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    Kanden FAQ by NFantasy

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/25/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   T H E  P E R F E C T  E X P E R I M E N T
    |Metroid Prime: Hunters |
    |Kanden FAQ v2.0        |
    |September 25, 2007     |
    |Written by NFantasy    |
    |FAQ'er from Belgium    |
    Part 1. Table of Contents
    (Use Ctrl+F and enter the code in brackets to find a certain section easily;
    For example, entering in the search bar, "[KVHG]" will send you directly to 
    theKanden vs. Hunter guide.)
    A. Character Profile [CPKA]
    B. Pros/Cons with Kanden [PCWK]
    C. Affinity Combat Guide [ACG]
    D. Arena Guide [AGK]
    E. Kanden vs. Hunter Guide [KVHG]
    F. Tips and Tactics [TANDT]
    G. Final Word [FWNF]
    A. Character Profile [QFTE]
    An experiment that has gone horrible wrong, the Enoema Kanden is a hunter of 
    supreme strength. A try at making the first Super-Soldier, Kandenís mind was 
    only a mere mortalís. It was not enough to handle all the combat encoding 
    sequences. This warped Kandenís mind, for now he only knew violence, and 
    became extremely powerful. He then killed the Scientist, who had the only 
    chance at controlling Kanden. A hunter who kills at his own unpredictable 
    will, Kanden set off into space to prove he is the best Bounty Hunter of 
    them all.
    Affinity: Volt Driver
    Normal Shot - 14 dmg (extremely fast)
    Headshot (normal) - 21 dmg (extremely fast)
    Charged Shot (Impact) - 56 dmg (slow)
    Charged Shot (Blast Radius) - 1 to 56 dmg
    Stinglarva (alt.form): 20 dmg / segment
    Maximum UA: 119
    UA/shot: 1
    UA/charge: 5
    B. Pros/Cons with Kanden [PCWK]
    When Kanden is in his biped form, he has some pros and cons. When you charge 
    your Volt Driver and then release it, your Volt Driver (VD/Volts) kind of 
    homes in on your target. Youíre probably wondering now why I said ďkind ofĒ, 
    but I said that because your opponent can dodge it by strafing it. So, only 
    shoot charged VDís when youíre in a close combat fight, when you are walking 
    towards your opponent or when you are running backwards and your opponent is 
    running straight. The ordinary Volts (not charged) are extremely fast, there 
    is no need to shoot next to your enemy at all, unless youíre experiencing 
    bad lag.
    Kandenís alternate form is the Stinglarva and it looks like a worm. Itís easy 
    to control, as thereís no boost, lunge, or something like that. The 
    Stinglarvaís segments home in on the target if the target is close, thatís a 
    good thing when youíre experiencing lag; just hop into alt, drop a couple of 
    segments close to your enemy and you killed him. You have to wait a few 
    seconds after you released a segment, so think wisely before dropping one. 
    But, the Stinglarva is pretty slow, one of the slowest alternate forms in 
    the game; itís not easy to run in alt.form, please keep that in mind when 
    playing as Kanden. The alt is not very tall either, so itís harder for 
    weapons like the Imperialist to hit you when youíre in Stinglarva-form.
    As said before, Kandenís affinity weapon is the amazing Volt Driver. It has 
    a home-in function when charged and is extremely fast. You donít need to 
    fire it as fast as you can, as thereís a maximum of Volts that you can fire 
    per second. A lot of great Volters say you need to find a certain ďrhythmĒ 
    and thereís only 1 rhythm thatís the fastest. Some choose to shoot slower, 
    yet more accurate. It just depends on your playing style, I suppose. 
    C. Affinity Combat Guide [ACG]
    Volt Driver - If you use the VD well, you will be very pwnsome. Yes, I think 
    the VD is one of the best weapons in this game and Iím sure a lot of people 
    agree with me. But, how do you use this weapon so you make kills with it, 
    thatís the question!
    Well, I prefer to use the VD when you and your opponent are very close to 
    each other, as itís a lot easier to aim and hit then. Before you start your 
    ďlittle fightĒ, charge your VD and jump around. When your rival is close 
    enough so the charged VD has almost no chance at missing, jump and release 
    the charged VD straight at your opponent. Make sure you donít get hit 
    yourself by the blast radius as well, it will blurry up your screen as well 
    then. Yes, you read that right: a charged VD distorts your enemyís screen, 
    so it will be harder for him/her to actually hit you. The fuzzy screen only 
    remains for a couple of seconds, so try to get your opponentís health down in 
    these precious seconds.
