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    Movie Unlocking FAQ by iammaxhailme

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    This FAQ is copyright (iam)Max(hailme). If you have any questions, think I put
    some wrong into in the guide, or have something relevant that you think should
    be put in, email me at iammax64@hotmail.com. You can NOT put this site on your
    guide unless you get my permission via email. Don't worry, I don't usually 
    turn people down unless I have a very good reason to, I just like knowing who 
    has mine up.
    The Movies in Metroid are great. They show off the DS's underrated graphical 
    power. Also, they're quite interesting. Most of them are obvious, such as the
    ones where you beat the boss to see their video, but a few might confuse you. 
    To acess your unlocked movies, go to adventure, then movies. Simple. There are
    two pages. The fight page has 3 rows of 5, the second has 2 rows of 5, and the
    third row has just one movie. 
    Anyway, if you don't know what a thumbnail is, it's the little picture you 
    click on to view that movie. The titles of the movies aren't the actual ingame
    titles, they're just the ones I give them. 
    This is what I'll include...
    Movie #
    How to Unlock
    Movie Description
    Movie # 1
    Title: Game Intro
    Thumbnail: A Galactic Federation Trooper is pointing a weapon at the screen. 
    How to Unlock: Turn on your game. Simple. 
    Movie Description: They show a little montage of each hunter. Samus is at the
    end, fighting the legendary TRIGON! Actually, it's more likely to be a Space
    Pirate of some sort. Then it shows the Metroid Prime Hunters Logo. 
    It also shows the Hunter's Species and Origin.
    Sylux's Part: 
    Species: Unknown
    Origins: Cyclosis
    Threee Galactic Federation Troopers are walking in a rocky
    reigon. Sylux suddenly falls from the sky on top of one, crushing him. He then
    yells angrily at the other two. 
    Weavel's Part: 
    Species: Cybernetic Space Pirate
    Origins: Unknown
    He is running away from some people, in a city, all on a sort
    of small motorcycle-ish vehicle. He suddenly skids to a halt, gets off, and 
    takes out that awesome energy sword. 
    Noxus's Part:
    Species: Vhozon
    Origins: Vho
    He is in Vhoscythe form, on top of a large icicle. He turns into Biped, rises
    and stares at you menacingly. 
    Trace's Part:
    Species: Kriken
    Origins: Kriken Empire
    A pile of Kirken are all fighting. Trace emerges at the top, and looks at you,
    you being the player. 
    Spire's Part:
    Species: Diamont
    Origins: Mordreus
    Spire is rolling down a hill in Dialanche Form. He goes off a quarter pipe and
    transforms in the air. He lands with an earth-shaking impact, and does his 
    battle cry thing. 
    Kanden's Part: 
    Species: Enoema
    Origins: A Sinister Laboratory
    Kanden is going away from a large building in Stinglarva formn. He suddenly 
    goes biped, and the building explodes. He then cackles evilly. 
    Samus's Part is different. It doesn't show a species or anything. She's 
    fighting this thing (zomg trigon!1!), and then she bounces up in Morph Ball
    form, a lot higher then usual. She transforms at the top of her jump parabola,
    the game gets a close up of her charging something, then the movie ends.
    Movie # 2
    Title: Mission Begins
    Thumbnail: Samus's Ship, with the sky in the background. 
    How to Unlock: Start an adventure mode game. 
    Movie Description: Samus's Ship is flying through light speed, or something.
    It suddenly warps. Then you get a view from behind it. It's viewing the four
    planets of the Alimbic Cluster. 
    Movie # 3
    Title: Entering Cretaphid 1's Room
    Thunbnail: A door with light shining through it, angled below and to the 
    right of a room with brown walls.
    How to Unlock: Enter Cretaphid 1's Room
    Movie Description: Samus walks in a door. It closes. A tower rises up in the 
    middle of the room about 30 feet, while Samus warily points her arm cannon
    at it. 
