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"One of the best DS games out, but a few people (cheaters) ruin the online..."

Yeah, this is the long-anticipated Metroid game for the DS. Ever since the demo came with it, people have wanted more, and here it is, and it doesn't disappoint.
There is pretty much no story in this game, which sucks, but honestly, I didn't expect much. You do get a little outline, though. This thing (I won't spoil) destroyed a civilization, and they made a prophecy about someone killing the thing that killed them, and of course, you have to do it.

One thing I was worried about when I was going to get it is I had to play like in King Kong where you absolutely have to use the stylus to turn, or can you play like in Goldeneye or the Demo where you can use one side to move/strafe, and the other side to look to the sides and up/down? Well, I got even better then what I was expected: The option for both! Most people don't like using the stylus to turn, but for the people who do, no problem! And either way, you can change the sensitivity, so you can turn slower or faster, so it's hard to NOT be comfortable with the controls. If you were wondering, L is fire, and R is jump, but if you're using the stylus to turn, tap the screen twice works to jump also.

As for the other aspects of playing, it's pretty good. There aren't many major glitches (that we know of), and you can't shoot through things like in Goldeneye. There's a decent weapon selection, from the default beam and missiles to a sniper laser called the Imperialist, and a freezer laser called the Judicator; There are a few others too, but it's not a huge selection. Probably about 9 or 10 weapons including standard stuff.

The main point of the game is to collect Octoliths, which have some power to do stuff, which, in the end, will result in you being able to locate and fight the thing that wiped out the Alamic Civilization. To do this, you need to go around some planets (there are four, but they're big, and you need to go to each one at least twice), and defeat some creatures. But this game has something unusual; other bounty hunters trying to do what you're doing. But of course, you can't team up, you have to fight each other. And if you lose, they steal your octolith and you have to track them down. It's not that hard.

The single player mode is pretty good. I wouldn't mind some more information Storywise, but there are a lot of creatures and things that you can scan and read about in your logbook, although not as many as in Metroid Prime 1 (haven't played 2). However, there is a lot of area to roam around, and you have to solve some "what should I do next?" puzzles.

The boss battles were kind of disappointing. There are 8 Octoliths, and each one has a boss, but it's really only two different bosses who get more powerful each time, and of course, the final one, the one that destroyed the ancient civilization. However, they're not easy, so they'll give you a bit of a challenge.

Playing with friends or on wi-fi is even better, because you can be one of the six enemy bounty hunters or Samus online, and each one has a special weapon to their affinity. And yes, it's true, this game does have a functioning wi-fi voice chat, although you need someone's friend code to chat with them. I don't know if this works with non- wifi multiplayer games, because I don't have any friends with this game, but it probably does, but if not, you can just walk in the next room and talk to them anyway. <_<

Wi-fi is great, however, there are a lot of factors that are ruining it. All the weapons have a sort of weakness. For example, the Imperialist can do a lot of damage, but it uses a lot of ammo, and fires very slowly. The Judicator can freeze enemies solid, but it can't freeze very far. Unfortunately, someone discovered an exploit/glitch/bug/whatever that lets you freeze anywhere in the level. It's called "Shadow Freezing". And there are a lot of glitches, too. Sometimes you'll see weapon bursts coming right out of the wall. There are a few glitches that let you go in the wall. Inside the wall, you can't be hurt, mostly, and the few exceptions aren't widely known. Plus, some snipers run away whenever anyone finds them, which is annoying. And now that the Action Replay is out for DS, there are a lot of poeple who hack in infinite health onlihne, which is just the noobiest thing you can do. One of the biggest nooby things you can do is disconnect. This is turning off your DS in the middle of a match. If someoen Disconnects on you, and you're winning, you don't get any points. However, if you do get a good matchup that aren't cheaters, glitchers, laggers, hackers, shadow freezers, etc, it's very fun. You don't always face these types of noobs (Disconnectors are very common, unfortunately), so wifi is pretty fun if you're in a good match.

The graphics are better then any I've seen on a DS so far. They're crystal clear, the pixels are very small, and the textures aren't blocky. Each weapons has a distinctive color and look, for example, power beams are just big orange blobby dots, and the Imperialist is a huge long red laser. Also, when you're playing, you can see your arm cannon change color depending on which weapon you're using. Also, depending on which hunter you're using, your arm cannon changes shape and color, too. I was afraid they'd all look the same, but no, they don't.

The sound is also very nice. Each planet has its own general theme, and the creatures make different sounds depending on what weapon you attack them with (usually it's a squishing noise and then said creature disappears. Heh Heh). The weapons have different sounds, and events do too. There's the regular roaming around the planet theme, and after a while, you can fight random battles with other bounty hunters, and when you walk into a room with them, this intense theme that starts with a really high violin note that almost gave me a heart attack plays, and it fits the situation because it's supposed to be a surprise, even though they're usually in the same place.

The replay value isn't sky high, but if there is a hard mode (I don't know, I'm stuck near the end of whatever mode you start on), that could bring it up.

Overall 10/10. Great job, Nintendo, you've brought out another masterpiece.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/30/06, Updated 08/29/06

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