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    Trace FAQ by nikovan1

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 03/16/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    METROID PRIME: Hunters
    Trace FAQ©                                           _”_”_”_
    September 1, 2006        ====>-----------------------|x w x|
    By: Riccardo Fabbro               Imperialist Headshot!
    0: Progress of My Guide.
    1: Introduction
    2: His Background (Trace’s obviously!).
    3: Adventure.
    4: Weapons and Combos
    5: The other hunters.
    6: Trace in Depth.
    7: Tactics and Strategies.
    8: Strategies V.S. Hunters.
    9: Team Strategies
    10: Glitches and Counters (TOTALLY NEW, TOTALLY TRUE, TOTALLY MINE)
    11: Glossary.
    12: F.A.Q.s.
    13: Credits.
    14: Legal Deal.
    0. Progress of my Guide
    Just started the guide. I completed parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6.
    Improved the weapons part and added Strategies vs Hunters and 
    Strategies in Arenas. Started part 7 and finished it. Began part 8 and 
    made it until Sylux
    Completed part 8 (added the name “anti alt weapons”) and began part 9. 
    Added the NOTE at the end of part 7. Added something more in the 
    intro. Finished part 9 and added the Omega Cannon to the weapons part. 
    Finished part 10, 11, and 12. and I’m making the Copyright. I added 
    the Trace Damage Chart, which is incomplete. Added the section 
    Strategies in Teams. I finished up the guide I only need to send it 
    but I’m missing some info that I hope that someone may want to 
    contribute. I have the credits almost empty because I have almost no 
    one to thank. Fixed some errors also.
    Finished most of the guide, just need the extra info I’m hoping to get 
    after I post it. I made really silly details and I’m ready to post it…
    I’m still waiting…
    Almost a month without updates. Added the combat hall glitch, more 
    definitions and the thing about my first wifi game in subterranean. 
    Added something about Samus’s morph ball and how annoying is she in 
    that mode.
    Ha! Almost two weeks since last update! But I’ve learned so much about 
    glitchers and how to glitch. I’m making a glitch and counter part. 
    That’s for Weavel users who think they’re ghetto and for those Trace 
    users that spit on the name of Trace as they glitch. Of course, for 
    those who think that you’re going to learn all the glitches and are 
    going to use them… I’m just nicknaming a glitch and add the 
    description of how it is after done and how to counter it. Death to 
    alt and glitch spammers! Added the threat level, favored to and the 
    Also Imperialist in part 10. Added a funny ending for Weavel’s 
    description and something about Noxus in part 5.
    I’m finishing the glitches, changed the opinion about the power beam 
    and reformatted the arenas part.
    Again, still more glitches. Modified something in the arenas. Added 
    the nicknames of the Hunters in the Vs. Hunters part.
    Guide posted v 2.0
    I’ll begin to remake all the Vs. Hunters strategies, as I saw they 
    were really simple. Also I want to add some more strategies and maybe 
    start to better the Arenas section. 
    1. Introduction
    You may ask yourself “Why Trace?” “What’s so good about him?”  I can 
    easily answer that in five steps:
    *	Sniper psycho: If you’re the kind of person who loves sniping 
    Trace is for you. Later in the guide I’ll explain why.
    *	Killer alt: You won’t find a more dangerous alt form than 
    *	Ultimate Stealth: Grab your affinity weapon or just turn into 
    alt and stay still a few seconds and…
    *	Trace himself!: Oh man! Have you seen him?!? He’s so cool! The 
    only character that may look cooler than him is Sylux. No one 
    *	Affinity Weapon: His affinity weapon is also cool. Having it in 
    a place where nobody else has can be a great advantage. You got 
    to admit it. You won’t? You’ll get in trouble (Suddenly, Trace 
    appears and blows your head off). (Talking to your lifeless 
    body) Told you so. 
    2. Trace’s Background
    Trace is a Kriken, one of the most hated and feared races in the 
    universe. Trace is on a special mission which all Krikens have to 
    take. It consists on adventuring in the galaxy to find planets that 
    the Kriken Empire can take over. By now, you should already know about 
    the telepathic message saying “The Ultimate Power Lies in the Alimbic 
    Cluster” that was sent all over the galaxy. Well, Trace heard it. Now 
    lets make an easy mathematical equation for you:
    Dangerous race that conquers every planet on its way + Ultimate Power 
    = World Domination!
    So the quest for the Ultimate Power consumes him, because if he 
    succeeds he could bring supremacy for his race and honor to himself. 
    An ambitious character don’t you think?
    His Affinity Weapon is the Imperialist and his Alt Form is the 
    Triskelion: In my opinion the best alt form of the game and also the 
    most abused in wi-fi after the Lockjaw. It’s a masterpiece of the 
    Kriken war craft that turns Trace invisible after staying still a few 
    moments and it lunges itself to the enemy making a whopping 49-50 
    damage (that’s one fourth of the max life you get in multiplayer)! 
    Combine it with double damage and you’ll kill a full health enemy in 
    only 2 attacks. 
    3. Adventure
    You first find Trace in Arcterra, when he’s fighting Noxus in Sic 
    Transit. Then Noxus loses interest in Trace and starts attacking you. 
    During the battle with Noxus, Trace will be shooting Imperialist shots 
    from the bridge to the hunter he feels like (or the one that’s not 
    under cover obviously). You won’t be able to scan him during this 
    battle so it’s better to ignore him (and I said HIM not the 
    Imperialist shots because they really hit you. I tested it!) Trace is 
    damageable during this fight and if you take the risky decision of 
    attacking him and deplete half of his health bar, he’ll flee. This is 
    not recommended. Once you finished to kick Noxus “arse” Trace will 
    flee. But it’s not over yet.
    Once you killed the Slench A2/B2 and you’re in the escaping sequence 
    you’ll have to, again, enter Sic Transit. As soon as you come in 
    you’ll see a barrier blocking your way so you have to go to the part 
    without ceiling. You just move and you’ll watch a cut scene in which a 
    guardian comes out and is immediately killed by an Imperialist shot. 
    Focus your attention on the little space near the door that had a 
    purple blast shield. NOTE: ---“This battle is kind of unfair and you 
    may die a couple of times before you conquer him. Don’t worry if you 
    die to him because the game will respawn you in the Stronghold Void, 
    and you’ll get to fight him again so you can claim your stolen 
    Octolith”--- There Trace will be sniping you. Turn into morph ball and 
    boost until you’re facing the wall. Turn to biped and put the 
    Battlehammer. Jump and shoot repeatedly and if done correctly Trace 
    will miss every Imperialist shot. Once he received enough damage he’ll 
    throw himself from the ledge and turn into his Alt and start to lunge. 
    You can jump over him but its not really recommended ‘cause you can 
    take damage anyway. Try to strafe left and right. He might hit you but 
    you wont receive as much damage. Now he’ll run away and turn 
    invisible. How to find him? Turn on the scan visor and look in the 
    radar. With the scan visor activated you’ll lock on him even if it is 
    invisible. Shoot a charged up missile and prepare to avoid another 
    lunge. He may turn to biped and start sniping away again. In that case 
    use the Battlehammer again. Repeat until he’s dead.
    4. Weapons
    List of the weapons you’ll get in the game. 
    Power Beam
    I know last update I criticized this weapon like there’s no tomorrow, 
    but now I learned to use it correctly and it pawnz! Shoot quickly, 
    there’s no ammo limit. A power beam shots makes 8 damage that means 25 
    hits mean death IF he’s totally maxed up. 
    Chargeable: Yes
    Opens: Normal Doors
    Its not the greatest thing. Only Samus can get the best of it. It 
    flies in a straight trajectory and will keep on going until it hits 
    something, so it can be bad for snipers. A charged shot makes good 
    damage, though.
    Chargeable: Yes
    Opens:  Brown Doors & Normal Doors
    No. It’s not a hammer coming out from your cannon. It’s a heavy-duty 
    mortar-type weapon with a quick fire speed. It curves in the air so 
    you’ll have to compensate it by shooting a little bit higher than were 
    your opponent is. 
    Chargeable: No
    Opens: Green Force Fields & Normal Doors
    The Judicator shoots beams of supercooled plasma at temperatures 
    approaching absolute zero. That’s pretty cold. Its charge attack 
    shoots three beams at the same time. The good thing ‘bout this weapon 
    is that when it hits ground or walls it will keep on bouncing for some 
    time and then the beam(s) will disappear.
    Chargeable: Yes
    Opens: Purple Force Fields, Doors with Purple Blast Shields & Normal 
    Volt Driver
    This weapon shoots a very accurate high voltage shot at high velocity. 
