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"Metroid Hits the DS Hard!"


I have always liked playing Metroid for the NES, SNES, GBA, and GC so when I heard of this game I just couldn't pass it up, and im glad I didn't Metroid Prime Hunters is the just the boost that Nintendo DS needed. And I for one am glad to see this series return at full strength on the DS.

Concept 9/10

Nintendo has done a great job in introducing the touchscreen to the Metroid series while still emulating the two previous games. The multi-player system of this game is incredible, being able to choose between everyone's favorite bounty hunter and an array of cynical aliens. What more could you ask for?
Although the storyline is a little dull, you will be too busy fighting bosses to even notice. The game offers new and old ideas which can attract new fans and maintain old ones.

Graphics 10/10

Incredible! That's the only word I can think of to describe this game's graphics. They're almost the same as it's GC predecessors. Which is saying a lot considering the limited amount of space available on a cartridge. And the environments are a fantastic combination of both artwork and CG it is apparent that their was a lot fo work put into it and I say bravo. The hunters you fight are both creative each one of them it portrayed beautifully and I was quite impressed with the amount of detail not only in th hunters but in all of the enemy's you fight. Also the cut scene's are incredibly detailed as far as graphics go.

Sound 10/10

Metroid tunes have always been great and this game is no exception. Listening to the music throughout the game is a delight. especially during boss fights. Now we all know that there is more to sound that just music and I assure you that this game does not fall short in any area. Each one the beams you have makes a different sound and killing your enemy is not a silent event. The environment you play in is full of sounds that make the experience of each planet that more memorable.

Controls 8/10

The controls of the DS feel a little awkward at first. But after you pass the first hour or so, you begin to get used to it. Using the stylist to move and jump invites a new style for playing games. But don't think that your confined to that control system. There are many other types: Left Handed, or if you prefer no touchscreen at all which is what I recommend if you like your wrists. Even though you get used to the controls fairly quickly, after a while they begin to get uncomfortable. Which is probably it's only drawback.

Boss Battles 9/10

I cant rely think of any other game with more boss battles then this one, you fight the different hunters through out each planet along with a "Main Boss" whom you must defeat in order to git the crystal it guards. The only draw back is that they git redundant and frustrating towards the end. Along with race back to your ship after you defeat them. But all and all if you like boss battles you shouldn't miss this game.

Multi-player 10/10

Multi-player mode is extremely good in fact it's almost worth buying the game just to play with other people on WiFi but if you don't have WiFi then just find four people with DS 's because one game can hold up to four people this is incontrovertibly the best multi-player game that has been realised for the DS.

Story Line 7/10

The story line in this game is not as interesting as the previous games not to mention short it doesn't go into that much detail and the story line is a little pointless and you wont be compelled to franticly finish it to find out how it all ends at the end. But it doesn't relay matter because the game has done a great job making it less noticeable.

Entertainment 10/10

This game's entertainment is flat out fantastic! Traveling across four different planets, fighting various enemies with an array of creative new beams and exploring new environments on each planet is just the tip of the iceberg. You will enjoy the challenges of facing a hunter every 5 minutes as you try and collect crystals and artifact's before they do. And multi player on this game is about as good as it gets. Every thing about this game is fun, a must own game for any one with a Nintendo DS.

Re-playability Value - High

In single player mode you will have fun playing this game for a couple of months at most the game itself is vary short and you can finish it rather quickly but after you acquire every item and weapon, scan all the enemy's and history and beat the game theirs not much reason to go at it again. But Multi-player mode is a different story altogether if you have a lot of friends with DS 's or a WiFi connection then the fun will last for a good long wile.

Final Thoughts

In a nut shell if you have a DS go and buy this game now! you'll be glad you did because I have yet to met a person that dose not like this game. The multi-player is fun and a nice way to spend your time plus the game play is great just buy it's self who would have thought that Nintendo's little FPS would turn into a Juggernaut in the gaming world.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/14/06

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