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"A Must Buy!"

Story - 9/10
The story is a bit different from previous Metroid games. You travel through various planets collecting ocoliths to gain power. You are faced with various other bounty hunters (6 to be exact) who try to steal your ocoliths. As you progress you gain new weapons and instead of starting out with virtually nothing, in this game you start with a missiles, morph ball, jump boots, and the power (charge) beam

Gameplay - 10/10
The "fun factor" in this game is amazing. It has a whole new interface from previous Metroid games and a lot of fast paced action. You also have to scan things and learn about the surroundings to proceed. So it has a little bit of puzzle feel to it, but moreso the FPS. You can gain various other weapons from the beginning and when you aren't collecting ocoliths, you can be fighting other bounty hunters online! There are seven different playable bounty hunters available for online play, each must be unlocked. Each of the hunters have their own "Alt forms" too. One even separates into two halves of his body, one a turret, the other you control and go around.

Controls - 10/10
Whilst the game provides four different control modes, the default is amazing. The top screen of your DS is your HUB. This is where you see your reticle, The enemies, and your surroundings. The touch screen is a Radar, your weapon selection, and Alt form selection (ie: Morph Ball) On the default settings, you use your stylus on the touch screen to aim. It takes some getting used to but once you have aiming mastered, you get to the point to where if you think something, it happens. Jumping you can either press A, B, X, or Y. Or simply "double tap" the touch screen. You move around with the D pad, and L is fire.

Sound - 9/10
You can hear everything from your gun, to the background, to the enemies, to your friends voices over WiFi. It definitely suited the game. Giving an almost eerie feel to the surroundings. The WiFi voices are very clear, though they could be better, it still amazed me on how good Nintendo did with the Voice over WiFi.

Graphics - 10/10
Definitely the BEST graphics I've seen for the DS to date. It could easily pass as a game on the Gamecube. The cut scenes are amazing, it is hard to describe it in words. You just have to play it and see. Nintendo excelled here a LOT too. I guess to prove that PSP dosn't necessarily "own" the graphics for handhelds.

Multiplayer - 10/10
Multiplayer is a bit challenging, I recommend playing a good ways through story mode before attempting WiFi. People on it are amazingly good at the game. But even getting in last place, you have fun doing it. In other FPS, I start to not like the game if I loose, but this one I have as much fun loosing as I do winning. (Though we all prefer winning.) You can choose between the seven hunters and duke it out with there other people. There is virtually NO lag over WiFi so it's just Great. Another thing Nintendo put in was "Voice Chat" where you can hear people on your friends list through the microphone. A great addition. They also incorporated a "Rival radar" where you turn it on, put the DS in your pocket and go around town. You get home and if you passed anyone else that was doing the same, they were added to your "Rival List" so you can play people in your own town without getting their Friend Code.

Overall - 10/10
A must buy. If you haven't bought it yet, do so as soon as you can. It's well worth the money. It's possibly the best game to come out for the DS to date. If you have WiFi, then buy it faster. If you don't, go for it anyway, You can play it on the bus with your buddies and to be honest with you, I play with my friends locally more than I do on WiFi.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/14/06

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