    Movie # 4
    Title: Defeated Creataphid 1
    Thunbnail: Samus standing in front of a big pillar of flame
    How to Unlock: Defeat Cretaphid 1
    Movie Description: Creataphic 1 is zapped by electrizity, is aflame, and 
    falling apart. Samus shields her eyes from the brightness. 
    Movie # 5
    Title: Entered Cretaphid 2
    Thunbnail: Samus's Visor. Her eyes are visible through the green shield. 
    How to Unlock: Enter Cretaphid 2's room
    Movie Description: Samus walks through a door, with the camera in the middle
    of the room. It goes behind Samus, and a tower rises up. Samus's Face is shown
    on the bottom screen as Creataphid's top rises on the top screen. 
    Movie # 6
    Title: Defeated Cretaphid 2
    Thunbnail: Samus is standing near the destroyed Cretaphid
    How to Unlock: Defeat Cretahpid 2
    Movie Description: Creatahpid ejects some flame through its little weak spots,
    and some lightning strikes it from the top of the room, and it starts to blow
    up when the movie ends. 
    Movie # 7
    Title: Enter Cretaphid 3
    Thunbnail: Samus is standing in front of a door, looking away from it. There's
    a lot of light behind her. 
    How to Unlock: Enter Cretahpid 3's room
    Movie Description: Samus Walks through the door. The camera on the top screen
    is showing her face through her visor, the bottom screen camera is behind her.
    Suddenly Cretaphid Rises out of the middle of the room, and Samus points her 
    arm cannon at it. 
    Movie # 8
    Title: Defeat of Cretaphid 3
    Thunbnail: Cretaphid 3 on fire, with a wall with Electric Blue lines on it in
    the back
    How to Unlock: Defeat Cretphid 3
    Movie Description: Samus is looking up at Cretaphid 3, which is on fire and 
    exploding and being struck by lightning. The lightning gets more and more
    instense, and the screen fades to white. 
    Movie # 9
    Title: Enter Cretaphid 4
    Thunbnail: Samus in front of a big red pillar
    How to Unlock: Enter Cretaphid 4's Room
    Movie Description: The Camera shows Samus walking up to the middle of the room
    where Cretaphid always rises. It splits and shows in front of her on the top, 
    and behind her on the bottom. Cretaphid rises, and she pulls back her arm and 
    then points her arm cannon at it. 
    Movie # 10
    Title: Defeat of the Last Cretaphid
    Thunbnail: Cretaphid 4 aflame, angeled so you can see the celing
    How to Unlock: Defeat Cretaphid 4
    Movie Description: Cretaphid is slowing sinking into its hole, spouting fire
    from its weak point holes while lightning strikes it. Samus shields her eyes 
    light she did in defeat of Cretaphid 1. 
    Movie # 11
    Title: Enter Slench 1
    Thunbnail: Slench on the wall, looking out. 
    How to Unlock: Enter Slench 1's Room
    Movie Description: Samus is walking into a long room, with an odd sphere on 
    the far side/top screen. Suddenly, tentacles slide out of it into some circles
    and the sphere opens to reveal an eye, which looks as Samus, then closes.
    Movie # 12
    Title: Defeat Slench 1
    Thunbnail: Samus is looking at Slench, which's Eye is very bright. 
    How to Unlock: Defeat Slench 1
    Movie Description: Slench falls off the wall, lands near Samus, makes an odd
    turntable-ish noise, and explodes. 
    Movie # 13
    Title: Slench 2
    Thunbnail: Slench on the wall
    How to Unlock: Enter Slench 2's room
    Movie Description: Samus walks through the door, which closes behind her. From
    above, you see Slench open, and Samus points her arm at it. 
    Movie # 14
    Title: Slench 2 is dead
    Thunbnail: Samus aiming her arm cannon at something. It's zoomed very far out
    so it's hard to fell what. Probably it's Slench. 