    After you released that charged VD, itís time to use your single shots to 
    finish your foe. Keep jumping, it may be harder for you to hit your enemy 
    then, but itís also harder for them to hit you while youíre jumping around. 
    Try not to jump in a pattern, as that makes it easier for your enemy as well, 
    he knows where you are jumping to so he can shoot there and does not have 
    to guess. Try to hit as much as possible - seriously? Ė and donít let your 
    combater get away! Walk towards him/her when he/she tries to run, but beware 
    you donít get hit by any charged VDís.
    On a side note, you can use the charged VDís when youíre in a close combat 
    fight as well, when you want to do a lot of damage quickly, like when youíre 
    low on health and want to hurt your rival as much as possible, or when the 
    fuzziness of your opponentís screen might help you killing him.
    I will now try to explain how to combine the Volt Driver with all weapons 
    available in the game. Here we goÖ!
    Powerbeam / Missiles - You will always have the PB, even when you run out of 
    ammo. Itís always there and itís also very underestimated. If you can wield 
    the VD good, then your PB should be at least OK too. Use the PB when you run 
    out of ammo, or when your foe is too far to shoot non-charged VDís effectively
    . The PB can also be very handy in close range fights in small places, like 
    the middle area of Processor Core.
    Missiles do a lot of damage and they can fire relatively quick, so use them. 
    Not every arena has a missile-pickup, but youíll always have 10 missiles when 
    spawning. Use them when your opponent is running or when youíre having a 
    close range fight, but mind the splash damage. Just predict where your foe 
    will be in the next couple of seconds (like when he/she is running towards 
    the health, aim next to the health) and release your missile. It will be hard 
    when you start using missiles, but your missiles will kill or at least hurt 
    of lot of people after using them a while.
    Magmaul - Both weapons are great and even better when you combine them. Use 
    the VD as stated before and use the Magmaul (MM) whenever itís not possible 
    to hit someone with the Volt Driver (like when the other player is hiding 
    behind a wall, shoot MMís and he/she will eventually come out). The MM can 
    help you when you want to hit someone before they see you, as the MM will 
    bounce on the walls. This can help you to get a better start than your enemy, 
    because you will have more health when the actual fight starts.
    Judicator - Since youíre not a Noxus-user, you canít freeze your enemy, but 
    you will be able to shoot 3 Judicators (Jud), so donít complain. Jud can 
    cause a lot of damage, especially when combined with the double damage (DD). 
    Using the Jud in a straight battle is not really the smartest thing to do, 
    as itís harder to hit your enemy with it then the VD - in my opinion -, but 
    it can be very useful when your foe is running or hiding behind a wall. Just 
    shoot the Jud, try to aim, but itís not ďreallyĒ necessary, as the Jud will 
    bounce off the walls. Very useful combo, Iím sure this combo is as good as 
    the combo VD and MM.
    Battlehammer - The Battlehammer (BH) is a weapon that is very handy when 
    fighting several persons at the same moment. Letís say theyíre having a 
    close range fight and you see that, switch to the BH and just try to hit 
    as much as possible. The BH causes some splash damage as well, really handy 
    when you want to hit all of your foes at the same time. When one runs, he/she 
    will probably be low on health, then switch to VD and kill him/her with your 
    VD and then you go back to the remaining (group of) person(s) and repeat what 
    you did before.
    Imperialist - Hereís where the distorting of someoneís screen comes in handy, 
    if you like using the Imperialist (IMP). Fuzzy your foeís screen with a 
    charged VD, so their chances on killing you in those seconds are almost nihil.
    You can also use the charged VD to force your foe to one side, so you can 
    kill him there with the IMPís headshot.
    (Note: I do not use the IMP on Wi-Fi, I think most honourable Kandens do not 
    use it. Iím not saying youíre not honourable when you use the IMP (as Kanden) 
    on Wi-Fi, but it's some kind of secret law that Kandens don't use the IMP!)
    Shock Coil - Syluxís can drain health out of their enemy with the Shock Coil 
    (SC), but Kandens canít. You can start with a charged VD and several single 
    shots to get your foeís health below 100 and then switch to SC to kill your 
    opponent. Or blurry their screen, then switch to SC, itís very hard to escape 
    from a SC if you canít see from where itís coming. 
