
    DO NOT  try to avoid the Triskelion’s “tackle” by turing into Alt-
    Form and Boosting. Trace’s Alt-Form can lunge at opponents and cause 
    some serious damage. The lunge gets good distance and he’ll 
    catch up to your Boost Speed in no time. Simply jump over Trace and 
    strafe around to dodge the Triskelion. Watch out for the 
    "Hiding Triskelion" tactic. It's when a Trace user turns invisible while 
    in Alt-Form and hides usually behind a wall, near a health or ammo 
    suppliment, or around a corner. They will stay and hide there until you 
    come around, then they'll surprise you with a Triskelion Lunge. This tactic 
    is very annoying, but not as long as you check your radar often to see 
    where he is hiding. One more thing, don't be a moron and keep firing 
    missiles where Trace is hiding in his "sniper spot" because your just 
    asking to get sniped. They'll figure out your movements and pinpoint 
    exactly where to headshot you at. The point to beating Trace is to be more 
    stealthy than Trace himself! He can turn invisible, the ultimate stealth! 
    You have ot be better than that! And you can! Just use stealth techniques.
    Weavel: There are many people who use Weavel in many diffrent ways.
    but for one thing, experienced Weavel players might place that 
    turret in a small area to confuse opponents. Don't worry about 
    Weavel's turret to much, because its easy to dodge if you just time it 
    right, then strafe in a circle around the turret while shooting it. 
    Remember what I said about short-range weapons? Well, now's the perfect 
    time to use them. While strafing around the turret, starting shooting 
    at it with the Shock Coil or the Volt Driver(This is actually a good 
    time to use the Shock Coil) The other half of Weavel will most likely 
    try to find health while your dealing with the turret. If your in a small 
    area, most likely you should take out the turret so Weavel's health goes 
    down, since the turret can get really annoying in small areas. If your 
    in a large area, slightly damage the turret, then go for Weavel. 
    His Upper-Half Alt-Form has decent speed, but you can catch up to 
    it by Boosting. Don't worry to much if he is trying to slice you up. 
    It's hard to aim that sword of his, and your Boosting can steer clear 
    of his slash. If Weavel is in Bi-Ped form, use missiles and 
    short-range weapons, since Weavel will probalby try to get close to 
    you to fire his BattleHammer. He can fire the BattleHammer at long
    ranges too, so watch out. Change between diffrent strategies 
    during battle to figure out how your Weavel opponent attacks, 
    then take him out.
    Spire: Spire should only give you trouble if your in small 
    areas. Spire has the magmaul, a weapon that shoots magma and 
    it bounces(arcs) off of walls, like the Judicator, so don’t get 
    stuck in a narrow hallway with Spire. Spire is huge, making him 
    the perfect target for firing missiles. So fire away with missiles 
    to damage Spire and finish him off with a weapon like the 
    Judicator or a few quick Power Beam shots. If Spire is in Alt-Form, 
    chase him in Alt-Form and let him have it! Spire moves very, VERY 
    slow in Alt-Form, so Boost into him or lay a few bombs. Just watch 
    out of his Dialanche’s attack. If Spire is trying to climb a wall, 
    go back to Bi-ped form and fire missiles, since he will be 
    moving very slow when climbing a wall. Also, Spire is easy to score
    power-beam headshots on if your close-range attacking him. So use 
    that to bring his health almost down and finish him off with a missile.
    Don't close-range attack with Spire for too long, his Magmaul will 
    stop you. Just remember not to Alt-Spam against a Spire player. Unless
    the Spire player isn't good enough to know that the Magmaul is the 
    ultimate Anti-Alt-Spamming weapon.
    Samus: You know your weaknesses and strengths, so use your own 
    knowledge to beat other Samus players. 
    9. Multiplayer Strategies[multistrat]
    This NEW section of the guide shows you strategies and tips for winning 
    with Samus in the other multiplayer modes, such as Prime Hunter, 
    Defender, etc.
    Survival: Err...it's basically like playing a stock match of Super
    Smash Bros. Melee. You start out with a set number of lives, then the
    last one standing wins. No tips needed here, it's just like Battle Mode.
    Prime Hunter: What you want to do here is score kills fast. Deal fast
    damage to your opponent, which is why I recommend using the BattleHammer,
    Bolt Driver, Power Beam, Missiles, or Judicator. They all shoot fast, 
    they deal decent damage, and they're good to use in most levels. 
    Once your the Prime Hunter, keep trying to score kills, because that's
    how you stay alive. You need to stay alive in Prime Hunter as long 
    as you can. Use "Matrix" tactics and fire away quick. Don't hesitate 
    to shoot at your opponents.
    Defender: Ah, Defender, oen of the games that Spire and Weavel pwn at.
    Weavel can just leave his turret there for confusion, then attack with 
    his upper-half. Spire's Alt-Form attack can spread out a good distance,
    sometimes even around the entire defender ring. First off, find out where 
    the defender ring is. Use these weapons and you should be fine: 
    BattleHammer Power Beam Volt Driver and Shock Coil
    DO NOT use weapons that Arc, such as the Magmaul. The rings are usually
    set up in corners or walls, so using arc weapons could hurt you. Use the 
    Morph Ball to push them out the way and use bombs to annoy them. Try to stay 
    in there as long as you can, because that's the main point. If your health is 
    low, quickly leave and try to find health. It's better to leave the ring open 
    for awhile and find health before coming back, then trying to stay in there as 
    long as you can with low health, die, then let your opponent gain time while 
    he waits for you to respawn and find ammo. 
