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"Excellent multiplayer, average single player"


The Metroid symbol represents an unforgettable Nintendo icon. Metroid games have graced the systems of the NES, SNES, Gamecube, and now the DS. This game is one of the first games on the DS to make good use of WIFI and that is why so many people have invested their money on it. While multiplayer is some of the best I've ever seen, single player in this game could use some big improvements. Metroid Prime: Hunters deserves a place in the top 50 games of all time.

Gameplay: 8/10

Before you ask why I gave this game an average score on gameplay you must know that this does not apply to multiplayer, but to single player. This title is a letdown in terms of gameplay compared to the legendary GameCube editions. For the most part you feel as if you are on a continuous journey with no purpose. The atmosphere has an empty feeling and it just doesn't feel like a Metroid game should feel. There are a limited amount of enemies to begin with. But to top this off, most of the enemies seem to be clones of each other just in different forms. The first three bosses that I encountered all appeared as if they were just given a new name instead of all new enemy tactics. Another flaw in the game play is the lack of different landscapes. You revisit the same four levels twice so you never feel as if you are experiencing something new the second time around. Hardcore Metroid fans will overlook these shortcomings and focus more on the combat than on the lacking atmosphere. There are two types of controls to use for left-handed and right-handed players. Stylus mode is the default control however you might find that using dual mode to aim might be more efficient. The gameplay is solid for a game that seemed to focus more on multiplayer, than the single player campaign.

Graphics: 10/10

This is by far the best looking game on the Nintendo DS. If it was on the Nintendo 64 it would be the best looking game on that too. There are no glitches whatsoever in any part of the game. The level details look flat out stunning. Lava ripples, enemies explode sending debris everywhere, and the animations are effortless. When an enemy is shot, they don't just take the blow, they flinch. This lets you know how accurate you are when it comes to shooting. It is hard to believe that such graphics could exist for a handheld.

Sound: 9/10

Metroid Prime: Hunters boasts some of the best sound on the DS to date. Every time something new is about to happen (ie when you are approaching a boss room) the music changes appropriately. You will always feel as if you are Samus just because of the music's touch to the game. To top this off, the sound of Samus's power beam has never sounded sweeter. Every weapon that she accumulates throughout the course of the story has its own unique and individual sound. If they made a soundtrack for this game, I would buy it.

Multiplayer: 10/10

This is the reason to buy this game. Multiplayer whether online or with friends never gets old. MPH features seven different game modes including battle, and a form of capture the flag. You can create your own rules for games played locally (with friends) or just go head-to-head with some random person on WIFI. If you had a good match with someone, and want to play them again sometime, you have the option of adding them as rivals. After they are added to your rivals list, you have the ability to track their win-loss record and other stats on the person's hunters license. You can even log onto and check the top players in the WORLD! If you work hard enough, you could eventually see your name up there someday. This is why so many people are on Wifi at all times of day. It is a great way to show your skills to the rest of the world and it is a better experience than just fighting bots on multi-card play. A new addition to the multiplayer is the ability to choose from seven different hunters. Matches will never be the same because of these ferocious hunters not named Samus. If it weren't for this excellent multiplayer, MPH would be a total disappointment.

Story: 10/10

In the Tetra Galaxy, home to the Alimbic Cluster, there lies signs of outlandish tidings. A telepathic message has been sent to some of the most brilliant beings in the galaxy and the message remains the same every time: “The secret to ultimate power lies within the Alimbic Cluster”. Seven great bounty hunters, including Samus Aran, have set out on a journey to try to obtain this “ultimate power”. You will get chills down your spine as you experience one of the most intriguing stories for an adventure game in years.

Play time/Replay value: 10/10

Multiplayer alone make this game worthy to played until your DS no longer works. Even after this you might want to buy a new DS because of this games high quality multiplayer. The graphics are outstanding, the sound is fitting, and the gameplay is solid. All this adds up to an outstanding Metroid game that will keep fans coming back for years to come. For a game featuring multiplayer with countless possibilities, the replay value deserves no less than a 10.

Final Recommendation: BUY

There is no question that this game is money well spent. If you have any taste for video games, you will enjoy this game to no end. Although the single player lacks variety, the multiplayer does not disappoint with its numerous modes and stat tracking capabilities. It is too hard to explain the myriad amount of time that MPH will take away from your life. All you need is a friend with a DS or a Wifi connection and you are set for awhile. Metroid Prime: Hunters is the type of game that never gets old and will always keep you coming back for more.

Final Statement:

This is my first review for a DS game, so thanks for reading! Metroid Prime: Hunters is a great game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/03/06

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