    D. Arena Guide [AGK]
    I will know try to explain how to do good in all arenas, except for 
    Oubliette. I can not guarantee that you win of you play like described, but 
    it works for me, hope it works for you as well. Youíll eventually develop 
    your own technique in every arena. I donít use IMP myself, so I did not add 
    any techniques for that weapon.
    Note: I wonít constantly say to get the health, the VD, the weapons, the UA, 
    etc. I expect everyone does that, so itís not really necessary to repeat it 
    over and over again.
    Combat Hall - Combat Hall is one of the best arenas when you use Kanden, I 
    donít know why, itís just like that. A good Kanden can even beat a Spamus 
    (alt.spamming Samus) here, so thatís pretty cool. The most important thing 
    to do in this arena is guarding the part of the arena with the MM in it, the 
    part where the jumppad is and the 2 UA ammoís are. Shoot a combination of 
    both charged VDís and single Volts at anyone you see and be sure to use the 
    small hallways (tactic 6). If someone enters ďyourĒ part of the arena, try 
    to kill them Ė seriously? Ė and be sure they cannot access the jumppad. If 
    they do reach the jumppad, they will most likely run for health, so just hit 
    them with a lot of single Volts. If they go to the second health in the 
    alt.tunnel as well, shoot as many Volts as possible, while standing on the 
    first floorís UA ammo next to the jumppad, youíll barely miss a Volt and the 
    health they just grabbed makes no difference then. You can use the MM to burn 
    someone out of the hallways as well, if theyíre waiting there for the health 
    to respawn.
    Data Shrine - All weapons are accessible in the Shrine and itís a very large 
    arena with only 2 health pick-ups (in a 1 versus 1, that is). The Jud is a 
    very important weapon here, as it can be used to kill someone whoís gathering 
    health in the alt.tunnels. Try to kill someone as quick as possible here, 
    itís very easy for the Hunters with the faster alternate forms to run here, 
    so you should bring down their health with the VD and then use the Jud when 
    they run. The Stinglarvaís segments can also hit other players in the alt.
    tunnels, can come in handy. Be sure not to go into the alt.tunnels if thereís 
    a Hunter with a strong and fast alt (like Samusí morphball) close, it will 
    most likely result into you getting killed because you cannot flee fast 
    Processor Core - I prefer using a combination of the VD, MM and Jud here, 
    theyíre all useful in certain situations. Use the Jud or MM when someoneís 
    running or hiding behind a wall and use the VD for close combat fights in 
    the middle of the Core. When someone is going to the first floor to grab the 
    health there, simply charge your VD and release it when you have a good 
    lock-on. Control the centre of the arena, a yellow health orb respawns there 
    and itís also easy to have a good overall view if you stay in the middle.
    High Ground - The DD might help you pwning here, but High Ground is a great 
    arena for Kanden nonetheless. Control the part of the arena where the two 
    health orbs are and combine the Jud with the VD. Jud them when they are in 
    the underground and VD when they are in the open. You can use MM to smoke 
    them out of the underground, so you can finish them off when they run for 
    health in the open.
    Ice Hive - Another good arena for Kanden, but be sure you donít get killed 
    by that DeathAlt (DA). There arenít much health orbs here, so grab them 
    whenever they respawn and your enemy will have some serious problems in no 
    timeÖ Use the jumppad wisely and use Jud when your opponent is running and 
    victory will be yours for sure.
    Alinos Perch - This is a very popular arena on random Wi-Fi, but itís also a 
    very good arena for a good Kanden. Just try to hit your opponent as much as 
    possible when youíre in the open and he/she will probably run to the battle-
    ring close to the IMP and then itís your turn to show what youíre made ofÖ 
    Go crazy! Charge your VD and take the jumppad, release it when youíre on the 
    highest point of your jump and slay your enemy. If he/she is that smart to 
    run away, switch to missiles and start shooting them at the closest health. 
    Most players flee towards the closest health, so it shouldnít be that hard 
    for you to kill your foe with a well-aimed missile.
    Sic Transit - If you have to choose between the DD and Cloak, pick the DD. A 
    Kanden has an advantage here, because you have the amazing VD and the other 
    Hunters only have the BH and their affinity. Grab the health orbs whenever 
    they respawn, since there are only 2 healths. Combine the VD with the 
    missiles when your opponent is fleeing to a health orb and wield the VD 
    wisely in the open.