    Nodes: IMPERALIST!!! Seriously, get the Imperalist. If your at one node at 
    youropponent is trying to take over your other node, if you in sniping 
    distance of him, give him a headshot and say, "GET AWAY FROM MY NODE!" lol the 
    point is to try to control all the nodes. Know your maps, know where all the 
    nodes are, maintain control of them, and you'll be fine. Missiles and Power 
    Beam are your friends here. If you need to travel between each node, use the 
    Morph Ball for added speed. Don't let them see you, use stealth. 
    I feel there is no need to explain Capture the Flag. That multiplayer
    mode is all about teamwork. You and your teammate can work strategies alone
    to get the flag to your base. I know, I called it "flag" I don't like the name 
    "Capture the Ocolith" There is also no need to explain Bounty.
    10. MPH Terms[mphterms]
    Here is just some basic terminology on things you should know about in the 
    game, such as terms for certain techniques used in battle. This could help 
    Sniper - You already know this. Someone who is in a sniping spot and trying
    to headshot you with the Imperalist. Most snipers are Trace users.
    Alt-Spamming - You should know this also. Someone who stays in Alt-Form
    mostly the whole battle and attacks you with his Alt-Form Atk. This gets 
    very annoying with Samus and Kanden Alt-Spammers. Don't worry though,
    you have the ultimate Anti-Alt Spamming weapons, Power Beam and Magmaul.
    Use them correctly, and you'll stop Alt-Spammers.
    Matrix Tactics - Techniques that consist of continually jumping and 
    sidestepping in order to dodge attacks by your enemy. This is a common
    technique used to stop things such as Kanden's Homing Volt Driver Charge, 
    or Samus's Homing Missiles. This can be easily stopped, just switch to 
    another weapon, or go for a hit-and-run technique.
    Hit-and-Run Technique - A technique involving ambushing your enemy and
    attacking them with a weapon or alt-form attack, then running away and 
    Then, repeat. This involves great stealth, so always know your maps.
    Shadow Freezing - A very popular technique on Wifi by Noxus users. 
    Many people claim that this is a glitch. It involves the Noxus user 
    doubling, or even tripling, the Judicator Freeze's range. Best way to dodge 
    this is to get on low or high elevations. 
    Tri-Bombing - A technique(how many times have I used this word?) used by 
    Sylux users that consists of the Sylux user going into Alt-Form and making 
    a "triangle" around his opponent while launching the tripwire bombs in a 
    triangle. This can be very deadly, almost dealing about 180 damage!! Don't 
    worry about it too much though, this rarely happens to me.
    Stealth: This was already explained. Tactics used to hide in places to ambush 
    the enemy.
    "Hiding Triskelion" - A tactic where trace users hide in the invisible state
    with the Alt-Form and stay hidden(usually behind a wall or in a corner) and 
    wait for someone to come by them to launch an atk. Watch out for this.
    Anyone want to add more to these terms feel free to leave a message on the 
    boards saying "ATTN: THUGTHAW" or something like that...
    11. Frequently Asked Questions[faqs]
    Q: Can’t you just Alt-Spam with the Morph Ball to kill your enemies? 
    It’s much better.
    A: You could, but I’m against Alt-Spamming. You’ll never get good on 
    Wi-Fi by Alt-Spamming all the time. Samus’s missiles are the key to 
    winning, and if your in Alt-Form all the time, then you can’t use them.
    Q: Isn’t Samus a mal…
    A: Don’t ask any questions about Samus’s gender!!!! She’s a female!
    Q: Why did you decide to make a Samus FAQ?
    A: Because Samus has a great affinity weapon and has balanced 
    abilities that make her very useful during battle.
    Q: What kind of arena is Samus best in?
    A: Mostly medium to small arenas, since she can fire her missiles 
    and the enemy can’t run away that far to avoid them. Also, in small 
    areas, her Morph Ball Bombs can cause some trouble for your opponents. 
    Samus owns in Combat Hall and Sanctorus. 
    Q: Where can I contact you if I have more questions?
    A: tcam3000@yahoo.com if your going to email me, just be sure the 
    message is only asking about help on using Samus. If your gonna just 
    email me and say "What's up? How you doing?" that won't cut it, I don't 
    check my email that much, and I don't really use it to chat with friends. 
    Q: Who made that cool ASCII Art on the top of the FAQ?
    A: I did! And thanks!
    Q: What's your friend code in case I ever want to face you on Wifi?
    A: 2277-0149-9805 Name: THUGTHAW. Feel free to add me to your friends list,
    I'm not on Wifi that much though. Because I don't have Wifi at my own 
    house(yet) I just use my neighbor's linksys lol!
    10. Credits and Copyright[credcopy]
    Thanks to Lokarin, for that strategy on Samus’s Missiles.
    Thanks to GameFAQS, for allowing me to contribute this guide.
    Thanks to Oni_Kairudo, for that tip on Samus's Missiles and 
    dodging snipers.
    Thanks to papercut and Oni_Kairudo(again), for that info on level 
    Thanks to megamanneo snd Master_Azor, for those great tips on using the 
    Morph Ball.
    Thanks to cess12345, for trying to help me get better with Samus by
    showing me his techniques in battle. Although I never got my router to
    work and we never battled, thanks for trying to help me! 
    Thanks to Metroid1234, for also trying to teach me things by battling me.
    Copyright: Samus FAQ© <---- lol copyright symbol
    This guide may not be plagiarized, copied, or reproduced in any way. 
    This guide is only for your own use. You may contact me via the
    message boards to ask permission to use this guide in any other means. 
    If you do not have a GameFAQS account, you may use this guide in any 
    other way(such as printing it or posting it on your website) as long 
    as you credit me for it. Thank you very much, and I hope I’ve helped 
    you all use Samus better by making this guide. Now, get out before I 
    start firing missiles at you!! ^_^ Just kidding…

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