    When charged it shots a super electric bomb that causes tremendous 
    Chargeable: Yes
    Opens: Yellow Force Fields, Doors with Yellow Blast Shields & Normal 
    Shock Coil
    The Coil fires charged blasts of high-density neutrinos in 
    concentrated bursts that lock on the target, making it hard to escape 
    this weapon. It fires continuously, extremely rapid and uses almost no 
    Chargeable: No
    Opens: Blue Force Fields & Normal Doors
    The Magmaul shoots superheated magma (listen, magma is already hot 
    isn’t it? So SUPERHEATED MAGMA is FREAKING HOT! Understood? Good! Here 
    have a candy.). The shot is so heavy it curves in it’s trajectory, but 
    even though, it can bounce if it hits the ground or a wall, like a 
    big, fiery grenade. Chargeable: Yes
    Opens: Orange Force Fields, Orange Doors & Normal Doors
    It’s a PRECISION LASER Weapon with ZOOM and Trace’s Affinity Weapon. 
    The only weapon in the multiplayer of MPH that can make a one-hit-kill 
    if you make a zoomed headshot (there´s also the Oh-My-God Cannon, but 
    that thing is just too unfair). Why? Because it makes 200 damage! 1 
    more than the max health you can get! Even if your prey doesn‘t have 
    that amount of life it’ll still be counted as 200 in the total damage 
    done part once you finished playing! In Single-Player you obtain it in 
    the second visit to Arcterra after beating the Artic Spawn. It opens 
    doors covered with red blast shields and you’ll have to shoot red 
    sensors with it.
    Chargeable: What do you think?
    Omega Cannon:
    Everybody is so freaking excited with this weapon! I don’t really like 
    it. You can only get it in Oubliette. It shoots a great expansive wave 
    that destroys everything that doesn’t take cover (including you). You 
    only get one shot, and then you have to wait for the Omega Cannon Orb 
    to appear again. In adventure, you have to shoot Gorea 2 fourteen 
    times with it to destroy it, but you won’t take damage from it, like 
    in multiplayer. This is the “Ultimate Power” from the telepathic 
    Chargeable: You have only one shot. What do you think?
    5. The Other Hunters
    I’ll now give you a brief description of the other (and inferior, less 
    powerful and not as smart as Trace) Hunters that appear in the game
    *	Samus Aran: Everyone knows Samus. She’s the heroine (female 
    hero, not the depressant and illegal drug please) of every 
    Metroid game. Her adventures started after her colony was raided 
    by Space Pirates. Then she got the Power Suit, a powerful ( oh 
    really? What makes you think that the “Power” Suit is 
    “powerful”) Chozo armor wich she used to destroy the Space 
    Pirates in Zebes. From there on she became a Bounty Hunter for 
    the Galactic Federation, going into several missions.
    Alt Form: Morph Ball It turns Samus into an orange sphere with 
    light inside. Painfully exciting indeed. Attacks: Boost and 
    Morph Ball Bomb.
    Affinity Weapon: Missiles.
    Affinity Ability: her charged missiles have homing action.
    *	Kanden: Kanden was a lab experiment that went wrong. He was 
    created to be the ultimate soldier: immortal and powerful. Too 
    bad the scientists lost control over him and Kanden killed them 
    all and destroyed the lab where he was created (I assume it is 
    the building that explodes after Kanden comes out of it in the 
    opening video). He’s on the search for ultimate power to prove 
    himself as the most powerful bounty hunter ever.
    Alt Form: Stinglarva It turns Kanden into a worm that has 
    infused a little something from the galaxy’s most dangerous 
    insects. Attacks: Explosive Tail that homes on his prey.
    Affinity Weapon: Volt Driver
    Affinity Ability: when charged it has homing abilities and 
    distorts vision.
    *	Spire: Little is known about Spire. Why? Because he is the sole 
    remaining member of his race, the Diamonts, the race that lived 
    in Mondreus. He’s on the search for ultimate power to shed some 
    light in the mystery of the disappearance of his race.
    Alt Form: Dialanche. A big rock with lots of pointy things. It’s 
    kind of cool. Attacks: Rock Slash: Spire uses two pieces of 
    rocks to hit his opponents. Abilities: The Dialanche is able to 
    climb on walls.
    Affinity Weapon: Magmaul
    Affinity Ability: Burns enemies (and himself if he’s to close) 
    with its charged shot.
    *	Weavel: There’s a guy who made a Weavel F.A.Q. whose name is 
    Oni_Kariudo. If you read this just know that you’re not alone in 
    the world. Go Weavel!!! Back again to Weavel, he was a Space 
    Pirate that was destroyed by Samus and only his brain and his 
    spinal cord were left useful. Guess what happened. The Space 
    Pirates with their infinite resources made him a Power Suit were 
    they placed what was left of him (and they even made him a 
    little lock of red hair!!! Yay for the Space Pirates ;]). Now 
    he’s on the search for the ultimate power for unknown reasons: 
    to help the pirates? To pay back Samus? For his own purposes?… 
    Or just to go to buy a candy? It’s a mystery…
    Alt Form: Halfturret The Halfturret makes Weavel split up into 
    his torso and his legs. His legs will have a mounted 
    Battlehammer and his torso the energy sword from the video on 
    the beginning  Attacks: Torso Slice and Turret Battlehammer 
    Affinity Weapon: Battlehammer
    Affinity Ability: His Battlehammer shots explode, making more 
    damage, making an splash effect and sending the opponent 
    *	Sylux: You thought little was known ‘bout Spire? Nothing is 
    known about this hunter except of his origin, which is Cylosis, 
    and that he has an extreme hate against Samus and the Galactic 
    Federation. Also that everything he has the ship, his alt, the 
    suit and his affinity weapon are stolen Galactic Federation 
    Alt Form: Lockjaw Turns Sylux into two pieces of metal which 
    have an energy sphere on the middle. Attacks: One bomb: Energy 
    Bomb Two bombs: Electric Tripwire Three bombs: Explosive “Nuke” 
    Affinity Weapon: Shock Coil
    Affinity Ability: Drains the energy from the victim and gives it 
    to him.
    *	Noxus: Noxus is a Vhozon from the planet Vho. It seems that all 
    the Vhozons are obsessed with laws, justice and righteousness. 
    That’s a CRAP! Noxus is on the search for ultimate power for 
    kind of the same reason Samus is: to prevent it to fall in the 
    hands of the unworthy or the lawbreakers.
    Alt Form: Vhoscythe It’s Noxus in fetal position. Not really 
    exciting.  Attacks: Sharp Arm
    Affinity Weapon: Judicator
    Affinity Ability: The charged shot becomes an expansive wave 
    that freezes everyone near Noxus. That means forget the triple 
    bouncing beams if you’re using him.
    6. Trace in Depth
    Finally talking ‘bout Trace again. Well let’s talk about his special 
    abilities, advantages, and disadvantages. 
    Abilities and Unusual Stuff:
    *	Invisible: there are two ways you can turn invisible: one is 
    turning into Triskelion and staying still. You’ll turn 
    absolutely invisible. The other one is grabbing the Imperialist 
    and staying still. It won’t cloak you as much as the Triskelion, 
    but if you’re playing against bots they won’t see you, (unless 
    you have radar on) but players in wi-fi will.
    *	Run, Triski, Run…or better lunge?: Racing an enemy for energy is 
    something that in a moment you’ll have to do. Turn Triskelion 
    and start lunging (don’t abuse it, also run or he’ll eventually 
    beat you) and you’ll reach the energy first.
    *	You pushed me through the wall?!?!: I was playing in Combat Hall 
    against a Trabot, when he became a Triskelion and attacked me. 
    The hit pushed me to a wall but I didn’t hit it. Instead I went 
    through it and I “self-destructed”. Then I used Trace and tried 
    it and I also sent the bot through the wall. I only pulled it on 
    once but I know it works.
    (If Someone knows anything else, please e-mail it to me. My e-mail is 
    on the bottom of the F.A.Q.) 
    -Makes lots of damage easily and quickly
    -Fast alt
    -Has as affinity weapon the Imperialist, allowing him to have it where 
    no one has it or first than other people.
    -Escapes and prevents trouble easily in a match without radar
    -Excellent for grabbing pick-ups
    -Can easily make a mortal trap
    -He OWNS large arenas and rocks in medium ones
    -He doesn’t need to max out his health, as long as he snipes and 
    enemies are far, who needs health?
    -If he gets an strategic position he’s untouchable. Why you ask? 
    Enemies have to get close to you, or at least at your reach to hurt 
    you, so as soon as the peek in… No. I’m not completing this sentence. 
    No! It’s too obvious!