    Transfer Lock - Once you control this arena, your foe will be running almost 
    constantly. The health doesnít respawn that often and itís a very open arena, 
    so use the VD a lot. Whenever your rival is running again, collect UA ammo to 
    start a new attack. If youíre low on health, use the teleport-devices to 
    teleport to the other side of the arena.
    Sanctorus - Great arena for Kanden. Itís small and the health orbs arenít 
    that close to each other. Combine the VD with the missiles and try to kill 
    your enemy before he/she runs to get some health. Hog the health when itís 
    there and donít stop volting and youíll win in no time. 
    Compression Chamber - This arena is great for Kanden aswell, itís really 
    small so shoot non-charged Volts instead of charged. Donít forget to grab the 
    Double Damage, it respawns when the former Double Damage is worked out. 
    Thereís also a Judicator, you can use that to shoot at enemies in the other 
    room. Only 3 health respawns, so try to finish your enemy as fast as possible.
    Incubation Vault - This arena is very small and is perfect for spawnkilling, 
    the health is rare and very important here, so guard the 2 health orbs. 
    Control the arena by shooting single Volts almost constantly and donít let 
    your foe run away. Stand on the platform with the health on it next to the 
    jumppad, so you have a good overview of the arena and you can hit almost 
    anyone from that position.
    Subterranean - A very large arena, though itís a nice arena as Kanden. There 
    are 2 big parts in this arena and both of them are very open so your opponent 
    will almost always be visible, unless he or she is in the underground part of 
    the Subterranean. Anyway, control both health orbs and donít let your 
    opponent run. If your foe runs, just follow him. Itís not that easy to run 
    in Subterranean, there arenít many escape-routes, so it shouldnít be hard to 
    destroy your rival here.
    Outer Reach - Very open arena, but also great for charged VDís. Try to shoot 
    them whenever you see someone from a distance and shoot single Volts when 
    youíre close or when your opponent is running. You can use the Jud when your 
    foe is running as well, but the Volt should work fine.
    Harvester - The faster alts really have an advantage here, as they can get 
    the health very fast and youÖ canít. But on the other hand: the arena is 
    really open, so your Volt can hit lots of people. If they fly to the health, 
    start shooting Volts at the health orb so theyíll be hit when they grab the 
    health orb or fall down. You can also follow them to the platform, so you can 
    have a really close combat fight.
    Weapons Complex - Low gravity here, so use the charged VDís to hit someone 
    when they are in the air, as itís hard to avoid a charged VD when youíre 
    floating due to low gravity. You can use a Stinglarva-segment to bump 
    yourself to the top of the arena, can be handy when you need health. Very 
    large arena, could take a while before you find your enemy, but just hang 
    around in the middle of the arena and your enemy will pop up somewhere. Try 
    to come close and slay him or her before he or she flees to health.
    Council Chamber - Most people have close combat fights in the large ring, so 
    just wait there until your enemy shows up. Before you start the real ďfightĒ 
    shoot a charged VD at him or her so you will have head start. Try to stay in 
    the middle of the arena, so you can grab the health orb when it respawns. If 
    your enemy runs, he or she will probably run to the closest health, which is 
    in the room with the Jud. If he or she flees, just switch the Jud if you 
    canít see them anymore.
    Elder Passage - An extended version of High Ground, a very good arena for 
    Kanden-users. Very open in the middle and it has some nice hallways which you 
    can use to surprise your enemy with your VD. The large jumppad can also be 
    very handy to shoot a charged VD at your enemyís head when he or she uses it 
    and the Jud is very useful in the underground. If your opponent is running 
    in one of the hallways, you can also use the Jud to strike the final blow.
    Fuel Stack - Oow, dangerous arena, since you can kill yourself very easily. 
    Use the Jud to hit your enemy while heís wandering around in the twisted 
    hallways and switch to VD when your opponent is close enough to kill him or 
    her. Youíll most likely have close combat fights near the VD and the 2 health 
    orbs, guard those health orbs so youíll get them whenever they respawn. 
    Remind the hidden DD all the way down!
    Fault Line - An extended version of Subterranean and the extended part is a 
    great part for Kanden, since you can have close combat fights in that 
    specific part. Use the Jud when your opponent is running and read 
    ďSubterraneanĒ for other techniques you can use here, as theyíre almost 
    Stasis Bunker - One of my favorite arenas and great for Kanden. Doesnít have 
    a lot of health orbs, but I always stay near the large jumppad close to the 
    VD and BH, as there are 2 health orbs there. If your enemy runs and he or 
    she flees trough the hallway with the IMP (downstairs), just take the 
    jumppad, charge the VD and wait until he or she appears at the other end of 
    that hallway. Itís basically just your task to figure out what your enemy 
    will run to here and youíll have to be waiting there then, so you can blow 
    the final strike. Take the jumppad if your enemy is on the first floor, shoot 
    a charged VD, some single Volts and then jump on them and go crazy, theyíll 
    be dead in just seconds.