    How to Unlock: Win against Slench 2
    Movie Description: Slench 2 explodes and falls off the wall very close to 
    Samus. It looks like it fell on her, but it didn't. 
    Movie # 15
    Title: Here comes Slench 3!
    Thunbnail: Slench, Gray, on the wall from an angle. 
    How to Unlock: Enter Slench 3's Room
    Movie Description: Slench 3 opens up and looks at Samus, who points her arm
    cannon at it. 
    Movie # 16
    Title: Slench 3 is gone
    Thunbnail: Samus holding her arm cannon in front of her eyes
    How to Unlock: Kill Slench 3
    Movie Description: Slench 3 releases a lot of light, and Samus covers her eyes
    and then Slench explodes, and the screen goes white. 
    Movie # 17
    Title: Slench 4 is here!
    Thunbnail: Samus looking at something above her. 
    How to Unlock: Enter Slench 4's Room. 
    Movie Description: Samus is in the middle of Slench's room, looking around for
    it. Suddenly, it opens its eyes, you know because you hear the sound. She 
    looks up and points her arm cannon at it, because it's on the celing this time
    Movie # 18
    Title: Bye bye, Slench!
    ThunbnailSamu's Morph Ball in front of some fire
    How to Unlock: Beat the last Slench, Slench 4
    Movie Description: Slench Explodes and falls off the celing on top of Samus, 
    who changes to her Morph Ball right before it hits her. Then she hops out of
    it and it explodes. 
    Movie # 19
    Title: You got an Octolith!
    Thunbnail: Samus touching an Octolith
    How to Unlock: Plays each time you get an Octolith from a boss. 
    Movie Description: Samus walks up to the Octolith and touches it. Suddenly it
    turns really small and flies into her helmet and it looks like her suit has
    absorbed it. 
    Movie # 20
    Title: The Alimbic Cannon
    Thunbnail: Samus is looking out a window at the Cannon. 
    How to Unlock: Go in the Alimbic Cannon's room with all 8 octoliths. 
    Movie Description: Samus is standing on that white thing. Suddenly the 8 
    octoliths fly out of her suit and attack themselves to some panels on the wall
    which glow a lot. Samus looks out the window at the Alimbic Cannon, which then
    points up and shoots a ray into space. Camera goes to Space, and you see that 
    the rays have revealed Oubliette. 
    Movie # 21
    Title: Enter the Oubliette!
    Thunbnail: The entrance to Oubliette
    How to Unlock: Go to Oubliette for the first time
    Movie Description: You see Oubliette in space. If you look carefully, you see
    six colored balls of light fly to it. Those are the other hunter's ships. Then
    it shows Samus's ship flying into Oubliette from many Angles. 
    Movie # 22
    Title: Oh snap, Gorea!
    Thunbnail: Gorea is looking at you, the player.
    How to Unlock: Drop into Gorea 1's Arena. 
    Movie Description: Samus drops in from the celing. She quickly snaps up and 
    observes what's going on. Gorea is in an eggish form, while the other six 
    hunters are all shooting at it. They probably realize they're all screwed if 
    it gets loose. Suddenly the egg cracks open in a flash of light. Gorea comes
    out, the the hunters stop shooting and start staring. If you could see their 
    faces, I'm sure they'd be looking at it like "oh crap!". Gorea suddenly shoots
    out some yellowish Tentacles into the hearts of the hunters, who then bob 
    forward and backward like he's sucking the essence out of them, which he kind
    of is. He then flips over, and looks at Samus, who's looking back at it with 
    an angry look on her face. 
    Movie # 23
    Title: Gorea is half gone!
    Thunbnail: Forea 1 with Fire around it
    How to Unlock: Beat Gorea 1, and only Gorea 1
    Movie Description: Gorea 1 falls to the ground and explodes, while Samus looks
    at it. 
    Movie # 24
    Title: Bad ending
    Thunbnail: Oubliette Exploding
    How to Unlock: Beat Gorea 1 with a low percent. I'm not sure what the cutoff
    percent it or even if it is by percent, but my 100% didn't get this, and my
    77% did, so I'm assuming it's 80 or 85 or so. 