    -With the “Triskelunge” (that’s how I’m calling the Triskelion attack 
    from now on. It’s a pretty cool name in my opinion ;]) you can go over 
    holes in the floor without turning into biped that way
    -You’re in trouble in a match with radar
    -Forget sniping in survival because of the “Position revealed” thing
    -You’ll have to wait in between Imperialist shots
    -A slightly miscalculation with the “Triskelunge” (Nice name isn’t it 
    ;]) and you can fall of a ledge or from the arena itself causing a 
    -Poor defense
    -Gets wiped out in small arenas
    -Depends to much on his Imperialist
    -HE’S A SNIPER!!! GET THAT YOU PEOPLE!!! You can’t get him into the 
    middle of a fight!!! That’s a guaranteed death depending on your skill 
    with the Triskelion and how much life you have left!!!
    -If you don’t get enough ammo you’re screwed, understood?
    -Big head = Easy headshot.
    ---Trace Damage Chart---
    Power Beam: 8
    Triskelion lunge: 50 damage
    Imperialist body shot: 36
    Imperialist headshot:100
    Imperialist zoomed body shot: 72
    Imperialist Zoomed Headshot: 200 damage
    If anyone knows the complete Trace damage chart and would like to help 
    me please do. I’ll give you credit. (My e-mail is on the bottom of the 
    7. Strategies and Tactics
    Before we begin I’d like to remember you that for best results YOU 
    HAVE TO TURN THE RADAR OFF. If not, not only many strategies will de 
    useless, also you’ll loose the great advantage that is being 
    Now that you heard (well you really read it, but who cares?) my super 
    boring speech is time to start…
    Here we go…
    +If you’re using Trace is because you’re going to snipe… duh…
    Stay away from any close combat battle and snipe the poor things from 
    a safe distance.
    In an arena with various levels get the top and snipe down.
    Try to collect as many ammo as possible as soon as the game begins. 
    And fast. Turn to Triskelion for best results. Once done, get to a 
    remote location and snipe like crazy. Don’t really worry about the 
    health pick-ups thanks to the far away kills you make.
    In arenas with various exits or holodoors you can find the other 
    hunters ( from now on I’ll replace “other Hunters” for “Prey” whether 
    you like it or not)use the zoom on them and the exit or holodoor that 
    your prey is about to use will be zoomed even more, so wait them to 
    come out and… nuff said.
    Jump pads are little things in the floor that have like an air current 
    going out from them. They propel you in a certain direction but if you 
    move in midair you can change your course and reach new places to 
    +Weird…not sniping? Well, Trace not only has to go for the head while 
    in biped!
    You need skills in (at least) this four weapons others to the 
    Imperialist to become a Master Trace: Magmaul, Volt Driver, Judicator 
    and Shock Coil.
    The magmaul will prove to be your best anti alt weapon after you’ve 
    practiced with it. It also works great for bipeds.
    The VD’s huge rate of fire is necessary to proceed in the game.
    The charged Jud makes a triple headshot if aimed near the head of the 
    prey. That means 96 damage, baby!
    The Coil is a great weapon to combine with the Imperialist and the 
    Magmaul. Shock ‘em, burn them, snipe them! Use the coil until you hear 
    it reached it maximum damage power (or unless they go alt of course), 
    then switch to the mag (this is great as it will allow you counter an 
    alt. too) and start burning the ground. When he’s been hit enough 
    times, Imperialist zoom him. If he’s still alive, he will be running 
    for health so finish him: alt with mag and biped with lunge.
    What I hate of some Trace users is that they only go Imperialist. This 
    technique made me defeat a four star Spire in 3.5 or so minutes. 
    Whenever he respawned, I imperialisted him and finished with the 
    lunge. This is extremely useful and I now it’s a cheap kill, but is 
    safer, faster and more accurate than going like an idiot for the 
    headshot. This is called Implunge. 
    +Ran out of ammo? You really need health? Trace really has to go to 
    the bathroom? Follow this and you’ll be fine.
    First of all turn to Triskelion to lower the chances that you’ll get 
    Move fast, Triskelunge if necessary, but feel free to relax a little 
    bit, as there is no radar.
    If you have been hit in that moment, wait some time for the person 
    that attacked you to get close, to get another attack, then you lunge 
    like a madman out of his reach. They may also run away though… 
    If you see or hear an incoming enemy try to hug a wall (do it fast!) 
    and wait until the Kriken invisibility turns on (thank you Kriken 
    engineers, for such a wonderful military equipment!). Why hug the 
    wall? Because it’s really weird that your enemy is running just near 
    the wall and you really don’t want to be stepped on by an enemy that 
    has his health and/or his ammo full. If he just moves you, even a 
    little bit, you’ll become visible. If for some reason you were 
    discovered you can do three things: Run, Triskelunge him, or amazingly 
    both (crowd gasps). How? Triskelunge on his direction and then keep on 
    running that way. There’s a fourth but it’s not really recommended: 
    Turn biped and OHKO the prey with a zoomed Imperialist headshot. 
    Dangerous maneuver, but if successful, really satisfying and the prey 
    will leave an ammo crystal.
    Once you gathered all what you need, turn back again to your sniping 
    spot, as there is no radar, you can choose another location now that 
    your prey think that you’re still on your old sniping spot. It doesn’t 
    matter if it’s not the best sniping place. Kill him once, and then 
    return to your old hiding place. Now you have a very confused prey 
    that doesn’t now where you are. In other words: PERFECT
    Now this will be a little bit more difficult.
    Again, turn to Triskelion, only that this time you have to be super 
    careful. This is when you’ll be the most vulnerable and when all other 
    preys can turn into dangerous predators.
    Depending on what you’re lacking facing a prey can be kind of 
    dangerous. If what you’re lacking health, is better to run ( or 
    Triskelunge) like crazy. If you get far enough from the prey, 
    eventually they’ll loose you in the radar (unless is a small arena).
    If what you’re lacking is ammo you can either run or damage the prey 
    easily with our Triskelion. Four to five attacks depending on the 
    prey’s health and listo! They’re dead!
    Triskelunge like crazy to the pick up that you need and then try to 
    change location. For better results, change location every kill, even  
    after every attack, because between the radar and the red beam of 
    light, your position is almost signaled with…humm… ehmm… a signal.
    +Ready to have BIG fun?
    Whether you play with or without radar this way you’ll score several 
    kills or at least big damage.
    Hide near an exit, wait for the prey to come out… do I really need to 
    complete this sentence?
    With the Triskelion, chasing an enemy is extremely easy and rewarding. 
    Doesn’t matter how fast they run, they’ll fall to you unless they 
    suddenly morph into: Stinglarva, Lockjaw, Morph Ball. This alts leave 
    bombs on the path and the last two are faster than Triskelion as long 
    as he doesn’t lunge.
    Take also care of the Vhoscythe and the Dialanche. If you approach to 
    much to them while they’re using their attacks you’ll get damage, even 
    if you Triskelunged them.
    Alt tunnels, like the ones in Data Shrine, are where you can and 
    should alt spam like crazy. Get into the tunnel and stay still. When 
    they are near, lunge like a madman and they’ll go down easily thanks 
    to the little space and that the tunnel itself can steer the 
    Triskelion right into the prey.
    Remember that alts don’t take damage from falling, so use that to your 
    advantage and drop from the heights and before you land Triskelunge 
    onto your prey. If done correctly, you’ll damage the prey and when you 
    land you’ll be able to do another lunge making a whopping 100-99 
    damage in less than 3-4 seconds.
    +Have you heard people saying “sh** happens”? This is it when you’re 
    using Trace. It’s unavoidable. One day it’ll happen. Follow this tips 
    and you’ll be fine.
    You do it the macho way and stay to silence him forever…or at least 
    until it respawns. How? Wait until their head is obviously visible and 
    spit on their eye so the go crying to their momma… just kidding! ;)  
    Shoot it with a zoomed Imperialist shot. Or change to the Battlehammer 
    and run backwards shooting at the prey. Or change to the Volt Driver 
    or whatever weapon you like (have in mind that the Battlehammer can 
    clear up large groups of enemies but if you’re to close, it’ll also 
    hit you). You can also Triskelunge them to death. It’s your choice, 
    but remember that Trace falls quickly on close combat.
    Or you can as simple as:
    Turn to Triskelion and run/lunge like if the devil would be chasing 
    you, get far enough, turn biped and blow that ba*****’s head with our 
    beloved zoomed Imperialist shot.
    In one of the boards, someone told me “you can take the Imperialist to 
    close combat”. I don’t like this strategy because you’ll be hammered 
    hardly and the huge zoom won’t allow you to lock an enemy if it’s 
    right in front of you and moving and jumping.
    The Triskelion is the close combat devil made flesh. Use it and you’ll 
    obtain prime results. It’s fast, it makes TONS of damage, and it’s 
    cloaking ability will outsmart enemies. This is the best alt in the 
    NOTE: Try always having in your power the Anti Alt Weapons so you can 
    get rid of dangerous alt forms. 
