Review by JonWood007

Reviewed: 04/17/06

Too bad I don't have wi-fi...

I just got this game today and it is excellent, it is definitely one of my favorite games for the DS so far. It is one of the only FPSes for the DS and let me tell you, it's worth it. This is the first Metroid game I've played besides the first hunt demo Btw.

Graphics/ environments: 9/10

For the DS the graphics are excellent, it surpasses any N64 game graphics wise. It is pretty detailed and it's pretty smooth. It's not perfect, but you're not going to get perfect graphics on a DS. My only real compliant is that sometimes the environments are repetitive, but it's not a major problem as some people would have you believe, you just have 2 (sometimes 3) of a similar room, but it's because of the level design and it works. (for example, in the first level, each "floor" has a similar design).

Audio: 10/10

The audio is excellent. I'm not really one to criticize audio though, I just wouldn't really do it any differently.

Controls: 9/10

There are 4 ways to control it. Well, actually 2 ways, but each way has a left handed and right handed mode. There is the stylus mode which i find to be a bit hard to work with, or you can use the same layout as the left and right handed modes for the MPH demo. (use the touch screen for morph ball and weapons, nothing else). I prefer that sort of scheme, I'm just not used to the stylus I guess. The mode without the stylus can be hard sometimes when it comes to aiming, but it isnt any worse than any other console FPS.

Gameplay: 8/10

It's pretty cool, you go around to different planets shooting stuff and all. There are a variety of enemies, including a good amount of rival hunters and bosses, they're not to easy to beat, but not too hard. You may lose a few times sometimes, but it's nothing that makes you want to throw your DS on the floor and tear your hair out. Some enemies are very damaging, while others aren't. Overall the enemies are good. The level design, as I said is repetitive, but that isn't a major problem. Another issue is that there are only 4 actual "levels". They are long, and you will need to go back to visit them a few times to complete the level. (you need to collect 8 octaliths (2 in each level) and you only get one, then you need to go back). On top of that, if you lose to a rival hunter, you lose an octalith and you need to track down that hunter to get it back which can be a pain. Another issue is one of save points. You need to go all the way back to the beginning of the level to save. This isn't a problem a lot of the time, seeing how you can teleport back to the beginning of the level and then back to where you were sometimes, and coupled with DS's sleep mode, it isn't much of a problem, but a little annoying nonetheless. Overall it is pretty good, I havent finished the game yet since I got it today, but it hasn't disappointed me yet.

Multiplay: 10/10

As you can tell by my title, I don't have wifi, but you can play multiplay against the bots if you don't. That don't exactly sound like fun, and compared to playing real people it isn't, but seeing the gameplay with bots it looks very fun. There are 7 game modes and many levels, a lot I havent unlocked yet. Looking at the FAQs it seems to have better multiplay than Quake 3, which I love. I say this because there are at least as many maps as in Q3, and there are more game modes. Granted, you can't get custom maps, but it's still fun. Only problem I've heard of is the issue of people disconnecting, but that's not really the game's problem, it's people being sore losers. To connect you need a wireless router and from I heard broadband. For you dial up users, you know how hard it is to play games over the net with lag and ping, and I heard the same thing happens here.

Overall: 9/10

This is definitely one of the best games the DS has to offer and I would recommend getting to to anyone who likes FPSes and/or deathmatch games. It is definitely worth it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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