    Movie Description: Oubliette is shows from outside. Suddenly, it lights aflame
    and explodes. Notice how no ships flew away. 
    Movie # 25
    Title: Going to Gorea 2
    Thunbnail: Samus standing on 6 beams of light. 
    How to Unlock: Beat Gorea 1, and shoot the 6 ornaments with the right weapons
    in the right order during the fight. 
    Movie Description: Gorea 1 is on the ground, flailing. Suddenly, the things on
    the wall shoot out beams of light the color they are. They close, open, then 
    zap Gorea again. Then it gets up and teleports away. The beams then go under
    Samus, who is warped to the Multiplayer-style Oubliette. Gorea 2 is looking at
    her, and she stares back up at it. 
    Movie # 26
    Title: Mission Accomplished!
    Thunbnail: The Alimbic Elders saluting Samus. 
    How to Unlock: Beat Gorea 2. I don't think you need a certain percent.
    Movie Description: Gorea 2 looks at Samus and explodes. She runs away, and you
    then see Oubliette from the outside. The 6 ships from before fly away, and the
    Samus's ship follows. You then see Samus in her blue jumpsuit standing in 
    front of a council of Alimbics. They look at each other, nod, then hold their
    hands up in salute to Samus. She's looking at them happily. Suddenly, she's in
    her ship, sitting in the pilot's seat. She gets up, and you see the ship from 
    the outside. It warps away. 
    There are many sound FX in games like these. To view them, beat adventure, and
    then just go and view them in options. 
    Note: Since there are so many, it's hard to tell what some of them are. If you
    know what some are that I don't, just email it to me. If you know which weapon
    changing sounds goes to which hunter, it'd be nice to know. Some are hard to 
    identify because you don't hear them often, some are just really short, so it
    is hard to hear them.
    There are 425 Sound Effects, SF001-SF425. Just control F the one you want if
    you're searching for a particular one. I don't think I'll have them all up any
    time soon. A lot of them are labeled the same thing here, because I don't know
    what the difference is. However, they aren't the same sound effect, I just 
    don't know when one happens and when the other happens. Take SF016/017 for
    SF001: ?
    SF002: The game makes this sound when you pick things on certain menus. 
    SF003: ?
    SF004: Power Beam shot
    SF005: Power Beam shot hitting a non-living object
    SF006: Power Beam charging
    SF007: Charged power beam shot
    SF008: A hunter changing weapons. I think it's Kanden. 
    SF009: Missile Shot
    SF010: Missile hitting something
    SF011: A certain hunter changing weapons. I think it's Samus. 
    SF012: ?
    SF013: When you try to select something on a menu that you can't select
    SF014: A certain hunter changing weapons. I think it's Spire. 
    SF015: Volt Driver Shot
    SF016: Volt Driver shot hitting something
    SF017: Volt Driver shot hitting something 
    SF018: The sound your screen makes when a Guardian/Kanden volt driver shot
    screws up your visor
    SF019: Volt Driver charging
    SF020: Charged Volt Driver shot.
    SF021: Charged Volt Driver shot. This might be the affinity one. 
    SF022: Affinity Missile Charging
    SF023: Affinity charged Missile shot
    SF024: Affinity Battlehammer shot
    SF025: Non-Affinity Battlehammer shot
    SF026: Battlehammer bullet hitting something
    SF027: Imperialist Shot
    SF208: The sound the Imperialist makes after it's shot to indicate it is 
    getting ready to fire again. In-game, 027 and 028 blend into one Sound effect.
    SF029: ?
    SF030: Imperialist Zooming In
    SF031: Imperialist Zooming Out
    SF032: Magmaul Shot
    SF033: Magmaul Charging
    SF034: Charged Magmaul Shot
    SF035: Some kind of Magmaul Shot
    SF036: Judicator SHot
    SF037: ?