    +Thanks to Ryan Self Self for this hints which I’ve found extremely 
     Turn look sensitivity to 1. It wasn't mentioned in your guide but 
    I suppose it should be noted for more precise aiming.
     I tried every mode of control with Trace and I found Dual Mode to 
    be the most effective. Just remember to orient it to your dominant 
    hand, you don't want to be running when you want to aim. (This is 
    up to you)
     Always have your aim pointed a few bits higher when you aren't 
    sniping. This makes it easier to headshot the enemy.
     Trace's biped cloak can sometimes be more effective than the alt. 
    form. Take Alinos Perch and Council Chamber, mainly the latter. If 
    you hide amidst same toned scenery only someone with radar on would 
    be able to spot you.
     Sometimes you should snipe on top of ammo spawn points. It may 
    give your position away to a very tactical person but unless 
    someone waits for the particular ammo to reappear and doesn't, 
    you're set. Nothing says "I love you, now die." like a full 
    Imperialist headshot.
     Use and abuse the Select button to switch to Imperialist Zoom. If 
    you can hit that and the trigger nearly simultaneously then you can 
    achieve even a close range power hit. Also a good strategy for 
    closed spaces.
     If nobody sees you or shoots at you after you take a shot at a 
    target, there's no use in throwing away a perfect hiding spot. Use 
    tactical discretion. (Of course, I agree. I told you ppl to change 
    sniping spots after a kill in which he opponent saw you or in a 
    Radar match.)
    8. Strategies V.S. Hunters
    This is going to be my favorite part of the guide so come on
    Trace V.S. Samus
    Missile Mistress and Spherical Spammer
    Head Size: Med.
     Samus. Well she is said to be the best bounty hunter in the Galaxy, 
    and a very skilled player will show you how great “The Newborn” is.
    Against biped Samus: the first thing you have to get in mind is that 
    she can’t find you. If she does, she’ll start a missile madness 
    towards you, and you’ll have to S Dance to avoid them. Samus users are 
    usually great with the PB, so try to stay in Triskelion to pwn her. 
    Also try to use the VD, as she will fall to it. The best weapons 
    against Samus is the Coil. Her affinity is useless when you’re jumping 
    and strafing around. Remember only that by Shock Coiling her, you’re 
    inviting her to turn MB, and, believe me, you don’t want to face a MB 
    with the Coil on. Her head is hard to headshot, that’s why you should 
    use the Implunge tactic with her.
    +Countering her affinity+: Her affinity is extremely dangerous, as the 
    Seeker Missiles will be able to spot you. But that’s not really what 
    matters, but the huge amounts of ACCURATE damage she can upload you. I 
    think that a Seeker Missile does like 58 of damage, something like 
    that, and it also has splash damage, so if it doesn’t really hit you 
    it’ll damage you anyway. 4 Seeker Missiles already killed you then. I 
    find the most effective tactic is to lunge at her, then when she goes 
    alt. you run away to score the 72 damage of the Imperialist. As she 
    can dance as she pwns Imperialisting is not a good answer to the 
    missiles, so don’t even bother. Try to swap to the Shock Coil, as 
    you’ll either kill her, badly damage her or force her to alt.
    Against the Morph Ball:  You’ll see that the first time you fight a 
    Samus alt. spammer (Spamuses people!) you’ll probably loose. And also 
    the second, the third and so on. This alt. is almost impossible to 
    counter. Imperialists seem to be useless, as all the weapons… But 
    there are three weapons that may save your ass from a fast death: the 
    missiles, the PB and the magmaul. Especially the last, this weapons 
    will pwn any alt. form of the game. The trick is to fill the MB’s path 
    of uncharged magmaul shots, so they won’t approach. This is rule 
    number one: if they are near you, but I mean from a nice distance, go 
    trisk and run (I mean lunge) for your life. The MB can chase you 
    extremely easy and kill you even easier. There are no tricks. Just run 
    and spam that magmaul like there’s no tomorrow. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    NEVER, EVER in your life attack the morph ball with the lunge unless 
    it’s extremely necessary. The boost and the MBB are just to killers. 
    There would be just one time when you can lunge at her and it is when 
    she boosts at you. When she engages close combat, remember not to go 
    crazy, as she might be leaving MBBs along the way. 
    Fighting a Switcher: Go for the headshot before they turn to morph 
    ball. Once they’re the round ball of doom, you get away with our 
    lunges and then attack them with the magmaul.
    Biped Samus: Weaken with PB and VD and finish her with the Coil. (or 
    imperialist headshot) 
    Morph Ball: Get away, very, very away, then spam the mag
    Switcher: Combine Imperialist, coil and mag. Be careful of the bombs 
    and the missiles.
    Tip: lunge or strafe once you hear the missile approaching. If she 
    already fired the missile, don’t change of form, just run as fast as 
    you can.
    Trace V.S. Kanden
    The Electro-Bomber and the Creepy Crawler
    Head Size: Weird!-Big
    Well, I’ve only faced three Kandens in my life. One was a sniper, I 
    killed him, another was an alt spammer, he got massacred, and the last 
    one was a VD freak he killed me 1-0 (incubation vault against a 5 star 
    Kanden? Not a nice choice really).
    Against a biped Kanden: Kanden, now he has a small head, BUT, a huge 
    headshot square. What does that mean? You can headshot him even if you 
    hit the INCREDIBLY HUGE NECK! The problem is that his real head wont 
    give you a headshot, instead, the shot will go through it. Believe me, 
    I’m an SDF and it doesn’t work. Go for the chest part of the neck, 
    you’ll have more chances of scoring the shot. Kanden’s affinity has to 
    be taken with care. You’re facing a bomber and a machine gunner. Both 
    make a nasty combination, believe me. Generally, they’ll start by 
    making at least 10 VD shots, then they’ll shoot from one to three aero 
    bombs and they’ll finish you with the V.D. The trick is to stay in 
    alt, to avoid headshots. Three headshots in one second, each of one 
    dealt 24 damage is nasty. With a Kanden, your best chance is to score 
    a headshot or use the V.D. too, as his head is huge, there’s little 
    room for mistake! Also, his back and shoulders make him an easy target 
    for the triple judicator, like his head. Never let a Kanden hammer you 
    with the VD for long, your life gets chunked too fast.
    Fighting the Stinglarva: You knew this was coming, right? Well the 
    Stinglarva is one of the easiest and more annoying al forms of the 
    game. Chasing after a Stinglarva is something you really need to think 
    twice before doing. But why the hell would you chase a Stinglarva when 
    you can Imperialist it from a distance? It’s very big the Stinglarva, 
    so the Imperialist, the mag or the coil (coiling an alt?!?! Nikovan’s 
    mad!). The best way is, again, the mag. It’s the best anti alt weapon 
    and it will always be your friend. A favorite technique when I use 
    Kanden (against bots, of course) is to go around someone (somebot?) 
    while leaving bombs. I don’t know if it’s a used technique in wi-fi, 
    but it can lower your health madly. Staying still while trying to get 
    a nice shot is as putting on your neck a sign that says “Kill me! I’m 
    a moron!”. Turn Trisk, then get away, attack with the maul.
    Fighting a switcher: The greatest combo they can score you can deplete 
    more than 120 damage in less than 5 seconds. They’ll bomb you, then 
    they’ll discharge half of their magazine on your head to finish with 
    the larva. The trick is Trisk. Go alt and scram away, to kill them 
    with a headshot. 
    Resume: Biped: go for the lower part of the neck. If not, use the VD 
    and discharge your magazine in his head.
    Stinglarva: finish from a safe distance.
    Switcher: use the Imperialist, the coil and the mag.
    Trace V.S. Spire
    Fiery Foe and Damage Avalanche
    Head Size: Small
    This is a Trace user worst nightmare after the morph ball. Close 
    combat freak. Small head. His alt lets him reach your sniping spot in 
    seconds without being detected and it causes real damage. His Aff. 
    weapon allows him to keep on damaging you even after he shot. He’s the 
    owner of small arenas, where Trace doesn’t work well. Now we’ve got a 
    challenge here ladies and gentlemen (crowd gasps).
    Against biped: OMG! Run! Then spike him down with the Imperialist. 
    Doesn’t matter if it isn’t a headshot. Three shots already sent him to 
    hell. Also try with alternative weapons, specially the VD and the jud. 
    Spire is a big target, there are lots of chances of connecting the 
    shots. Another good weapon is the battlehammer, as you won’t need to 
    be so accurate. Try to blow some missiles in his face (if you find it, 
    though) also. If you hear his magmaul charge, then you can do two 
    things: First and safer: run out of his reach. Second and dangerous: 
    run toward him. I bet he won’t like to get burned too, but he can at 
    least change to the power beam and destroy you anyway.