    Head Shot - Thereís a trick to gain the DeathAlt here for Kandens, even 
    faster than the Sylux- or Trace-users. Take the jumppad and jump again, 
    while being in the center of the first hallway. If you do this correct, 
    youíll fall straight on the DeahtAlt, before the Sylux or Trace. If you are 
    not fast enough to beat the fast alts, then donít go into the hole, just 
    stay there on one of the pillars, so it will be hard for the DAíers to make 
    an instant kill on you. You can have close combat matches in the middle of 
    the arena and when your opponent flees, he or she will probably go trough 
    the hole. Follow him or her and then blow the final strike outside, while 
    theyíre trying to grab the health or Volt them down when theyíre running, 
    itís very open there.
    Celestial Gateway - Very open arena and there arenít many health orbs here, 
    only 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs. Volt whenever you see your enemy and try 
    to kill them as quick as possible, as itís pretty easy to run downstairs. If 
    they do get the chance to flee, follow them and try to blow the final strike 
    upstairs. You should be able to do that, itís very open there.
    Alinos Gateway - If youíre playing on Alinos Gateway, then youíre probably 
    playing a player who likes to IMP, as itís a very open arena and you can 
    almost see anyone from everywhere. There isnít a lot of UA-ammo here, so 
    youíll have to use your PB as well here. Anyway, the best thing to do here 
    is using the jumppads a lot until your close enough to your opponent. Then 
    itís time to show what youíre made of! If your enemy runs, you can easily 
    kill him or her with the VD, as the arena is very open. You can also try 
    some charged VDís, they will follow your opponent trough the whole arena and 
    you might even kill someone with a charged VD!
    VDO Gateway Ė Another (Ö) really open arena, you can really show what youíre 
    made of here. Most people will use the IMP here, but a good Kanden shouldnít 
    have too much problems beating that IMPer. Volt constantly and do not give 
    your enemy any chance to get a headshot on you. Try to come closer, but be 
    sure you donít develop a certain pattern when getting closer, as that will 
    result into you getting killed.
    Arcterra Gateway Ė Only 2 health orbs here, with the yellow health at the 
    bottom of the arena being the most important one. Anyway, try to kill your 
    enemy near that health and grab it whenever it respawns, so your opponent 
    canít. If he or she runs, follow and slay him or her. Itís just a matter of 
    being fast enough to grab the health orbs and then just kill Ė seriously? Ė 
    your enemy.
    E. Kanden vs. Hunter Guide [KVHG]
    Samus - Waah, the horror! Seriously, a Samus is probably the hardest for a 
    Kanden to beat, as they can just keep the distance and shoot tons of Homing 
    Missiles (HM) at you. If you are playing a Samus, try to come close, but 
    donít walk straight to them, youíll be dead in no time if you do this. 
    Dodging missiles isnít easy, so use the walls to let them catch the HM for 
    you, so you wonít be hit. On your way to her you can shoot several single 
    Volts to lower her health, but be sure you donít get hit when trying this. 
    When you finally are close to her, try to get even closer, you have to touch 
    the Samus, otherwise a good Samus can still hit you with the HMís. If youíre 
    that close, itís time to go crazy with the VD. A smart Samus will switch to 
    another weapon, otherwise sheíll hurt herself with the splash damage of the 
    HMís. If youíre playing a Samus that loves using the Morph Ball (MB), you 
    donít have to come close, but you have to keep the distance. Thereís one 
    thing you should not do at all when your enemy is in her MB: using your own 
    alt., the Stinglarva. The MB will most likely crush your Stinglarva, so 
    donít even think about that. If a Samus runs, sheíll probably lay some bombs 
    on her way, so donít walk on them please... Anyway, Sami are really hard 
    when you are using Kanden, so youíll have to give it your best shot! A good 
    arena versus a Samus is Processor Core, as the missiles arenít very useful 
    there due to the walls.