    SF038: Judicator Charging
    SF039: Non-Affinity Charged Judicator Shot
    SF040: Judicator Charging (I think this is the affinity one)
    SF041: Affinity Judicator shot
    SF042: The sound it makes when the Affinity Judicator freezes somebody
    SF043: The sound it makes when the Affinity Judicator Freeze's ice breaks and
    you can escape
    SF044: Shock Coil firing
    SF045: Shock Coil firing when it's been on a long time
    SF046: Shock Coil firing when it's been on a REALLY long time
    SF047: A hunter changing weapons. I think it's Noxus or Weavel. 
    SF048: A hunter changing weapons. I think it's Trace or Weavel. 
    SF049: A hunter changing weapons. I think it's Noxus or Trace. 
    SF050: A hunter changing weapons. I think it's Noxus. 
    SF051: A hunter changing weapons. I think it's Samus. 
    SF052: A hunter changing weapons. I don't know who it is. 
    SF053: A hunter changing weapons. I think it's Trace. Quite sure it's Trace. 
    SF054: A hunter changing weapons. I can't tell who it is. 
    SF055: Sylux changing weapons. 
    SF056: A hunter changing weapons. I don't know who it is. 
    SF057: ?
    SF058: A menu sound. I'm not sure what it is though. 
    SF059: A menu sound. I'm not sure what it is though. 
    SF060: A menu sound. I'm not sure what it is though. 
    SF061: When the cursor moves over a planet when you're picking one in outer 
    SF062: The quitting/disconnecting sound. 
    SF063: I think this is when the ship sends you a message. 
    SF064: A menu sound. Not sure what. 
    SF065: When ammo or a weapon respawns in multiplayer. 
    SF066: ?
    SF067: ?
    SF068: When you collect some UA. 
    SF069: When you collect some missile ammo. 
    SF070: When I play this in my menu, I don't hear anything... so I assume it's
    the sound it makes when the game's off. >_>
    SF071: ?
    SF072: When you collect a weapon in multiplayer mode. 
    SF073: The "time's almost up" alarm.
    SF074: The "you're almost dead" alarm. 
    SF075: A sort of Alarm, I think. 
    SF076: Another "time's almost up" alarm. I think this is for sinlge player. 
    SF077: The same sound as 076, as far as I can tell. 
    SF078: Same as 076 also. 
    SF079: ?
    SF080: Another "time's almost up" alarm. 
    SF081: Another "time's almost up" alarm. 
    SF082: Yet another time's running out alarm. 
    SF083: ?
    SF084: When you collect a weapon in Single Player. 
    SF085: When you collect an Artifact in Single Player. 
    SF086: ?
    SF087: When a force field dissappears in Singe Player. 
    SF088: ?
    SF089: ?
    SF090: ?
    SF091: See 070
    SF092: See 087
    SF093: See 087
    SF094: ?
    SF095: When you shoot a switch in Single Player
    SF096: When time's almost up in cetain sinlge player things, like Fuel Stack.
    SF097: When time's even more almost up from 096. 
    SF098: When you get a telepathic message after getting an Octolith. 
    SF099: ?
    SF100: ?
    SF101: ?
    SF102: This noise happens while you're scanning something. 
    SF103: When a scan window pops up
    SF104: ?
    SF105: ?
    SF106: ?
    SF107: ?
    SF108: It sounds like a door opening
    SF109: When a door locks
    SF110: ?
    SF111: When a door opens
    SF112: ?
    SF113: ?
    SF114: ?
    SF115: ?
    SF116: ?
    SF117: ?
    SF118: ?
    SF119: When you bounce off a jump pad
    SF120: This noise happens when you walk up to a portal that you can go in. 
    SF121: This happens when you're near a portal you can go into
    SF122: This happens when you warp in a portal
    SF123: ?
    SF124: ?
    SF125: This is the sound of an Elevator going up or down. 
    SF126: I think this is the sound of the Elevator stopping.