    (The Trisk, while burning, looks like a living torch)
    Against the Dialanche: Oh… Again, we have to use the chicken strategy 
    to run to a safer position. Once far away from its deadly titanium-
    based blades, it’s ok to shoot it with whatever you want. If it’s 
    climbing, try to use a weapon with nice splash damage to make it fall 
    or the battlehmmer as it will hammer (no pun intended) it off the 
    Against a Switcher:  you gotta jump and strafe A LOT. Even though 
    they’re weird to find, you’ll probably just face a switcher when 
    escaping from your headshots or whatever you’re firing at him. Even 
    though the most logical move they’ll make is to use the Dial to reach 
    quick sniping spots or to spam the maul to finish with the rock.
    Resumed: not a lot to say, for all three just stay away and don’t get 
    caught in a maul frenzy as u’ll get damaged anyway.
    Trace V.S. Weavel
    Nuclear Machine-Gunner and Double Threat
    Head Size: Big
    Against biped: Hello! We’re facing the hardest player to master in the 
    game, so you’re probably facing either a noob, a glitcher (u gotta 
    hate glitchers…) or a pwner. First of all, knowing how does a Weavel 
    works. They’re afraid of turning alt, as they’d be splicing their 
    health in half, so they’ll transport in biped. Their head is big AKA 
    easy to headshot. Try going for the middle part, as it’s the widest 
    part of the head. 
    The affinity theory: Well, it’s time to face the facts. It pwns in the 
    right hands. Believe me, I was a Weaveler before and my aim was 
    flawless, but I started with Trace…well it’s a sad story (now that I’m 
    losing my Trace skill becuz of the SDF I make with Noxus), but it 
    doesn’t matter now. What scares me of this weapon is how hard it is to 
    escape from it. If you’re facing a Weavel with a battlehammer with you 
    having less than 80 hp, “You’re dead meat, pal!” (Falco, Star Fox 64, 
    when he destroys a bogey). NEVER try to imperialist him, get close to 
    him and discharge battlehammers or even better, VDs in his face. 
    Against the Halfturret: oh boy, one of the worse spamming tools. The 
    trick is to punish the turret with an Imperialist shot (if he doesn’t 
    turn biped, shoot one more) and then go for the little torso, which 
    will have 72 or 144 hp less meaning an instant kill if he was maxed 
    out (and if you made the two Imperialist shots to the turret. If he 
    wasn’t maxed one shot was all you needed).
    (The turret creates another spot in the radar, so don’t be fooled).
    Against a Switcher: I love these guys becuz they know how to score big 
    points with the Weav machine. They’ll use the turret to trap u between 
    the torso and it in an alt. tunnel to finish you with some BTH. shots. 
    They’ll use the turret as a fake radar bait to lure you into a snipe 
    off. Or, my personal favorite, when they use the turret to hammer  you 
    as a diversion to get to a strategic spot where to snipe you. Try to 
    go for the old Turret, then Torso strategy and for the obvious 
    Biped: destroy with a headshot. Huge head.
    Halfturret: Use the coil and finish the torso with the Imperialist.
    Switcher: Damage the turret first to deplete his life faster.
    Trace V.S. Sylux
    Neutrino Coiler and the Fast Tribomber
    Head Size: Normal
    Against biped: Sylux isn’t used in wi-fi for his coil. People chooses 
    him for his triangle, his fast alt and his cool look (girls shout and 
    scream with joy, then star giggling). Of course, that’s a great 
    advantage. A character without his affinity is missing sumthin’. Also, 
    he’ll get no cloak bonus or other weapons bonus. Again, he’s on his 
    own and he can’t get the Imperialist in certain arenas. The trick is 
    to headshot him while he’s facing you, as he has a defensive shield-
    like barrier covering the back part of his head. 
    The affinity theory: Now we´re in trouble. The shock coil is perhaps 
    the most deadly and easy to learn to use weapon. Go alt as soon as 
    you´re being coiled.
    Against the lockjaw: Never let a lockjaw spin around you. Get high 
    ground and spam the maul and w´ve got a dead lockjaw here.
    Against Switchers: My best bet is getting away from the stealth bombs 
    and the shock coil. Just Imperialist him and use the magmaul.
    Trace V.S. Noxus
     Judicator Freezer and Spinning Crybaby 
    Head Size: Normal
    Against biped Noxus: Stay away from him. Away like miles and 
    kilometers. We don´t want to get frozen. Noxi are the easiest players 
    to headshot as they´re always trying to use the Jud. Imperialist from 
    The Judicator theory: The judicator can fire and bounce in many 
    directions, which is a pain in close spaces like combat hall´s 
    corridor and ice hive´s pathways. When charged it will freeze any 
    enemy in a close range, so keep your distance. NEVER, let him freeze 
    you in biped. Never. Use the Trskelion to get away ASAP. Three 
    Headjuds make a whopping 96 damage, good enough to finish with the PB.
    -|?|-The Shadow Freezer Theory-|?|-: This goddamned moved is just too 
    awesome. It allows a Noxus to freeze ppl form an incredible distance, 
    from below, through walls, etc. So, yes, it´s a godmod move. It´s also 
    associated with the Imperialist to create a SDF (Shadow Death Freeze) 
    So you get frozen and Headshot. The point is to avoid a Noxus the most 
    of the time. If you manage to kill him/her, try to hog either the 
    affinity or the Imperialist. For example in Ice Hive, it´s almost 
    impossible to you to prevent him to get the Jud, as there´s affinity 
    and normal spawn. Then hog the Imp and the ammo. In places like 
    Harvester, hog the Jud instead, as he´ll grab the Imperialist first. 
    Also remeber no jud, no freeze.
    How to detect a shadow freezer:
    Doesn´t actually aim at you.
    You can´t see the freezing expanding wave.
    Gathers HUGE ammounts of ammo.
    Jumps a lot.
    Never gets close to you.
    The fav arenas are Sic Transit, Ice Hive and Stasis Bunker. Be aware 
    in any place, though.
    If you keep conceiled, you have a great advantage.
    Needs LOTS of ammo, specially SDFers.
    They can´t freeze you if you´re below them.
    Being in alt helps the scape.
    Takes too much time to charge jud and to fire another Imperialist shot 
    if they missed.
    Biped: Stay away, obviously enough. Try to use the Imperialist to the 
    fullest. Also, make sure to become alt if the contact isn´t avoidable. 
    Any other thing is up to you.
    Vhoscythe: I H8 this thing. Just like that, because of it´s 
    meneuverability. IT just sucks, so give them hell (literaly) with the 
    Switcher: I´d just go F***ing him with the maul and sometime expect a 
    lucky headshot. The magamul works wonderfully aginst both biped and 
    alt, so make them sweat.
    Trace V.S. Trace
    Sniper Psycho and Little Cloaked Lunger
    Head Size: Medium
    Use the cons that I told you. The Triskelion works marvelously against 
    a biped Trace. The head allows an easy frontal headshot while making a 
    headshot from above is somewhat harder to do. Sometimes the decision 
    of the battle can be of who reaches the Imperialist first, so lunge at 
    it. Battles of “Traces” can be boring because no one shows so there 
    aren’t any kills. Against the Triskelion, get from a safe distance and 
    use the three anti alt weapons, specially Battlehammer. If you know 
    where a hiding Triskelion is, charge a missile (even if that means 
    firing a missile to somewhere where no one is) or a Volt Driver and 
    blasto. Also, try to be in biped most of the time, and to follow him 
    like crazy with the zoom, so he can’t snipe you down (Warning: I’m not 
    saying get into the middle of the arena and wait for him. You can and 
    you have to use your alt sometimes). The first biped “usually” wins, 
    as he’ll be the one with the control over the arena everytime.
    9. Strategies in Arenas
    I’ll cover all the arenas but I’ll only go in depth on some. I’m 
    adding the threat meter of arenas. This will tell you how dangerous an 
    arena can be. Also arenas marked with a ^ will mean that any hunter 
    can get the Imperialist. You’ll find this usefull. Also, to whom the 
    arena is favored toward.
    Combat Hall
    Threat: ***
    Favored to: Samus, Spire and Weavel
    Get the Imperialist and go up. Get into the alt tunnel and reach the 
    part that has a defensive shielding (the opposite side from the jump 
    pad and snipe. This is a great sniping location and the defensive 
    shielding won’t allow attacks from directly below. Also get the 
    Magmaul and fire like crazy, there’s ammo around.