    Kanden Ė Kanden on Kanden-games are great, you can see how your Kanden does 
    against others and this will train your Volt, as the other Kanden will 
    probably Volt as well. The person who comes out of these matches with a 
    victory, isnít necessarily the one with the best VD, could be the one with 
    the best tactics as well. The both of you canít really get the health in 
    Stinglarva quick, so there wonít be a lot of running, which is actually very 
    fun. I have never disliked a Kanden-game, I enjoyed every single one of them. 
    When you face another Kanden, you can also learn new techniques and tactics, 
    so it doesnít really matter if you lose, youíll eventually get better. All 
    arenas are great for Kanden-games, as youíre both equal and the both of you 
    will probably prefer close combat fights, so thatís all good.
    Spire Ė Spire is also a great Hunter, but this is the paragraph in which Iím 
    going to give you some hints to beat him. The MM can be very nasty and the 
    MM Burn (MMB) can be even nastier, as it can kill you while youíre getting 
    health. Expect close combat battles, as Spireís MM is a short-range weapon 
    (mostly) as well. If you are playing a good Spire, every battle will be 
    tough and it will end in a close kill most of the times. If you get burned, 
    your death can follow very quick, so grab the health whenever itís there. A 
    Spire has the advantage that he can use the walls, as his MMís will bounce 
    off when they are not charged, so please keep that in mind as well. A MM can 
    easily burn and hit a Stinglarva, so going into your alt.form wouldnít be 
    very smart as well. On the other hand, Spire is huge, so a lot of VDís will 
    hit. You can try to keep a certain distance, since itís easier to Volt from 
    a distance than to MM from that same distance, a good advantage for you. If 
    the Spire is one of those burning-types, you can come very close to him, so 
    he will put himself on fire as well. The Dialanche can be nasty, but itís 
    also very big so easy to hit. And the Dialianche doesnít always hit, as the 
    Stinglarva is not very high. Doesnít really matter which arena you play 
    versus a Spire, all arenas work. 
    Trace - A Trace means most of the time that this player will use the IMP a 
    lot, so beware you donít get headshotted (HSíd) in the first place. Most 
    Trace prefer to give you a headshot from a safe, long distance, so itís your 
    task to get close to them without getting HSíd. Donít develop a jumping 
    pattern, a good Trace can see that and he or she will definitely kill you 
    before you reach him or her. While getting closer, shoot several charged VDís 
    and some single Volts, so you can already bring their health down a bit, 
    though itís not much, and you will also make it harder for them to kill you. 
    If they go into the Triskeleton (Trisk), they can run pretty quick, so donít 
    give the Trace the time to run and get health. A lot of Traces do something 
    like this when youíre close to them: go into alt, lunge one or two times, get 
    out of alt, turn around and IMP. Donít fall into their trick now you are 
    warned! Traces have big problems when they are in small arenas, so arenas 
    such as Sanctorus and Processor Core work fine. If you want a real challenge, 
    then play a Legendary Trace in Combat Hall. Itís hard, but not impossible!
    Noxus Ė I donít play ShadowFreezing (SF) Noxi, so I wonít say much about 
    them. Just keep either distance or come very close, thatís all. Iím not 
    going to discuss the fact either the SF is a glitch or not, but I just donít 
    play SF Noxi and Iím not the only one. Anyway, how to beat a ďrealĒ Noxus as 
    KandenÖ Not easy at all. Most Kandens prefer short range combat, but that 
    gives the Noxus the opportunity to freeze you and then you will most likely 
    be dead. Beating a good Noxus as Kanden is an art, itís a mind-game. There is 
    not really a technique to beat a Noxus, it requires lots of training and even 
    after hundreds of games with a Noxus it still can turn out different. You 
    need to kill the Noxus as quick as possible, so he doesnít have the chance to 
    freeze and kill you. Try to be on a different heights in the arena, so the 
    Noxus cannot freeze you unless he comes to that height as well. When he comes 
    closer, go higher or lower again, and so on. If he comes close and when you 
    guys are on the same height, run backwards while shooting single Volts and/or 
    charged VDís. You can use the charged VD to mess up their screen so they will 
    have a harder time freezing you. Do not take a jumppad right after a Noxus 
    took that same jumppad, it will result into you getting frozen for sure. When 
    you are frozen, just hope that the Noxus isnít quick enough to switch to IMP 
    or that his Volt isnít fast enough to kill you and immediately run when 
    youíre un-frozen. The Vhoscythe (Vho) wonít bring a lot of problems, but it 
    can cause a lot of damage with only 1 slash, so donít get close to it if 
    youíre low on health. If you want to beat a good Noxus, then you should go 
    to very large and open arenas with a lot of health and in which you can run 
    Sylux - A Sylux has the advantage that their SC drains life when locked-on, 
    so the SC is probably the most annoying thing about a Sylux. If you know how 
    to dodge this weapon, you shouldnít have a lot of problems with beating a 
    Sylux. There are two things you can do: you can either come very close so 
    the SC will not get the lock-on, but this is not very successful most of the 
    times because of lag, or you can use the other technique, which is walking 
    backwards while Volting, so the Sylux will SC the air instead of you and he 
    or she will not replenish their health and youíll get a kill on him or her. 