    SF127: Sounds like silence to me...
    SF128: ?
    SF129: I think this is when you step on a rock in Alinos Gateway and it starts
    to sink into the lava
    SF130: When the Rock starts to come out, I think
    SF131: ?
    SF132: ?
    SF133: When you come out of your ship, it makes this noise. 
    SF134: ?
    SF135: Sounds like some sort of glass or ice breaking, but I can't think of
    when or where this would take place... it's not the ice of Noxus...
    SF136: ?
    SF137: ?
    SF138: I think this is the sound broken wires emitting electrizity make. 
    SF139: ?
    SF140: This sounds like that thing in Stasis Bunker that's shooting out mist
    or steam, above the doorway clogged with guardian corpses...
    SF141: ?
    SF142: ?
    SF143: ?
    SF144: ?
    SF145: ?
    SF146: I think this is the sound those little spiky animals make when you hit
    them with a weapon that doens't do much damage to them
    SF147: Shriekbats Shrieking
    SF148: Shriekbats Diving
    SF149: Shriekbats hitting something
    SF150: ?
    SF151: ?
    SF152: ?
    SF153: Psycho Bits make this noise
    SF154: Psycho bits make this noise when they fire at you
    SF155: I think this is Psycho bits flying before they notice you
    SF156: ?
    SF157: ?
    SF158: Alimbic Turrets make this noise when they see you
    SF159: ?
    SF160: ?
    SF161: ?
    SF162: ?
    SF163: ?
    SF164: Sounds like Guardian's Footsteps
    SF165: Ithraks make this sound when they roar at you
    SF166: Same as 165, I think
    SF167: When you shoot an Ithrak it moans this sound
    SF168: When you kill an Ithrak it makes this sound
    SF169: ?
    SF170: ?
    SF171: Sounds like something firing a weapon, but I can't think of what it is.
    SF172: ?
    SF173: ?
    SF174: ?
    SF175: Guardians moaning when you shoot them
    SF176: When you kill all the guardians in the room, the game makes this sound
    SF177: War Wasps make this sound
    SF178: ?
    SF179: ?
    SF180: ?
    SF181: ?
    SF182: ?
    SF183: ?
    SF184: ?
    SF185: ?
    SF186: ?
    SF187: This is the Sound a Crash Pillar Makes when it hops. 
    SF188: ?
    SF189: ?
    SF190: ?
    SF191: ?
    SF192: ?
    SF193: ?
    SF194: ?
    SF195: ?
    SF196: ?
    SF197: ?
    SF198: ?
    SF199: ?
    SF200: ?
    SF201: ?
    SF202: ?
    SF203: An Elevator moving
    SF204: ?
    SF205: ?
    SF206: ?
    SF207: I know this is something shooting at you, but I don't know what
    SF208: ?
    SF209: ?
    SF210: ?
    SF211: ?
    SF212: ?
    SF213: Slench's Tentacles make this sound when you hit them
    SF214: Slench's Tentacles make this sound when you kill them
    SF215: ?
    SF216: ?
    SF217: ?
    SF218: I think this is the sound Slench makes when it opens its eye while 
    SF219: ?
    SF220: Slench firing at you
    SF221: You hitting Slench when its shield's up
    SF222: You hurting Slench
    SF223: When you to 1/3rd of Slench's health to it, it makes this sound
    SF224: I know this is a Gorea sound... I don't know which it is though
    SF225: ?
    SF226: ?
    SF227: ?
    SF228: ?
    SF229: ?
    SF230: ?
    SF231: ?
    SF232: I think this is the sound those things on Gorea's wall makes when you 
    make them spin
    SF233: Same as 232
    SF234: Same as 232
    SF235: Same as 232, but when you hit the last one
    SF236: ?
    SF237: ?
    SF238: ?
    SF239: ?
    SF240: ?
    SF241: ?
    SF242: ?
    SF243: ?