    ^ Data Shrine:
    Threat: * 
    Favored to: Kanden maybe? This isn’t anyone’s arena from my point of 
    This place is not really a good place for the Imperialist but get it 
    anyway cuz it is the weapon you should always carry, along with the 
    Shock Coil and the Magmaul. But it’s better that you use the 
    Triskelion and abuse it here. Get into an alt tunnel and wait ‘til 
    invisibility pops in. Then when a helpless alt gets into the 
    tunnel…(be careful of the Dialanche and the Vhoscythe, the alts that 
    leave bombs will fall anyway and the Torso of the Halfturret will be 
    the easiest of all)
    Processor Core:
    Threat: ****
    Favored to: Spire, Weavel and Noxus
    RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! This place is too small! At least you can hide 
    somewhere, unlike the &$/?@# thing that is Sanctorus. Get enough ammo 
    and go up to the platform across the bridge. If anyone appears you 
    blast him with a zoomed Imperialist to the head. There’s a double 
    damage on an alt tunnel near one of the sides, so be sure to get there 
    first. Also, there’s a DA when four players are on this arena.
    ^ High Ground:
    Threat: **
    Favored to: Trace
    Listen well: YOU OWN THIS PLACE!. It’s yours! Turn into Triskelion 
    immediately and then grab the double damage. Everyone will have 99 hp, 
    as there isn’t any health in the lower floor. One lunge, one death. 
    Kill until DD wears off, then grab ammo and drop down to get life. 
    Grab your Imperialist and snipe down from any terrace you feel like. 
    Here, the higher you go, the better so try finding the highest spot 
    and drop down for ammo and life when you need it. 
    ^ Ice Hive:
    Threat: ***
    Favored to: Noxus
    Big place. Little passages. Not a good place to snipe and Noxus and 
    Spire are always over here. Use the Judicator’s bouncing beam to your 
    advantage. There’s a Deathalt somewhere around so be careful. What I 
    know is that there is a doudle damage near the jump pad you get to by 
    the gray corridor.
    ^ Alinos Perch:
    Threat: *
    Favored to: Everyone but Sylux and Spire (unless they snipe)
    Ahh! What a great place for sniping don’t you think? This place has 
    lots of ledges and stuff made for you. You can get your Imperialist 
    from the affinity orb or from the Imperialist orb that is on the part 
    that has like a booth. There’s also a missile and ammo crystals. 
    Backtrack to the place where you find the Affinity Orb and snipe from 
    the ramp or from the ledges. Caution: In this arena EVERYONE can get 
    the Imperialist, so don’t go to the middle of the arena and start 
    shooting from there.
    ^ Sic Transit:
    Threat: **
    Favored to: Noxus
    These three words will really help you: GET THE CLOAK! Once you have 
    it find the Imperialist and enough ammo while they’re unable to see 
    you. It expires quickly like in a minute or less so you gotta be fast. 
    Once done, get into the part where Trace snipes you from in adventure 
    or both ends of the bridge and blasto.
    Transfer Lock:
    Threat: ***
    Favored to: Kanden
    Trace isn’t made for this arena but if you’ll have to play on it get 
    the Imperialist on the bridge and then gather full ammo and health 
    (getting full health is mandatory in this arena because there aren’t 
    any hiding spots). Then you can either snipe from the bridge or from 
    the center part of the arena.
    Threat: ******
    Favored to: Kanden, Samus and Sylux
    This is the worst arena of all for a Trace! You’re crazy (and already 
    dead) if you’re playing here! Samus and Kanden are extremely dangerous 
    thanks to their homing attacks so be careful (and lucky). Try to find 
    a sneaky place and Triskelunge or Snipe. 
    Compression Chamber:
    Threat: ****
    Favored to: Sylux, Noxus and Weavel
    More small arenas? You’re screwed! Try to survive on a diet based of 
    bouncing beams (Judicator), missiles and our Affinity and Alt. On the 
    ledge you grab a missile you can go and snipe freely, as long as there 
    are no other Imperialists but yours in play, because you’re caught 
    between the walls.
    Incubation Vault:
    Threat: *****
    Favored to: Sylux, Weavel and Kanden
    HELP! Please no more small arenas! Due to the little number of weapons 
    you can get here you’re depending on luck and skill with the missile 
    and affinity.
    Threat: *
    Favored to: Noxus and Kanden, maybe Samus
    Thank God no more small arenas! I was starting to feel claustrophobia! 
    Ahh! My first wi-fi game was here, along with my first defeat… Those 
    were good times… No, not really. This is a weird and complex arena. 
    Headshots are not that common but not that hard to make. Try having 
    the Battlehammer close along with some missiles. And the Volt Driver 
    can be really useful here. In the part that is like an ice maze you’ll 
    be tempted to set a cloaked Triskelion and wait for a foe to come in. 
    I “think” there is a cloak when you play more than 3 players and there 
    certainly is a double damage in a ledge you reach using the jump pad 
    and then going right, then walk the whole alley and there it is and 
    there’s another DD in the broken column.
    ^ Outer Reach:
    Threat: **
    Favored to: Weavel and Noxus, maybe Trace 
    This arena rocks for Weavel! You’ll find an Imperialist on the higher 
    level and the affinity orb on the middle level but sniping can be a 
    little difficult because of  the platforms. There’s also a Judicator 
    and a Shock Coil. The Judicator works perfectly on the passages where 
    you find life and the Coil just for when you’re annoyed. Be careful 
    with the Triskelunge, a little mistake and you self-destructed.
    ^ Harvester:
    Threat: ** to ****
    Favored to: Trace and Kanden
    You own this place along with Kanden as long as you don’t get into the 
    middle part. Get the Imperialist (you’ll find it on the middle 
    platform of both sides along with ammo and life) and stay there. As 
    soon as the prey shows his/her horrible face you fix it with a zoomed 
    headshot. Careful of snipers behind holodoors
    ^ Weapons Complex:
    Threat: *
    Favored to: It’s so big, anyone can excel or loose, but I’ll say Trace 
    thanks to the immense reach of the Imperialist and Sylux thanks to the 
    speed of the Lockjaw.
    The name really stands for what it is: complex. Grab your affinity and 
    the Magmaul. The ledges in the central room are great for sniping and 
    I think there’s or a Cloak or a Double Damage. Try always to have the 
    Imperialist on so you can attack anyone that shows even a little.
    ^ Council Chamber:
    Threat: **
    Favored to: Trace and Weavel
    MY personal favorite when I use Weavel and sometimes Trace as it is an 
    expanded version of Alinos Perch, it has all the weapons and a large 
    energy. Stay where I told you to stay in Alinos Perch or snipe cloaked 
    in the main chamber. Up to you. Remember to avoid Close Combat! 
    Remember that here EVERYONE can get the Imperialist.
    ^ Elder Passage:
    Threat: ** to ***
    Favored to: Trace
    High Ground with underground hole and side tunnels. Follow the 
    strategy of High Ground and this place is yours! Only remember to be 
    careful of enemies behind holodoors. And use them too!
    Fuel Stack:
    Threat: boring to **
    Favored to: Whoever has an Imperialist (only Traces so…) 
    Get your Imperialist but also get the Volt Driver and the 
    Battlehammer. The energy flow will take you upwards but if you stay 
    too much time on it, it’ll sent you to outer space so use it 
    carefully. Alts can be a pain on the neck here, specially bombing 
    alts. I personally HATE this place, not becuz it’s bad but because 
    it’s hell to find ppl here and even worse to snipe them.
    Fault Line:
    Threat: *
    Favored to: Noxus
    It’s an expanded version of Subterranean: It has a stone hallway with 
    little ice corridors where you can find double damage.
    ^ Stasis Bunker:
    Threat: Here it should be Caution: ****
    Favored to: Weavel and Noxus: SDF’s palace.
    Get the Imperialist here. It is on the ledge where you grab the last 
    UA Expansion in adventure mode. You can reach it by jumping to the 
    sides and then to the platform,  go for the health and try to use 
    weapons like missiles or the Triskelunge. Try also the Battlehammer 
    and the Volt Driver. 
    ^ Head Shot:
    Threat: ****
    Favored to: The faster alts and everyone but Samus (which is a paradox 
    because Samus’s alt is the fastes in the game)
    Isn’t it obvious?! Trace rocks, not owns, rocks, this arena. Get to 
    the middle of the arena ASAP and grab the Imperialist. Then drop down 
    and grab the Deathalt (I really mean it! Be fast or someone else will 
    grab the Imperialist and the Deathalt). Use one of the tunnels and 
    then the jump pads to reach your prey. Touch ‘em and presto! Back 
    again to sniper, either stay on the platform and wait for the to jump, 
    or get inside the building, in the higher level and shoot them from 
    above. Remember that this place is in space so outside the building 
    you’ll find that you’ll jump higher and fall down slower. This is 
    great because if they fall slowly (they won’t be able to change 
    direction very accurately) you’ll have a greater chance of head 
    shooting them.