    If you donít have the space to walk backwards, you can also hide behind a 
    wall. When the Sylux comes close, appear with your charged VD, shoot it and 
    finish him or her or go back behind the wall. Syluxí alt.form is the Lockjaw 
    (LJ), which can do 180 damage with 1 triangle, so be sure not to step or 
    slide into one of those Bermuda triangles, it will result into you getting 
    killed, probably. Doesnít really matter which arenas you choose to play a 
    Sylux, but an arena with a lot of walls might give you an advantage.
    Weavel - A good Weavel can cause a lot of damage in a short time and the 
    Turret can be very nasty, so do not underestimate a Weavel. A smart Weavel 
    combines biped and alt.form and this combination is very effective. Weavels 
    prefer close combat fights, so expect them to come close to you and hammer 
    you with the BH. When a Weavel jumps into alt.form, he leaves his Half-
    Turret (H-Turret) behind, a little ďrobotĒ that shoots at you. The 
    disadvantage the Space Pirate gets when he jumps into alt.form is that his 
    health will be split as well. You can either destroy the H-Turret and then 
    focus on the Turret, but I prefer concentrating on the Turret, as you kill 
    the Weavel if you kill the Turret. When a Weavel comes very close and 
    combines the alt.-slice with the H-Turret, it will be harder for you to hit 
    the Weavel, as it flips and turns all over you and it will be everywhere and 
    very hard to hit. If that occurs, try to walk away from the scene, so you 
    will have a clear view again and youíre able to hit and kill the Weavel. All 
    arenas fit when playing a Weavel. 
    F. Tips and Tactics [TANDT]
    - Grab the UA-Ammo whenever you can, the Volt Driver uses a lot of UA-Ammo.
    - Use charged Volt Driver in Low Gravity, biped opponents canít avoid it then.
    - Always grab the Double Damage when itís there. Always.
    - Try to stand higher than your enemy when itís possible, as itís easier to 
    Volt downwards than upwards.
    Double Damage - This is just the awesomeness, very easy yet very deadly. Grab 
    the DD, charge the VD and hit your foe with the charged shot. The double 
    damage doubles the damage Ė seriously? -, so the total damage inflicted will 
    be 112 damage. Even if the actual shot misses, you might still do some 
    damage with the blast radius. Itís also very effective when trying to kill 
    someone that just spawned Ė yes, I do spawnkill -, as they only have 99 
    health. Even if your enemy is not dead after a charged VD, finish him/her 
    off with several single Volts.
    Do not get killed, but kill an IMPer - The IMP is a very annoying weapon when 
    someone uses it against you, so you need a tactic to dodge it, but kill the 
    IMPer as well. I always do it like this: jump around, move from the left to 
    the right and be sure not to jump in any pattern, as good IMPers are very 
    good in discovering patterns and will easily headshot you once they 
    discovered it; in other words: make it very hard to headshot you. While 
    jumping around, move closer and close, while shooting single Volts, or 
    charging your VD. This is your own decision, you can either try to distract 
    them with the charged VDís and maybe hit them or you can shoot single Volts 
    to kill them, both work fine and a combination is even better. Just be sure 
    to keep jumping around and keep getting closer and closer and finally, kill 
    them with a well-aimed Volt.
    Switch weapons safely - The VD may be very amazing, itís not the best weapon 
    in every situation. If you want to switch to another weapon safely, distort 
    their screen with a charged VD, so they can barely aim and your chances on 
    getting not killed are higher.
    This is mine! - If you and your rival are both waiting for a certain weapon 
    or health orb to respawn, you can use this tactic. Simple hop into your 
    Stinglarva, drop a segment (or several) and your foe will probably run, as 
    the Stinglarva does 20 dmg per segment, and the weapon or health orb is yours!