    SF244: When the things Gorea flings at you break, it makes this sound
    SF245: When you hit Gorea's power sphere, it makes this sound
    SF246: ?
    SF247: ?
    SF248: ?
    SF249: ?
    SF250: ?
    SF251: When Gorea 2 fires its laser at you
    SF252: ?
    SF253: ?
    SF254: When you hurt Gorea 2
    SF255: When you hurt Gorea 2 a lot
    SF256: ?
    SF257: ?
    SF258: Sounds like the Omega Cannon firing
    SF259: ?
    SF260: Gunship transmission?
    SF261: ?
    SF262: ?
    SF263: ?
    SF264: ?
    SF265: ?
    SF266: ?
    SF267: ?
    SF268: ?
    SF269: ?
    SF270: ?
    SF271: ?
    SF272: ?
    SF273: ?
    SF274: ?
    SF275: ?
    SF276: ?
    SF277: When you move the cursor over a planet, it makes this sound
    SF278: Usually happens right after 277
    SF279: ?
    SF280: ?
    SF281: ?
    SF282: Same as 277
    SF283: Same as 278
    SF284: ?
    SF285: ?
    SF286: ?
    SF287: ?
    SF288: ?
    SF289: The sound the game makes when you're saving
    SF290: When you select stuff in your ship (like Log Book or sensitivity options)
    SF291: The sound your ship makes when you take off a planet
    SF292: Hunter Massacre! Kill 5 hunters in a row in Multiplayer
    SF293: Victory is Imminent! This comes up when you only need 1 more point/kill
    to win in Multiplayer
    SF294: Hunter Eliminated! When a hunter runs out of lives in Survival
    SF295: Hunter is Hiding! When the coward detector goes off in Survival
    SF296: Prime Hunter! When you become the Prime Hunter in Prime Hunter mode
    SF297: Bounty Rewarded! When you earn a Bounty in Bounty mode
    SF298: Octolith Captured! When you capture an Octolith in Capture mode
    SF299: Octolith Dropped! When an Octolith is Dropped in Capture (and possibly
    bounty too)
    SF300: Lucky Node Bonus! When you have more then one node in Nodes
    SF301: Octolith Taken!  When an octolith is taken in Capture
    SF302: ?
    SF303: When you turn into a morph ball
    SF304: When you lay a morph ball/lockjaw bomb
    SF305: When a morph ball/lockjaw bomb detonates
    SF306: Morph Ball Boost
    SF307: Jump
    SF308: When you get hit
    SF309: When Samus gets hit
    SF310: When Samus gets hit
    SF311: When Samus gets hit
    SF312: When you're getting burned by Lava
    SF313: When Samus dies
    SF314: When Samus dies in Adventure Mode
    SF315: ?
    SF316: Samus's footstep in Adventure
    SF317: Footstep
    SF318: Footstep
    SF319: ?
    SF320: ?
    SF321: ?
    SF322: ?
    SF323: ?
    SF324: ?
    SF325: ?
    SF326: ?
    SF327: ?
    SF328: ?
    SF329: ?
    SF330: ?
    SF331: ?
    SF332: ?
    SF333: ?
    SF334: ?
    SF335: ?
    SF336: ?
    SF337: ?
    SF338: ?
    SF339: ?
    SF340: When you turn into the Stinglarva
    SF341: When you come out of Stinglarva
    SF342: Stinglarva Bomb
    SF343: Stinglarva moving
    SF344: ?
    SF345: Jump
    SF346: When you hurt Kanden
    SF347: When Kanden dies
    SF348: When you turn into Vhoscythe
    SF349: When you go out of Vhoscythe
    SF350: When the blade comes out of the Vhosythe
    SF351: Vhoscythe spinning around with the blade out
    SF352: ?
    SF353: When the Vhoscythe hits someone
    SF354: When the Vhoscythe moves around without the blade
    SF355: ?