    Celestial Gateway:
    Threat: **
    Favored to: Sylux down Trace up
    With a Trace, you can either OWN or LOOSE this arena, depending who 
    reaches the top first with the Imperialist. Once on top, make them 
    think is raining blood with your zoomed Imperialist. Remember that 
    enemies will come from portals and you don’t know where they’ll appear 
    so stay alert.
    ^ Alinos Gateway:
    Threat: ***
    Favored to: Spire, Trace and (maybe) Weavel
    Depends on who’re you fighting against to determine if either you win 
    or loose. Against Spire: you are in trouble. Against any other prey: 
    you won! Grab the Imperialist on the ledge and shoot with it from 
    there. You can also start to shoot from where your ship lands in 
    adventure, but you’ll be vulnerable against snipers on the ledge.
    ^ VDO Gateway:
    Threat: **
    Favored to: Trace and Samus: Watch out, this is missile madness or 
    explotion commotion!
    In defender, this place is totally yours. In any other mode too but in 
    defender, your prey will be still, sitting on the defender ring while 
    you can aim from above. And once you have the ring shoot anyone 
    coming. As easy as that. Careful with Samus, lots of missiles here. 
    There’s a Double Damage just bellow the part where your ship lands.
    Arcterra Gateway:
    Upper level threat: *    Middle levels threat: **           Lower 
    floor threat: ***
    Favored to: Strongest alt and maybe a lucky (or pro) sniper
    This will be one of the few places I recommend not to abuse 
    Imperialist. Gather ammo and drop down to fight in medium-close 
    combat. Shooting the Imperialist from above is really difficult and 
    players will turn into alt down there. So grab missiles and life and 
    pray for either having easy headshots because you’ll have no cover and 
    no hiding spots or for enough resistance during the battle (there is a 
    large energy in the lowest level which you can get only in alt)
    Threat:  ****
    Favored to: Samus: Only missiles = Total pwnage!
    I dislike this arena. No. I HATE IT! There aren’t any weapons but 
    missiles and that stupid OMG (Oh My Gosh!) Cannon. Grab missiles and 
    life (Samus can be a threat due all the missiles here) and start 
    ascending. You’ll reach the top and find the Omega Cannon. Shoot it 
    and then take cover because you can self-destruct. In defender, there 
    will be an affinity orb instead of the Omega Cannon and it will be at 
    the lower level.
    10. Glitches and Counters
    Whee! I think many of you, the few ppl that read this guide, will find 
    this part of the guide excellent and very usefull. The threat meter 
    here will reach the 10 stars. I’ll go again in the same order like in 
    the Arenas. NOTE: Glitches don’t have counters, except glitching too. 
    I’ll say how to avoid the effect of the glitch or any attack coming 
    from it.  Here we go:
    -Combat Hall Glitches:
    Headless Character
    Description: A character is standing in the alt tunnel while in biped, 
    with his head covered by the wall
    Available: Anyone, anytime, usually used against a Trace
    Counter: Go alt and punish their stupidity with Triskelunges, or just 
    attack their legs with Imperialist and finish with Magmaul.
    Turret in Alt Tunnel
    Threat: 7-8/10
    Description: Hard to understand isn’t it? Weavel’s turret will be 
    firing from inside the tunnel, not allowing you to pass or to reach to 
    the medium energy, as it will be firing at you. Crap!
    Counter: Using the Imperialist is really hard, so use missiles and 
    magmaul. I recommend magmaul a lot more than missiles as you don’t 
    have to be so accurate. 
    Invisible Floor Glitch
    Threat: 6/10 
    Description: An enemy will be firing at you from the part that should 
    be cannon control room. 
    Available only: one-on-one player match
    Counter: Missiles won’t work, neither the Imperialist or the magmaul. 
    The nice trick is to stay in the alt tunnel above the energy corridor 
    wall and wait for them to come out. It’s good to pass by near them 
    sometimes, so they can deplete their ammo.
    Weavel Glitches
    Threat: 10/10
    Description: Weavel will be attacking you from inside the lateral 
    walls near the magmaul or near the aisle.
    Available only: with Weavel, anytime with 2 to 4 players.
    Counter: He’ll be able to move from right to left inside to wall, so 
    stay in the alt tunnel above him and wait for him to come out. Don’t 
    try to pass near him, as he won’t waste ammo, as he’ll attack you with 
    the halfturret.
    -Data Shrine Glitches
    Biped in Alt. Form Tunnel
    Threat: You got to be an imbecile to use it so 1/10
    Des: Tell me if I really have to describe it.
    Available: Anyone, anytime
    Counter: He’ll be stuck and won’t be able to move so either blow his 
    head or turn alt and “funk” him.
    Wavel’s Turret Inside Alt Tunnel
    Threat: 4/10
    Des: Well Jhon, when momma and poppa want to have a baby they order it 
    to the stork, it’s no big deal.
    Available: It’s an only Weavel trick but you can get it off with 
    Kanden too…Please ppl, think a little. 
    Counter: Blow it off with missiles.
    -Alinos Perch Glitches
    Spire’s Sniping Spots
    Threat: 8/10
    Des: Not really a glitch but places that he’s allowed to get to in 
    Counter: Snipe him. He can be inside the metal structure you respawn 
    near sometimes or near the ramp where you get the energy and the 
    -Sic Transit Glitches
    Again Through the Wall
    Threat: 6/10
    Des: Attacks from the wall in the place you get the shock coil and 
    where the door taking you to our ship and where one spectral locks are 
    located in Adventure
    Available: Anyone, anytime
    Counter: Stay in the part without roof. Duh!
    From the Ceiling this Time
    Threat: 9/10
    Des: Again in the same part, just that from the ceiling, making 
    Imperialist Headshots REALLY EASY.
    Available: Same as above
    Counter: Same as above
    -Harvester Glitches
    Attacking Sylux
    Threat: 10/10
    Des: Attacks come from the middle of the arena, but no one’s there!
    Available: Only Sylux, any amount of players
    Counter: Srry to tell ya, but the easiest way is to disconnect. Maybe 
    he’ll make a mistake and go out from the glitch by accident, but he’ll 
    be using the coil, which means huge damage, little ammo needed
    -Weapons Complex Glithces
    Flying Lockjaw
    Threat: 0-1/10
    Available: Only Sylux, any number of players
    Des: The lockjaw will be flying everywhere IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ARENA, 
    WHERE GRAVITY IS WEIRD and won’t land, which is an annoyance as it’ll 
    be hell to kill
    Counter: Aim well and blow it off
    Levitating Morph Ball
    Threat: 0-1/10
    Available: Samus, any number of players Des: Same thing as above, only 
    that it’s way harder to pull off and it won’t move as fast as the 
    Counter: Use missiles and the Imperialist. 
    -Headshot Glitches
    Flying Lockjaw
    Threat: 0-1/10
    Available: Only Sylux, any number of players
    Des: Same thing, only that everywhere outside.
    Counter: Same thing
    Levitating Morph Ball
    Threat: 0-1/10
    Available: With Weavel of course! And only when there are seven 
    players and at the same time everyone press the W button
    Des: Same thing, only that everywhere outside
    Counter: Same thing
    -Alinos Gateway Glitches
    ***Spire Glitch***
    Threat: 6-7/10
    Available: Spire any number of players
    violently gasps, several women faint). Spire will attack from the rock 
    just to the left of the Imperialist, only that from the bottom.
    Counter: Stay in the little passageway where you get the Imperialist 
    orb. They’ll eventually get tired or will waste their ammo and will 
    have to go out. That’s when you blow their head off.
    -Arcterra Gateway Glitches
    Through the wall, again
    Threat: 4-5/10 only if you’re on top. Down it’s 0/10
    Available: Anytime, Anyone any number of players
    Des: ppl attackin u from the wall in the superior part (Crowd claps 
    Counter: Stay down.
    -Oubliette Glitches
    Infinite Omega Cannon
    Threat: 10/10
    Available: I don’t know anything
    Des: Infinite Oh My God Cannon
    Counter: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
    Inside ledge
    Threat: 6-10/10
    Available: every time, every hunter, any number of players
    Des: someone inside a ledge near the omg cannon. Cannot be hurt not 
    even by omg cannon
    Counter: wait near the omg cannon orb…some more…more…Zzzz
    -=-=ShAdOw FrEeZe=-=-
    Threat: 10/10
    Available: only Noxus and any number of players
    Des: A Noxus freezes someone in front of him, doesn’t matter if he’s 
    one hundred miles away.
    Counter: Never stay in front of a Noxus. Jump and strafe, then 
    11. Glossary
    Alt Spammers: Hate them. Kill them. Make them suffer. That’s my motto. 