    Jumppad kills - Jumppads are very useful for Kanden-users, so use them. 
    Vertical jumppads, like the one in Combat Hall, give you a good opportunity 
    to kill your rival, with a charged VD or several single Volts in their head. 
    On diagonal jumppads, like the one in Alinos Perch, you can also use a nice 
    tactic to quickly kill your enemy if he/she follows you: just shoot on them. 
    They will most likely follow the same route as yours, so itís almost 
    impossible to miss your enemy if theyíre close enough.
    Small hallways - Small hallways, like the one in Combat Hall, are great for 
    Kandens. Itís very hard not to get killed if you meet a good Kanden in such 
    a hallway, almost impossible if you donít run fast enough. In these hallways, 
    I prefer shooting as many Volts as possible while jumping and walking towards 
    my opponent and it leads into success almost every time I use this tactic. 
    You can also hide behind a wall, then jump ďintoĒ the hallway and release a 
    charged VD, almost 100% chance it hits (and kills). If your rival is still 
    alive, fire some extra single Volts to finish him/her off. 
    G. Final Word [FWNF]
    Well, that was it. You just read the reviewed version of my guide to Kanden, 
    The Perfect Experiment. I put a lot of time, thinking, typing and hard work 
    into this, so I can share my wisdom with all other Hunters on our planet. I 
    hope you learned at least 1 thing by reading this guide, then I would be a 
    very happy man.
    A little something about meÖ Well, Iím NFantasy on these boards, but everyone 
    calls me Perfect, as thatís my WiFi-name. No, I am not perfect, but no one 
    is. The name ďPerfectĒ comes from ďPerfecti0nĒ, in which the 0 (zero) stands 
    for ďnot at allĒ. I just play the game, I try to have fun and thatís it. I 
    am also a member of Armada, formerly known as Royal Kingdom of Valour (RK).
    Iím not the best Kanden. I may be a good Kanden, but Iím not going to say I 
    am the best Kanden, the #1 Kanden. I donít know who that #1 is and I even 
    doubt we need someone with that title. There arenít many honorable pwnsome 
    Kandens left. The only good Kandens I can think of are Peppington and 
    IngSmasha, thatís it. Both great Kandens, all others are mediocre, but can 
    become a great Kanden as well, maybe this guide helps them with becoming a 
    great Kanden.
    A lot of people wonder what sensitivity is the best for a Kanden and I have 
    to say, I have no clue. Some say high sensitivities are better for close 
    range, but itís a disadvantage when playing long range. Others say low 
    sensitivities are better, because you can keep hitting your enemy when you 
    get the lock-on, but itís harder to get the lock-on. In the end, it doesnít 
    really matter what sensitivity you use, just use what fits you the best.
    Others wonder what the best is: shooting fast, but less accurate or shooting 
    not that fast, but very accurate. Well, I donít know (againÖ). Most players 
    shoot very fast, but not very accurate and others shoot slower, but very 
    accurate and I think both styles work fine. I personally think the first 
    style works better when youíre having a very laggy game, as eventually some 
    of your shots will actually hit the other player. When the arena does not 
    have a lot of UA ammoís, itís probably better not to shoot a lot of Volts in 
    a short amount of time. As you can see, this depends on the situation most 
    of the times, so just play by the style that fits you the best.
    I bet a lot of you are also wondering why I use Kanden. I could answer that 
    question with 1 word: challenge. If a game does not give me a certain 
    challenge, I will most likely put it aside very quickly. Kanden is a low 
    tier, that means you have to put a lot of time and efforts in mastering 
    Kanden and thatís what I need.
    If you have any suggestions, a good idea, a nice tactic or just something you 
    would like to see added to this guide, please let me know. Just post it on 
    the Metroid Prime: Hunters Board in a "Attn: NFantasy" topic or e-mail me on 
    jarrivdh[at]hotmail[dot]com. Thanks in advance.
    Iíd also like to thank a couple of people. First of all, thank you Nintendo 
    for creating this awesome game. Itís the first game ever I have been playing 
    this long already (since day 1) and I still love it. It may not be perfect, 
    but no game is perfect. I would also like to thank the Scientist, for 
    creating this evil Hunter. I would also like to thank the NSider and GameFAQs 
    Community, for supporting me, giving me the ability to post my guide, etc. I 
    love you guys!
    T H E  E N D 
    Copyright 2007 NFantasy

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