    SF356: Jump
    SF357: When you hit Noxus
    SF358: When you kill Noxus
    SF359: When you turn into Dialanche
    SF360: When you go out of Dialanche
    SF361: When you attack with Dialanche
    SF362: When you hit with Dialanche
    SF363: When you're moving around with Dialanche
    SF364: ?
    SF365: Climbing up walls as Dialanche
    SF366: ?
    SF367: Jump
    SF368: When you hit Spire
    SF369: When Spire dies
    SF370: When you turn into Lockjaw
    SF371: When you go out of Lockjaw
    SF372: ?
    SF373: When the Lockjaw moves around
    SF374: ?
    SF375: Jump
    SF376: When you hit Sylux
    SF377: When Sylux dies
    SF378: When you turn into Triskelion
    SF379: When you go out of Triskelion
    SF380: ?
    SF381: When Triskelion Lunges
    SF382: When the Triskelion's Lunge hits someone
    SF383: The Triskleion's footsteps
    SF384: ?
    SF385: Jump
    SF386: When you hit Trace
    SF387: When Trace Dies
    SF388: When you turn into the Halfturret
    SF389: When you go out of the Halfturret
    SF390: Halfturret Slice
    SF391: When the Halfturret Slice connects
    SF392: Jump
    SF393: When you hurt Weavel
    SF394: When you kill Weavel
    SF395: ?
    SF396: ?
    SF397: ?
    SF398: ?
    SF399: ?
    SF400: ?
    SF401: ?
    SF402: ?
    SF403: ?
    SF404: ?
    SF405: ?
    SF406: ?
    SF407: ?
    SF408: ?
    SF409: ?
    SF410: ?
    SF411: ?
    SF412: ?
    SF413: When you select something in a menu
    SF414: Same as 413
    SF415: Same as 413
    SF416: ?
    SF417: ?
    SF418: ?
    SF419: When you select something on the main menu
    SF420: When you select something on the main menu that doens't take you to 
    another meny
    SF421: ?
    SF422: When you select something on a menu
    SF423: When you go back on a menu
    SF424: ?
    SF425: ?
    Music: These are Tunes that play while you're playing the game. There are 34.
    The multiplayer battle themes play in certain levels, or randomly. Not sure. 
    M01: Main Screen Theme
    M02: Main Menu theme. 
    M03: Mission Results screen
    M04: A multiplayer battle theme
    M05: Another multiplayer battle theme
    M06: Another Multiplayer battle theme
    M07: Another battle theme. 
    M08: Plays when you're in a peculiar room in Single Player. 
    M09: When you get ambushed by the psycho bits in Data shrine at the beginning 
    of the game
    M10: Celestial Archives 1 theme. 
    M11: When you see a hunter for the first time in Single Player mode. 
    M12: Kanden's Theme Song
    M13: When you're going up to a boss
    M14: When you're fighting Cretaphid
    M15: When you're in a room where you just beat a boss
    M16: While you're escaping to your ship after you beat a boss
    M17: Alinos 1 Theme
    M18: Weavel's Theme song
    M19: While you're fighting Slench
    M20: VDO 1 Theme
    M21: While you're fighting Guardians
    M22: Sylux's Theme
    M23: Frost Labyrinth
    M24: Arcterra 1's Theme
    M25: Spire's Theme Song
    M26: Trace's Theme Song
    M27: ?
    M28: Arctic/Lava spawn Theme Song
    M29: Celestial Archives 2 Theme
    M30: ?
    M31: Noxus's Theme
    M32: Gorea's Theme? Samus's? All the other Hunter's are the same, but with 
    some added things on top. This is the same, but without anything added...
    M33: Credits Theme
    M34: Gorea Fight theme
    Poeple I'd like to Thank:
    Me, for making this
    CJayC, for making the Site
    You, for Reading
    kasper.erikainen@luukku.com for lots of information sent to me about some SFX 
    and music. Thanks a lot! It's too bad that only one person is being helpful...
    if anyone else has any info, I'd appreciate it! 

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