    These are guys who think their alt is too adorable to turn to biped 
    so… Lie! These are persons who don’t have what it takes to kill in 
    biped so they abuse their alts! You can’t headshot them and they’re so 
    quick (except Dialanche, who seems even slower then bipeds) that an 
    Imperialist shot is almost impossible! Use anti alt weapons.
    Anti Alt Weapons: These are weapons with a greater reach or greater 
    splash damage. This makes them the best choice against alts.
    Bot Farmers: If you read the Instruction Booklet and the Wi-Fi booklet 
    (thing that I think I’m the only human alive that does) you’ll see 
    that it says that you can show your stat on nintendowifi.com True, if 
    you log in to Internet your stat will be displayed in the web page. So 
    the first one in the list is the best player ever and owns you in a 
    second. False! These, can really be good players, which I doubt, or 
    bot farmers. These persons train with level 1 star bots and in wifi 
    they are displayed as “ Headshot Kills Record” while they are great 
    noobs that can even be killed by my little brother.
    Cloak: Makes ANY PLAYER invisible even if they’re moving. Excellent 
    for Trace and Headshot Imperialist. The halfturret’s legs will be 
    visible, though. Also, while using the cloak the Triskelion’s 
    invisibility will be lowered to the cloak level and the biped’s cloak 
    will be augmented to the cloak’s level so it’s useful to make complex 
    sniping moves.
    Deathalt: Turns you into your alt form and only with touching the 
    other preys they’ll die! You’ll be circled by an orange aura and it’s 
    pwnage! Only that if you stay still with Triski, the orange aura will 
    still be visible. Crap! But it’s really cool to see an orange circle 
    of energy flying in the air.
    Death Freeze (DF): a horrid combo made by new Noxus users that 
    combines the Freeze with an Imperialist headshot while the only thing 
    you can do is watch as they slowly change weapon and aim to your head…
    Double Damage: As it already tells you, it makes you make the double 
    of the normal damage that you’d normally do. Specially useful with the 
    Halfturret, Triskelion and with an Imperialist shot not to the head.
    Electric Tripwire: A Lockjaw technique. When the Lockjaw leaves two 
    bombs close enough they’ll link together by an electric wave. If you 
    step on it, the two bombs will be pulled toward you making damage.
    Explosive Triangle: A Lockjaw technique. When the Lockjaw leaves three 
    bombs they’ll explode causing 180 damage if they were close enough. 
    Don’t expect to receive 180 damage with a super incredibly big 
    Glitch: Mistake done by game engineers that is not supposed to exist. 
    Glitches only occur when some conditions are met.
    Glitch Spammers: People that abuse glitches. I HATE them. The combat 
    hall glitches and the Spire’s only alinos gateway glitch are the most 
    abused. These glitches allow them to get inside things and attack from 
    there, while they’re invincible .
    imp: shortened of Imperialist. I use this term on boards, but never I  
    the guide. Find me even one time I used the word imp in other part of 
    the guide but this and I’ll give you super credit.
    Imperialisting: there’s a difference between imperialisting and going 
    for headshots. Imperialisting consists in a smarter way to kill an 
    opponent. Go for an Imperialist body shot to finish with whatever you 
    feel like.
    Implunge: a sadist variant of Imperialisting, it deals 122 damage in 
    no time. Go for the body shot to finish with a Triskelunge. It’s a 
    respawn killer move.  
    Lag: A player starts to teleport or to disappear, to reappear in 
    another place. Ever happened to you?
    Lagshot: headshot scored by someone who (clears throat) headshots a 
    lagging opponent.
    Noobs: OMG! These are the cause that made 5 star levels be 5 star 
    levels! They don’t know what to do as they are ( most of the time) one 
    star levels who are just new at wi-fi (BUT don’t think this are the 
    only noobs, I once fought a 3 star level Sylux in High Ground that 
    tried to coil me from the ground and I was in the ledge with the 
    Imperialist. :0 )
    Noob Hunters: No these are not noobs. These are ppl that in a four 
    person match they go for the lower level player (happened to me once, 
    until I blew that creep’s head out). Just show them, that even though 
    you’re low leveled you can still make headshots.
    OHKO: One Hit Knock Out.
    Shadow Freeze (SF): OMG! WAAT! It’s a glitch used by Noxus users. It 
    allows them to freeze ANYONE ANYWHERE in the ARENA! I don’t know how 
    they do it but it can be very bad when you’re sniping… Or I do know 
    how to counter it? (In creepy voice) Check…part…11…or else. 
    You…won’t…check…part…11…or else? 
    Then…something…bad…will…happen…to…you…or else?!?
    Shadow Death Freeze (SDF): Nasty combo of the SF and the DF. In other 
    words, you’re pretty much dead, capicci?   
    Triskelunge: I already explained it! It’s how I call the attack of the 
    Any other word you want to add, feel free to talk to me. My e-mail is 
    at the bottom of the FAQ.
    12. F.A.Q.s
    Q: What’s Trace’s best arena?
    A: Keep in arenas with ledges and hard to reach places like Alinos 
    Perch, Council Chamber, High Ground, Elder Passage, Celestial Gateway 
    and VDO Gateway, But the best of all for Trace are High Ground and 
    Alinos Perch with the strategies I gave you. And even Combat Hall, 
    because has nice sniping spots and no one but Trace will have the 
    Q: What’s MPH?
    A: Metroid Prime Hunters!
    Q: How do you know Trace’s gender? In fact how do you know all the 
    hunter’s gender?
    A: In the instruction booklet they call every hunter “he” except 
    Samus. Samus is FEMALE!
    Q: Why don’t I just alt-spam?
    A: Trace’s defense is weak. If you fight a Weavel with the Triskelion 
    you may fall thanks to his Battlehamer. He is a SNIPER. If his 
    affinity tells him to Snipe, then Snipe. Do what your affinity weapon 
    tells you. Weavel’s affinity tells him to go on medium combat, but to 
    stay away from enemies, that’s why his aff. ability throws enemies 
    Q:I run out of ammo. What do I do?
    A: Check part seven.
    Q: Is Trace a bad idea for a radar match?
    A: Hell no! Sometimes, in fact, can help you to bring enemies to your 
    current location allowing you to kill more enemies than in a no radar 
    match. Against a bot it doesn’t really matter but playing against more 
    than one enemy, bot or human, and all of them knowing your location 
    can be dangerous. The trick you ask? Constantly change sniping spots. 
    It’s great to have three sniping spots you can always go to if you’re 
    already discovered in one of them!
    Q: I’m fighting in a small arena. What do I do?
    A: Nice to meet you, fighting in a small arena. Well now getting 
    serious, you’re in trouble. Trace is so not suited for small arenas 
    but his invisibility is a gift from God in these places. Try to kill 
    fast and clean. If you miss a headshot, you might be in trouble. Be 
    very careful of Spire and Weavel that can constantly damage you easily 
    and of Samus and Kanden with their powerful and homing affinity 
    weapons. In small corridors use the Judicator or the Triskelunge for 
    better results.
    13. Credits
    Thanks to gamefaqs.com for allowing me to post this guide.
    Thanks to you, for reading it! ;)
    Thanks to Nintendo, for creating such a great game with such great 
    Thanks to Luis Fernando B.(Alias: Dark Ruler), for helping me in team 
    strategies and for fighting with me.
    Thanks to Brandon, who told me about the combat hall glitch.
    BIG Thanks to Alekiel, for allowing me to have his guide as a base for 
    BIG Thanks to Oni_Kariudo, for allowing me to have his guide as a base 
    for mine, for being such a good friend and also for remembering that 
    he is still godly with the Magmaul.
    TITANIC Amounts of Thanks to Ryan Self Self, for the additional 
     If you’d like to contribute to my guide my e-mail is 
    nikovan2@hotmail.com Please do I’ll give you credit and I’ll be very 
    thankful. To simplify things A LOT add me and send me the info via 
    chat. Yeah, I won’t open mails so if you have something to tell me or 
    need advice, let’s chat. PLEASE ADD ME, THIS IS NOT MY MAIN MSN AND 
    ITS ALMOST EMPTY! If you want, just add me to talk or stuff. I feel 
    this guide is dead and I’ve worked too much on it to let it die like 
    that. If at least three ppl add me, I’ll continue updating it, if not, 
    I’ll remove it from Gamefaqs, as it’s not helping anybody, I think.
    14. Legal Deal
    This guide may not be copied, reproduced or changed in any way. This 
    guide is my property-Riccardo Fabbro’s property. The only web page 
    where this guide is authorized is gamefaqs.com Nowhere else. You can 
    print it as long as you don’t paste it anywhere or take credit or 
    money from it. You can’t use this guide as a base for your own unless 
    I give you my permission.
    Trace FAQ©  

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